Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 9, 1974 · Page 30
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 30

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1974
Page 30
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oooooo STOAT'S COLO FEAR NOT! HERE OWES IMS WORLP-FAMOl'S MEMBER OF IT'S ROXTlNS [POUNTHE RlVERl /JM'CORNOCKS *r orfic.ton, Ontario, 3 SISTERS, , EDITH AMD VIOLA WO THEIR HUSBANDS, AND A BROTHER CLA1R AND HIS ' ·WIFE, HAVE Alt. 32 rAYKTTIVILLI Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Wod., Oct. 9, 1974 ARKflNSAl . LESTER L COLEMAN-, M. D. Right And Reality Of Coed Sports h a v e t o strengthened. THIS FANCY CXJTF1T COST A RORTCJNe.lT WOULD tV\PK?E3S ANY \VA UU 6TREET RANKER.' DON'T TOQGET THE OOSTUV\E PARTY TONIGHT/WHAT ARE VOU GOING/!©'? WE'RE. COINS AS A , X DO MOT WANT TO · AMP VOU, VOU V/HEEZV OLD MAN SOMETHING'S IfVjW is EVERYBODY GOING OH. { SO AMXIOUS TO GET · N\B OUt OF TOVJHt GO 10 CALCUTTA Witt "OU WHAT DO VOU THINK YOU'RE AlLTHIS LUMS5R ONTO THE ROOF? , A N«5w,TMAT1Vie.reuTtCASU SITUATION BACKYARD? WHAT VOU 6ONg.PO WTW THEM 12 SUSTB? acVCU ANYWAYS ? WEWUZCTEST FIX1N' TO DEHLjSNUFFV-- TflKE WORE SEOT fM TERRIBLE SORRV I'M LfiTE, FILLERS, BUT THflT WILD BOflR/OL'SNORT/ RUM ME UP A TREE flW'-- / WE NO \ 'MOTHER -X CAW WAIT7 THAT COMES TO A -S. (SOT -\ DOLLAR. A CGRRSB-. IF ) * 2.73.OO / WE IS ECONOMICAL- ./ LEFt- A WE KIM/HAKB IT- HOW MUCH FORA PRIVATE PLAWE??- MORE THAW you HAVS, YOU LI'L. PopeiSNeR'.'- IOUMN0 NVER ANSWERED 1'U. GO ASK HI/V\i CANT 60' FOR A MOOMUiSHT CANOE RIPE WITH YOU UNLESS FATHER SAYS IT'S OKAY yes OR MO / I'M TO DO ABOUT IT OKAY, JU$T REMEMBER, ISN'T THAT PE0K. LOHER TrfAN BECAUSE THEY CHEAT BY JOCKIMS EACH OTHER UMPER THE TABLE WELUHOW COME THEY BOTH WEAR SHIM GUARDS WHEN THEY PLAY? DAGWOOD, THEY DOM'T DO THAT.' WHY PI DN Y YOU WANT TO PLAY BRIDGE WITH SUZAWME AMD FRANK TONISHf? ^ A.10-FOOT SALMON CARVED OUT Of WOOD-ERECTED ON KETCHIKAN CREEK,ALASKA. ASA MEMORIAL TO THE MIUIONS OF SALMON TWTHAVf SHAM tiPTHATSTKEtlMToSPAm SUBMITTED BY EMERY P. TOBIN, VANCOUVER, WASH. fe^ii^r 1 ! HOUSES """^ IM1HE OLD CITYOFOCHRluA YUGOSLAVIA, ARE BUILT SO THflT EACH STOW PROJKTS F/lOTHER OUT THflN THE FLOOR BELOW IT FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to tlie stars. · FOR XHURS., OCT. 10, 1974 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Some past agreements m a y be revised, Competition should enliven the day in an interesting and challenging manner. Be responsive to new Ideas. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Consider all propositions and suggestions offered, but do not be Inveigled into anything that is not your dish. Fine influences stimulate your anihition. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Don't give up on a pet project because It seems to lack luster. Try a novel twist in approach- to restore Incentive and g e t going again. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Organize your schedule so as to eliminate time-wasting confusion. A good activity day for those born under this sign. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Your judgement a bit cloudy now, so make no major decisions and, above all, don't launch any new undertakings. Stick with the familiar. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Certain dilemmas · and obstacles will not be as difficult to handle as you may think Don't let them keep you from appreciating your advantages. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) No matter what changes are made in your routine, even in your environment, you can make quick adjustments, shoult get along well and even make notable improvements. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Unexpected interruptions may slow you down a bit .but if you coordinate as you should, yoi will find the means to straighten everything out satisfactorily. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) Adjustments, revisions, quick changes may be the order of IB day. Take all in stride. Mstribute energies judiciously; .on't argue where tact, finesse vill win. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 0) Some things may bother you more than usual. Don't fret. Rather, check and look more closely into pertinent matters-o find the cause, and be able o cope. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 10) Be careful how you express yourself now. Reach conclusions n a logical, orderly manner. Vour decisions could affect many; also, your example. ?ISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar.' 20) Your native intuition and self- reliance stimulated. And both vill lie needed if. you are to solve some possible "tricky" situations. Don't become anxious, however. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with great artistry, fervency of spirit and lofty ideals. You love intellectual and cultural pursuits and have a special affinity for music, art and the drama. You are extremely ambitious a n d y o u r efforts are never mediocre. Versatility is y o u r "middle name" and, should you n o t take up one of the aforementioned arts as a career, you have many other fields from which to choose, notably writing, lecturing, psychology or philosphy. In the business world, you could shine a s ' a Do you 'believe that girls in grade school and high school should be allowed to participate on an equal level with boys in all sports? ' Our daughter insists on it and Wants us to pursue it in her school. We feel that she's asking for injury. Mr. and Mrs. R. C., Tex. Dear Mr. and Mrs. S.: There are two obvious aspects to the question. The first, of course, refers to the right of