Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 22, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 22, 1952
Page 7
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Americans Dominate Olympic Track, Field Events !)..»:». T.I.. i ~ *n c Cus,.!!/;- ? ~-- · mm ^Dodgers, Yanks Are Teams To Beat By The Associated Presi · ._ Russians Take Lead In Overall Point Totals Three Yonks Gain Finals In Discus, Bur Trail Italian He!sinki-f/pi-T h r e e American discus thrnvi-ers pitched way · Into the final of the OlymoiV. chsmpionshirj test today," but America's finest oarsman failed in his second bid fpr a place in the single sculls final. Fortune Gordien of Minneanolis. world record holder in the discus, needed three throws ! 0 achieve the reouired distance in (Ms · morninc's qualifying round, but he finally marie it with a heave of 165 feet. 1.94 inches. That left him fiv. feet behind: Adolfo Consolini. Italy's defending champion, but it'looped the; It has always been Jest .efforts of the other two ours that the grcat^i amines Americans, both of whom quali- make the poorest coaches and the rt," ,,-, , . first thrnws and i mediocre athletes make the best Qiunrt J^UlMf**^ ^^^^^ ^p^^ I NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, Faytrtavllli, Arkaniat, Tue»day, July 22, 1*52 theory of*-- ·t a t h l e t e s . TVyout Scout 6.21 inches and Jim Dillon of Ala-' ls . nE ' lnou B h not nearly so long ; bsma Polytechnic Institute and i c ' 15 mp " st of unknown performers · Uoper Sandusky. Ohio, pitched . wno havc succeeded as coaches. . ' feet, 2.65 inches. These marks I One reason for this--it seems to · 1 us--is the fact thst Ihe great ' . Ohio, , 2.65 inches. These marks were comfortably h«yond the min- irnum distance of ISO fe-t. M.nB sports star is naturallv endowed ^'" h Ph. vsi "l t.ilents 'that · dude a " ' ' S , . . qualify f ° r t h i s ... pre- t deal of study on the - , : of Philadelphia and!"'"'" a M wherefores of'success ; the U. S. Navv gave rowing fans I r TM. !tar ' "»· 1S generally busy , a thrill in his "repechage" or; w l t h competition and it is his; second-trial heat in the single .competitive spark that' sculls, but the finish photos; his success rather than thc ] showed he was beaten by Theo-j mechanically attained ability of i dor Kocera of Poland. This elim-: the mediocre player. : inted him j while the ter is on the field in i Jr., son of the R u t Tom - ttudent : an " - lhe governable factors of the ' Chuck Logg pers " ' ... Price, another Rutgers from Eatontown. N. J.. won t h e i r , repechage heat in the event for 1 And the mediocie player (ten- pairs without coxswain. Th?:erally has a more profound un- American pair with coxswain. | ^standing of the problems and crew, was eliminated 8 jn a"flose 1 a """-sympathetic attitude to- race by Germany. u ' a TM l " c 'allures of a team and The Russian 'track and field ; ils Players. team .second to the United S t a t e s . We don't hold up this theory as in he.unofficial point tabulations, absolute by any means. There final. "The*!* w'ere £to'cVea'S j i 1 ' Bul .i" ° u . r *xWTM*TMP«l who placed in the shot put ycster-! | J TM thc lowTr ' cvl?1s "'here dav. and Boris Butenko. teaching is more important thsn In the overall point scoring, in-! strategy, we are convinced of ils eluding all olvmpic events, Russia ready application. is ahead of the United States. · Gymnastic Champs . As a steady and interested o'h- By virtue of winning five firsts, j server at sporting events for i four seconds and a flock of Jesser : nlany vears_and never a p r o - j night 5 Pu3sfi"'ret a ained its^overMl ' icitint participant--we have man- ! 