Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 18, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, July 18, 1952
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8 PAGES TODAY RMd by over 25,000 Daily 10CA1 rotfCAST-- r«jr.-ttevl|]» ,nfl vlcln .. . i r m i j h t ana tomo " n p '" ! u r ' r no Im i ? " Huh 71« «l. noon lortay 8;. Jo, 70 Sunru. j is. iun«cl 7.32. VOLUME 90, NUMBER 305 Tfce Public fefertsf It The firtt Concern Of Tfcii Newspoptr Wlra MKANSAS. fHIDAY £VININO, JUIY H, 1952 AP, Kinf ·ml NCA Fcatum Truman May Seize Steel Under Draft Law Trio Missing, May Be Captives Of Hunted Men i i 11 I * = . * ^^ ^^ ^^ * * Aar/»h I InfiAr I _ . . . . i i - - - - - - _.. . . . . . Search Under Way In Hills Of Oklahoma Brothers Of Leflore County Sought By Sizable Posse Poteau, Okla.-WP)- Three men Prize Winner, But Stumped On Next Step Springfield, Il|.-(/P)-Hal Kamp a radio official, won a prize at a picnic yesterday--12 tons of rocks. I" Kamp wants the prize he'll have to haul them a-.vay from thc Athens Stone Company which donated the rocks. "It's the first thing I ever won in my life," said Kamp, who i added he's open to suggestions on ire missing today and Oklahoma I.,,,.,. , V "·".·'.· · - -- » » - - · state highway patrolmen believe w h a l to do w " h the ""**· they may be hostages of two men who beat up a patrolman near here yesterday. A posse of Oklahoma and Arkansas officers are searching the rain-drenched Poteau Mountains of Eastern Oklahoma for the men who beat and escaped from Trooper Otto Rauch. Road blocks have been thrown up at Fort Smith and border roads are being searched. Sought in the beating are two LeFlore County brothers, Denver and Henry R. Baker. Sheriff Jack witness to the Craig said the men had been identified by beating. Highway Patrol at Oklahoma City said Morgan, 21, no address given, rented a car in Tulsa yesterday to take his sister to a Poteau hospital. Two men, one a cripple, v.'erc with Morgan and his sister They were not identified. Storm Whaley To MakeNomination Will Offer Name Of Sen. Fulbright Newport, Ark. - (/P)-Fred Pickens of Newport today said Storm Whaley of Siloam Springs will make the speech nominating Sen. McNaih Asserts July 29 Ballot Ready "Power Trust" Out To Beat Him Murry Charges Payroll Padded In One Department Absentee ballots for voting in ! ney M c M a t h . Ike M u r r y , Francis the July 29 preferential Demo- j Cherry. Boyd T n r k o i t . cratic primary in Washington I For 6 , u ,, County, are now available. County Clerk Roy Scott announced today. The ballots may be obtained at the county clerk's office in the coui (house. Scott .said they may he obtained by calling at the office and voting there; by a w r i t t e n request to have such a ballot mailed; or In Case of illness, a pcr.son can send for the ballot which will be delivered to a husband or wife, father or mother, or sister or brother of the applicant. The ballot will include offices, with names of candidates in order: After the sister was left at the hospital the men said they were going to a show at nearby Bokchito. They have not been seen since about 8:30 p. m., and the car, a maroon-colored 1952 coach, has not been located. Patrol headquarters said they are working under the assumption the brothers are holding the three. underwent surgery at a hospital here today for facial injuries. He was reported out of danger and- recovering. The posse. led by Lt. Andy Bidwell of McAlester. searched the I rugged mountains throughout the night, guided by bloodhounds and w a l k i e - t a l k i e radios. Sheriff Craig said Poteau Cattleman Kennelh Williairs, who /it- ncssed the fight and brought Hauch to the hospital, gave this account of the incident: Williams was driving toward Poteau when he saw the men fighting in Rauch's patrol car. He stopped