Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 14, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 14, 1952
Page 9
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MO-TMMdgT ABUMSAS TIMB NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES ! n^NSK)RTAT»wrpfTI!lirD CLASSIFIED ADS Hale: S cent* per wor; slnjn It. rertlon. Three consecutive IntertioM 7 ccnu per word M i n i m u m order 42o. Claaiified nds cush in advance--not taken over the telephone. ' Deadline for classified ads: 10:34 i m daily; a:30 a LEGAL NOTICES Saturday i KEEPING A COOL HEAD, TOO-Sun-glassed Hein D« Bruin, I In Amsterdam, Holland, do«i his best to become a shady character '· | us he lolls in water up to his chin, under a parasol. High \ temperatures roasted most European cities the first days in July, i I.TACKETTHITS-- CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE I Recruiter clccirifiestion program in the country has been consistent, he Mold the crowd, and said he has voted in Congress also lor rural telephone service and for hydroelectric dams. He said the Southwest Power Administration would take the control of rural electrifi- · cation away from farmer-operated HEA projects and give control to the government, and he is opposed to that. Tackett c l a i m e d lo have brought the first coal mining legislation to Arkansas, and said he has letters of appreciation from labor leaders for his support of labor. He declared t h a t he has I . been endorsed by labor for his work as a congressman. He was highly critical of President Truman for endorsing the . present governor in his efforts to win a third term, and recalled I that the president "went into his j S/Sgt. Nora Stephens, above, and home state of Missouri last year ! M/Sgt. R u t h Gates will arrive Gates Speaker At Farm Bureau Celebration Cites Issues He Says People Should Be Interested In Government domination, i n f l a - tion, and federal spending ;no three specific issues cited by A u b - rey D. Kates. Little Rock, field director for the American Medical Association, over which the Amr-r- ican people should show concern if they are to accept their f u l l responsibilities of citizenship. | Gates, former head of the A r k - | ansas Agricultural Extension , c .rr- ' vice, spoke before approximately 175 farmers at the annual mcctinj and "Victory Celebration" of the Washington County Farm Bureau held at the Fair Grounds Saturday. "It is the responsibility of the citizens to write 'their congressmen and expiess their views on issues affecting the nation." Gates asserted. "If we don't express ourselves we are throwing ,-iway the heritage of freedom that nur forefathers provided for us," he declared. Gates said farm people arc entitled to their proper share of the national income because "they certainly make a contribution to ths welfare of the nation." M a n v 1B - JT 5 -- n l people are misled about what the | K,,S, rlan " Avcm "" F '"' ct1 "-' 11 farmer contributes tn our econ- I . Price should ho FOB Faye omy. Gates said. "Stop and t h i n k I M«n-oy, I LEAVING for California J u l y 17 Can I Ink' * share rxprnar 19JJ Pontlac. _ IMS FORD Hldor sedan 2.19BM3~ ------mm PONTIAf h : n l r r . motor - _ dorr sertnn Hi-! .11 v e r y snort -"mi li_IK phone 2M2M LEGAL NOTICt In Th= Probate Court Cl Washington Caun:y, Arkansas ' IN THE MATTER Ol THK ESTATE ,, , OF CORA A. H U G H E S . DECEASED ! ,, ,,,' . Last known address ol decedent Fay- I - - . - - ? - . . eitiville. Arkansas. i ; U.ile of death: .|u].v 2. 11CI2. | An instrument dated A u g u s t 28 19",0 ! i was on the 12th day of J u l y . 