Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 9, 1974 · Page 19
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 19

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1974
Page 19
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SO Northwcit Arkcmtas TIMES, W«ct.. Oct. 9, 1974 r*Y«TT»VILH, AHKANtAt ' The Roll Call Report State's House Delegation Backs Cuts In Nixon Benefits WASHINGTON -- Here's how program is worthwhile. But ^.Arkansas members of Congress t (, ey objected to the higher out.,were recorded on major roll ;' call votes Sept. 26 through Oct. ·:°2. ''·-" · ; IN THE HOUSE ay for reasons of economy, pointing out that higher federal ipehding has an inflationary ' Adopted, 342 for and 47 a- impact on the elderly poor. "It gainst, an amendment cutting just seems to me tiiat the time ''from $450,000 to $100,000 the ap- has come for us to be politically ·'propriaton to finance Richard responsible or fiscally responsi- ';Nixon's transition to private ble and not politically expo, ;lifc. It was attached to HR dient," said Rep. Elford Ceder- ''16900, an appropriations mea- berg (R-Mich.). sure later passed and sent to Alexander, Hammerschmidt, · ' t h e Senate. In a separate vole, Thornton and Mills voted the House cut Nixon's perma- "yea." nent retirement benefits from COMMITTEE REFORM -',$400.000 annually to $100,000. Supporters of cutting the Adopted, 246 for and 1G4 jainst. an amendment to re- transition allotment argued that tain the House Committee on , S100.000 was adequate and that Internal Security (HISC). It ' ; Congress should not appear to was attached to H Res 1248, one " oe rewarding Nixon for his con- of three pending plans to re'_' duct in office. Opponents called vamp the House Committee "'the cut unfair compared to structure. de- Each plan recommends that the HISC be abolished, with its an- mittees. ; Drinan said HISC has files on 752,000 Americans and has spent $4 million during his tour fears on the committee to per- 'orm no "legitimate" function. Abolishing HISC will "protect :he privacy of citizens" and save taxpayers money, he added. Alexander, Hammerschmidt and Mills voted "yea." Thornton voted "nay." IN THE SENATE 'Adopted 1 , 57 for and 20 against, an amendment slopping military aid to Turkey because of Turkish aggression in Cyprus. The amendment was attached to an appropriations bill (HJ Res 1131). Its passage was a defeat for President Ford, who publicly opposed the move and threatened to veto the legislation. This was one of the week's two Senate votes to stop aid to Turkey. Supporlers charged Ihe Slate Department with acting "above the law" by continuing military aid to Turkey in the face of Turkish violations of U.S. foreign aid statutes, which limit the use of U.S. military aid to self-defense and mutual defense efforls. Sen. James Buckley (C- N.Y.) admitted that the law may not meet the "current demands of international diplomacy," but agreed vvilh Sen. Thomas Eagleton (D-Mo.) that the rule of law supercedes the demands of negotiation. Opponents warned that cutting U.S. Bid would encourage Turkey to turn to the Soviet Union for help and to pull out of NATO, further upsetting Mediterranean security. Sen. Mike Mansfield (D-Mont.) said the ttmcndment would "unuci'inlnc' Ihe efforts of Secretary of State Kissinger" to mediute negotiations between Turkey and Greece. Sen. J.W. Fnlbrighl (D) voted 'yea." Sen. John McCIeilan (D) voted "nay." AID TO CHILE -- Adopted, 4J for and 41 against, an amendment halting military aid to Chile. It was one of several amendments attached to appropriations legislation (HJ Res 1131) in a Senate attempt to increase congressional impact on U.S. foreign policy. Sen. Edward Kennedy (D- Mass.), the sponsor, criticized the government's "business as usual" policy toward Chile in light of the "political repression...and tortures of the most incredible design known to man" practiced by the Chilean dictatorship. I O p p o n e n t s criticized t h e Senate's "Irresponsible" behavior in interfering with the administration's handling of foreign policy. Sen. Gale McGee (D-Wyo.) complained that "all of us seem to be playing secretary of state on the floor of the Senate at a moment when these questions are deeply involved in diplomacy." Fulbright voted "yea." McClellan voted "nay." . .OIL POLICY -- Tabled, 46 for and 33 against, an amendment to stop U.S. foreign aid to oil producing countries, in h o p e s of forcing them to lower oil prices. Although the amendment would have penalized all members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), it was aimed primarily at member countries which have raised oil prices. It was proposed to an appropriations bill (HJ Res 1131). The vote was a victory for President Ford. Supporters of the tabling mo' ' the the tion were opposed to amendment. They said amendment would withhold only $50 million, hardly enough to force prices down. Sen. Hubert Humphrey (D-Minn.) said the action was like pitting "A Boy Scout troop against a nuclear force." He said the amendment's real victims were OPEC members outside of the oil cartel who stood to unfairly lose U.S. technical and humanitarian assistance. Sen. Frank Church (D-Id.), the sponsor, called the amendment a first step in preventing economic collapse in t h e western world as a result of the most serious economic war at lias been declared in this cntury." He blamed countries ich as Kuwait and Saudi Araia for waging "economic war- ire" against the West. 