Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 21, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 21, 1952
Page 10
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, July 21, 1*51 VlfWS THE- HWUK....TO TWr* ENP I H/M5 I.BPT /1W5TON6 v\ \ /· WHAT 'rfo^ A R E WE Jfjlk.HAVING FOP Chira£n-(Sperial)-This tov.'n is alive with rumors and it fines not help the situation to learn that a good m a n y are loft over Irorr tne previous convention. People '.vho have no access to any of the g rumors are forced lo use the old ones or else they Iry b u i l d i n g nev: ones in iheir rooms at night out o.' odds and ends. HUEO, the assistant lo the house detective, rlaim.= I h n t some of t h e old rumors were so gool t h a t the j new models will never heat them. ' Snme of the ne"/ ones are of , shoddy m a l e r i a l and wear nut · quickly, rsperinlly when the pilot j I as to take thnm through a quirk i f u r n and reverse his fic.r'. The! ·.rouble with these hot rod operators and Hut:o was appointed to get rid of ?t least one. There was a rumor being circulated by a laggard elephant v/ho refused to leave the cellar of the Furbelow Arms when the last convention adjourned. Hugo went downstairs In asl: him to pac!; trunk out there, and, in fact, threatened B-iurw* 11 K times it tends to the ov.'ncr a l i t t l e squashy and soft on top, a condition not favored by this? who want a c h a u f f e u r f r r high a l t i t u d e flying. A'.ithorilics are h n v i n q n ii'JIc DAGWOOO SPEAK TO ME DAGWOOD. WHY DON'T YOU ( SPEAK TO ME ? SPEAK TO ME/ AND DONT COME BACK. TONSILS. TILL ;,^XJ'VE COMPLETED VOUP MISSION. LMKEWDOQ BUT WE VESBOl PLENTY GUESSED THE NUnBER OF BUTTONS IN A JflR ON A TELEVISION WE WON A VACATION WITH A CHAUP- FBJQ ANOABIGCAB*JD CUMMER OUTTTTB AND THEREf M3UVE GOTVOUR EQLHPMIT--A RIFLE AND : A MAP/ WfzLL MAVE OUR j EVES ON SOU. '··I refreshed Spc.nn; Lively flavor cools your mouth. - moistens throat. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* THEY SPFAK Of U'g/ YES, AND ITS AWTS AT A PICNIC-- y ABDLJT THE OKJLY IT DOESAJ'T -JAKE i INVESTIGATION AWTS, IT JUST TAKES \ THAT ACCOMPLISHES ONE AMT TO START ) ANYTHING--YOU AN INVESTIGATION.' f I DON'T OVEREAT. VOU SHOULD BE OP CIWLIZATIOW IS ON THE BPIWK C3F CHSASTEP. AMD VDU Sit HEC?E GOOFING OFF.' IW KJST DOWG MV PACT 1O BELIEVE WORLD TENSION.' --Believe K or AW/ THIN VMAT H KHUNt OOtJ OUt; AM*1CAIO ·FWSW W.IO KILLS THE LOC J5T5 .-. AND TH| ANIMAH Of OU? FHIP5. AMD WHO WILL PAY FOg COME, ABDULLAH, SHOW US ALL THESE DEAD AU1MM YOU SPEA.K OF. LET US SEE THEM THE CALENDAR ISLANDS THECEftRE 12 ISLANDS AROUND WMES fl^ MONTHS) 24 ISLANDS AROUND ENGLAND (24 KOUBS) THERE ARE 52 ISLANDS AROUND IRELAND (52 WEEKS) THERE ARE 365 ISLANDS AROUND SCOTUND (365 DWS) IUT IT IS IM»08SI|LI! OUKAKIAL M.MVHTIMTI. SCf AV.NS II FEAST » WATITUDI DKAKt UP IN SUSPICION AND ILL WILL. / SO WHAT? THIS TUB'S V3U WhCB CK3HT 1 BUT HAVE BOUSHT Ay ROD.WATER JUG, LLJMCH sox, REEL. AND AN ELM EXACTLY 4 FEET SQUARE IN THE YARD OP SAM BASHOR of Burlington, Iowa AGED 64 AGEDM .;·:- -..', HftS BEEN FLYING FOR50YEftRS/ :'·:··.'·' A } :·'·-. a* OPTICAL ILLUSION tV RlCHftRD mERRELL fntbrTl .Contl. NUTHIN MUCH THAT 1 CAN SEE...COUPLE FOLKS A 9PPIN' ' ulZZARDO OFGILAMISH.' I THE 5HEIK3 ARE ON THE / L.OOOE AGAIN! /-X ' * * · · · · " ' ' i DOMT WOBRV 'lour CX« DEBTS, 0*ltv MAI. AS LONG AS TUAK'S A C«M -Wf MCVAH "Hert'i my doUar! there In the hills and find four or five straight boxes without any clue as to the owner, it can be a little rough. ' So, to some extent at least, Bob and 1 remedied the situation as beM we coui i One of us would write the patron's last name nn the front