Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 17, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, July 17, 1952
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PAGES TODAY 12 Read by ovtr 25.000 Daily 10CAI FOMCAST-- Ttvt'levillf inrl t t c i n j t y mostly r.itjdv w i t h iclltfred Jhowfn tonljh- »n1 tomorrow. C a n t l n i w d mild R l n M!l fn H l f h t e m p ^ n t u r r ye«!erdsv T Iw TO noon tod«/ 71 Sunrijs » '.5, iiinlet 1.03 Interest Is Tfce Wrif Concern Of This Newspaper VOIUME 90, NUMIER 304 Auoclatod Prau LnMd Win FAYITOVIUl AtKANSAS THUKSDAY EVENING, JULY 17, 1952 AP, King and NEA fortvnt Drouth Group To Decide On County Plans Committee Is Named To Talk Over Situation Meeting Scheduled At Courthouse Tomorrow Night A drouth committee composed of representatives from every section of the county has been set up by the county Agricultural Planning Committee to work with 1 the county agent and other interested people in assisting farmers who are in need of feed, seed, and fertilizer because of the current drouth. The committee will meet Missing ^ tomorrow at 8 p.m. with R. AT. Wilson, Route 3, Prairie Grove, vice chairman of thc county Planning Committee, presiding. Definite plans will be made to fit the needs of the farmers of the county. Subjects to be discussed at this meeting include the purchasing of hay to be shipped into the county; securing seed to be planted at this | time for fall feed crops: a fall and winter pasture program; the need to have Washington County established by the Department of Agriculture area. as a drouth-stricken Decline In Buying j Power Reported; Washington -W)- The a v e r a g e ! American family made more in i 1951 than it did the year before-- j bul it was worse off because rising '. prices and climbing taxes more than wiped out Ihe gain in income.' The ederal Reserve Board said yesterday its survey of consumer ! finances showed t h a t average tola! income of "spending units"--most- · ly families--rose fro;:i $3,520 in : 1950 to 53840 in 1951 a rise o f : about nine per cent. But consumer prices also went up nine per cent wiping out the income gain. And increased taxes tipped the scales against the average family cutting buying power below the previous McMathToSpeak At Wedington Celebration Event Scheduled Saturday Afternoon As Rood Dedication Gov. Sidney McMath, candidate for a third term subject to the Democratic primaries this summer, will be tle principal speaker at a three-county rally Saturday starting at 1 p. m., at Lake Wedington. The event is held as a celebration of 37 miles or hard surfacing of High-.vay 16, both east and west of Fayctteville, in Benton. Washington anil Madison counties, and is sponsored by Highway 16 Improvement Association. Frank Giles is president of the association, and Paul Marinoni is secretary. Resdents of the three counties are invited to take their lunch and picnic in the main area at the I lako, where tables and chairs will I be put up. Cold drinks will be ' served free. This part of thc or- | casion is to start at 1, with t h e 1 governor to speak at 2 o'clock. | The observance marks t h e ; completion of four miles on the j , highway east of Siloam Springs, I Murr . v - already b a t t l i n g it o u t ! 