Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 15, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1952
Page 11
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NOCTHWHT AWANtAS TIMif, f»yttt»»HI». AriranMi Tundoy, July 15, 1;; -1) Big Boost In Net Income For Bell System Increase Amounts To Millions But Covers More Shares New York - (fP) - The Ameri- ean Telephone and Telegraph Company todty reported net income of $88,170,000, or $2.58 a share, for the three months ended June 30. This compared with net income of $81,111,870-in the like quarter last year, equivalent tn 12.71 a share on a smaller number of shares. For the 12 months ended June 30. net income was $340,080,000, tr $10.22 a share, against $314,314.005, or $10.89 a share, in the preceding 12 months. The Bell System--A. T. and T. HIGHLY OPTIMISTIC, SAYS RUSSELL ,.,iih u r u s i s o Q * m- t i n s ', arT applicable tn A T and T stock. The remaining $2,986,879 was applicable to minority interests in subsidiary companies not completely owned by A. T. and T. For the corresponding 1951 quarter, net income was $94,925,371, of which $92,367,698, or $3.13 I share, was applicable to A. T. and T. stock. WITH A PIXTISH SM1LI, Senator Richard B. Russell ol Georgia tells notebook-armed reporter* at the White House that he It h i g h l y optimistic over his chancei of winning the Democratic presidential nominal tion. Thl« cam« following talk with President Trumtn. (InternatianaUl The Courts Chancery Court Wilma E. Baker vs. William H. Baker: decree ot divo.ce to plaintiff. Jessie Lindaburg vs. John Lind'tburg: decree of divorce to plaintiff, restoring p l a i n t i f f ' s maiden name of Hutchcns. Municipal Court . Appearing before Mrnicipal Judge V. James Ptak yesterday I morning Roy E. Foults, 32 of i Prairie Grove entered a plea of l_|.~ rr ,, ir | -guilty to charges of resisting ar- , n O l H e U rest, assault and battery, and drunkenness. He was fined $50 on the first count, $10 on the assault and battery charge and $10 on the charge of drunkenness, plui costs--a tola! of $77. G. Hamm was fined 340 and lentenced to a day in jail on a charge of drunken driving. Jick Slice v/as fined $53.50 and sentenced to a day in iail on a ·charge of drunken driving. Bill Harp, 26, Springdale was fined $100 plus costs, sentenced C-o-O-O-O-O-M-!--Thclma Homsey, of London, finds relief from : the British heat wave in the depths of a swimming-pool f o u n t a i n . . It's been so hot in Britain that judges have doffed their traditional heavy wigs in-deference to the weather. As Favors Are Hit Of Party Cannes, France - I/P) - Guests at Texas Week on the French Riviera wore horned toads in their lapels at a party last night and the lizard-like little creatures were the belles of the ball. They were flown over as party favors by host Jimmy Radford, NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D ADS Rate: 3 c*nt: p«r wor- tingle i n - rertioa. Three comecutive interlio»» 7 cents i«*r word M i n i m u m order 42c. Classified adi cash in advance--nut Uketi over the telephone. Dead linn far classified adl: H):M Saturday LEGAL NOTICES l,OKT AND FOUVI) LOST, lupcl w n t r l i In O*ark T h r j l r r Tiu-nlcy. H c w j r d . l U - t u r n lo Tunes ^office. LOST. UfetimV'SrhVaff« : r p r n Yn "wt-M _end I'nst O f f i c e Phone_7S6\V $1 UO Kon ~n"frog" fool! "toil on n o r t h ·irte Volt Swim Kin. for Icll f o n t Return lo 9i9 l*nrk, Ave n u j c · ^ ^ FOR SALE--LIVESTOCK : REGI§fEHl:D"l^BiurTri?erTMf^~r Brown. Ii miles h i g h w a y 45. cas! W A R N I N G ORDER ; .J!'J 1 f l P ( *_. : y.* 2 *lr-_ In The Chancery Court Ol I HKCIISTEREO OIC pic* nlin Chni.-r , Washinclcn County, Arkxmat ! _*I 1 _!!!