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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 19, 1952
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2^---NCMTTMWtiT AMUMUS mm, toy****!*.. Art.tMi. Saturday, July 12, 19JI Church News Students Study Lutheran Hour Plans for 20th Season Jubbulpore, India. The journalism. German Study Group Completes Session Germany-IEPSl-The Study As- toclation of Christian Churches, d e p a r t m e n t ' ;,t cletjr. The Soci«ty. formtd In 1949 with many prominent Chriitian scholars and members, collects and compiles research material relating to the history of the! Christian churches in both Japan j ^ and the Western nations. A ' In the towni of EbeTswaidelrf'tne'l P*rt°dic«l, Christian History, js! In a spr-Hul resolution adopted | East ' r n Zone, in which the j P ul =l ish «l at its Yokohama head- j At First Baptist lion in New York was opened with formal wi cists · ('My, J u l y I, the; Lutheran Lay' ' In India J u n e 2S, nl Hislnj) Christian jiiiiliiulic.n wilh Nagpiir University. It is he- Ing administered by » department mi-il's League, iprmsnrs of th" -;;-· " i l . i i l l , , - i ; m Hour. wUined aflilialednihicri-lng (he 2llth for protetlant, Catholic and Frte! Churches work together, has f quarters. Prince Mikasa invited several i Nazpur, India- (EPS) - f o r t y °' Journalism, the .ftudcnts have been enrolled by , , , , ' " Incl J ;I - " Klnbul hronrienat, which becint on September 7. ·_ Present pinns Include a some years been arranging Iec-1 members of Ihe Society to discuss j , lures for Ihe public, and ha, on Christian history with him in his srasnn of t h e ; frequent occasions slated a united l "" r "'- 'needing Prof. Kentaro l l r h , M * i n c n*. n . . . . . «*1|H-U .-... _ f ,, . ,, . . · · | listen to the broadcast on that day , of journalism, opened here j illy, where he is i .-"flils WITH. This is n project l o n g ' magaklne d e p a r t m e n t nnd ilirei-tor I " lo program. The Hev. Prof. ,'-p!nn«l iiy offUcrs of the N a - ; " the studies in ';llomii Christian Council of I n d i a , i nalism. /llislop Cn]lc-i;c and Indian jour- | It Is one of n l n ""l!?' 5 ' , , j ' n h i '' ; " l h f ' '"" ''·"' »' "«· nev.- t\!nc of t h e students, almost n i l ' course. Others arc- r r - . n r t i n " .*f whom art- working for the ;lninR, ariu-le wrltiiii; Mmiin'.- '«p!om In journalism, are Chris- i and typograpliy, b u h i n e - n mid 1-,-v tlnnn. Four .-ire taking a special ! of Journalism, i n t c r m h i p . i.'-,'- Courec on "Sorlal Education Ma- | live w i l t i n g and im-odin'timi in terials V/ritlng." This class, the i journalism. ^ after translation, with ·n . j · .. u : . r h e y nre tiudying under tho - flirci/.ion of Harold A. Zhrcn- forger, nvsistunt professor, who ,!».·; joined the Hlclop College T»culty after a year, cn-tfic. itaff ^if Leonnrrt Thcolollctl Collece, luilnnaii nf (he j ' o t h e St. Louis headquarters of the program. The Hev. Prof. \fiiM-, jour- i Al '" lln c - Olilsen. Lutheran Hour jspcnkcr who will return to the I niicrnphnm- :.n September 7, after m i f f s av.-ill- ; ,, ninc-wiTlt absence, will address a spc-cinl message to the members i nf Ihc Lr-sgur-. In Ms n.-ptirl to Ihc convention, it. Bfrtcnnann, 1,11- · rlircftnr, said that an · f f i . i l wuulrl be made to add 20 ni-v/ countries and 20 new Ian- r to Hit present l i f t of broari- millets. The Christian viewpoint regarding problems of the present time. The meetings, which arc now attended by some 1,000 people, are held in the biggest building in the town, the Church of St. Miry Magdalene. "Witness to Chrlit In our Time" was the theme of a three- day session just completed. A Free Church speaker stressed the necessity for such witness, the Catholic speaker gave an account of the life of Pralat Uchtonberg, and Superintendent Schonherr, of Brandenburg, spoke on the witness of Pastor Dietrich Bonhoef- fer. who w«i murdered by the Nazis. n e w bach, n d . M c r r , ' . h " 8| " :nl scvw " ! l n n l l l l l s '" dia earn year In the ,, ot i f f: «. years. Plans are to cnnvc-rt the ;E ;: iSoHtlS5! Prince 's Member Of W territories and foreign coun- (^jjjjj,, ^jgfy Sukeno of Kwanto Gakuin, a Prote.