Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 22, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 22, 1952
Page 5
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Speeches Occupy Large Part Of .Day's Program NMTMWKTAMUNtAS T1MB, fey^tarltt., itkumm. TMU. r , July M, Iff! fion. Invocitlon: Tht Rt. Rev. Chirles L. Street, su(fra»an bishop of the Diocese of Chicago. Vircinia Paris: ''Lead K i n d l v Arlrirr.ssps: India Edwards. virf chairman nf the -National Committee and dim-tor of the Women's Division; Mrs. Eleanor Rnnepvplt, U. S. delegate to the U n i t e d Nations. V i r g i n i a Paris and chorus: "God ipss America." Resolutions: Report of Commil- P on Permanent Oreanization. A p p o i n t m e n t nf committee to ^ , . ,, ' PFt'ort t h e permanent chairman to Chicaeo - IOT - The program i , h e rostrum for todays session of the Demo- Address: Speaker Sam Ra.vhurn Committee On Rules Scheduled To Report; Resolutions Due Roar of Approval For Young. Devcr Predicts i TackeH "Busiest" Campaigner Roosevelt After Appearance!. 1L ... 4 ....,, .,, , * . . ,, , J T At Democratic Convention |Another Viclory Visiting All Points By Copter For Democrats Chicagn-fflVA few day*; ago, p n l i t i r n i writers covering the Democratic convention here asked F r a n k l i n D. Roosevelt, Jr., wheth- from the dclrgales a " I n y a l t y " : I pledge to candidates of the p a r t y ! | when f i n a l l y they are chosen, j Some Southern rtHega;*; v:i»rr j all of Texas, permanent chairman of last week, but it doesn't today. he convention. Recess u n t i l noon. Wednesday TM. Rogers nisers-(Speclal)-Mis! M a t l i * and Miss Delta Beeler, teachers in the Ropers Public Schol, have returned home from a vacation in the hnme of their sister and · cratic National Conventmn times are Central Standard': 11 a. m. -- Pre-shnw musiesl program: "Salute to the N o r t h " Gov. Paul A. Dever'of Massachusetts, temporary chairm; opens the session. . Invocation: Rabbi Louis Binstock of Chicago. Eva de Lucca: "Stand by for America." . Address: p«rle Mnsla, U. s. minister to Luxembourg. Resolutions: Report of Committee on Rules and Ordpr of Business. · Address: Rep, W i l l i a m L. Dawson of Illinois, vice chairman of the Democrat National Committee. · Barbershop q u a r t e t : " K e e p America Singine." Addresses: Eugenie Anderson, U. S. ambassador tn D e n m a r k : Richard J. Nelson, president of | the Young Democratic Clubs o f ; n ey. Sara Picket!, Belte MoCiml.v, America. I V.-pnrtalyn Bronron. Mary F.llen Resolutions: Report of C o m m i t - i Psrker and Mrs. Dick Williams, tee rn Credentials. | This «-ppk's meeting will be at Addresses: Gporsia N e c s e . t h e home of Mary Ellen Parker, j Clark, treasurer of the U .S. | R i l l v niv MrGionis. 22. of " Recess. EvMlinjr. sfsiion. ft p. Pre-show m u s i r a . "Salute to the South. 1 er he himself might turn out to be | buckinj »nd kicking, and holler- a c a n d i d a t e for the vice presi-i ing "foul" because i h e resolution dency. j had h^en brought in so l « t f , and "That's an I f f y question," he w 'ith l i t t l e tim» fnr rteliberatlnn. snapped cooling his famous fi- Roosevelt bounced Into view, (her, "and a silly one." flashed i C,rad»-A Roosevtlt It may have sounded iffy-silly s m l l p ' J n d waved i blj piw like ' Roosevelt hit Ihe convention like ' a ton of bricks in a five-minute appearance. What he said was of less importance t h a n the obvious impression it made on the Democrats. He looks like a rnan who is nd waved a a happy ,vo;mg hear, Atmmipher* thanjtea