Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 19, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 19, 1952
Page 9
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rtOtTHWBT AttANJAS TUNIS, Fayttt*vin«, Arlomot Saturday, July If, 1*51 FARM AND HOME NEWS importance Of Proper Use Of Land Shows .Up During Drouth; Irrigation Expanding NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES NOTIUIt C L A S S I F I E D A D S By Soil Conservation gen-ice Weeks of no rain tnd high tem- peratunfe give good evidence and ·endorsement' to proper land use. Correct or proper land use is the growing of crops best suited to the individual piece of land. The ·Ijtid's individual characteristics must be taken into consider»lion, such as, slope, soil type, depth 01 soil and texture. Ability of land to store water for plants and ability to store fertilizers, along with other minor characteristics a re ·taken into consideration in classing your lands. Much of our lands are classed as paslure or meadow fields for correct land use. ' Breaking these down and taking into account the need of cool and warm weather grasses and legumes for a year-round Northwest Arkansas Farming By John I. Smith .grass program calls for such plants f.s Bermuda grass and Sericea lespedeza which fit into the program on thin land but really give bene- .iits during these dry spells. The farmers who have such pasture plants ind are jiving each good management are keeping their cattle in good condition, and have not suffered as mush as the farmers v/ho do not have some such pas- ·turage /or the dry, hot summers which so often come our way. Many sprinkler irrigation systems have been put to work the ·past few weeks after remaininf Jdle for considerable length of time. Many cooperators with the soil conservation district program hive installed new and complete irrigation tystems during the past ·few weeks. There is no practice which pays so splendidly as irrigation. The farmer who has an abundance of permanent water, ·nther Irom springs or large streams is certainly fortunate, and snould use some system of irrigation along with heavy fertilization, especially on limited acreage for his livestock needs. When there is a reason in land, it is time to Some rains have returned to . Northwest Arkansas, and their re| turn presents some problems, among them hydrocyinic acid poisoning of cattle by Johnson further * ras! ' '"dan grass, and ill other 1 members of the sorghum family. This is also called prussic acid poisoning. This poison is most pronounced Rite: 3 evntr. per wor? iln«;« !·· 'crtion Three comtfcutivi- irm-rUi'B! u-nrm« Put n,,* uAUr *,,, I ' cent! per word Minimum ordrr 42c worms. Cut out webs or spray o r 1 ciuiified »H. cash m ^dvanc.-noi oust with DDT or nrsenate of ui^en over the telephone, lend when they are small. TO whom It may conrern r can no : lonscr be rMpuniltile lor anyonc'i rid'!* cxi-ept my own V i r g i l G 2 YF.AR nld HjH nt icrvirt Amu-Iran Paul M a r i n n n l . Highway JO wr«(. the . - prepare thoroughly unproductive land for early pasture planting of the best varieties suited to the land's needs such as fall sending ci fescue and grazed until a in the sorghum f a m i l y plants during the early stages of their growth or during any flush growing period. It becomes less pronounced as the plants slow down in growth or mature. In normal seasons it ii adviiable to let Sudan grass get up to 18 inches in height before grazing begins. Thi« sudan can then be i " ' fair number send up new shoots. The"better practice ii then to remove the cattle to another field, mow down to an even height, and bring the cattle back only after the new growth has again reached about IB inches. Drouth sorghum (the term sorghum includes Johnson grass and the Sudan grasses) has the reputation of having heavy prussic acid poisoning. This is perhaps wrong, but immediately after rains drouth sorghum b'gins growing very rapidly. We have such a period right now. This rapid growth sorghum is gerous. When the first Agent Advises How To Manage Laying Flock On Hot Days With hot lummer weather In full force, many Washington County flock owners are noticing a marked decrease in production, with *mall eggs and poor shell texture. This i.s particularly true in flocks where bird-s