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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 19, 1952
Page 7
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Yankees Trim Chisox, 6-3; Dodgers Belt Pirates, 6-2 Ulh * 6l *« ^ In Showdown Series Finland Opens Olympic Games With Traditional Pageantry Palmer Holdj B| « Fcr ·**» lcad Lead In Canadian Open; Ford Second Br JACK HAND Aufciitlel Preu Sports Writer Cj.ey- S.tengel got the horse liugh with his spring training bo»st: "I've got the best outfield in the league." Cleveland rushed up to lodge an objection, pointing to its Dale Mitchell - Larry noby - H a r r y Simpson trio. Yankee f a n s wondered if Stengel had forgotten Joe DJMajgio had retired. F.ven Stengel weakened and traded two of his outfield crop--Jackie Jensen and Archie Wilson--with pitcher Spec Shea to Washington to get outfield help from Irv Noren. But the averages show old Ca:e was nrelfy close to the truth with his first'claim sbhut the class of his NP.W York Yankee outfield. Woodling. .335, is second i in thp American League. Mickey Mantle, tsi.1, is a surging fifth. Hank Bauer, .302. is No. 10 in the league's top 10 hitlers. Jensei. the big one that got away, H seventh at .309. German Wins Again Bauer's three-run homer and Wnodllng's two-run blast gave the Yanks enough power for a fi-3 win over Chicago yesterday, although Chuck Stobbs and Howie .T'idson held the chamns to six His. Tom Gomnn, called un from Kansas C'ty p.-irly t h i s w^ck. won his second sarne w i t h relief help from .Tohnnv Sain. Helsinki - (/P) - The gigantic 15th Olympic gimes opened todav before a sellout crowd of 70,000 with Soviet Ruisli liking pirt for the fir»t time. Seventy nations paraded 5,87^0 athletes and Z.OOO official! in a fantastic splash of color around the red brick running trick and onto the emerald green turf of Helsinki's modernistic atldium. The games were proclaimed open by Juho K. PiMlkivi, president of the Finnlih republic, and the Olympic torch atop the stadium's slender 240-foot tower burst into flame--kindled by fire relayed across Europe from sacred Mount Olympui in Greece. Thus the stage was set for a i dramatic .sports rivalry between I Russia and the United States. U. I S. athletes (up to now) have dominated the garnet since the founding at Athens in 1896. Hire Rltirest Teanu The two great powers have the biggest teams--334 American athletes and nearly 400 Russian. Each is represented in the 17 Olympic sports, except for field hockey. In Twin-City TowMy SPORTS "JOtTHWBT ARKANSAS TIMES, Foy.rltville, Arkanwn, SoturHoy, July 19, 1952 Martin Retiring As Boxing Champ Of American League New York - IR'\ - One - round Billy M a r t i n says he's hanging up The parade of athletes around : t f c t bare kn "^lcs. The New York : the running track to take up posi- ""«« f(1 TM" d baseman, a wiry Boston b'astcd Cleveland's Lou j tions in so | id masfr .,. of ,.,,(,,,! ,,__ | 158-pounder. is r e t i r i n g ns Ihe un- r !ssie. making his first start in I n i n ( j t n 6 j r j| ags ' wss s c c o m _ | defeated middleweight champion crowd, high as rvives A hi-; r r o j d of late tnttlM WJJ expectpri tod.iy as tht deidlme !