Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 21, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, July 21, 1952
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PAGES TODAY Read by ovtr 25,000 Daily Jfrrrtjtoest lOCAl FOUCAIT-- r.v»mvlll» mil Titlnily Mrdr eliuny. windy »nd w*rmer tftnifht inn tnmcjrrow Hifh trmpenlure y-l1rr- d«y 31. low 74. noon today w g u n- IIM S II. turiMl 7J«. T(» Public fnfercsf Is Tfc« firtt Concern Of Tnii News paper VOLUME 90, NUMBH 307 Ajtodotod Fran Uotod Wir« FAYETTEVIUE. AIKANSAS, MONDAY EVENING, JULY 21, 1952 Af, King ond NEA Fntum ctwn Ovation For Stevenson As Convention Gets Started 55 EXeC . Ut ' Ve Murry 1*8 Io "Jlampede" The Voters, McMalfl Favors lacked Charges In Campaign Address Additions At _ Little Rock .(/Pi- Hep. Boyd| idleness and precraslinalion in the **"UlllvlU Ml The University Of Illinois Is Session Speaker Most Of Southern Delegations Remain Out Of Demonstration Q Berkley Proves He's Spry Little Rock .(/Pi- Rep. Boyd ' idleness and procrastination in the TVckett today accused Ally Gen. attorney general's office while Ike Murry, one of his four Dem-.'scandal and unbelievable highway ocralic opponents in the race for · l.ioting was carried on in a re.-k- governor, of attempting to "stam- less manner onlv a few feet from pede" the voters. In a Speech at his door." Sherrill, Jefferson County, Taclt- ettt said: Over the weekend f i v e of the Convention Hall. Chicago (/Pi- ! has suddenly resorted to a ; ------ laigcst rail unions in the state ''I feel it important to point out denied a report published in the ' tl'at one candidate in particular I national railway union weekly j ·-uiiviiniuii i-jaii. i^iiicityn IH^I- ; ··"·· j.jwutujj jtauiicu n, a wuu in wayupui, iiiuur, inai la 01 me The EJemocrals opened their 31s! spending orgy and publicity ex- unions favored Governor McM.ith national convention toda gave a roaring ovation tri Adlai Stevenson, the man says he doesn't wnnt the party's presidential nomination. newspaper, labor, t h a t 19 of the Gov. Sidney Mc.Malh, r u n n i n g '. a third term, at a rally held | and travaganza in an attempt to stam- j for a third term. Legislative rep- Gov. | Dl -'de rank and iile voters whom resenialives of two of the unions! -- « »...« i c .,,,, ,. L rt nmj m.-iu j who i '^^has failed to go see. i said they are .supporting Chancel- j al Lake Wedington Saturday alter- ' "He spent half the c a m p a i g n ; lor Francis Cherry for the nomi- noon lold a crowd of about 700 i i period huddling with the chosen ! nation. | persons that he favor:, the estab- I few in Little Rock office build- ! In a weekend statement, Murry ! lishment of a laboratory for rc- Checrs roared un f r r n - Ihc dele pates packed into this bie a-na" i ,'"K a " d ,"° W bursls f " rlh w i l h a ' said no d a ' Splay ° f prmtor " s i n k de- i following the , returned Highway A u d i t ! ordinarily welcoming the podium for -.vh.-it would be a routine speech. It was plain that "Draft Stevenson" sentiment ran strong among I many of the men and women who by next Friday will pick a man to contest \v i t h GOP Nominee Dwipht U. Eisenhower for the | nation's top office. ! The npplausc ran for six min- j Mrs and was calmed f i n a l l y by j a request from Chairman Frank j E. McKinney of the National I Committee for the delegates to restrain t h e i r enthusiasm and l e t , the convention get on w i t h its business. [ Most of the Southern delegates | -- backing Senator Russell o f ! Georgia for the nomination-- re- j maincd in thr-ir seats during the | standing ovation for Stevenson, j Stevenson got another big hand at the end of his speech. The Illinois delegates waved their banners and some of them shouted, ''We want Stevenson." Prospects Uncertain But as the convention sol off to cnvernnr inok ' y ' pnmor s ' n k de-! following t h e Highway A u d i t I University, and also