Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 16, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1952
Page 13
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Eight Teams To Compete In District Legion Tourney Four-Day Even! *"" Scheduled For Fair Grounds Foyetteville Opens Play Against Ozark Thursday At 1:30 Brundage ElectedPresident Of International Olympics An eight-team field moves inlo Fnyetteville Thursday, July 24. fur four-day Northwest District Junior Legion baseball tourna- Hclsinki -'/('i- A very Brundasc. nf Chicago was elected president, of the International Olympic Committee today, i Hrundaqc succeeds J. Sigfrid Kdsirnm o[ Sweden who is retiring. I BrundBRe. who has been vico- prejiricnt, and Lord David Burgh- le.v ..f Great Britain had been ihe I'.vo men prominently Qualifying Open For Twin-City Golf Event No-Hitter For Vander Meer In Texas Loup as president!,-!! randidales. J Me election Reallmnnt. Texas - (/Pi-,Tnhnny ] Vander Meer waited H years f o r : his no-hit glory to return. : The man who pitched conseni- mpntioned live n o-hi(. no-run games in the major leagues did it again last was the major or: night--this time in baseball two tier nf ousiness today. The ques-! nolchra , nwor ,111.11 of whether the IOC will 1 p;t,.i, m .. f n r Tnt.a ha u-hn, ment a, the Washington County , rccog** CommumM China « w ^^Jn^2* i"^ Nationalist China was put. over : c ]. lf;s AA Texas Len«up until tomorow. i And thfl mfm who oauch( thr ironically enough, ni(*t of thrill] (or the last putoul in .Inhn- sur.purl lor Lord Burghlry came'ny's sccnml nn-hittpr with Cincin- from Ihe Irnn C-.:rtam countries nati in 1038 was manRger of the third F,pnumnntor wns salr- on ,., who seemed- opposed to the idea Hub Vanrier Mcer beat with his : prrnr. Hut Jnhnny sot out of th. of ,'in American heading the' --"···"···-.r- · · " . · . ' · - · · : . · . - · - · · ----- --·· -_-- m ,^--- oat job lar.t inshf. Harry C r a f t , skipper of RrHii- mon*. vn: the p!;j'-pr \vhn innfc a fly b;i!l Jrniu I,pn Dunn-her ( .f Brooklyn June 15, 1938, tn, CIVP Vitiuler Meer his second no-hilicr find nn unprO'-cHrntoH pit chine font. Vanrier Mcrr h;id huns up hi? fir?! nn-hitter four days hr- KMT »Jtnin:;l I'm Fins Inn Rravcy Viiiirirr Mvr nnrp WHS in d;m- jrrr of r.ivinR up a run I*-*! night. HP w.-lkcd mic. hit a rmttn and ;i Trfbe Trims Yank Lead With 7-3 Win Fair Grounds. The winner of the tourney qualifies for a berth in the state eliminations anrl the chance to advance into regional and national competition. Two afternoon games are carded on the opening day with two tilts reserved for that evening. | Olympic organization. Fayettevillo opposes Oark in the ' Hrst Taste opening game set for 1:30 o'clock. Meanwhile Unclu Sam's forces Oreen Forest and Eureka Springs were prcpimd fur their lirst taste! take the field for the second en; of Olympic competition tonight.' New York - liP] - Home runs by* counter at 4 p. m. j 'J he chances for success, howeve.r Luke Easter and Harry Simpson i Thursday night's contests a r e - w e r e regarded