··:·: q i K ' h f v i n g approached in th« a n n u a l T w i n - C i t y Amateur Golf By The Associated I'reo. Clialtannnga and A t l a n t a , keep, company t o n ' g h t In the f i r - 1 of J T o u r n a m e n t . Fifty-three u-ere re- three heavy riatPs, hut the qit to- i'rurdH on the e n t r y III! late y«- gelhers won't he Ir.xe feasts I "rdov · hich Insured at lens! Inslead. they will be t r y i n g ii '"" r "'si"'. tear themselves n p a i l and s e t t l e ! -'101 Sh-[ner h the low qualifier the question over who takr: i h e , * ( 1 ' " r ' i the tourney, having fired .lohnny Palmer has stirred up his j lead In the Southern Awoclatlon ! ·'· *"M par 70 earlier in the baseball race. j week. A large number of golfen The teams a i e locked ju»t as I recorded scores in the 70's and a l i g h t toriH.v in a tie for first a s ! r r n l 'cramhle u-as In prospect for they u-ere t h r e e davs ago. Since i * n * championship Winnipeg. Man. - U1 - Fird-hot own bi.iiul of a heat w n v r going into the I m a l round of t h e 115.000 C a n a d i a n Open Coif C h a m p i o n ship u-ith a M a z i n g Ifl under par , then Iliry have matched victories: first rnund matches are llated riglil stroke lead over ln · enrnplete standoff ; for .Sunday, J u l y 20, with the set for the following, week. over Y.. his Last n i a n t C h n l t a n o n g a defeat- j '''·*'' cd Nashville. 10-3. and A t l a n t a : won (mm Birmingham. 3-2. Third wr: place Mew Orleans slipped again H"'d n n d fell two games hack after a r1lp ^ d r u b b i n g by Memphis. An- nreg of silver are found, almost Invariably associ- l l h them. Doug Ford, Harrison. nPai'PM r i v n ] Touring l l i c tough St. Charles Coif and C o u n t r y Cluh course w i t h a s i x - u n r l e r - p a r rtfl lo go u-ith his opening rounds of «fl-H5. the other former first' place t'l-nrr. Mo- : Noi «hlte, not wneat. not rytt n n d i n . N. C. pro a m a s w l i h p hlle. lost to L i t t l e nock. 12-fi ' out i flavor blend of ill thr*»-- ihrce hiittest consecutive munri. · D u r i n g the first two i n n i n c - In ''"'«''» Honwn Meal HreM. in Ihe .13-year history of the l o u r - ; L i t t l e Hock, the Trav. . p n t IB i 11-lt-tf namcnt. | m en lo hat. scored e i g h t limes and I "' ' ' ' ' r " ' " ~ *==· Palmer, showing s u r e - f i r e p u t - . got seven hits. Norm Larkcr horn- t i n g , carries a blistpriiij; M-hole j ercd for Mobile t o t a l of 117 into today's hid f o r ; thp $3.000 first pri?P. ! Ford was in second place with a 5-1-hole tolal of 20,1 on rounds of fifl-tlfl-67, chopping I I strokes off par. hl n d 1*)» Yank-s. Desnite Martv Marion's desperate use of 22 olayers. one short of t'-e league re-oH. his St. Louis .Browns lo r t to Washington. *-.l. on a 15-hit attack that included three sincles bv Jensen. Art Houtteman fnanned a nine- r-jr»" losinn streak ss Detroit edj- H Phi!arfHr,hia. 7-1. with the r-Plp of Walt Drono's fourth inn- h*' horr" run. TWnre the game, f-cv had an official weigh-in for 1'ttle Bohhv P'-s-ntz. the A's ace. Fp weired 1391', and stood 5- f«r,«-«i-, 'r- v es. II"! K'MiTht 10.000 Finnmarks (S28) on the black market for their peats. Dark blue predominated, there was a splash of green Australia and South Africa, red for Canada, and pale blue and white for the Finnish team. The Russians wore white suits with red ties--and the Americans had blue jackets, white trousers, white rans. nf the American League -- unless , somebody throws a punch at h i m . ; In a way it's a shame. This sudden ending of the fistic career Trans-Miss Denver - (/I'l - Charlev COP. the Avery Mrunt'agc l a l i n v c ) of " --Chicago, veteran Olvrnpic Garn'.'s , , , , .., | enthusiast was elected president . JufllOf L«fllOn Nlfll Id j