Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 15, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1952
Page 5
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MOilHWtM AKANSAI I1MH, taf*tktv«e, My I'. *» --Authenticity Of Cables Up For Investigation China Lobby Inquiry Opens In Washington; Departments Active Washington - W) An investigation of 23 cablegrams telling of efforts by Chinese Nationalist diplomats to influence United States Far Eastern policy has been undertaken by the Justice Department. The State Department, announcing the probe yesterday, said It would be limited to determining whether the cables were authentic. The Justice Department ·aid it is "cooperating." Senator.Morse (R-Orc) made public the series of cablegrams last April 10 and demanded a congressional investigation of the "Chins Lobby," the name he applied to those urging more American help for the Chinese Nationalist government of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek. They were signed with the names of Chen Chi- mai. minister-counselor at the Chinese Embassy, and Bt\g. Gen. Peter T. K. Pee, military attache. The two men. in a joint statement last April 11, said the cables, addressed to Chiang at his Formosa headquarters, were sent by Lt. Gen. P. T. Mow, who has since b«n dismissed ns Chinese Air F o r c e procurement officer in Washington. The cables, as released by Morse · in the Congressional Record, told of contacts with Ren. Robert A. Taft of Ohio and other Republican leaders and termed Secretary of I State Dean Acheson "prejudiced j against China." One said, "There is'no ehance for a change in China policy as long as Acheson is -in power." PRACTICE ATOM DEFENSE IN SEOUL "OPERATION MUSHROOM" In Seoul, Korei, ihowi Pfc. Richard J. Ellis, Pittsburgh, PL, In tunnel leading to war room during maneuver. In which allied soldiers apply tactical lessons learned In recent Nevidt atomic bomb tests. The maneuvers center on building of defense! for a "war of tomorrow." Military authorities say there la no anticipmtion of an atomic attack against UN forces in Korea, Photo by International New. Photos itaff photographer Dave Cicero. (International) Slayer Of Marine's Fiancee Sought After New York-(/P)-A U. S. Marine's mother is asking for his return from Korea to attend the funeral of his sbin fiancee, shot in a Columbia University office. Chen and Pee said the messages, as they reached Morse translated into English, v«;re "fabrications and distortions." Chinese Ambassador Wellington Koo said he welcomes the invest!- j nR a letter from the Marine, Pfc. ily, that she was a f a i t h f u l Roman Catholic churchgoer. "All we have at present is that somebody shot and killed her," NPA Deprived Of Right To Hire Workers Irregularities Are Charged By Civil Service Commission Washington-(JP)-The Civil Service Commission today took away from the National Production Authority the right to hire its own j workers because of irregularities in selecting employes last year. It called for "corrective action" --meaning dismissal or new assignments--for possibly more than 100 NPA employes. In some cases, the commission said, veterans' [ preference in hiring was ignored. The commission ruled that all future NPA hiring must be referred for prior approval to the Department of Commerce, the parent organization of the emergency production agency. Commerce Department and NPA officials; questioned on t h e charges, said they will carry out the commission's orders completely and will cooperate fully in matters of hiring. They did not deny that abuses had occurred, but said they were in 1951 when NPA was striving to build a staff quickly to deal with a mushrooming load of work in administering priority and allocation controls. Many of the improper appointments, they said, were of day-today consultants or commodity specialists in the "WAE" category --meaning, paid only "when actually employed." In many of the latler cases the onoyear term of appointment has expired, officials said, and the appointees have left the agency. The unusual announcement by the Civil Service Commission said Hint I I per cent of NPA's FREIGHT TRAIN WRECK STACKS UP 22 CARS Itift Pnrter wa* there, MJ«» * man walked nude from Ipr i rr i n t o the living rooiftf i words followed, anri the into h*r bedroom. Portrr told polfcs *h« opening her bedroom door he kept shutting it. and lat* camn out and "jumped* 1 irt At this point, he said, h* suf a flix/,y xpcll, and rtfner nothing until he *aw .fcer on the floor, dead. He tbflfe p 1 up her body, he said, and IT t i n t o a brrlroom closet' The body was not found .veitcrrtay after Pcntaggfe it of Miss Whitman, knowing hart a heart ailment, t b alarmed when she failed tc port for \vnrk. z Pnrter was arrested ' whei returns! to the buildlnf to continue