10 miles west out of Fayctteville t o ! w i t n Sicl M c M a t h politically, t o - j the lako, and 23 miles from Elkins i c1a ' sought permission to oppose to St. Paul. j 'he governor in the courtroom. Former Chancellor Lee Seam- ! * Iurry askcd Pu! ^ki Chancery j ster of Fayetteville. who served i , urt to nesi S n «te him as a t - i the governor as legislative secre- i ey 10 f l g h t McMath's suit to Russell Seeks Support Of Truman In Nomination Bid Johnny Comes Marching Home--But Not Alone Murry Seeks To Take Part In Tax Suit Asks Court Order Allowing Him To Enter McMath Case Little Rock-(/P)-Atty. Gen. Ike nautical tary during the last two sessions of the legislature, will introduce McMath, and Orval Faubus, newspaper publisher of Huntsville and former member of thc Arkansas '- Highway Commission, will act as master of ceremonies. Reds Move Prisons To Target Area ' ma.Titl ul l 1:1 i r l l l u n l L - s . been missing from his Pa-adena. The governor is expected in Calif, home for a week and his Fayctteville by air Saturday morn- wife fears he has been kidnaped inK a n d w i n ' b e met b ° y , d °ele- becausc he knows m i l i t a r y secrets. | g a t i o n at D r a k e Fie i d H( , w|n She ro.rened his drivers license rpond several hours in Fayetteville and a will ,n lhe mail a day after visiting friends and acquaintances, he disappeared. b(?fore d r i v i n g , Q , h( , ]ak( , J(jr ^ lunch and road dedication ceremonies. , District and county candidates | will be afforded an opportunity I to make announcements before ! the governor speaks. Series Of Robberies In City Continue have moved their prize captive. U.! Police records revealed this S. Maj. Gen. William F. Dean, morning that thc O. K. and Mi- froin a prisoner of war camp at i ' af i. v Cleaners at 14 North Block the bomb-shattered capital of '· Street was burglarized for the sec- vnie; vomey i-arKor, ttouie n, Pyongyang to another camp in i onc * time this week shortly before Fayettcville; Joe S. Reed. Route 4 , 1 North Korea, but did not give the j midnight last night. The report Benton County and Crawford County have asked for federal aid as drouth-stricken communities, hut opinion is said to be divided in this county as to the necessity of such a move here. Considerable discussion of the problem is j planned tomorrow night. The following farmers have been named to the committee: R. M. Wilson, vice chairman. Prairie Grove; S. H. Pitts, Lincoln; .7. G. Buchanan, Route. 3, Prairie Grove; Bill Venable. Route 2. Lincoln; Clifford Glenn. Route i, Summers; H. L. Gilbreath, Sunv | mers: Frank Garrett, Route 3, j Prairie Grove; I Munsan, K o r e a - (/P) - Thc M. C . G i b s o n . R o u t e 1, Farm- Communists today said they ington: E. A. Teter, Route 4, Fayetteville; Ewing .Jackson, Route 4, Fayetteville; C. C. Hawloy, Route 4. Fayetteville: Lester Elliott, Route 6. Fayetteville; Volney Parkor, Route fi, - S942 in state income ...,,.., which McMath claims he overpaid. Murry said t h a t was his job under the law, but that Revenue Commissioner Carl Parker had refused to turn the case over to him. McMath's suit. In which Parker is the nominal defendant, hasn't been set for trial. It is highly improbable that It will be- tried u n t i l after the approaching Democratic primaries in which McMath, M u r - ry and three others are candidates for governor. In his petition Murry points nut that Parker is a McMath appointee. Murry declared that the interests of th« state are directly involved in tht litigation and that! the itate "is the real party de-! , fcndsht." Hi said that Parker! j legally was required to certify I | McMath's complaint to the al-i toniey general "for attention and defense." hut that Parker had refused to do this. If Chancellor Frank H. Doduc. in whose division of court the * Georgia Senator Sternly Opposes Strong FEPC Asserts President Probobly Yet To Choose Favorite By JACK BEU. . Chicago -f/Pi- Sen. Richard B. | Russell of Gcorsi.1 bid today for ihc support of Prenldent Truman in his race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Uu.