Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 15, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 15, 1952
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4* PACK TODAY Rtod by ever 25,000 Dairy 1OCA1 FOMCAIT-- ri.v»il«vlil» mil Tlflnllf B»fUy tloudy with icittered thundtrfhowcr* tonight *nd tomorrow in1 cooler M- nl«M H«lnf«II .17. Huh temperature r«l»M.y «7. In* «T: nix» tedly Jl. KunrLu S II. tunMI 7.11 Mtrtttlt T»t First C«nctni Of T«i Ntwtpopcr VOLUME M, NUMBER 302 Pratt l««M MVimVHU, AtKANSAS, TUESDAY EVENING, JUIY IS, 1tS2 AP. Klnfl aid NtA PBCE WVI CMTI Democrats Expected To Take Time In Naming Candidate Some Guesses On Roll Calls Range Up To 10 Kefouver Expected To Be Ahead On Early Ballots Shell Blows Up In Gun At Camp Chaffee Injuring Four Trainees, One Seriously Chicago - (IP) - A great many Democrats were busy talking, lacking up signs, making predic- ·' jured. tions and generally building un a ! Officers full head of steam today for the presidential nominating convention that opens next week. This is a multi - candidate convention. wide as the great open spaces. Consequently, it is full of question marks, hot and cold running rumors, speculation and ballyhoo. About the only noints of agreement among candidates and supporters are that: 1. Nobody is i*oing to be named on the first ballot, or even on an "enrly" ballot. Some guesses on roll calls range un to 10. 2. Sen. Estes Kefauver. the tall man from Tennessee, will start out in front. 3. Somebody is going to get a powerful lift from President Truman and all the candidates are looking hopefully toward the White House for a .sign in the sky. No Opposition By Trumin If the president has danced with interest in the direction of any of the several front-runners, there is no indication of it here. The most any of the various camps can announce is that Tru- 1 man isn't opposed to their man. Sen. Robert S. Kerr of Oklahoma, a brief visitor at the convention city last nii*ht. said he is certain "the president is not against me." Fort Smith, Ark.-(/P.)-One Oklahoma soldier was injured seriously and three others hurt in the explosion of an artillery piece on a Camp Chaffee, Ark., firing range near here yesterday. First Lt. John H. Mawn, camp public information officer, said Pvt. Melvin E. Kelly of /nadar- co, Okla., who received shell fragment wounds of the left arm and Sen. Richard B. Russell's cam- na'gn manager. Sen. Edxvin C. Johnson of Colorado, declared Rusftd! had seen the nresidenl last week, but that he did not know what nassed between them. And Kefauver's campaign commander, Gael Sullivan, ridiculed the suggestion ihat either the chest, was listed as seriously in- id the soldiers were firing high explosive shells from a 105 millimeter Howitzer from point blank range at moving tar- caused the shell to explode within the Howitzer barrel. The injured soldiers were members of the 358th Field Artillery Bn., a unit of the 95th Organized Reserve Corps which is participating in a two-week summer training program. Mawn identified the less seriously hurt as: Pfc. Tony Tayler, Anadarco, Okla.; Pfc. Max G. Sims. Eakly, Okla., and Pfc. Orbie G. Wilburn, Hudro, Okla. A spokesman said use of the particular type of shell that apparently caused the explosion had gets, The Army report said an j been suspended until the inquiry apparent m a l f u n c t i o n of a fuse j is completed. No Agreement, Both Sides In Steel Dispute Standing By Holt Critical Of Small Help For Old People Candidates Press Campaigns, Lambost Highway Department LJUIe Rock-f^P)-Jack Holt says that if he's elected governor, he'll see to it that "our old folks have more than $3 monthly to live on." The Little Rock attorney opened his campaign address at Paris, Ark., last night by reading a letter he said was written by the state Welfare Department advising a Logan County resident of its approval for $3 monthly in old age assistance. Holt then promised that as governor he'd remedy such situations. He also outlined an eight-point progrr-m for the Highway Department to "remove it from extravagancy waste and inefficiency." The points included: adoption of the Mack-Blackwell amendment giving highway commissioners staggered terms; an annual audit of department operations; give state purchases full publicity; [prevent members of state boards and commissions from doing business with the state; discharging of "purely political appointees"; stop campaign contributions from r state employes; building roads "on ( t h e basis of needs," and t h e set- I t i n g up of car pools to stop the iSte use ° W "" f ° r Pri " Aclivt Disaster Area Loans For Benton County Requested Pastures Hard Hit By Drouth; Aid Is Sought Skyrocket Plane Reaches Speed Twice That Of Sound Moffctt Field, Calif.