Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 16, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1952
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

i TMttl towM**fftax AH sfctof Derby For Youngsters To Be floored At Lake FayeHeville By Lions r fishing contest Jnr children tt) the age nf Ifi r?iis will bo ruored by thi FnyiMtrviIlp 1,1- ·Club Hi Lakf Fflyrlipvilln ""n tfternoon nf Augm-l ?1. An- ncement un= madp tod a It .Tovrc. clinirmnn of thp fft in chair** M 1'if- ovpnt era! pri?f*s will I--P civnn fnr s and girls from Innr in Id in- Un|t two grand pn;p« f-r ti.o i'|«t fish rnujihi liy a n/rl anr!* thf h^avirvi fi*h onrjit bv a 1 YOU .i-,.., ,wtY IDEA Y SHE IS HERE? (adv.) | hoy. Thr fishing rlrrhv i* srhpdulpd in K?l undrr way ;it 3.30 Ihc nf- tornfinn nf August ?.}. in run un- lil A 30. rri7("; will hi* offr-rc-d fnr (fir hipgr-M bream, Ihf- biRRr-M . j rnppip and (hp blger-;! h,-^ '··ujfihl. and nt-ri fnr ihr InncPM trine* in thrift nv.t* pnnip* -fnur to oif^ht. nir.f In 12. nnd H In 15. J,nr;i] i \i\ct, will hn furnishp'l to piled pnlr^nt MM ihf 1 dny of thp cnnlp^t, hut rffiktrHtinn miiv.l hf rnndo nf RsiHIn Sfritinn KOHH hy Atipiift. Th«sf wishing lo r-pfpr fhr-lr nnrnp. nr\'\\i-y.K nnri a«f, sri thnt Iho rnininili'-p fn ch:ifKP will j hnvp nn \rtr;t hmv mnny will p n f r - r - tl»f rnntpfii*. Rpqislrfltinn hy Auc- j IKI fl is i(*f|tiii'pc! ftfi n ruin fnr on- | ?'l.rhlnp off HIP rinm will I if : wlipriulH. and thfisp 13 to IB m;i.v ! fish c-ff tlv miiih slinro. YnunRfr I flshrrmpn nrp ifvjuiiTd \ f lip ;ir- rnrnpf'Miif'fl hv a parent if HIPV fish nff HIP jMiith sliorr. ;,i;rl p;ir- ! pnis ^IP invjlnt t'l Htlond Ihp dor- j !y. j ' Any kind nf /ishinc p(|uiprnrnl j Is nil rii;hi f-r IIPP. Karh rnfranl NILE-INSPIRED -- This Parl; will furnish his own trnnsjiortn- ! slan mFinnenuin mf)dcl» n nrw lion. ; .vvvirn-suit dpsiunerl with fin an- » i-iont Kii.vptum tnuch. Twn pirccs Ad 'Wltnf In lh*i TIMKS--II nayt. : «f I lie ^'.:it have n pynimlrl l l n v n r ~7^r=z^r==. fur I j j i i h i n f i bonulics figurine lo iill out bhmks in hicrofilypbics. LOT SPRINGS For atowiftf h»oWt and vaCflHon fun, mciV* yowri · Hot Sprinti vocotl«n tnti yt«r. Ivxury ·«afmnp^*tkff* a! thrifty iumm«r rot*, oi tH« Ma]t»Hc «nd Ul*. Hevi*. Injoy fltntfif, bo«*f»j and otfwr ouHoor tporti, Includ in { ) ihufPI«io*rdr«nd arctftry af n«orby Lake Mdmllfw where w« moihtaln a bcauHM Lodge for rht *xclutiv» ui« of Hatvl futlti. Additional Informaliori and rofci fvrnJ»hed on ftqyeit. SUMMER HATIS ARE ECONOMICAL RATCS IOTEL Irrigation In Stale Studied Redomation Bureau To Set Up Office In Little Rock Uitlp Hm-k-f/Pi-Thr Rurmn of R«rlflmntinn, which by law rp- js'.rirts Ms nporalinn In 17 Wcsirrn ·s. is sninR In study irrlfialinn ihiliticK in Ark.'inpas, J^ouisi- «na and Missouri. Thp bureau will fptnhliah an nfflcc bore to rnrry nut tho prnj- ort. D. D. TPIT.V, Arkanpps Cn- orrilnntor of thf* Ark«n.