195J ad- I i milted to proont,.. .is t h e hist will ol · the ahove named deceiient. nnd Ihe undersigned ha.i been ;i;ipniri;ed ex ci-ntrix t h e r e u n d e r A conk-it nf the prohate of the w i l l can he only l.y f i l i n g a p e t i t i o n w i t h i n Ihc time provided hy law. All persons h a v i n g claims nenmst the- eslnle mint e.\liii»it t h e m d u l y verified, to the uiidLTKigneti w i t h i n i;ix months from the date of in puhlicalion of this nr!:c.. or I NASH, cood as new l-ile model p i c k u p K o u t r 1. W l n s l u w or W i l l i r n d e f n r 1.1-0 W h l l i n i , r.iil 210*1 19.10 A P I C K U P wasnn on rtibb d w h e e l far V i c t o r romtiina WE WILL PAY TOP CASH FOR CLEAN LATE MODEL CARS WE · i B U Y - T R A D E - S E L L ._ _ j M A K E LOANS ON CARS 'AND i r irsi'pubiishc'd'*i4ih day ! P I C K U P S FROM 1946 MODELS Thin noiicf of J u l y , 1952. .ic-wt« Hushes Busliey Kxocu'.rlx 'oGrLTiihnw Grecnhaw. At- j lorneys. 1U East CenUr S'ryct. Fayeilovlilr. _Arkaii*;p 3-1-21-c I LEGAL HOTICt " NOTICE TO DIDDERS , Scaled l)hfs will hu receive:! hy t h r UnIviTAily of Ark;ins;i.-,. in i h _ n f l i r - I of .1 E. P o m f r o t . Purchasing Agent. University Hall Room 111. U n i v e r s M y i of Arkansas. F.;yctk-vil!t, Arkansas u n t i l i-nn r M . CL'mr.,1 standarti Tune, J u l y L'3. IStj?. on a vehicle as Epecltied in tin. 1 ! mnir-p a: which Unit' 1'icy w i l l be p u h l . r i y oprncil mxi rc^d. One 6 or 8 - c \ l t n r t c r . 4-door sedan ni-diMiii tn iJsMt-he.-ivy w o i p h t . w i t h radio, heater. ;iii:omatir irnt.smission. »nd all s t a n d a r d accessories JVo s^at covers. Diack or o i h c r dnrlt co'or Ti-ndc in: One ]M3 Packard sedan. Motor No. (;-^57f.!:,-C. This car w i l l ba available (or impm-hrm f r o n t S fiO a. in to 5 dd p. m. 0:1 V.'cdtn' Jul.i 1C. 1052. nt thp Physical P l n n t 'jtaraRo " ._ ^ r _ UP AT LOW RATES S T A N D A R D Used Car Lot Corner Cenler Church Sts. Fayefteville of the tremendous a m o u n t of fond needed to f i l l the stomachs of Ihc people in New York City or Chicago or San Francisco nml then j you will recognize the part plover, | by farmers in s a t i s f y i n g the fonr, j and j requirements of the nation nnd of the world," lie stated. "The nation is indebted to farmers for the food t h a t is pro- Ko , duced. As a segment nf sorietv, ! Hash illc 1°'''"" Ex P ] e n a c include -spccificalions for your vol. id r w i t h voiir bid and g:ve (late you can make d e l i v e r y . If any additional inlo:-nintion is dps. red you may contact the Purchasing AK ' T h e University of Arkiin.'jas r c o , , l t * . !ht i-ijjlu lo reject any or all bids I In waivo furniciiilivs. j UNIVERSITY OF A R K A N S A S ! By J F: J'omtrct I I'nrrhasing _A(-c:nt 12-lt-c NOTICE OF PETITION TO* PACKARD-WllVr" Sales -- Service IYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Ph°nejS66._ ^8_N=rlh Block FOR SALE--LIVESTOCK EXCAVATING"- BULLDOZING" i Lnnd clearing- s;ivinn y r ; u r tnp- j ·oil. Heavy d u t y discing. Brush i QUICK SKRVtCK ; ON watrhrs. r'ork^, sp-'-r'jrla a .1 a Jewelry rrnalrlna; : K A H I . S WATCH SHOP ! with flrrwf f s ClfNm^r.t J."'_f : _CenH!r FOOTINOS-w a t c r. ta's anrt s.w.t dltchfts. s«pttc tanX h o l f i · nd l.aek fllllni Call J8M Ilrrca SUN-TILT Venetian Wlnu7Tn7"aTuln7. num window scnv.-ni .UK- n-.vninis rrer «s'lm«lfs (;.,!». fri per 411 Soulr, l...,- u »l I'hom I01« rOK SALB-- *t\l. tOTATK COMPLETE " WITH 61 head r a t t l e , for* trjelor and tor,li. f u r n i t u r e , a walkout 209 aerea located naar Lincoln with 1JO trrr, fnr r u l l l v i t l o n . All under foM f e n r i n ? w i t h ."!5 acr*i hog wire N»-v*r f « l l l n « i p r l n f In «ach pai- mrr 5 rnom modern home [arf« h f l r n nnd o t h e r outhulldtnra. Tor p a r t i c u l a r buyer. Call for fur'.' r i n f o r m a t i o n - NEWLIN REALTY i WEST FORK. AR1C I n u J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Plione 24, Wel Fork TOR lalnllnif i 40U. B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel. Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T o N Phon. 249 INCOME PROPERTY A P A R T M E N T home. comUtlnf of nice f i i u r - r o o r r , a p i r t m e n t fnr owner, two ' l i r - r - r n o m a p a r t m e n t s , all with · i'M..iir inihs. furnished with ranges nod r - f r i j e r . i t n r s . good loc«Uon near j r n o n l i and huiineit O N E - f a m i l y dwelllna. ld«at for home o r income f i v e l a r f « roomj anil enr:nsed porch, complete bath, hard- woi.d f i o o r i . in very good location ·rd liberal termi WADE FINCHER, Realtor Arcade IJMjr on Emt Center S, l' hnnf; __'''9*_ UNDER S9,"6oaOO ~ N E A R L Y new 2-brdroom fr*m* cloi,jp in I.evcrcit School and Univrrilty*. l.*rfp l i v i n g room, dminf room. M nice k i t c h e n w i t h plenty of QUiH-.n*- icp,ir:i!i- u . i l i l j room, ( larjti- rlr,-.c'.v n l r c h u h V«n«tiiin hJInrUt t h r o u g h o u t Tht-r mo-con t ml ltd floor furruicc A t i a c h r d (irate L o t anxiso Larjte TH loan, can h« handler! w i t h imtll down payment. WILSON-ADAMS C H A R M I N G »nd comfortabli *-r*om rnr: huncnlnv: Nearly new inif In i - x s - c M r n t r n n d i t l o n 2 l«rje b(^h - roonn anrt ninc-panelled d«n. Ulf f.owii «nd plenty of atorage. P«n«l- n a y h e a t , nttiched (araf«. On liri« --11 .mproverl lot See to appr«^lif« FOK RUNT-- MHCBLLAXKOPII j house, phone ! i r t m e n t i . 3 or ! MODERN furn tolled I i H I I I X L J J . u c i i Improved lot See to appreclit« R E N O V A T I N G !,f CAID J 0 COMP «!K .~.-.*..EU file pigs al_*o Chester Whites. Phone 91^H3_l^efnre fi p m. PU:S. bargain. ^hpmrTffiTw! BUY your IjreedinB ewES~\vhlle ,\nu run save money. Western ewes. Yearlings, tu-os and Ihrcej. M. a. Polk. Ossvillc. Missouri CIIINCILLAS i NOW nvkllabl«. limited auppl 1 Chinchillas. llegUlcred N . qualitr VlBltors \vc-:cotne Free l i t e r a t u r e See nt Clyde Timbrook. iia Gnnler. CONFIRKI AND QUIET TITLE Notice is hereby i:ivcn t h a t U farmers are honest. Gorl-feariiif; i 5"''° °' H'o '-urk 'of . and law-abiding citizens. A group they are a stronghold against the inroads of socialism. Farmers have arrr-ptod their responsibilities as citizens of the nation." ind told the folks who they ihould vote for. They promntly chose the other man." Todoy's Market- si. Louii Limlock ~ . National Stockyards. I11.-(P)- USDA--Hogs 9.000; active, gener- illy 50 to 75 higher than Friday- bulk choice 180-230 Ibs unsorted for grade 22.50-75; liberal per- 1 centage 220 Ibs down 22.65-75; choice 230-250. Ibs 22.00-65- 250270 Ibs 21.50-22.25. including shipment 350 head estimated 250 Ibs . 22.2!; 280-300 Ibs 21.00-50: 150170 Ibs 19.25-21.00; sows 400 Ibs down 18.25-19.00; heavier sows 16.25-18.00; boars 50 higher at 11.00-11.40; occasional stags 13.0015.00; good early .clearance. Cattle 5,700. calves 1,300; steers find heifers slow in opening; few sales about steady; cows steady to 25 higher: bulls and vealers unchanged; few loads and lots good to average choice steers and heifers 29.00-33.25; few average high choice mixed yearlings 33.50; utility and commercial cows mostlv 19.00-22.50; few to 23.00; canners and cutters mostly 13.50-18.50; utility and commercial bulls 21.50-25.00; canner and cutter bulls 17.00-20.00; good and choice vealers mostly 28.00-32.00; sorted prime to 34.00; utility and commercial vealers 21.00-27.00; culls . . . will from Dallas, Texas, July 16, in Springdale to interview applicants for enlistment in the Lady Leathernecks portion of the Marine Corps. They will make their headquarters in the post office building at Springdale, where the Marines have a recruiting office,. stay there Wednesday and and Thursday. Prairie Grove Mr. and Mrs. Will Walker, who spent vacation with M lilcd in Ihe ! Court of V.'