Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 16, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1952
Page 12
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t"»-.__ ' '.' ' ' '" L' i. « · · · ' . : " · ' · · . ·;', · * '' _~~'-" .'-"" - - * ' · · - - t-....-..i.«.j........ ARRIVES rbR KEFAUVER DRIVE kansas Young J)pmoir.-it Club. They will r,!op nvrr in S! 1/u · to .vtpn-1 UK' I'lifni v. liik- en route to the i nnvr-nti-.ri. ! \Vnr'l Ins b"ru IPI-":M'| hi-i-p uf ; the I|P.H!I of M:T. .luh.i I.:in.':- wirlhv in Tub.i. Ol.l.i.. ,1 - i - ' c r of , Mrs. Xr-lhr. S.irar-n' nf lln;:cr-. Mr.v I (..-incu-ii-tliy ili.-I Mi.ivliv :,· '-.!- hnini- nf hi-r i|.-iui-h:i i. Mr; .In! -i | \Vai1. fnlli-." .112 :\ brii-f ill».p.:.. ' Klip v.-.i.'. burn .In:-.- l.l. 1IJ70. , .iULUVAN, manager nf Senator E«lrs Kcfnuvcr'n bid lor Lho Dfmocratic prrfiidential nomination, is crownp'l wilh n cnonskfn cap 1$ tie arrlvcK in Clurapu In prfpnre lor Iho DrmDrntltc cdnvrntlun. .¥.'§]ch opcna July 21. Crowning him Is 4-ycftr-old Sandra Llptten. held uji by Bradley £t*n. Krfnuver'f llllnoli manager. iIntvrnutinnnh 5|ys He Has Found Way To Reduce Beer To Tablet Form slum nn;;il prii;:r.-jrn nf Ih" IJi-u- ti'ii (''inn'-.- Il'i-i-i Ppnvin tr.ili'iil r i ' l ' '·· hi'l'l l l . . l - - " ' I :i! lin.-i-iirj II;-. "r. ri".r-in: 11:11 Cli.-|, noi-'i nf Hr,;;r-r:. -.·mi : , i I p.-.., :,,-,: Snip flub. Thp ihr:,-n nf '.·· } m- cr.-i:n v ,T. Fr-^nt-^i- li.-.--:. A:». : II' tr, ov-rnhi-r?; ,-,;tr ;ir!oj t.-.f thi ri--il.-iv i.irrp. West Pork ! Mr. ami Mi.:, i-.nj! S:ni:|l bvl :, 7 . - KUI-.O'. i.-.-r Ihi' W'ki.nrl. Mr : ami Mr. t.v!n |;,|, v -,.-,.| .-.-,,,, ,-,; Kar^.-ii Cilv. Kin. ;nvl Mr C, r ' Parish nf llir'ilan.l I'.-irk, T"nn. ! Thi-.- bf! M'in'1-i". Bull Bnilr-n nf r.-nnn r i i a f f r p . i. ' enrvt in the Mr" Rrbn-ra \Vilh.-im 1 ; hnnir-. HP plans nn flavin^ for · 10 days. ' : Mr. anil Mrs Abr K.-irnn.--. Mr., anil Mrs. r'lyilp l';noiiinc anr) Mr. anrl Mrs. Walter Duke spent Sun- I ; 'lay in White Rock. Mr. ,-jn'l Mrs. II. V. Dexter and i i Trinimv have RIIIIP lo Minneapilis · w'liri' they will vat-ation for two v.-c-rl'.--. j ! Mr. ami Mr;. Charles Mi-Kee ' | h;ivi- n- 1 : -rii- jiiiept this \vre!( Mr.-., j i.'l'arli s riiliin-r, of Crov"!imlr-r , ML. Mi;.. I-;li/,-i]i",h Smith i-, vfoitniK !H,J- · nil-ill -l.-iw jiil'l ilan^hler. Mr. ' ;iml Mr". A I, 1 . Simrirun nl Jnhn- . . .-.mi thi:; v.-ei'k. ' Mi. ar-l Mrs. T. S. Threlkeld ! li.-ivc h;:-l ,T; t h e i r enr.'st.', thU pan'k. M r - . Tiirelki-lrl'.-, hrnthnr ; .-ni'l :ir|i--r-in-l;m-, llev. ami M r s I. A. Ymvlell nl Mar.'heltn'.'.-n, I I'l-.'.-a. Mr- Ad.-i f;rr-en ol HrmU- ' : fun. Ill , Mr,, llvrlrn Simpyi.n of i nili-.-int. Okl.'i.. .-mil ,il:,n the Threl- I kHil'.f sin and d-inqhtiT-in 1 i \ Mr. ,-iiid .Mr--, ['.-nil Tiiielkel'l and · suns r,r IV-lriiit. Piul .-ind f.-imily will M:iy fur a Inii^or vj-il. Miihert rjlnvrr , Plilmmrrville ' .1 flui' t nf MIT. Hnhr-rt ninv- ei.-, .-mil Mi-.-,. M.iqqic Trhasher this ' v.