«soll--originally urged Into tho p a r t y content by anti-Truman Southern Democrats--was silent for the time being on the preil- | dent's fighting declaration againlt any convention "betrayal" of his political creed. But the Georgian said he expects Truman to m a k e known his choice of a candidate early In thc .list Democratic National Convention opening Monday. "I am nnt sure that President Truman knows yet who that man will be," Huiscll said. "I would be vory happy to have his support and that of any good Democrat." Truman said In a message to delegates made public last night . , , , , , · · ' wcn ' to Europe I" years ago as n bachelor soldier arrived I l n s l "'here must be no betrayal in Iscwjork aboard the liner Queen Klizabeth-his stains considerably altered. He and his wife I "' l h = N«"» Deal and the Fair Maria Theresa, whom he married in Austria in 1946, walk with their seven children on the liner's i Deal" by the convention, deck. Left lo right arc: H e r b e r t , four; Evelyn Yan Van .-oven- " . . . John H. w a n e , Jr., :», a who burfta '" . . FrancosTM. 10- Wolfgang n. Wal- Florence, five; and Peter, I wo. Three of Ihe youngsters arc the WalteV own three are Mr a n K v c l y n ' wh ' OT Ch i" c « """" «"d Austrian mother wore killed in nn a u t o accident, was adopted. W a i t e remained in Europe alter physicist with Army occupation forces. the war Taking this cue, Northern Democrats and Negro spokesmen told platform drafters today thJt Convkl Paroled July 9 Shot To Death By Truman May Housewife In Texarkana; Inquest Slated Go Bock To J; Job Saturday Springdale; W. C. Russell, Route j new location. 1, Springdale; Joe Pianalto, Route ^ j change of letters by liaison ! cors- of the United Nations Command and Communist truce teams did not disclose how the thieves The disclosure came in an ox: onlcred lhe b u i l d i n g or what was taken. C. Q. Russell, Cano Hill; Carl Kidd. Route 1, Cane Hill; Otis Quinton, Route 1. West Fork; Albert Litterill. Knringdale; N. W. at Tanmunjom. · · - -- ··-·· - ·- - -- - · · Thc Red letter told of a largo- . i "' rjda . v ni 8 ht and that $2 in mon- scale prisoner transfer involving . cy a n d otncr sma " i-. . ,. . . ** l a L - o n Earlier this week the cleaning establishment reported to police that the place was broken into Smith. Fayetteville; Bill Guten- tohn, Springdale; Horace Cloer. Route 2. Springdale; Nolan Johnson. Route 2. Springdale; Odis Cardwell. Route 8. Fayetteville: Vincent 'Shaver, S p r n g V a ley Fred ArcherT Route ' " C /'"« communication do- 2 Springdale W. E. Cate, Route Banded nn accounting of 1.881 1 Favottevillp- missing U. TV soldiers believed in -- change was taken. The Ludwick Conoco station on West Dickson Street also reported Thc Allied communication do- i t h a t som(;on(! had broken into that 1 fj 81 ! establishment last night. Nothing Dean, former commander of thc j U. S. 24th I n f a n t r y Division, and numerous Korean captives. j was taken and there was no mon- in the cash register at the time, McMath suit is pending, grants the petition, Murry will replace; Revenue Department Attorney G. T. Ward, who has been representing Parker. Murry attached to his petition a list of lo?al citations whirh he said supported his position in the matter. civilian research I " " strong- civil rights plank i) not approved, the parly will face thc possibility of a widespread movement in stay away from the polls In November. Rep. Adam Clayton Powell of New York spoke for the Negroes and Stanley Gcwirtz for Americans for Democratic Action (ADA), nelf-«tyled "liberal"' element of the party, w«'t G« AIOM with rare Ruuell made It clear he won't go along with any plank which would call for a compulsory Tali · ..