Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 18, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 18, 1952
Page 8
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AIKANSAI TIMH. r«vMwlH«, Art* y, July II, 1*51 ! Stand On Toft-Hartley Law fMay Cost Russell Support |Df The Virginia Delegation X R o a n o k c , V;i. -''.·!'- Vjn:iiii.v vriilion vcMcrdnv. '^Democrats wondered trulny il Thc'n. me :.t;ncs n r i h i s R o u t h - .^thcir cstrfmuemrnl f u n n South- ( i n hope (01 the p i f M f l t - r U t o l , j«rn prcMrlontiiil unntam I d d i i i i r l i i O . n i i i . i i M i i i .lU'i'i-.-iiiy f(Jiintl h i m - ; J.palclied up .it Chli-ncu or if the ( ] | i H h j,.,| ;M1V roniiiulnu-iHi,' -rirt would rad in i l n o r c c ' f i o m lilt V i r u i n h i rii-Icca-i -"·' nutscll and ihi- Viri.'ini:ins w r r r . lion. It w.if. id no to t h e ' jTluiu.-il nrinnrerf. unli! t h e n;ition;il comcntit.n tmcnmmiltcti.' ~jria f^rn.Ttor's rrpudkirnn of ihe ( L ' j Smithed by .suite c o n v c n - ; T f l f l - H n r t l c y !;iw .-.cltlcd ,15 rinme- linn Keynote speaker \Villi.ini M.' "linR o.' n : hock nn llie s.jttr n n - : Turk, former governor of V i r - KIHKI, who p o i n t e d l y omitted compliment;!! y r c i n u r k . ejl lli.t 1 , ;ij;pc;iif:d jr. his [ prejjiired manuscript. j | The Vii£im;m:; n t the c n n v e n - i | t i o n - - f u r the t i m e heiiiR, .-it least; -- t u r n e d t h e i r hacks on H u s n e l l ! :md .U'.tef-cl to n l i i d e hy Hit; u n i t ' nile when the delegation' canriid.'.te il i n - , tr t n e prc'.'-idcntinl' ?pite of Ihe Mid- f n t s here yesler- i j-eniitur Reservists Fire New Rifle itcml'/tn bac non in ion n . n of e C e o ' Air Force Unoble To Explain 15 Per Cent Of Saucer Tales , , v v I for ,h n i a m , , . w n v was left niK'ii fni a hull of the p a r l y jf l - l a l f o r n i anrl c a n d i d a t e arc unacceptable. ISyrd Illilloldi Tafl-Flarllry ,. ., . - , , · . · , ' 0 ' v r d ' c h "' f "'· :w weapons, the 57-inilliincter recoilless rifle, j.v Arkiinsus retervists w i t h thc !j5th division, i tlnys of field t r a i n i n g ,luly 20 at Camp Chafee. Throe Kayellevillc men. members of ihe 37!lth regiment, are ihov.n on the r;m;e. Left to ii;;hl, they are SRI. Pnrk D. Edmondson, ihoto). Dayton, Ohio - Of] - A spokes- j man at Wright - Patterson A i r , Force Base says the Air Force still j has no explanation for 15 per cent of thc approximate 1,000 f l y i n g ] saucer reports it has received. j The Dayton Journal - Heralr) quoted the officer as saying jet fighters equipped with radar have been scrambling into the sky seeking the unidentified objects, but has been unable to make contact with any "saucer." · j The officer said ground radar i had tracked some unexplainable objects traveling at speeds between 1.500 and 2,000 miles an' hour, hut added there never have been both visual and radar sightings of the same objects. Capt. E. .1. Huppelt, "saucer" project officer of the Air Technical Intelligence Center, said "we are f i r m l y convinced the persons making these reports actually see something in thc skies." The Air Force gave this breakdown of reasons for the sightings: Meteors o r o t h e r heavenly bodies--38 per cent; balloons -13 per cent; birds anrl aircraft -22 per cent; hoaxes--two per cent; too nebulous to classify or con- flr-n in ,c,ua, .WrtU,. -.,, Pcr cent and uncxplainablc 15 per cent. 1 Advertfee In