£L_V'l ( '. ;nt ' 3 VM t:i Ijefnrcj; p__m Flortncc Jones, by M a r t h a McNeese.' PIGS, linrgaln. Phone__j3C2_W _ _ ! her mother and n e x t irlcnd 1'laintlfis I BUY your breeding" CUTS while yi i ' , can save money. Western ew, t': Lee L. Jonei Dclcndnnt i Yearlings, twos nnd threes. M G The D e f e n d a n t Let- I. Jones is \ Polk, CasxviUe. Missouri warnt!d to apprar In Ihis Court w i t h i n t h i r t y dayi and aiwtaer Hie com- · C11INC1LLAS pls-nt of the P l a i n t i f f m the aho vc i ^p^----: entitled cause. Witness my I:and and eal of this Court this 21st day of June, 1952. B. Grcur Chancery Clerk 24 July l-jt-15-e ^TR VICES orrrKED EXCAVATING - B U L L D O Z I N G Land clearing- s a v i n g y o u r topsoil. Heavy d u t y d i s r i r g . H r u a h r a k o prir.fis. _____ 1 FOR SAf.R--RIAL EffTATV HAVE buyer for 3 btdrpom WiUon R#«lty. Phon« M*3. NOW available, limited suppl q u a h ' y ' Chinchillas. Registered N C !1 A Visitors welcome Free l i t e r a t u r e See itt Clyde Timhrook. 518 Guntr.* FOR KALE--HOME NFKDS " Go fiihinf when Sally? Not » 1 can b* with c h a n c e ! " W A H N I N C ' O R D I R " " In Th* Chancery Court Of Washington County, Arkvniti Bees L. Coffcy Dixon P l a i n t i f f vs. Nod Williams Defendant The D e f e n d a n t Ned Williams is warned to appcnr in this Court within thirty days and answer Ihc complaint r,l the P l a i n t i f f in Ihc above e n t i t l e d rati*e. Witness my hand and icU nf this Court this 21st day of June, 1052. Ru-haul B. GiL-t-r C h u n e u y Clerk M J u l y 1-8-15-c NOTICE d i d n ' t know! She's work- ay _ Ihr'jugh College. wipaVer \vjFh SAY -- If you _ ing her w EXCrIUSiVE~ the A r k a n s a s G:izcltc. K u l l li . Cash deposit required Experience unnccessary^'honcMITIU;^,^^^^ fNSTRt'CTlON SAY-- If you didia know! Shrs'wbriT- _ i n s ' lcr way through College. IF you lilte~"to "dra'v/rskck-h "or'puinT. write for Talent lest (No fee). Give occupation. Box L-35, age ;md ',;Timf.'S. PERSONAL i GinSON r e f r i j j c r a t o r , divan ;in chnii LEWIS"BROS." H A S E M K N T Used .N'nrce rcfner-raior S f,9 fi Used Colnspot r c f r i i j c T u t o r . Silir. c Used R n p c r gas ranfie $ ;'j n Used K'.-ninorc washer .. ... S M n il M:iy;ag washer 5 tn u PRACTICALLY new. n i l while " p m 1 ci-lnin Ilopor i;inj:o. otec:r;c rln- k ! and t i m e r -- 4 st.iCKrr -d h n r n - r ' pilot IiglU in oven B a r g a i n C.ill 1 NEW tread!* 1 scwmft m:u*hine cncul · cnn-'h Jesse ,/ohnson, 117 EuM ^imF:SHlfn~lTi7i~orc!iiird "Kratt"*ee(l. __Mr.-;.^ N n ^ t m ^ n Ivt-y. Hione 3WS3 BH1OGS and S f r a t l m i ' V h "p.' mo'.nr. now Ideal for boat. H a r g a i n 710 E. Mnplc. _ i i»!)fl LB of cood re-elcancd K e n t u c k y · 31 seed. R. B. Tcdforri. Phil Weaver farm. 7 m:le.i north of Prairie : _Grovc. j WA'LNUT desk, cherry bed. l a r g e ; leather chair, w a l n u t day bed, bj*tis ' bird on perinatal Call in a f t e r - US K.') portable irrigation syitein A l u m i n u m pine, s p r i n k l e r s and all __ connect ions. f t _ O . Amci, phon; 1724 MODKHN cottage close In. Residence or business. Phone BSC. NOW QIMCK St-'.riVICE ON wntrhrs. dork-:, ip-^tar!* * ,i rt Jewelry r e p a i r i n g EAflL S WATCH SHOP With ftrf-wci'ft Oimrrn. 15 K_C«m»r DITCH DIGGING" rOOTlNGS-w .1 l e r. c ,i «nd nw«r ditchri. «pltc tank ho» U l e X - n k * mnd htck fllllnt; C»1I ~BH Uryc* ~"rXCAVTTTNG~~ B U L L D O Z I N G | Grav«l, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phone 749 ~~MAItRESS R E N O V A T I N G SUBURBAN ; ?; 173 'i DOWN *n4 545W per mi, i ruivt 'MJ prar'leillv n«w- 2-b I mom r.nmc on pavement, tanvtnj to ['nlveniTy Adequ*:t ilzt " ri'.ni. Lrgf kMchen-dinlni; r o ' t i l t . n a t i o n . i^narous flz* I] ri'if-i m r r h»tnroom. automatic flr.or f u r n a r c . a t t a c h e d laritfe, . ,t f.artf ipicn. v f n « t l a n blin«?