23. The tryouts will ' J " t 79 aged to arrive at certain funda- a. m. and will last Dash,Shot Put .And Broad Jump | Remigino's Victory I In 100-MetersTop ; Surprise Of Games | B.v W!l,l, ORIMSI.EV ; H e 1 s i n k i-'/P- The teeming American vilhse nf Kaeoylae · hailed four new Olympic champions today but the loudest cheer* 1 were for a strinsy little speedster from New York named Lindy Hr-mi£ino. ''It: fhp Cindcro!'.-] story of the year." sai'I soft-spoken Brutus I Hamilton, head coach nf the U. S. | trj-k rnrerr. An international nonentity who never had won a major title, the !o-foot-7. H7-c.ound " Manhattan College junior outsned i collection of the world's faT'est humans lo win the ion-meter championship in a dramatic blanket finish. The drive for the tape was so 'o.-e !'-at a pliotocraph was nee By The Associated Presi | The 4S.2P3 s p e r t I t n r s who ; walched the New York Yankees , defeat the Brooklyn Dodge*. S-3 . In an exhibition at Yankee Rta- | dlum last nijht may havt been 1 seeing i preview of the 11)52 ! World Series. ; Certainly it will require some ; mishty big doings by any of the j other con'enders to knock either the Yankees or Dodgers off the top prrrh The Yanks headed we«l today w i t h a comfortable 4 1 - 2 game margin over their neareM competitor. The Dodgers arrived home today w i t h a | 7 1-2 game bulge over fending National League Chiim- i pion New York Giants. Of the t\vo, the Yankees appear to have the rougher task ahead. Starting wllh a twi-night double- Chattanooga Loses Ground To Atlanta In Flag Chase By Tht A»soc«it»d Prfu Pf'iuiitnt hungry Oriltannnga 1: broke up 3 pl'eh»rs' dii'l In thf seventh inning H j ' h a t f .vo-rur hnmir and Ff'.' n=nt on to hits. w a ' ihr winner Alex' Mr- Nfihnce wa» lh» Inter I.|M|« Rn-k't Hal Pnp.on fn Ins IR:h ho-nr r r.f :'ir seivin rhorn,'!."-.' niiifvl tiij.j.rfi w^s n:~ '.list. hrader in Cleveland this tvt.iing. the wnrld champions will pack 21 Ramp* Into the n»xt 17 days. Thnrr isn't an off day anywhere on thr trip. * | Bums, ninni* At Home Brooklyn and the Oianls nprn up 14-gnmf home stands lonifiht. The Dodders start with Cincinnati and the Giant* lakp on the tough a/nMhrr tifllf S.IHH- r.ff Un» p;c"r lodfjy hf»raup nirnnn^ham'r, ,fr-!m MrOal] slammed th^ d^'M cm HIP I.onknuts 2-1 I.T.I niKh:. Tht* forme r \',f-: nn H^d 5".n\ rookie limilrd Ch;iM tnn";!^ to fiv«f tmmandinfi ! hiU and struck nut nx haf.rrr- thr dp- | Thf loss dmpppd HIP Lnoktm!.; ( 'fiie and s half ;;Rrnrs behind th* 1 1 Southern AsvK-iatinii Ifl.irlrr. A t . lanta. Thr f'rackrrs and Nash- vlllt wre iHlr. I Klrminghim 5'-orod it% wlnnmp I run H HIP richlh Fiqhts Losf Niaht llrimkl.-ii F'.i.' Mn;.'i. I If v.-ra- c!:-e. X. Y . nulp'i:r : :i.'! '[-i Mur- r.n. MR. Kt:: Y o i k . 131 llHflnvi-illi. N,, n ,;..,:,j, ... Mathis lilasted a ilimhl Ihe renterfield Scoreboard, ing Ken Asprornotil". Mobile, on a r,-,r......-,.. ,-,,·, . leads to the rrnp.-t H: liliopperl ils ninth (.-trucht. I Mrmphis 7 - 1 3 . \c\v Vnrk. Miilpoin'r-d Nr.^ li.eilr, 110, Munirp.-i! dm N'ew f i r i ^ - a n s HrTr-;nd 1 4 1 . i")r- . ind . Ps- thr i Yanks Hrat Ciih». .1-1 1 Tin- Y a n k e e s , tirhini pitflimc nf f;e'ir»f own"'l HM- Cub'. .1-1. S.ilurrta- in Knyi'tlcville IViys Tluli Mul(ei lead with 133^ points against 72 °-- '" " " w *^*»" mimn- for the United States. Switzerland ! menls which we believe will hold was third with 'I?, followed by l rl " ' n 'he majority of instances. Jaoan, 24V4, and Czecaoslovhkia, And as a self-styled expert w e i " " ' 16'-i. j a r e usually available for unsolic- sll ° The United States' five first-· ited advice. Our career as a f r e e ' 3 uniform. Scout Hawn will pay plac« gold m ledals out of the first i lance coac ;veftts is the best the v .-av been :h. ho'.vevcr, has in no · special attention eight .track events is the best the', v a v bem ,, a ,, !cd hv ,,,,, success ' lhl . ovvinK and ball American forces have done since.,,..;, ,,,. _.j,. ,' , '.' ."""