UM TIMES--It FIRST SHOWING TODAY SAT. 2:30-7-9 I w i t h Itussi'll's [.osili.m I h i i t ' I ' a f l - j where tn t u r n to a candid H a r t l e y needed a c cimplete i i - . e i - ! L'hifCRO- - m i g h t f i n d then said: didate at mselves behind the ennriidncy of Gen. . ,,,. , ,, ,, ,. . , · "I' 1 ' 1 a l w a y s heen for SoTmtor Uwi::ht D. Eisenhower, irclnia s Democratic political or-. i,i s s pii - mf | i i \ ,.,,. , , - / - | : p i - i ! i i , M fiani/nliiin w h o d i f f e r e d s h o r n l v 1 i i · int.11,111011 !· our years ago the slate Demo' ·""' '"-·· s " 1 -' 1" continue my sup-1 ,. r a l i c convention instructed its , ., , , , I delegates tn work for the nomi- YIROINIA MAYO playi · ktulxillt ·nttrlalntr In "She't 'wklnf Her W«y Through $*tl«B*," Warner Broi Ttch- teo4or muilcel which tiirti it w Oiirk Thcitrt Sunday . . . TROUBLES? SEE BOB HALL AT WHITELEY'S GARAGE Wdthnproof ind Flriprool Bwulilul Colors PHONE 3011 FOR FREE ESTIMATE CLARK VENETIAN BLIND AWNING CO. U WlKHim DOUBLE FEATURE TONITE OPEN 6:4S FBI. It AT 12:45 SAT. 1 NOW SHOWING Qiiontrtll!! Most Ftqred Man of All! _ PLUS . . . PICTURES OF EISENHOWEH'S NOMINATIONI COOL PALACE SHOWING BIG TWIN-BILL "ROSIE JANE TUE FRAZEE I PIC RIVETEER' AND MAN FROM THUNDER RIVER CAHTOON · SERIAL COOL U A R K BEGINS SATURDAYf^ "THE HISTORY OF THE BUILDING OF THIS RAILROAD WILL BE WRITTEN IN GUNSMOKE!" t h a t he is bellind Russell as of now. Thc senior Virginia Senator i~ f l y i n g to Chicago t o n i g h t and w i l l discuss t h e matter w i t h Husscll before iiK- convonliori open:; J\i(jn- d;iy. Me tnnk pnrticitt.'ir i'-T-uc w i t h : thc C;e'n-(, r i;in*s ;i;iienicnt Hint thc j T a f t - H n r l l c y law w:is " w o i f r h t o d , nui'iinsl 3,'ibor." n.vrd said I h r !;iw v/:ir. rr.-, s r n t i a l l y f a i r as w r i l l n n n t prrs- rnt jmrl ho WJIK againsl a n y t h i n g ' that wnuld- \ i :cakon il. , Byrd was in telephone c o m n i u - ; nicatirm \vitli Hussc-M yrsi r -] c i a v ! .shortly a f t e r news of the T a f l - ; H a r t Icy criticism put a derided c h i l l on t h e convention. L a t e r ' Ilyrri received a lolciirani I r o i n . Russell e l a b o r a t i n g his virv/s on rhanfies in thc Inluu' law--views which obviously didn't satir.fy Byrd. AliRhl Kick Eisenhower There war. sonic discussion t h a i thc V i r g i n i a n s -- w i t h perhaps no- not, when thc issues f i n a l l y jell j at thc national convention at Chi-' caHO next week, thc V i r g i n i a n s had another possible course; At thc suggestion of former! jjnvrrnor Tuck, who was named as new chairman of thc state Ki-minrfwork for a boll if thc Chicago convention should comn up with a personality and program obnoxious to the Southern point of view. When thc convention adjourned n f t c r electing 20 district delegates w i t h one vote carh and 1G from . the state at larp;c with a h a l f vote j each, it agreed to reconvene at I I h n cull of thc state Central Com-| mil tec. This call will be issued n f t c r the Chicago, convention only i f the party leadership fuels! that some .special action should be taken on shifting Virginia's! .support from thc national party J nominee. BUILDING AND REPAIR CABINET AND MILL WORK of All Kinds. Free Estimate IOY KINZER i SS6 Wall St. Phone 2019 SOON Don't Miss If! i Dr. Henry Hink To Head Optometrists Study Club 1 R o g e r s-{Spccinl)-Dr. Henry i l l i n k uf Bentnnvillc w-is r1c:-*.ed