have been in good production for six o r ' seven months, j AsKociate County Apent Lnv/cll T. Lankford pointer! out today that research and study projects; by both college and commercial · institutions have shown t h a t heat is one of the main causes for these problems. At the same time, there is also danger of losing laying hens irom heat prostration. Chicks of all ages begin to suffer most when the temperature reaches 95 degrees. When it reaches 100 degrees all birds are distressed and mortality can be high. To overcome this problem, the flock owner must use practices to help relieve distressed condition of the birds, to make them more comfortable and thus more profitable. Practices which will help relieve the situation are; ( 1 ) ) Increase the number of water containers in the laying house. The higher the temperature the less distance the laying hens will go to drink water. (2) Make all possible arrangements to increase amount of air circulation within the house. This Correctinna and rerun choerfullf FOR 8A|,K-- 1IOMF NERDS made after first insertion No currec- i lions or rurun made after ad Iini i-x- ' pired . NOTICES NOTICE Notice U hTf.'hy f i v r n t h a t tht- un dtrsiRiit'ti has filed w i t h the Drp.-,rt- ' mem of AlrrVnolic HcveruilL- I'nnirol i of the Stale jf Arkansas (or n p e r m i t ' lo sell an'J, d.Epi'i.M' hei-r at retail j on the prcm'ies described us J ' j miles I N o r t h Highway 71, Kayetlevillc. Ark W a s h i n d n n f o u n i y . The unUcrjiuntti .Mates th.i 1 . sl-.e « * citizen of ArKum-a*. uf good iiionu character, that ihe has never been convicted of a Icloiiy or other mm. j Involving moral turpitude: i h a l lie · liccnic to spll hccr by the underuxne;! ' has been revoked within five year., | latt pait; nnd I h n t the unik-rsiKncd hat never ticcn ronvirteci of violminti , the laws ot this mtf.t- or any other f t u t e . iclailvc to the laic of nlcuhohu ilquori. ' Appliciitlon la for permit to be Is-'. sued lor opt ration htfiinn;nK on thr IM day of July. 1BJ2. and to expire un Lhu 3nth diiy of June, 1EI53. ! Gcnevicve J. Morgan SiibKrrlbfd and sworn 'n before me this 18th day o f ^ J i i l y , 1902. Notary Public [SEAL) My Commission expires: March 20 M3J. 13-lt-x NOTICE Or F I L I N G OF PETITION TO QUIET TITLE In Tn« Chanctry Court Of WaihinRten Cftunry, Arkantai , J. TURNER UHOWN and M A R J O R I K ! ANN BROWN, husband an:l wile Ex Partc Nutlet' U hereby given that t h c r r has bLim tiled In niy oilicc as C'lci.. of the Chancery Court of Washington County, Arkaiuas. the Petition I Of J. Turner Brown nnd Mar;or:c I Ann Brown, hiuband and wifi M05KEETO-LITE5 MOSQUITO REPELLENT CANDLES 2 for $1.95 LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. THEN IFOR EOTAT* _Phftne f.31 KOOM l u / u i e . TWO lipritoom homt' initi'»'««i · t t l c fjin. h a r d w o o d (,.'n '.".rn oul Tlnnr f u r n n r r . iv;r*-;t Jur ·:* f»n|t or r a n iuc ifui Hsi }·'» lor a u t o m a t i c u-jjihiiia irm- f a l l 1BH5 or 7C7. I, j-. : ; A v e n u e ha. ! C O N C E R N I N G : G I LOANS vr. HAvr^ Tilt /OLLOWINO noM " GUAJt- " I low · man who tmoktl · pip«." j^fc j I M i l l t i n n a U j s i j u r i mn i r i ; n \ i S H c 6 4 room h.. ' m n n l h l y ! U N K C H N I S H K D 3 nnm U l l l l M e i nil Id |50 On nin : U N n / K N i a H K l J 3 | J3500 m o n t h l y I -- "ll l n l 2I5 n C L_( l f ' l ! l v I'nr SEWING in»chinc» "Scrvi j _ rna km Jj^hn_ Hliodps. pi I BMAT.t. "nindtrn hi*us7 G r e e n l a n d _nn_j;i Mr* .I ;t room n JKI.I.Y KT Tn-Rdir" sett K.h't-lrir rib G. E. Irons . .ind' loL-kcr .M n . Inr i:\vinu mnehliii k u t t h - ppliel i'i ..... 0 5-,«Jl $~iVoO v i h u i , fl\:, o.-j S H 0 3 ' i the Quieting and Confirmation ot titlo in them lo the following-described estate, situated in Washington County. Arkansas to-wit: dan-1 may mean knocking some planks rapid j off the rear walls, opening all f MJbsided the sor 8"um j doors and taking out all windows. stops growth of the main plant. As soon as a few warm days bring new shoots, danger returns. That is another period to guard against. This poisoning kills quickly, hut if i farmer is close by, as'a dairyman might be close to his valuable herd, he might give a v.'hite clover, possibly Ladino on i s l c k a n i m a l an injection of some - ' c o u n 5-our we! or moist lands, and orchard grass with cr White clover o lancK counter-acting chemical. Sodium lnl °suluphate solution is sold ai one such c ° un '"-acting chemical. II l» * very reasonably priced ma- are f r , u a s o n a y prce marl frr, nT W e a t h e r Brazing ! terial, costing only about 50 cents Both r.