of t!io Inlernnlionrl OSynipir ' i Committee, w i l l If ihe top a u t h o r Piir Of Tuneup GIIMS - f n r i fight. But then the acute shorlage two-time champion ·-' '--" -' ' ball olayers who can pi; makes it necessary lo conserve Ihe supply. "Casey Slencel told mr if thp Yankees wanted a fig'nt?r they i would have hired Rocky M a i c l - frorn Oklahoma, and uvo hot-shooting Texans paced thp way into today's 1ft- h ole q u a r t e r f i n a l s of the Trans- Mississippi Coif Tournament. Coo, badly off form, wobbled through 20 holes befor' ity in the 15th Olympiad opening Saturday in Helsinki. (AP Wire- photo). The parade-followed the a l p h a - i S l a r l i u m r i u ? m ] l betical order in Finnish, except ' M " r t l n '" kfs l i l l l r i " ridri '" hi " that Greece, as always came first i ha " p " k ' lBht!i W l l h Jlm Ptf TM M and Finland last as the home t e a m ' ' allrl Clint C n u r t " p v L TM« »R n ^ Trealdent Opens decided he wanted to be t . bal ThnC , Olympic Brooklyn eonHnued to belt t h e . . H -fio-KH's weaMin^ b e a t i n * ' '* - ,,,,; Paasikivi spoke the s'mple words. I "' "»'"« ,%. ISth ,.°'7f T« Tx i " a " rt Swedish homing i ".'fTM^,rcled un as artillerv out! !± ,' h( S ' ad ' um hoome1 9 21 -* un ' followed the rig- ! P I ». v "-nt" » filler, protocol. President r t r a m n i (imp. The Pirates made t'-ree nrrors and gave the Dodders aiothrr run on a hal't bv Boh Friend, suffrrine his 14th loss. A fine relief iob bv Joe Black in fie riim^saved an eighth win for Bil- j ,,.,,, ,,,, )nrch ^ ^ mm/ _ he'win boosted the Dodger^ 1 !J* wh , irt [TM"* tA choirs wni the over the KP«. YorV r'=ni" ' °'' moic Hymn comoosed for the ""'"'.'ll.LT.}^ £TM**: occasion by .laakko Linjama. The Archbishop Llmari Salomies pro- ' ****· Or * in Particular, nounced the benediction, and Hoikki Savolainen. veteran f i n . nish horseman, took the oath on behalf of the world's athletes: "We swear that we will take who were rained out in Chicago after ho'ding a 3-0 lead at the end of three inninqs. The Brooks' marTin now is 6 ? came*. Riliy Johnson's first Ifl!i2 homer vas a bases-loaded smash off Max Surkont in St. Ln'jis' 7-2 romn over the Boston Braves. Harrv Brecheen. winnine his fifth with a six-hmor. didn't ,illo\v a hit after the r ourth. The Philai-lr.hia Phillies hlew a f our-nm Irad and came hack v i f h Jhrre in the n i n t h to ton Cincinnati, 7-5. Russ Mcver snuffed f i t t h e Feds '- t'-- n i n t h to save a I f o u r t h win '- : m Konstsnty ! t l m i n t r a c k a n d f ^ l d -- t h e ren- Wrd Phil r ;t'.-'-cr. Frank Miller ^ n ' n ,J P "7 s t^how en^ln^snlemn ! " BUt '' ve '"' "" rFSn '' ah "'" J After TW Out ceremonies in the same stadium ' n a d ,, m , , , ' ~ All Phil scores in the n i n t h j on Sund «-- Au *' lft , ?· i came after two were out. w i t h ! Actually competition nas hern : , , h H , |( ,. singes by ninch hitter Fmokey «°' n « TM a ' " ,",- ^ s j* tha11 ' .' memorv. Piersall and M a r t i n en- Ennta drivin, \ ^^; ?_°[ b ^ TM«J«TM .^.-.v., cagfd ,,, ,, 1)( , ncn Jnrh , vi , 1(! ,,,,,,, j ano." said M a r t i n in the Yankee ; ypptcrdny from Jop Lynrh, l i t t l r | i known Denver amatrur. Lynch blsxv a four foot pud and Con mil- ' *H in hi^ five-footer In end thr mairh. Cnp was right n\-rr ]ar on t t i f t ' f i . 7 1 1 yard par 70 Lakou-ood Country Cluh courpr. Car is matrhrrl nc-'iinst Duke Carry nf Jlpnvrr whr won his third str.-ticht 1!) hole match from Herb D u r h a m nf D.