«INK »"u the ,1940 Olympic game, held in I £' « h '«! pe - '·"··« '» "«*- j points ou, that natuia, ability E 1 Louis " '· " " "" ' iineti abov|1 ) m 'i? h t expect. In-1 'The Americans are expected to stEad v;p hsve bl? "i greeted by narrow Russia's edge in this a f - ' acnsion and disrspect at every ternoon's track and field finals. , turn. In addition to the discus. Amr-ri: ca has three of the t03 performers · Take a couple iveeks azo at in the po'e vault-Bob Richards.' the swimming pool, for instance: Lon Laz and Geor?e Hallos. And, # t , vc « wa chi a ,, ,, !«·" stare, mcludme defending. kjd · K oup ° , champion Mai Whitifeld of Co- lurnbus, Ohio, In the 800-meters . . , 7'" -- y " - "final. ' ! showed fine coordination and all "eve until minutes afterwards he Actually had won. ?l'rr He Had Loft "I was sure I had lost lhe race. I went over and congratulated Herb McKenley of .lamica. "When they told me 1 was the winner I said. 'Oh, no, it was Hern. 1 1 didn't want to he disappointed." Romieinn. McKenley, Britain's qreat EmanuH McDonald Bailey nnd Dean Smith of Austin. Texas, hit the tape as one -- all timed l»iri 10.4 seconds. A tenth of a second hack in Ihe ', most ftirrinj; finish ever in thi.s glamor event came Russia's Vladimir Soukharev and ,lohn Treloar of-Australia. McKenley also thought nemicinn made his lunge loo quickly. The .lamnican was heartsick when he learned he had done no beter than .'·econd. McDonald Bailey was i third and Smith fotirlh. "The fairest thing they could ! have done would have been tn call . it a draw," McKenley said. "But j 1 wouldn't protest." i Greatest Achievements I .. , I Until y e s t e r d a y Remigino's I Hawn. above, will h? on hanct t o - 1 Rrealest achievements have been ' morrow at the Washington Coun- ; as a member nf Manhattan's crack Fair Grounds diamond to con- ' rl|a - " lams nnrl " w 'TMr of the duct a trvoul camp for interested ! 2 f°-- v " rfl t , i1l( ' in lh 1CAA c "TM, , , ; pionships last spring, boys between the ages of 17 and , H e was third in ihe 1CAA inn- yard dash, fifth in the National IntercolleRiate's 100-meter final nnd second to Art Braac in the Olympic tryoutf. BrneE pulled up lame in the semi-finals yeslerdrjy. It was lhe erentest day for t'le Red. White and nine in nearly 50 years. "It was Elorious." said Hamilton. We have had nothing to compare with it." Parry O'nrien, Santa Monica. Calif., led fie l. r . S. to a sweep of the first three places in the shot, Charley Mo'ir« won the 400- meter hurdles and Pf-\ Jerome Hiflle of Camp Hood. Texas, cap- I lured t!-e hroad jump One ?,(, One Tied ·Tj-ary n separate the six finalists i c? , i /- j , TI. n u,d FerrJeino himself didn't be- ! St ' Ij °" i! C " " , , ?"?** ' are riding high on the crest of an · St. Louis Cardinal scout t.v oegin at II two days, j Candidates for a Cardinal con-, tract are asked to bring their own : and gloves, and if possible j r u n n i n g , md h e ; more important than experience. He states that often buys who have had very iittle opportunity to play are the finest looking prospects in a camp of this type. ,, - , r- ... were talking to. a father of one of diving off the one- the players, was an cx-pvofesfi Grapers To Play Gentry In Ozark League Contest ' i/t-j inc'r es on the first try. Moore, graceful Cornell Univer- :TW"O~HOGS OH ROSTER" Tontitown meets Gentry tonight in ?.n Ozark League contest in whi--h the Grapers are out for revenge. Gentry walloped the Grapers. 