Tht atmosphere changed in a wink. It iris ** though a breath of freih air jwept through the blue haze of tobacco smokf and the hot, silvery light. Delegates by the | I.m flock-i/Pi-If a " f l y i n g j w i n d m i l l " drops out nf the 5ky i a n y w h e r e in Arkansas chance* are ! !' will be Rep. Boyd T a c k e t t r e a d y in shake * hand or m a k e a yprern. The 41-year-old N a s h v i l l e congressman, by far t h e husifst nf the f i v e Democratic g u b e r n a t o r i a l r a n - ] didatos. campaign* in a hehropter j Any 50-foot spare or p a s t u r e br- ·"nie* a l a n d i n g fir-Iri. , Tackett. f i r s t to i n n o u n r r n f f i - dictfd would he t h e i r s i x t h , r i a l l y and open his c n m i a i g n . h s * ' K t r a i s h t election victory nver R e - I a l e n g t h y p l a t f o r m , out r n n r e n publican "malice" and "fossils." ! t r a t w n n TMmpleiel Republican Malice And Fossils Under Fire At Convention Chicago - f/Pv-Cnnventinn Keynoter ran! A. I-fr rallied Democrats last nistht to what h# p r e - 1 going places in politics--and the not-distant f u t u r e . Early this morning, In the midst of a typical Democratic hassle, Roosevelt was announced j | thousands came to their feet, clapping and cheering. brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. ("· speaker. He came tn the platform W. Norman, in Raton, N. M. They j wearing a blue summer suit, a also visited relatives in Quanah tolevisible blue-and-while tie, and and W i c h i t a Falls, Texas. a H u r r i m a n button. He is Harri- Mpmbors nf the Rub Deb club man's c a m p a i g n manager. A cow- v/erp the ci.csi? of Miss-Sherryden lick of hair, curving down past Green at her home Thursday, I his ,'ijrht eyebrow gave him an when a brunch party and money- i engagingly boyish look. making projects were planned. R e f r e s h m e n t s v-ore served by the hosipss to .Jnnir'p. Skelton. Sidney U l s r k . S y l v i a B u l l , .tai-lyn Puckett. H e t t y Harris, Norma M c K i n - The delegates, at just t h a t mom e n t , were in nn very a m i a b l e mood. It was g e t t i n g on toward 2 a. m. and they were tired. They were in the midst of an argument over a proposal to exact ''malice" and "fossils." : The Massachusetts governor,! nrniri ronrs and rebel yells, threw · his anriu and shouted: t r a t P.* nn complexly rln-orcms "ihe H i g h w a y D e p a r t m e n t /mm contml of thi- jjo- ernnr." Ainnng other p l u n k s in the _, , ,, ,, j U p his arir,* and shouted: | T:irkeit p U t f n r m are proposals tn The magic of the name, a l n n r , , -\V P have v a n q u i s h e d them b*-1 e l i m i n a t e w h a t he c.ilU f a v o r i t i s m fore--we shall vanquish t h e m in M a t e piin-h.iMnK by b u y i n g attain." | I h r o i i R h c o m p e t i t i v e bidding an-i i Swinging x l e t d i l y through h i s e n f o r c i n g q u a l i t y specifications. | 4.r0()-word speech. Dever heaped "f says he also would srorn upon the R e p u b l i c a n p a r l y and praipp upon the Democratic administrations -~ p a r t i c u l a r l y I l i f e due to an?, physical d i a b i l i - thnse of presidents Wood-row W i t - ties or m e n t a l deficienrin}.. son. Frank n. Roosevelt and Har- Slop w**te. c x t r a v a ^ n c p and ry S. Truman. g r a f t in state government and re- He made nn mentinn of t h e . ' d u r e s t a t e employes to the neces- Demorrats' wide-open race for the president i;i I n o m i n a l inn t h i s year. Rut he blasted Iho Repub- probabl.v accounted for part of Ihe reception. The rest bplonged to him in hi* own right. Roosevelt spoke fluently, and off the cuff, without ever reaching for i word. He has more emphasis, more volume, but lesit resonance of voice, than his father had. And less of the practiced timing. The roar for Roosevelt, when he finished, was f i r greater t h u n when he began. Tt was benuinely spontaneous. And it was the second of it? k i n d d u r i n g the day. A d l a i .Stevenson, Ihe man so many of them want afi a presidential candidate, stirred thr other one. m i l l s of the OuachiU .