and ran to aid the orricer, but one of the Bakers turned a pistol on him and ordered him to leave. Williams started for Poteau to get help, but turned back when he saw the Bakers flee. , J. William Fulbright as the Demo- Headquarters! eratic candidate for president at Mickey j l ^ e national convention in Chicago next week. Pickens said other members of the Arkansas delegation to make seconding speeches would be chosen while the group is en route to Chicago by special train. The Little Rock-(/P)-Gov. Sid McMath says the "power trust" in Rcneral and Arkansas Power and Light Company in particular are out to beat him for a third term. And, he declared in North Little Rock last night, AP L is willing I to "spend two million dollars" to do the job. McMath said he incurred the op- wsition of the power companies , r or several reasons. Among them he said, were his support of the proposed co-operative electric steam generating plant at Ozark and his stand against an existing law which allows a utility to obtain a rate increase by posting an Chicago today determined to have ·' _ mdemnitj bond. | a dominant voice in next week's : GOOQ At Helena last night, A'.ty. Gen. I choice of a Democratic presidential ' Ike Murry, one of McMath's four nominee. opponents for the Democratic i CIO President P h i l i p M u r r a y lanrl com miss inner--C'I n u d e A. R a n k i n , Ira J. Golden. C. C. Smith. For a t t o r n e y general -- C ! i h Barton, Bernard Rectl. W. I. Purifoy, T. .1. Gentry. For n a t i o n a l cnrnmiltrrm.-m -Noble Gil!, Rabie Rhodes. Dan Cowlinp. Jr., Paul Chambors. For county judge--Roy A. Scott, William I,. Bush, Richard B. Greer. The Democratic Cnunly Committee is to nifc-t at the courthouse in Fayetteville tomorrow lo name judges and clerks and conduct other business. Time set for Poultrymen In Session At The University Banquet Held At Student Union; Caldwell Speaks Appointed For governor--Jack H o l t , Sid-! the session to start is 1 Labor Aims At Big Voice In Convention Chicago - (XP) -Labor leaders h i t * ' special will leave Little Hock tomorrow. Whaley is an alternate delegate from the Third congressional district. He is manager of Radio Station KUOA, and an executive of the John Brown schools. Pickens is slated to be elected chairman of the Arkansas delegation. The election will take place on the train. · *· ^ . . . - w . u . i ^ . »_i^^ c iuajuuiii i limp jviun'fly nomination, charged t h a t "payroll J a n i v c r i as candidates were bid- padding ' was going on in at least | ding for union support Theie one slate department and possibly were reports the CIO and the others. Its only purpose, he said, AFL might get together to back a '· to aid the McMath campaign. | single candidate--possibly Sen Murry pointed to tht Highway i Estes Kefauvcr of Tennessee Department's maintenance divi- ' For Soldiers--Less Marching Asked A b a n q u e t , attended by about . , ^00 persons f r o m all parts of i h e j ! slate, v.-as held last n i q h t at t h c . University KItitlcnt Union j.i iof j lo opening o f f i c i a l l y today of thc \ a n n u a l session of the A r k a n s a s I'oultry Improvement Association. I President K i r N Hale of Favctle- | v i l l c presided, introduced a ' n u m ; bcr of guests, members of Ihe i Uoa'-rl i!f Directors of ihe Assoc- I i a l i o n . and Dr. John Tyler Caldwell, president of lhc University. ! In a short t a l k welcoming Ihe . visitors to the i-.