-i.4VAn apparently inadvcrtant disclosure that the Skyrocket research airplane has flown twice the speed of sound was confirmed here to- Pilot Bill Bridgcman flew ils D5.S8-II Skyrocket faster a n j higher than any other piloted aircraft has traveled. The details were kept secret. , The new world speed and a l t i day. It also indicated that the tude records were set over the Skyrocket carries refrigeration Mojave Desert near Edwards Air equipment enough to cool a the-'Force Base. Calif., last Augusl ater of 3,000 scats. | At an air show at Ed words last This would be necessary--in! Saturday, an announcer said the an airplane flying more than; Skyrocket hod flown more than 1,300 miles an hour--in order to j 1.300 miles an hour. A fellow of- keep the pilot from being roasted j ficcr said later t h a t the announcer airplane had been authorized only to sav t h a t the plane was capable of visory Committee for Aeronautics. t here for the biennial inspection of the aeronautical laborntnry.i said ihe dsclosure of the speed j alive, and to keep the metal from turning soft. The Navy ftcially only has announced of- Ihat Douglas Test that speed. Officials of the National correct. The n l t i t u d r mark--"more than | 79.000 feet"--was in an article i n | the a v i a t i o n trade mayannc j Pegasus a m o n t h affu. ' The Skyrocket was launched from a i3-20 mother ship, at about 30,000 feet, for the start o f 1 its record-shnttctniK flight. j It has a turbo-jet engine with a rocket engine fur the additional in mrn c mln supersonic ( f l i g h t , and has wings swept back : Ad- 35 decrees | Livestock Farmers Said To Need Help For Winter Feeding Russian Embassy Told To Quit Publishing Pamphlets In U. S. V/ashinglon-WP)-The State Department today ordered the Russian Embassy to q u i t publishing and distributing pamphlets in the United States. A department statement an- an(i i nouncintf this said the U. S. was j Pittsburgh-WJ-Ne-.v steel strike peace talks ended today with industry and the CIO Steehvorkers in disagreement but standing by for further word froi . the White House. A f t e r a two-hour ba-gaining. session, President Philip Murr of the striking union issued a joint statement whch said John H. i by for further word Ally. Gen. Ike Murry d u u i . . . . . . - - Chsnrellor Francis Cherry also! suspending publication of hit at the highway department! sian-languaRc magazine last night in their campaigns f o r ' " ' the Democratic nomination for governor. Murry said at Searcy that until his office ruled it u n l a w f u l for a state highway commissioner to ,, . . ., . sell to the state. Commissioner Eovipt Umon - Steelman, presidential assistant, asked both sides to stand by. The statement by Murray and Vice President Joseph M. Larkin J Truman Baiter of Searcy had sold of Bethlehem Steel said: \ more cars to the state than all "We have continued our discus- i other companies combined. He sions this morning and arc still in ! said said t h a t "political influence disagreement. We ha In halting the "Amcrika" project, the department gave u p operations on the last remaining wedge into the Iron Curtain. A spokeseman said the slick- paper rnagaidne \vas so popular in the Soviet Union that new«- R u s - i s l a n d s sold out all copies v/ithln called I a few hours after they went on "Amcnka," which it had been His- | sale wherever the Russian jzovern- tribulinK in 'Russia. It said the twin actions were taken because (he Russians \verc obstructing distribution of "Amerika" in the stand from him." JAir Conditioning | Unit For Cars The Latest Thing j ment did not Interfere, oecond- j hand copies were sometimes sold ; on the black . market at man, i limes the original ! ruples. Price-Cutting j Reductions hi School Is Limited By i Facilities A Possibility a r a d i o i interview at Little Rock t h a t if I i ,_ Fair Trade Lawi lave reported ! can ant * will be eliminated iion t h a t by telephone to Dr. Steelman. I statc purchasing." and that he He has requested that we stand wo " ?, a4sk t h p legislature to pass ' a bill to reorganize the Fiscal Control Board. Judge Cherry said in \VashinRlon-G3VFrorn now on, struction program lo"insure that | ^ ° r , b r a n d "^.merchandise « money earmarked for highways ll j ce f' ln any _."' ^.