painting. U.J. ARMY TRUCK! and 2J freight cm are nhown scattered around lilt toy. after the trata wit wrecked at Clean, New fork. Fortunately-no one wai Injured In the crash, (/nlemotkmal Soumfubolo) Collective Farm In Manchuria Comes Hard Way San Francisco-(/Pj-Thc Chinese* Communists have put t h e i r first collective farm in Manchuria on display with n broad h i n t to China's peasants that it is time they forgot their ancient desire to own land. The Pciping rndio says the collective farm is located on the south bank of the Suitsa'i River, which flows midway be- i Pentagon Employe's Body Found In Closet, Airman Who Was Painting Apartment Held Washington -W- An argument) had token the job of p a i n t i n g the Former Residenti-;0f Illinois To Picnic :. Rogers, Ark. - (Specl«) - nouncemnnt was made Monria members of the Northwest Ar r : « Illinois Association that Winslow-West Fork district hold a nirnir July 17. at Di i Den State Park from 10-», m III 4 p. m. i Families nro requested'to 1 thrir picnic basket*. Snft di will be served on the ^njunds former residents of Illinois ar vitcd to join in the getting b acquainted gathering. Used by thoiiiuinds in redu lifts--JungcVRomin Moll B Keep «ft with the the TfMKA fellf. gation. EEN STAMPS An unidentified gunman killed | Leggett said. "We have no mo! pretty Eileen Fahey, 20, yesler- live." uav (is she sat at her desk rcad- appointees above the salary level of $3,410 a year were ineligible -for Ihcir jobs at the time they were' hired. Inspection of NPA's personnel .actions, the commission agency took on workers who were tween the. eitics and Harbin. A that "nationwide interest is focused" on this,collective farm and that flared up when an attractive apartment to pick up some t-xlrn that letters of inquiry rirc "pouring into the collective from all over the country." money. He was hired by t h c j Whitman's and began Apparently not know- Ronald Leo, also 20. Two other letters from T.eo, both unopened, lay on the desk. Police pressed the search both the gunman and a motive in the case in which the slayer announced his deed to several persons. A professor saw him, but was afraid to stop him, Leo's mother, Mrs. Margaret Leo. sent a telegram iast night to Gen. Lemuel C. Shepherd. Jr., head of the Marines, in Washington. She asked that her -son le granted emergency furlough for his fiancee's funeral, scheduled \ I Friday. Deputy Chief Police Inspector James B. Leggett. working with The shnolin'g occured in a hilith floor office used by the American Physical Society, for which Miss Fahey worked as a-secre- of Changchun ,, , , ,, , , : Penlng-on employe walked nude broadcast heard here boasts' i n t o l h c I i v i n R mnm ° r h( ' r a p a r t - j n p n r l m e n t 'TMm'Kj;r. mcnt, a p p n r e n l l v u n a w a r e o m a n 1 " e enncn Miss was painting it, in believed to apartment Snlurday have led to her strnngulMion- imirder. The victim was Miss C'cxMo A. The Communists h»vo mndo n o ! \vhilmitn. :*!), whose f u l ! v clothed rrcrrt of- their ulliimite trim t o ' body was found In a "bedroom - ro"n- land redstributinn w i t h j c | o s c t O f her apartment ycstcr- J not on the Civil Service registers, j collectivization. The Manchurinn day, two days after her murder, while at the same time rejecting [ l:u-m wa.« their first experiment, | she came to Washington abou all names on the official Jisls of I and the Keds admit they h a d j s i x yo . ira RKO fro , n Cumberland 1 Mil. % GALLON Vnilii In (mm 6k tary. The gunman--described as J or i a young; thin, dark six-footer-"""walked out of the office with the gun in his hand, told three women in the hallway he "just shot a girl," and disappeared, down a stairway. Given V'tdnesdoy, July 16 McKeehan's CENTE8 18 E. CENTER Look For tht Nnmt On lh« Gr*»n Front. Civil Service eligible. 1 :. The commission studied 1,761 appointments, nearly half of them in the class of commodily-industry analyst, and found 200 not. q u a l i - fied under civil service rules at the time of appointment. trouble. Peiping said the farm was established four years a«o and "the peasants Md not take easily to Police hav ford Porter, charged Ilary C l i f y . t . a i r m a n attached to the 125th Air Force Squadron, the new .ways" of pooling t h e i r , with her death. Me is a native of efforts and working on land j C;i IHV, vV.vo. owned by the state. Some o( these j Police report this is Saves Three In California Elsinore, Calif.