-A C jtofirt it only J7.3WiM. . r, UTLEY COMPANY, INC- REALTORS CaJJ J LENDERS INSUROW Py*.iM 22ft3. Hei ' Hollywood O N E D \ Y ^ M m l l Into '' Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. ASSFM"BIY LfJVKI.Y tw FOR RKNT-- MISCELLANEOUS AIR conditioned ^ room f u r n i a h r d a p n r i m c n t . I'hnns 2iM. 21 W e i l SAY--If yr,-j d M n ' l know! Shr's wo ^ _ l n K her way yi_r»_ijH(i t -£il-£8 t; COLDEST Beer irootrin^ToAvnTounrt l GEESE ~for~sa!eT Phone IOS." Uie barrel. Served in frozen mugs i ,,,,,-px^TM--,-, ''\,~-;..,]'~ ,,,*,,, ,,:,,,, ; for only 5c. Ye oltlc North Side · 20 ?- F OOT. 2 inch lyUamtid pj-jc. ; Drug o n N o r t h College. _ _ _ __ _ APARTMKNT. "ftirnlBhed."""bHU~~p»Td. near iquare. 79W. EX CEPTI0 N ALL Y cooT luxuriously furnished apartment, near University. Ground floor, private lawn For J?, -.vccki. Rgfcrc-nc_e«,__ Phone 2210-W. D U P iTEX a p a r t m e n t . TTn"f urn She'd, hnrdwonrt floors, v r n e t i a n bllnda Private hath. 417 S. Hi)) St. DRIVE WO bffrlronm ]\nrnn w i t h n ! - ' nr.ipc On'y l i v e v r - i r \ !rl nn tare' lot i n t h i s rovf'r-1 i N ( i r f i i - ; a s i section Buy i! it-r c n ^ y I w n j ! A f i u n i o K. H. A - G I l";m. ! ATOP MOUNT SEQUOYAH menl fiiraKi- nnd Uiimlry Ther^'a ti nicr lonn in f f . r r c and total pn-'c Is only $4 wo 00 COLLEGE ADDITION ATTRACT1VVK ( o u r room b u n f n l o w with a t t a c h e d car port. Thh lovely little hom- Ijt only f o u r y r a r i out ·nd it romple!p!y modorn" S i t u a t e d on nice level lot In f r i e n d l y nclgh- H t. l l H f v 2203. Be» IM7 ' , DAIRY SWEET .. ICE CREAM BUSINESS:;- PRACTICALLY new modern buildirtf V..!H r s i i - J i r r t "T,i;nni»nt lora'ed ju|t n-.rtli f,t r«yf.t'v;»e on U. S Hlllj- w a v 71 n u i l n f u U nn 100x100 lot u n i " h u :*a*ed a f J40 M p«r month f-ir S 1 , y c « r w i t h rtnfvfml Option. Sacnflrert hy rilttnnt owner for Jm-*! ia Only (4.000« B«tttf. . H u r r y ' ?Z Utley Company, Inc. £ R F M TOnS I.ENDCK3 mfll'ftOAt'Z Call II I.. I f t l c y . 7201. R«i. JK1 '·*' .^ J P y c j t t 2203. RM (tft - t UNDER S9,OOaOQ . ~ NEARLY new J-herUoom framii et«H 10 Lrverett SJchoo! ind Unlverilty LITRC living room, dinirtf room n!rr kitchen -.vlth plenty of huUr-iiU. t f p i r n t a u t i l i t y room, 4 Urge rloicu. nlro hith. VtnetUn blllUjl t h r m i i h o i i l . T n r r m n - c n n t r e l l « d floor f u r n a c e A t t a r h f d carafe L0t~" 90x130 Lnrgr KH loin, can b* handled w i t h imill down ptymtnt. WILSON-ADAMS C H A R M I N G nnd cnmfortabl* »-ronm r n r k bunitalnw Nearly ntw »nT in r K c r l l r n t condition. 2 lartf* tw,d- rnorni and ptne-pintlltd rtfn Ht* rlfisri* and p l e n t y of r.'ortfe. P*ntl-' w . R » y h m f . a'tacherf K»nct. On Un« ^ u'fll improved lot. Sec to appreciate? KINCAID AND COMPANY* un-it borhood. Let U Show HAMMOND YoU Phnne 7»3 RFAITY CO. DOCS--CATS-PETS _!!!.· !1_ I L I K E . . iable. IMione 224R1. spring*, finod inne WANTED, home for female Collie l.vpe r-uppy fihout two months old. 20IGJ. ew s p r i n ss K r n n l l Good rhnlrs. 1572W. M A ( I C ' Chef caa ranRi , b r m k f n s t 11x9 flpr'nK ! tahlo, n. Phon KI ,2?J^: s .. t ° B ly;* ? w »?- ?.- AB Br« i n -i DUICK;' AKC rcai-sterpd Cockcr"spnnijr pies. Mm. Bob Stout. Phone MONET TO LOAN oiiih. I'ontlnr n i i t ' b . a_cach. JJirilo nnc!lo._ u p - ! t?KW'1932 I'hllco."EmE«on"lcli:vlmon. _ _ _ : AUTOM~ATIC willi : ti soil Thnr A u t n n i · ccllent r n n f l r t i n n ~ ~ ~ Phon ' ._. narhim- "\Vish m a c h i n e Sx- FilA HUME LOANS Low interest, long terms POULTRY SUPERIOR EROILEH CHICKS Charley Dealcy. The Barn. Highway 71 South. Phone 1313. HELP WANTED--MALE to 10 days in jail and had his I Abilene, Texas, oilman. Squeam- ' driver's license suspended for the rest of the year on a charge ot