-tant college affiliated with \ the Church of Christ in Japan/ ·nd Prof. Aramichi Ebisawa of Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Girl's College, director of the Society. Hillside Adventures 87 FtED STARR der a political pot when his crops ire parching on the vine. You Springdale, will speak to the men ask a voter who is his top man of the First Baptist Church and Woman Candidate For Vice President On Democratic Ticket Opens Headquarters It's political pot boiling time here in this Wonder State, but it's powerful trying-to get body ___ , _ l .___ interested in stirring the fire un- T he Rev! Stanley Jordan pastor Baptist- Church in Select From This List the Church of Your Choice... Then Attend ith His FIRST BAPTIST WALTER 1. JOHNSON. Pasto. «:M a. m Bunda* ttchool. a m Mornlnf Worship Sermon: "How God Desls wll Chilli renew p m Baptist Training UnM 7:30 p. in Evening Worship , Sermon "An Excellence Which All Kny Have" ·f CENTRAL PREMrrEIUAll C 8UWARD UKUBAKKft, PMlOT WI111urn E Gllwtm. Minuter to ltw « « a. m Church ftcRooi 10:J a. in, Mornln* Worthip Anthflnr "All I'topl* Thai On Etrih Do Dwell"--Tallli ft (t WrKlmliMtcr Ftllowjihln. Sun- fwr and Program, riHST PRESBYTERIAN JAMES W BUTLER. J K . Plats* Wllllim I Ulbcon. Mlnuur to iw Mnls V:U ii m Gunday School Id. W Morning Worship Anthem "Through the Dey Th Love Hull Spired Ui"-- Shelly Sermon: "nrilgion-- A Toy or f.00 p. m. Westminster Kellowshl. Supper ind 1'rogrsm, Btudent Cen ur BT. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL MAKius j LiNULorr. riKinr Sixth Sundiy Alur THnlly fi:w a m doiy coinmuinOA «:» · rn family hrvlcl " 11:00 Morning f*riy»r ino ftermon ^. CENTRA!. METHODIST U L UYKW. JR., PMIOT 9:00 ·. m. College Htudent ColfM Hour ·J.:ifl k. m. Church Bchool !(!.» · In. Morning Worship Be*v Antlum: "Hnw Long Will Thou rr j! got M«"-- P^'ueger i Soldi. I: W. J Dmothers * ' ~ HCHOVAMi W.TNEMEI Jrd rioor Hed Crum t)ru« Ul,l, Wjjncld.jr. 7:3(1 p. ,,, Book :"ludy rnd«y. 7:30 p m Service mcellni Friday.. .4 p m.. Th»cK," illn l«try gchi "un Study T30 p Wn'cli tower o: Mr*. Mar|irctui O'Mtllty" ·wriium:-- Hev. it. L.. ln** " 4:0ii p. m. Wtiiety found* - ' 14W p. m. Youth Group* I'M p. m. Worin.p Service , An [hem; "o Worihlp lh« King"-- Warms Choir Ecnei Ucscant: Mn. W. J. Imothen, Mr* A. H. Haihcock. MlM Mary Ann Urotner ,, So)o: "Now I Btlonx to JMUI"-- Ricrtard Grccr sermon: I). L. Dyke*, Jr. Uroadcatl over K.CHH ·fr FIRST CHHIBT1AM ..HUBKRT MorrriT. PMU» ·Mli ·. m. Sunday School · 1U.DU «. in. bunday School ClMMi l«:Ju H. m Mornlnf Wonhlp 6«rmon: "IJvIni the Hc/oic L i f t " :w p m. I), a. r. tV3U p. n. Chrl«iian Youth Ftllow- ·hip und Chi Itho Fellowihlp f ·T. JOHM'S LUTHEriAM ,.*£SSKil n «$3[£ 0 !i*I HI wi " b:^ H. in. Efui.dtty agnoot »:40 «. m. A d u l t Bible CUM ,t }J-M « m- Nurncry uptni .-, JIMI. « n bundiy Vsonhlp \:; icrniun: "In Christ Ther« U Life ·"jor JSvciyone,' Honiun* live, 12-1B -t Lhoir A n t h e m . "Lt»d Kindly Lixht" . -- Oykci IJ:« . m. Sunday Bohonl 11:00 a. m. Worship Srrvlee 7:0(1 p. m Training Union «:WI p. m Worship Service e*' ' 1:X '' '"- '''Wr Si-rv- W. M. U. Fourlh Friday ««· NAZAHEME ·n. Kid'o Proffam-- "14. 1 ) 11. m !!:(» A. m. R:.10 p m. N Sundn; Si-hnol M u m l n c Worship Y. I 1 . S. Pntyer Meet- »»? Duuil«» Bireet t:*S « in ijundoy School. 7:00 y HI. Evening Wonhlp Garland Heights Bapliit Minio of Firil Boplir.t Church 115ft J a m i r A Slrcct G L E N N STKKUC. Paator y-.".