* mv / M f i i ^ A wiiKc-r jiern jios- Employment Practices Commis- Marti". 2.1,|pitnl. aides said today. They re- slnn (FEPC). bringing greater relief to hav f e v - 1 wa:i R l ' l c " J*' iln ;i -' 2 gauge shot- j ported he expects to get back to i H C also denounced as "Hag rule' er s u f f e r s is a v a i l a b l e throughout | Jj"",^,^" "1 r( 'P o ''tedl.y attempt- | the White Mouse by Saturday. Thc I a proposal sponsored by the AD/ _.j^^^^ president entered the ! an( * others to permit a bare major- Fewer Sneezes Necessary Philadelphia - W) - A now drug Po ! ic1 ': s ; . . ·inging greater relief to hay fev- j wa:i k l ' l c t l W l l h T e x a r k a n a , Ark. - Of) - Coroner C. L. Winchester said nn Inque., would be held today in the fata Plane Hits House In Los Angeles, Four Die the country for the coming ragweed season. Phenergan Hydm- chloride, originally developed in France and produced here by Wyeth. Inc., a Philadelphia pharmaceutical houyp, has been reported " f a r superior to those obtained w i t h any other antihistamic agent." Dr. N. E. Silbert of Lynn, Mass., who tested the drug under clinical observation, said thcre was a f;iv- or.iblc response w i t h i n half an hour in 98 cases out of 102. l e d to force his way I n t o a h o m e ; here. Millor C o u n t y Chief Deputy Sheriff T i l l m n n t n h n - 'H M Myrtle Hake. 33. has a d m i t t e d f i r i n g tho Kim at M a r t i n as he tried to break in a door. She was arrested but no charges were filed and Coroner Wmche.sler said "it sounds l i k e justi -Johnson said polac t h a t M a r t i n was a friend of her husband's and crime to t h e i r home yesterday morning. He loft when she refused to a d m i t him. She said M a r t i n returned: 1 Favetteville' u. ,1. ^.UUIL-I.I uciiuvuu in · ' B-n Clark, Elkins: Hugh Wil- · Communist stockades. The U. N. | % " t n ^ cash " .iams, Elkins; Herman Stoken- i command said it has been making j lno - v rc P° rl TM. bury. Elkins: M. G. Cassidy, Dur- I the request since December with i " , . . . . . ham; R. B. Crouch, Route 6, Fay- "totally unsatisfactory" results. fer in notifying the U. N. that · H f [° m ' ° p , r "T" ' otteville: The Allies answoroH , s i m i l a r t h n v h^ ^.JLrf , h ... ,,,,,_;. cu P'«i house was set afire and a taking off in a soupy fog, crash-; cd into a house today. The sher- i , iff's office said four bodies were ' i taken from the plane. The nnoc- I Los Angeles - M)-A light plane,; pj|g| Qjgj ffWJ||n JQ Save Californians · hospital yesterday. He is under- \ which he was a f f l i c t e d Sunday. .Joseph Short, the president's ·r saiu -ii I "' C5!! socrcl;11 'y. ·"·''id Truman is homicide " kl!0 P |n « h l l s v « oi "S over thc srcat Hake t o l d ' n u m b c r nt h i l l s Passed in the -.-losing days of Congress and still re- q u i r i n g his .vlgnaturc. lie has about 5(1 bills to KO. Mrs. Truman arrived by t r a i n ,.,* .