-ilhis. Buster Rord nf S.inccr, Tcxa?. r ^ p ' i " . i t n f j c ' - D o l i n ^ Ui(i h n t l P p l g o l f in the tournament w i t h a 3 nnd 2 '.. i n-.-'r I.-PW North, Denvrr. K°rri CQCS ncainst Bill Parkrr. IS, Tulsn. Okla.. caddio, \vhn was three over par in w i n n i n c 2 and 1 from R. A. Jennincs of I.uhhnck, Texas. Kd Hopkins nf Ahllenn, Tt»xa5. 194R r u n n c r u p for thp n a t i o n a l rollrclalp rhnmpionship, s h o t The Fa.rettrvillf .Junior Leu inn has?hall tenm was arhwhilert to mpft « jttrr»n« Tul.M, Okln., l.pflon -··-=· ' learn t h i s fifttrrnonn «t thf County *. I A I i ^ fl ' r t ~ (rriUMl '- ·" '"·"'· *? **° tunc- r\6Qr And \ "P H"m#n for th* NorthwMt Din- j trict I^tflon tourney h«r* n*xt W . C^ P rt w^ck. The Ramp p t a r t p Mt 2.HO. I GT, JO r O r Sunrifly a f l r r n n n n the F n y p t t f - villi* loam will piny Rprryvill*= at thp Fair Ground?, . s t a i t i n c at 2:30, Bprryvjllc and F n y e t t r v i l l f f arc two nf thr Pipht t r n m p f»ntprrri in the district plimin.'itinns. "Surr. I had lots of f i u h t s . when I was a kid in Berkeley. Calif.," he said. "Funny thing, I never rosily wanted to ficht. But if somebody does something to you. you've cot to fifht. I never was in any Golden Gloves or anything like that." It may surprise you. as it did me. to learn t h a t Marlin had a few bnuts in his minor league was a Stadium Miami, Okla. - i/I'i - M i a m i liur- ler .lim Owens had a n o - h i t t e r In t h i s pnint last n i g h t in a Cla*.-; D KOiM J,ensue «amr with Independence, K;;n.: N i n t h i n n i n g , (wo m e n n u t a n d Hvn s t r i k e s on I h p h a t t e r . Burning Nests Best Control Wcbworms welnvnrmj n r r i n d k i n j V. '.i-,hinjir-n WATIJEDAT EVINIKQ 11:00 Lombards on th« Air H:!S Stirllght Time field. O u t f i e l d e r B o b Manly, s t i n i n l n g for a shoeslnng catch, . slipped and H man on base with a Thru it happened. .Mm Snyders I w n i k ,rnoted homo, helled Ihe next pilch i n t o right- M i a m i won fl-l. preview of his Yankee scrap with Courtney. "I was playing with Phnenix in 1947." he paid. ""Courtney w a K | three under par for 13 holes playing with Bishee. the Yankee I subduing Skid Pirlle of Denver 6 lets Bernard who dumped -Jimmy Vickers of Wichita, Kan., the National Collegiate champion from the University of Oklahoma. Four Ride At High Speed In Car Which Is Brought Safely To Halt After Blowout part in the Olympic Games in fair i arm ,'" hc IMBIIC. This was he- j «nd s. Hopkins competition, respecting the reeu: mf ' helonxirf to the Yankees. Woody of Denver lations which sovern t»em and , " Courtn "' rnughod up our man- with the desire to participate in ! aRor ' A r k v BI W S ' al swnnrt h a w the true spirit of sportsmanship I s r" kori h l m a n d hl ' ok '' his a ''m. f or t n p R n n n r ,,( ollr r n u n ( r v an ^ I And we \vere fiehtins for the for the glor v -' r-ort " 'pennant. Clint and I tangled, but Ends Aufint .'