{* n. ni. Sunday School 1(145 B .m. Morning Worship Sermon: E f f e c t i v e W t t n c j a l n i " Ci.l'j p in. Training tint, n 7:.TM p in K v c n i n i W o n h l p Surnicm: "Tho S.iviour« i'rornlie + CALVARY TABERNACLE .'15 Knst H r m t h Street U K R Y L E IJETH. Pastor lit (HI a ni. M n r n i n g Srrvic* P m. Del.vir.ince McM.ife and «:« P m N. Y. P. s. Proiram ft.s.i p. m A d u l t Prayer Jlsnd 7:30 p. m £viinKc]liut: Service In*'" 1 '"" 11 ''' !:M " m - rr "« r ·« Thursdajr, 1:90 f. m.. Visitation Buliil Fotd Community Church ParkTM l1 ""'"' " :W " m ' ncv UM Second Sunday 11:00 «. m R« H Lauderback m. llcv. 1 '' Sundn rourth Sunday: 11:00 C. Erwln 10:00 a. m Each Sui «»hool WID1NOTON METHODIST CHURCH 10:0(1 a m. Sunday School 11-00 a. m. and 7-.M n. nl . 1'reatum irvlca. on rourth and ruth Suiulnj n r 3SKj£r n *' »:« · IB. lunday School. 11:00 a. m. Mornfna Worship ·:» p. n. Bacilli Tralnlnt Union ':N p. m. Kvenliu Worship HCTHCL BAPT1IT CHURCH ROY W. taaui, I'uslor «J1 Mission Street ·:» · us .Sunday School 11:00 ·. ni Mnrulna Worship. · :*) p m Trnmina Union 7:W n ni Cvcnlnj Service Midweek l'ray«r ftir-vlcc--Wndnoi- ··· CENTRAL BAPTIST ACK DEAN. Paslur t:4S a m Uunday School. 10:H a m Mornina; Worship 7:00 » in Baptist Tr.lnm, Course 1.00 p m Kvenlng Worship 1:00 p. m. Wednesday. Prayer ser- lc«. 'ULL OOIPEL TABERNACLE M STOGNKn. I'aalor 10:00 a m Sunday Scnool. 11:00 a m. Preaching. 7:15 p m Evangelistic servlre Wednesday. 7:30 p m Midweek rnjer Service, frlday. 7:30 p. m PYPA · f.3U K m Sunday Sctioui 1J.WJ k m bundiy Ikrvict Radio KMOID In church open eauh i ·epl Sunday and holidays. j gHKEKl.AHD CHUhCH OF OR1S SALVE*. W.nut.i lOWi K m Chuich kchooL 11.00 · m ticrnM4 11 *4 § m Communion .itrvic*. 7 3 u p m tiunv bervm «IMJ ttlM* Study *T. JOSEPH/I CATHOLIC* »'ATHKK L U W A K U U MALUY. P»itor Sunday MuKt.cs T.SO nrul 3 SO ji m Thurtaay. i 'M p m Nuvcn* Ma*i*s Dfvnimi.i J.T W ii C v kd 7 1 Mi "*' fclontlliy th "°"«h fittlurrisy MISI T:VU * m. firs l Krldk H«», i.\*j « ^ tun b j l u r ^ a y Mass 7 00 « m. BLACK OAK BAPTi*T H O W A R D 1'HlCHAItb I'sulor 10:00 a m Sunday School II 00 a in Prcac-hlnt! Service 7 00 p in Training Union *.:ou p m Prciichlni; Scrvior Thursday 7:30 p in Prater meet m ..,m. · GOIHEK METHODIIT meeiina. . o , n - p riNDLEY, Pallor 10:00 a. ni Kumlay ticnool. 11:0(1 a in Mornlnii Worship 7 00 p m Evening Worship Prayer 7:4(i 7:30 Sorvlres 7 MO Service m. Evnnccllfttlc S p m. Wcdncitday. Tarry'rf Salurdny. Testlmon WEST FORK ASSEMBLY Or GOD BHANHAM aid STEELK, Pastors t:45 «. m. Sunday School Morning Worship CM p. in Christ Ambassador Service . fi:30 r m. Junior C. A 1 , tervlcc 7:30 p m. Cvangellsllc Service Wednesday at 7:30 p. m.-Prayar Muvting and Bible Study COMMU!inT OT1I/V TACKETT. P.slor 10.00 n. in. Sunday School ll:lio i. in. Sermon 7:|lil p. m. Evening Scrvlc* » (1(1 p. m Friday night. Uiule study ind priyer meeting WIGCINR MEMORIAL METHODIBT ^""St 0 S'MPSllN. Pastor South -Church and Third ,f ; 15 " m Church Kcuool 11'Wl a. m Morning Wonhln *·'" p m. Youth Fellowship P ni Worihlp WF*T FOHK CHRISTIAN JOHN ASBELL. Minister l.n ii. ni Church Scnool 11:0," n m Morning Worship 7:30 » MILU EAST 0« HlOHWAt «l »:M a. m Sunday School Su«rlnlendeiit_Turntr Brown. Auxiliary «»ery louru, Monaar 1:1 KckMI Wunkip SECOND BAPTIST N V DRAKE. Pas:«r ·:4a * m Sunday bcl 10:4» a m Mc-r.iln, w ,, , SS "' m -.Baptist Tnlning Union 1:00 p. m. Evening Worship In? " a * V ' ' ia ° p ra ' *'**" "'"- X*" . F °"*..P«8BYTERIAN Sunds; School :» Evenln- Worship 7:30 »·"«*· fwrtk ··»._ ·MornHlg Worship f:3O-a Sunday School lS:M . * Evening Worship 7:30 p. COM *"""TY CHURCH l m · m £ u " d «' Bcl ««l ii'rm *· m . ""'"'"« worship rSSK: JBn,ffi? rou "- ·»· TBlrd Sundiy-- Fttv. Virgil Erwin » TM r . P«lor * "' "" for any political spot and he'll first scan the sky, shake his head, and tell you he'll have to have a good rain before he can set his mind to it. One voter, who said he was nigh on to 65, hopes he'll live long enough to see one good governor of this slate. You'd think by now he'd begin to