-impus, Dr. Cald- v-c!l pninled to lhc need f "cen- l e i s of i n i t i a t i v p " I-, make sure | belter ways lo do e v e r y t h i n g are ' sought. ,' An hour's program was «iven by ' Corky's Corral Gang of Wichita", ^Concern Grows Over Impact On Arms Production Murray Declines Comment On Secret Settlement Report ; Washington - (/Pi - The White Hnu;:r was rcnorled today to be scrinuslv considering -i plan to · «i?c part of the strike-bouno* : steel i n d u s t r y under the re-U.eiive ' rcrvii-e a r t . j This word t-arne from a high ; a d r n i n K t r a t i v e source who said ; ,f u s t i c e Department attorneys ; were Inr.trurted vestcrday altcr- j noon to prenarp papers leadine to i possible p a r t i a l seizure of the industry. The critical situation which has resulted from the 47-dav steel strike was disclosed veslcrday at White House meeting, nrcridcd Miss Lou named assistant home dcmonstn.-.,, V Y l m c mn a*cn for Washington C o u n - | ,, vcr h v , v n K i c u I U m i I n t e n s i o n Scnlco; j ohn n. Ktcelma on icia is jinn County Judrjc Will · TH f i t ' - S^nT.'""^^!^^^^^"^! ll ; e i 1 ''TM; 1 TM. 1 fT" ln ""* only IL., ,, - . .. ... i i ' " ° " ' . p i a n i s which Mil In produce un- c i s i v W 1 , I* 1 ' °' ,1 U n i -! l c r Direct contract with procure- icr.Ml,. w i l l become e f f e c t i v e m p n t Ancles. The act Ays that -- i*j .-, V I M I . U Liang ol Wichlla | ·-"!. IVHSS tjaKer Is being Kan., made up of TV and m o t l n n . f "'ipd lo Yell County as Washington - (/Pi - An A r m y Red Bloc In India's Parliament Walks Out New Delhi. India-OT-The 27-1 Woulr1 mean savings to the tay- Averell Harriman of New York sion, where he said thit in June I son n.vhnrrf n n, u t r- ^^^^Tf^\^S^V^^'^^^ June 195] l a l t - t i a r t l c y act he helped enact "ss^j^ss Tackettj^'SHHJcE,;:. fracture"--a fracture of bones of the ,'orefoot. - ~ - , , , - j Although «-ommonesl among sol- liam Green of thc AFL. dicrs, it is sometimes seen Aides said Russell hopes to . man Communist bloc in the lower house of India's Parliament walked out today after the House speaker ordered one of the left- wingers to shut up or leave. The walkout, first such by the local Reds, climaxed chaotic debate over extension of a preventive detention bill used by the government to curb Communist and communal violence. The walkout came after parliamentary police attempted to remove a Communist challenging the speaker's right to silence him. proposed organization of a State Hospital Council, to include heads of th« State Hospital, the Stale Tuberculosii Sanatorium, the Arkansas Crippled Children's hospital and the University of Arkansas Medical School. Closer co-operation among the hospitals and the Medical School payers and improvement in care of the indigent ill. Tackett said. Chancellor Francis Cherry gave another "talkathon" yesterday, this time over a four-station n e t ' held with John L. Lewis of thc ' United Mine Workers and Wil- i picture entertainers. Thc prmrra featured vocalists, an accordionist, a ninlc tr.o, and n comic. Thc K i ' i u p has appeared with Gene doctor today recommended "easier h | Y '''?v S TM l 0 y 13urnc " '" Co- marches for youilR soldiers i,, , "n ' ' C t U r e s ' Iraining-to help sav c their feet '.,'' ' J - S! ' OL '^. lion meeting got from injury. I . t . Col Francis D ' ?" y l h l s m n r »i»ft at thr .. 'of the Army's Fort ^"'n I",;'"'TM »t University Ord, Calif., hospital reported e v i - , i,, ,,' ,, ' ,'' M i l n s k n - hc ' ld "' denee t h a t long road marches civ- ! !.' 'T"'; v r ' c l« r l mcnt of the Uni- Y p r s i l y of K e n t u c k y , Dr O H AiiRusl I. IfP/iz. Mi.