* r -Jj"i «"""' """"=' grazing i icnai, costing only period from October through June, j to treat an animal. W a r m weather pasture of Bermuda or Sericea lespedoza are irom July through October. Counfy Suffers High Rale Of Foresf Fires Forest fires will cost the people of Washington County thousands of dollars the next fw weeks if precautionary measures are not points oandry closely. taken. Already the number of summer fires in Washington County Is higher than d-urinj any [ sorghums will similar period in recent years ac-| r a i n has ** cording to County Aren't Carl E. ! low these Rose. Fires occurring this time of the year often result in a complete kill "Please remember that fire prevention is my business, your business, and good business," the county agent said. We hear less of this poisoning from year to year. The farmers have learned the points of good husbandry: ( I ) not to turn in too soon oh rapidly growing sorghum (2) not to turn in the cittle while they are too empty or allow them to stay on so long at first, and (3) to. use the n*wer varieties developed by the agronomist for low H C N content. In this last point a new variety of Sudan grass called Piper will undoubtedly be on the market as soon PS enough seed can bo grown. This Sudan is either free or practically free of house*. The fan \yill not neces- ' poison. Due to the rapid growth which now make where of good hus- CABH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Mwtw Scltaei MM FartrttTUl*. ArUnui Joplin RtniJvring Co. It's Time To -- Follow tomato dust or spray j sarily lower the temperature but will increase air circulation. (3) Heduce inside temperature. Unless you have aluminum r o o f - ; ' 1 ing, painting the roof with alumi- ' num or white paint, or sometimes just the use of white wash will I said "' reduce the inside temperature of '" the house as much as 10 degrees. (4) The use of early morning Hjfhts or all-night liphts has helped in most instances lo maintain summer egg production because many of the hens will eat during the night when the temperature i.s cooler. Part of the Southeast quancr of (he Northwest quarter of Scciun Sixteen (16). Township Sixteen (16, North. Ranfir Thirly (30; Weil of the 5;h P. M described aj Jollov.-s: BtBlnninc at a point which lJ 600.00 foot South ot n point which i* 19 chains and 5 linkj West of the Northeast corner ot said iorly acre tract.- thence rur.ninii Soutn BO feet; thence Eiuit two hundred eleven nnd one t e n t h ( 2 i j . l i feer thence North 60 feel: theiicu West two hundred c-levcn and one tenth (211.Ij iett to ihe place of beginning- less and except to much off the West and thereof B.I U now occupied and used as n part of Duncan Street, In the Cily of fayctttville. All 'persons claiming any interest in ··Id lindl or any Jlcn thereon arc hereby notified in appear in said Couri w i t h i n six ( G ) wcpks from the da:e of the first p u u i i c a t i n n of llii.s notice and .show cause, tl there be a n v . the. t i t l e to *aid renl estate hould not be quieted and confirm;-;! in thr petitioners in fee elm pie lor- evcr. exrept ns to the Mortgage on *ajd lands irom (he Petitioner.* to llic ivlllr l l u i l d i n g and Kayctlcviltr. Ark 1st, ]»19 which Thursday - Friday - Saturday LAMP SALE 20°o to 50 n o DISCOUNT FLOOR LAMPS TABLE', LAMPS PIN UP LAMPS Slump Furniture Co. 603 West Dickson. Phone 3112 LOST AND FOUN'I» LOST--Near G r e o n i m d . b l a c k a n tl \\hili* hound dog around June 12 Small *pli! in each tar. Ralph C.lltrlle. Winilow. A l k . NOW r L . ^ _ I ' A H K V I E W a n d l.'mvei inert t. f u r n L r h f it or U l l l l U e i p;iU[ ni'itu- I'HJ IT'S ror!tT . n p n r h n s n l i ·ccnrry li v:i::i1i-r/ul THE OFFICE or m LOAN ( .,,...,.! A N T Y DIVISION Of '"Ik i n A D M I N I S T R A T I O N ' , . , , , ' . "WE HAVE NOW SECEIVTO AU,V ,. THOHITY F R O M OUR CrMTHAU. '"'· OFTlCr. A U T H O R I Z I N G D I R I C f - · LOANS TO BC M A D t ANYWHtUt, · " ' " · IN W A S H I N G