a girl- to play in contact and non-contact sports with boys. In my opinion, there should not be any differentiation of the basic" rights of any individua of any sex: to freely engage in the sport of his or her choice. The second aspect of the question Is the reality that girls are not usually as hardy, as heavy, as muscular or as tal 1 as boys of the same age. The body weight, the how density and the muscle mass is less than that of boys. I would therefore seem to bi unwise and even hazardous foi the more fragile girls to engage in contact sports like football soccer, ice hockey baskelbal and lacrosse along with thei hardier, heavier m a l e class males. I do believe that talented girl can and should compete on a" levels in non-contact sport such as baseball, tennis swimming, gymnastics, track ice skating and skiing. And conlncl sports created jccificall.v for girls can be ex- laraling and nt (he same lima e.tne of potential clanger. Liberation and Independence re excellent Ideas, but they tioultl rot make the liberated ne.pny loo heavy a penalty. Do you know anything about ring device that eliminates tie tars and nicotines from cigarettes? . ; My husband uses it and says hat now he can smoke as much as he wants, against his doc- or's advice. Dear Mrs. N.: Mrs. M.N., Mo, The so called "smoke ring" gadget has been highly touted y those who manufacture it the final, safe method of smoking. When a cigarette · is . put through the ring it is slightly compressed, and causes air space between the tobacco and the cigarette paper, This is said to reduce the harmful tars. Dr. Gio Gori, Scientific Director of the National Cancer Institute, reports, "Preliminary testing of the smoke ring has produced nc evidence to support the health claims made by the manufacturer." In the light of this finding, your husband should return to his doctor's instructions and give uu both the ring and the cigarettes. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) North dealer. Neither side vulnerable. NORTH WEST * 9 8 7 4 3 If K 3 * 9 7 5 2 # A 4 financier merchandiser. Your personality is outstanding--charming, fastidious and dignified--but do try to c u r b ' a tendency to be over- exacting with loved one'. Birth- date of Helen Haves, Amer actress; Giuseppi Verdi, Ital composer. Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS 1 Takes a siesta. 5 West wind 9 Paid notices 12 Arab kingdom 13 French novel 14 Edge 15 Home o£ the Inca 16 To plod 17 Artificial language 18 Fictional dog 10 Irish sea god 20 Flay 21 Regret 23 Large bird 25 Waterproof hip boots 2R Wooded ZZ Eager 33 Spanish lake 34 Biological categories 37 Son of Priam 39 Swiss river 40 Hebrew priest 41 Ardent desire 44 Chalice '46 New Zealand tree 50 WWH org. 51 Russian city 53 Creche 53 Guided 54 Beat wings 55 Stead 58 Land measure 57 Roman road 58 Compass point DOWN lEast Indian palm 2 War god 3 Role- 4 Fair shake 5 Fishes 6 Bus passenger 7 Habituates 8 Fictional dog hero 9 Seed covering Avg. solution time: 26 min. HI V G 5 » A Q 4 # K J 10 9 6 2 EAST *K 5 » A 10 3 8 7 2 4 10 83 + Q 5 SOUTH * A 1 0 6 2 V Q J 4 » K J 6 4 8 7 3 · The bidding: East IV Pass South West 1* Pass 2 NT Pass 10 Queen'of Carthage 11 Curse of cities 29 Complete revolution ·22 Abraham's birthplace 24 Pronoun 25 Oscillate 26 Salutation 27 Loud noise 29 Large cistern 38 Past 31 And not 35 Egyptian god 36 Biblical landing place 37 Physician 38 Overhead railway 41 Author of 13 Across 42 Pitcher 43 Assistant 45 Distribute 47 Diva's forte 48 Cravats 49 Border on Answer to. yesterday's puzzle. 51 Kimono sash North 1* 2* 3 NT Opening lead - king of hearts. There arc plays that border on the fantastic and raise the question of how anyone can be expected to be smart enough to make them. But bridge is a game founded on logic, and it is therefore possible for anyone to come forth with an unusual play that is sensationally effective. Consider this deal whore West led the king of hearts -- East signaling with the ten -- and continued with a heart to the ace. East returned the deuce of hearls to South's queen, whereupon West -- n player of sound mind -- discarded the ace of clubs! As a result, declarer went down one. The best he could do was score three spades, a heart, three diamonds a n d a club. Had West discarded a spade or a diamond, instead of tha ace of clubs, South would have made four nqtrump by leading a club at trick' fqur -- going up with the king if West followed low -- and playing another club at trick five. West's extraordinary discard was well conceived. He realized that East's return of the deuce of hearts from the 9-0-7-2, all equals at this point, was a signal suggesting an entry card 'n clubs. This was in accordance with ,he suit-preference convention by which a low-card return indicates interest in a low- ranking suit, while a high-card return -- say, the nine of hearts -- would indicate interest in a iiigh-ranking suit (in this case, spades). Once East had denied a spade entry, the ace of clubs discard became logical, as it was clear that the contract could not be stopped If Soulh had the queen of clubs. Th next step In the reasoning -- that East had the queen --- clearly indicated that the ace of clubs was not an asset, but a liability that had to be quickly disposed of. PONYTAIL 42 3 4 51 57 4" 19 "What do you mean you won't ride in a car that only has two gallons of gas in it... do you realize what two gallons cost?!" SAVINGS GALORE! Smart shoppers first check the hundreds of advertised values that appear daily in this newspaper. . . .and save a big bundle on food, clothing, cars, everything! 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