Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 16, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1952
Page 2
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2 NOtTHWBT AKAMAI TIMH, fey*tovM«. ArliMMi, Wmlnmlay, July I*, 1952 I'-'Miiiiliillillllllllilllllliliniliiiliiiiniiiiiii' ·Hiiiiiiiiiiiiitiniriiiiiiiiiiiilllllii Society m ·'· ' M*S. KATHUEN DOZIER ,' ·tlHIIIMIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllltllllliiiilillllllllllillllllHIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIlli Mrs. ]);m KHcckcr, and his niece, I Mrs. Jny Hitmen, all nl .Sjloam j Springs. Carl Rose Visits Walnut Grove 4-H Club Miss Proctor Engaged To G. E. Branigan Daily Calendar of Events fouipht . . . ayc'.irvill,! r;.-urlrn L ' l n h . K. K W h i l i - h u r r h l l w n c , i; ; .u Invr.l Roscr. r K i r r i n u i i r (:ra)'ip.-i:,y B-8 U n l l , hit:on liuiMini!, 7 j lia Slgmii D.'.ii, 7:.'ili : piKt A l p h a r i t i . ·l.'i Hr,rk Sln-cl. 7:3(1 It41:t V t j i u n l r f T An Force JlcfCive Training Squ;itlron, 7:3n l\ri!iy KC..CI ·. c, ] I L " i V.VM C c n t c i , 7:30 lili!.-.r.v Order i,l l ' m | . l c l l p a i t , V f ' W ]|;ill, 7:11(1 .O.I-., JOOK J l a l l . 8 rt I.ecturo, U l i i v c r M l y Concert l l ; i i l . fi I.E.S. 41)5. Masonic K a i l , 8 , Thursday ·t;iry Club. \Var.hincl"ii Hotel, 12 1 imrock Club, Mr. 1 .. Charles Undrl. 2:30 n!ry Club Supper, C o u n t r y C l u b , 7 if l.egir.n Auxiliary, Legion Hut, 7:30 Lcflfi;:- of Women Voters, U n i t s One nnrt Two, Mrs. M. 0 K i k , hr-Hfiuf nf Women Vntois, U n i t Three. Mrs. Paul LJ.'irrott, 7:30 Pottery Shower Given For Miss Wiggans Mrs. Hill Sim-.ont and Mrs. O. W. Ferguson weic Hostesses last . s ..u SK a m u u ^ - i , ,mx I V I W I M oui night at a pottery shower, given i Ills bisters, Mrs. flnice English a ~ ' ~ ~ ~ ' in honor of Mis« Ann . bridfr tried of Ur. John SUJJK "f JSild.'jrn .Springs. The shower wa:- ; jiivon ftt the Jiomo of Mr?. I-VrfUJ- . snn's irif.tlKir, Mrs. It. E. O'Ki-lly. I A desert rfiur:;i- w:ir. :;r-r\ · f i o i n tho d i n i n g tnhlt 1 , c m i r i ; w i t h fin n i ' r n n R f i n c n l ( j f d.ihl ' a r i d Queen Anne's lacr. Out of t o w n RiirM:; w i r I , m o t h e r , M i s . iiM'tlinj: nf t h e W a l n u t Grove 4-H C l u b hi: I nin!:l were Carl nose,! Counly acent, ;ir.f| t w o M.Me 4-H HI in lenders, Mr. 'jhirley and Miss Kua.-lc, both of Louisiana., They n ft: al tending U n i v e r s i t y ; S l i m m e r S t h n n l . The three fiiiorts j made t . i l i i s on 4-H Club work, and IUi:(s K ' n r k t a u g h t llio mein- \i rs some ncv.' MOIIRS. The drvnilon was "The Three KJ.-iKS Under W h i c h a Good 4-H i Member Sen.rv" Leon S h u m a t e ! j;ave t h e .rc-ripliii-c r e n d i n g a n d ! I):rrN Shipley, Mrs. I K i m h l c n nnd ' .fay Shipley led I h e "Alletfinnce lo j the- A m e r i c a n , r h i i s t i n n a n d t h e ! 4 - H Kl.'if.-.." T h i s w.i. 1 ; followrrl hy ;i pr.'iycj. k.'H by N f i n n j i t i S h i p l e y . ! M a r i l y n Jjinc- Shipley and Patsy T e r n p l p l f j f i y.ive ;i t.'jble-seltinE tlciiiDn:.!!·;·'.ion. They were first i v i n n n s in thcs d o n i M i i s t r n t i n n s | Riven (it tlu; r n i i u t y 4-H R a l l y l;ist I m o n t h , MI'! will compete with | dllici i-nunlv- w i n n e r s a t I h e S t a l e ' 4 - H f.'.nip, 'to be held :it the University n e x t v.