.-i!,)iinKtun Counly. A r k a n - sas Ihnr p e t i t i o n to confirm and q u i r t t h e i r l i t i c tn tin- f o l l o w i n g UD- Rcrihed Jaml Hi-wit: The Southwest Qujirtrr of Section No. 27 nml the Northwest Quarter ot the Norlh-.vrRt Q u a r t e r of Section No. 34. nn 5.1 'i';j\\n- shiji No. 17 Ni.rih. HanRe No. ^ti Wcsl of Ihe 5ih K M. in Washington County. Preceding the address, the f a r m - i r "," n! ""·. ""'·"·"''"e TM nrres. more ers and their families partic-ipatcd , "tcrcsV in s,,'id l"ml "r lie^.K-reSn are noli lied to tippenr in .--jilc, court w i t h i n si:; wccha a f t e r the lirt publication of I h l F notice nnd show rnuxc. if any they have, why the title nl said p e t i t i o n e r s should not lc confirmed and quieted FitV 1952. FOR RALE--HOME NKKIKS WE HAVE GLAMORENE the Now Rug Clearer LEWIS-BROS. CO., Inc. We Deliver. Phon« 246 4 room furnbhed -IIHJ u n t n i i iseni __l.'mvcrihy.jrtionR 2387W. FURNISHED apartment. Near U n l v e r 2 IJEDROOMS, (irVt rURNiSllED Collon M.-itlreuei B u i l t In!.. Guiiriiuu-iMl lniiL-r-.priin; Hollywood II,.,1, Mad" Tu order ONE IMY S K I I V t C E - P I I O N E ;.7( Duggar-Brown j 6 ROOM m n d r r n houi* 3 i -·· -~ f r D1 i ot Nort Priced for quick »!! large mlt" In.'"^'orlhelftTM2S* nl*. llO.V ral door with h a t h I nioala ^Phone .''ID^W. **** MATTRESS CO. Snulh JnKt UNPUHNISHKD .1 room ipir.ment .,;s??,ssi d b yuLr^s^n,. SALE--ItBAI. ESTATE 'DUPLEX .Jf tn 3W 300 ACHES. ! sell ol Imptovtmenll?- 4n acrrs hotlom 150 acrei of mow-: land. Lou ol waKr. Idtal alock f a r m Slnoofl ·' WILSON REALTY CO. ? Phone 2Ct_ · - 1.1 uO tnonihl}-. _nn.lty, Phone 783 Hommond MCE S room~hoiue.~ii_j_meni w i t h forced nlr fi« fiirnacc. gimiir inrvc ihady lot In W«*hinton School Dia- trirt. Vacant J u l y 1«. Rent $6000 per month. Wllklni Rc»lly Co. WE H_re my thii it one of t h r nlrf«t duplex in town--two five-room u n i t s fiirnlnhcd w l i h Biitomaiic wanhm farbife r i l s p o j i a l . I n d t v l d u n l fnrcrri- iif furn*ct»s. r f f r l j f r r i i t o r i , double far»»f, topn In con-minion and lo- f n t i U l l . N i c e lot V / , ( h S l l j l l p d r j v r - wty. wtlKs, view. Shown by ; 915 RUSH DRIVE EXCELLENT value in ft 1 iMrfrtom home. Newly deeor«tid Ihri f cnmbinatlon llvinj rtxun^nd oining room. Lovely kitchen low of eablneU. Utility room. - %lth P---«- Ha, 4% GI loan in force. Payment! clifiaper than rent. Drlv» in or cull 1639 W4BT'flNCHER,R M |lorjJ?TM^CO' and kitchenette. 708. CONVENJKNTLY"! _nn^inrnenl. 5.1(1. I A I R i'onditloncd~3TMrooi u p a n m u n t . phone 2454 North. ~}\ 7 -anscd elfldency laar :272-W. furnUhed 21 W e i l Richard B. Grecr. Clerk ly in several contests and qamcs. The contests and winners were as follows: Rollinp pin--Sonia Stokpnbury, ,...,. ,, u ..., L .u. Route 1. Elkins; nail driving--Mrs ' r irsl puWishcd tho 9th dny uf June. Hazel Gnbbard. E l k i n s ; husband calling--Mrs. JOG Carney, Motile 2, Prairie Grove; sat-k race--lay Shipley. lioute 1. Farminrjtnri; wife calling--Tom Benard, Dnute 1, West Fork; horseshoe pitching --Earl Cste, Prsirje Grove. Door prize winners were L H Whitmiro, Piney Grove; A D Sadler. Ml. Comfort; and Jack NOTICE . . Hamblin, Walnut Grove EXCLUSIVE newspaper franchise w i t h the A r k a n s a s Gazette. Full Lime job Cash depo.sit required. Experience unnecessary Phone 507R3. _ FRATERNAL NOTICE FAYETTEVILLE Lodge No. 740 u-ill M M u n d a y night for degree work A rnembershi ..j'h.11.. iin.ii vin-ouvfii W I L I I .ma. r-t jiicinuL'r.siiin