«»»'«« ' f m «"' would be spent for state roads. | "'aclurers first 1m prices by The Jonesboro chancellor an- i agreements with one or more re- swered a series of questions sent in to Radio Station KLRA. The Detroit - W) - General Motors ; same set of questions will bc l Some Rain In State But Heal Continues Little Rock - (/Pi - The skies opened up and the rains came, and the weatherman said this morning that scattered showers i . ~~..~.... ... w . u ,^ -- -. -, ^ would fall in Arkansas again to: today announced the perfection of asked each candidate on succes- day. Yellville got the heaviest rain : an a i r conditioning system for pas--Iwo inches -- yesterday. Close i sengcr cars. C. E. Wilson. CM behind came Batewille w i t h 1.48 president, said the air condition- inches. Abbott 1.25. Mountain View with 1.27 and Malvern with 1.22. Temperatures in the state remained high. Arkadclphia had the president or t';c Democratic party j state's highest reading for the sec- Icadcrs are opposed to Kefnuver. I on(i day in a row -with a 102. Pine Bluff, Stuttgart, Corning a n d nights this week. Rep. Boyd Tackelt announced the probable location of a federal · 4 . , . ,. , land Reclamation Bureau office in ing unit, developed after several Arkansas years of experimentation, will be , Governor McMath visited the made available, as optional equio- I $279.000 Cleveland County Me- tailcrs within a state's boundaries. President Truman yesterday signed a federal fair trade law, "Pure nonsense put out by his opponents," said Sullivor.. Russell Claims Strength Russell's camp says he has 300 convention volc.5--it takes 616 to win the nomination--and n solid hloc of Southern support. Tt will increase. Senator Johnson said, to the winning point "around the 10th ballot--or rather, I'll say the last ballot." Sullivan asserted he wouldn't he "mouse trapped" into discussing an estimate of Kefauver's Searcy all had readings. 101 thermometer Hotel In Alaska Burns One Dead, Five Missing Fairbanks, Alaska -\fTl- Punctuated by explosive bums o f ' flame, a fire raced through the old . Pioneer Jlotc) here early yester- i day, leveling the three-story | ment. on the 1953 model Oldsmobile and Cadillac cars. Wilson said the unit was tested on CM's desert proving grounds at Phoeniy, Ariz. The principal mechanism of the air conditioning unit will be in the luggage com 1 * partment. Its operation follows closely that of air conditioning units now in service in offices and on railroad trains. Crop Dusting Planes Collide, Fall In Flames Phoenix, Ariz. - (/?} - Two crop- morial Hospital at Rison. He said that "building hospitals like this is the way to defeat medicine." ratifying such agreements in slates h a v i n g fair trade laws. The federal measure requires all merrhanls in n state with f a i r trade laws to charge ihe retail price set by Ihe manufacturer, whether or not they sign I h e agreement, if at least one retailer has signed such an afireement. Superliner Sets Another Ocean-Crossing Record seas, came home today with another jewel in her crov/n. It was a historic homecoming. Twice, on her maiden voyage, the sleek, 5,1,000-ton liner had far outstripped past ocean-crossing records, delegate streneth or when the i structure in two hours and leaving : d u s t c r p i anoSi on " e t a k j n R o f f a nd i b o t h eastbound and westbound. Tennessean will see the winning number. "Taft's people did that right up to the convention," Sullivan recalled. "They had 550, and 590 and 603--and look what hanpen- ed. I'll just say that Estcs has a tide of supnort coming his