-eok. James N c w c i l f i n n o ' i n e e d t h a t bo i n t e n d s to change his project to beef, since s e l l i n g his d a i r y h e i f e r , "Honeysuckle," and pur- chr!sing a registered beef type ani- m;il \ v i t h the money. M r . and Mrs. M a r v i n Gibson, vho are ! n chaise nf the 4-H "Ta'ent N'ifihl." nnnouiu-ed t h a t the ni'f'ip w i l l r o n t i n i i e the pro- j j r a t n . A check from A d r i a n H a t n - blen who is .'icrviiiR in A l a s k a , was j)n\'.cnU;d to the B \ i i l d i n R Coni- u i i t t c e . to be u.'ied for t h e church niiinsc. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert C. Proctor of Hindsville announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Hubcrta Anne Proctor, to George E. Hrnnigan, son of IJean and Mrs. George. F. Branigan of Fayctte- ville. Miss Proctor it a junior in the University College of Business A d m i n i s t r a t i o n , and is a member of A l p h a Lamba Delta and Coterie. B r a n i g a n is a senior in the University College of Engineering. Me ij a member of Theta Tau, honorary engineering society, Omlcron Delta Kappa, and 'is prtsitlfnt of the senior class. The wedding will be performed August 3, in the chapel of Westminster House, by Dr. J. W. Butler, Jr.. pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. Homemakcrs Plan For Recreation Month The Homemnkcrs Home Dcm- o n s l r n t i n n C l u b met Tuesday n i g h t :it 7::)0 o'clock, in the homo of Mrs. Joyce Hchl, .'ill Wood Street. The meeting was opened w i t h I M P group r e p e a t i n g The, Lord's Prnyer, a f t e r w h i c h roll j I'.'MI was iinrv.-ered wit!) "Some- j t h i i u : nuw I liavo lr;irncd a b o u t , fl!:." ! ice President, Mrs. J u n n l l n ! rend the poem, "Girls and j Hoys," nnd a d r m n n s t r a l i o n on cnramirs \v;is givon by Mrs. A n i l n i Mnore. I M n n s were made for a f a m i l y picnic lo be held at Hai;- inon play f i e l d for "Recreation Month." | Thirteen members were present and one guest, Mrs. Betty Nor-! wood. The mystery package was 1 won by Mrs. Barbara Kinkadc. Neill Heed of Heber Springs, a c a n d i d a t e for chief j u s t i c e of the Arkansas Supreme C ' o u r t , was a F f i y r t i c v i l l e v i s i t o r today en route to Knrt S m i t h in t h e interest of his c a m p n i g n . He is a past s t a t commander of the American Lc Pre-Nuptial Party Given At Evans Home Miss Nira Lee Pnrnoll, bride elect of Gene Englor nf Y u m a , Ariz., was guest nf honor at a bridal shower given last nipht by Miss Irene Evans at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lester ICvans. A p i n k ami blue motif was carried out in the d i n i n g room. The t a b l e v.-as centered w i t h an arrangement of b l u e asters and pink gladioli. Ice cream and cake were served to 25 guests from the lace covered table. In the living room, the gift table wns covered w i t h a blue floth, trimmed in brown. Out of town Ruests were Mrs. Hope R u t h Smith and Mrs. \V. J. Englcr of Y u m a . Bridal Shower Compliments Miss Blagg A miscellaneous bridal shower, honoring Miss Barbara DHC Blags, bride-elect of Ewell Cnchran of L i t t l e nock, vas given j c s t e r d a y afternoon by Miss Margaret W i l son and Miss Brcmia Corn at Hie Wilson home, Onkwick. Bridge was phyert during (he a f t e r n o o n iind w i n n e r s w e r e Miss C'arlyn C l a r k and Miss Roberta Massey. Mrs. C. H. M c N a i r , Jr. and children, Nancy and Randy, returned to their home in Tulsa, Okla.. today, a f t e r a visit here w i t h Mrs. McNair's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Carlson. Jack Ramseys Have Family Reunion A f a m i l y reunion was held last weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ramsey, Route 6, in | honnr nt Mr. and Mrs. .Tors R a m I scy and