as extremely dim.'plus Early Wynn's brilliant f i v e - | Berryville vs. Prairie Grove, a t ! The Jirst U. S. contingent to hit pitching ehore gave the second-I 6:30, and Paris vs. Fort Smith, a t : flex its muscles will he the soccer i place Cleveland Indians a 7-3 win -ri · f l-j-l f-j~i 8-45. I team, ll meets tne very good in the first game of a crucial three- £ 1PGYS l-iOS@ JL \V() J. 0 The tourney will be held on a Italian 11 at Tampere, luo miles same series with the league-load- ^ double-elimination basis and the j up country irnm Helsinki, in n inc \ew York Yankees here last \VishinEtnM il 1 '- Defnit first* the losers of the first four names qualifying match. night, hnsonian will "n-n-m -- the h-fi hr»?fci? 1CW " haU ° f t h G i SOCCC1 ' n(?Ve ' h '' S bMn " Sll ' U ' U ' The win ml " ced the Yanks', moose from Moosetlp, Con ',-lir'd «,,!. , _ . . :P "" 1 '" Alncncan l ^ Ils ""'·- margin over the Tribe to two a n d ; , mil j or league record last night with th»f^t S ar %°? P ,'^' y i l J,', 0 "' , , n , · , . ' · ' hal[ Kames. Homers by Mickey ihv peltirg his 12th consecutive m ,, TMirn' . hT*, wUln2 l Allh °"« h ,, lher Obnip.cs dp,.". Mantle, Yogi Berra and Joe Col- ! 5a fe hit. But in snile of such voe- L inn !~ °/r e ^ l V ° Unri T Cn off!L '' i " 1 - v tot . m ^ fMt thr " !inj "counted for all the New I man service ihe Bengals drooped winners meeting m two more, days, compel.lion has bten gomK.York runs. I both i NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, Fayetttvill*, ArkanMt Widnndoy, July 16, 1952 "TOO RIGOROUS" This May Be Malhias' Las! Try For Olympic Decathlon Honors eliinki - ·.·!'. - Young Boh Ma- ulc'i Julv 2S-JB . Hi.- H 'lii-- s-i\'.^ tins is hi.i !a*t Olympic · !cr;ithl'tM ;u,d his frienfls warn him n. lind better be his best. It in:).. 1 take another world rec- (ird-.^ l i,-itteiing performance for :he -!i-,ip)niic 2!-year-old Slnn- '"rd HiuvfiMty athli-io tu heal '.lit ' F l a m e ' s virsjlilc Ijjnace Hein- uained h.p'd hclter c'jirry I^olnt lead Inlo the l.50(l-mel^r run. last of ihe tests, or f « t c de- The annual amaietir flolf tour- * n a m r n t a t !hr Twin-City Golf, ("Tirs*. !-va'M between Rogers fttul Rpn'-jnviHp, got under way ihi, u..Tk with (lualifying rounds' r [ pfinlf ri to through Satur-' 1 'l.iv. .J.iH- I9:h F l r j t roimiii r;. ,i! }:--, .-no to hp plavftd 5und«y^ : ' .hi:-.- 3D. ,in'! fir.Dla nrn slated He'." 'hi- ,'fi!lnw:nc .Sunday. *-t£- Thr- 11)51 rhatrnmn, rt»« BofjjjEJ of Smith Gale, Oilif.. will tiotrW* on hand In rlrfpnd his title *n4ffe» .1 nrw ci'nrnpKin I* assured. It TIC: ;il.,o rlouhffnl that the 1950 Qha fill nnsT of Fa.vetteville. Malhias Is hMn: IIP in il-» field 3(111- /-i-f · T T rt I n ft I 1P1 t~i1 f I' f-Tfil'/J K'ff '' -«.«'«'.) 1 J. U l v ^ H / / « * i Utfl :;.'" of the tournry ere i ti. ipat'n^ a (food sized entry with the bulk of contestants perted to nunli.'y the last pirtTJiJ feat. The metric mile ij Heinnch's the week. The greens at the couSr? are reported in good snap f:treotely Hiy, hot v/eathcr. specialty. Thr Tulare. fahf.. youth is a remrtrkahle j.lhletic spei-:meo at 1 ferl 3 and IBS pounds. Hut !