way." Senator Kerr claimed 150 first- ballot votes, and said, "I wouldn't trade my chances with anyone. . . Tact is, I'm going to be nominated." Headquarters have been established for W. Averell Harrirnan of New York, director of the Mutual Security Administration. Meanwhile, t h e surprisingly durable and long-lived rumors about Gov. Adlai Stevenson of Illinois were still haunting the corridors of the Conrad Hilton, Hotel, central nrcna for all the pre-con- ventlon hubbub. Stevenson says, virtually every hour on the hour, that he doesn't want the nomination. There is a report that the president no longer is trying to persuade him; another is that Jacob Arvey, of Chicago, one of the original and most emphatic backers of the governor, also has decided not to press him any further. But another story has it that the Illinois delegates are marshaling for u draft-Stevenson drive next week. i h o t h e M a n d i n g , c o d e d h e a d - ! 81 M l ° n at Paradise Air P° rt last ni * ht I The new record-holder tied up RiV ° r Pi0r al 7 = 12 M r 5 -!h ' and explnd ° d in f l a m e s ' Louis G u ~ \ *' -£' f ' * u u ° ^ V ° yage brou * ht t h e ! at least one person dead. Police Chief Floyd Glower five persons as missing and burns Cower said the toll may i Martin Loeb.~ 17,~ Cactus," " Ariz" j mythical blue ribbon for A t l a n t i c go nigncr. I were killed. They were passengers crossin * s to t n i s country for the *·*? ° n n- ! S w i' ICtlIT1 W3S i d c n " 1 in lhp P lan e P"otod by Jack Cov- | first time in a century. Britain's a as Bill Vanderpool, an Alas] ner 35 phoenix, who was critical- ! Q ucen M a r v had n dd it since Freight Lines employe, who i j y burned | 1938. hospital of burns. I C arl Nicholson, 35. Phoenix, j ' i t t ^ ,u »PParent- pi] 0 t of the other craft, escaped ' y started on he second-floor stair , w i t n m i n o r injuries . landing cf this city's second largest--and oldest--hotel and mushroomed rapidly. Plumbing Firm Broken Into During Night Little Rock-(P)-A federal judge says facilities for white pupils Jn Arkansas public schools might face reductions in some cases to insure better facilities for Negro students. Judge Harry J. Lent ley said it might not always be possible to better Negro fadliMe* without reducing white facilities. Th* judge dlscu«ed the pottf- bflity of working out amicable settlements of several pending suits which challenge segregation in Arkansas schools. He said that although reduction in white schools "sounds harsh--th* law requires approximately equal facilities and it's a just law." One such suit, involving the Hughes school district of St. Francis County, w» s settled yesterday when Negro school patrons accepted an offer for improvement ; of facilities for their children. Little RnrU-'/Pi-Benton County probably will br designated fcy the A g r i c u l t u r e Department as-A disaster are,i because of drouth j condition*. ; This came from J. V. Hifihfil!. i sl.vte director of the Farmers j Hornet Administration, who said j hi- recommended to the .secretary j nf agriculture yesterday t h a t rti*- _ _ _ a s f f r loans involving feed, seed To Be Decided i ? n Vu l , illi T bc * ad v vai] " bw j to eligible farmers in the county. The F1IA director said the county Is the first in the slate t'j request such a loan aa a result of the drouth. The Benton County Agriculture Mobilization Committee, in a report to H i g h r j i i said thai heuvecn 65 and 90 per cent nf all permanent winter, fall and spring pasture needing Is dead, Hrrdi Are Culled The committee, which met In Bentonville Saturday, alsn reported t h a t : 1. Farmcri are severely culling their cattle herds and telling culls, steers and veals. 2. An estimated. 50 per cent of the county's livestock firmtrs will need financial aid for feed this winter. 3. Hay supplies will be almost gone in 30 to 40 days if more ritn it not forthcoming. 