« I'atterson're- places Miss Mary Jane Ral;er who has served as assistant home dcmonsirntinn a (rent f o r Ihe past Miss Baker Is being I r a n r home of en before proper conditioning of p_, ~ , ,., new men helped cause - m a r c h ! ,.,, ' ," "' C '' arle » c 'y. iionoit M. Smith of live Unlv certain have open support from organized labor quarters in the nomination battle. Some of the Georgian's barkers said they .regard Vice President Alben Barklcy as the Georgian's chief opponent--unless Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson s h o u l d he brought into the race unexpectedly. Stevenson, who probably could have the nomination at the 31st waitresses, postmen who walk a great deal, the colonel ' said. ' Asserting t h a t in a c t u a l combat the foot soldier is seldom called upon to do long-lasting m a r c h i n g w i t h o u t let-up. Thrcadsill said. "It would appear unwise to cause march fractures by cresting conditions which will not be met in the field." . -- " "·*; ^ J i n V W i l l y , and President Hale were heard I h i s a f t e r n o o n a panel discuss-nn " S , "i h ±' C , ri TM PTM 11 ^ manage- ! demonstration agenl. Miss Patterson, a graduate of the College of A K r i c u l l u n - u t the University, Is a native of lioonc County. Truman Soon To Return Home Political Plans Remain Unknown - President Hofel In Washington Robbed; $7,000 Taken "if nny such producer of sine! the responsible head or hearts thereof refuses to comply with such requirement, the president, through the secretary of defense, is authorized to take immediate possession of the plants of such producer." First Seliure Lacked Authority President Truman seized the entire steel industry last April » but on June 2 the Supreme Court j ruled he lacked authority to do «n i and ordered the mills returned to i private ownership. The April R ! seizure was based on no specific law but rather on what the Justice Department said were the president's i n h e r e n t constitutional powers. Former Solicitor General Philip Pcrlman told both the district and supreme courts in thp seizure case the government" had ' considered neizure under the selective service »cl, hut had decided the method v/as too cumbersome and too d i f f i c u l t to pursue. At yesterday's White House Washington -n h u n l e d for twn l"dav opening Sheriff Craig said Williams personally knew both of the Bakers l^icc C^l-irod i l l v / ' and identified them as Rauch's at- I N I 3 * \ - U l t M U I i y , i The sheriff said a pistol and a : The Reds W o m i shotgun were missing from the ! patrol car. and Williams said he i Berlin -(IP}- The Communists i saw one of the Bakers carrying i urged unmarried women today to the pistol when the brothers fled. | kiss with caution. Craig said Denver Baker was under a four-year susncnded sentence for assaulting Police Chief Bill Cupp of Poteau. .. . ... U L J U 1 I n n - ^ flriyp t f . dcTphirarJLTer^VT' r^' ! D TMTM»"= --".ion .,., boro"' uns? fpok or U ho^rs j ^f ,,", he w ? uld '"«» "' «« from an. automobile showroom in ! ^.^1, ( ° 7T ,'" '" ' H ° Hot Springs «"uum in d a v He ha ,. s l u c k 1(J h)s c n n | c n _ Jack Holt indicated that he I i o n , t h 1 a t hc is running only for would lower state taxes on Indus- I "'IT w "" ^'^^ tries if he's elected, in a speech i Blrkl " w "»» »» a t ^ B r m k l c y last night Holt s a i d : ! B a rkley literally walked into "When I'm elected, I not only '· tow n, with home state admirers will go out of the state to bring j anrt Perspiring reporters trailing i Car And Truck Collide On Devil's Den Road C ''"" ?(l v '" h " U)ro l h s " rom a hole! a f vn b j n( . k , ro,,: , l n e White House a f t e r piling - on Jhcir three holdup ' iman'j doctor fiive him the last of a series of medical tests today while Democratic politicians wait- i I ed impatiently for his dismissal ! from the hospital. He is expected-! - · lo return to the W h i l e House to- ; meeting, in addition to Steclman, morrow, but has no dates to see w p rc Munitions Board Chairman ; anybody. j John Small, National Production 1 A f t e r nearly a week's bout with j A u t h o r i t y Chief Henry H. Fowler, a virus Infection, the piesidcnt's ' Steclman's manpower chief Art o m p c r a t u t o had returned to nor: thur Fleming and other high o f f i - new industries to Arkansas, but I will help those already here bv lowering taxes." OPS Order To Boost Price Of Some Meat the 74-year-old vice president in the several-block trudge from a railway station to his hotel. His admirers sang "My Old Kentucky Home." Barkley has had organized labor support in his political races. fi.'rnttinc ; victims. I The d a y l i g h t robbery o c c u r r e d ' du-mg the noon hour yesterday. r.