-,,,,, ..,,,,,m rciurnca · l" d " y f l o m '"dependence. Mo. in tho afternoon and began curs-'. Sh _° ri ''°, VC dlrcti "y '" lh hospital, David Henson, Route 1, Fayctic- request from the Communists for of war camps and : ville; Vernon Matnis, Springdale; · an accounting of 1,014 Allied-hold ! ones. Four of the n oy , ,, ,, ' ii te ' they had abolished three prisoner 1 set up six new lew ones are at neighboring home was damaged by flying rtebris. . .... »v.v u u .ii.iii f s ,M i , u n JiMii_'u-iifiu · um:.v r o u r 01 me new ones are at T* «K j · i · ' f , prisoner, with information on al, or near Pyongyang, target of a ! J "^ ? ?"' '""t^.'" "! Clement, Uced. Summers; A. Prairie Grovr; Albert Baker, West Fork; Don- . aid Weaver, Route 1. West Fork;! Bill Eichcr, Sprinfidalo; E a r n e s t ' Holcomb, Route 3, Springdale; ; Clint Meadows, Fayotteville: Dick ; Johnston, Route 8. Fayetteville; John Grain, Springdale; S a m Couch, Sprinpdale; R. D. Goff. Fayetteville; Harvey Monk, Route j 2, Bcntonville; Calvin Johnson, j Springdale; B. B. Brogdon, Spring- i dale; ; Glen Walker. Springdale; Lawrence Pool, Route 1, Hindsville; i Bob Joiner, Route 1, Hindsville;! Hobson Graham, Hailcy Sales = Company, Fayetteville; O. L. Andrews. Highway 71 N., Fayctte- ville; Charles G. McClelland, Cane Hill; and James Irwin, Clyde. Others interested are invited. Collins Leaves Japan Malsushima Air Base Northern Japan-WVGcn. J. Lawton Collins U. S. Army rhief of s t a f f , left here hy air last night for Alaska. He is en route back tn the United States j following an inspection tour of | Korea, , ! destructive Allied The Reds announced his trans- · week. last Chicago Scene It's The Law It Is hereafter unlawful lo operate any automobile, truck, motorcycle, or other gasoline propelled vehicle without completely muffled engine exhaust . . . So called "72" m u f f l e r s shall b e ; unlawful . . . as are extended exhaust pipe or pipes . . , unless cx- haus-t passes t h r o u g h a proper f u n c t i o n i n g m u f f l e r . Tines are from $t to $: on con- many days of a plane hitting house in this area. A Navy pilot was killed late yesterday when his disabled jet hit a Santa Ana homv whose occupants were out shopping. Today's crash took place as the craft left Northrop Airport, not far from busy International Airport, the city's main landing field. Plane Overshoots Field And Ends Up On Street Fort Worth-f/Pj-A B r a n i f f Air- : v.'ay plane, coming in for a land- Ing at Meacham Field here late last night, overshot a r u n w a y and ' f i n a l l y came lo a stop at thc edge: o! North Main Street. Thc DC-3 two-motor pl-jne, carrying 18 passengers and a crew of three, p a r t i a l l y knocked down a fence and came to rest w i t h the, front of the plane protruding on i the street. No one was reported · injured, and damage to the p l a n e i was described as rr.iaer. It did ' not overturn. ' I in?, t h r e a t e n i n g hor and kicking j thc door when she would not | p e r m i t him to enter. She laid she ; sent lhe children and a neighbor j oul tho hack and fired tho gun t h r o u g h the lion! door, i M a r t i n staggered backwards off the porch and died. Police Chief Max Tacketl said . M a r t i n was paroled hy thc state Santa Ana, C,llif.-(/P|-A Navy pilot, who apparently could h a v e hailed out yesterday tried to f l y his disabled jet fighter a w a y from a populous residential district and P .,.. n . D »., i' i i ,, ' j'"" died when it crashed i n t o a home. ; T ? B n - r " J u | y ' " ; ! v.'as re- Witnesscs said the twin-jet H a n - i 'T *'·»"«»·· '«· '"I been shoe lost a v,i n(! t i p a. about 15,- ! S ° '' nfr !^ m ' , nr " T e x a r k a n a 0011 fool. The pilot attempted tn 1(ll) ""- V ' ' S r k C " s a l t l keep the ship u n d e r c o n t r o l . Hut it swooped low ^ trco tops a n d f i n a l l y plunged t h r o u g h I h c roof and f r o n t w a l l of tho R n y Sledman homo, demolishing it. Stodmari and liis w i f e woro a-.'