4. Fluid mil* production Is SO per cent lower than last year and would be off approximately SO per cent tn two weeks. HighfUl termed the application to the A4r;f;uUurc- Department only * -'formality," and Mid there WM little doubt tho area will be declared a di*a»ter zone. The U. S. Department of Agriculture weather map indicates the northwest section of the state U Who'll Nominate F u l b r i g h t Still U t t l e Rock - (fl'j · The Arkan- FJIS delegation In the national Democratic convention at Chicago has not decided who will submit the name of Sen. J. William Fulbright for the presidential nomination. Fred Pickcnx of Newport says he probably will know Thursday Hfter conferring with Ful- briRht nnd Governor McMath. Kulbright, who did not solicit Arkansas' 22-vole "favorite .son" backing and hns nn nlher corn- price of 101 milled delegate votes, saia H i makes no difference to him who offers the nominating speech. "1 conbider the whole delegation friendly," h« faid, "and whoever it choosn will be, acceptable to me." Official Catffcte In Heikob Winner Mexico Clly-(/P)-The first of- (icikl rtiurns in the July B presidential flection today ihoweil the Official candidate winning with nearly 5.1 per cent of the vote. The returns rovcred 10 of the It confreulonal districts In the capital. The Official party also won all Ihe congressional scats in these dlitrlcts. The Johnson Plumbing Com- j ..... York-W-The supeniner |^ ^School and Spring Streets United States, ne'.v queen of the was broken into last night but apparently nothing was taken. City Police said entrance was gained by taking out a window at the northeast corner of the building. The cash register was taken from the counter, placed on the floor and broken open. "There was no money in the register," company officials said. Police said the officc was ransacked and there had apparently been an attempt to pull the safe from under the counter but that no attempt to open the safe had been made. Strike Threatened By Bailwiy Conductors These firm returns were: Gen. Mlsucl Rub: Corllnes, Official party candidate, 115,843; Gen. i Miguel Henrique?, Guzman. T n d c - , pendent Opposition, 70,800; Efrain | Gonzalez Luna. Conservative, 2fi,- j 044; Vinccntc Lombardo Tolcdano, Leftist, fi,702. Virginia Senate Seat Up For Decision Today one of the worst hit areas in the nation, H i s h f i l l said. Richmond, Va. - Iff 1 ) - Virginia's atormy Democratic primary cam- Chicago - UP) - The Order of £"*" bctw « n economy-minded Railway Conductors has threaten- f"V Har ^,, F ' Byrd / n r t F , r " n , c j s ed to strike against the Pullman Pl ' k(!ns . Mi "5, r wou " d u , p " l ' ^ Company July 29 unlrsj the firm """* today - u P w a r d « o( 2SO ' 0fK) increases its hourly wage offer I ^ oters wcrc eJC P cclert to « sl lhcl . r Rahi Helps, But Problem Remains, Agent Declares ka died in Cl. , roarins up the tinder-dry wooden stairs and blocking :he third-floor exit. Visibility on the r u n w a y ' obscured by clouds of dust. , Steel Strike Results i in Pile-up Of Trash by a little more than one cent"" I ballots, in some of the The walkoul would affect most hoUcsl wcalncr major railroads, a union official said. Union officers, meeting yesterday, said the independent union would go on strike unless the company meets ils demand for · 12'i-cent hourly wage boost fit-anted other railway unions. The ! company. has offered 11.07 cents Stolen Car Recovered Thr- sheriff's office reported to- an hour, the union said. day t h a t a 1952 Studebakcr be- ' -- · longing to George Caudle of Fay! Fire Alarm Anjiwered ctteville. stolen from a p a r k i n g ! Firemen made run to 1403 North place on the square S a t u r d a y | Leverett Street thi.i morning to In a telephone interview this mornlnft Benton County A lent Herbert Russell cautioned ifiinst the assumption that widespread rains over this section Sunday and yesterday had substantially checked the feed and pasture shortage. "Pastures will be helped a Tot by th; rain, especially if it is 'followed with another good rain this week and the weather remains cloudy and cool.'