«ft!t, Whltfl anri I^?d R\vcr Bn*;ins Intpr- Aaonsy Committee, said ycstor* clay. He Sfiid the study In bplng iniHrrtnkon hy ppprinl nuthortiy in cnnnoctinn with the Inter- ARt'ncy Conimiltr?. Tho Jnlpr-Acpiicy Commit IPP was or(! tn purvey thp proli- lom nl dPvclopitiH the three river bntiinK in Arkansas, l.nuiMfina, MiP.imiri, Cnlnrfidn, KHHPEIF. Nrw Mp.xieo, (^klrilinma ;md TPX.TP. An arcn hrMwocn and nlnng thp. Black nnd Tachp Hlvrrs in Arkans.'is snulh df th? Missouri Imr- rlor prnbHbly will be .iiirvoypd fii^l, said Pfliil Here nf TU!PH, plnnnlnff ciiRinecr for the Ar- j kansHS. While anrl Hpd nivor Basins. Mr sai I irrlfiiition from I wntors tn Ihpsp rfvor? mny bo U5Pri I in llu 1 .lackson - IndepnndcMirp j County area and possibly in the! rim Rrmvinc nrp;is nf Pninsc'.t nnd CrnlRhcHtl Counties. j The Littl n Rock; office will be sinffpd by right pprsons ind will: hP unrior thp (Urocltim of Kcnnrth ; D. MrCaM, Horhmintinn nurrnu' ongincrr fnim OUlnbnnia City. Hoi Mclntyre Files Bankruptcy Petition Nfw Vnrk-lfl'l-llal Molnlyrr, '. nnt-c amnng Iho nntinn's tnn hand '·· londors. KH.VX hr nwpp move Ihnn $in.nnn anrt only StiriO wnrlh, nf nspots in clnthinfi nnrl nm^lcal instrumrnts. Mrlnlyrp filrd n vnl-, untnry bankrnpiry pclitinn in! Frdrral Court yrslmlny. j The I n l o r n n l i n n n l lied Cross; ns fni mert nl n rnmontinn In' j Swil7prlnnd in IBM at which 2fi I Bovrrmnontx wrro rcprcscntrd. i Further Reduction on Summer Shoe Sale Fomoui Brands at Amazingly Low Prices a Mademoiselle · John Flautt 14.95-12.95 Values $naj Drtss and Casual Styles ·Bourbeuic ·Lifestride ·Penaljo «Dcb 10.95-8.95 7.95 Values Values 3QOO llock patent; nylon mcfh; straw wedge sandals; whit* linen; black, Heige, blue ond red calf; ond many others. Shoe D«pt. 4 PCS. Gilbrae Birdseye Pique Tour pltctl only 31" Gilbtit Birdi*tyi Plqu* «t · clsnr- ·nc* price of only AOc yard. 9 PCS. Btoutiful Pima Cloth Kln» pi«*« inlr of Wimiulli ind elhir tin* Pimi clothl, not · compl9ta cnlor asRorlmtnt. bul i »pl*ndld rilu«, indi«t. al only 11 yard. 1 yard Tomorrow-Frida^-Saturdaj-Big Values Opportunity liars Shop For Substantial Savings! A Sweet Opportunity! 300 Yds. Specially Purchases $1.98 42" Printed Nylons Sort 79c yard Jun! recfivMd, heauiiful nylon prl in qualilies t h a t we sold earlier in the tenon for SI. 98 ynrd. Full 42" wld«, truly beautiful, yet priced at only 41.19 yard. · Fabrics, 1st Floor Now is the time to buy your PURREY BLANKETS Stx beautiful blinkct colors In this luxurious Purrtf btinkrM. The wurmtit tor UK weight; the most tcrvtceablt bl»nk*t In Hi field due to · rery fine blendir) of rnyon and woolen firm. Buy now al only f 10.00 (You may place them in layaway until Fall for 12.00 down.) 10 · Blanktts, 1st Floor A Grand Opportunity McGregor Long Sleeve Summer Sportshirts $080 S3.95-$4.50 Volu.i McGregor and other good brandi in long sleeted sport shirts. Mostly' sheer fabrics reduced to clear to only 2 · Men's Store SAVE -- YES, SAVE! Cinderella Nylons · Marian Rtg. $1.65 ·Jean Reg. $1.35 Two txctpllonally attractive buyi in precioui DuPont stockings by Cinderella. Nylon Anklets Only a few pairs of girls' nylon anklets, not all sites, bul what a valu* at only ,, . . . 19c I Dorothy Gray Summer Colognes Reg. $2 size Dorolhy Gray's popular summcT logne. Regular $2.00 size, choice of f i r t Irngranccs, now only per bottle $100 1 Opportunity Days COTTON FABRICS · Gilbrae Dimities · Gilbrae Muslins ·Ameritex Dot Swisses 46 yd. fof iiimm.r wtsr. lh«rn«' nothing nicdr lh«n , imiillni and dotltd iwln.i, Htrt'i * nlen ·iiorlmnnl, Indttd. of p a t l t r n t ind colon t good opportunity prlci. 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