Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 11, 1974 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 11, 1974
Page 5
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·MNnininiiiiinMiniM ,/» Wi ./or OMEN Friday, Oct. 11, 1974 · 5 ii'iiiBiiiniiimsiiiii::!;::^^ Hints From Heloise-Gift From Heart Beats Inflation Penny Wise Food Buys For This Week By MESCAL JOHNSON GOOD BUYS Dear Heloise: Summer is long gone, there's a real nip in the air -- and I am still enjoying "Mother's Day!" My children and grandchildren have the most wonderful a n d unusual way of reinem!ering me that I thought you might pass this on to your many readers. Last Mother's Day they sent me a card with an "IOU" in- Announcements rr .nil jip'jraiii" :!i[r~;!iiiiiiiiniiiiiiiB' : .ii" irjnr IP Veterans of Foreign . Wars, District No. 1. will meet at 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 13, at the ·VFW Hall in Bcnlonvillc. Members of the various posts are requested to he present. Zela Tau Alpha Mother's Club will meet at Y:30 p.m. Monday in the home of Mrs. Gordon Long, 1022 Bonnie Lane. AH members and mothers of Zelas are invited to attend. James S. Chase, chairman of the Department of History at the University of Arkansas, will s p e a k a t t h e Unitarian Fellowship Sunday at 11 a.m. on the subject, "Reforming the Election Process." Dr. Chase is the author of a monograph of the electoral college system in the United States and wi'l use this as the springboard for his lecture. scription to be at my home on certain days to help houseclean one room. I provide the lunch and with much work (ma helping) and much talk and laughter we work just like old times when we all pitched in. With the 'prices today, there are no gifts -- just love and help. And that's what we senior citizens need aand want. And I have the cleanest house in town! One daughter works and she sent the pay for a one-day cleaning woman. My grandson's IOU was for lawn work and cleaning the windows during the summer. I get IOU cards for my birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Easter and Mother's Day. Just remember to let the children decide the date. Do not tell .hem when to come. This is important. I am in heaven baking cookies and pies for my loved ones. My cup runneth over! Grandma A perfectly marvelous idea! In these penny-pinching days, this is the nicest gift. What a thoughtful family you Heloise lovely, have! SPEAKER . . .at reading conference Saturday at Htmtsvitte Elementary School Cafeteria Reading Meet Set HUNTSV1LLE--The N 0 r- thwest Arkansas Council of the International Reading Association -will sponsor a reading conference Saturday at the cafeteria. Registration and coffee will begin at 9 a.m., prior to the first program at 10 p.m. Speakers for the program are Milland H. and Elsie Black, d i r e c t o r of instructional media Calif., for the school Dear Heloise: My idea is an easy way for cutting pizza pies after they are baked. The knife never seems to be sharp enough so I use a pear of scissors. It works great. Ornel Kingsbuiy Fayellevillc Business a n d Professional Women's Club will meet at 6:30 p.m. Monday at Wyatt's Cafeteria. The civic participation committee will be in charge of the program, "woman is in the world." Dear Heloise: While cutting the bottoms off one-gallon plastic milk bottles that the bottoms w o u l d make good picnic plates. They do! I've tried them! deliver a talk entitled, "And with all thy getting.. Mrs. Black, director ol instruction in the Lowell Joint Elementary District of Whittier, Calif., will discuss "organizing for reading instruction." The couple, former residents of this area, will speak at the conference as a part of an effort of the association to provide better direction for the teaching of reading in Northwest Arkansas. POULTRY -- Fryers, eggs, turkeys, chicken hens. PORK -- Hams and picnics, shoulder roasts, sausage, neck- bones. BEEF -- Ground Beef, chuck roasts, round steak. OTHERS --.Milk, cheese, liver, bologna, franks, tuna, frozen fish; flour; canned biscuits. VEGETABLES -- Irish a n d sweet potatoes, cabbage, celery, carrots, onions, corn, dry beans and peas, rice, canned vegetables. FRUITS -- Bananas, apples, pears, grapes, plums, grapefruits, oranges, fruit juices. Retail meat prices continue to shift from week to week, with a downward trend for beef cuts and some increase for pork cuts. Shoppers who make weekly comparisons of the different cuts that serve a single purpose reap immediate benefits from price changes. As for the future, both benefits and sacrifices arc in store for shoppers as a result of industry adjustments to the current cost-price squeeze. STUDY OF MEAT PRICES Meat prices spared last fall, and consumers,' packers, and retailers thought that farmers were getting too much money. Then the farm prices dropped and both consumers and farmers thought that meat processors, wholesalers, and retailers were