T O N COUNTY TM» c r i « - V-TERAN MUST BE ABU -TO-' """i SHOW THAT HE HAI BKN OK-" AIII.F. TO OBTAIN A «-i LOAN m f n t T H R U PRIVATE L E N D I N G SOURCES ""··i" THIH IN :;o WAY CHANGE* THE , STANDARD Or CONSTRUCTION n llBJlimrMlNTS. IN onDER TO :i a l l . Q i l A M I Y FOR A J.OA.V PROP- UM\ : :RTY M I : S T CONTORM SUEI, ,,, STANTIALLY THE SAME CON- ,rkir KT'I.'CTION RF.QUIREMtNTS AS -- · · , · . . · · K'll rilA LOANS A'' nrnC P-'ni"" r S ' STK "·'··"'S «JR MAKING DI' h ""'. -l;. J V._ it:CT LOANS ARK LIMITED. THF. u v c i s i : y a p a r t . ' VA DIRECT LOAN WILL PnOB- r unl-.:rn, A B L Y T A K E LONGER IN M A 1 K K I A I . I 7 . I N G THAN HAi BEEN CI'STOMAIIY IN SECURING CI LOANS THItL' PRIVATE LENDING SuflirtS COR F U R T H E R INFORMATION · · "SEE GEORGE" ~. MCKINNEY AGENCY -? Over_Mcl!roy Bank - Phon« 32fr-" ~ ~ I FQK SALE-- MiaCBI.I.ANEOllg , ROLLAWAY bed. 1 blrdatancl. baby iraU'i, 1 small c n h i n e ' . A f r i e n n vloicta Phono 1533J. (110 Olive. | NEW~crop rye. Borne with vetch. Call ! - :iMM3._F5yj!llcylllc. __ I ULAUIOLUS-- Large beautiful, J l O o ' _ dozen. Phone C38R4. __ _ REviTiE coppc'r-clad ~a7aTniiaB~B7eei : conk ware. 1-cwlj Pro*. C o , Inc SIX "eecae. Phone TO» "nr~l»4iW! SPINET PIANO iiAhCAlN JJflOO WILL handle dc«l. Phoni nr write Credit Department. RODMAN PIANO COMPANY. 39 E. l«th St . Tulsa. OkH. Phnnc 4-H330 or 1-7050. | S INCH electric MW. Blick * DiCktr. GOOD h yara dump I r u r k P h o"^ _28SOJ2 ___ BUSJNKSS liuililinfiiT H i m l i t .ll'r « IU-BII Im anj-thiiiK ani u:a-rc. I'riu SKKVICKH HFFKKKD LAWN miiwini ~Plionc ' i 9 i n j " " a f ! t r ~ 4 _ p in IF" ymi are Oiinklni! or bu'.Ktlni a _hriue. cal! Jh;4JJ tor Iri.t- t:.-.titiu'v IIOUSEWOIIIi" 'urnf iroriiiic " W i l l ' i|.. f m r lulil-: I;;',,-!-,, i,, my hnin-. M r » Wfitl I'hom- r.nTJ: BULLDOZING EXCAVATING Roadi, Ponds, C l e a r i n g OLIN KARNES - ELLIS WILSON 3162W 2619J rtrcoraltd. all modern. CoruMer llvriloi-k or car for (mall equity. ; A f f o r d good income and a property thn', will Incrcaje In valut because BROADHURST COMPANY 10.1! North Collcle Phont JWT . EvtnJns Kay W. Day. phnn* 21MW 1 A "'l»n P«trlr, phone 2IMW1 I SMALL ACREAGE ' FIFTEEN arrc* with fnur-room mod- rrn home. 5.SOO rapacity brotltr hf i' iscs w i t h a u t o m a t i c r(]uipmrn.U- h f . m t i f i t t view, roar p*ved highway,' nnd town, prfffrt (or quick ulc. ·- WADE FIUCHER, Realtor^ I1Y r. Inavinf Hitr. ff laffl 2 h-nhj. itory-and-a-haftV* i r U h b n r h o n d . near campui, r i l i t a n r e «r«dr. Junior tnlK l i t t r b r e a t h . f i r s t .in l a y l i i d hens tl Til) .Qal- ' " ' i I t u a t l __ _ 5C WKSTtlfN" rwcs. in BoodVondiTf^T Make more money on less f e n ) wT^h «liix;ij W. K. Clark, 2 miles on old ------ . _ _ C A R P E N T E R WORK pON« UK. you ,w«nt 11. New or re. hiah ctntrai . l I n n u m heating. 3 iiift rlfmrnUi loul 2,75(1 \vatu. HCA- sonablL. C. H. Chcadlc. phone 20CG. Knr .talr buck. n r will Gnrlnml wnp fo ohnso _Polk. . appears of record in Mortgage Heron! 408 at page f)2.T thereof, of the Deed Records of said County. Witness my hn:n! and ical on thla ' POULTRY JSlh rtay of July, 1952. (SEAL) Hlcharrl B fireer Clerk of Chnnrrry Court 19-^0 Aug. i!-fl'1C-23-' m.oihcr _ Window HEGISTER'BD"jfirBcy ImTf7alf"rom ni.v l?p cow. Dam produced over in p o u n d * m i l k lav I n c l a t i n n hired by V o l u m r e r Noblo Nor man I'ncc. S30.CO J. W. Lee, West Fork, Ark. V' · n U Y~ your" hrr*f · din r. c wr r~vvlillc -mi - save money. Wi LOCATED fl mlli-3 «outh of Ffiyettc- villr. I ' j milrn norlh of We«t Fork 0:1 Mineral Spnntfa road. M o n d a v J u i y 1^1, ]!.«. beginning at 1U -iU a. in C l i f f Brinkworth, owner. Jllle T.irkctt ond Bruce Bond. Auctlon- «rrii. Koonnrd McKce. Clerk. __ USED" automnllc Ruild hot waterTahh. VO Killon S15W Call 1GKS or 707. 203 lln A v r n u e . REUPHOLSTERINGI " REFINISHING! Vour f u r n i t u r e r n n \e i.s h n n d i i n i « · nd better tb;tn tie'· n t t a l n . . » l i u r nur ikilh-d cr.ifnnnaii r;--E'.y|c i t to your own ta»lei. I'll. F n y r l i t v i l l - ;ill.' nr Sprmgdnlr; 24.11 bllm.i(tt u.vcn . tree in your hornr I Paul O. Dyo Son | . S P R I N O n A l . i - - : . A R K ·UW-T1M vanet'Un hllnni "nnd -himl- imm window icreens nm' nwninifi .South Lrrmt. . arringed conveniently for desired. 