will ask the 1 h ., al . r ,. r,t ordinarily i?J. g "f '° C ° * """' livi " 8 '" Commission investigation because nexl session cf Ihe Arkansas legis- ' "^h" Go O r O i n a n l y (he f o u r corners nf I h n c l n i o : nf n r e c c i i TM nn I n ^ l M - i r l n a l ,v,« m _ i _ , .. B Il,*ni CjO Many Injuries s* Feared; Reports » From Area Slow Town Of Tehachopi May Be Destroyed Help On The Way i.os Angeles-(,p)-At least nine persons died today as California's strongest e a r t h q u a k e in nearly a half-century hit in sparsely-settled mountains norlh of here. Rescue crews trying to reach : the stricken town of Tehachapl ' fought agninst blocked roads and '. downed power lines. Reports fll- lering out of the little mountain community pleaded for doclor» 1 and nurses. i Sheriff's Capt. F. D. Jones in : Bakersficlri, nearest major city to | the quake's center, said: "U looks ; lik« there must be many injuries." Two tunnels, used jointly by the Soulhern Pacific and Sanla Fe railroads wer« blocked by eaveins, search on poultry diseases at t h e j WavTiiMii^intVm^S^S'i^vllT^yn^i^^^iT^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1!c "ddcd thai Ihe filiation on University, and also will ask the ! hi, Vrriva in Chicago for Iho L1,nr- r ' S · ' , r " SC TM' al 1 '" l ' ks fr ° m hls "' aln ln " holcl a f t e r !'he main highway between Bakers . . _ . . . nis a r i u a i in cnicago toi the Dcmoci.itic J\alin!ia Cnmviitinn. At hk i n f t i« Mr* ;I UP L.I«., . ,,. ·_.. t finij anf » ,1*- ^--,,_. ·...._ _ More Highway Work In This Section Also Pledged the four corners of Ihe state. ; of pressure on individual mem- "Tliis follows closely his cstab- ' bcrs of the Pulaski County Grand lished pattern of four years of ,Iurv. . . · - *·" "' "i-»\ 10 i i Dill Ill.-i II tin I IO 11 ,,, ,.. ,, . . ·ago for the Democratic National Convention. At his loft is Mrs. Barkley, and al his ! "eld and "the ' desert" town" of lalure to provide funds Jor con- ! -- . and Mrs. Lawrence Wetherby of K r n l Committee Of County Names Judges, Clerks Party Group Meets At Courthouse To Select Officials Indignant But f , · I l r j. ' eltcville, who re J i l l I iUSpGCt ! on the record the has made during uu LHIC^- mm mic Dallas-fyPj-Two armed men w i t h ' half years in office. Orval Faubus S1..300 in a leather bag were in- o r Huntsville was masler of cere- struction of an animal industry building on the University cam- ' pus. He cited the needs for both. ': He war introduced by former ! Chancellor Lee Seamster of Fay- j cUcvillo, who remarked favorably ! present governor ; ig his three and one ' nignant when police arrested them, monies and the Baker Brothers of sleeping in an automobile at 4 ( St. Paul provided music before the a. m. yesterday. "This is our life savings," one " governor spoke. The speech fnl- , lowed serving of a picnic lunch. . the men said. "Is it against the . Hugh Hardin of Fort Smith made ; lav/ Io save money?" j a short t a l k preceding the mam i "We have these pistols to pro- j portion of the program, speaking I tcct our savings," said the other, j in behalf of the candidacy of Clib j They were a 25-year-old cab ' Barton of Fort Smith for attorney driver and a 19-year-old plumb- [ general. Annual 4*H Camp Under Way At U. A. ' More Than 1,000 To Attend Sessions Through This Week ,. ,. . ,, ,, er's helper, both from Mineral i Meeting at the cour house Sat- , Wells. Texas. Officers planned to irna v afinrnnnn iho H'aehin of mi , .. . * . .