get discouraged, but these hill folks don't seem to be built that away. Found some rather outstanding definitions concerning politics. These were concocted by a citizen, Mr. Esar, after making a long their families Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock in the church auditorium. The Brotherhood is observing "Family Night" and every member of the family will be welcomed. The nursery will be open for children under four years of age. Mr. Jordan \vll tell of observations during his recent trip to the Holy Land. The 18,000 mile trip during a period of six weeks took him to 12 foreign countries. He [ visited Home, Antioch, Damascus, Jerusalem, Nazareth,. Mount of Gives, the Garden of Gethsamane, Calvary, and many other places of treat interest to all of Christen- B7 aHiTH COWAN -. ;Chicaso-lrV-For-the -first time I in the history of a major polit- j ical party, formal campaign head- | quarters--complete with Amor-1 lean flag, portraits, badges, work- I ers and a water cooler--were j opened today for a woman candi- '. date for vice president. j She js India Edwards, vice · chairman of tiie Democratic Na- | tlonal Committee and director o f ; its Women's Division. j Ordinarily the idea would get: the brush; at this stage of fern- | injne political development--ex- j cept that India is quite » vocal | figure in the party. Men, as well j as women, besiege her office for i appointments. In the Democratic convention i headquarters at the Conrad Hilton Hotel there are presidential campaign headquarters for Hussell, Kerr, Harriman, Kefauver and others--and now as one steps off the elevator on the third floor there is a big placard: "Headquarters for India Edwards for vice president." Plenty Ot Canfuaion Mrs. Jennie O'Hern of Mobridge, S. D., and Mrs. Frances G. Satterfield, Atlanta, Ga., opened it | up and tacked up the portraits of i their candidate., They plan a for- ' mal opening later. But even now '1 AM certalK there in many other women better qualified than I," Mid Mrs. Indl*. Edwardi, na- action. Volunteers have tlonal Democratic rlc. chairman, and careful istudy of the situation, dom. Pictures of many places of He says a political platform is I interest will be shown. something not to stand on but to j The program Is under the direction of George Berryman, vire president in charge of programs. R. O. Weathers, rpliring Brotherhood president, will present a close o( the program. get in on ... what a candidate stands on before election, and falls down on after election. On the old saw about politics making strang bedfellows, he saic they soon get used to the came bunk. Some think politics are easy but that is far from correct. It you think sitting on a fence and keeping both ears to the ground s easy, you ought to try it some- lime. A Politician is a feller who's got what it takes to take what you've Rot land One who shakes before election and your DWARD SMITH. Potor 10:00 · m. Sunday kciKHI '!:« · m "ornint Worship ?:S I' R S*v»n Training Un '.30 p. m. Evening Worship Wednwv 7:N p. «... l£ t .* _ CENT1IAL ASBBMBLT OF ODD «U South Coll.g. 11 . L ."*'"-«ss. *· m t icquaintanceship afterward . . . one wijp finds an excuse to get out of everything except office. Mr. Esar also goes so far as to say polls is a place where you stand in line for a chance to decide who will spend your money. Announcements · Firi! Presbyleriin Church Women of the First Presbyterian Church will meet Mondav morning at 9:30 o'clock in the church. Well, there's one man's idea about politics anrt politicians o f : _ . . , ,, which you hnvc and will hear a ""'.* __5f... lot before November. Of course First Blpiiit Church Circles of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday at the following times and places: Circle two, Mrs. Jean Glaize 229 North Church Avenue, 2 p m Circle six, Mrs. Fred Hunt, Mt Sequnynh, 7:30 p.m.; Business Women's Circle, Mrs C. H. Williams, 739 Jackson Drive 7:30 p.m. ? : £ * m Ivangtllstle C*rvln'." 