-(^-One-armed Joe Kunerwitz, 50, set out on , - Lake Eisinore in his motorboat to 35 detectives, discounted the pos- relrievc a r a f t on which six j. oung sibility that the slnym K was the brothcrs and sislcrs wnrc d r i fting. result of a love triangle. Friends As he ncarcd , hc r a f t j onc Kir , and relatives, among 75 persons (d] jn a n d lhc oll)crSi apparcnt | y EVERYTHING IN nUMUNO ami $Uffl« FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. SOVttNMINT AVI. other three were drowned. The victims were Hassan, 12, Marcella, 11, and Marquita, nine, children of Mr. and Mrs. Cecilio Cor-dova of Compton, Calif., who were vacationing nt this resort. Those rescued were Manuolc, seven, Sebastian, six, and Rosita, four. Male "domestic animals usually are fertile continuously in contrast to many wild animals which have special ruttinn seasons when they are fertile. "Ninety-nine of the 200 still | peasants "broke away from the are not eligible for the positions mutual aid teams," presumably they now occupy," it was charged, from the Communist farm bosses. What happened to those peasants Pciping did not say. Hut n lot of people have been shot in China for less, or sent off to slave labor camps. "Ingrained idpas of centuries, in fact of thousands of years in China," snid the broadcast, "are not so easily overcome in a few months." It took a year for the f a r m ! bosses to pound into the peasants' heads that the land ''belonged to the state and it was obviously unfair t h a t people with larger f a m i lies--and therefore more land-should receive more wages than others who worked harder." But the Communists persevered, and tod-ay, says Peiping, there and today, says Pcipinfi. tlirre arc fil families on the collective farm. Coivicl Dies Trying To (nwl Through Pipe Salem, Orc.-(/P)-A convict suffocated in a 15-inch sewer pipe yesterday in an escape attempt from the Oregon state prison. He was Harold Allen Hayes, 20. Another convict, Franklin Cling- cnteel, 17, was involved in the attempt. His calls that he was stuck in the narrow pipe, five feet j underground, brought guards to the prison yard manhole which the two convicts had hoped was the way to freedom. Hayes body was found in the pipe about 375 feet from the manhole the convicts had entered. Who Gives Green Stamps? We Do! McKnhan'f Fabric Ctnl*r 11 Ent CtnKt Johnson'* Pttal *nd Willpaptt Start II Horth Block It Hilton Iroi. Drin-la FurnUur* Ston Hwy. 71 Nortk Town · Camput MCN-B WEAK Ourk TkMln aUf. Unor ttm. Shoo l«om Fairway Grocery 411 N. Colltg* Gknn'i Dairy (KouH to houH d.HTtrr) Phon, IIO-W-4 Oiark Cloanon 101 rtsrth Black SI. Harlan'i Sorvin Station FritndlT Gulf SUtloa I I North Coll»f« Mt«oy-M«Nolr r»yltiTilli Printliif C*. Slot* CASH *·!« Only totbo'i Jtwokn 14 Ent Ctnttr Moora'f Gift Shop It North Block St Fairway Hardware 110 Mill St. Waggontr'i kaktry 101 WMI C.nt.t SL Quakor Drug Store It C«t C*nt« SL Milllipt Motor Co. 110 Horlk Colin* ·· vMV Al Johon Citation Won By Bob Hope Washington-f^VComcdian Bob Hope has won the Veterans of foreign Wars' first Al Jolson Award and Citation for the laughs he's given service men and hospitalized veterans. VFW Commander Frank C. Hilton announced today the award will be presented to I!o|e August 4 at the * Distinguished Guests Banquet, highlight of the 53rd annual VFV/ National Encampment in Los Anueles. t h e story they have piorcd 1n!;i'thi'r: Porter, n gangling, bespectacled Korean w:sr veteran, npparcntly STRAIGHT lOUHtON WMISKIT IM AMIKU MIHUM «··«*». *. . PtlK. M. Two Here Named In Murry Campaign Attorney General Ike Murry'.s headquarters announced today that Rod Ramsey and .John William Murphy, have been named chairmen for the University of Arkansas, and Fayetteville and Washington County, respectively. Murry is a candidate for governor. Directors of the state organization are Devon Hammond, of Fay- cttrville, Jim McGhcc, of Piggolt, and Margaret Davis, of Little Rock. protect the investment you've made Why take chances? Protect the investment you've made by having enough insurance. See Cravens and Co. today. Cravens Co., Inc., Ins. "In Business For Your Protection" CRAVENS BUILDING a $ 71^ gift watch at no extra charge 1 Buy your UOtTtedttC* SEWMACHINE within the next 7 days and receive the a 17 jewel, nationally advertised watch! A wa,1cd (he Faihion Academy Gold Medal for outitamltng styling, ihe Domestic Sw ma chine it truly an "heirloom" addition to the modern home, hi precision features make ponible a guarantee thai lam ai long n you own it! You'll marvel »t the w»y it make) profeuional-looking buttonholes A U T O M A T I C A L L Y . , . darni without attachment*! You'll forget hand hasting with the hinged preiwr foot that floati over pini and varying thickne«cs of cloth. The flick of a finger Ham the machine Jewing in either direction ... without stopping. Prom the very moment you nan the irnooth. whjtptr quiet mocor, you'll iimlmiaml why the D O M m i c s r w M A c m N i hat been * favorite in the American home (or over 80 yean. 9»*'tlttt THE SIGN OF SERVICE Friqldalre · ^. ^^___ "-if, · IT .iil.i ,., ' . 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