221 Duchanon. n 1 . ii (WI ... . t h r r r Missouri. M. G. W A R N I N G OMOtH IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF WASHINGTON, COUNTY, ARKANSAS Bcjsiie C. Reccl, Pluinliff Marjaret Wilkie, Charles E. Bilclrr- back and EstHla M Bildcrbavk hU wiff. Etiith Mac llrook.*;, . Jiowty Bildcrback and' Mrs. DcWey BUdcr. Ixick his wife. Francis Robrrt. Fannic Potter. Jessie J. BjJIlnc.-lc.v anrt SUPKHFOR BHOrr.ER ClTlCKS. Chnr. I STr C1HNCILLAS Chick Placements In Area Are Lower Than Last Year Little Rock-(Special)-If placements of broiler chicks continue to serve as a cue to prices 10 to 12 weeks later, the .summer out-it-...,, t i \r , i L-J look continues improved, T. E. in"fi,''coS 0 ^, r h e in W S-'^^S TK. NOW avallabla, limited suppl aualltr Chinchillas. HcRlslcrcd N C. U A visitors welcome. rcc 11 tern tare ^t^iit^Cllydc Timhrook. SIS Uunter! DOGS--CATS--PETS ~TM w pup- lfifl«. 'J'he nefenrJnnt Ma Charlc.t E. llilr'rrh.itk BiJdcrbark his v.-ifr K i Dewey Blldcrback an.. Bilderback his wife. Frai rotter. JC.MIC J. Ainiust Estcp. and Mrs his wife, -saret Wilkie. i and E-strlla M. i Ih MJL- Hrotiki. [ i. Dewcy i Roberts, i AKC rcKiitrrrd Curkcr Spaniel _pica. Mr.r_ Bob Slout. Phone hnH_ji^[ntVr pups. Ph'ohiT^iiaV. SALfN-A UTOMOTn*E_ CMC p i c k u p " "Henter~"ovi TIIUJS Pncn MM). Hce E l m u s Atkinson, economist for the Agricultural Extension Service, said today. Reports of the Crop Reporting Service indicate t h a t weekly placements in Northwest Ar- compliiint of t h e in tno .ibnvr r n t i ' k ' f l c n u ^ c . Witness my h a n d ami seal of this Court I h i K rirrl riny nf J u l y 105'' R i c h a r d H '(Jrccr Chancery Clerk rlnad IJur- - .W roiin"plrkup. $H5 TrrmT'iflTo Jorrt tttluxv panel t r u c k , $385 Phone ll'^-L-2 South?! Couii'.ry _ U u b Rond. 1 K A R M A U . " " C M r r ~ ! r f l ( - t o r w i t h 12" plow, miiwrr and E p n t i r t o o t h f i e l d r. _Phitnt-_160fiWI n.l'houj.c trallt-r on fiflxSS lot. .1 ruonu, plus ahnwcr. Gn. lli;h!s r.nd tL'lephont-. Plenty built inn. lot bin, guort eraii. picket tunced, vory 7~"PO OT ~ Scirvii 17~ M ayttig wuhTr,~ 4 b u r n r r gnu rmngf. Kiuiiell Smith, FLOU R (iH-ruicr ."rom p joVe"" w M h'"~t h erm. oAtat. ifood condition See at in 14 M i l l itroH, Kprintfilaltt. Neil Baker. _ Phone J73B. ^ IMANOS, *jf]!iOO, JIM 00, JMSOO. New kf-yn. new tunlriK, very jood 12 foot Si-rvcl, two door r c f r l g e r a l u r . Phono K^9W. Term* on trade. Hnrlnirthilft _ l)tinnr_44nn. 12 " I J K A D DiiBoraTKon'tA. K cnn of Kikin*. G. S. Smith. Route l Hlkirw. Ark. In. . - B56. 201) FOOT. 2 tT-TrTTil^ Rcnsnnnble. Phone 224JI1. Gabc _ . Phnnt I01C RAINBOW TKOUT toid rtiliy. Pl]0nc Sprlngrtalc .1Z01. Ozark Trout firm, nenr Johnion. "NOBILITY tllver?" Cull KLIZAEKT11 JANES !92 EVENINGS SPECIAL AM. mctnl lawn chain. Ji 13. whilr tin y lait. Open evenlngi until 9.00 M i l l n n Broi. Dfiv«-ln Furniture Kir schedule in Washington County. | kansas throughout June were Remove the entire air cleaner; lower than for the same period: from the tractor and clean it. last year. This cut placements in | Northwest Arkansas to two and sources of three-fourths per cent HELI* WAN'TED--MAtE W A N T man or hoy to"" riTlivcf "the m o r n i n c Gazette Good p a y , l i t tic j WILL K'U equity In fjooil 'clean Chev- c ' __ L nl( ;l Pj£kitp Phnnc J54W. - ' "llnVgoln~507^W __ ! NICE -51 i'Tymuuth. ntL-r. thoroughly. Utilize available water, such as itreams, to irrigate crops. Horizontal centrifugal pumps or other pump types such propeller type may be as the used. Use Sabodilla for iquash bugs Watch treei; and first appearance of I'ho ^·12GR. for the first 27 weeks of this year. Supplies of broilers in local areas seem to have considerable N O T I C E Reserve hospital plan pays cash benefits for' Hospital room Operating room Anasthesia -- X-Rays Medicine -- hypodermics Laboratory service Blood transfusion Doctor surgery fee Lump sum for child birth Oxygen and iron lung Surgical dressings Ambulance expense First aid for minor injuries influence on prices lo growrrs, Atkinson pointed out. During tho time of the severs price slump, shrubs for I Arkansas broilers were selling at fall web-1 2 to 4 rents under prices in the Delmarva arei. Recently the Arkansas price has been 2 to 3 cents above that area. A comparison of chick placements in the two areas shows that Ai- kansas broiler chick placements i __ _ PAINftilf \vnntcd~"tn paint ap house. Take pay in rent. 71 Slrcct. rtrr HELI* WANTED--FEMALE MIDDLE aged \ for woman in home. li«ht ho apply Box 251! knrisns. nmsfl ns companion xcclle-nt litaltli. .Nice sework. jiood waRei, Prairie Grove, Ar- i PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phont 666. - 208 NfJrth Block i WAITRKSS--A p p~i y HefliiT's Caf« ! ^_Jiuinh^SdKK)l S t re e t. SALESMEN WANTED -TM A ^§. f !25 T _ A !