getting too much money, else prices would drop at retail as much and as quickly as they had at the farm level. Naturally, a study was made. instructional The study, made at the direc- Los Angeles, tion of the Secretary of Agricul- system, will ture, dealt with retail and farm compared to 29 to 30 cents per pound from 1962-1968. The most important reasons for the wider margins between farm and retail were found to be sharp increases in costs o supplies, labor, and other ser vices required by processinj and marketing firms. To sup port this conclusion, the stud) report included a table showinf that in the 10-year period from 1963 to 1973, hourly earnings in creased by 75 per cent f o r workers in meat packing an processing firms and by 80 pe cent for employees in food re tailing. In addition, containe and packaging costs almos doubled; cost of energy an transportation Increased dra matically; and m o r e con venience was provided in reta meats and store locations. RECOMMENDED CHANGES Without sufficient data on profit rates for departments withi food stores, the study panel a eumed that retailers adjuste pricing policies in early 1974 I an attempt to have meat d parbments provide higher pr President 'Clarifies' Oi I Depletion Comment WASHINGTON (AP) -- Pres- :cnt ford's newly "clarified" osftion on a key petroleum tax sue is being cheered by oil:ate forces and denounced by ll-industry critics in Congress. White House Press Secretary Ion Ncssen said Thursday that President, reading the Iran- crlpt of the previous day's ews conference, has decided e had been perhaps "impro- isc in his answer...and wasn't lear as he should have been 1 when questioned about his iews on the oil depletion allowance. A f t e r telling reporters Vednesday that he is "not go ng to quibble" with the House iVays and Means Committee in every detail of its tax revision bill. Ford was asked: "Is i your own view that the oil depl etion allowance s h o u l d be phased out?" He replied: "The answer is yes." They are free tool Bridge News FAYETTEVILLE Tyirtg for first and second places in Sunday afternoon's Duplicate Bridge Club games at the Legion Hut were Doug ·norland and Joe Scott with Mrs. Joe Scott and John Bradley. Third place went to 'Mrs. John Bradley and Mrs. ·Alex Cinder. ' . . . . . . . In Monday night's games Mrs. Norman McCartney and Mrs. George Roller won first place; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Barbee, second place; Leon Marks and Al Witte, third A Daily Reader Dear Heloise: I make those adorable shoulder shawls for my granddaughters, and I hit upon the most helpful way of making the tassels. I .wind the yarn around a :30ok the size of the tassels. Then cut the yarn on end of the hook. The cover of the book I use overlaps the pages in the book. That way there is an open end to slide the shears through. Worked like a top, believe it or not! I really liked to make the tassels after 1 found a slick way to do it. Grandma Johnson place; and Mrs. Scott. Mrs. Ginder and ADULT CENTER Oscar White and Ernie Von- erdmannsdorff were first and second winners at the community party. adult center bridge Other winners were Thelma Stanforlh, Harold Fetter, Earl Thornton and Alma Maillt. . Anyone 50 years of age older is invited to attend the activities of the adult center. For further information call 443-3512. Dear Heloise: My three sons and husband wear terry-like stretch socks but I hale to throw them away when they wear out. So when my two little daughters complained that their pajama pants were too short, I cut the leg parts from those pretty socks and zig-zag stitched the leg part to the hottim of their pajamas. Since then. I have saved all stretch-sock tops and use them for cuffs on girls' blouses, to replace wornout cuffs on sweat shirts and even over my elbows, up under the sleeves of my blouses in cool weather to help keep my arms warm. Anita Smith Future Farmers Grant Degrees Twenty-one members, Including three girls, received Greenland degrees at initiation held last week by the Fayetteville Chapter of Future farmers of America. The new initiates are Billy Ammons, Ricky Ball, Jim Beavers, Jeffrey Bogan, Richy Boger, Billy Boliirger, Joe Bond, Mike Curtsinger, David Dial, Gary Elvins, John Jenkins, Larry Johnson, Mike Jones, Kendall and Steve Keen, David Kolker, Ned Parette, Cindy Jones, Brenda McCoy, Parham and Roy costs of beef and pork along | with reasons for the difference in prices for live animals and retail cuts. The conclusions of the study panel agreed w i t h public opinion in some ways but not in others. The study report included several recommendations for reducing the cost of beef and pork. These recommendations, if implemented, will involve gradual changes at all levels--production, processing, retailing, and consumption. PROFITS EXAMINED The conclusions of the study panel agreed with public opinion in that the difference in the money received by