Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 17, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1952
Page 5
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Admiration COFFEE 69c Domino Sugar 10 - 87 AKE MIXES Dovil«p*rf by Amwica'i Foreman Food Authority tUNCiM HIM! J-ST»« CAM M|( F« Wbta, V.Kr Duncan Hies Cake Mix 39c Gold Medal Flour, 25 lb! $ 1.69 Royal Puddings, 22 * Borden's Silver Cow Milk 2^27* Oxydol Super Suds LB r 19* 360 Size Sunkist Lemons doz. 35 * Kraft American--Deluxe Slices Cheese Yt Ib. Pkg. Kuner's, Cross and Blackwell 46 oz. Tomato Juice 25* Potted Meat ca Vienna Sausage, can 10' HENSLEY'S Super Market Springdale, Ark. Hottest Test Pilot Tells Of Flight At 1,2» Miles Per , Hour At Record Altitude Price Hikes Talked On Many .""""I N Z d »,, Products Previously Falling By SAM DAWSON ?\v ! slump is prices i f »m-e n ·1 Comi:y. O k l a h o m a city. Okla., di.i-j r r i i o r of mm'?:, women's and ilflren's hosiery In the South-i for the lust 25 yr.irn, today 1 mmm-cfl ihc a p p o i n l m r n t n f i Hit-hard K. Stahl » fewril mai "Kir. Nearly half of ill pfdcstri*- killed in traffic are struck arras away /rom regular croi walks. Los Angeles - Iff) - The hottest* plane in the free world, the: · · .. · · H J A D558-2 Skyrocket, holds a new AOfflltS IK POSCfl AS speed record of 1,238 miles an hour, says the Navy. And the hottest test pilot, lanky Bill Bridgeman, says zoomng at that speed is "no d i f f e r e n t than Albuquerque. N. M.-MVA 3G- flying 750 miles per hour." j year-old man has pleaded g u i l t y The real kick comes, B r i d g e - j to n charge that he collected de- for more Woman For Allowance man said in an interview last j pendent's night, when the rocket-propelled i t h a n a year while posing as hummingbird runs out of power wife of at a record altitude of 79,494 feet and swoops down 15 miles for are bcini; miked of today in a i number of fields where the trend , u n t i l recently has been all the j other v.-ay. j spnnse ! Textile prices are f i r m i n g here ' ' As '' j and there, w i t h scattered price hikes announced in s y n t h e t i c , wool and cotton yarns, fabrics or end products. Steel price hikes are .i.. S | rv . widely expc.-ted to follow the end ' of the steel strike. A tinplate shortage--due to the steel strike--cnuld m a k e canned f r u i t s ami vegetables si M M i c e l h u I u. sc ,,| bv ,hoii M ml, d«ad-stick landing on the desert. Both the speed and altitude marks were confirmed here by Secretary of the Navy Dan allowance ,,,, ,,,,,,,.-; , , u , t , ami veseiauies s.o sea,ce this i it s e.l by (hoiisaml.. in rcduclni ., , .. _ - "' '"" as '" sond t h o i r I"''"'* '!'. j lii-ts--Jun S c 1 s llimim, Meal lirearl wife of an A i r Force sergeant.! « . . -- . . . . . . .. . ! " The FBI scid George M e r l i n o j I i l l r Ira(1(l , ar . usl · Sanchez, of Honolulu, lived near j president Air Force bases in New Mexico,! Texas and California while posing | as the wife of S. Sgt. Ronald M . j ' raids the ·ul-rale bargains you've o find on brand name Carpenter, who has been arrested 1"'^""'";" i l m l 1llrl " !S '" 5 " mc "- Klmb.ll. Bridseman flew the! i" California on charge, « TM[ a TM**TM 0 ?»'TM The official said the unpersona- , , , · «»i" me o.u j.ui lion was disclosed through a r o u - I I!. ade I a w * os ^w^ml out by t|, e tine fingerprint check after Snn- Douglas-built rocket ship to un-| prccedentort heights last August' 7 and set the speed record August 15 in tests at Edwards Air force Base, Calif. The Navy previously had admitted only that the research j plane had "climbed at 1,000 miles an hour." In all, Bridgeman made six rocket flights last summer. The Skyrocket was launched each time at 3.1,000 feet from a B-29 mother ship. Each time, the 35- year-old Douglas test pilot said, the need-le-nosed 40-foot ihip rammed smoothly through the sonic barrier--which is reached at about 660 miles an hour at 35,000 feet and above. In pressurized suit and cockpit, Bridgeman says | he was "not especially conscious of speed." Mistake* Noticeable "You notice the high speed only when you make a mistake," the ex-Navy bomber pilot said. "Then she really jumps and gets hard to control. Generally, though, there's too much blue sky ano so many clicz was arrested in Corptis Christi, Texas, on charges of vagrancy and disturbing the peace. Sanchez was held in the jail's women's division while the fingerprints were being checked. Aly KharTMay Yijil Miss Hayworth In U.S. Hollywood - W)-AIy Kahn may come to Hollywood soon to visit his estranged wife. Actress Rita Hayworth, and their daughter Yasmin. Miss Hayworth said yesterday, through a Columbia S t u d i o spokesman, that the Moslem prince told her recently by telephone from Europe that he plans to come to this country in August. About rumors of a possible reconciliation, Miss Hayworth said: "I have not changed my plans." | Her plans, the spokesman said, things to do that the speed isn't! are to obtain a divorce in Nevada, noticeable." · j where she has established rcsi- The record speed was made i n . d e n c c . level flight after the Skyrocket; ----:--· had reached the apex of hen climb. It