11-5. in the last meeting · m me ouncn was aisquantie between the two teams. Friday the! doing ,, , lip vvhen he was su Tontitown defeated Bentonville,. hlir S hls bl * loe in a fnlrt " lne 7-4. last week in an Ozark League!' corrugatcd-rubher covering on the £ame played at Siloani Sprines. board and tripped. Cecil Arriemagni went the route in pitching the Grapers to the win. Moore was the loser for Bentonville. Thre? double-plays helped the team out of tisht spots in the well played contest. In t h e ' four-run outburst in the fifth war the deciding factor for the win- · nor?. Junior Wilkinson, led the Grqpprc at. thc plat? with three hits m five trips to the plate. The line score: Ben'onvills 000 201 010 4 10 I Tontitown 100 240 OOx--T 9 1 Moore (LP, Hcckman and Kirby: C. Ardemagni (WP and Batiola. me'.er board. Several of the kids i al pitcher and that he' was t h e : OBrien set an Olympic record .... ,one who had instructed the boy and Moore tied his own made in evidenced a real ambition to im-; nn the mound, to turn to his richt. i a preliminary heat Sunday, prove. But none of them had any | Of course, prior to our gaining I O'Brien, handsome 20-year-old knowledge^ the fundamentals o f ! this information we'd diplo- from Southern California made comntilive diving. . . approach, | matically announced to the gen- ] his Olympic record tos of 57 feet | form, entry into the water, execu- . tleman that we'd never heard of ' · · " · ' · · · - · " ' · · tion , etc - ' a "decent" pitcher who looked at ; As a youngster we worked long first over his right shoulder. : and hard on diving and hence That was an incident 'only have an interest above average in , slightly more unsatisfactory than ; the snort. In fact we gained the | our efforts to interest another city diving championship in about young pitcher in our "fade-away ! 1937, which hardly qualifies us chanfreup" pitch. As a hieh ' ; as an expert since the best diver: schooler we pitched a lot of games, in the bunch was disqualified for winning only one that we recall. Our career was ended when we were fnrcd to pilch an 11-inning 1 came in the rain while performing . a three-ball leaeue. Al! three \ balls weighed about Ifi ounces each by the llth inning and the old Foupbnne has never been the sity graduate, stood off a itrani challenge hy Russia's Juril Liluev lo win thp hurdlps in 50.R seconds. Twcnly-four-ycar-nld Biffit wnn the broad jump with a leap f)f 24 feet, "10.03 inches as Meredith 'ioudrine of Cornell finished tfr- ond and the favored George Brown fouled on all his three jumps. One world record was set -likely the only one to ome out of these games -- when Giuseppe nordoni of Italy won the 50 kilometer walk in four hours. 28 minutes and. 7.8 second*. Collegiate All-Stars Assemble; Squad Rated As One Of Best Ever ramr W . wnn'pd to explain the ynar? Irarn hnv ear-y and e f f e c t i v p wa? and wf were ?olng tn 21- avay (hat knowlec^e in a sing U.S. Wrestlers Still In Humming For Titles Helsinki-'/Ti-Josiah Henson, the Annapolis, Md., instructor who wrestles in Iht featherv.-eisht di- vi.iMn, turner! in another impressive perfnrmance In the third round today !n the Olympic wrestling tournament. Benson pinned Oe/.a Hoffman or Hungary j n three minutes, ,10 seconds to remain l:i th? running for the title as eliminations n.-.r- rowed the fields in e v e r y division. Welterweight Willifm T Smith of Cedar Kalis, lov.a, won his matfh nn · decision o\or Alberto Lonicareln nf Argentina, but (lv- \vrlght Robert Pecry of ri'ts- burjh, and hantamweirht Bill Borders of Tuls.1. OkU. were eliminated hy Riio'.ian riv.1Is. Peery accumulated f i v e "bad merits" when h* lost * decision ti Ru»sia'» Georii, Sijariov whilf Bonders iv«t thrown by Rashid Mamedhokov. Anyway we eased over to th* proup and tried to strike up a conversation . ,,,. ,,,,,,.,,, "Go ahead. Slim, take a turn if . ret of our mist cffecti"e you want to." one of ihe boys ad- ' this kid. It took us five dressed us. 