daughter, Patricia, nf | Rirhmrmd, C a l i f . Those present for the occasion were' Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ward and d a u g h t e r s , and Mrs. Ward's f a t h e r . John Kjmsey of Oassville, Mo.; Mr:;. Norn Copr-land and daughter] Mrs. M a b l e N a b n u r s and children, of Fayettcville; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Copclanrt and f a m i l y , Mr. and j Mrs. Earl Ncwberry and son of Lowell; I Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Newbcr- ry and son, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Newberry and son. of Peoria, 111.; i Mr. and Mrs. M. R a t l i f f of Fay' e t t c v i l l e . Friends who called were Mr. and Mrs. A l b e r t Neal of H i g h f i l l ; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Parker and sons of Fayctteville; Hiram Moore of Springrlalc, and M a r t i n Dean of Peoria, I I I . Handkerchief Shower Honors Mrs. Powell I Members of the Jack T i d b a l l ' j Post and A u x i l i a r y met at t h » i home of Mr. and Mrs. H a r v e y , : Ward last' night for a farewell j I parly honoring Mrs. Irene Powell | Mrs. Powell is moving to C a m p 1 : Hood in Texas, where her h i r - ' j b a n d . Sgt. W. E. Powell is s t a - ' ! ticmed. j A surprise h a n d k e r c h i e f shower ' and other gifts were received by .Mrs. Powell. Games were in I charge of Mrs. Berlhania T. Davis. R e f r e s h m e n t s of cake and p u n c h i were served by Mrs. Ruby B. A n - ! rterson and the hostess i Junior Civic League Plans Fall Activities 'Parasol Ladies' Boost Campaign j For Ike Murry ! Norlhwesl A r k a n s a s was v i : ited yesterday by 10 "Parasol ] I Ladies" from Fordyce, here in I the interest of the "cainpaixn of] ; Ike Murry, candidate for Eovernor! I of Arkansas in the Democratic primary July 29. The 10 housewives of Fordyce, friends of the candidate, from his home town, are I I spending this week t o u r i n g t h e ! ' state, going from business to busi- I · ness in the various towns, ask- i ing for support of Murry, who is! now attorney general of A r k a n s a s . ' | They were in Fort Smith yes: I terday morning, and visited Fay! ctteville, Springrtale and Rogers' j yesterday afternoon, spending . the night at Harrison. They ex- j peeled to double back today and visit Siloam Springs and Bcnton-. | ville, before returning home to: morrow. Next week they will take another lour. They wear w h i t e , dresses and carry white parasols \ bearing the Murry For Governor; inscription. , Mrs. J. R. Mulkey, who underwent surgery at a Tulsa hospital, returned home Monday evening and is reported to be recovering rapidly. SRoting Party Given By Christ's Church Thirty youns people of Christ's Church were e n t e r t a i n e d w i t h H skatim: party, given by t h e church .it t h e s k a t i n g rink M o n d a y night. The parly v/as in charge 1 of Mrs. Harry Courtney, sponsor of t h e I n t e r m e d i a t e Youth Group at the church. Mr. And Mn. Park* McFirrln Mr. and Mrs. Parks McFerrin of Springdale announce the b i r t h I of a daughter. July 16. »t the i County Hosptial . I ----^~-1 Mr. And Mrs. Robert Clydi Miyes Mr. arrO Mrs. Robert Clvde , Mayes of Fayetteville announr-- . the birth of a son, July 15, at the County Hospital. Births Mr. And Mr*. Victor B. Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. Victor B. Goodwin nf Springdale, announce the b i r t h of n son, July 16, at t h e City Hospital. Mr. And Mrs. Friedman Chirles Sims Mr. and Mrs. Friedman Charles Sims of Sprinpcialr-, announce t h e birth of ;i r i a u t f h t e r , July 15, at the County llosiptal. I Chamber of Commerce Secre! tary Wesley Gordon and Mrs. . Gordon are in Dallas this week where he is attending the a n n u a l meeting of the Southwest Institute of C h a m b e r of Commerce Man- · ! ariers. Gordon is chairman of the C u r r i c u l u m Committee at this : year's meeting and is a past presi- 1 dent of the organization. Don W. Harris, aviation structural mechanic, third class, USN". husband of Mrs. Annie B. H a r - ris of Elkms, has returned to the United States a f t e r a six month-; t o u r of duty in the Mediterranean. A N N O U N C E M E N T ! NORMA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Announces the Hew Management of the Royal Beauty Shoppe S. Side of the Square. Phone 1595 Specialties Include: Hair Shaping, Styling, Tinting Permanent Wavex, S5 up The regular meeting of t h e J i ' n i o r Civic League was h e l d : ! tost n i g h t at the home of Mrs. i i Charles Hodrl, at which time t h e s t n n d i i i R committee reported on I p l n n s for f a l l activities. | A proposed r u m m a g e sale \vas I reported on bv the f i n a n c e committee. This is planned to be held ! in September. The business meet- I ing was presided over by t h e president, Mrs. Laverne H c f l i n . i Mrs. E. ],. Hnnians, senior advisor, v:as present and spolte briefly on ; the purposes of the League. Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Bates, with t h e i r daughter, V i r g i n i a Lou, of t Raytov.-n, Texas, are visiting here I w i t h t h e i r parenls. Ike tfaituoa GetUi 641 W. Dicl.on J the contour's I built right Into I the pitentti) MAGICUPI ·® U.S. PL otf. without pads or puffs: New you can have a fuller, fashion.riglit bustline natural!* --without "falsies" or gadgets! Hidden Treasure keeps its glnmprous contours--washing after washing! No wonder millions of smart women now wear this miracle bra exclusively! Come in, write or phone for Peter Pan Hiddtsi Treasure, today! Si:cs SS-36 "A-Pcrfcct"; 31-SS "V-Pcrfccl" vhite trmddotli j' 50 v7*i(eorWocJtBjrfoi, 4' 50 Also available in plunging and strapless styles 3.95 to 5 00 What's a picnic without Coke? A pood jiirnic. is lively nnd sparkling willi fun. The life and sparkle of icc-rold Coca-Cola adds so much lo any occasion. Plenty of Pep for Play . .. Calls for a Better Balanced Diet You'll have more round-the-clock endurance... more energy for play afler working hours if you eat the right kind of foods... nutritional foods thai help prevent quick tiring and give you extra vitality and pep. There's extra health-giving energy in Super-Enriched Bread because it's the loaf that's superior to others in nutritional values (see chart below). Make Super-Enriched a daily habit. Eight slices of Super-Enriched Bread will su p p |/ supply you with approximately the following daily requirements of these essential vitamins and minerals 7S'/.(ORTHREEJXURTHS) For Normal Good Oigestibn and Healthy Nerves 25% (OR ONE-FOURTH) 'mportart to Children's Growth, ond for Healthy Eyes and Sli.. JJ| 35V. (OR MORE THAN A THIRD) Essential for Proper Assimilation of Calcium 35% (OR MORE THAN A THIRD) NKM!°ry for the Growth of Sturdy Son.!, ond Heolthy 55% (OR MORE THAN HALF) bienhol to Proper Nutrition of the Body Celli 55% (OR MORE THAN HAlf) For Good Red Blood Needed lor Gor-d Heolth iOHHD UNtiri AUtllOHIlY Of 1H( C O C A . C 0 1 * COMTAHY IT MYITIVIUI COCA-COIA IOTUINO COMPANY, Phon* MOO mri. O »«. 1HI CO(»C01« COHPAMT SHIPLEY'S SUPER ENRICHED HOLSUM MORE VITAMINS and MORE MINERALS than any other loaf!

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