( '"morrow starts the compeli- good. I hated to f i g h t him a g a i n , because we're friends. He's a Rood ! KIIV. always hustling. Collum Medalist In Camden Golf Tourney i soccer, football and field hockey, | simply because the fields in those soorts were too unwieldy to h a n - { die in the period of the games. : This is the smallest city in i which the games have over been Burgers and Del home the runs. Both t*e Yanks nnd Indians were hard un for nitchinjt after their exhaustive five-fame series in the stifling heat. The Yanks gambled and won with a rookie, i " ul " "" : i» l n r nmens ai me Ct»v[iind had to take a chance I 5L" rt ' " ?" " P^nt'Jation of 4nn,- Pnrp-njjjinpp,. Forri f r ; c ] ' vt ,_ ! '·''' ' r "m abroad and Finns from toed Cleveland plans to use Sam 1h 'J 1rov 'n«s. .Tones at Boston. The Indians had ; 7. hp ma , m s1 ^"TM is virtually transferred Jones to the roster o f ' s n M Ollt f n r t h e flfM d B V S nf their Indianapolis f n r m c 1 n h I lrack H n d flel(l - » n(1 " Mr «P»city . Thursday to mnke room for first " rnwf " ; ar « expected for most of baseman Bill Glvnn He was re- "^ nthlr f P° rl!i - particularly swimming and soccer. r.Htlf Mo In Finals was recalled after the "paper" deal and .scheduled to work last nieht.' Frick ruled he can't he used un- t ; l 1:1.1 n. m.. EST today. As the Indians-Red Sox gam- is scheduled fop 1:00 p. m., EST, he can't start. BOWL FOR HEALTH Bemnn Rowling Lanes--Adv. | ern States Tournament with a vic- " -- - - I lory over Lois Felix, Meriden. Advertlw In the TIMES--II pan.' Conn. Cnmdcn. Ark - I/I 1 ) - Match piny in the f i f l h a n n u a l Ouachita Valley A m n f p u r Golf Tournament pot under way this morninc at fie Camden Country Ciub with right matches in the championship this sprinc at Fenway Park. They ! slight. · ; i wound up under the stands w i t h [ Paul Collum of El Dorado won ' Martin's right hand punch pro- medalist honors yesterday In the . vailinc. until they hroke it up. I q u a l i f y i n g rounds w t i h a par 72 : ' Last Saturday, Courtney of Ihp ' over thp Ifi holp course. St. Louis Browns kicked a double Pro Ai R a y f o i d and a m a t e u r : plav hall otit of Martin's hand and ! Tommy GnuRhan of Camtien \von · the pro-am competition w h i c h ' preceded ihc qualifying rounds. Tim C'amrip.n duo shot a fin to dp- feat three other tpams in ;i piny- ' off. Runners up wpre pro Charlpv isom and Cy Speck of Lit'.lp Hrir-k: pro Pat Livingston and Dane l ! n i Springs, and pio A. day. when Courtney attempted to steal second, M a r t i n planted thp ball in Clint's mouth. As Martin trotted toward (lie dugout. Courtney started a f t p r him. M a r t i n wheeled and deposited two whistling rights on the i '· 4.". O-ni-y Sr«rt« 7:00 Twenty 7:30 BASEBALL St. Louis Cirdlnd Bojton Bravei fi:.10 Ike Murrf 9:00 BASEBALL 10:15 Dance Orch. 10:30 Dance Orch. 10:M Newa 11:00 Dance Orch, 11:30 Sim Off F'sli their t Cfiur.ty enlirriy w i t h i n tde;.- n-stt, ·.. ::i., tie damage to ihe tree. Counu Agent Carl E. Rose said today but, are conspicuous and tiii- l!»ht]y. Th» fall wehworm Is a yeliow- Ith or |re«nl«h «ray caterpillar with f a i n t stripes r u n n i n g lenjrth- vl»f. It Is covered w i t h Ion? w h i t i s h hairs. lYrrimmon and hickory are f a i o n l " hosts. lut wehwoims arc commonly seen on w a l n u t , elm, maple, oak. redhud. ornamental crab apples, cherries and other shade trrrs The web in which i h c r;iior- plllar lives is rather densely woven, o f f e r i n g s u b s t a n t i a l protection acainsl Inclrment w e a t h e r and various rnrrnies. Furtiier- more, a dense, h a i r y coat protect.', the caterpillars a(aln»t many in- sect-eatln» birds. The nest, located toward the tips of the brunches, offers considerable protection from insecticides. Furthermore larse f a l l webworms »ire quite resistant to poisonlnj with ersenlcals. i |«M Sicrrt .,,_. ., The most prnciicnl method of! 10:1S TIMES MornlBf control. Rose said, Is