drunken driving, second offense. Today's Market-- ish guests took to them onthusias- Shells Hit Destroyer Off Korean Coast Wasliington-(/P;-The Navy reported today the destroyer South crland was hit four times in a · PAINTER wanted tn paint apartment duel with enemy shore batteries i h^usc. Take- pay in rent. 716 York off Korea's east coast Sunday.! g^ifi Eight enlistert crewmen received "minor injuries." The announcement said t h ; t t | most of the injured "presumably returned lo duty." D u r i n g the 24-minutc bottle, more than 200 rounds of five-inch shells were poured onto Commu- METAL t y p e w r i t e r desk with Hirrn tlrawcrjs. :S"x42" . S:9 T0 UTLKY *?£ C ^ ANY - 1MC -i5fc B irc 1 E:!,'^h m ^,T.r,y-s i js ^^^^^-^J}----^"-L J WOOL r u « 0x12. rose h-af ilc-slRn S-9 5" ·^^-VWV-WVW-^.-L-.-L-.-.-.-.-L,--.·_T.-_·_-_ _--, SIMEONS brown m e t a l bed. f u l l Ki/p . S U M mtESSKR w i t h cwitifcing mirror $'z:,0 LIVING roam i-nsrmb'r--hrown v r l n u r sofa and rhnir. two I n m p Inblrs, m n t c h l n R rocktall tablr two lahle ininpj !-fiO 50 THE STUMP F I ' R N I T r n E COMPANY Win \V Dirkson Phnnp 3112 N U M13 Klf~n n"c~6k Inh 11 in a pr n i r i c hay _Thnno_ 2.W7\y. TAV1N rr Perfect tically as soon as they found they ; nist pun emplacements, silencing their j f i v c O f t n e seven shore batteries, j glances j Th n destroyer relumed lo the: ' f i r i n g line Ihrce hours after rc- reiving the hits. would cling docilely shoulders d a r t i n g beady Si. Leuii Lirestock National Stockyards, I11.-0PJ- USDA--Hoge 10,500; 35 to 50 lower, mostly 50 lower; some sales 250 Ibs and over off more; choice 180 to 230 Ibs 22.10-22.25; moderate sprinkling 220 Ibs down 22.35-22.40; top very sparingly; 230-250 Ibs 2l.5Al2.10: 260-330 Ibs 20.00-21.25; iTM/ 310-370 Ibs 19.00-19.85; trade moderately active with most hogs cleaned up , promptly; choice 150-170 Ibs 18.7520.50; 120-140 Ibs 16.50-17.25; sows 1 u ' 5 Armv slow JOO Ibs down 18.00-18.75; J ' ' ,, , . ,, , » t n H a v heavier sows 17.00-17.75; boars' a n n o u n c e d t o d a y 11.00-14.00 unchanged. Cattle 4,000, calves 1,400; slaughter steers opening slow; few ?ales , of steers and heifers about steady; cows mostly steady; bulls 50 higher; vealers 1.00 higher; few InaHs good to low choice steers 30.0032.50; low to high choice and prime mixed yearlings 34.75; good A two-font derrick on the bar spouter! cognac all evening. Over- j sized 100 d o l l a r bills, "payable i n ! Texas hospitality," were passed ! out. ; A French maid passed each toad j out from the kitchen with grave · instructions to "keep him dry and ! feed him a fly a day." ' -. . r GOD 1 6 you d i d n ' t know! She's work- Ing h c r _ w a y t h r o u g h ColtcRC. IMMEDIATE plact-rii'-nL~iM""BPophyifr cal work, both research nnd fit-id P i r m a n c n t positions npcn for Grad- u a t e Electrical Knginccrn. GcoloR- ists and Pt-lrulcum Engineers. A]KO pnsit inn's rpen In incii who had specialized radio or rlerlrnnics trnming \vhilr: in Service. Salary competitive. H e a l t h and Jilc niiur- nncc earned. KurnLih colic-Re? t r n n script w i t h fir.--t letter to SeUtno- firnph Service Corp., Box IfiOO. Tulsa, Ok I ah o rn ;i. liXPKnTENCED dozer operator. Phone 14SC. stationery wash luhl n n d i t i n n Phom; 7DM. 2 HOOM furnlBhcd upirlment. Utl lies P_«jtJ^_Phone_2ll»3-J. SKWING niachineiT Service" on aTl iiiak^. John^jRhodca. jihone W8J1. SMALL modern houso. Jiout"h""'of . i r c r - t i l H n d on 71. Mri J. W. Barker. SMALL downs tii Ira apartment for __quift_couple. S02__WMhtnirion : HOOM furnished apiirtmcnt. PrivHte | cnlrancp, private both, I n u n d r y priv- Jl^Ktii^ 111 ijitjefl .._p:_ld.__ !*ho n c 2B93J.! N I C R ;t ruuin modern n p o r t m e n t . Near lJnlvrrKity._Jjunthu!. 