-er-k i-iid. ! Mr. ,-ii.d Mr'. Oils fr.flon have :ir- Ihrir q'jf:' ; ; !his \veek. Mr. and Mi:,. Poy Hntirp and children nf De Vnllr P,lii[f. i Mr:: A. A X'ewlin is a patient I in the nty Hri-pilal. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. II. Mahnnoy · went In Weslville. Okla., Monday ,' In I.Ike Mr. and Mrs. Vol Wricht | Imme. The Wi-idils had hecn vis- i MiliR fnr Ine past 1(1 days. ' Kn* ·* wtt Ih* Hmu mi* HALO, BUT NOT HEAVENLY TO REDS SMOKE RESEMBLING an atomic bcmh ciuucl ( I c f t i nsca from a Korean mil following dropping of a nnpalm bumh on a Communist posiiion. The clourl rranlvrs it.sclf tn.qht] tnio a smoke rins that looks lilie ft hnlo. In each photo une nf ihe U. S Marine Corsair planes which participated in the attack can be seen. (International) FOR GOVERNOR Qualified by HONESTY * MATURITY ABILITY* EXPERIENCE (rollllal Id I»U hr by J»rt Holt. Jr.. Ullle Rorkl ·Erursels-f/Pi-A young Belgian binrhrrnist claim*; he has fnunrl a i"ay tn reduce any bper to tablet form The beer tablets, linbert Moutrin say*, can ')c turned bark into a true foamlns brc'.v timply l.y adding '.vater, alcohol and carbon dioxide. He rccs the future fnr h.'s lahlets in the opening of a wnrlcl-u-ide beer market. Beer would be concentrated Into tablets wherever Ta-.v material and maniifai ttinng if the most economical. The cin- ce.-ilrate then could he exporle-l unv.vhert. ^.outon says "There'll he vatcr lo transport, no bottles. Ju.'t sn easy In handlo concentrate, cher.p to pack, and transport. It cnuH he stored for years even under tropical climate." He aspertcd the process demonstrated before the U. S. onarli'nTmstcr ceneral represenla- ti'.-e in V.'a'Jilnnlon, who said "it yields a beverage which very i r!o.'»ly rrrcmblcs n '.e regular type ' of Aniorirnn brer." Mflilon raid he has applied for pitents frr his process, in which the beer's can, nl-rhol and v.-atcr art eSt'.r.icfd ihrough combined vacuum nnd deep freezing.:.What is left !s a powder '.vhirh nri-'lie pressed Into any shape and fclze for innsportation and easy slnr- ace. Rogers Plans for the ride of the r-.'orth- '.ver.t Arkanras Calvacaclc tin; fall to the r !'nl.-a fair anil rorlco -.--ere continued Sunday at thn Hntel Arkansas, when the Tour Committee headed by Haymrmd Ash of Fay- ctteville Cah-acadc outlined t h c lunchc-on and o\-er-nisht stops on the 200-mile ride slrtr'.mc from Lake Alahnta September T3. : The first nichl will be spent at Drcalur, Ark. On the second day lunch will he yprvcrl at .lay. Okla. The nlRht will be spent at Grand Lake dam. The third nii'ht will 1-e at Adsir, Okla. L'l.ircnwrc will he the objective of the evening nf the fourth day. The C'.ilvacnde will ; ride Into Tulsa nn Ihe fifth day in lime lo enirr Ihe parade of Ihe fa;r nnd rndeo. Anolher merlins of the hoard hai been j called when details of the ride : will he disnir.sed and other committees appointed. i ..~_. i Mr. and Mrs. Kli I.ellar will ' liMve Friday mornin" li r (.'h:!