· . Effort To Get Out Vote Slated j . Twenty f i v e residents nf Kay- | otlc-viHo, Prairie Grovr. W a l n u t : Grove, Morrow, Lincoln a n d i , S p i i n i i d a i e m e t this morning a t ' the Mt. Inn Dining Ttoom to di.s- ; cuss getting out the vole in Wash- I inglon County J u l y 29 when the preferential Domncralic primary in I Arkansas is held. It was decided in j make every effort In gpl as m a n y : of the 13,000 poll lax payers in | Ihe counly out to vole as is possible. Business houses w i l l lir askcc urday afternoon, Ihe Washington County Democratic Committee an- proved the lists of j'.idges and clerks to serve in the July 29 and August 12 primaries. The lists were presented by a committeeman from each township and in return them to Mineral Wells lo- j day tn face possible charges t h a t their "life savings" were gathered in a Mineral 'Veils a u t o store burglary last Tuesday. The cream of Arkansas f a r m youth arrived here this morning , , .. , ""-" lor the U l s l a n n u a l state 1 - H · ' " .""'P'""' through their advcr- ; and women s clubs and ; every way possible. i The governor said his p l a t f o r m . . .. _. . .. . .. n the present race for nomina- I Club camp. About 1.000 4-H mem- ion as governor is "continued ' bers and 200 adult leaders a n d ! irogresi lor.air the people of the i.county, agtnli-jsgistejjed, Xor..thc i He remarked t h a t "it is j four-day encampment, which is Accident Fatal To H.E. Garner Near Farmington Struck By Falling Tank; Formerly Of Oklahoma City Hcrschel Ernest Garner, 4(1. a rmer in Ihe Farminglcin conl- : Mojavc. which goes through Tehachapi, wax HO bad that ambulances and sheriff's cars were trying an old road through the hills. "We don't know whether we can get through there, cither," he reported. One report to the sheriff's office said "the whole town of Tchschapi is down." Wld«lf Tell , The quake was fell generally | through much of California, from ; San Francisco south to the Mexi- ' can border and inland into ^?e- Vada, Its itrcnjth In thisienrury Is topped only by the San Francisco quake in 1906. But the Long Beach quake of 193 killed more lhan 10H and caused $40,000,000 In damage. And the 1925 Santa Barbara quake killed 11 and caused $10,000,000 loss. Sclsmologltls said only the fact today's shock centered in the a start, the whole prospect as lo i every case were approved by j candidates and platform was i unanimous vole I h i g h l y The sectional j Three · candidates for countv! war over civil rights had threat- j udsc . Richard B. Greer Wil am ' cnc.H lo break out at Ihis opening L . Bush and Rov A Scoll two for session in a scrap over sealing ! c o u n t y collector, l.oyd McConnell rival delegations from Mississip-, and Ralph Tr.ylnr and Clint pi and Texas. But convention lead- j Shook, candidate for county trcas ers put Ihe issue over for al leasl urer, gave short talks to the group 24 hours hy a program shift. i in which they outlined their qual- Then shortly a f t e r the session .. - . got under \vay some convention officials said there seemed to be More Break-Ins Over Weekend easy lo crilicize and say what j being held at the University. A l l f f\ · done, but il is some- i special program for leaders will be i ||jl|| C r CAfTllPr j t h i n g else to assume responsibility '· held simultaneously w i l h Ihe camp I and gel t:,e job done. He referred ! program. | . to criticism by his oppcnents, a nd , ' A p p r o x i m a t e l y 350 club mcm- I said Ihey were even saying he . bers will participate in I'll method ' 1 l-ought loo much dog food for demonslralion contest in various a "red-boned hound , ng g i v e n lo ·' phases of f a r m i n g and h o m e m a k - ; me by the Northwest Arkansas m K . Other club members '-"ill cn- Coon Hunters Association," which . tcr judging contests in hay. can- ificstions for the office which Ihey seek. The committee approved a mo- Nothing Token In Two Coses a good chance the fighl mighl be (ion made by CommiVteeman' 6"j i wcrc broken into over the settled in committee and t h u s ( Kdl of Fayelteville thai two sets" cni - but nothing was taken from ! . kept off the convention f l o o r . , ol judges and clerks be named j« t h " business. ' These officials reported Southern | for Fayetteville Ward 4. Hall said ' Officials al the Lyle-Bryan