.ay. Mrs. Ha/.cl McCallom, s i t t i n g in the l i v i n g room of hor homo acm.'..- the strool. was seriously i n j u i c ' l where her husband occupies the presidential suite. She declined to discuss the president's health. Short said Truman's physician, Maj. Gen Wallace H. Graham. expects the president's tempera ture "may so up a teeny l i t t l e hit lo cu*. off Senate filibusters A two-thirds vote of the Senate': entire membership Is now requirec lo shut off debate. The Gcorgie senator predicted J compromise civil lights piank wil be adopted which won't Htlsf; anyone f u l l y but will be one 01 which "all the Democrats ran de together." He said it was "highi. improbable" thcre would be an. Democratic bolt this year. Russell moved closer to Truma and support of the "Fair Deal program yesterday by denouncin the Taft-Hartley Jaw, which n helped enact over Truman's vcti Kefauver Uriel Fllht Sen. Estes Kcfauver of Tonnes sec, s?lf-tabbed peoples' choice ft | ti;c- nomination, called for a figh this afternoon, as it has °n w h a t he labeled "Republica been doing since Sunday. T r u m a n '· isolationism and reaction." had no fevor ihis morning. j In wordr, t h a t paralleled Tru Short reported tho president man's o f f i c i a l message to the cor went to thc hospital not because vcntlon delegates, Kefauver di run- clarcd yesterday: by f l y i n g wreckage. Harriman Would Aid Going To Danes Keep Far More Polio Cases In Nation This Year W a s h i n g t o n - lil'i - Tho Public H e a l t h Service fiday reported I.- 017 now casos nf i n f a n t i l e p a r a l y sis in tho n a t i o n last week. That was 426--or 67 per cent -- above tho fJ2l ft,: tho weok ended .fuly 5. The new n-poit bn.unht the ; total for the " year' 1 -- ihc j period .slartmg w i t h ihc week '· i-ndcd A p r i l fi--to .1.032. In 11)49-- tho poak vcar r.n far for lopoiled of his nines', hut to facilitate nine; medical tests. Might Term It I r O n LUDQ P a r t V ' K e f a u v e r the "Associate -* ' ' Prc.-s I.MS Angeles - f/Ti - It was a ..special hahy shower yesterday for Mrs. Retly Seymour. 24, .1 polio v i c t i m . Mrs. Seymour, v t h n experts , "Tho- Democratic party mu. c o n t i n u e to be the liberal, pn Rrrssive parly of the nation. V. can-,ot retreat on either loreig poli'v or in the domestic field Kefauvrr I.eadi In Delegates a u v e r loads in the Assoc, all delecate tabulation v/ith 2.' voles to I J U ' i for Russell. bas( in pledges of support and know fi;;t-ballot preferences. Mutu Security Director Averell Harr man. an a l l - o u t supporter of Tn baby in about a m o n t h , har, been : n}iin policies, is r u n n i n g third w confined to an iron lung at tho | "- votes. It takes 616 to win. General Hospital since May 28 s.nd in his messaje, Three- other respirator patients! ^° P r mted in the official conve decided on the party. Nurses llon Program handed to everyoi wheeled their iron lungs to the man, m u t u a l security a d m i n i : t r a - lor rep,',i tt-dly r,r,.s iccornmonde'i poliomyelitis cases -- the total foi i door of Mrs Seymour's"loom tho same period was only .1.873. | they could w a t c h hoi open the to President Truman t h a t U . S . a " , d ?,"[ nj "" ''^"^ b 'TM 1 '' s " ;d ! I'TM""- w h i d l "^' M h -"' to Denmaik not bo cut off bo- "'" l " nc l l l M VP '"' I'lankols. dothos and r a t t l o s . cause thc Danes sold a tanl-.oi Russia. Poultry Market -- ! The poultrj m«rXet todsjr an rt- i ported by the University of Ar-| k«ns«i ln«titut« of Science .nd' Technolorjr «nd the Dairy a n d : Poultry Market News