Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 22, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 22, 1952
Page 3
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AIKANSAS tlMIJ, r*y*»vlfe. Mum* TtMtfey, July W, IfM BiHotOfLast Century Turned Up In Old Trunk Pittman. Prosecuting attorney, ]. T. Wilson. Count; Officer* Representative, R. J. Wilson, "W. M. Davis, H. M. Maguire. (Maguire, who was elected, was the grandfather nf Roy Williams.) County judite, H. P. Greene. Circuit clerk, J. N. Tillman. County clerk, J. B. Shannon. Sheriff, George F. Deane. Treasurer, W. S. Tunstill. Assessor, G. W. Morrow. Surveyor, William Mitchell. Coroner, George Van Hoose. Charles Tuck, of Houte 5, who live» near the Buckner School, in going through an old trunk he- longing to his late father, William D. Tuck, who lived in the same community, came across a ballot used in the Washington County | I A A _.J election of Monday, September 6, j J Q n e /And 1886. The names of several who made history in Arkansas are in- j eluded. This is the ballot: I For governor, S. P. Hughes. j Secretary of state. E. B. Moore. Auditor, William R. Miller. ! Treasurer, William E. Woodruff. Superintendent of public in- ·truction, Wood E. Thompson. Attorney general. Dan W. Jones. Land commissioner, Paul M. Cobbs. Supreme judge, B. B. Battle. Judge, Fourth district, J. M. Winter Cottons Set New Trend Toward Lightweight Wardrobe KS Two Fayettevflle Men Take Part In Blows Communists In Waters Off Korea Against ·dfc I atom. : Himbrd tn 10$. L*t j High I r m p r r n t u r r n In the BfH · had lOfl and HiJl City, JUn., 1 were c o m m o n yrslrrday.. At ' Hut in I^wliton. Mont., the me Hlyihr. f ' a l i f , thr Ihrrtrmmetrr ! rury only gftt tip to 0t. Two F a y p l l p v i l l e serving*" i wn r a y r i i r v u i e men MTVIIIJ; » -aboard the drstrnyer, USS MrCny nUCtl Of NflUOil Ifi Reynolds in Korean waters v;it- I ncssecl a f u l l day's m"Jim rp'-pntly !HCflVV HWl SfiClOf when their ship, called the "l\a\\ \ MrC'ny" by U]nso who k.i'iw her. : I - i t i l o Rork-M'j- The we;ithr-r- n f f r i c d H i t l r hnpp of relief -(' a p.'trnhnr storage pl.inl, de- K'roycd an enemy locomotive and a n'ji-.t:: l i u - Mirrrniler of f i v e N o r t h KOI cans in a single day? f i f i h t i r i K . NMttfHB MPTttL « MJKIMEfMD INVESTORS DIVERSIFIED SERVICES MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA HtftMAN Z«ft* ^ _ _ mn 4U PIMM IKI-W Russell Same Nominee Chicagn-(/P)-Tu'0 widely known Russells got together here !ast night -- Jane the movie actress and Richard the bachelor presidential aspirant. Miss Russell, in the city for the opening of a new film, met the Georgia senator in his campaign headquarters. Any relation? Well, the senator said they could be "kissin* cousins" from the South. Miss Russell said she was born in California, but had once lived for 15 months in Georgia -- at Fort Benning. The senator said all Russells came from the same place. Is she supporting the. senator? "Well." she said, "We Russells must stick together." She wore two big Russell-for-President buttons. I ho rnwitry POLITICIANS' ARITHMETIC VS. DEMOCRATIC ARITHMETIC H«r» ii the box icore of the prM*nt County and Circuit Clorkt' political timt record In public office. Roy Scon: 5 tormt X 2 yean or 10 yean m County Clerk. Richard Grtcr: 4 torim X 2 yean or I yean at Circuit Clerk. 