Mo- \ , h , leaders were "considerably more i there were over 1,000 qualified I t o r Company al 17 East Mountain i ' conciliatory today than Ihey were ( registered voters in the ward. The Street reported to police late Sat- ' .yesterday." two polling places in . Rep. F r a n k l i n D. Roosevelt. Jr., not designated. I he declared "is the first hound dog I ever lo live at the Governor's 1 Mansion--wilh your permission I 1 wanl to keep him there two moie j years." downtown motor firms . R 01( | promises Made week- ; T.,, . , governor remarked that "I nost a n a t i v e son of this and reminded his listeners he is a g r a d u a t e of the Uni- aal- . ty- HJ promised to complete urday that their'oifice'had" been I "' g h w a y - 1 ? which has r «enlly ' ning. and soybeans; ami i d e n t i f i - cation cunlesls in i-ccd, trees, plants, horticulture, and meats. The entire group will gu on Forced To Quit Near Revolution Occurs In Tehran ,i; n ,i i.i. u.,i. A . .L ' ln " 1 io°»y» snocn cenieren in me Ho* oil -1 fmm i -" I JUhtly-populalcd mountains kept reived when a 600-pound jeptlr j Concern was fell at first for tr.nk rolled in on top of him while '·· the l.o» An*el« aquWuct, whkh he.- wns digging a holt to Install II. | passes not far from the damafed Gnrner vim, helping a neighbor., area brlnnlng water from the A. C. Holland on Highway «2 wesl. install Ihe tank. Holland Sierra Nevada to this city of ............................ 2,000.000. But patrols said there said he had iust crawled nut of appeared to he no breaks In the Mg linc - In Los Angeles there wprc no rc P nrts of loss of life, but windows were broken, t " n * fnrm ^ rs blew u p cau »'n* c o m m r n i i v SPVO n .i · « , . ,, · powcr '"'lurM. "1"= street mains ; h rrc broken and 13 Primary elee- le he i I r j M l d r c u i t , wcre knocked ou( . ' h n m C ! M «'" """"T Claud . the pit when the Link fell. He had been using H pick and Garner vas ! shoveling tiic rljrl : many Gni-nor - i o - ' t i in the In w Clly from hart b sey appointed"sT* 'fM»s, Qmt! Company,"is North " S T SlVeeT i ^ ^ USI ^TM **"£% " s ° lh ^ ! p,Td'trip V^iSe' Na'liMaiTri'ciuh Bixby and Thurman Parsons to ! reported lhal someone had broken i JTM, , n * ve " ' h ' rd s j r f a c e d . ' . " . . . into their building and ransacked '-^ f m m Fa .« ll "''»= to Slloam oprjnps. asserted he has agreed to meet with McKinney shortly after today's session lo dicuss n proposed rule charise, Rofisovelt aid he will represent the forces of Averell H a r r i m a n and Sen. Kstes Kefauver. MeKinney said he hopen the matter rould be settled within committee. j the election returns" One Southern leader said if the | The li£t nf jl]dgos anrf dcrks | TwQ Victims Of u r u d y mat ineir onice naa oeen u ~ . , , " ,-J ransacked. Yesterday a f t e r n o o n ; ^ " ^^!^ : ^ '·;««·- ' »"·»"·"·"· idiisatneo.. lesicrnay ancrnoon ,. i;1 . (o t a k e Werlln.tnn = i i . K ! w o r k lor Kir's throughout the .5°^.. = h ;TM" YSS" «?.?: !?^!.. at , elh ;..^ hil « c i d J^ 1 ^ ^ to stlJ^ ^ l Z TM. ^ m % receive an expense- Tehran. Iran-Wi- P r o m I r r ' Ahmod Qa\',( m rc;-it;nod I n n i i j l i t conducted lour M the U n i v e r s i t y '.'iftor violent hour.s-lnnj; r i o t j n c in i campus jinn the g:'fmp w i l l b e , T e h r a n a i i f l othpi cities i^iihKidrH taken tn the U n i v e r M t y c x p c n - i H e pave up, a f t e r two H;iyv, his · ment f a r m v/here leciures and ' ;iltempt to form a government : dPmnnslratJon.s w i l l be Kiven by iplofificd to .vnlvinp Iran's nj] rlpad- membcrs of the U. of A. s t a f f . lock. i The state 4-H Club dress rr- , Before Q^vam qave up nnar- rifted t 4 view on Wednesday night will cli- ; revolulionary violence f l a i e d . w i t h i Funeral' Home by the Rev C W max a y e a r s activities in clothms .Communists strengthening n a t i o n - i Morrison, pastor of in- I m m a n u c i f i l h e r Okl;i.; three sons, E d u . u d , I.eon and Larry of the home: a d.'iijfhtor. Vein:, .Io Ann of the hc-me; an.