Servict at, Ui« U. S. Department of A f r l c u l - . turt. | Northwest Arkansas m a r k M i firm, offerings light all points, truck demand generally good, processinf demand ll*ht, trading l i g h t ; mo»t trading centered at 32 cents today with occasional lots heavy sizes at lop of price range. . o f the I..i7il delegates, that uthcv polnieal party has "done much, so well for so many peoplt Barkley Hrm In Stand Vice President Alben W. B*r ley, whose 74 years may not st hi,,, f r o m becoming a formidat r.mdid,iic for the presidential nor m a l i g n , echoed tho president's d m a n d t h a t the party stand on record in o f f i c e Reciting what he Bald we Chandler Aru.-M'.-Thr South J ,. m | c n ,. k-.l'.Tho A.k.n,., similar si.uahon" would exist in CnosTand "he a'»rt"nd JSf ·rn P a r i l i o passongrr I r a m . ,ho ,,-,mp.-m:n dm-cio, f,,, ,; rn . tho Nov-mt,e, vole for governor ploved, Barkley "aid the Im mpmal, s t r u c k an empty n:rohne DwlKhl Ki-.enhow,.r ,, , t h , i . -,. of A i k a n s ; , . Ho said t h a t - i o p cratic party ha^ · earnedI th« co larm i r u o k al a cro-.sisE 14 miles i depends sornox.hat on w h o m I h e , Candidate Ji-lf Spi-ck of French-, fidence o Stuttgart Resident Chosen To Direct Train Hits "Gas" Truck . . , , But Nobody is injured Campaign For Eisenhower In Arkansas southeast of here yesterday, der a i l i n g a section of tho I r a m an-I Democrats nominate" w h e t h i . Arkansas w i l l go Republican in v:r 'TM' v . .,, , ,, I S "' "»""' S. Kerr o, Oklahoma . . T T o T l n 1 a U m c a g o o e l P r c « Id . . . h r , V Ordinance No. 711, pa.wd h y , room as he holds an informal news conference. Korr said he I s ' p. m hroilers and f r v r r , all Ihe F j y r l t r v l l l e Cily Council A u - i o n - t a i n TroMdont Truman "i« not ,g»,nit me- In Kerr'i bid for t h e . wHghi» TM'i" Ih") 32.11 con *usl S. 1M». proirtenlinl n o m i n a t i o n . i « pound, moMly £ " ' I n j u r i n g nine persons. None of tho lhe November cieclinns. injured was reported in serious Verne L. Tlndall of Stultgart, condition. The fast - movng westbound Irain. powered hy two locomotive sliced lhe truck in two and who was named campaign director by t h e slate fiOP Executive s C o m m i t t e e ycstord.iv, said that If '- tho OomooiaU n o m i n a t e a ,Sf?'.lth- linued almost a half mile pnit tho ornor. "I;'!! hr more d i f l i n i l t " to crash sceno before a damaged r o w - ' w i n I h t oalchtT rippei' up 100 feel of i r a r k and flipped both engines over en ( h e i r nidnt. | t h o gcnoial. tan's Davou would have a licltcr, S»even»on Ma; Get V«4nT chani-o a g a i n s t some of the f u e l The president, counted cut men seeking the Democratic; the nomination picture here i n o m i n a t i o n t h a n he would against | tor McKinney's statement th«t · run agr ·"' " · · · · · · ··if 11 nv vs i / u n i « K 1 ' " ' t j "·* "**·»» 11 HlC/ 3 S l f l t C l others, hut he wouldn't say whom; Is determined not to .,,,, he hoped would be nominated. j hasn't given any Indication A slate headquarters \ , l l l he opened hore soon and a Steering, Commiltoo w i l l be named for lhe!Th* camp/ii((n, Tmdall CONTWUID ON PAQI .,, i - -- - - said. M M . i Arkansas--Conilderahl* P!MI "llut I don't i h m k t h e y ' r e goins i K i a n k M r O i l l l r m l y of Milvern! n».« wllh .hflwtTM .nd l«Ll «S- in rhooso anyone f r o m Iho South." ; w.i., olortod head of tho Women's' derslormj this njternooj, tajh f i n d a l l said that "· somewhat, Division. 1 and tomorrow) w « -- -- - ^^

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