4 yean M deputy clerk or a total of 12 yean in thi office. ThcM two County Officials are now asking the Voters of Washington County to Perpetuate them in office. THUMBS DOWN on 6 terms in Office for Scott 5 terms in Office for Greer DO THE VOTERS REMEMBER THE CAMPAIGN PLEDGES OF THESE TWO CANDIDATES 8 A N D 19 YEARS AGO? THEY SAID, "IF THE GOOD P E O P L E O F T H E COUNTY WILL ELECT ME FOR ONE TERM AND IF I CAN BE ELECTED A SECOND TERM, I WILL QUIT AND GET OUT." As politicians they have forgotten their initial campaign promises to the roters. T H E V O T E R S O F W A S H I N G T O N COUNTY HAVE NOT F O R G O T T E N A N D WILL DEMONSTRATE THEIR MEMORY OF CAMPAIGN P R O M - ISES ON JULY 29th. A vote for BUSH it for IUSH en County Judge and not for y« man or a ha been. Both it fuHy capable of running the Judge't office him- ·erf and will do juit that. -VOTE FOR- William L. Bush For COUNTY JUDGE A UH|MJH|III ·radiMto w*. Memil agriculture Machor, WerM Wer II and KorMn Vetafan, farmer, trackman, dwrehmen end a friend to the farmer end bvtintu men. Wtttlc«l .dVM-lisrmtnt pnlrl Tor by frffnds of Col, nn»h--Jim Newport, Ht. 1, Fnyctirvillf, Child Drowns, Mother Saves His Companion Newport, Ark.-(/P)-.Tohnny Bain?, ninp, drowned in t h e Whitr- fiiver near here yesterday while wading with two companions. A second boy, James Glidewoll, was rescued from drowning by Johnny's n! o t h e r , Mrs. Dewuy Bains. Deputy Coroner Ottie Dil- linRer said both boys stepped into deep water and Mrs. Bain man- i aged to rescue the Clidewoll boy j ; when she heard their cries f o r ' I help. j BY GAIL* DUGAS, NBA W*oun'i E4ft*r CT. LOUIS -- ( N B A ) -- W i n t e r worn by railrond workmen for fall dresses that combine the sturdi- '(by from the hnt nntlitinns in jn;my -c i.'itioii. The hoitfst w. ·xpprtcd in tho r-n lh HIP n g e t t i n g near rmr \ huinjri f ihf Hear Sid McMath Lake Wcdington Address Oxer KGRH 1450 ON YOUR DIAL 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, July 22 Political Afl, Iairl for by Henry Wood, Campaign Mfr. - cottons are a eoming thing In this Midwestern city that has a definite southern flavor. Defined, the term means simply that these are new dark cottons, in new weights, that carry on from summer into fall. But even more this, year, the phrase will be used to cover cottons actually worn in winter, even though this is lookjnf very far ahead. Here in St. Louis, they're using the corded cottons traditionally wool with the lightweight of cotton. The gray-and-black corded cotton by Minx Modes (left) is classic in feeling, has bracelet-length sleeves and a Inige taffeta pussycat bow at the neckline. The coat dress (rlrht) is the very same fabric in rusl-and- brown, given a velvet collar and belt. . Lonsdale Again To Seek Office As Governor Many Apply For Jobs Of Revenue Collector DOUBLE KEEN STAMPS Given Wednesday, | July 23 i McKeehan's l.onsdale. Ark.-(/P)-John Lonsdale, Jr., who has ernor of Arkansas on both the ,,_ ...... ,, , , .... , ,, ., "Prorubition and Wide Open \Vashington-(/IVJThe Civil Service Commission announced today that 1,280 persons have applied for the new position of director of i n f e r n a l revenue in 26 cities. run for gov- I '''hey will take competitive examinations. The directors of i n t e r n a l revenue will replace the politically ap- tickets says he will enter the rai'C j poir.led collectors in 64 cities this November on the independent j under the president's rcnrKanJ7.a- tjckjt I tion plan for the Bureau of In"I'm coming out for labor t M = ' ^rn*\ Revenue. Congress 'approv- lime," Lonsdaic said. "I'm to | e " t n p change in the tax collecting wash out this new deal and l a i r i F J' stcm deal and give the people a square deal." A man who identified himself as head of the Carpenters' Union in Arkansas--H. A. Tarvin of Benton, Ark.