-J a h a i f - h r o l h e r . Leon :- j towering earth elide, which .the { work lor girls throughout the mnhs. Government select one of t-.vo lists of judges j and clerks which were submitted the oficc. from Lincoln. The nevt n.celing of the com-1 mittce w i l l be at 1 p.m. lo certify! Congress held each November in Chicago. Chi wilh gun shots, tear gap and hay-' . onrlr. fought to keep control. Twenty persons were reported k i l l e d in Ihe r i o t i n g . N'o o f f i c i a l forces, ' Raptisl Church. Bitri?! was in Ihe ; A suite Highway Patrol reported was 25 feet high at onc point: "The whole tnp of s mounuln seems to have .slid off," said one patrolman. The slide occurred near Gorman. This would seem to put the quake on the rambling San Andreas Fault, scene of most of California's severe quakes. San A.idfcas cuts through the moun- y. near Gorman. regisler. proposal lo require an affirmalive statement by the Credentials Committee on the loyaly of seated delegations remains in its present will be pub 1 , tomorrow. Charges Thrown Out . form and applies onlv to Texas ' Wiesbaden ny- L I - - ** M e n i n g i t i s Cured ,, . . ,,, _ Memphis-(/P)-Two East A r k a n - s a s r h l l d r e n ' onc f l n w n h e r e ^ roads in Arkansas" during 'iis two terms as governor, and said l h a t d u r i n g his .service as governor $80000,000 worth of road ronslruclion i has been compleled or slarled. : "which is more t h a n has been done . in Ihe lasl 21) years in Arkansas." Murray Charges Steel Seftlemenf Repudiated PitisburRh-i/Ti-Prescient Philip table Orowers Association meet- i spread, crowds began marching lo- nt:sm,r E n-i,n-l'res.dcnt Philip ing in K.CW \ o r k ( ily. In the s t a t e ; wards the residence of former Pre- V.urray ol the CIO United Stcel- tiactor d r i v i n g route.!,! the winner j mier Mohammed Mossadegh. To-' workers chaigcd lodav that (he ,,, w,l receive a, k i t of too:, -a watch day's fighting broke ou, when a . steel mdurtry repudiated a Ir ke ft or f a r m level goes o tne top con- , crowd of some 2.000 persons tried ' settlemenl which he worked out testant in the soil conservation lo storm the P a r l i a m e n t Tiuiiding. ; with o f f i c i a l s nf Bethlehem Steel tno objectionable. j black market charges against Mrs. Hanging over the convention if ; Kathcrine Reed, wife of an Amert h e threat that some Southern del- ican Air Force colonel. But Ihe rations may walk out if they don't | Michigan-born society matron still like the "civil rights" plank.' A ', faces seven other counts of illegal holt in 1948 cost President Tru-| dealings in currency, gas coupons man 30 electoral vntes of f o u r : and cofcc. i Southern states which gave t h e m : -instead to a Stale's Rights ticket. The convention won't pet around lo chosing its presidential nominee before Friday, at the earliest. Tn the meantime, the delegates are w a i t i n g : 1. For a sign for President Truman as to whom he favors. Z. For some development which would turn sentiment toward one of the candidater now in the field, or possibly to some one not yet mentioned. Kefanver Has Plan Out of the field of candidates 'rom meningitis their home. returned to ' said Sharon 'Ion, · hildren . is Polston ol M i l l i g a n Ridge. Ark., were dis- yestcrday. bidder " and ] ' i from SJ6 c o n t i n u e our road , , n CONTI.NUFD ON PAGE TWO j "Quiet Campaign" For Fuibright Under Way In Chicago .Chicago - (If} - \Vhai polilical I conventions need. Sen. J. William I F u l b r i g h t ( D - A r k ) said today, is jlcss of the carnival spirit. ] "Why all the bands? Why all ! the c a r n i v a l Iricks?" he askert. '· His point, he remarked, is that polilical convenlions are for a very important purpose--to select presidential nominees -- a n d should bo conducted