* Russell said. He said that he could not estimate _ how 'much of the permanent pas- 'na«"mea"nt almost cer- I ' ur = In the county had been killed. tain election bul sld lnal ' rom 65 to "° t " er ' f I cent had been seriously damaged. A _ - fct . m ._ · "Some of old sesdings of lesnedoza OPS District Staff * w! " comc out of the ram -" "'·"" . t u m m c r t The prize to the winner almost certainly will bc the Senate scat which Byrd has now held for 19 i years. In Virginia, the Democratic Faces Sharp Cut In Collision Of Two drivers escaped i n j u r y Plane Falls On Street Of Orlando, Fla. night, was found yesterday at the extinguish a fire in a garage own, intersection of Highway 71 south j ed by -less Tune. The firemen's j Gary. Ind. -IV}- The crippling · and the West Fork road. Sheriff's I report said the blaze started when i steel strike is rausii.;( s pile-up j deputies said the speedometer in- workmen" were cleaning the gears this :iorthcrn Indiana | dicatcd that the car had been ' "" ' o'. trash steel city. Mayor PL-ICT Mandich j driven only a short distance since aid today. City garbage colleo I Saturday. Orlando, Fla. - OPl - A T-33 jet | lions arc one to three weeks be- trainer plane crashed and cxplod- Kiss Something To Remember Long Tims San .lose, Calif.-MI-A 23-year- old motorist took his cirl nut for a ridt yesterday and police said thli Is what happened when he tried to kiss her: The car skidded .121 feet, jumped M curb, plowed over a la-vn, hurdled I retaining wall, sm. ;h- ert through A two-fool brirk p i l l a r and came to rest igainitt the wall of a brirk house. No one w»i injured. when hte automobiles which they . ed in a residential street ycster- were driving collided on West! day, blasting a hole 15 feet deep Center Street shortly after 4 p. m. ! and 20 feet wide. The pilot, Sec- yesterday. The Buick driven by ond U. William H. Rcide, 25, of Dr. A. Long had the grill and Bloomshurg, Pa., was killed. Sev- hood damaged when it collided eral persons were injured by fly- with a IMS Chevrolet driven by ' ing debris J. H. McClelland, 53, Boles Street. : The right front fender on the McClelland car was dented. Tulsa. Okla - I/ft - Only four o! a staff of 72 employes in the Office of Price Stabilization will be retained when the Tulsa office is closed in mid-August, it was announced yesterday. The four are on a bulldozer with gasoline. The ! commodity price specialists who flames were extinguished before i will work out of the Oklahoma damage was done, firemen said. City office. · Some 697 employes in Region 1C hind schedule, the mayor said,; Th« Wcothtr Car li Filtered which includes Oklahoma. Arkan- | agent" cmp'nasYzcJ 'th'afi't is"e'x"- with the refuse p i l i n g u? faster j Paul Norwood of Wood Street j «a.i, Louisiana and Texas will bc ! ttcmcly important for farmers to than it can be hauled av/ay. j A r k a n s a s -- P a r t l y rloudy w i t h ' r e p o r t e d to police yesterday that ! dismissed because of a r o n g r c s - j obtain small grain and grass seed M a n d i c h said many of the thou- j widely scattered Ihundershowersi his automobile had been pilfered i sional appropriations cut. for fall spedmg. He indicated that sands of striking steel workers, ! (his aflcrnoon and tonight a n d ! sometime the night of July 13.' · idle for more than six weeks, have · in the south portion tomorrow.! The car keys, three othcr keys and sell said. "But how much hay we will be able to cut depends on whether the rain continues." "Most of the early corn that is In tassel has been burned so badlv t h a t farmeis will probably cut it .and put it in shock or silo." the agent said. "However some of the late coin might well make f a i r yield'.'' The Chambers of Commerce in Bentonville. Rogers and Slloam Springs have arranged to have hay shipped into the county to be distributed thiough feed dealers at cost. However, '.he county been spending time at home clean- j Not so warm in the north portion 1 some f i s h i n g tackle were missing, ing out the basements and attic. 