\iounum c o u n t r y a* a laborer d u r i n g hi* rush school d i y j it Olenv/ond, Tai-kell w o r k e d h u a-jy t h r n u g n A r V a n s a s Trrh. O u a c h i t i Colltje anrl the b'mvcrMty of A r k » n - a s . He recer ed h i * law degree a t Ihe U n i v e r s i t y . In I93fl. he n:lrned the former N'orma A i i n . ^ ' r n n g , d j , u h t e r of a M e t h o d i s t preacher. They have f r u r c h i l d r e n . Bnyd. Jr.. 13, Terry, s i x ; Rebevr;i, three, and Tom, two. Would Prevent Murry Taking Part In Suit hit! lr R o r k - ' / l V S t a t f Reveniip t ' n m m i s s i o n f r f'srl F. Park«r has ; askrri P u l i t k i C'huncrry Cnnrl to deny A l l y . G e n . Ike M u r r n y ' n | p«Mon (hit ht rtprtMrt Uw ttite I in m meomi t«x rttiwtf tuit ; againit Governor McMtth. 1 McMith ii iulnf th« ft»U to r*- i-ov*r 19«.3I of lt.221.fa In taxe. ! he pud under protest for the y«ir« l!Ha. 131D and ISW P«rker, who )j defendant In tht -in', filed t h e requwt yeittrdiy. 'ayins t h a t "the intervention of t h e attorney general is not necessary." Salvation Army Drive Falls Short At Rogers Roiers-'Sp«lal)-Tn» Sllvttlon Army drlv? In Roiers h«i fallen short nf it fsal by about 1600, Milton Brown, trijiurtr for tht r a m p a l g n , reported M o n d i v . Brown said most of the bu*iiujs and residential area! hiv« madt their report*, but onlv a few of Ihe r u r a l communities h«vi reported. A r-vamplni of the ompilfn n r g a n i M t i o n i h»ln? eoniUUrtd according to Denver Murriy, cim- paifn chairman. A more inttniiv* survey of th* community Ij to bt p l a n n M . Th« goal jet- fer tht Rogers community Is $2,000. Provide a d d i t i o n a l assipianre those w i t h o u t the necessiues program: Governor Devprs nprns I HP ?rs- cars HOUSTON TAYLOR MOTORS 14-22 Narth Celligi PArmiviut prices start just a few dollars more than the Errs, is the iO.fjnnth A r k a n s a n he i n d u c t e d into m i l i t a r y serv- j ice FJnrp Ihe Korean war began. | Mr i? one of the Ifi fcentnn County ! men \vhn went tn L i t t l e Rock ; V'erinp'Jriny for induction. McGin: niy received congralulations from · Ststp Selective Service Henri- j q \ i a r t f r s . ; Pfc. .Inhnnv Wpbh of near Pra Hinge, will fly home from Korea this week, to he w i t h his f a t h e r , P. Webb, who bora HIP ill laM veek and was a H m i l t e d tn the Vctftrans Hospital in Fayctteville. Mrs. L i l l i a n Ranrlle, widow of the late Rev. .Tame? T. Randle, former pastor nf Central Methnd- i?t Chtirrh in Rogers, has accepted a position nn the Mrtrianna High School f a c u l t v . KhP wilt teach n i n t h and tenth grade English and i without w a i l i n g pupervipp the library. Mrs. Randle, word downtown, g r a d u a t e of the former C,?. Berkley's Bow-Out Made At Hotel Far From Convention Hall After Much Delay sary minimum. And rffecl proper u i ' l i z o t i o n and apportionment o.' sta'f rff^enih'? ican nominee Gen. Dwipht D. | * n r i s t a h i l i z a t m n of !he stale lax Eisenhower, as a complete novice; structure so t h a t ample I'undE