in a serious, businesslike almosphere. "You seldom sec any other inl- there emerged at least one man with a convention strategy plan- Son. Estes Kefaiiver of Tenncsset Winner of most of Ihe Demo- ;eopL^ee CS ,or;;tmr-" rl -' """P *" '" -""-' «· lion, Kofaiivrr appeared ready to ' Ousincss i n (1 r ; i r n i v f l l Mmos- shnot the p n l j t i c a l wnrks on an ' Phere," he siid. rffnrt to wjn 1he nomination hy FulhriRht will ho nnmln.itcri for Ihe fourth ballot. ' ] the Democr.itic presidential r.onii- If his self-propelled hatidwason n «''fn and Arkansas' 22 votes arc Rlalls -- as m»ny in opposing ! P'^^gcd lo him. ramps were predicting it would-- [ The senator said he plans to flit* top runners for No. I plare on ^' r( * no hands or demonslrator?, the ticket seemed to he Vice I'l ;- nn '" P l 'l up banners nor pass out innt Harkley, 74, «nd rrluc- h »llons. Rut he did say he thought liint Ttovernor Slevenson. i " a fluiot campaifin" wonh* ho in As tn 1h* other candidates. Son. [ flrfl °r. He smilingly admitted h* CONTINUKO ON PAGE TWO ml»ht Ixj described as "« quid. judginK contc.-vl. i P u b l i c spciikm,,' contests t a k e the f o r m nf i l l u s t r a t e d le"tui'cs, a dairy u l k f e f t , Innoly tf»pir.s and a regular extemporaneous spe.'ikir.y Lca(iei.»hip l i a i m n j ; w i l l he ol- lered in recre.itinn and in a m u H C .short course. Other special even!* i n c l u d e a p p i o p n a l e \vear for boy. 1 ; and Krace and ^rocmi-.n^ f *r girlr. an e x h i h i i of lecn-Hge l e a d i n g material?, group diseu.sKinns in personality improvement, ar.d uve- mng Cfindle-lightmR ceremony for ' 18-year-old mc·ml)er^, anr! "i::!cnt riiffnified" candidate for t h e nom ination. Fred- Pirkrn?, Arkansas dolctfa- | l i m e " f c « t u n n K a band, c h o r a l tion c h a i r m a n , told Fulhrisht yes- ! * r " u i't and 10 Mrlccicd '..ileni taim- torriay, "You aren't just our f a v - , bcrs - orile son r-andiriate--we w a n t l o ' C l i m a x to Ihe week's program j v . i l lj^ i n s i a l l a t i r i n nf nr-,v .«,t^;e . I o f f i c e r s f t r Ihr rominR year. Merchant Offers Loans To Steel Unionists ! I/rain. O h i n - i J V S .f D u d n l p h . : Loiam jewelry m e r c h a n t , an- n o u n c e d today he would put up $1.000 a week for loans -- w i t h o u t , m t e r e r t -- to s t r i k i n g MeH work- · e r s or men r-mploved in a l l i e d in- duslries. Hiidolph .said he was doing t h i s he-cause s t e c l w o i k c i s had hern f a i t h f u l patrons of stoic Kiirh i n d i v i d u a l w i l l be allowed | Corporation last June 17. Murray I lold the USW'; 170-man Wage| Policy Co.-nmitlcc t h a t President Charles W h i t e of Republic Slcel ! iireviously had urged Ihe slcel rr.mpanies t n accept ^uggcx'.ions made by W h i t e which M u r r a y t h o u g h t could h j v c led to a scttle- The Wagc-Pcihcv Committee was called t o g e t h e r to hear M u r r a y ' s I report cm the SO-day walkout w h i c h has idled more t h a n 1,500,000 and lo give the union i.iiff some g u i d a n c e on f u t u r e .stj.itegy. . Tchachapi. a town of about 3.000 populahon. has onlv ?. Jew stores and its hig;-r! building an old three-story hotel. Fire in the Paioma oil field. about seven miles southwest of Bakersfield, swept storage tanks within moments after the quake, Weber said. There was no reported loss of life there. : : Tehachapi is the sit? of the state rison for women, but Weber said e no reporis from the in' slitution. Emergency calls only were being accepted tn the city. Millions of Californians were r.vakencd by ihe firsl shock, felt here at 2'52 a.m. CST'. Its in- tensitiy here, 120 miles away from Ihe ccnte:. could be guaged by crack- in buildings and ihowcred plaster. gel the n o m i n a t i o n for you.' days after settlem stnke. nt of the J- Poultry Market -- The poulir market today Nine Break Out Of Jail In Kansas City Kansas City - I f i - Nine prisoners including an accused slayer escaped in a daring break from their 12th floor cells in the Jackson County jail in downtown Kan:*;is City carlv today. Pnhce said acetylene torches And Rep. Brooks Hays ( D - A i k ) , who long has plugged F u l b r i g h t | Kcnnclh S. Rates, .mt . , . . . . - r-rlor of the A g r u u l t i r a l K x t c n - sion Service and f n r m c r W.i.shmx- ton County agont, heads the comm i t t e e in ( h o i no uf the camp. Hob. by f;iaysfi-i of Pic... .,11. M;,-,. prci- I idem of Ihe ·)-!! gir:i.