--told the Associated ' i Press by telephone "I'm advocnt- / ing a vote for John Lonsdalc for *» PO CENTER 18 E. CENTER Look For th» Ham. On lli« Qmn Fronl. governor." He said the members o f his union "all over Arkansas feel the. same way." New Discovery In Fight On Polio Believed Near \Vashington-(/P}-A Icnriins n u - thority says dramatic ncv: discoveries indicate that n -.ins of preventing polio's crip,ilin: effects may be developed w i t h i n the next three years. Dr. Hart E. Van Riper, medical director of the N a t i o n a l Foundation for I n f a n t i l e Paralysis, said l^pre is an outside chance a vaccine may be developed for use next year. Information received here says iliat Dale Greenwoor anl Lynn S. McBride of Fayettcvillc were aboard on a recent patrol along the Wonson beach. Noticing n r i i v j - \ 17 the Reynolds swung her p s l r j (if. g u n s toward the u n i d e n t i f i e d ! target and slammed shells into the | area. A .small explosion occurred j almost at once and continued nc- i curate f i r i n g resulted in a "four- · alarmci" as f i r e erupted all over : the neighborhood. i Earlier th;it day the ship had teamed w i t h a f i g h t e r piano in destroying a locomotive caught i between tunnels. W h i l e patroling | f i i r t h c r north t h a t evening t h e lookouts spotted a sampan wilh f five North Koreans aboard who j were w a v i n g and shouting. The | sampan's crew indicated t h a t it i wanted to surrender and was help- I ed aboard. The prisoners were fed ; and transferred to a South Korean j prtrol ship, the report said. SHOE SALE FINAL CLEARANCE OF ALL OUR SALE SHOES · Values To $18.95 · Delmanette Cormelette Troyling Town Country Penaljo Arthur Murray ALSO- House Shoes SOUTHERNERS -- CONTIN1JKD FROM I'A^E O;\E laic toniqht wilh a ropnrt from (he Credent in Is Committee as to which delegates havp given H a pledge. Split Throatrns The queslinn of the moment! was what kind of shape the party would he in \vhon Slcvcnson.or whoever winds u p w i t h the prand pri/.e, goes out to snap with GOP Nominee D w i ^ h l D Eisenhower fnr the prcsilenry. Sen. A. Willis Robortfon of Virginia suggested to the convention t h a t Stevenson m i y h t refuse n n o m i n a t i o n if the party was split asunder. Me said he didn't believe Stevonon would take it ''cm a polrt platter, much ess a silver onr." Few*" Hu*!ncss Failures New York-(/f'j-Busi;iess f a i l u r e s totaled 103 in the week ended Wednesday, compared with 156 in the preceding week and 133 in the JJI;e week R year ago, Dun and Rradstrerl reported today. Who Gives Green Stamps? We Do! MtKMhan'i Fgbric C«n»«r II Etit Flint ind W.llpip,, Slot* » North BlMk SL HINn Irw. Drl»«.|n Furnllun ftori Hwy. 71 K*rth T»wn t C«mput MEK'I WEAR Ourk TkMfr* Bldf. Uiwr ITM. IhM Itarat ·mlk tU« Fairway Grocery 41* N. Colleai Gltnn'i Dairy (HouH la houi. d«liTcry) Phont IIO-W-4 Olark Ckancn 101 North Block St. H«rlan'l $«rvic« Station Frlmdlr Cull Sl.tion 11 North Collect Mdl.y.MtNoIr Firttl.flllt Prlnllna Co. HttlU tt*t* CAIH Bilti Only Be*b*' J«w*l*n 14 E«ll Cenlfr Moeri'i Gift Shop IS North Black St. Fairway Hardware 230 Mill SL Waggontr'i Baktry 101 C.nt.r SI. Quaker Drug Star* II E«l C«nl«r SL Phillip. Motor Co. HO North Coll«9» your SAH Grnn Stompi at the Redemption Center, 420 North C*ll*fl« Starting Wednesday Morning at 9 PLANTATION ftUBECUE SAUCE first in Vayetteville tier fid Way Shortt The bin, twantiful, «p*cr»cul«r-pr forming I'onttac ftivea you ill tin comfort and luiury you could alk f« --at a price very clott to the lowlst And Pontiac'ti new Dual-Kan|e* ftr- formance shortens the rnllen by 4e- liverlnj exactly the power you win for traffic or the open road HK stretches the mlleafte beoiUM economy axle reduces enftlne (ions .is much a» M per cent. Come In and »ee how «*iy It It to » Pontiuc-- the Jrnndest w»y M f( placet! ,1 »nrnr/// - lt' ih« only w»» you r«n fully «p|tnrl«« th* (idMiwI J»r(ntm«n-» of lh* |r«f l*2 fnn'l«r. (XHIW In today for · |niM new thrill! HATFIELD PONTIAC CO. 22-24 IA$T MEADOW FAYITTIVILU. ARK. ·

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