would he provided for school? »nd m i n i m u m salaries tn teachers which would compare w i t h thofif m other states. i Never Uefeated I Never defeated for any office, ! Chicago-^-Vice President Al-* ben Barkley announced the end · nf a 47-year political career last j night w i t h a statement in long delayed t h a t it was almost a n t i ! climatic. : ' Rumors t h a t the ^74-year-old "Veep'* was going to get out of the presidential race had begun to circulate even before the 11 p. m., hour which he set for release of his announcement. But when t h i s hour passed and the t i m e dragged on almost u n t i l mid- n i g h t , the reports got so widespread on the convention floor that m-wsmen filed stories from there without vailing for the official standard hearer over Ohio' Sen. Robert A. Taft. he said, the He- nublicans "threw overboard the pi , ot wno hlct guldd way College at Searcy, \f l a k i n p a summer course at Arkansas Stale Teachers Cnllepp. Conway. She was a Latin and English ins f r u c t o r at Clarenrlon High School before her narriape. Hindsville Mrs. Nellie Fllis of Chocotah, Okla., Mrs. W. L. Taylor. .Tr., of Randlctt, Okla., Joy and Emma Jo Patrick of Himtsville visited Mrs. Stella E. Mason on Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Anna Mae McCarver of Tulsa, Okla., visitpd her sons, Donni? a n d Tommie. and her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ross .Stamps, unday. Mrs. Donna n. Cooper. Home Domon?lr.ition Agent of Madison Jounty, was a Ruopt of Miss Mary "happeH Saturday morninp. Thr Baptist Wnmons Missionary JnioTi \\-jll meet uiih Mrs. Stella E. Mason Friday at 2 p.m. for thp royal fervicc prograrn. Four HindsviHs xirls are n t - :onding the state 4-H camp at Fayptteville. The jeirls and iheir activities are: Mis? Marv Chap- irll. canning judge; Miss Mary Holland, a member of thp chorus: Miss Dana Fitch, baking contest; and Miss Stella Flanagan, garment? in thp clothing contest. Fred Reed, Jr., of Hindsville and Henry Fields of Alabam were n Fayetteville Monday to corn- 'lete plans for entering the Uni- ·prstly for the fall semestpr. Both boys completed two years in agriculture at Arkansas Tech in June. Mr. and Tvlrs. Albert Hstfield f nf Fayetteville were Riiost? of i their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hatfield, on Sunday. Mr. and Mr=. Lny Lewis a r p in The selling was in a downtown hotel far from the excitement and crush nf the Convention Hill floor. Barkley was staying at the Blacks tone, the hotel where the n o m i n a t i o n of Warren G. H a r d i n g emerged from a smoke-filled room 32 years ago during a Republican convention. Reporters were called to the corridor outside Barkley's seventh- floor room for the 11 p. m., announcement. Only a few showed up at first, but, as the. word got around, elevators began dumping mnre newspaper, radio and television men off at the seventh floor. Before midnight, more than a hundred of them were packed into the hall. Finally, L u d w j g Caminila, the "VeepV press m a n , vYime out with the statement. He didn't have enough copie.