^ v OFFERKD DRIVING to California Can t n k c I' or .T. ;;hnr help drive. I'honc 2H about July 20 penses and IDEAL MATTRE55 CO, Quality ntw rriattrcit and mattr«fti renovating. Phone 3036 401 WUt OICKSON P I A N O Very And now Doctors' calls at home or offic*. Reserve has never raised rates on any person enrolled In the plan. For information, call it 205 Ozark Bldg, or phone 1787 PUT NEW LIFE... IN YOUR OLD CAR! *^#4 GENUINE FORD* REBUILT ENGINE ABSHIER-BRYAN "Your friendly ford 4eler" than dropped relatively more Dclmarva placements. Placements in major commercial areas since April 19 have boon lower than d u r i n g the sam° period in 19.S], he stated. The last week or two placements have shown some increase over the previous week, inciitvitms t h a t Arkansas may h.ivc reached the low point of the year in plnccmenls D I S T R I B U T O R A HUSINKSS of y o u r o w n . No i n v e s t - ' r^'^in'' n i r n t rcqinr.-d. C^ .\p; ( r old A A A - 1 ' - . - _ i m a n u f a c t u r e r of m / t i n i c n a n u E coat-1 G O R G K O I J S inns (iL'iilca man t.-vcr 35 for pro- Drive out · · - ' Visilnrn w .tpricht. new keys. M f ,[ :«o(j. Elcnrolux 12 inm H'.III. Ca-sh. ttrinjs or stit t e r r i l o r y con.iisting Faynttcv Ev: _ rirciiiil" Iris" in K c n h n v r elcome a n y t i plant. Hi of Hewers proipcrt. Ai-Iu-i credit on mail orders. Liberal rom* nilSBions p;ild wcr-klv pm* up 10 S-,000 yearly in extra boniiAcv Sj!- urrtav Kvcnini; Toil. X;ii-on.,l T : ; - f l c M.u;;;/;nc ;md IJircrt Mini A r i v r r - tu;:nK produce ni.iny miiu;i n-x i h a l re-Mill j i t i!nit]«(li;i:if liuiini-."; J ' r . i ' n i"K by iiel'l nnr.j«i r r-,r H-. j.:, ! T'hnnc S T V;.nrtiTi" .1 ' l i n t r l . Fnrt Smith, on J u l y 21*!. 2;r.d However, last year's placenienl^' o r "·'' ;rd -·'"'' ""- j " [ ' ; '·' " - . remained relatively low i h r o u f i h - j s'^J N r i V lnr '" ;i " u i : l i '"' out late August nnd September i bloom. Gnrdcns. Now in S y 7] 2 ille, Htuscllvi 1 '?!' _milc« cnut.* .. m i f a c t u r c r . .'.l- j FIRESTO.VE outboard 7 5U F nvitof and Mulnrtif buildlim U a ! Will ^11 lor one-half of cied l "" 17 hnura _Pln)iH! "AJ. COMPI."KTK~"m 1 ihn"q«ny~7ri.Trn"B ict D u n c a n P h v f c foul t\2b .Sell for _ S l f t n C ' a l l 1.M1J nivf-r* THOn W i i e h i n s n i a r h m r . TWO modern, two bedroom f u r n i s h e d n p a r t m e n u . Private bath, f l n t floor A u t n m m i c mi-bate dUponal u n i t . Heodix wa»her. Near U n i v e n t t y . Vc- n » - t i n n blind* Bllli paid. $70 m o n t h N o ^ d o e s . Phone 190. Event Camp- A J' A K TMENT, f u r n U h e d 3'roornjTPr f- _vulf h h t h . Phone 29ABR3 JJKSIKABLE "room ind "locat'lorT Tor _i"m_PJipne_29W. 2 itOOM f u r n U h e d (amie apiirtnicnt. i N / 1 ' K rfiorr.a~fu^nUhYd"foVn.i!rr.liiirt oil r a m p u i . 212 Norih Du; «n __ Phone_J_I_MW. N I C K 5 room ~houM~lPbiockV"frnin 1 BURNISHED 3 room. "b«!h;~"one n i i i u t n l i h e d 3 roon«, b a t h . Eot-h p n v n t R _Phone 914. 4'HOOM iinfiirnlil T --·^·^·F- HP mm ^ J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phon« 24, Wejt Fotk D work ""l'n~'i. h u n d v _ . _ r:. wp*himrn EXCAVATING -""BULLDOZING Land clearing-- saving loll. Ilenvy duty discing. Brujh rake -- ponds. · . · H. H. JONES, Contractor ' .' 5.17 K l.aHj-cllr. lloj !1 . . Unlveriitx Slntion rnyrllrvlllf " Phone roOTlNGS-w · t « r. jr.ii and dftchM. icptlo tank hofe* C *nd Uck filling call SIM Davis ifiiiiK «r,cj FARMS AHOANCHES 'OR Northweit ArkftniM' h«t let ui j »how you our fJioict freup of lUt- j itigs rnvcrmf ill *izc farnui ind UTLEY COMPANY, INC. IIKAI.TVRK LENDERS 1NSURQRS CM 11 J J. f y e s t t 2203, Re* 89S IT. ;._ - t'«' i yJ.»3. Ren. 1H7 | ATOP MblfNT'SEQUdYAH ' \ T H H F E hrdtnom bung-alow with I i m; m B t r i g o anrl I n u n r f r y . Th · n n : ( p I r n n in lorct »nd totj[ prifr ' fat (inly S4.