to cut out or j Edition burn the nest made by the cater- i 10:30 Voice of Prophurr itlllars. If this Is done while the nesis arc small, little damane Is done in the treta. A pol« pruner l« a chcup *l)d,, tfflcient tool for nilling nut amall webworm netts. A practical method of Insectlcl- dal control Is to dust or spi with DDT or arsenate of lead, SUNDAT 7:00 freedom Story 7:10 Music for Sunday 1:00 Church of CItflil 1:30 r.yetttvlll, Raptisl fl:45 Central Baptiit Church ·00 Nazarcnt Chuic 1 - B:l« Music for Sunday ^ 9:30 Central Christian ChudT On The Radio New York - (/Hi - Tonight: NRC - «:30 Dorumentary: 7 j Jane Ace; ft Ohio River .famhoree: K:30 Ornnd Ole Opry: n Tin Pan · Valley: fl:3n Pasln Street Tunes. CnS - 6:,10 C,un Smoke. 7 Broadway's My Beat; 7:30 Tni7.«n; 0 Gang Busters; fl:30 Waxworks; ·:.10 Dance Variety. ARC - 7 Dancing 1'ariy. 3 Hour of Music. MBS - 7 Twenty Questions; 7:.1(l Theater of Air; 8:30 ouy I/mhardo; 9 Chicago Theater Concert. 1 1:00 Flrat Baptist Chunk -~ ·UNDAT AfTBftNMM 11:00 Newt with Vin 11:19 Plwio PortralU 12:0 IHaw Tlpi and Show 1:0* BASEBALL Cleveland Indian! VI. Boston Red Sox J:30 Convention Show CMC "-" 3:00 Grenn Hornet 3:30 Under ArreV 4:mi The Shadow _4:30 True Detective MyiUrMi 5:00 Sunday Down South 5:30 Nick Cirttr t:65 Cecil Brown HIJNOA* WtOHT I:C5 Mfrt Your Confrtw · ·30 News 6:4D Christian Selene* Rrownie catcher in full view of the customers who recently yawned through the Kay Hohinson- .lopy Maxim fight in the same Philadelphia, Pa..-yr!-Maureen' park. Findlcy and Monroe, La. Johnny Meyers of Connolly. San Diefro, Cailf.. ihe U. s. and Wimbledon champion, advanced to tht finals of the about IOS million tons of coal to Women's Pennsylvania and F,ast- produce electricity. i · ' ! New York England. Boston Cleveland Washington Chicago r;iil.i St. Louis Detroit Friday's Results How They Stand Vote for LLOYD McCONNELL for TAX COLLECTOR I hovt dsvoted teverol yean to building o better tax tyjtem for Woihinglon County with mapi, oiturete dticriptioni and proper names. Knowing that it wain't neceuory for you la Hand in lint for hours waiting fa pay your taxei, I perfected o niw kind of tax receipt and titabllihtd thut rectipti in th* Colleelor't office. (Then art the new printtd rtceiptt yaw havt been receiving for th« pent two er t(ir«t ytar»). I am thoroughly trainta 1 and qualified far Ihii work, and I will fa« grateful for your lupport. Dtnwcratic Primary Au|utt 12th, 1952. TMi Polllkil A4T*rtlMiMiil p«U fer IT __t-l»r«1MeC«ni«ell, Kwif In 19M the United States used ; In the earlv days of Scotland there wen 1 people called : "sin-eaters" vhn would t a k n upon themselves by means of food and d r i n k the sins of deceased persons. : B.v The Associated Pre« AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pel .. . 53 3.1 37 39 39 42 ·i2 .VI 57 Mayor Powell M. Ilhea. a l o n g ! safe" lires. and the demonstration w i t h Fred r.nll. Firestone t i r e was held lo prove the safety of the new lires. It was pretty convincing proof, as wos another exhibition of driving over nails. When the tire hlew out the car swerved only slightly t h · · straightened out and was b r o u g h t to a h a l t without incident. Taken off the car, the lire showed a large hole where the purposely weak section had gone out ns planned w h i l e the m a c h i n e was MttioMMnw. . MMI1MI KttCTIR Mtt MftiTMinKXrlND BWUTOM jntwMTt of mtmt. SFRVICF.S tl» MI*M*N I. roiHII Z«IM Mtnaxtr ··· 4tt ftttnt , Ark. CHICK SPECIAL 8c Mch MtAVt MtXRl ARKANSAS Irtikr Httchtry NVw York fl C'.