Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 22, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 22, 1952
Page 6
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TMS M, 1M1 Judges, Clerks To Serve In Primaries Named · A li«t of judges and clerki nam ed at a meeting of the Democrat! County Committee to serve In th July 2t and August primaries i Arkine; thii lummer follows: Crawford--Judgei:H. C. Huey · Odis Jamcrson, Floyd Farter; '' Clerks: Eugene Huey, Marlon Dennis. Durham-Judges: N. W. Lewis " John Brewer, 0. C. Brink; Clerks: N. C. Rbbins, William -. Schumate. Dutch Mills -- Judgei: Harley · Webb, W. F. Richardson, Ed VII- lines; Clerks: Ragel Swain, A. C ' Freeman. ; Elm Springt -- Judges: C. T '-' Holcomb, J. A. Davidson, T. C Glover; Clerks: Mrs. J. Ernest Holeomb Mrs. Earl Hightower. Fayetteville Ward 1 -- Judgei K. L. WoooVuff, Paul Alexander I«ee Skelton; ' Clerks: Mn. H. 0. Davli, Mn. I O. Mllller. ~ Fayettevllle Ward 2 -- Judges 2A: Mri. Geo. McKlnney, Mri " Ceo. F. Caudle, W. A. "Jake 1 : Da Irs; ! Clerki 2A: Myrtle B. Hanna, : Marvin* Willlami. 1 Judgei 2B: M'l- Efl Watson, Morton Caraei, Emll Sonneman; Clerki 2B: Mn. E. R. Hudion, -. Mn. J. F. Backitrom. Fayettevllle Ward 3 -- Judgei 3A: Frank Davis, John Sample, Mitt Eleanor Quinn; Clerki 3A: Mary Hill, Mri. Price Steel. Judges 3B: Jamet Pomfret, Lee Smith, Mn. E. A. Bridenthal; Clerki 3B: Mrs. L. M. McGoodwin, Mn, Clint Jones. Fayetteville Ward 4 -- Judgei 4A: Col. Farlow Burt, Mri. Cecil Myers, C. B. Murphy; Clerki 4A: Mrs. E. H. Sayle, Mri. Frank Suttle. Judgei 4B: Mrs. Ella B. Hunt, Howard H. Hudgens, C. E. Phillips; · Clerks 4B: Mrs. O. H. Gamble, Mrs. Jeff Duty. Goihen Townthlp -- Judgei: CHICK SPECIAL Cheiter Gayer, V Phillips Clerki: Roy Bragg, Glenn Ox .'ord. Harmon Township -- Judges Earl Wood, Bert Lively, M. S Bement ; Clerks: Hois Mitchell, Kirby Colletl. Illlnoli Tcwnihlp -- Judges: R E. Spears, Kennelh Pearson, J Ewell Tunnell; Clerks: Robert Pisley, Mrs Clint Blby. Valley Township-- Judges: Mrs F. C. Baker, R. A. Barnes, J. 1. Hall: Clerks: Mrs. L. H. Shanks, David Bryan. Wedlnglon Township -- Judges: Ceo. Johnson, Ralph Davis, W. H. Ewll; Clerks: Beta Ezell, Pear! Frills. Wlnslpw Township -- Judges: Elmer Griffith, Reece Watklns, Omer Wlnn; Clerks: W. V. Land, Mrs. Esther Chapman, Wyman Township -- Judges: Dick Mitchell, S. B. Patrick, Dalph Meredith; Clerks: J. J. Lacy, C. C. Tyner. West Fork Township -- Judges: Jeff Curtis, Mrs. Lillian Woods, Raymond H. Reed; Clerki: Mn. T. C, Carter, Mrs. Do)lle McKnight. Tontitown -- Judges: W i l l i f m antlnel, Ross Young, Lino Barl- ola; Clerks: Joe Roso, E. M. Morsani. Sprlngdale Township-- Judges: Ralph Singbusch, A. C. Sisco, Earl White; Clerks: W. C. Armi, Howard Atukrion. Leei Creek Township-- Judges: frank Murphy, W. J. Caudle, Orval Tanner. Clerks: Chester Redfern, L. V. Hedfern. Johnson Township -- Judges: H. W. Greathouse. O. A. Crum. Volney Parker. Clerks: Thomas Rothrock, ' J. R. Cox. Llttrell Township-- Judges: J. L. Newberty, Ewlng Jackson, T. E. Weir. Clerki: Joe Baird, E. E. jowen. Marrs Hill Township-- Judges: H. A. Armstrong, Gilbert Whit- nire, H. A. Cohta. Clerks: Mrs. Ed Adams, Miss 'Geneva Thurman. Prairie Township -- Judges A: «ck Dlg:i, Harry Mhoon. Curtis Crouch, ST., alternate, Odel lames. Clerks A:Ottls Watson, teuben S. Blood. Judges B: Otis Cardwell, Frank Giles, Glenn Go- orth, alternate Lester Elliott. Clerki B: L. H. Mount, Ben Port- Prairie Grove Township -udges: J.Ed Rogers, George Wls- well, Jr., Oscar McCulstlon. Clerks: tugh B. Neal, Ray