-,-.!!;! lo nltend Ihe Democratic National, Convention. They will be ,-iccom- i p«nllHt by William H. Knflold, I Benlon County judge, who Is a ! rlelo.R.ite and Mrs. Knfield. na- I tinnal committeewoman of the Ar- I the most efficient oven you can buy! menns finest conking. Dutch Oren is «o effieieni you can cook part of time with gas off! Entire oven so thickly insulated heat can't cscnpe! All th»K) fcofuroi, toot · 619, roomy ovon · fyc-level confroli · Tobl-Scrv Broilor · 4 Ipiial-lltim. burniri · So roiy lo clogn Come in today! We Will Be Closed Thursday Afternoon jor Our Company Picnic I Cy Carney ·: Appliance Company 1 "Deend On Us For Service" ep Sid« Squar* Phone 1827 liil.n 10 th« NEWS, each weekday, at:30~AM. "over «olion OKLAHOMA TIRE SUPPLY CO. 18-Piice BEVERAGE SET $177 4-Way LUG W R E N C H OIL FILTER CARTRIDGE 69' B R A K E FLUID 6 sich: decoracH water. Iced tea fruit juice glasses For-most, Ml and other oil filters. Hundreds tf Valtes hr CAR S HOMC daring tkis BIG (CIEBRATIOH! cLlI KLMK | Wftiiii^ BRUNSWICK TIRES «TM GIVEN *j 6.00 x 16 Hcjvy Duly u-.ih cid i,'e 6.70 i 15 S13.9S Plm l» with old tin mwi'li Tiri-i are "Sifcty Tr«rH!" Miiih \\-iih COLD Rl'llHTR for CMM milr.iftc . . . RAYON CORDS (or prr.urr crrnglh and ^rfny! Si'icnrififally tlrsimifil irr,i,i pivc^ maximum non-skid pioin'tiori nn ail road surfaces. ARVIN Adjustable IRONING TABLE $13.95 Let Safe S All-Metal Automatic lock 9 Different Heights Joktisnn't C A R - N U a n d C A R - P L A T E $2 19 Value Pfattic S E A T C O V E R S \Vii!i quiltcd-effecf Leatherette Trim. T. 9 Cir Nu rrmnvrs y roid film. C a r - P l a t e j;rvrs brighr. lasting finish without hard nibbing! Colorful plaich in a viricfy of colors to add a like-new Iwk to any car. Tailored for .1 smooth, custom-like fit. Lcng-wcaring and fade-proof. Easy to clean. Just wipe with A damp cloth or sponge. INSTALLED FKIE! Vi'iirthrr you're nil. niMnim or small; whether you p:r(rr 10 Mt IT r t.\n.\ nhile itonmc. thi^ (able will meet h.i!f way. On he ^ct at nine different heights Trorn T6 iiuhes through ?6 inches All Metal Folding ARVIN IRONING TABLE $6.39 for the Little Ont! Salt Pritt 97' Iior-Ji;e Kit. _crn unr her Jt!o»f Anil Jiv iVifr^in ml.!".r bivb,ill. Jn»t (of the wee hascbiill Invrr. 4-PI»y«r C R O Q U E T S E T $ 4 4 4 Polo iypr mallns with screw-in hjndlf PUSH, widen and decorated balls. Pun for ihe lamil)'. Deluxe d Player Set with Riihbei-npprd J9 98 nullcis «nd nwril i«k. K I T C H E N S E T PlHtic UTILITY SOX C«r-T.. CARRIER S c a l - B e m BULB Reg. 51.15 S C I S S O R J A C K Colorful plasiif mixmc howl, inlander, q-iarr sire mr.iMir- pirchrr and -1 handy si;C refrigerator containcrv Clothci HANGER H O L D - A - B O T L Smrina COVER W R E N C H S I T G A R B A G E P A I L 10 Gal. A smooth-rolling, crisp-cmtinfl mower. Precision built by Sivajjc A r m s Corp. 5 self- 16" blaiifv Hardwood handle and rubber tired wheels. Ball-bearing equipped. Ilc.ny r..miniz:t] sttcl cloic fining cover. l-Undle 2-Quart FREEZER GRASS CATCHER 5 - Y I A R G U A R A N T t t Seamless rubber tube, reinforced with strong cord ply »nd covered with lough cor nihbtr. Wtit Sid* Square Phon* 161 Sirnni? «o«l ink Enclosed, rust-pioof £cars. ·HOME OF BETTER VALUES"

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