report i Walker's brother. J. R. Blakemore, by F. S. Randall. Fnvrttc . ip report was Riven i INSTRUCTION ·ave returned to their home in j retary. He stated t h a t 2 148 mem- i 'lagnolia. j hers had been enrolled m a k i i i B Mrs. Gene Trahia and daughter | the present membership the larg- if Fort Benning, Ga., are guests of her mother, Mrs. R. D. Bogart, 15.00-18.00. Sheep 1,250; opening active, fully steady with Friday; early sales choice and prime spring lambs 29.00-30.00; liberal percentage well sorted lots 29.5030.00; top 30.00 to all buying interests; cull to good slaughter ewes 4.50-6.50. Many Killings In Italy Rome - (/P) - Killings in Italy averaged over six a day d u r i n g the firs! three months of 1952. Most of them were crimes of pas- Sr. est in the farm group's histor S. H. Pitts. Lincoln, president presided at the mertinr;. Up inlro- Mr. and Mrs. Bill Taylor of duced Clifford Alston, d i s t r i c t Ex- Hobbs, N. M., are visiting Mr. and tension agent from Little Mork. IF you hire to druw. sketch or paint \vntc fnr T.-iIcnt te^l (.No foci. Give 3F.C find occup.ilion. I3ox L-35 '.rTimes. LEWIS iifibs BASEMENT" Uncd Noruo r e l r l i e r n l u . used ColdBpot rcfrlflernlo Used Hoper R.-IB rnngc U.-ed Kennvirc «-.-islicr . Usrd M.-iyliig w.-ullcr S C900 si2r, no . S 79 (III . S CT on s r/i oo DRAPERY and UPHOLSTERY FABRICS Lnmps and Occ.isional Furniture. Custom-made Slipcovers and Draperies « Specialty BARRETT QUALITY SHOP .W2 West Dickson KIII.LER Brushes. Digsoft i flami- dell (Debutantej Cosmetics. 26 Louise For quicker service, phone 2377R, 12:00-1:00 or 5:00-7.UO SALE-- MISCEIXAXKnr* desk, cherry" hcd." rhair. u-nlnut day hcd. L A R G E nicely furnished ipan'mivit Insulated, f u r n a c e heat, hardwood. Venetians, private, pavement. J i , ^blocks llnlve£slty. a70R4. NICE J room unfunilshed "apartiii'erii _^l_Shn_dy_Avenue : _Phon« 21,tflJ. APAnTMENfr-furniahrd ^bilis~'DaTd near squart._7IM^_ ' » » ' " . c * CEPT10NAI.LV- cool, luxuriously lurnlKbcd apartment, ne.r Unlver. ally. Ground floor, private lawn For B A r r n r t r H1d«. _ _ Phtine Bin WILL TAKE'LATE MODEL CAR" do _ - . , _ _ . O U P L E X ap.rtment. un'Furnillwa'' hnrdwood Iloors. Venetian blind. _Privatc_blilh. 1I7_S._JJ|I1 St. 2 HOOM furnished a p a r t m e n t UnV- ties ..PJL'u^PJtajltJjft.J. ' N ' { -' K . ^ room apartmftit with private bnth. Venetian bllnda. food condition. H U M . KM North Collete or _ phone 4lg. room~furnlshed .partmenl. _ _ ^ _ 5 ROOM modern home. Norlii of A farm RUSSELL REALIY CO. N. Block St. Prmn* 1 Block St. Evi. 275] Phont 153a PERSONAL COLDEST licor (root) In town 1 Out nf the barrel. Served In frozen mugs j for only 5c. Ye olde i\orlh Side ' NICE u n f u r n U h e d apartment. entlrT- ly separate. 600 square feet floor "pace, cool in summer, w a r m tn Mrs. Ed Horah. J. D. Hall who has been who in turn Introduced Gates. A . report on the scrvice-tn-mombor I Grove, reported on the ' regional Farm Bureau training school held in Little Rock last week. infl his parents has returned to his ! program was given by Wilbur job in Yakima, Wash. He drove ! Watson, service agent for Farm back with Mr. and Mrs. Steve! Bureau. Don Weaver, Prairie Thomas who have been visiting " Mr. Thomas' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Thomas at Lincoln. Mrs. Minnie Nixon attended a family reunion held at the home of Mrs. w. A. Hess of Siloam Springs on July 6. About -10 members of the family from Colorado, Kentucky, Indiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas were present. Miss Faye Nixon of Prairie Grove, Mrs. Norman Reed and Jim Mac Nixon both of Fayetlevllle attended with their Births mother. Miss Ellen Marie Clark who Mr. and Mrs. James Evans Mr. and Mrs. James Evans of Fcyctleville announce the birth of a son, July 12, at the C i l v Hospital. nOOS--CATS--I'ETS WANTED, home Ior~f?mn type puppy iilioilt two m Collie" I h s old KITTEN'S in (jive .m-.