*A{00. IT" '· ASSEMUI.Y D J t t V E . V ! LOVELY two bedroom homi with i!-" | inchprt suragff. Only (lv« ycuri old. M t u M l r d m l«rm lot In tnia covet* rii Nurtlj.'tut lection. Buy It tht rtiry w«! AJUiimn F. H. A.-C. L Lei Us Show You Phont 713 HAMMOND REAITY CO. Evi Phnne 11 O. Hammond in J A. Jarvli lilOW RlESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL on U. S. Highway 71 83*20(1 WITH fair 3 room modurn"honju , lot* nt t i n t treei. ]u*t ouUlde ol | K n M l e v l l l f Ideal (or m»ny buJB i 1.4-Mc.i. A good buy nt 17.000. |2,OIJ l rtnwn »nd (SO ptr month. *' Ufley Company, Inc. JIJEALVOKS I.RNDEHS msunoM Call H. I.. U'lcj;, ZM1. *·:,. 'W7 -- i$iT5praJif E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G :$500.00 DOWN ASSUME lojin with low monthly pay. m*r.uj KKi-eiient Jocitlon on (fifh- way -15 cait. Half »cre level lot. Nenrly nc\v modern home on city wairr tinr Thii U » 91,500.00 fj- · i c t f o n in it won't Ult long. Gravel, Fill Dirf, Top Soil 0. M. P A T T 0 N Phont 249 _ NICE 2 niricl _Sprln|t Phon« 2330J furnShrd~11inar7rnent ^H N o r t h Schr.ol " ' " MAT1RE55 R E N O V A T I N G Cotton Matlrettei lititlt Into Guiirunteed Inrtcrijinngi Hollywood BrfiM M;id? To Order ON« DAY 8KnVICt-PIiO.\E 2774 Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. . 120 South Kail lit QUICK SKRVlClT" 3N watchci, clnrki, ipcclaclc a .1 d Jcwtlry rep.iirmj KARI/» WATCH KMOP With Rrrwer's Cltanr ra. I',, E Center ir you «r« eiifibii for a GI loin. Nicu thrte twdroom home in Wllton- nimn Addition, modern m tvefv tirtHll. Urge level lot. W« Mid ov nf !hc?r yeitcrdny and the?* 1« oajf THRE BEDROOMS i THE belt thrci Tnie nnrh .tylc on larfd'oik ihad- cd h,:. Fireplace, central boat, pM bedroom buy In towi. ak ·plnr. : . central , Moit nttriclivc Injldc Mt4 FOR FSTAT* homiv jipacr _J. H_ Shar NKW" 5 r «otn' n room »nd gara litiK- chU'kcf-; O n l y South Wooil Stri irJcrn iiouic, u U l l t y t Ctr.f ncro ground ' Phone 2*33 slop in;o a p r o l i t n l . l r liiiMiioi l his own in F n y t t t c v l l l c or North- w.cst Wdihingion County No cnpi- tal needed. Buy on c r e d i t I'fiy aa you irll V. J. nmledge. Arkaniaj. AverpBuiii jialei over $17:i weekly t h i s year. Write R H W l t . g h s . Dent. Tcnn. Also thr number nf PJTRS in incubation on J u n e 1 was 45 prr cent j less t h a n on .Tune 1 of last yen Atkinson pointed out. WEEKLYlROILER REVIEW HLIILII FHA 1IOME LOANS TM. , , . . . . Low interest, lone termj The wr-pkly rpvl»w of spmal- UTLE v Awr, c n M ^ A M V IH.T izcti broiler markots as icportocl i Ujtr A J j" TM, Y| ' ' by the University of A r k a n s a s In- j ~~^-~- ^^ij^/j.^ n n n r nj.nun.r^^^ u ^.. stitutc of Seionce and TechnoloRy Rr.siNFSS OPPORTIINITV and the Dairy and Poultry Mark-t B I ' h l N K S S OPPORTUNITY news Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Northwest Area: This market was firm during the onlir* week, and rinsed f i r m on Thursday, July 17. Offfrinss were light at nil points, and Inrlutied only liRht weights. Truck demand ronlimicvl good, hut dem«nd hy prnrmums wns only fair. Tradinc was light during the week, nnd prices at the j close were two cents to one c e n t ' __ Ji.rjH.'i NKW :, piii- t-i^v On Alr.f, Ij,.:. inu: _ Plmnc K f J R rr;ih :r[iplr-(. p! G O O I " u ^ » i l f L i i t t . m FXTHA Kiii.rt" ;i-ro int. I ' h y / e A t ) n «i qu;.r: c 11391.2. r l ^ O r Itor , a ' " hotn uond '. l a r i - WATKINS "Pri,Iiir'ti (i rily ..lo.i'. K.TVlrc. W n t r IJolph M r r e d i l h no _'·. K a y f t t e v i l l e ""BE INDEPENDENT!!" nl f i n a n c i a l «nc- n h f J \^-r- Ai- ·up. with the price mostly one cent hither. Bitesvillf.Fiord «re«: This market held fnwMlly itsudy d u r i n g he. entlrt w««k, with offerings ind tr»dln| both ll»ht. The clone on July 17 w»« Heady. Demand held »oxl during th« week. «nd prlcet wcrt unchanged. T A K K Hill j t t r p low fc« nnd Indcpfiirl - f n by KOrnc X.W.M mm u l m I In in ihf* r u t urc und nro ri"^' n t u i B tlicir o w n W c i l n r n A n I ·nriiite nifirct ri-Unlcru ,( n\i(t ii!if«. rndlo*. f l f r t r . r n l niipi i H i - j i - l r * . por''iii! ('ft'irM. ctr c x p r r i c n i T r.'.l r i f j u n t d We you In fij(irr«MK,vp rncrrh.