1 ;. ' this afternoon. the report said. H's The law Democrats Spruce Up Convention Hall With More Color for Chicago -{/Pi- The Democrats will outshine their GOP foes in decorations al their convention Owners of animals kept breeding purposes shall buy an i a n i m a l license when they charge ! opening ncxl Monday If plans an- « fee. Lincense fees arc: Slallion nnuncod today arc any indication. $10, Jack $10, Bull Si, Boar Si.; The International AmphithealH: Any person keeping any ol the ' will undergo a complete decorating animals mentioned in t h e ordi- j change during the week t h a t will nance for purpose therein, with- ! add color, signs, paint and more out procuring license shall h e ' deemed guilty of violating this ordinance and shall be assessed 12 b.v 18 feet American flags will replace i t . Democratic p a r t y slogans, such as "Ifi million unemployed m 1932, but practically none today," will hang in placards on balcony rails. Jackson, Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman. And the raw lumber galleries will be painted gray. Outside the sprawling building, the trolley poles and guy wire;; along Halted Street w i l l be adorn- f i n e not to exceed $25. Kuch day « separate of- shull constitute fense. flags than the Republicans dis played. All Republican buntings of hori strips will he replaced by vertical b u n t i n g of the same colors. And Ordinance Nn. 1,12 passed b.v Ihe ' the m a t e r i a l will he pleated nylon Fayetloville Cily Council prior to »»lin. The GOP blue ceiling h u n t - 1M». lm§ will bt Uktn down, A dozen zontal red, while iinrt blue muslin j The gold seal of the United Huge portraits of President T r u - l e d w i t h the red. while and blue man and Franklin D. Roosevelt hunling. The Republicans l e f t will replace Republican eagle em- there hare. At Ihe m a i n entrance blcms in the hall. The background ] will be a sign, "Welcome Dele- portrail of Abraham Lincoln w i l l ' give way to a s t a i r w a y providing easier access to the m a i n p l a t f o r m . Stales w i l l replace the GOP shield nn the front of the podium. The fronl of Ihe press galleries will l»! decorated with five-foot photo gates." GOP decorators left out the word "welcome." The greatest alteration In the convention site possibly will bc the relocation of television c«mer.i |,o«itlons. Frank K. KcKinney, Democratic National Commlllee r h m r m a n , »»id » television pint ; aiile lo give viewers a head-on p'cture of the speaker. Platforms at the GOP convention allowed only sitle or angle shots at the p l a t f o r m . The telcpromplor, a p.i|er rolling devic* allowing speakers to : read Iheir text without appearing , to do «o, will he eliminated. A ; Hemocralic spokeimi n mid the | prompter would not be uicd be- j cause of the d i f f e r e n t platform set up for TV. He said the com- rr iltee expected no h a r d s h i p on speakers. The Democratic presidential Democrat c Committee To Meet Saturday Thr W a s h i n g t o n C o u n t y Democratic Cnmmiller vill c n n \ c n c at I he court hfpi'se S a t u r d a y at I 30 p. m., according :n o f f i c i a l notices sent out over t h e weekend by the .secretary. Shorty Parsons nf Poultry Market -The poiiltrj mirkct todnj » reported bj the University of Ar- ktnxt Initltute of Selene* «nd Technology ind tht D»lr.r ind Poultry Mirket Newi Servlci ol UM U. S. Ocptrtnwnt of Agriculture. Northwett Arkunsm . m a r k e t firm, denmnd good, c.'ferlngs continue light At all points, trading moderate Pilces paid fob farm plrar,ts will h a v e their public | up to 2 p. nv, broilers or fryers headquarters in the t.onrid Mil- ill weights I I ' - , tn ] Ibi.) 31-3: gruphl ol President* Jefferson, I form will he erected II the etnter i ton, i did the Republicans. i cent* · pound. m a n y of the disaster loans would be made for this purpose. The agent said t h a t he is advising ! farmers to get their ground ready ! for seeding by the first of September. "I know nf some fanners who are going to seed their fall grain in Augiist. That's a gamble--but it might pay off," he said. The extension agent aid that he believed farmers should seek to relieve tht . high hay and feed cost with the small m a m pasture «j much us i possible. ; Russell estimated that between one and one-half and one. and i three-quarters- of an Inch of rain i fell In Bentonville Sunday niftht and Monday. He said that h* un- .derstood the rain wa.i fairly lateral over the county. Roger! reported two Inches of rain aumUy. Russell tald that h* btlttvt* Benton County w» tht fir* U kt named disaster area not bttlUM the drouth wai any worn fr fTfn as bad. but because tht TCMty ha« more cattle than Any eUwr In the ilate and thiu wu ttM tint I to feel tht pinch whM I dried up.

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