·· I as no intention rvf cintmuinc tl-r decathlon, althounh he prob.-ihly ears T i e !..i'lv Firnchman va* sec- niirl to Mntliins In the ]94fi samei | could he Ihe world's best f iiii Lniidin. losing hy onlv IBS : to come. : points. Ma'hias scored 7.1M und i "The training Is Inn 11 lleinrirh (1.074. the Slanfoid h.-;ckfleld !.t»r said.' "Heinrich has rome nn lie-'"It takes months of steady work mendously fast since the lasl : to get In shape and Ihen 1 lose ; Olympics." Bnitur, Hamilton. I.'. S.' about 20 pounds on those two : ' Coniitrt Tranfi-Miss Mrdalisi Denver - (,T!-Joe Cunrad. North Te.xas Slate sh;u pshooter, won iiu.ilifyinq in Tmis-Misnis- j tie him in another. That mean: tournament will) a GO-H7- l Boh will have to be at liis best." track and field coach, said today. "Potentially, he stands to beat nob in four of the 10 events and ' tilts; and the losers of the two | on since Monday. Two qualify- 1 games involving the first round inir rounds of basketball havcl winners rounding out the sched- j been completed. The first round ule. Three tesmis will be elimin-!of field hockey and the first soc-, ateri on the second day, and three cer matches were played last night. Held hockey is the only sport 1 in which the United Slates is not represented. The IJ. S. got a Iree pass in basketball. More Reds Coming . Mi'chen. if The last big contingent nf the. {^,\ ni £ fh powerful Russian Olympic team' Easier, th arrives late this afternoon--1(1 i! eKahn - ° railroad carloads including wres- ' w n ynn* p" tiers, bo.xers and weightlifters. jMore than 250 Russians came in; ! last Saturday in a plush-lined' Following Fayettrville through j train from Leningrad, the bracket would find it meeting . The Russians probably will be · fhe winner of the ~ ~ Eureka Springs morning at !):30 providing toe So- ; Olympics competition last night, cal team managed to defeat Ozark , The highly touted Hod Army more will be ousted on Saturday, leaving the two finalists. The Saturday schedule includes a 3:30 a. m. game between the . winners of the first and second rounds: Iw0 afternoon jrames--nt 1:30 and at 4--between one-came losers: and an 8 o. m. t i f f between the winners of the two afternoon battles. The final game will be played - Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. two-run first inning for the % " '^ i T , " i n^r' ^ " ends of a doubie-lieade.- the Washington Senators. 8-^ and Dni)n began his string S\ n'iay : sippi 13(1. The grueling decathlon is schcd- days of comoetition. "I think I'd rather concentrate on one of the specialties, like the discus. I've done 173 feet. With more work 1 probably could he- come An Olympic discus thrower." CHICK SPECIAL 8c Mch Mtzra ARKANSAS Broiltr Hatchery r.».