Cornwell. Greenland Township -Judges: Made Phlpps, John A. Wallen, Eller J. Tomlinson. Clerks: Ervln lamp, Mrs. O. T. Williams. Morrow Township -- Judges: larl Kldd, D. H. Bnugh, Bert [rock. Clerks: Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. ill! Nolen. Price Township -- Judges: J. R. ICIrk, H. V. Brewster, C. A. Elms. Clerki: Lacy B. Venable, J. G. lurkett*. Township-- Judges: Dec I Hew to hov« o winning TELEPHONE PERSONALITY by IMILY POST We'n often /udmrf »y the any we UK Utphonc Krvia. Goorf ttkphone iecAnigue and goad ttltptient mannm are important to a winning ptrtonalily ...and Mp yo" ft '* mmt from your telephone ftrvice. One of the mot Htnntlnt tip*rl*ncn i pcnon c«n hart It to run to ii ringing telephone, only to Ind that no one li there. Rut Ju» how long ahould on* Itt i phon ring befon glvln up? At l«ut a minuU, ia tlu eipnta' answer. Afl«r all, the pmon you're call- inf may bt in th* yard or way from the teUphoM. And tht ffunw ahow that in «tim«t*d 3(0,000 oalla · day »ra loit by Southwestern B«ll cua- tonwri who h*n( up too won. A call worth making in certainly worth w»it- ifif; a minute for. !· today's nuiy llf«, it home or In (he offlee, It's only natural to Iwre th« telephone ai quickly i poMlble. la there any special re*Hn why you ihouid repltce the ncelTtr cirtfullyr Th»r* cwUinly U! Your tclnphom la jut OM cnntinuoua "buay «i(rrul" if your nccivtr ia not atruraly in pUTM You can't rtc.iv. , ny M ii. | lnd ,, y w j are on a party liiw, iwithir can your p«rty-lin« i»i,hbor.. Ifa ,ood M M to h»na up cnnsfully, ,nd t 0 c h«k th. telephone occ«iomilly if th« n an ·nail cbildnn in your bom.. A (net tuny quMlena about t.l^hon* around the perty line, and ,h,« ^ ,,, a, to th. b«, w.y , 0 ,,,, ,,. Por ,,. ,, ^ TM nlla, or tuk. them chtln-Myk? For . .11 ,,,,». · chem to c«ll you-ud .1*, your pHty.lia. neifhboti . M th. UM. Tket reMlu i. ·etler ·rvlc* fw ·r«rynn(. Bonhim, Floyd Brown, J. II. Davis. Clerki: Jennings Brown, Floyd Wiliun. Rheai Mill--Judges: W. A. Carnahan, S. P. Cole, John F. Hawley. Clerks: Robert I'atter- lon, Cecil Thompson. Rlchland Township -- Judges: John Ballard, Ernesl Bunch, Er- nesl Magulre. Clerks: Mrs. Wade Barren, Mrs. Hugh Williams. Springdale Ward 1 -- Judges: Loyd Gregg, Ilarlcy Gover, Arlis Leak. Clerks: Mrs. Jne Murphy, Mrs. Norman Haas. Sprlngdalo Ward 2-- Judges: Dwight Phillips, Virgil Dickson, Boh Tankersloy. Clerks: Mrs. Viola Wines, Mrs. Cline Lane. Springdale Ward 3-- Judges: Curtlss Conlcy, D. O. Smith, L. O. Vanzant. Clerks: Mrs. Jean Apple- gale, Mrs. Earl Voss. Springdale Ward \-- Judges Austin Cravens, Edward Cummings. Ronald (Pete) Gardner. Clerks: Mrs. Joe Kay, Mrs. Joe Steel. Lincoln City--Judges: Ward 1: Olva Glidwcll, R. B. Miller, Bryan Norwood. Clerks Ward 1: Johnnie lauch, Lester Spears. Judges Ward 2: Virgil Smith, George Wiswcll. Sr.. Maudn Miller. Clerks Ward 2: Edith Taylor, Homer Sparks. Judges Ward 3: Tom Bihy, Henry Tpnnant, Hugh Evans. lerks Ward 3: John Bradloy, Bill Huenefeld. Vineyard Townahlp -- Judgw Carl Bellamy, T. L. Cotwell. W. A. Whelchel. Clerki:'Mn. H. D. | Children, Mri. John Babb. j Boston Townihip-- Judgei: C. j P . Sears, Dee Whitehoiue, Henry · Whitrtiouse. Clerki; Mri. Henry Whitchouie, Mri. Jeise Wright. Brush Creek--Judgei: Wayne Vanzant, Bill Nemeth, Harry Wright. Clerks: Max Puryear Carmcl Trammel. Cane Hill-- Judges: N. C. Meals, Paul Shaw, Sim Spinki. Clerki Roy Marion, James Irwin. Center Township-^ Judgei: R. E. Cunningham, Jr., M. C. Gibsun, .1. B. While. Clerks: Sam Williams, Chester McKee. White River Township--Judgei: Clem Whitehouse, Leon Jones, Cliford Vaught. Clerks: Carrie Reed, Hazel Boaz. Slarr Hill Township--Judges: Jim Allen, Bert Snodgrau, A. L. Ridgcway. Clerks: S. H. Pitts, A. G. Christian. Cove Creek Township--Judges: T. E. Abshier, Walter Brewsler, James Coker, Jr. Clerki: Mrs. J. G. English, Ray McAdoo. Sovlele Have Grans Moscow-(£")-The Moscow press reported today that the Soviet Union expects a rich grain harvest this year. Holt Hie "Old Campaigner Of Present Governor's Race Little Rock - (/Pi - Jack Holt ii the admitted "old pro" in the current Democratic nomination contest which hat the Arkansas governorship as the prize. He has a political career dating back to 1926, nearly a quarter ol century ago, when he wai elected prosecuting attorney ol the 14th judicial circuit. Sine* then he'i been in many battle for office. He won most but lost the two biggest--one for U. S. senator; the other lot governor. Now he'! trying again for governor. Holt was * youngster of 23 and only one year out of the University of Arkansas Law School when he ran for prosecutor in the circuit which includes his native county of Boe^ne. He carried all 'ive of the circuit's counties over the opposition of older candidates. After ilx years as prosecutor and two more as circuit Judge, iolt moved on from Harrison to Little Rock as the state's attorney general. In the 1936 primary he carried all except one of the state's 75 counties over his opponent, also a well-known lawyer. Suffers First Defeat He was finishing up a six-year tenure as attorney general when in 1942 he suffered his first political defeat. After leading- a four-man race in the preferential primary, Holt was defeated for U. S. senator in the run-off by Johy L. McClellan. Then came a six-year period during which he resisted the lure of politics--at least in his own behalf. Except for two years in military service--he volunteered although he was .over the customary age limit--he engaged in the private practice of law. A forceful courtroom lawyer, he was particularly sought after as a defense attorney in criminal cases. Sari He Was Counted Out Holt jumped back into the fray n 1948, losing the governor's nomination by a scant 10,000 votes o Sid McMath in the run-off primary. Holt has never conced- ed defeat. He declares he was "counted out" and sometimes remarks that he was the "only man to be elected governor who never served." Holt, now 49, is a ready man on the stump and perhaps is nearest in style to the old-time orator of any man in the current race. He's the oldest man in the youthful field and terms himself the "mature candidate." Holt was one of a family of I I brothers and sisters His 84-year- old mother and all but two of the children are living. Holt and his wife, Margaret have two children of their own: Jack, Jr., 23, and PeRfry, 19. Holf's a Methodist and has served on the Board of Stewards of the First Methodirt Church Little Hock. lti% « HMM lawyer* «M jHiftt! aid by Piul Johnion, Monti- olio. · CUB BARTON for Attorney General N o w . . . to uay, ao inexpensive to en ~ clear, comforta h e a r i n g at horn*, church, work, nHV* ies, everyivhen! MICH I/Mr AT ONIT *73 DIXIE RADIO 421 DICKSOH PHOHE 1141 1O-DAY KITUtN PtlVN.101 PHONE 21 · (^ 41 E. CENTER SALE OF HOME FURNISHINGS PRICES SHARPLY CUT-SHOP EARLY EQUALS 59.50 QUALITY OQ QQ 312 nil, OO.OO Tvmt,10%4aw* lody-balance unit, wilfi (wavier ipringi wtttr* body weight it greatest, gives longer wear. Five turnout makers advertise same quality at 59.50. Rayon tick. 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