farmers for meat animals and the price consumers paid for retail cuts from these animals (called farm-retail spread) was greater in 1972 and 1973 than in earlier years. The study did not, how- fits than the low margins c 1973. From the assumptlo came one of the many pan recommendations: that retai ers, wholesalers, and packe be encouraged to quickly reflect price changes that occur else cularly at the farm level. Seve rai other recommendations were made for reducing Several other recommenda- where in the system, parti cost of m e a t production and where meat is cut and in what form it will be sold, is discussed in this column. Another, dealing with suggested grade changes will be discussed at ^time. For an estimated saving of 5 cents per pound of retail cost, the study panel suggested the sale of "box beef" in f r o z e n form. Box beef is meat tha has been cut into retail cuts and packaged before it is shipp ed to the retailer. This change in meat-cutting location woul take advantage of the efficiency of assembly line meat-cutting are general rates, and Hesburgh Honored By Episcopalians SEWANEE, Tenn. (AP) The Rev. Theodore Hesburgh Roman Catholic president o the University of Notre Dame has been awarded an honorar doctor of laws degree by th University of the South, oper ed by the Episcopal Church. Father Hesburgh. who deln ed the university's annua lunder's Day address Thurs y, called for worldwide coop ation to aid in such projecl feeding the hungry. "We use three times the fer zer which India needs on ou wns, golf courses and ceme ries," he said. Father Hesburgh, a membe the U.S. amnesty commii on, is a former chairman ( e U.S. civil rights commissio id served on the Rockefelle ommission on world food prol ms. Phyllis Foster. This was followed by the annual barbeque and football game held Saturday at Walker Park. ever, confirm complaint that the widened farm-retail spread resulted from excess profits in meat processing and . retailing firms. On the contrary, the findings relative to meat marketing profits were summarized in this way: "Overall profits in meat packing and retailing have not been excessive relative to all manufacturing industries in the country." They said further that meat processing and retailing profit rates 'for 1972 and 1973 were well 'below profit rates for other industry groups and were below meat processing and retailing profits in other years prior to the 1972-73 period. Yet consumers paid about 38 cents more per pound than farmers received for red meat in 1973, wage rates that partment wage ly lower than retail meat de transporting bone and fat wastt from packer to retailer a n c would utilize packing company back to disposal points. Box beef merchandising wil certainly he resisted by con sumers who still would rathe buy from a butcher than from a prepackeged meat counter OBSTACLES TO CHANGE Frozen beef has also been re sisted by consumers w h o al ready use frozen beef but prefe not to buy it that way. Sti frozen box beef could * a v · meatmoney by removal of a most all packaging from reta stores, extending shelf life, re ducing number of retail delivei ies. and eliminating moi shrinkage and spoilage losses. Eyen against some consume resistance, handling of box ber ·might already be standard pr cedure in some situations ex cept for labor-management o' stacles. This includes the wel grounded fear of retail mea cutters that there would be few er jobs if meat cutting w a moved from retail market! plus labor contract restriction loading and trucks, number of I number of drivers. unload in stops, an Births REGIONAL Medical Center Mr. and Mrs. Norval G. Hancock, of Fayetleville, a daughter, October 7. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Netvland, Springdale, a son, Octoher 7. Mr. and Mrs. Elisha R. T h o m p s o n . Fayetleville, a daughter, October 7. Dear Heloise: I take a plastic lid from the op of a shortening can, cut he inside out, leaving the heavy outside rim. Then I cut a circle of clean muslin or any other thin cloth (sorry, nylon net won't do) PA nches larger than the outside of the lid. I place this on top of the empty shortening can, p l a c e the plastic rim on top of muslin and strain used grease. I label the can and keep it in the refrigerator with a whole plastic lid. Save the cut-out rim For reuse. Be sure to use separate cans for different kinds of grease. Bacon grease is especially good in green beans. Mrs. A. Rollins FALL FUR SHOW Mr. C. H. Baumann of Spivey-Baumann, Dallas and New York, will be in our store Monday, October 14, and Tuesday, October 15, to personally help you make your selection from a beautiful collection of fine furs specialty priced for this event. nmiwraiiiiiiiiiniTM^^ Daily Calendar of Events Tonight Alcoholics Anonymous--Women, Ozark Guidance Center, 7 p.m. SMITH'S Communication 2-Way Radio Tour 2-way radio hcadiTJartcrs tt rftcfrotlc* ttnce tKt 520 N. Col We 443 For Your Prescription Needs See U* QUAKER DRUG 22 E. Center -- 44M2W City Parking Lot In Rear Better Fashions Second Floor Saturday Farmer's Market, Old Post Office Square, 7 a.m. Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. Ol-Anon, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. Springdale Jaycees Country Music Show, Central Jr. High Fieldhouse, 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Springdale Dance Club, American Legino Hut, Spirngdale, 7:30 p.m. Dudes and Dolls, Asbell School Cafetorium, 8 p.m. !l]lllllllll!l]l!lllll]flll!lllllllllM^ Christmas Portrait Special! No Sitting Charge One to Eight Persons 3--8x10 Naturol Color 30x10 Brown Tone Portraits Only $32.95 (Reg. $53.00) Portraits Only $24.95 (Reg. $44.00) Call For Appointment HAL'S STUDIO (Formerly Moncrief Studio) Phone 442-9925 19 N. Block Ave. However, Nessen, acknowl- property to be deducted from ging that the While Houe ot calls from oil-state reprc- nUlives seeking clarification Ford's remarks, said Thursay that "as long as the price " oil continues to be controlled, President believes that elimination of percentage depl- ,ion on domestic oil production taxable income up to * top of 50 per cent of taxable net In- 'ould be a mistake. 1 Nessen added: "The Presi- ent feels oil should be sold on market basis and he many oil producers free links ·ould be glad -to trade per- entage depletion in order to chieve the important result of free market for oil." Rep. Bill Archer, R-Tex., a member of Ways and Means, pplauded Ford's criticism of he committee's bill, which vould gradually get the depl- tion allowance out of the tax aw by 1979. "For the good of he country, this bill is bad and '11 vote against it. I'm pleased he President does not favor he phase out," Archer said. Rep. William J. Green, D_'a., another Ways and Means member and a leader of anti-oil orces seeking to amend the panel's bill in a way that would end the allowance retroactively o Jan. 2, 1974, attacked the President's position. Ford's decision, Green said, 'is an extremely inflationary one, and it's perfectly clear le's taking his marching orders from the oil lobby just like former President Richard Nixon did." Currently, the domestic free market price for oil is $10 to $11 a barrel. That's for new discovered oil not subject to the controlled price of $5.25 per barrel for so-called "old oil." Nessen said Ford backs a free market for oil on grounds it would boost production and prices presumably would come down." The ' depletion allowance, which is estimated to save oilmen between $2 billion and S3 billion a year in federal taxes, currently permits 22 per cent of gross income from petroleum Alpha Chi Alums Meet Northwest Arkansas Alpha Chi Omega Club held a luncheon for area members at 3ella Vista Country Club on Tuesday. The keynote, address wat ;iven by a special guest, Mrj, Hillyer Freeland, District No. 13 alumnae chairman, ol Norman, Okla. Read it Ortodar T3 h THE LIGHT TOUCH BY GARDENHIRES Buy Jewelry From Your Jewelers The People Who Know Jewelry. In our youth, the perfect gift for an 18-year old was a compact. It still is if it has four wheels. Ah, well. The first ten commandments are the hardest. The best way for the American family to know one another is for the TV set to break down. TV: That's where all the littie movies go when they're bad. Latest definition of insomnia: that's what a person has when he lies awake all night for an hour. You won't have insomnia when you buy your watches, diamonds, and jewelry from Garden!) ire's. It's a bad day when we haven't done something for our customers. Gardenhire Jewelry N.E. Corner Square Downtown Fayetteville "People Qafe": How Much Do Ym Know About Hostility? "2Va« or False: Matt peopU fcd there is no exaae for hut- bands aad trives throwing Otingi or jfappinjr eaek other." This week's People Quiz tests your insight into -your own anger. Learn what's true and false about your aggressive behavior and how you might anticipate keeping it, or your spouse's, under control. Especially if you discover you have one "visual thinker" in the house and one "abstract thinker". Wafch oUU Do You Fa'ri? The Strange Way We Groom Ourselves For Failure "ft ie always easier to Mow ·efart jar tome personal Sf appointment or problem nrtw than see tuna oar aim Ttegatitf attitude gmtatteei tke ouur- tauxT This week Allan J. tat, president of the Chicago- based consulting *m Management Organization tac* writes about faitoM. You 1 ! learn how you can torn faitara into success without seeking analysis or signing up for a* expensive success eoune. The answer is simple and yM will find it right in your own home. In Your Copy Of The NorlfratfBt Arkatusi Qfatn Wrangler provides :his smart looking two piece pantsuit, which comes in a burgundy plaid battle jacket and matching pants. Sizes Jacket $14.98 Pants $14.98 5-13 I BUDGET FASHIONS STREET FLOOR

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