of the box with a lead pencil. However, we got some the elephant and srreamed quietly pretty hard looks from some of at him. However the delegate is i 'he patrons for "messing up their still there. boxes," and, on one, we were actually called down. And on some of the boxes, there was no front to write on. · I think that RFD Seven ousht to have a baseball team of its own. True, there is a team made up of players from up and down the creek, that is called "Middle Fork." Why don't they spread out , says Hugo. Elephants are not · mouse, Huso, says that a delegate j a f r a i d of mice . . . only of other ; from C a l i f o r n i a v.-ns hnrlly injured I elephants. the ot^cr ni.qht when his rumor ] --· -* . i n t o n Mono w.Til, .1 trap of ; far'.s, 5r! a Vcnr.ont m a n . i The convertible rum-,r, a low ' .slun« Kb, ran bree/.e a l n n ^ at a i · jrnnrl clip \ v , l h Hie top down e.\' po.nir.^ jt.i ( i r u T r In Ihe p o l i t i c a l Its dannor lies in its po- He insists that he will wait four years and see if his rumor 'won't '·ork in his party's next steeplechase. Hugo says thore is some danger of him getting; mixed up in the next livestock show and rteing so!d for bee/. Even this-does not budge the elephant;'so Hugo has asked him tn makt a noise like , . . . -- . - -a furnace whenever Ihe boss conies I Just a liltlc more and call their Ihrough looking for a mislaid'bot- I lc m "RFD Sfven?" tie of beer. One rumor has-been laid lo rest. R.F.D. Seven By JACK CARLISLE Mrs. W. ... ... , A - Hinkle was telling is t u r n e d i mc an . interesting story the other , , -- - - · - · · " ·".«.. aiumnr. a day about that h.ll behind their iting, and dri-n Pudding mention(;rt " I imm had name like that. It seems used to be a family that to know how it ever got a there lived -- : Ihcre many years ago t h a t was very fond of pudding --any kind of pudding. They must have Ihought that everyone else 'was, ; Ion, for every time they had company--regardless of who or when --they always served them pudding. So their place became known as "Pudding Hill. If folks needed anything to show them the advantages of irrigation, this summer's drouth should have done it. I actually believe that 10 acres of well irrigated land will, in the long run, show a better profit than some of these large, sun-baked farms. Well r have been loafing for over a week now and it seems longer. I kind of miss RFD Seven and. seeing the folks every dav. We have done a lot of running around, a lot of fishing, some vis- certain amount of ·e'll give to get rested up. Ed it us i fussing and griping. But we'l lediately, soon be back and that will givi us a chance Working is always more restful than vacationing. The Courts Chancery Court Lavena Duvall vs. Clay S. Du- And Mrs.' Hinkle also remind- i v *" : decree of divorce to plaintiff, ed me that what I call Dead a ' varc " n S custody of minor chil- Horse Mountain was- originally dren of P arties to plaintiff. g ' 1J Gerald Catanche vs. Margaret Catanche: decree of divorce to known as "Tater Hill." She didn't _.. sa . v whether it was because the people always served "tateVs"''" i P' aintiff That air gun that R o n a l d ; Hughes almost didn't get because we didn't know where to deliver , it. didn't last very long. Ronald · told us a few days later that he I broke it Marriages · Robert E. Martin and Miss Doris ·ven before he ran out! June Sellers, both of St. Louis, of n B's the first time. He also got ' '-ere married July 17 by ihe Rev. a toy pistol, though, t h a t s t i l l ! Tommy'Gibbs. shoots--or did the last time I saw! William Allen Crum of John- Jionald. Although A. Drain foujrht all over the place in the Spanish- got son and Miss Betty May Matthews of Springdale were married July 13 by the Rev. F.. M. Logue. David D. Gay and Miss .Marilyn American War, his records | fouled up in Washington and he! married July 8 by the Rev. H. M.