-mr jusl ; ,Uer the week's pnvrcill c-ish '' n- A West Fork man v.'as t a k e n ; for the Roger Smith Vlotel ' lo Ihe Elizabeth Hospital in ployes had been brought from ""the i IS Prairie Grove following a two-c.-r ! b a n k , frank M Kolcy f h collision on the Devil's Den road a u d i t o r , said , nc h:indl| ; w - , shortly before B p. m.. yesterdav. unmasked Negrees a b o u t 30 vcTr"' The man. Loyd Crovley, was i c - ! "Id- The pair, w i t h dra,"n guns entered the olficc from a servi-e ' t r a n c e and ordered Folcy. his '·iM.Mil. and a bookkeeper in '·n the- floor. Then t h e y piled l-'ble and chairs on thc trio. mal Most of thc people around Truman profess to be in the d a r k about his f a v o r i t e presidential c.-mrlidale. Truman's own alter- leased after his injuries v.-cie dc- ! tcrmined not to be serious. i Crov.-ley's p i i k u p t r u c k a n d a n ! automobile collided. Crov.-lev w i l l · n ' s appear before M u n i c i p a l Judge V l l r James Ptak Monday (,n charges o f , ""' m n n w '" *'II -a.-.t his 1"^ ""'''^ '" SOI lht TM"*" * " '"" '" Washincl °" Donnelly Is Appointed To Succeed McCloy OPS Works. Out Ways To Dismiss 6,150 Washington -M The government has laid out details of how Anna Welch, leader of the worn- i en's committee of the Soviet zone. Washington - M . The Office railway system, told a Commu- j of Price StabiliaHon has Sued ! an order expected lo boost thc ciijin entrance:. nist women's meeting: " O u r unmarried c- o i . o 'T, ~ " " · ", " " """"" i v "" (-·iiiirfics f)i - '·"" n i r t i j H (n me trio, w.'ishincton - /f'i - P m v i / u n i ' homa sr.H ?' I T , ° k ' a - ' "£ ''" "' C mi " llc " f l h c '·"'·"' "'' h " Cd "' C "·°" ry TM d nin rt " w " i T r u m ^ l"rf»y "amed ,· ifeer ± homa, self-piodalmed front run- . and h a v i n g f o u r persons m thc ' n me/./.-,ninc steps and out a l.imat Walter 1 OTM,7m- Iv ·· , ner in second choice votes for the ! front seal. i:min enlran,.,. i . . .:. v """: r ·'- uonriclly as Uni- top nomination, arrived with .1 The sheriff'.' off prediction t h a t hc will have ISO troopers i n v e s t i g a t e votes on thc first block. Kerr bid --l'"!^" r r o ", support , wilh thp Tht Weother and state , · the Red nest. w :: W«"09«ph Records blight 1 Earth Shocks bilization. This came shortly after Economic Stabilizer Roger L. Put- . nam told his anti-inflation agcn- ! Two slight earth shocks were re- cies yesterday to do the best they corded night before last on the CMild with the 6(1 million dollars' Congress gave him. He had requested 103 million. Putnam said OPS would get $,16,900,'000, a 45 per cent cut. Thc remainder v.-ill go to enforce rsnt inri wage controls. OPS said dismissal slips were being sent nut and its staff would Wednesday be cut to budget size by Scptcm- " her 1. ll's The Law ~ That any person who shall keep or use, or be in any way connected with or interested in management of, or shall receive rroney for tdmission of any such person seismograph at the University, it was learned today. Jim Case, in charge of the seismograph, said today he felt they recorded "slight readjustments" of thc earth which followed a severe tremor felt some v.ceks ago in Oklahoma. The first movement recorded came at 5:49 o'clock, and t h i s was followed by a similar '.ecording at 6:2S. The shocks ap- ' parently occurred about 209 miles I toward the west from Fayettcvillc. · would c o n t i n u e to support pVopos- '" css t n i s a " crl «""i. tmucht and effective July 23 ' als tn amend it ' " ; tomorrow; scattered, rnoMlv day- ceilings of veal : Kcrr said he is spending less ' t i m o showcrs "' lrt thundcisi-,rms; $3.60 per hundred I monc y on h| s campaign t h a n a i e : " h ' m P ° r ' "" ' TMP'' r '''-'"' prime and choice ' K c f auver, Russell or H a r r i m a n . '. " crs ' _ _ With platform d r a f t e r s s t i u g : gling to a r r i v e at iomc son of compromise on the explosive c i v i l rights issue, Texans traded blows before the Democratic N a t i o n a l Committee's contest panel. F i f t y two n o m i n a t i n g votes were at stake. Gov. A l l a n Shivers fought lo sent a delegation not pledged to support the party nominee. Former liep. Mary Maverick headed a i i v . i l "loyalist" group. hindquarters pounds for grades and $2'.60 for good grade. Ceilings on forequarters w i l l be lowered $4.60 per hundred on prime and choice grades and $3 60 on good. Translated for the housewife thc OPS saW she probably w i l l have to pay about 4 V j rents a pound for cutlets and steaks and about six cents a pound less for rib chops, shoulder cuts and breast of veal. Flairrs Destroy l.umlx-r Hot Springs. Ark -tyPj-Kifteen Ihmisand feet of lumber was de- A r k a n s a s - C 0 ns,,e,a,,,e c,oud..?;:rsJer,h^g,;'lt,:r Brothers Lumber Company's sawmill. Jde iVt.oncr, a p a r t n e r in the f i r m , estimated damage at $1(1000 and ted States high commissioner for Germany. At Ihe same time. I.lcw- '·llyn K. Thompson Jr, was appointed to succeed Donnelly as A m e r i c a n ambassador and high commissioner for A u s t r i a . Also .1 career d i p l o m a t . Thompson has been minister-counselor at Rome thc past two vears. clals. The official who told of the nrw seizure plan declined to be : quoted by name. The report came as officials dc* elined either lo confirm or deny , reports a secret settlement had been reached to the dispute. Steelworkers' President Philip Murray l e f t Pittsburgh for Chicago on ; business for the CIO, which he also heads, w i t h o u t commenting on thc report a steel agreement would be announced Monday. Negotia: tors broke off their talks last Monday vhen they wer" unable to reach a settlement. M u r r a y is due back In Pitts; h rgh Monday tn address a steel i union Wage Policy Committee. Concerned Over Production Laff M i l i t a r y authorities are so con. cverncd over the growing impact of the strike on arms production they pian to urge strongly to in- 1 dus'.ry. organized labor and the government that the mills reopen. An a i r p l a n e e x p e r t said yesterday . if th? s'.nke U nnt settle-! soon Teachers College Gets Ready For Ford Plan Poultry Market -- The poultrj mirkrt todty i n- portw by the Univerjity of Ar- Institute Technology and «f Selene* «nd the Dairy tnd 10 any such place'kept or used j Poultry ^Market" Neil for thc purpose of (ighund or iht U. S. Department of bating any bull, bear dog, cock,! lure. or other creatures, nnri every per- j NorthwW Arkansas m a r k r t son who shall encourage or assist stcndy, oltcrings sllrhtly l m tharein, or who shall permit any place to he so used will upon conviction be «djud«ed guilty ol I Savings Of Americans Increase In Period misdemeanor »nci fined not l:»i t h i n $10 or more t h i n $25, Ordinance Nn. 16l, passed by "ir Kayettevllle City Council M»y \ iftofl. Conway, Ark.-l/Pi-Thc A r k a n s a s i W a s h i n Rt n n-iVP|-A m e r I c a n s Stale Teachers College has com- ? Yert ' mrc r ''°" e - v "" rin K lh ' pleted a reorganization of j'ls TM- i!" lhr °'' m n n l h s nf l h i s "'ear rlculum based on a policy of B en- i «-°!!M"W ""T, """ f """'' Cr """'" eral education " n r l ' ) Wiir "' reports Ihe Semri- The reorganization was the o u t - , ''"he"?,^"^ jf-o^nTnnn 0 "come of several years study The r « ,^.i 00.000.000 rep- general education plan w s b e g u n ^ h, n 7 r f d 'T W '" ''" r "'"'' y """ this year to facililalc: the OOOM hiink . rl '.'' 