7.H p m. Thursday. - tf. Communion Prua'chlng every third JOHNSON CHURCH OF CHRIST MILL E SMITH. Minister ~TM"'"' 10.W a in. Uihlc Study J r M n ni Worship Scrvict 7:00 p. m Kvcnlng Classes !· 1*1 i. m. Worsl.lp ^c,,,,.,,,:,,, ,. w ,,. ,,,. ,.,,,.,, ,,.,,,. 7:.10 BAPTIST . H KHE1S. I'oiilor O.uO ·. m Sun. Hi School 11:00 n m Morning Worship p m u.iptlst Training Union Evangallslle Service . . Wl'dnculay 7:3(1 p m. Pr.ycr Meel- ARMINCTOt) METHODIST V - KIGliS I'oslor .'dt.fnirs'n^ 1 " 0 """'' 1 "'"" 1 " I I I p. in Pri'aching on second ALVAHY BAPTIST CHURCH - »:«J a. .-n. Sund.y School li:M «. m. Morning Worship 7:00 p. m. B T. u. » : TM P- m. Evening Worship ' W *""' IMMANUEL BAPTIS1 CHURCH G W MOHHISON, P.stor w n v TM Corner Duncan «nd (In* »:4S . Bl. Sunrlsy School 1050 t. m. Morning Worship - _ . Sermon: "How " bles rning ' lo Fn ce Your Trou- Tralnlni Union FAYETTEVILLE BIBxE MISSION ! *» ni.l)CK SOUTH COLLtUl I Intsirdenonilnatlonot 11OHEH MOUTTKT. Puslor 11.00 a. m Morning Worship 6:15 1 in Yi unr. Tropics Services 7 OH p m. Sviinuelistu- Service.. Junior Choir wl.l nu-t-t Satuntii.v i p in Wednvsdny. 7:.10 p in . P n o r r Mo« Ing -i- SUGAR M O U N T A I N BAPTIST U K - r. MORUAN. 1'nsliu "S ARI,I. N : MOSTF.l.l.KU A s i i M a n l Psslor I I'rlday. 7:31 10 00 a ni Suiulaj School ; mcvling 7:30 p in Evnnt;'llitii- Mcssn^e i Wednesday prayer mrr-tlntf at p m ORTH SIDt ASSEMBLY iF COD A M U K l . E U K U C t Pastor 10IIU a. m Sunday School 11 on n ni Sermon 7:30 p. in. Evangelistic Service Tuesday, Young Peoples C A S. ·u-i-v 7 .10 p m Friday Pray«r Service. T i p nv j P A n K S D A L E BAPTIST j iil':\.\-t-:it I I A V I S I'jjKn A l l l . K N MdsTKI.I.AII. Asslslant Pastor It' '«i a ni .Sunday School |( 7 :u^p in Kvnnguhsiic Message ' -Id p m Pniyer Meet- f m Yotng People s «:(M p. m. Evening Worship ?.r. r r. o "L:: Tn .«.. Hou ' H H _com." PIRST ASSEMBLY OF COD DONALD WALKER. Pmor t:4S . m Sundiy School 11:00 i m Preaching « 00 p m Y p. C1M.. TM · . T.30 p m rtidsy. Blbl. study »:» p m. Tueidiy. C. A. Mr OAKLAND BAPTIST (Six Miles Northtgft) 1 S. W111TILIV. p.slir 10.00 i. m Sund.iy School 11:00 i m Morning Worship. ':30 P m BVPTC «-M P m Evening WnrsRIp viednesdiy. 7:JO p. m Priyer m ng. PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER JESSER. Pastor (Itlgtm-kjr it W«t) tu 00 «. m Sundiy School 11:00 i. m Morning Wonhlp. 7:30 p. m Training Union p. m. Rvsngnlislic^ Service there are two sides to every question and you can leave it up to the good politician to take both of them. We have had two old bachelors --one of them a little on the uneducated side--living hereabouts as partners on a farm for 30 odd yean. The other day the learned one came home wth the usual little dab of groceries and said, "I had to spend an extra nickel today to buy me a new lead pencil." "Always expenses," growled the unlearned one, taking from his pocket the grimy stub of. a pencil, i "I've carried this one for 20 j years." I "I know," answered the other one, but it makes a lot of difference h n v i n z In viitr 1 rmt ynnr Guest speaker to be heard at Christ's Church Friday evening is Capt. K. E. Moss, service unit director of the Salvation Army. Louisville. Ky. Other speakers will be Glenn Jones of Motfett, August 1, and the Rev. D. L. Dykes, Jr., August 8.