~ never could prove t h a t he was' !*wis. anywhere around. However, now! -- · he tells me they have just about j Rot him straightened out and h e ! will start getting his pension: shortly. I don't t h i n k they pay any back pensions in a case like] : that, though. It looks like they I ' would--if he had it coming. I Howard Barlow Concert. E. w price started to clean out j CBS--7 Horatio Hornblower Ada small pond the other day ana 1 venture; 7:30 Talent Scouts after the bulldozer got started he ABC--6:30 Lone Ranger- 7 decided just to let them build him I Henry Taylor an entirely new pond. It is local-! MBS-7 Concerto Festival; 7:30 his Emerson, both of Springriale were On The Radio New York-(/P)-Listening today: NBC--7 Gordon MacRae; 7:30 cd just down the hill from store, on the Hicks road. Those were nice looking girls,' that visited the Bob Kohn fam- ' ily. They secm rt d to think ..1 was ! a l i t t l e more rugged down here I than it is up around Milwaukee ] where they live. | Crime Does Not Pay. I never realized how many boxes on the route were without names u n t i l I started to teach Bob Lierly where to put the mail. It is q u i t e a bit harder to learn the patrons on a rural route than it is on the city route where the houses have street numbers to guide you. But when you get out Economical Blouse Trio KGRH MONDAY N1OHT 8:00 Dinner Music 6:15 Starlight Time 6:30 News 8:45 Cteark Sports Review 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:15 Gabriel Heatter--M 7:30 Rhythmic Rendezvous 7:45 Lomb«rdo on the Air fl:00 Democratic Convention 8:30 Democratic Convention »:00 Democratic Convention 9:30 Democratic Convention 10:15 Platter Party 10:,10 Platter Party 11:00 Platter Party 11:30 SiKnOtt TUESDAY MOKNINO 5:30 Rise N' Shine .1:50 R.F.D. 1450 «:0fl Rise 'N-' Shine 6:30 Markets and Weather 6:35 N' Shine By Sue Burnett Three a t t r a c t i v e blouses i n ' n n c pattern--and each style requires just one yard of fabric in the smaller sizes! You'll want to sew all three for your skirt wurdrohe Pattern No. 8805 is » s*w-rlte perforated pattern in sizes 12, 14 1«, IS. 20: 40, 42. Size 14, 1 yard of 39-inch for each blouse. For this pattern, send SOe tor F.ACH, in COINS, your name, urt. nross. desired, and the PAT- TEHN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkanm Times, 11*0 Ave. Amcrlraj, N«w York S«, N, Y Basic FASHION for '93 u filled witn Ideas to main your cloth* budiet «o further -- tlm#-iivlni nnd economical (tatrM that art e»iy to »*w. Gin ptntn prtnM into*, n MM. 7:0ti Koffet Kup Ksp«n 7:30 Mo'ning News 7:45 Koffee Kuy Kapen 8:00 Bob Hurleigh 8:15 Morning Devotion 8:30 TIMES Morning Edittoo 8:45 Holsum Gospel Hymru 9:00 Morning Melodies 9:15 Paula Stone Show 9:30 Queen for a Day 10:00 Food lor Thought 12:15 Random Rhythms 10:30 Convention Warmup 11:00 Rhythm Ranch Handj 11:15 Bauckage Comentary 11:25 News 11:30 Church of Christ 11:45 Musical Roundup 11:55 Market Report TUESDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 Jordanaires 12:15 News at Noon 12:30 Chuckwigon Jamboree 12:4J Riders of the Purplt Saf* 1:00 Democratic Convention 1:30 Democratic Convention 2:00 Democratic Convention 2:3n Democratic Convention .1:00 Democratic Convention S:30 Tun* Plck'n Tlmt 4:0t) Tunt Plck'n Tlmi 4:10 Tun* Plck'n Tim* ,1:1X1 Mmy Mailman 5:Jfi Songs of the B-Bar-B 1:41 Wtn Man

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