'fcClellan and Fulbright vot- d "yea." ' - 5'/4% We have · saving) program and Interest rate to meet your needs. Fayetteville Savings Loan Association 101 N. East Avenue pauea rresiaems, HIKI feain me public interest demands that Nixon get ample funds to preserve his records of office. Reps. Bill Alexander (D-l), J o h n Hammerschmidt (R-3), Rav Thornton (D-4) and Wilbur Mills (D-2) voted "yea." .MEALS ON WHEELS -- Adopted, 282 for and 125 against, an amendment increasing the appropriation for a program providing free meals for the elderly poor. It hiked by $25 million, to a total of S125 million the current fiscal year outlay for the so-called "meals on wheels" program. The overal bill is HR 16900. now pending in the Senate. Supporters praised the pro gram as effective in assuring that many of the nation's eder ly poor get at least one nutri tious meal daily. About 211,000 persons nationwide now partici pate, and the extra $25 million will exlend participation to an additional 40,000, they said. Opponents agreed that the ti-subversion mandate absorbed bv other standing committees. This vote, if not reversed, may keep HISC intact regardless of which committee-reform plan is adopted. Rep. Richard Ichord (D-Mo.), HISC chairman and sponsor of the amendment, argued that the committee must remain autonomous in order to watch "activities that would undermine or overthrow our constitutional form of government by unlawful means." He added: "The committee does not keep dossiers on Members of Congress. ..It does not persecute any citizens for having unpopular ideas or unpopular philosophy." Rep. Robert Drinan (D- Mass.), a committee member and advocate of abolishing it, said the House should obey the recommendations of the committee-reform plans, adding that HISC functions would be duly preserved by other corn- 235-Pound Woman Reports Wiring Mouth Shut Works STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) -"A few people say I'm nuts," says Babbie Manzella, who had her jaws wired shut because is undernourished, Mrs. Manzella said, "I never felt better n my life." Mrs Manzella said she still she got tired of being five feet tall and 235 pounds wide. "Now I'm down to 200 : pounds," she said two months after the operation. "I'm going to keep my jaws wired until I'm down to 115 pounds, which Ls what I weighed 18 years ago when I was married. "It may take a year,' added. she "When I weighed 235 I never wanted to go out," she said. "I never wanted to do anything. I hated the way I looked. I was ashamed." But now Mrs. Manzella has adjusted to eating everything through a straw and living without southern fried chicken and other fattening delicacies. Mrs. Manzella said she got the idea of having the operation from a television report on an English woman who had her jaws wired shut to lose weight. crash diets, TRIED EVERYTHING "I had tried clubs, diets, meat and salad diet, pills, even eating nothinj for days but I couldn't stick tc anything," she said. So, after consulting with her husband and doctors, an ora surgeon tied her upper and low cr teeth together with stee wires, the operation used when 8 person has a broken jaw. With frequent checks by hei family doctor to make sure she isn't shedding fat too quickly o: ries chicken for the rest of the amiiy. "At first I couldn't bear to ee them eat it. I'd go out of he house for a walk," she said. "But now it doesn't drive me up the wall when they bite into t. I just don't miss it any more." If not fried chicken, what can one eat through clamped jaws? "Lots of liquids and anything hat can be put through a ilender. Peas, carrots, string leans, beets, beef and other pureed baby foods. A milk shake once or twice a week. Grape- Tuit juice, orange juice, tomato juice. Diet sodas, vitamins," she said. What happens II she becomes nauseous? "If I was to actively feel sick :o my stomach I would snip the four wires quickly and be able to open my mouth." She always carries a pair of nail clippers but hasn't had to use them. 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