1'honv na.'U. P A U k v i K W " B "ml Urn versify uj,nrt- mrnl. f u r n L i h o i l or t i i i l u r n l i h v d . U t l l M l c i pnici Phone 2107J or 25BOR. IT'S cooler , apartments arc nice, Kccncry Is wnndcrlul. You'll like Ilorkwood Apartments. I'honr 2JJ. niKNlSIIKU u p a r t m o n t . 205 N oTt'li Church. Phone 3I32W a f t e r K. WANTED TO BUY Eve. Phone II D M a m m n n r l 1372 J A. JarvH ir.:tO\V SUBURBAN JUST nut.tide c i t y on p ' t v r m ^ r t . New »ix room f m m e home w i t h Urge · ttarheri garcie ind u t i l i t y rnorn Floor (urnsce. hardwood flonn, nnd p l n i t r r p d walls. CHy IM1 MS r, HOOM modern houit. 3 b*4ro«mij* nil In r it. BlK lot. Northcait pirl « n( town, prlctd for quick salt. $10,*X M'O « 20T ACnr.S, 2 i*ti o( Improvtmtnts ~ 40 acrpi bottom 55fl acres of mow la nrl Lot* of witer. Tdtal i(""'t f m m (10.000. WILSON REALTY CO. Phon* 2M3 Papered wate of I water, c.i* «nd r l e c l r l c i t y , ]'i tcrea Irvrl i r o p land. . CRAVENS CO. AUTO'S wnnlrd. Ca*h for Jljht car, priviiLr rhone 1242. ___ ~ ..... "" WANTKri ' SHETLAND pnntr-Ji. Phone 1242 C. J __\V opfl^ Fnyette_vl lie. ____ Glltl/S bicycle Wlih"^~"b^y~ui«d~bU girl. Call _832W._ HELPWANTED.-FII:MALB BROILER COOPS STANDARD WOOD ROD TYPE J. H. Phipps Lumber Co. F a y e M e v i l l e , Ark. L A D Y with car io represent a well established company. Pleasant working conditions, w i t h fiouci pay. Mrs. j L t l l i n n Crime l1ii5 WPS* W t m t « i - i i ! f ! C~i \f\r\\ 1C Sprliigdale. Phone 4459. V ^ U l IUU.5 I WANTED, took, slay on ' in' lutnily. Good waKcs. UAINB6w""TROUT sold d a l l y Phone SprinRdnlc 3201. Ozark Trout Fnrm. n r n r Johnson. _ _ " "NOIilLlTY Stiver?" Call KLI7A1JETH J A N E S ^92 KVENIN'GS 19*11 CHEVROLET __ plcitup! Phone SRRVICEH OFFEBID . . M r s . ! S P E C I A L H u n U v l I l c , ! ALI- mc , la , , nwn t . h:ilr£ 5J,5 w h n r I h c y last. Open n v e n i n f i u n t i l ) (W. Hillfin Dros. Drive-In Furniture ____ _ place. Two and choice heifers and mixed yearlings 28.50-33.75; utility and commercial cows 19.00-22.50; canner and cutter cows 14.00-18.50; utility and commercial bulls 21.5025.50; cann'er and cutter hulls 17.00-20.50; good and choice veal- ers 29.00-33.00; sorted high choice and prime to 35.00; utility mid commercial vralers 22.00-28.00; culls 15.00-19.00. Sheep 1,700; opening sales Fr j. n dly Ajiln choice and prime spring lambs L . ma " pcT . u . , /TI| . Thc p p r u v i . 29.50-29.75 Ini shippers and b u t c h - ' E ( ) V P r n m e n t t o d a v announced ers; best held higher; not enough "' K ,. . . done to fully establish price t r e n d ; , «he resumption nf diplomat r rc- some packer bids lower: slaugh- i l a t i n n s w i t h Cuba after a thrcc- ter ewes steady 4.50-6.50. I year break. Los Argelr-s-l/Pl-A R a l l y colored | hearse v.-ith f i v e hciriics in It, all i very much a l i v o , was prowlinu j j Los Angeles today a f t r r n cro:;s- j c o u n t r y trip frcm C h a r l o t t e , N. C. I The five college boys who drove Germany-(/P}-The ' ^ le hearse out hc ; e w e r e looking headquarters here I for work to tide them over u n t i l that Sgt. John l they start the r e t u r n trip. Th. R. Russell, North Little Rock, was | Pulled into t o w n yesterday killed in an automobile accident j SI- 1 ' between them. | at Contenet, France, last Friday. T ^ hearse, of 1939 vint:i R e, has j Russell was one of f i v e soldiers i such v i b r a n t expressions a s - h i - y n , iv.vri.-n killed in t h e accident. Four others ; tabc," p a i n t e d on .:- b o r l v . ', ~ \ SITtATION WANThD __ for.dors f o n l u r o a pl.'iid design. It . TO c.'iro for child w h i l e mother works, was bought for S2SO. j ft?