- Tueiday night the Rev. Fred Huckelbury will have a service at the Avoca Christian Church, where Norman Jasper of Springdale is pastor. Prairie Grove The current Issue of Midwest come in to do typing, get out press place has all th« confusion of anj oth«r headquarters. The movement on behalf of Mn. Edwards--who has said she doesn't expect to be nominated but wll campaign in name--was started in June in New York by a group of prominent Democratic women. Former Rep. Mary T Norton of New Jersey is chairman of the - national group. The vice chairman is Julia L. Crews, dele, gate from New York. There are some important names among Democratic women on the Executive Committee of the "India Edwards for vice president" group. They include: Mrs. Georgia Neese Clark, treasurer of the United States and one of six women who will address the convention; Miss Mary Dewson, former vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee; Judge Marion Harron of. the U. S. Tax Court in Washington; Mrs. Emma Guffey Miller. Pennsylvania national committeewoman; Mrs. Margaret O'Riordan, Massachusetts national committeewoman, and Mrs. Thelma Parkinson to (peculation that in*, might bo Democratic vie* presidential nominee. She U thown after arriving In Chicago In vanguard of Democratic convention. I International J Sharp, New Jersey ftate vice chairman. India herself was born in Chicago. She grew up in Nashville and was educated in St. Louis. She was on the staff of the Chicago Tribune for 22 years as reporter, society editor and woman's · page editor. Shocked By Lice Spe«eh By on odd quirk, former Rep. . Clare Boolhe Luce, Connecticut Republican, recruited India unwittingly as an active worker for the Democrats. Over the radio she heard the 1944 Republican Convention address by Mrs. Luce in which she spoke for GI Jim, the gold-star buddy of GI JOP. Mrs. Edwards' only son by her first marriage had been killed in the war. Mrs. Luce'j speech shocked her. The next morning she went down to Democratic headquarters ind volunteered for work. Wool Growers News carries this i Kan -' where Springdale Mrs. Lucille Weiier of Burbank, Ok la., arrived Wednesday to spend the remainder of the week with her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Landreth Loyd and daughters, Jean Ann 'and Shirley, of Springdale. ^ The Rev. and Mrs. John Moreland of Allen Street are on their two week vacation. They visited firs' in the home of Mr. Moreland's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Moreland, Sr., of Wichita Falls, P icked U P "L. A. Carmen of Prairie ?rove delivered wool that was j choice, light, shrinking, well prepared and most of all of staple Vincil Bell, pharmacist at the Sterling Drug Store, is filling prename, or just signin' a cross like scriptions at the Elizabeth Hos- you do." the editor who had decided we ly on account of bad case of insomnlt. He says he keeps waking up every few days. Mrs. Margaret Price, over to Sulphur City, Ark., in writing of the passing of tier father, says, "He left u» nothing, but left us to much. He loved his chair, his imoking, good books, the birds th«t came to sing for him . . He CHUHCH OF CHRIST rKKIl MiCI.UNO. Minister West Center tuia ivoi in » » a i.i Uihk study S-rmr.i,. ··Hioil;crly I . n v r ' fermon. "Birds ul Pro · V » p. m Clasici * ''ii p ni Evcnmc Strvii sn,»,i,: A r r c p t i j b l t Wm »:«! I. 111. Wennrsimy l.« hip ' Mei-lin, ,,,,,, U'ertnesdsy. P r » y e ,| )U . Slml j. (or ,,, * | CHHIST'S CHURCH rtHUI I I I J C K K L B U l n Pastor «03 Wi-sl llock aireel · :« n in Sunds) School 10 INI «. rn Ulbie huol 11.00 a tn Worship B,r,lc- Communion aVrmon · « |i m Children's Meeting Young Peoples C h r i s t i a n Knden ,, 7 4 i p m. Preaching Seulca and ! HIGHLAND COMMURITT I 10..10 i m Sunday Mrtu:ul : l l : l f t a m M o i n l n g W o r s h i p Wedncsdiiy night. 1:'M p tn.. Prayei services ! LINCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH JKSSB C COI.EMAN IM«t(.r IK l0 a ni Sunn.nv School I I l"l n 111 M n i n t n i ; W o r s h i p f' M p m T r a i n i n g Union i 7 .10 p m Evening Worship : ELKINS COMMUNITY CHUBCH JOHNSON BAPTIST CHUHCH K M LUGl.'L. l-oslor 10 on a m Sundny School 11 IKI u m Worship StivloM 7 no p m Trmnini Lfnion « un p 111 Kvc.ltng Service Wi'dnrsd.iy 7.30 p In.. Prayer Meet- Inn 'SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST J! .SllllTIl STHEll S A T U R U A Y n ia p. m. KvsngnlisllQ, Service Weilnescls)-. II p m.. W«.ver Mei Slqnlhly 7 p m. Third Frldiy Ftl- wshlp Supper. Brotherhood «nd . M. U. Meeting* -f- Hum n I I m Ej^"""."