0!; ' ts - i" ^vings and loan ,,K±x^i ! =3=^TM£= ,, w ... v ...,-' IORe ftpp ' ovp , d lhlj{ ·*«"·· I other consurnrr dohls. proved on l i R h l sixes, but heavy I ' -- , sizes continues short at all points. D«m«nd f a i r on »ght sizei, on heavy blrcts. Tratlinf light lo moderate. Prices p«|d f.o.h farm up lo J p. m., broilers or fryers ill weirhl.1, (2 to .1 ibs.) ,12-,V,1 cent* » pound, moslly ,1J. R»nln Clm* ' Drifl Q^,. Sft Berlin - (/P).Wesl Berlin crews- Little Rock - -"- ··- -···· Drnmelly surccods John f Mr il W1 " h r i n i ; lhc a : r P' ; i i : ^ industry t . f f lhc JU.SK was nnl ct.vcrcj | Cloy, who is ictiro'fi for persona'! j l ° " ;i R n ' e ; ' nrl P c r h a n 5 dc?pe--- ! i r a m r - frasons a l t e r thico" years 1 j»ervii-p I a!c t r i i ^" h e t w c r n A U R U S I 1 and Scp'ember 1.5, v.-hcn jot engine production mny s'.np comple:ely. A f i c h t ,-,p|;areniiy was fjoin^ nn I . - Prc.'jflent T r u m a t i ' s official family over a government offer of a SVfiS per t^n [-.rice bniit fof sterl if the s t r i k e is selt'ed. High n f f k i M s sa:d Pnc" Chef Klhs Arn:ill is UK?:I:K t h ^ t the o f f e r be ·.vithrirav/n. hut A c t i n g Mobilizer Dogjalchej At Mine JMl-Wofkerj Look For Reason ~ ~ " " m ! mine shaft near t h i s tiny Si.uth- weacrn Missouri town Rciicipnii of the aica speculate lhat the doic's owner met with foul Play "r a c c i d e n t a l l y t u m b l e d into John fi. Steclman i« standing hy ' '"-j- I.H.IIIII iivws - i/iuie MOCK - (/| r ) · Arkansas* hammered t h t last spike today In- i August d r a f t quota has been 'set to 1S7 harrier, blocking off es-, at 400 men, Maj. Carl D. Well. SiTt ^k'i 1 . ik 7T'* 1 c r i m - - f h i c f of manpower for the .Male tnais seeking the safely of "-- "-- · · surrounding Soviet Zone. . llodney H(,o,l. f i v e , of Neosho. M o . feed, ,, homeless collie which ..'land:, gu.nd o\cr an abandoned mine shall near Joplm, Mo. the .shaft. Hut no one has been reported missing. County ."ro.sei-utir (ieurgc Henry said he was voiumccd soulc- Ihmg of importance w i l l be found. The latesl e f f o r t hy volunteer w o i k c r s tn delve into the mine is a pumpmi; operation. They hope I to p u m p out enoii:,-h w a t e r ' t o un. I cover a p l a t f o r m t h a t sjians the ! s h a f t ir f u r l below the surface Thc pl.ilform picsumably would slop any objrrl t h a t mi|{ht have f a l l e n into the m i n e . j I I h a K y i r i K n p c i a t i f t n s c.irried o n ' f a t h e r p i m e d f r u i t l e s s . | The dog is ;, stranger in t h r ! c o m m u n i t y . N e a r l i v icsidenls , and the H u m a n e Society h a \ e | pmudeil i In- collie with food and a doghouse. ; K n r l i e r this week Ihe a n i m a l Ihe pronojal. which he reportedly made Saturday :.) 1.,'nitcd States Steel C'orporation executives. A r n a l l Mid he always has m a i n - tained thc steel industry ij cn- titlerl lo n $2.84 price increase "and no more." Negotiator! were reportedly agreed on certain wage Increases for the stcclworkers, but stymied over industry's refusal to grant a compulsory union shop, which would require all workers to belong to thc union. Liberal Parry Supports Franklin Roostvtlr, Jr. the Stlertlve Service system said yes' lerday. Sprlnjt Cily, Mo -l/Pi-A ( a u n t Scolch colhe dog stood watch nt an ahandoncrl mine l o r l n y -- t h e I l l l h day of Us strange vigil. And as thc clog wnlrhert, volun- N'c-.v Ynrk-i;p)-The Liberal party afler balking al first, has announced its support of Rep. Frank,, . ...................i lin n. Roosevelt, Jr., for rwlec- collapsed. A rcnnit it hart hc-n lion to Congress. Archer Scherl

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