^ 1 ^ "''n^,. ^^ The youths are D a v n \\ f!ls, ! VVAXTLD d - i - V o n jnb -mm- i-x-n-n Harry Pearson ami Bill X c u l . Ml j ciirc. s';Ua; Arkansas Soldier D:er In Accident In France Heidelberg, were injurod. hey w i t h i _ _ _ WAITRESS Mack's Slcah ifouir. 71 North Apply in prr.«n. wATrit£ss. ""iiciiin's {:a:',"""So^th SALESMEN WANTED 61vbRTU~NITYTM for ""man w i t h caf~lo «lep into a p r o f i t a b l e busint-ss of liis own in F a y s t t c v i l i e or Northwest Washington C o u n t y . Xu capital net-tied Buy on cii-di: PJ\ as you sell V J nutledK'-'. Arltitnsai, this year* W r i t e H;iwlr uih's. Ucpt. ·"" Memphis. Trim. BULLDOZING EXCAVATING Roads, Ponds, Clearing OLIN KARNES - ELLIS WILSON 3162W Phone V- 1 F'hont 273W WANTED EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS WE have tiuyer* for well tocstcd two and t h r r r bedroom homes. W* have an outntnnilinf rtrord for the sa!e of homm Hated excluitvely with us. Our tinny years of experience nnd · nd I n r i l i t i e s for f i n a n p l n f q u a l i f y u* to give you competent «dvlic and irrvice. Please coll uj If you want to icll your properly. Utley Company, Inc. REALTOHS LENDERS INSURORS Cnll H !,. Utley. 2203. Res 1607 3_J_ Pyonlt 2203 Rei 89S "NEW 3-BEDROOM HOME 1 ' THREE hrdrnnmx. larf-i- rlnsrts. vom- hl n a t i o n l i v i n g room nml d i n i n g room, k i t c h e n and li.iih, hartlwnod floon. picture windows. su(om«lic fas h e n t . (ante lot 7.'ix20n rood jar' den. Price Ui,300 oo TKHMS G. R. Crandell Real Estate 4 room, houic, 13.WO 00. Tprtna. 'b mlt« w*it Bryant Motflf Co, Sprinp[d«le. Shymin^rUddjr\. _ TEN acre modrrrT chlctftrPTiTmT"* room modtrn house. Canclty l#n tie as and 4,500 brolltri. First houit nnrth Salem School. MtllU. p BY owner", ft rooms, 1 lota. J4,*XTi5). · BY builder--New ittricllv* t h hxdroom ranch homti that pvfrvjiinjt. Good dcilin. rutrl ·drtltlon. A!JO hive me* two room. 7.5CO.00, Phon« 31*i-R. 20 ACRES. 2 houiei, and - - proventcnti. 3't mil** iMt 45 . way. 'i mllu north of O*kWnd Church road. SOIIM tttntf. W.: L. Mihan. .. modern h«uw. uttlltr HEW 5 room n d f * . 2 mile* south on 71. Phont room and f*raie. Ofw Mr* pound. StM. MODZMN S room hiniM, floors. 2!t blocks from Inquire st Twin-KlH C Writ Emm». aprlnplto. North _En*t^ Phnnr "DOWN' or 1221 31,000,000 Americans Move In Last Year . o. HOX C.R: Washinfiton - (/Pi - Americans arp moving around more t h a n they usod lo. The Census Bureau says 31 million moved to a d i f f e r - ent house in the 12 months ended April, 1951, an inrrcnso of four million over the preceding year. H A N D Y man. p.imttng. repair in K nns! r.nythmg. Honest nl»;c. r-.i.snnr.I:o I'luir^r. ."!ii!.'i. SprniKdale or w r i t e B 19, of C h a r l o t t e , .N. C..; ;ti:d D a n . Brov.-n of N o r f o l k , V.i.. and J o h n ! 11 ?or TI f: N |] '^--rr Kcply, of Rnannke, Va . b o t h 18.' "Funny thing,"' said Dave. "Evervivhere v;e go jieople i t ^ r e at us." U.S. Facing Davis Cup Matches With Japanese ircniint.-nit IDEAL MATTRESS CO. Quality new mattress and mattress renovating. Phons 3036 40) WEST DICKSGN FOR KENT--MISCELLANEOUS KlTHNlii'HED n^j»rtmpnt--?. heriroonui. l i v i n j f rnnm k i t c h e n und p n v n t e i lath Lucatum iilt-al 2?n KaM Mnplc. ' C.ill or nee Mn. Hess Kcll Boynton. 71. H milts of rayeUcvilic. S:«J : per month. I NEWLIN REALTY ; WKS!' F O H K . _ A H K . _ _ ! fjHUILfcK'Vctiii)".~9".OW)" rapat-.tyTl'iKh'tJi. water, gas. a u t o m a l i c f o u m a : n « '· K f S i f l f n c t for r a t s i r . For f u r t h e r , I n f o r m a t U m coninci V/ihon R c u l l j -- ; D R E S S M A K I N G nnd nUfra'tlona. MiT- I c r n i t . v w f u r and r h i l d r c n i clothei. , Mrs. O C. Brink, phone ««M. 214 I N o r t h I J I o r k . _ _ j S W I M M I N G IcutnnK hy'~W.nVrr~S,Vfe!y ; - Insiriic'.nr. P r l v n l r or In 1,'ronpi of · _ r!