|. will preside at the opening SI'.'S.MI. for i h e n o m m a l i o n , urged the Arkansans to " t a l k Kulbright up" aj a man above party bitterness and antagonisms who can compose puny differences K u l b i i g h l ' s name is to be p l a . e-fl in n o m i n a t i o n by Storm Wh.iley. Siloam Springs. The ,12-mcmhrr delegation yes- lerday named a Steering Com- miller, headed by Clyde Brown, Hot Springs, in n d i a n c e F i l l - i Wa-,hinglon-MVPri.,ident Tru. h r i g h l s cause and keep it in - ' man was at his desk a' t h e Whil formed of other convention dt- Home today for the f i r - t lime , vc opmonls. I mr , rc , h;m , w|f . k I n oihor action I,ere yesterdny,. The preMrienl .vprnt i President Back At ; White House Desk W a s h i n g l o n - M V P r i M d c n t Fair Booster Meeting Slated At Oak Grove ! The f i r M c i f a sene.s of W i n g t c i n C o u n t v Fair t meetings w i l l he held Wednesday . ' " K h t at t h e O a k ( J i r . i e eominim". I i l v buildiMi;, we.-t nf S p u n - d a l e ! The r i m n e r n i l ! he M-ivcd hy memheis of the Oak f i i c . v e Home lee of the C h . i m U r nf Cnii.n'.eire w i t h Fied Del/.cll m charge, j., h a n d l i n g a r i a n i j c i n c n l ' . Tickets are a v a i l a b l e at the Chnmlicr of Commeice. M;I ICM]IJ ni reported by the University of Ar- w f r ( 1 Ujotl to rllt through steel kansaj I n s t i t u t e of Science ln "' J °" l "e Uth floor. A jailer Technology and the Dairy and was t ' orl U P' an1 thc prisoners fled Poultry Market Newi Service of '' ow 'n the staiis. ihe U. S. Department of Agrlcul- Th(- accused slayer !. Joseph lure. Nastasio. Jr . 2.V who police Mid · · ' ' h - N'orthvve.'l Arkansas m a r k e t hild fQuedlcd on many persons in sicrs Heady, undertone s l i g h t l y we.ikcr. lnei underworld shortly after his demand good on he.i\v sjj;cs, f a i r ' itrr est last November. j cm lighter weights, o f f e r i n g s i m - Three of Ihe prisoners were r*» m c n c c l on l i g h i sl/es. supply of captured shortly a f t e r the break. he.ivv buds continues .short. P r i c : One of Ihe three, Tony Barcu.s, rs al Ihe f a r m reported up to 2 I", Dayton, Ohio, said two mtn p. m. today; broilers and fryers, · in civilian clothing used the torch- all weights ( 2 ' , lo -i Ibsi 32 to 33,' cs. indicating the eicapcn had mostly ,11! cents. ~ the Rrhup voted to an.inge for Havs of l.lllle HOCK in ypritk foi Aiktms.n in n n y flnm debate (m c i v i l iifrhls. Havs is nc.t a dele- gale tn the convention. Would Bur 8Uck l.lllle Rock-fJ'i-The Arkansas Power and Light Company applied , ... three days *~ la.M v e c k al the A m v \ W a l t e r Tht WtOthtf ,, Peed H o s p i t a l , u n d e i g m n i ' a enes A i k a n s ,- mfeeI l Jn 1 S |rVi"h"i"i' " '"'','' V ' r "' r '"'" 1V '"" n ""' nrim '- '""i" 1 '' 1 ""1 " P"rrh»,e the common M n r k ' o f n^ n i . , , ? ? p l a r u m g t o m o , , , , w ,N',,t mud, c h a n c e In Ihe Swifion Iv.wcr and Light him. He l e f t Ihe ho'.-ii'al .Saturday. Icmpci.iliuci. Cnmp.lnv ' outside help. Barcui wai belnf 1 held on « Dyer act charjt, CMl«Min (M hfnfe Little Rock-(/Pi- SouthwtXtcn Clear te. p a r i l v · Commiiiion todav for peimlssion ' began m a i l i n g refunds "t» 200,000 Arkansas runtonwn puld hill.i larger than tht pan/ was aulhorlied

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