- _ 111 Sjl »'ay_10_ W es (._! AKC rcgi-stereri Cork; pies. Mrs. Boh Stoi I). A. Brai inie 17S1W. FHA HOME LOANS Low interest, long terms UTLcJY AJ^D COMPANY, INC. I'hone 2203 POULTRY WALNUT desk, cherry" hed. lsr«c leather rhalr. wnlmit day hcd. brass bird cage: on pedestal. Call In afternoons, .120 South ^ t h , Rogers. U SED portable irrigation"" system. A l u m i n u m pipe, sprinklers nnd all - --5. 0 !H!£rJi!. n fjL9'_Anies. n h n n ? 1724. ; FURNISHED dupiex^'pirimenr MODERN cottage elose in Residence or_ business. Phone fiM. GEESE_forJaale.^ Phone JOB. 20.1 KOOTr 2~ inch ~gaU 7 amnd~pTn"e Reasnnnble _Phpne 224n."!. KAY. alfnifa. seferia Inp'rilrTa nT- rh.rd urn... , mile cast Hlndjvlllc. _L»wrrnce_ Smith LIKK new springs, Rood innerspr ne mallress. Sm.ill b r e a k f a s t t a b l e " chatrit. (Jood wool 9x9 rug. Phone MAGIC Chef £«« rangc""^4. I i"oo~Dji£io Kadlo. HuTck. ~PlTrno~ii7n7" Pi.ntiac--a~iTo _rjdios. _S25 00 each _ Dixie Hadin. NEW 1952 Philro. Emsrson teltvlalon --1"IH?_1 7 Inch. $199 »5. Dixie Radio' AUTOMATKf wnshine "rnaclilrir Wish I " S J",S,2o 0 n,(l;ir a fi r on n e M ' 8 ';?w tX - i N!9T5T^rnod!rn-i JIKED F-UnNITURE BAririAINS j M M A L t y p e w r i t e r desk w i t h Ilirre drawer-. 28"x4' 1 " £"· '· R A H Y bed and rn:iltrvsi" " si' H I G H clinir w i t h m e t a l tray s f p a y m r n t Kfisy ten bnlanre. 25 acres. 4 room rock- venetred hume. 7.UIM broiler capacity. Loealed between Sprlntdalo and Fayeltevlllc, one mile off 71 hlRhwity. SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF mmd reslilcnllal section of N W Fayetleville. 4 large ronms. modern;e well-planned and well-cared for lot. Block from atore and has r n u l e City wnttr. l i g h t s , gas and telephone A stibslnntlal buy for horns or Investment. $3.700 Terms. STOCK AND EQUIPMENT 10 MEAD Jersey milk cows. 700 puiieii »oon ri-ady for p f o d i i r l l n n , and trac- or and eriulpmenl are Included In Ihe purchase price of this well Improved 40 acres, all needed In permanent pastures of f e s c u f . Indlno clover and orchard jrais. 5.000 hroll- " capacity.-b«rn. 5 room modern home. Loealed 3'j miles of Springdale. Total price J10.950. Open Evenings 7'00--9(10 NEWLIN-POWELL REALTY Sprlni|djlii,_Ark. j'hi/nt 913 ASSEMBLY DRIVE ~" L ?.^'T "*'" '"""·Oom him. wl(h"'..i- tiched garage, only live ye«r« old situated on largt lot In this coveted Nonli-cut section Buy It the easv w.yl Assume F. II A -G 1 fo.r ATOP MOUNT SEQUOYAH TMHREr S.pdroom huntfulnw wih hiut- meni gar aK e and Uundry. Thcre'i a nice loan in force and in'rl nrim. Is only " - P " CB 7nl N. CoUfft ^No_ l! !tr ^ i . n 'L_P I ^*lfH?^ MODF.nN" 4 room hotiifr^ |3 (W) 00 Trrnu. »i mil* wtit Bryant Motoc, _rn. Spr!nKd«ic._Shermin Middtn. * "FIVE'SPBIA VALUES " T COMBINATION raildcnee and lncpm«T 12 spaclnux room*, 2 bftthi. 2 ft re* plarei. c*' h«at. Iniulxtcd. Wcttncr Jlrlppcd. bait of cqmilrucUCHI. bl*U* Wul Incnilon. SPEClALtY PRICED. NEAR cimpuj--N*?w 5 room bunja.ow, h.ilh, porch, full baKment with f i r a f u »nd tp*cm for im»ll ·pirlmeni; lutomitic furnkcf. vtne- tlin bllndi.nice ptumblnf fixturci. IS,250. GI-PlfA lo*n 4'i, rtktoihbr pnymentji, $50, CLOSE in--NOW s rocm bunfiiow: ·utomritic 1*1 furnice, t*tr« food conitruction -- FIIA JipvcUicttion.!-- lot B5 hy 1M, p.v.m.rt: GI-FHA loan ?,,. monthly ptynMnlfl $4.1 I5.MO II.ZH will htndlt. You tin'l h«n thli vjilu* * LOVELY tuburbxn bunf*l«w t h*d- roorru, gai heat, eholct $4,!SO . . . 2 CHOICE residence loti n*ar Cam?* pua EXTRA SPtCIAL. :.