was measured by inslru- | ments in Ihe plane and radar ground readings carefully checked by the Navy Bureau of Aeronautics. The moment that sends "your guts into your shoes," Bridgeman declares, comes when the last of the lour rockets used by the plane loses its thrust. "Then you have to bend *er over fast, level off and start gliding for home." Home is, Muroc Dry Lake, a shiny eight-mile expanse of "real friendly desert that you can't miss." No Slow Glide It. isn)t exactly a slow glide, either. Bridgeman lands "without power at 160 miles per hour. Thu Brings Commendations A University English professor, Dr. T. C. Duncan Eaves, is coeditor of "The Letters of William Gilmnre Simms," which has been winning critics' praise since the first volume of the five- column work appeared last month. "Reader? of Simms' letters--· and the editors of the volume-- ov.-e n debt of gratitude to the University of Arkansas for joining hands with Furman University and the University of South Carolina in furthering the work of publishing these letters," nn article in the Charleston, s. C.. News and Courier said. Dr. Alfred Tnv- Supreme Court. Many Control! To R« Dropix-d Trice controls arc a'jout to bo dropped on almost everything department tores stock and upon still more foods, the O f f i c e of Price Stabilization indicates. It says Congress clipped its f i n a n c i a l wings so short t h a t it won't have enough employes left to do a policing job on the prices of many consumer goods. The grocery trade scouts the no- lion that the decontrol of prices of canned f r u i t s and vegetables will k i t e their price tags. But they worry about the possibility of a lincan shortage during the packing season may cut drastically the volume of this year's crop lo be put inside tins. And this--especially now t h a t Congress has ended price controls on canned fruits and vegetables , --could send prices up this fall in | the grocery store. Textile Trices Up The turn-about of prices in the textile field is widely hailed in the industry as signaling the end | of its long depression. The scattered price hikes of the basic- fibers are not likely to show up in the stores for some time lo come, the trade says. Some m i l l s have j u s t raised the price of cotton bed sheets--erasing only a part of the price cuts of recent months, however. Cotton print goods prices have been firmer for several weeks. Silk prices in Japan have been soaring in recent weeks, but with some signs now of leveling off. None of the price hikes in textiles this week and last, however, have brought prices anywhere near their post-Korean peaks. But they may well indicate lhat the long average jet plane lands at 1101 lor Odcll of Furman University mph. The entire flight, from the i collaborated with Mrs. Mary C. moment nf release from the bot- j Simms Oiiphanl, granddaughter torn of the B29 to the landing', takes only 11 to 16 minutes. of the noted Southern literary figure, in editing the first of the "The sonic barrier isn't a prob- j letters. Dr. Odcll was succeeded . lem any longer," the ace tester | to 19*9 by Dr. Eaves. The Univcr-! % GALLON Vaiiilli Ice Cream 63c H*lkm4 IrM. LocUr Plant said. '"Theoretically, man might some day fly 10,000 miles an hour if he can lick the aerodynamic barriers. Heat is the problem now, and the question Is can we go higher and faster without having to use an impossibly bulky cooling system." Bridgeman said he did not have special refrigeration equipment on his record flights. "The plane is soaked in cold at fi5 degrees belo*yzero while .the B29 cruises at 35.000 feet," he explained. "So far that has been all the conditioning I've needed." It is believed that the Eskimos lived. north of Lake Superior about 2,000 years ago and moved north from there. ' sity of South Carolina Press is publisher of the work. It is estimated that American! Indians must have cultivated the! corn plant for about S.OOO years. I EVERYTHING M PtUMMNO and SUTPtlfS FAYETTEVILLI IRON and METAL CO. OOVtHNMtNT AVI. · GLIB BARTON for Attorney Central · HM_IIWt tKBtrkMM HIM · IiriOTM* 1MH M Horn* tawytn Paid by Paut Johnion, Monll- rello. One Eskimo language is spoken with few dialects from Green-, land west to the eastern portions | of Siberia. HELP WANTED Sfenogrophtr and Office Worker 44 hour minimum w**k C. A. SWANSON AND SONS SPRING AND WEST STS. AlUJU Catsup Tomato Dressing Salad Trcet Armour Bacon Lima Beans Tomatoes Extra flood quality. Salted to taito. Dog Food Grapes Swot, Thompion Sodleu. YOU CANT FOOL A GOOD POLITICIAN! [Smoked Picnics SEES M*«J° qu.ckly for fl.vor And he c«ih ref uteri i · .rwt UndiHde for th» tndidite FLAVOR1TE ctnd EVERY d«y tVIKY VOff* HAS A MOOT TO MEADOIAKE FLAVOR MAKK If DiUViK I, Armour Star or iWlwn Certified Sliced Bacon Swift Sweet Rather. Troy packed. 4.6 Ib. OY«ro9«. ShankUis. Neck Bones M«aty, fine for Whitinq Fish l'/i Ib. pkg. 29e, fully cltaned. Ib. Ib. Ib. 49" 1919" Large Pkg. LUX FLAKES 280 PALMOllYE SOAP Bath Site 2 bars 23c S P R Y 3±85 LUX SOAP Bath Sixe 2 bars 23c LUX SOAP Ref. Sise 2 bars 23c UFBUOYSOAt ·rtfcSto 3bars2S AGRO NOB Starch '£ 1ft UFBUOY SOW I Si

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