_nrJt__Call H71J1R. BUILDING AND REPAIR Cabinet and Mill Work of All Kinds. Free estimate LOY KINZER 556 Wall St. Phone 2019 YARD" $500.00 BUYS 20*40 concrete itort .btOMMr ·nd lixlurci, '-it aero Inntl. noott location 3 mllci out. oh pnv»mfttit,-Tl*t- ur«l «n«, ftlcetrltflty. nnrt wntrr In h u i i d i n n . TOTAI, price lit.500 00. G. R. Crandell Real f5fale R A N C H E S ; SALE OR TRADE 200-14,000 ACIB « Kentai, Arkantai, Mlitourl, JJJ Oklahoma, Ttxai , !T ,. BROADHURSTCO.* 1 Hbrth Coll«a«. Phen* 24»f work nnd h n n d y mnn. Phone Ini: r h i r k t - atc.-.d 141_^ K ______ p ] p * W n n t « Job ral«- s a l n r y . W. U. An_ REUPHOLSTERING! REFINISHINGI f u r n i t u r p c n n he ns hand-mini- -itiT !h;in ne-- ng.'iin . . l y l p It lo IB N n r l h EaiJt^Strect Phonr L'RTO--122.T ; NEA¥"MT. GAYLE'R j 12 FT hichwiiy f r o n t n g p An ex- i (·client silo fc,r a h i u i n r u / i.ny I kind, nice view. H ucn-s. »t J1',22U. · MILLION DOLLAR VIEW 5 ACRES of cornl mr;iflfiw land 300 under liof wire liner nn acres In »1I. w i t h a decent 4 ronm hfimc. birn. chicknn houie. isnioke iou*e A K""1 m Q i m t n i n place a,itl i-cr- t n i n l y » wumli-rlul |ila-» m h v c I.o.-;i?pd nn a c«"'1 road. 7 rinJeii f r o m (nwn. Priced tn ml! *oon js.sim AUTOMATIC APFUAMCE A B*tt« PUce ta Bey Itetpoint 11 N. Block DEALER Ph. 1M NEWLIN REALTY WT.ST FORK. f H K $1000 DOWN Northeast Section tn. . or Sprmcdnli- R Ph. '.'I'M F;iy ,itva gi mg. f,x- E-- A U T O M O T I V E ~PON"nAC~c(7nvcrJibfe f.h _ 4~ HOOM C i r c r - r i l H i u l S1.KK!'IN(; nnd cn'.ni . U n l v i - r s i t y Sint Paul O. Dye Son SPJUNGIMI.K. A U K . H. JONES, Contractor E. r.;if.iyctte. Box M.1 Phone 1486 ce. " f o r " (.nt. 'priv;it«-"hiilh 2(j:i W. h p r i n c I'h'mo rolrl__p ip Pho " (: a~ii Chnv- KL'KMSHKI) 2 roni inptil I'honc JfiS'iR. i J N K C H N I S H E D ,'i roon S:.Of.O. Scfl Mrs, Tylc. 21! N Duncan SUN-TIM Venetian hlinni and a l u m i - num window HCTPRIIH anc* n w n m f i . Free ra'lmntcn. Gabe Coc p«r 44] South Lcfuil Phoni 1018 PUT NEW L I F E . . . IN YOUR OLD CAR! U*ftCa GENUINE FORD* REBUILT ENGINE ABSHIER-BRYAN friendly ford dealer" C i n c i n n a t i - f y p j - . J n p a n ' s D n v i s C u p team, still s m a r t i n g h o m yr;»r's defeat by the U n i t e d Si;itrs t e n n i s team, arrived in C i n c i n n a t i liite ypp'.erriay to prrp.-ire f n t - ;. r i - i n » t c h w l t i i \\i\* r u u n t r y ' s f:qu:id. The m a t c h e s v.'ill hr ))!'ivrd hrre July 24-2fi-37. It v:i!l n i ; n k t h e limp the cvnt h;ir b""n h r -M j v -' ; in C i n c i n n a t i airl w i l l be \\,t o n ' v j J", Davis Cup r o t n p r t i t u m jitayofj in , - -the United States this yoar. I The U. S. Davis Cup M j u a d h i s I not as yet been finno'.n:r'd. R i l l y | Talberl already lias been named ; c a p t a i n of t h e team for the Cin- ! c i n r . a t i m f i t f h ° s , hov/evrr. ', The w i n n e r of trip m a t c h e s here ! w i l l go against C a n a d a , Cub.i and j Mexico In d e t e r m i n e 'he A m e r i c a n ' Zone winner. A u s t r a l i a is the d n - j r o n d i n R c h a m p i o n , h a v i n g held t l i u ; cup since 1950. N I C K C c n l r r . 1339 FORD tiiflor's^rtiin. "riO'-i.M.l" I'J.'S'P'OXTIAC" r"(Jn'r 'si ht.V.rr. nioinr ,n v r r y __lin^i! Pr.rr- fX.,wi. J'hoi 43 NASH. Rrmif W i n A v . ' W i l l late model p i c k u p I.en _ _ R n u 1 r _ l . W l n s l n w or r n l l 21Cf». " | rj:'"fi'~A I ' l f ' K f P ar.'l 'l uiii-L-1 I arm ' v.'anon on ruhhr-r V i r l n r rrhmlin;i- with - i ' c b:i :rir»2.M. a i IP (o . g room r c m h i n n t i o n . F»repia u i e n i . gar.'iKP. (eneid in h» . on bus lir.c. Immediate posh plenly WHEELER REALTY CO. J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. ton School. Four \ r a r i r l d h n r n e h-n : hnniwiiod floors, p'.nti-rrfl walls : v n c - t i n n hliinh. (Irj-ir f i i r n n r r - h e a t new hot w.rrr i r i n k . n n . l n u t i l i t y Kurch. Sh:«lv . n r - 1 N--,r t t r n i - r r v IT t i r i i cin l . d a n c p whU-h includes « i IOIIK f nn. low i n ' P r r ^ t h^.