I president of the Northwest Ari Kansas Optometrists Stiid.v CV.ib i n f . a meeting in the Hole! A r k a n - J 1 s;is Iierc Wednesday night. He I : succeeds Dr. John Sugg of Siloam ! j Springs, whose term expired. I · Tl;e topic ]Dr study war, "New 1 Methods in Refraction of ( h o ' : Eye." It led hy Dr. C. G. Mel; : ton ( J f FayeUt-villc. I I Allcnding the d i n n e r meeting i I were Dr. John Sugg, his fiancee, j | Mbs Ann \VigKr.ns of Fayetteville, I and his secretary. Miss Grace : Oarncs; Dr. and Mrs. Minks. Dr. l and MI-.X. Dt'wey Hnllingsworth j of Southwest City, Mo., Dr. and | Mrs. James Y. Plummy of Mount n i n Homo, Dr. Mellon and son, Hi (.la r In ml Mellon of Fayetteville, Ur. Harry O. Otwcll of Fay o t t e v i l l e . Dr. H. L. H a r d i n of Siloam Springs, Dr. H. P. Turner of Horryvillc, Dr. David L. Harner «f Springdalc, and Dr. and Mrs. Val Koobs and Dr. Koobs' socre- ary, Mrs. Robert Kislicr of Rogers. I-'ollouing tlie dinner thc wives ot" thc optometrists were guests of Mrs. Koobs at her home. Sucre, the capital of Holivis, 111,01)0 feet above sea level and is ( b e highest capital of a n a t i o n in the world, says thc National Geographic Society. BOWL FOR PLEASURE fim Renton Bowline Lanes--Adv. m EDMOND O'BRIEN STRUNG HAYDEN · MM MM* I, CMMU MOM · UWA UWt AMfttrMM's Poison" 1 - 1 Tonile and Saturday to th» first 120 Kiddies at our Snack Bar each nit* I I I JON HALL MMT CMfU · JMMI MAY · JOHN RfMMLY . Villo«. 'fCPIoygroiiBd" Golf TELEYISKW IS VERY COMPLICATED Buy Yours From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP If you've tasted todays SCHENLEY Com* in ad SEE the BIG D I F F E R E N C E t h . t puts ABC- .-MAT1C far .head of other washers. le's smooihcr, ·enuer, quieter, more efficient S M I T H RADIO APPLIANCE ... you know it's the best-tasting whiskey in ages! B L E N D E D W H I S K E Y 8 6 P R O O F . 655! G R A I N N E U T R A L S H R I T S . SCHENLEY DISTRIBUTORS, INC., NEW YORK, NEW YORK 4DAY-MONDAY-TUESDAY .'0 SHOWS DAILY-2:30-7:30 A P O L L O M-G-M's spectacle of sweeping emotions and sumptuous magnificence such as nas never teen oeneld on trie screen! QUOVADIS ^^^^^^ SPECIAL REDUCED PRICES HERE MAKE YOUR DATES NOW COLOR BY TECHNICOLOR ROBERT TAYLOR-DEBORAH KERR LEO GENN .nJ PETER USTINOV Ecmm M., I, Join Uc M.liin .nJ P. N. Bclirhun, Sony. LoviMl DncU t, MERVYN LcROY · F,oJ.«.J ly SAM ZIMBAUST An M-C-M Ticlm. MAT 4SV G s HT 85cMon-TuejMal.60c Children to 12-25f r inc, Taxes VOTE FOR JOHN KIRSCH FOR COUNTY TREASURER DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY AUGUST 12 «,...,,__ Since it is impossible to contact all the voters of Washington County, I take this means to present my qualifications. For thirteen years I lived on a farm West of the U. of A. Farm. During those years I was a livestock dealer and contacted numerous stockmen throughout the entire county. I have also been weigher at the Washington County Sales Barn for thirteen years. I moved to Fayetteville about ^one year ago. I have served as Bailiff of Courts and Deputy Sheriff for the last five years. This is thc first time I have sought elective county office. If elected I assure you that I shall give honest and efficient service in performance of all duties of this office. YOUR VOTE AND SUPPORT APPRECIATED JOHN KIRSCH This Pnlitlcnl Advertisement Paid Fnr by John Klnrh, F.iyotteville, Aric,

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