'Slim has never appealed lo us as a name.) "Ko. go ahearl." we answered. "We just thought we'd w a t r h " "Nothing 10 he skecred of. Slim." one little hoy commented, leaping off the hoard and performing a wildly gyrating full trainer. We explained that we thoupht maybe we could help the boys im prove their divine. Chicago-Wl-One of the strong- i est collegiate squads, in Ail-Star came history today was fully must"red and ready to gird for the August 15 clash with the Los An7"!ei Ram-- at Soldier Field. All-Stir Coach Bobhv Dodd's fostrr was completed at - r ,3 yester- · lav and the squad the Georgia Tech mentor leads into 'rainine at Delafield. Wl«.. Thursday should "I didn't sf irl. ''Did iTth^ Xni the name," lhe kid vou say Chrirty rli;rniira?rri ^-f picked up a bqll ,-^nd .Carted tn e\- plnin 'he grip nnd (hrnwing te"'n- Two I'nlverMty nf Arkansas linernrn will hf mrmhrrs nf the A'l-Star sqtiarl. They arc Frrd \Mlliam.s. a tickle, ind nob fJriffln, A renlrr. I "Hey, emm*» wanted to a flip- twist." 'If you're so hot why ain't you at the Oh mpics." , know. "Let's fee you do 1 and-a-h:ilf with a full challenged another. We decided our «houldn* v ere ] career came when we Mfn a little pink from th* sun and it io iv.ic'n our litlV v.if** ho mipht be well to set dres:eil and } p| s . v j-olf. With M end of self- l i t t l e t v k e fl^n*anded, ending demonstration. Probably t h e m o r t :-n^]\ r f o r n ^ a i l ' - f 1 of our b o n l l e g ci:; t ,-t: Football · Ro home. sacrifice and patient care we se* about to Invert in her 'he \-r'?- uon lessons we'rl learned on Ihe With conu'lci.ih'e inliencc listened to in t.i'k and tried folio-.' 1 our d ; rccti'in« In 'he she cave up the came and s her mother'* cook hook Not long atro we were watch| Ing a Roys Cl'.i'j niidcet leaeue 1 game. The . 'iith.indcd pitcher on Ihe moun i allowed a riinner 1 to get on flri. H» went into Viis stretch nnd peeked over his richt shoulder toward firrt ba?e. Then i ,, n her moiher'i cook hook th»l he whirled his head around 270 ; she'rt ne\er plav asain. , degrees «nd threw to the plate j p,,,i ,,.,, |.,..rn't sr.en up On' , "Whoa," we exclaimed. "That i rldrsl r.nn, Gary, is approach,nz ! hoy's golia he told to look o v e r ; four and we're hu-" teaching him , his left shoulder al firM bare* ; io play h».rhj|l like they do it i We dashed down to the bench ' in th» malors. So far he hasn't and crnhhrd Ihe coach "Look. r.i»,'»n In he a verv apt p:;pll hut here." we sesticulated. "that he's vnung yet pitch»r. jot It all v.-rnnt " What reallv worrin u« l« not so "How's that'" A comment from mii'h the fact Ihnt he won't liMen .1 s«ntlem«n at our elbow. | to MS f,thfr'i rood advice, hut we explained our premls "nd ( ' h a t he fhoTs lendenrlm of grow- Ifarned lhat thc gentleman we , mf up to be a sclf-siyled expert. brine trouhl* to toe Rams nf the National i e-.^ue. Si?e. spT-d and skill are jurke'i into thc coll^^iate continccnt u hn n \vas rounded out with r^lr: 1 '!'^ fi f ;. four'h T-formation 'luai'^th.ick. , 'tcl!.-,r Bill Wa';e of VanderniH 7e nrr.'iy includes se\-en end- i ! 2 tackles, seven guards, threr · ^nteri. six linebackers and I.", back*. Tb» f.iii llo'ld has rounded up r«n e\pp, d'i?fri lack'es means IV A l l - S t a r boss r5 keenlv av.ireMha* :** heefv pros like to settle thoir 'lattles up front. ; Thf tackle! corps Include rt"'h A l l - A m e r i c a offen: ive choice;-. Hob ' Tor.'ff of \r,tr» name and lion of Mirhigan Sta'e. an'l the two defensive All-Amerlcar. ! .hm Wi-atherall of Oklahoma ind 1 Hill Pearman of Tenne^vce ' In addition lo W.idf. the \ll- Slars have T-formntlon qunrtei.: hacks In Vito Purilii o! Kenturkv Darrcll Crawford of Georiria '\fh and Michic.m State's Al Porrm. | nodd h«f a thunderlnt fullback ! quartet In Ollle Matron, the It ( , f ; San Francisco's Olympic t r » ' k - 1 «ter. Ed 'Mi^h'v Mo) Modz«|nw- ' ski of Maryland. Hush McKlhcnny j "f Washington and Bill Reichjrrll ' of Io\« a. Offenrively and defensively, hf backs are tops, among them Vic Janowic? of Ohio S'.itf. ,hm Do-i]"of Miami. Frank Gifford of S-iu'h- ern California, Johnny Karril of Illinois. Bohhy Dillon of Texr.s. .Inhn Petitbnn of Notre Dime. Hank Lauricella of Tenne.