^icago 3 Boston 9 C'loielanii 2 Octroi! 2 P h i l a d e l p h i a 1 Washington S St. Louis 5 ! Brook K M ' N'e-.v Yi-rk St. Louis Philadelphia Boston . .. Cincmnnati . .. Pntshtirirh Friday's Results . St. Louis 7 Bo' Brooklyn ft j Phil;idelplii;i 7 (.'infinna! . New York at Chicago, postponed | r n i n , SOt'THERN ASSOf'IATION Chaltanooita _ . A t l a n t a New Orleans Mohile .. .. Naihville . ... Birmingham . Memphis' LMlf nnck . FrMi.r'a RrsulH Memphis I I . Ne I.lttle Rock 12. Mobile « Thattanonia in, N m h v i i J AtUnu J, Blrminihaa a sales mnn,-igpr of Memphis, Tcnn., W a l l y I n a n l l s of Hadio Station K O n H and K i r k Male, Manager ' - · · . - ' · · - · ' - ; ( · , : - 'icr' - . Thur:^lay afteinoon rorlp fiO rnilc-^ an hour .. . ,'· i il.',·:·;- l-im Road ,n a car \vith a t i r e which blew out w h i l p t h e ,li;!'irrnhi v. f.s mo- inij .'.t thp high rule of speed, untoward happened, nnd o"ks, m a n a g e r of the mp Slore here, which spnn- the e x h i b i t i o n , was pretty proud. The l i r e which blew out w a s : Mayor nhea, Incnlls one of the ne\v Firestone "blowout ' (Puska Timesfnto). Sunday Forums: MBS 10:30 a. . Reviewing Stand: iNBC 11 Viewpoint USA: NBC 12:30 p. m. Chlca«o Rnundtahte. Sunday other: NBC - 1:30 Rvmphonic Adventure: 3:30 M a r t i n K a n »: 4:30 W h i t e h a l l 1212: s.nn First N'g'itpr; fi:30 Promenade Concert; 7 7:00 Hawaii C«llt ' 7:30 Methodist Church . ' 8:30 Democratic Convention Review 1:00 Top Ten 9:19 Top Tm 9:30 Top T«n 9:45 Univerfltjr Hour r u s h i n g down the roadv.-ay. in the picture above the passengers e x a m i n e the lire which out. Left to r i g h t are Be'l, anri Hale. son Music Itoom; 7.30 Best Plays CBS - B «. m. Keyboard Concert; 10.35 I n v i t a t i o n to Learning: 1:30 p. m. On a Sunday Afternoon; 4 Godfrey Recording'; S-.10 Syncopation; 5:30 Doris D,iv; 7 Frankle Fontaine; a Meet M i l l i e ; B:30 Inner Sanctum ABC - 10 a. m. Fine A i t s Quartet: 1-30 p. m. Sundav Serenade: 4 C h a i a u q u a Symphony; .1.30 Mere Come Band; 1 Stop" the Music; »:15 Melody Highway. MBS - 1 .10 Dixie Four Quartet; _______ j 3 Green Hornet; 4 The Shadow; 5 " i Sgt. Preston of Yukon; « Peter Williomi Salem; 7 H a w a i i Calls; (I Opera Concert; fl This Is F.urope's Music. MBS Game of nay Network -- t2:S5 Cleveland at Unctivn. 10 00 News Will- 1 OM5 Political Plctur* 10;30 Sign Off · WOME.M EVER (jt't in 1 OuK GAME OM or ni-ihiM I^,IAK.IK pANC'N AN TH- rn-Ht o ,-_;. * DRUM MONDAY 3:30 Rise N' Shine S.50 RFD 1450 (1:00 Rise N' Shine 1:30 Market Report ind «:3S Rise i-f Shine «:45 Slock Talk Tims 7.00 Koffee Kup Kip 7:30 Morning News 7.iS Koffee Kup Kapen 8:00 Robert Hurleifh-- M 5:15 Morninf Devotion 1:30 TIMES Morninf tdlthw 8:45 Holsum Gospel HTHMUJ Mornlnj Mtlodlea 9.15 Paula Stone Show 8:30 Queen for a Day 10:00 Food for Thought ! 10.15 Random Rhytlrr.i : 10:30 Democratic Conventlwi i 11:00 Rhythm Ranch tUnd* i 11:1.1 Bnurkife Commmury I 11:25 News I 11:30 Church of Chri* { 11:49 Musical Roundup 1 11:55 Market Report I HONftAT ArTONOOM ' I 12 00 Jordanalrea { 12-15 Newi it Noon I 12:30 Chuckwifon Jimbottn I 11:45 Hldrn of Ihe Purple 8*4 1:00 BASEBALL | Hall of rime Game 2:45 Democratic ConvcnUt* .1:00 Swinj Sesskm 3:30 Tune Plekln 1 Tlm« 4 00 Tune Tlckll TUM 4:30 Tune Pick 1 * r " 5:00 Merry M»UmM I:W Jack Hod

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