Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 21, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 21, 1952
Page 12
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.'I MOtTMWtST AIXANSAS TUHS, tayMtovflU, AftwM*. Me*n«y, J«ly II, 19S2 Construction Of Carolina H-Bomb Plant Is On ichedule Despite Low Priority, Investigations ' 'hi'plcd Workers jam ivjite rnrs swiirm i" nml out of ihc prnjcct, roriuiriii): 150 (raffle officers to handle them. By DOt.'GLAS LARSKN . 1 1 is · Augusta, G.i.-(K'EA)-Amcrlca'S! the rl.nim nf Trumble Blskc. on- frlost vital defense projejcl, t h c i c i n e e r nnd spokesman E. I. duPont do Nem $«vannah River hydrogen bomb |l«nt, is one of history's Inriresl ind most, fiibulous .single con- ·truction jobs. · When this fanuiblii-ally large I. rtuPonl p.niy, which fs b u i l d i n g the plant i.nd will run it, S'nme .statistics rovr.'il ils n\~ most unbelievable size. The site, Dumbarton arp Inrludcd. Kxticl progress of construction vf the plant and ihc date it will net into f u l l operation are secret. .Some of the 250 permanent build- inxs. fit-altered all over the site in individual areas, are completed. The rest, consisting of hunt: i.ln.nKc-Jookjnjj concrete iind rtoel .structures, Jiictories re- .sernblin^ hu^c petroleum refineries, and gigantic powej plants arc in various stages oJ construction. Trumble Blakr. the key du Pont engineer, says: "We arc right now on the time j schedule we promised the AEC i at ihfc jjlait nl construction." 1 IUratscd By Investigation I However, he admits that if pro! ductioii oifacials in Washington j had Kivcn the piant lop priority i for mrttcrials it would now be | ahead of that schedule. Instead, '. the plant has bad to compete for materials w i t h i n r less important f!cfcn. c ;c projects. All the Atomic Energy Commis- Kach day 11,000 p r i v a t e cars s i f p n nas s;iicl w that the plant will n for the swarm in and oul of the project ! P r o d t l c o materials for both hydro,,,,,,, Co,n- «,,,.,,,,, 1SO .raffle officer, on, «TM £*^. ^ ^ projpcrily. ( w i t h few people on it, located' The site was selected for the n c u r much larger centers of pop- ample, mineral-tret water supply j u ' at ' on ' TttEYISKNI IS VEBY COMPUUTED Buy Yours From d Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP chance. Each d a y ll.OOU up on schedule. That's I square, mure than 500 fret riorp. ind complicated plant is com- i °" the cast b a n k of the Savannah Dieted it shouIJ give America n i " i v c r ln South Carolina, occupies in t h e ] 3 1 * square miles. This is five produce limes Ihc si/c of the District n[ i Columbia and about one-third tlie Tf*tfV,.. commandinR lead face it/Jlli Russia to flucleur"-weapons. - And despite congressional bar-1 s i x « of ln « whole stale of Rhode iasmenl, and weak support from '"' ' jovcrnmcnt prndurtfnn nrfirails, HUDSON . . . TROUBLES? IK 101 HALL AT WrHTELtrS OARAGE I.slanrf. 36,eon Worker* More t h a n 3fi,OOII construction workers draw about $4,000,000 a i week. In Ihc f a l l « peak of 45,000 [ workers is expected. The por- ! manent employment at the plant ! is estimated at 7,000. I The 32 million cubic yards of earth being moved for the vari- cms plants and roadways would the site. A crew of 25 men works] drogcn substance known as tnt- on nothing but post ami insect! ium, basic ingredient in the! control. The project has a com-! "·' J0m ' l a n d Plutonium for A- 1 -Ijomi buinbs. The project has been harassed · . ,. . , . i.'/ nine separate congressional in- j makes It about one-third larger VC sii 6 ;,iions, probing such things! than the l i a n f o r d . Wash., atomic as alleged l o a f i n g , discrimination I plant, which had been the world's "nrt improper housing. Not one ol. plcle weather station. The $1.2 billion estimated cost!. ..-;-'cieu 'i railers house tiavannah River Hydrogen plant construction workers in hundreds nf parks, like this one at Augusta, Ga. Most of 4(100 available trailers are rented. arc far better than the average Army barracks, are slowly filling up. The j a m m i n g in nearby Au- frusta and Aikcn could soon help fill the barracks completely. Former citizens of Ellenlon are now adjjusting to their new en- v - m , nmcn is ami the citizens of ac |j 0 i,,i n g towns are enjoying new Housing for workers has been a ' major headache. Based on prcvi-! ous experience, AEC and du Print ' signed a contract with private | firms to build barracks and set' up trailer camps, and guaranteed '· pay the difference in rent it \ bifKCEt single construction job. That comparison includes increases in costs. On Schedule Today all but 15 f a m i l i e s have been moved off of the site. At them has resulted in a suKSrcstion to the AEC or du Pont for changes. Any person who is f a m i l i a r with construction jobs can seel evidence of good coordination. cost of $20 million, a b o u t 1..SOO j There is a m i n i m u m of loafing, persons, plus 4,5(10 graves, w i l l j T i t c n t y of signs of ecc my-mind s"'' ed management. All -"-:«*--i cnts and key project persons with their homes and businesses, plus 4,500 graves, w i l l have been completely transplanted to nearby farms and towns., _ ., The small cities ot Ellcnlon anrt includes eicht short-v.avc chan- tcrintend- n are in constant touch throir . an efficient communications s. .cm which they were not filled. Approximately 3000 of the 4500 barracks rooms arc empty. The, trailers are full. However, a fecl-j eral rent boanl ordered trailer! rent cut from $82.50 per month to $60, and rent per week for double barracks rooms cut from $16 to! $10. i Selected For Water j A'n appeal has shown compa-1 rable housing in the area to be; more expensive. The average worker gets more t h a n $100 a week. If the appeal is denied a n d : the barracks stay as empty as! they are, the total bill for s u b s i - j dizing the workers' rent will be $6 M 2,000. However, the barracks, which It's Cherry Picking Time in Arkansas Enjoy the fruits of good government. Pol Adv. paid for by Cherry for Governor Committee. Fayetteville. Ark. Brviltr GrMe "·" paint--*·*»-- Hepein HO MONEY DOWN bW Mwithlr Piyntllts DYKE LUMBER CO. Ml St. chulH WE AHE HOT WATER HEADQUARTERS Fiw tome I* tap, ruaixt water k*e ·Iw.ji he* a ptutWr'i Job. CrasM. Lint Waier Heaieit n MM »d i» ualleel by lictmtti muter flnmkm ... row Manatee «f hex water he*k- ·P keel tmlitd u yewr nee*. Sec «e for ike b«t in niomatie, tcooentcal, irMUc-lrax bM water Mtrice. FAYETTEVILLE Plumbing t Heating Co. 110 H. 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