-.sre and Bill Tidwell of Texas A. and M. The All-Stars boast a hrillimt haich of ends with such finu a^ria! t a r c e t s as Bill Mi-Coll of Stanford ... ... I "" n Carev of Michigan State an I r ,i, in . Hill Howton of Hlce. The giifids include B"h Wi.rd of Man-land and Rav Reck ·,'. r;e,, ri; ,., Terh, while All-America DOUR Moyelrv of Kentucky is f.n ex'-i'ptitirial center and linehrt-k- "t- K"llh flowers of T e x a s Ch'ii- ti.-in nnd l.e Ii:chlrr of California 1 are fine-man gangs. Boys Club .Weekly Card liny 22-Swimming for mldftt teams. July 23--'Practice! 1-2 Yankees i 2-3 Indans ! 3 - 4 Cardinal' 4-.^ Intermediates S-fl-.lfi Seniors July24-Vank»i's vs. C»idmali Senior prlclice. July 2S--'Practice, 1-2 Glints 2-3 f.uh' 3 - 4 Yankee! 4-5 lnlerm*diite» 5-6:30 Seniors. eight-same winning streak while ! the injury-riddled Giants are ! fumbling around following a dis- i mal Western trip. The impression Is that If the Giants are going to pull another 19SI miracle finish, they'd better start right away instead of waltinf until August II «s they did last ! year. The Dodfers ippeir unstop- 1 pable right now. The Dodgers, to a man, are con, fident of winning but nobody I wants to lalR about It. ! Sounder Club i "I .know what happened last j year." said Brooklyn manager , Charlie Dressen. "How can I ever I forget? Bui I think this is a sound: or cluh from top to bottom than . we had last year. Look at the i bench. If we had a guy like George i Shuba. we'd have coasted home. Also, if we'd had Joe Black to 1 finish games for us, we'd have made II with games to spare." "I'll lell you one thing." Chuck i continued. "I'm not going lo lake | any chances this time. I'm not go- I ing lo ease up until we've got a 20-name learl with Ifl left lo go. Maybe I did get a little cocky last year. You can he sure, though, it won't happen again." If Dressen is quiet. L»n Durocher is a sphinx. The usually voluble Giant manager is keeping ft tight lip as he regards his Ions hospilal list. Afe pitcher Sal Maclle Ind X-ravs taken of his lame hack and i.« expected to be out at least .1 week although resulls won't he known until tomorrow. Catcher Wes Wcstrum is nursing a sore right hand. George Spencer has a swollen ankle, Sai Yvars a scraped left thigh and Alvin Dark f fungus infection on his left fool. FayeHeville Chicks Play Jiloam Springs At Fiir Grounds Pirfc Tr.f F.v'cttcville Chicki play f-i!ns:v. r-jprinns tontgnt it the Otir.t 1 Pair Crrnnns in an Ozark !.r* i;ain^ Th« cont*il is .vh»--i'ir! f«j atari at 8:15 o'clftck. Th- f'hi-k.; ,ir*? ronsfinj In Ust [il'T-c/| Hoc^r- '.pv^ral v/?ek.i ago in ih^t p'-.-nin Th» Chieks have ^ r^rnfl r.f right, wins and 10 losB'"--. Frairi* Grove leads the IMSII" wi'h a M-5 mark, Sil'nm Spring*, tonight's op- pn:itifin. is currently In third plarr. tiff with Torititnwn and B*ntonvill*. ami * half game back of ssmnd plarff Gfntry. The Chirks »r* only « jame and a half hflrk of ihf thr^^-way ti* for thifl Lrajjup xamc. John St**l* was th« losing pitrhrr K*n Bohanan plck- fd up tvn for tuvi at the plat* !n iMd the Yank hitters. . SAVE MONEY STOP^i TIRE SALE SAVE -- SAVE on this hi^h quiliry tin with ill thc extra vttut fonnirci th«t hi*t midt FirettorK tires furnnui for over 50 years! Sifti-Suml Gum. 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