*mm*r first game he added four more hiis i and in the second game he picked | ah r h : U P 'hree in a row before foul'ng ', i n o ' out on his 13th attempt. He fol- ', ' \ J J 1 lowed with a single to d'ive in n n n ! ! " . ' o runs on his 4 11. balling average K t h lime. His since Sundii Cleveland 7. Nrw V«rk J CI.tVEi.ANa HEW YORK nh r h Simnsun. r f 5 1 1 Rj?.7uln M ·I I 1 O«1row»ki. 4 2 I pM:r.r 3 2 2 Hopup. p 4 n 2 CoIJin;. Ih 3 1 1 Bauer, rf 4 n n Noren. rf 4 0 1 Bcrra. c 4 0 0 Manllr. c f IWondliiic. If . . . . , . IMTVenlcl. 5h 3 n 1)1 P''lK Wth the Boston Red Sox iMarlin. 2h . T O O 1 Wnhingtnn «. Detroit 2 jKuznvft. P i n n . riMT CAME iB'cwcscr. sa 2 0 0 . -- .. ._ .... .15 7 9 Totnl. a i a s l DETROIT ! WAIHINCTON _ i o J i .'"mperi from .2(55 to .Mli. Pinkv ' 4 1 1 ! Higgins set the original record of , " conserutive hits in 1FI.SB v.-hiln : T Green Forest- | happy to sec the reinforcements. game Friday after their first \enture into ' N(.' l York E-Earrr. Dnhy. Comh! . --- I ah r T nut for Ollrmnk! in «lh. . Groih. cf 5 I ·' Vnl 2nn 331 tnn-7! Pr..kv. ,, 2 , , m ,,h'.v (Xlfl 102--3 nrrr ah r h " sncccr , Mm 'from Moscow had t in the opening tilt. in me event rayoue\'illc drfpnt- ' tome from behind in an ovrrlimc j Mnntip. «i the Green Forest - Eureka ! period to put down neighboring i w "TM' woomtne. nBi-f, s ttr z Simpson. Bern, roi- _ Springs winner it would go into the semi-final game Saturday morning at 9:30 against the survivor of the Berryville. Prairie Grove, Paris, Fort Smith eliminations. If Fayeftoville loses its first frame it nlays the loser nf the Green Forest - F.ureka Springs contest. Friday st 4 p. m. A lo"s there would eliminate it from the tourney. A victorv would mnve it opposite the survivor of the other ' game between first round losers in « game to be plavcd Saturday at 1:30. The big advantage in the tournament will be held by the team that wins the semi-final battle be- lw-een the unbeaten teams. A win there puts that team into the finals unbeaten. The loser must drop down and win its next two games before gaining the finals. Halfirld. 3h 5 0 1 Wood If «r!7. rf 4 0 ] Runnel;, vi IJropo. l h 4 0 4 Vorpon l h . . _ Mullen. If 4 0 1 Rnyrter' 2h SB--Roson, Dohy. Easttr. S--! ^Pflrr^i^ 2h 4 0 · CrliMin' r }P--Aviu. Combs and Eaalc.:; Ginshrru. c . 1 0 0 Mastpron i "' " Left-Cleveland 8.1 pray. D . 2 0 0 - York .1* BB--Wynn 2, Ku7.a;-a Littlpfnlrf, BulsarJa, 2 to 1. The soccer matches are player! on a one-loss-! Q- trnw , ki | nn--Kirava fi 6 r "i"l " fofT ~ and-.V(iu're~out plan and the So-; nines: 'nqjrmvski 2 in'.l? Itnyu^i in T I " " " . viets had lieen labeled i a v o r i t c s ; | t * E R - W y n n ,1-n. Ku7.ava :i-S, Os-I a--S'ruek nut for Ltlttcfipld in n*h i, 1.1 ~ ~ Hncur 0-1 W I n n c r-- I Detroit onn 1110 nn--- :r,.4i U_ »·--··'-- - " - 1 n n I o (i 37 2 12 Toll!'.' wski . Duffy. Romm-: T-- _ " for the Olympic Bold medal. \v vnn ,, n .s u»pr-Kuir ThC crowd (if 12.000 at Kotka, Ecrr.v. r.mnrol | a provincial city oniy 32 miles: 2:l6 - A-4n.m. ! from the Russian border, w a s ] i solidly for the Bulgarians. j Joining Bulgaria on the side| Mnes were India. Romania. France I I ami Greece, who were beaten in i By Thf AssociyFll PrMj ; order ly Yugoslavia. Hungary,' I.os Angeles - Dave Gallardo, I Poland and Denmark. The Yufro-. 