* to go around so he m o u n t e d a chair *nd read it slowly with television lamps providing the light--and a d d i n g to the heat. C a m i n i t a shouted there would be no news conference--that Barkley would not appear. And so ended the presidentia' dreams of the Kentuckian v:ho has served his country and the Demo- ' Tatic party for almoit half a cen- ! t u r v . I bird New Interview Plan i IJttl* Hnrk-(/P)-The A r k a n s i f , Parole Board says it is considering j t r i f m for yearn and placed *t their i new policy for Interviewing » p - ; head one wbos* knowledge of plinnts for clemency. Thn bo»rd i navigation was confined lo other will meet it Tucker Prison Farm I waters." August (I In discuss a method o f ] The 1SS2 election Issue, he said, recording interviews of prisoners \ , s ..,,, krtp lhe peac ,." Neither by prison "'"culs. The board, , h p nop nor Fjisen hower can do I Hi iiT PW t prsonaT'int'er-' 1 "' 8 ' he """'"dert, but the Demo- views to the prisoners " ! c r » t i c party's record ajainst Com- I Forty-six convicts are seeking I munist aggression has proved it ' clemency this month. ran. u n q u a l i f i e d fnr the prcsidenry. The Republican convention two weeks ajfn, never* said, raised "only the voire of the fossil." The platform adopted by Ihe COP then, he said, is: "A shopworn d e c l a r a t i o n , con-1 Tackeit entered politics by wi»- ceived in malice, and dedicated to n i n K a seat in the Arkansas ICKII- Ihe proposition that all the (Trent Istiire from Pike County in 1936. achievements of the last 20 years A f t e r four years in Ihe House of should be swept away." j Representatives Tacktlt WPS elect- In chonsint Eisenhower a s ; e.-i prosecuting a t t o r n e y of Ihe N i n t h j u d i c i a l circuit, composed of I Pike. Howard, Poll;, Little K i v t r ; and Sevler Counties. Then fallow- ! ed the war yeara, after which i Tacleett ran succeBsfully for the | U. S. House of RtpreienUtlves in 194*. ! Tackett tells labor groups he | knows their problems because he , has worked w i t h his hands. He is : the sen of an Arkaniaft hill coun- | try mlllworker, having been born ' : in Black Sprinfi, Montgomery i County. I Afttr workint extra In lumb«r I Concrete Pavement your best investment in Roads W HEN i nin'i principal rods ire bulb of ponliod cement coacrete, hi|kwiy fundi ire conserved beciuM concrete rotdj ue lon|-tived nd econooucal to ouiitiifli Ask your public offferab for CONCRETE ROADS PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION fU r*lli BMf,, MM^M* t, TMNL A nnouncing.. Our Annual GAS HEATING EQUIPMENT S A L E Springfield. Mo., on business. Guest;: of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Davis and Ammon Harrison on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Ode! Harris of Van Buren. Mrs. Paul I Sanders, Mrs. A. J. Harrison and daughter of Springdale, Mrs.! Mayme Farmer of Little Rock: and Mrs. Rema Horton and daufh- ' ter of Huntsville. I Miss Eula Mae Da\Ms is attend- j inc the second term of summer srhnnl at the University. Elect A Northwest Arkansas Man As Your Democratic National Committeenian Elect Rabie Rhodes of HARRISON Subject to the Democratic Primaries July 29 · CAPABLE ·DEPINDAILE · HONEST Mr. niiMoi it n nallTt M Arklnm. H h«« b*m hi iho luto. mohlln inlM buiinfii lor miny YMN; !· iell»« In elrtr, community ind church n l f l l r r It i pmt prMldml ol !h« KitrlMn School BoiH ini Hnrriion Chtmb«r of Comm.rct ind b«r ol Iht Still Bourd of Educitian. Ynir Ttli will b* ip Pnllllr»l ·dvfrti'.i'mcnl pdlrl for by Ruhw Bhnd«, HsrrHIti, A r k . Beginning Immediately, All Gas Heating Equipment Can Be Purchased at a 10% Discount-Making It Possible for You to Purchase Your Heating Equipment and Have It Installed Before the Fall Rush Begins.... BUY NOW AND SAVE LIMITED TIME ONLY FIRST PAYMENT OCT. 1, LIBERAL TERMS CIRCULATORS UNIT HEATERS CENTRAL FURNACES CONVERSION BURNERS RKANSAS ASTERN GAS COMPANY "Helping Build North and Wtst Arkansas"

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