-,r!np FHA ' I f i n n The f j t i i l com 11 J7.9W- See it Cravens and Co., Inc. I Tine IR6 Phone 27.1 W · 200 Y«or« of S*rvk» Jj 20,000,0001 Policyholdtn ^ 20% i Savingt * MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Savings for prelirrtd rijki Get lh« Facti The Ritter Agency Loan« Rial 16 East Ctnlcr WE WILL PAY TOP CASH FOR CLEAN LATE MODEL CARS WE Civil War Veteran Reaches Age 111 Rochester, X. Y.-f/TV.Irimo's A H.ini, t h o n M i n n ' s f i l d r s t Civil w;ir veteran, t u n i o i l 111 tuil.iv, still In r t i m p n r . - i l i v e l y Rfi«l hc;i:t!i despite 5;iilinj: c-yesi^ht ;ind hearing. CMH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS PlMM3«U«M Mil Tifttlttmt, AikntH Jo^lin RciMltriitfl Ca. B U Y - T R A D E - S E L L MAKE LOANS ON CARS AND PICKUPS FROM 1946 MODELS UP AT LOW RATES S T A N D A R D Used Car Lot Corner Ccnlor Church Sli. Fcjyollovillo ~PACKARD-WiLlYr~ Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phon* 664. 203 North Hock REALTOH O/nrk *1 h e a t e r J)ld». _ _ _Ph/ma 1^1 Wli.L hENT hy"":i"*l)Cflrofini""iih(l 2 j h;ith home lo n^ponisihle p s r t y (or ; one year. A v a i l a b l e Scplcmlwr 1. ' _'*ox_l.-«7. ':Tiin'.« i MOHKRN nir"r!y""fi]rni»h(;d apjiVtinrnf j 413 I h l l Street. $4000 m o n t h . P h o n e 1 ' ' j im^ur.n.^ f u r n w h f f l hoiur. phone i ! 27ft7J i i f t c r 6 p in 4 room furni.ih' rl n p n r i r i i ' t i t * Neiir UnlvL-rjiity. Phrini; 2:iH7W. FORNiSHF.D"aparlment Ncn"r U n i v t r - i^ty Arlnlti Phone mornlngji 617 2"HK~bn66MSi" f i n t "floor w i t h bath. On_J)ui_llnr ?. mf.ilfl Ph«,nr ?1'J-'W. V l J R M S H E I ) " '"rllinr'ncy" " a p a r t m e n t , l l t l l l t i r s paid S.'0 Oft m n n i t ' l y F U H N I S U t I ) 4 rof.m houc. $f,0 00 m o n t h l y l.'NM.'HNISHFI) 3 nom * p h r t m r n t U t l l i i l r t i p.ii'1 \'.ft no n i n n t h t v l l N F t m N I S H l . I i S ronm a p u r t m c n t 53.1 0:1 m o n - h l v I l a r n r i i n n t l K'-fl!ty, Phone 783 NICK ^ room hou«o. t»;t.frnnii u i ' h f n r c f l inr KH» f u r n n c e , K"f;iK f " liitiii 1 Oiftiiy lot In Wiiihiiii'inn School I)it r i c t Vi»mnt J u l y 1H U r n t $r,d M t.'T i n i , r r h . \\Mkli.x M'-.illy Co. j ilKDIIOOM j i t n l K i t r l i r n i i t l v P h o i, r I _ '" . __ C O N V B N I E N T 1 . Y n r r n n « r * l r f f i . l r n r y n p n r t m t n f . _$yi. Phonr i?72-W j LARGE "UK e'iy" liirninhr'.l flpnrimMi'i | v e n r t i n n n . p r i v a t e , p a v e m e n t , l ' i l.'urV* U n l v r r t t t y HTf'TH ' N I C K ' S r^orn unfii'rnliihert A p a r t m e n t i I A2.1 Shady Avenue. Phoni 2134J. I Phono 24, WcJ Foik FOIt ['jintinc nr paper hanging, phoiw Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified Directory BEAUTY SllOrS | Mnrtha'*"" MeHuty~ 'Shop Complete Brftnty Service 7|^_K M o i i n t n l n Phort*j!M C O i . V A H I J S HKAIJTY SlTol- 2iii W. Mimdnw--Phone 3002 _Mni;lilne|«n $;t w. Cold wave 14.00 riorvnc* ·uri*to« W W fHchw.B PRlCKPIT'S UKAUTY SHOP RII.IAILI WORK KM N (line* I'HOIM 7» r:OKSKT1KRK S i ' K N C K H 7fiiiit'l'ini7ui. turficat «up- p n r i R V i y i f t f i firccn ?~ \ r n n tcrv __W_Pli»ne 7M..I.J'1N N Kail Mri" J W McUehei Spencer ConuMmre " South UnlvtMlty " BOMK LAI:NIIRY srnuT.s MOMK" PMtHONAl. * e r \ t r - r n n ^ r t w»ih a n d dry in* N o r t h 71. nc*r Mecca RII- Uur«nt Phon* IMt. FOR SALE Glass Show Cases Some Like New! Counters, Wall Fixtures and Tables, Cheap! HALL TIRE 39 East Mountain St. Phor»233

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