?! ' P- '" . Prnyer Meeting ·Tmay. 7:»S p m . Revival Night [WALNUT GROVE COMMUNITY CHURCH ·Sunday School 10.10 .1 m. v o r ! CHURCH 1 -" P "" BYTnn!AN TOM WILSON, I'AHor 1000 a in Hunil.iy School ttcrvift, Kirn und.iy t l l - n n n m Wnr^ilp ·riij 'Jhirti sSundHj* MCI .Snrihjith School Cl.uich Scrvlc* 30 p m 1'ra.vtr mtttmi BAPTIST Six M i J r n northvvfH t r i n .-i m Suiulny School l '; n in Miiiiuiii; Wurnlnp i ::o p in K v r m n n Worship rilm mlny. 7 30 p. ni., I' r a y · ·htif CHURCH OF JESUB CHflllT OF LATTER DAY SAINTS J A M K K KI.KTCIIFIt. Kldrr KtiidriK Union Illti* l\vm 10 ;tO a. m Siiiidny i OBEENLAND COMMUWITT BOB CORNELIUS. Psslor · 4S · m Si.nasy ScnnM 11:00 · m Morning Worship Wednesdsy 7:J3. midweek P Study and Prtyer Service APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH NKOLA MOORE. Pn.'or Highway 71 South If) 00 A m Sunday School ll.o* * m Mornlni S*rvic* T..TO p m Cvanceliitlc ScrvlM Wednciday. 7:M p. m.. Mid wi ·"Cfrlc* + ST. JAMES BAPTIST Na«* 1 W W»K Pastor 10 JO a m Sunday Srhool. 11.30 a m Morning Worship 5 00 p m Young People s meeting a N p ni trsng»llsllo (mice. ^ ST. JAMES METHODIST IH*fT A L BUCHANAN. Paator 14S a m Sunday sirhonl 11 00 a m Morning Worshlsj « «S p m Youth rellowthlfi :W s rn Night Is^-itisji. never rin wild «s we do trying to keep up with taxes and gas in tht car." Made me speculative on how 'few of us really love and enjoy the simple thinjj. That Is certainly an art which ii fast passing. games. don't h«ve the typical hillman any I ^ mIn ; ouis ""ending the Cardinal more who spends his summers' n a m n c sleeping In the shade. But there is exceptions, no doubt. There wis the 80 odd year old one who went in to see his doctor recent- two sons who had been visiting and went on to Texas to visit Mrs. Moreland's parents. Kendall Bohlen who lives near Springdale spent the week in Booncville with his. mother, Mrs. Carrie Bohlen, who is a patient in a Booneville hospital. The Hickory Creek Home Demonstration club will hold a white elephant sale Monday, July 28th. Each member is requested to The W.S.C.S. of the Methodist', brinK an article to sell at the auc- Church met at the home of Mrs. i tion. Proceeds will go into the pital this week while Clarence Last week we told you about', Davis is on vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Davis and children are in Layton MrCoy on Thursday. Mrs. Ethel Riddle was in charge of the program, taking part were Mrs. Walter Dodson. Mrs. Hattie Cunningham and Mrs. W. N. Mathison. Assisting weie Mrs. McCoy, Mrs. C. E. Woolverton, Mrs. N. L. Brooks and Mrs Eula Bell. club treasury. Visitors this week in the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Howell of Springdale are their daughter and her family, Mr. and Mrs. Eoss Hamilton of Memphis, and their son, Denton Howell, on furlough Mr and Mrs. C. R. Clayton and j from service family have returned to their The Vacation Bible School be. Mrs. J. R. Blakemore is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Bob Blakemore in Tulsa. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Harlan vis- . . . ited with their son Jack Harlan usrday. in Okmulgee on tian Church and the First Presbyterian church held their commencement exercises F r i d a y morning at the First Christian Church. Misses Jimmy Coffee and Wilma Owens, students from the College of the O/arks, conducted n ! the school. The handwork done by West fork ·J. CarneyAppNonce B u r C o , - · Hu °c ts · 0z " r kCleanen ·Oiark Grocer Co. " 9 C °" lnC " ·So««hw«stcrn Go» Electric Co. ·Vlck.r'i, Inc. Mr. ind Mrs. Ed Sample have as their guests Mrs. Sample's sister, Mrs. C. H. Owens of Mauri, Okla., and their granddaughter, Pam Sample of Springdale. Mrs. Clco Glover went to rium- merville Thursday. She will return this weekend with her husband, Robert, who works in Plummer- ville. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Hall hav« had as their gursls this week Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Bergeson, of Port Arthur, Texas. The Hall's tonk them to see many of the interesting places in the Ozarks. They returned to Texas Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde (looding have as their guest this week, Mr, Oooding's sister, Mrs. Olan Gonding, and daughter, Patsy, of Vallc- jo, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Keith had as their guests Wednesday night, Mr. and Mrs Mare Howell and children of Springdale. Dolph Holm on Thursdav. Mrs. J. C. Parks told of the "life of John Knox, Mrs. Myrtle Carl and Miss Jean . Barnes who spent their vacation ' with their mother, Mrs. R. A. ! B.irnc?, left Thursday for Los' h.H for children from four ! to 14. Nine children from the Thompson Street Church of Christ returned home Friday from Kellum's Camp 10 miles west of Siloam Springs where they had ' spent the past 10 days. Ten children attended but one returned earlier because of a injury received ' there. Those attending were: Mary Beth Jeter, Barbara Grain, Gwendolyn Turbyfill, Bar- aara Ward, Carol Ann Scott, Linda Parsley, Jo Ann Juneau, Jackie Grain, Lyndall Brown, and Jimmy Ensley. Miss Faye Sullivan of Cassville, Mo. spent several days the first of the week with her sister and her family, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Frost, on Theodore Drive. Mrs. J. L. Goodman of Pensa« cola, Fla. arrived Tuesday to nd the week with Mrs. John Webster in Springdale. LUTHERANS arc CONSISTENT The/ believe Almighty GOD can do ANYTHING such as CREATE a world out of NOTHING The Lutheran Church Arkansas and Dickson Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brewer and Mr. and Mrs. K. IMiilllps went to Fort Smilli Thursday to do their Christmas buying for their slore. Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, who h'nn en visiting her son-ln-Iaw mid daunhttr, Mr. and Mrs. A. U. Slmpgon, returned home Thursday night. Mrs. Oenrge Luthurn Is ill, Mr. .Tlmmy Cole of Fn.vtttcvllle '«· « dUMt of Mr. Jimmy Tiploa, I Charlcnr and Kathrync Bid well; visited the 4-H camp at Devil's I Den Thursday. I Mr. and Mra. Charles Latta ' ha\-e returned from Tulsa where 1 they were called by the illness of their grandson. Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Dcl.ip and children, who spent a work with Mr. Joe Delnp, Mrs. Louise Thornton, and with Mrs. Delap's par- cnls, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hutchison of Farmington, left Tuesday for Kansas Tity. Mr. and Mrs. I.awrcr*'e Delap, who have been visiting his father, Mr. Jrir- Dclnp, loft Thursday for Nashville, Tcnn. Dclap is being transferred from his work in Kansas City to the research plant near Nashville. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Brotherton nf Tennessee are visiting Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Crawloy and other relatives Mr. and Mrs. I.awience Giles led Thiirsilny for Springfield, Mo., where they will visit relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Curt Vaughnn and daiishter of Lenoir City, Tenn., are Bursts nf Mrs. Vaughtn'g mother, Mrs A. S. Johnilon. Tuesday and Wednesday. Mr. C. C. Stockburger »nd Mrs. A. A. Newlin, who have been latienls jit Ihe Clly Hojpilal, h«ve I «ea returned home. I This Atomic Age Demands Unswerving Devotion from Christ's Followers. Your Church At- tindanc* Your L«TC. *__ .^^^·^^^^^^KI^^^^^^^^^^' FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Walter L. Johnson, Pgtlor "HOW GOD DEALS WITH HIS u CHILDREN" m J 1 " 1 w »" l if Hour 10:11 (BiMdcui arir Italian KCRH) lundiy School 1:10 "AN EXCELLENCE WHICH ALL _ MAY HAVE" «MBlBf Wenhlp Hour 7:M _. Trilnlii, Union 1:11 "W Nytwry it oHn «t «ll i

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