-irirliiin inMhrKl.-. - f h - v r i n p i v ! I l i r i n i K l i 43 r a r LOCATIONS H v a t l i t h l n r r q u i r l n n l i M l o n\ Sl!f'j'jni 1,'ifn' jiv.iU- «t In lowr.j» u n i l r r iSOrto ponuU li*,n Cn.NT ACT or w r i t e for comnlf (r WRSTFRN A l H O SUPPLY CO. H 1. rtoj'.nrih. 4107 K i n k e d AVI- l Smith, A r k . I'nonc 2«f. r. n/i'i in;ici ctiAt v..«i}, take A l u m i n u m o x l p i i n r over Iramr-. 2 h u t a n c I m l t l r j . ilnll) f i r m whrrin 4 - w h r p l cU'i.-nK' i.r;,kc.i Hlnnrle birch i n t c r i n r and h j r t . n - j r p ( Kni'l' ilrapei. ( u r l a l i i ^ brri^ ! i l a t r n p n n in l i v i t i c . ' / T n . - u p - ' hrifirrU. h.i;;,M |iiinP!-r^v l i f j i ' i r ami j land:, I'lcr-lr.c watiT-hc;i'cr t r i g l - ' d.iirt China l n v . - r l - i r v ;inl t n l l n »op. ! a r n l r (rntd J n n e r a n n n j : m a t - i Irr-m in I,i-f1rnuni (:nll Mf.-.I-T; 1 j GARDEN NEEDS Peat Moss (or mulching Green-Thumb wQ..hoble glovoi Rose Food Bone Meal Insecticides LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. ronm r.'i Sing- 'lUK't Ctaipio P h u n * - . "f DOl'P.I.K rni,"in' ;md 1 'sinalc "room _ ] v.-iih ,r w i t h o u t k i t c h e n privilege} nm. l-.rgr j _J T _WpAt nirkarm.^Phfinf Jft.VIW .'· fii An {/AHAOK a p a r t m e n t . 32l"~W. Center and p i n t ' ___ Phnnr 2^raW , . r i J K N I S H F . n " ~ o r 'unlilf'nfThfd^-lsfjf' i ^ (1 "r Tonin i n a r f m r n l s fled Hud ·r "r".uigc j ,^; : ,', r ',""''* nU( "' W h i t h a m . Pht^rie ' fiF.imnoMg'Meiii'ricar' by ftZi'lov- r r r i : I I T I J . tr.-iiler. . pii _ w i ' h p n v f t t e h « t h Phone J133W. TWO n room «partm*nts.'*niceiy*fur(v ishrrl C e n t r a l l y lor* t e d , p r i v a l e h;ith. hill* pud Phone 1H57M i ' H H ' A T K » p a r t m r f i t " l i k e Arnall'hnTiiT. c ' l r . i n Ad u I ii prf f t r r r d price rea- _ MniH*.!f Phone itoaw FIi'HNI.SIlF.h a p a r i r n r n t ~ Bills ~pild N r . i r »f(u;ir* . Phone 79BJ. I./MK.K hrrlroiim above ·tvcr.ige'/nfar "I'Tirr Phone 738J . out Prior reduced for quick M A N Y othtn in choow from. ~ THE RITTER AGENCY 16 K Ctnler J*hon« U33-- 1511 ~ WTRY FARM L °'"' WE httve-juit lUl.d thU well equipped. well Inceted poultry farm only a few numitei drive from the iquar«. 3 b:oiler houin complftriy equipped. cipt-clty approxtmttely 8.000. t.ompie!ciy m o d e r n 3-btdrnom houic. tmal! Darn faragc. excel left! water mpniy *O acrei food UM prlcerl at SI0.51000 ; UTLEY COMPANY, INC- REALTORS LENDERS Cr.ll J J. Pytm 2203. Ht. _ H _. Utlpj- 22(13. RM 1807 fi ro h P h u n e .169 _ rl'iM- to irlif.ol and rn« f i n e 109 W. _ 4 t h !*-.rct I n n i n n - n c x i dour r a i t A l ' A H T M K N T - r W . well" i*iifnljhed. t i i - i d n r i i Aluo ttcdrooriii (H.r- lilnrk o f _ U n l v « r j 1 1 y J i l t Uf.-rk 4 n c » O M f u r n i l h r d ' f i j M r t r n r n t l" hlnrk ( r - i n i c a n i p u i . s ' u d r n t cruinle n r r I c r r c d Phnne B21 __ H K A I , nlrp f u r n !Th~e"ii "ipiirtnif ni v.i!d haih Cpitair* To ronplf i.r two girl* MM KHTIIC H c f r r p r n c r x ^ h n i i v v i i Mr*. Cy Ctrncy Phone l I N F U r i N L S H r i ) - TIT^~TI« U n i v p r i H y Phrinr .';».'(] boWNKTAIHH u n l u m n h M 4 room flpitriimnt mill paid. Urn- ·lix i«rvlf-» U n i v m i l y iparlm-jnUi Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified )i rectory R A C H E 5 SALE OR TRADE -i 200- 14,000 ACRES k'onsai, Arkaniai, Miuouri, Oklahoma, T«xa THE BROADHURST CO. 1031 North Collage. Phont 2487 AUTOMATIC APFLIAMCI C A Btlltr Plict to Bur _, BBAUTY S'lOTS Cnmplclo U i a u t y S I T \ ' I C . M'lillilnlll I'm.nit JM| 'Joi.VAim.s i i K A i r r v SM"I'.I : ". Wll W M f f j j t l o w I'hftnt. 31^3 | r l i l n c l r s * J.'l.,«. rnM v.Tivc 13 00 . _ I70.n.( SMAI.I. t p a r l i u e n ! Ontaide e n i r a n I'l.ont j:i».W ' p r l v a t t bath. 4 ronm f u r n i R h e d rtnartmt Unlvirally PhoM JM1W. ·ortl lc«. I Vivian Cretin. 7: yeara». I'honr 7M-.I.JIK N tnal M'ri J " W MrOcl.rt Snrnoer Coraclltie 117 idiiiili llniv»rnj Ii HOMK 200 * Yean of S«rvlt« 20,000,000- Pollcyholdtra 20% , Savlngi "·* M U T U A L FIRE AND AUTCT INSURANCI ' "Savlnji for prtftfrMl O«t iht f r v l c » on wfi wah and , rtrylnn N o r t h 71. nt.r Meccj Rel- I'hon* i»i. The Ritter Agency

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