130. Los Angeles, knocked out Nat i Slavs looked the best of the bunchJ (Stonnw;.i|'i Jackson. 12!). New | · i Orleans. 3. : Miami Beach - Ralph Punas, 134. New Orleans, outpointed Diego Snia, 132, Havana, 10. I Newark, \. J. - Phil Saxton. 174. i F.lizaheth. M. ,)., outpointed Jim! my Cerclo, 16!), Hobokcn, 10. Giants Outlast Cardinals, Bobo Helps A's Take Twin-Bill From Brownies . WaBh,n«i.m n20 fiOfl nnx--R E-Gm*lXT« 2 RRI--Mnslcrsnn Vo^l 2. Rlisbv 2. Wonrl. Ri, s Vrrnon Pj;"I». Berry. l'B-Mn«lrr,,n. Ynsl 2 3B--Wood. Vcrnnn. Sli--.lemen Bmhv S--MnMrrsnn DP W r r l 7 Gjr.\h.rK and Hatflcld: Snyrtcr. Hnnnol! aiul ; . nn'"', '-' f| --"'"·ell in. Wa-.liinc'en R. BB--Grny ?. M .^Iprsnn ·· I I'tlrl-cM I. EO-Gray ? M.iM,.|TMn .1! uiilrf.-irt l : HO-Cray II in 3', inning: l.iliir- fielrt 4 in 4 ' - - n A EH-Crnv 7-7 l.illlrfirlrl M. Mrslrrsnn C-2 W i n n - r - - Maslcrsen i -:|| Loser--Grnv .«.|n, U --Soar. Frorv nnd Hurlrv T--2 in i tCCOND CAME I rcirnit . 102 nnn no:'--n r T Washington n3T nni n-^x -^ fi 1 Johnpen. Stnar:. H'nntrm-.n 'I "i nnd S-A-ift. niM^hnrn: Pfinrrtio'd Slcater iWI". rnnfiiegra and Gr'asso' Good for a|j cars, but... BestforSwrtoflO iVyur'raud Extra Gasoline ', T'hiladnlphia-MVBobn Newsome I. . . ; handeri old man lime and the St.; I'O-- Pillcitp 10 tn 8 innlnn l Louis Rrowns a double-setback : '" "· " · '".» 'none out In fithi Lock* Wins French Title I Parjs-(/Pl-South Africa's D'.i-hy ·iainR. P;lle(ir. Maw. Joost 4. DC- j I-ocke, the new British Open '"-'MO'S.' H ' Thon^as T H°R 1 ^T tfi}*TM*^ 'itlist, today added the French ^: S--I)rmipstri. Dclsins. DP--D?-' n P c n golf title to his list of tr.'i- l nHirjiirT"" n *d* I K ^i r ' Vl fc| Sk 'i ^""'S' ' PhiCS Wiltl a SCOrr of 26 ' 1 ' lne lo "'" "iis'X PhflsdPinWa G' Bn-Pilic"'|p I cst cvcr turned in for the event, so--Pillc'.ic 2. Schcih 5. Kucah 2 I Antonia Cerda of ·'r.-'entim !nt P ScSh7i^",± n ^', ! ,i tTM^. TMTM j " TMTM« W t h 276.' Many rnotnrlMn hcticre that alt ftood ga»o* lines arc generally pretty much alike. But here arc the facts an proved by induitry- accrptcd road and laboratory testa! Ksso Extra (Lives you a remarkable combination of qualities that wilt Improve the all-year, all-around performance of 9 out of 10 cars on the road. We believe a trial will prove to you two Ktm deliver* retulu no other ftatollnf can -- in full power, long mil cage, hl|h antiknock, quick itartlnft, fast engine warm-up, and protection agalntt vapor-lock it all in ft. And whiJe you're at your E**o Dealer'9, there'! certainly no better time to let him Hive your car a complete lubrication and careful check-up for the hot weather driving, you'll be doing. t h e , . SI. Lnuis-W)-The Now York Giants picked up half a game on Jhe Brooklyn Dodgers last night by trimming the St. Louis Car- to give the A's a 7-(i cdfjc in that ] The Dodpcrs' K ame ; til,! .Joost also homered in the ' dinals, 6-3. · with Cincinnati was rained out. Lefty Dave Koslo. who ha; not been beaten by the Cardinals since June of 1950, started and was the winner fnr the Durorhermcn He neftded help in the sixth, however when the Cards rallied for two runs. Hoyt Wilhelm c^me on to save the game and give Koslo hi: 12th victory. i Gerald Stalry. Cardinal ace. i ~~ was charged with the riefent. ' Kojlo conribuled lo his victor." · Y. with * ilngle and a double, driving I S' in two nins and scoring a third. hist night as he went the route in! p,| ]f , tr - ,:,'' Paj p, 4.4 schA r?4 Th hulling the Philadelphia A's to Kurnh o-o.' Wrighi (i-n. winnrr ' ,, TI ?° nx n'' cssinn Tcl1 '' '' nn li-3 win in the second game · Wrruhi .i-ni. l.ojpr--Paige .6-«. u-- Marines" is believed to ha . .. of a twi-night tvln-bill. Eddie' ^_' 2 ,-, lcvc ' Pa "" rclln . i mated when Charles H of England loost banged a bases-loaded homer j ~" (ECOND GAME I was told about flying fish for the he last inning of the first game; si T.nui* . ooo ooo 012--i in o ; first time and turned to nn of - Phi^iphia _ 020 on,TM*-,, n o . f i p p r n( thc marjno5 to ,0,',,,TM ' . i will |(ive hctter ·ll-iround performitnct ill «·' 'round thin · ny oihir i»"lint. Only · c»r with in tn|m ihit'i poorly idjuMcd, badly worn, or one with tin until I conaprtliioti chir* ·cttriMic* nmy he unable to like (iiJNy tht miny tttri qu*)iti«« of thii i'reat |nolinc. See your nearby ESM Dnler today I B '" r '"' n " n -""" 1 » 0 "' ?cconri fiarr.c. Old Enbo. h;ij:-.'b^!l mnst t r a v - : nicrl rr.ini, Rave up 10 assorted hii.^ iiut was iniish in the clutch until! Jim Dck hftii'iinorce; a two-run. round-tripper in HIP Brownie i ninth. But thr fiame WHS sewed ; up bv thai !i:ni i . Fhiladclph'a 7. St. Loufs I FIRST It AMI the story. iT. LOUIS ah rHILADILPHIA ab r h KGRH Over VA. 14-1 KGRH rnlled over 'hp \'e!rran*; Hospital nine, 14-1 yesterday in a City Softball camp. The radin men made 12 hits and had the ad- vantipe nf fnur errors. Thc hos- pitpl tram picked up only fnur hitt. Sprnce was Ihe winning pitcher nnd Oxfnrd the lo.tpr. S fl 0 Jorwt. i . cf 5 1 .T Fain. 1 DrlsinR If -1 1 2 Phitlry. K'yhoftki. lh S 1 l WrlRhi. p Mrts*. r S I I Zcrmal, If Nnman. rf - l i o Thomas, rf U:irk. 3b 1 1 2 Hitrhro'k. 3b n\TPtri. M 3 0 2 Kell. 2h Pil!p::e. p I n l Aurnih, c PaiRC, p 0 0 0 Schcih. n IKurab, p I Clark, cf To!al« ^ fl 12 .Tolalu a- Lined out fnr Kucab in «th. st Lmiii . . . . nno 114 oon-K PhiladPlphin . ooo 000 inf,-7 K-- Thnmai 2. .Tonut 2. Krll. RBI-BASEBALL Fayetteville YS. Prairie Grove Thursday, July 17th, 8:15 Fairgrounds Park Grade School and loyi Club Mtmbcri Admitted FrM A TREAT WORTH REPEATING ^^ £sso ESSO S T A N D A R D OIL COMPANY COf* MM, ···« !·«. D K I V i C A R E F U L L T . . . T H I L l f l YOU S A V I MAT II Y O U ! O W N ) HATFIELD'S ESSO SERVICE CENTER Corner College and Miadow Phon. 1086 71 Hiqhway hoi botn changed. I would appreciate your patronage. SUTTLE ESSO STATION Corner School and Mountain Phono 12 WALL STREET ESSO STATION Cotur GoT.tnmtnl ind Will PlwM ini SEE ELZA riWCHER AND U L. W1HKLI F0« COMPLETE iEBVICE riFTEEH HOURi A OAT irr us AND WAX YOUR CM AT 313 WEST DICKSON SPYRES ESSO SERVICE MMM701

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