~ J. D. EAGLE, Realtor * rttont at ' : for C«: ' -to ' V __ ' SKWliVO iipbcll. Phone 2.J19-M'from K riBchlnei. Servfc«5~ m all --'."J'Jiyi · J ""n nnogci, phone 6SSJI. SMALL modrrn hwiM, ioVfh "of _f.rpcnland_on 71. Mr,, j. w. Barker SMALL downit fn 11:1 t«d I partment for r-ntrance, private bith, laundry -llH5Si-_H.^l'Il«_Jii^ Phone __*?.!., ipartmcnt »s j 'n "fiVrtment. Ntar «. rhonr 17H3J. · · · · · · ··· 'tn i »r port U t l l f t Imnifr is nn!y (nu and l-r completely modern" SI h h"" 7 ^ I e v e ^ ' ot ' n f r ' e n d l y Let u.i Show You Phone 7*1 HAMMOND RFAIIY CO. «ve Phone n. D. Hammond 1372 J A. Jarvll ISWW 3-DAY SPECIAL "' Ut C. 'luAPLE. 3 BCOXOOMI, llvlnl- room, dlnlnt room, liriv kitchfftr' ample cabinet and clOHt lpac»t- buement. automatic centra) ncaV. Extra long lot with nice gardfn spot. Beautiful ihade. Owner ha. given ui the privilege to reduce price for ) diyi ONLY. p»rk-ln at 701 N College S! or call lojt now. HOLDER REALTY CO. This lovely I Jim Holder o. H Gamble years old I TEN acre modern chicken firm. SUPER1OK BHOII.EK CHICKS Iny De.iley. Tlii- Barn. H " . -' '""·· ' "" SIMMONS, brown mcial b B d. f u l l sion and revrngp, the government I announced today. graduated with the 1952 class of the Prairie Grove Hi R h School has enrolled in the Capitol City Business College and the Arkansas Beauty College in Little Rock. sons left this week for'Washington Mr. and Mrs. Everett Grrenlee unfurnished. _ p.-iid. 1'bone 2107J or 2S80R. IT'S cooler . ap.-irtmcnta iTre nk-e" scenery I. wonderful. You'll like Rochwood Aparlmenta. Phone 295J KUH.NIRMKU arnrlment.' 305 N o r fS Church. Phone 3131V/ after (. FOR RKNT--OR LKASE of a snn, July 12, at Hospital. the birth the Citv _cnrt' Po.-t t l f f i r r . I'h $1 r.O FOR ,1 frni: foot 1 In side. Voit Sv.-;n] Hn. to »!J I'nrk Av THE STUMP F U R N I T U H E COMPANY Ulrkson " ROOMING house, mostly f u r n i s h e d campus. Phone 222J. NEW DEVELOPMENT AREA~ Level land on pivem-nt. Cl'.y water' ·as, and e l e c t r i c i t y CRAVENS CO. room modern houae. CepAclty I X M hens jnd 4.5«0 broilers, hrtt h«uM north Salem .«^hool. 23MM3. BY builder--New atu-actlv. t h r e e bedroom ranch honu. thit hav« ev«rthln«. Good 4«sl»n. reiuicte* addition. Also have nlct two 0.4. room. 7.»o.oo. Pnone J144-H. .- ___ __ SUBURBAN" JUST o,M,lde · ix rooiii f r a m C!lr '" !c ne 373W pivem-.r.t horns v/ith N Vw ' l.rje room ; a ACRES, 2 house*, and other lof". provemenls. 3'1 miles eaat 41 Midway. J i milea north of OakUnsf 1 Church road. Some tern»i. w. J»' Mahan. lo ACRE farm. 3', mile. »r»m ttr- ettevliie with 3 bedroom modem home. Plenty of otner butldfnti ?ide """' " OClC P ° n ' """^ "' Ho ACRE stock farm. MO acre* cjn be mowed This fs one of the bett siock f a r m s io Demon County. WtU h.inttle .WO head of cattle. I WANTED' TO . and ; Sprinfidale rs. Louis filazlcr Mrs. Louis G i a x i o r of cement "sl.,-tiom.7y~ rfect condition Phon- ·- - v ^ the bir!!i n f ' | a daufihlcr, July 13, at the C i t y Hospital. ' ] Mr. and Mrs. A. I.. Freundiirh Mr. and Mr,. A. L. F r c i i m l l i c h o: tayettevillc, cnnonnre t h u l i i r t h of a son, July 14, at the Citv Hospital. state where they will make thei home. Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Richardson are at home from a vacation spent with friends in Illinois. Miss M a r l h a Elizabeth Moore member of the hish sehool faculty returned from California, where she has been visiting Miss Moore expects to leave in a few i , days for North Carolina to visit ' Mr. »nd Mrs. Ir» Mr-Lain | i Th M K - I r. Mr ' a n d Mrs ' ! " ^·'·"i" ; The Mobile Chest X-ray unit ;fi..vcttcville annntmcc Ihe h i r ' h of , w i l l he in Prairie Orove July IS ' * daughter, July H, a l '.he Courrv from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m . The'unit ! Hospital. '' will he stationed in Mock Park. I · J a c k i e and Bnhby Isaacson of Mr. and MM. Stlllman C Sparks Houston, Texas, are vacation Mr - unrt Mrs. S t i l l m s n C Rucsls nf ( h e i r Rrandparents, Mr and Mrs. II. A. Isaacson at the Sharp Apartments. Miss Mary Prater is spending ; her vacation with her brother Weldon Prater in Borger, Texas . Guests of Mrs. Jim Nixon and Faye Nixon, this week are Mr : and Mrs. Frank Minor, of DcBer- ry, Texas. Mrs. Raymond Redden Carol Dean and K a l h r y n Sue o f ' '· " nd Mr "' J»n« W. Carpr-ntcr i Ardway, Colo., snd Mrs. L. O ] Shackleford, Commerce, Texai. USED piano Mu I c o n d i t i o n and I 1 CRAVENSCO 1 RUSSELL REALTY C0 P^' C V C I N : Sf. V U " !» N »'«".»'·. '"on. .». be In firit clau htrgnin. Phone BROILER COOPS STANDARD WOOD ROD TYPE J. H. Phipps Lumber Co. Foyelteville, Ark. AitfO'S wanted! "raah""for~Ji;ht' ' _pny«je. Phone 1242. WANTED " SIIETI.ANI1 ponies Phone I24J C. J j _ Wood. F a y r t l f v l l l e . ;illI/S h.ryrle "Wish"to" b u y used hi' ~ - S32W WANTED" EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS Wr h a v e h u v e r . for well loci'ed two and three hrdroom homes We have «n o u t s t a n d i n g tt.-or.l tor Ihe a.i Of home! !!»·.. 1 ,.,.,.:,,,,,..| V U l t n Our r n a n v year, ,,' rxncr.-,... .,n-t n n d l a r l h ' l c s Ir.r f i n - i n i ' n : q u . ' l t v iu to Blve you ennipetent advise and a.rvii-c Ple.-m- LI!! u., If you w a n t to sell your pr,pnt Ufley Company, Inc. 2» N Block St Phone F^hon* 273W i Evtnlnts: 1753 ' NEW 5 room modern house, utility* room and garage. One »cre irounet _2_lnlH» south on 71 Phone OH. ,-' MODERN S room houae. hardwood' floors. 2 ' j hlocka from post of/let inrjuire at Twin-Kiss Cotifcctionarr,; W e s t Emma. Sprlnidalr. ArksmaZ', iJT ,,,H iIniiy~Pn7i 3201. Oz.irk Trout Far M ^' U n"""' "· W"" r u i l o r Pnvaie or In ar _3 Call 2701R S a f e t y nips r,f "r : "n\;"% !;r-'-*ur.t\* I N S I ' R O R S Call H I.. Ulley. J201. Res ICO; j J J Pyeatt 220:1. He* /.3.^ ! BUILDING AND REPAIR .if SprinKdnio. a n n n u n c o tiio Inr'ii nf .1 d n t i c h l o r , .Inly n, j,[ n, 0 County Hospita!. Mr. «nd Mm. Calvin II. Ulllr Mr. and Mrs. Calvin H. l . i t t l c of Sprinjdnle, a n n o u n r e iho h i n h of a son, July 12, at the Cuuii'.v Hospital. S l l l l l i E d : i : r WANTfil). ( D i f f e r e n : i i g - % M W h i t c l y . 2'-, -·ville on Syuih . · .Ill' COL DAVID C. KHIUINO, com- mtndw of th« 31it Fighter Ei- ««rt wlnn Mnt OB t jti flight from UM V. I. to Jipm, feti a kin fro* B«verly Riv«r» of Honolulu, "MIM H.w.ll of 1»5J." on l«nflln| ·t Hlckun Air Force IMM, Hawaii. phot*, CAM PAID rOM DEAD AMMAU Mr. nnd Mr*. .lames w. C.irpcn- tcr of Springdale, n n n n m i r o the hlrth of A son, July IK, at i n( . County Ilospiui. Mr. »n] Mn. Kill, M. Stafforil Mr. and Mrs. Ellis M. S t a f f o r d of Sprinsdalo, o n n n u n r o tho b i r t h of « son, July 13, at the County Hospital. Mr. (rti Mn. Rrx Purllj Dfntnn Mr. and Mrt. Rrx r t i r l i s nrn'.im of r.vansvlllc. Ark., a n n o u i K C the birth nf a dniiRhlcr, J u l y H j,t the County W A I T R K S ! : M.i.-k :, W A I T R K S S HH:UI S r h o o l S u .SAI.KSMKN H'ANTKII OI'PoilTi'NIlY' ic.r p n a n " witrTclno strp i n n , a pro/i!.,!,;c (,( his own In r.iv :i"vli:.- or N o r t h west \ V ; t s l i i n v l " n C o u n t y ,\ f) ,a r,i- lal nr,-:lc,l l i n y ,,l, ,.|,:dll Pay us you M - l l V J,inc. A r k a n s a s . Averting s;jlci i.vcr $17U w f , - k ; y t h i n y e n r W r i l e l t : n v l t ; K h s IJept -^iiii"^;,^." 1 !^"' Tenn ' ' * ' SH I'ATION WANTED H A N D Y t n n n . p s i n l l n d . repVlririft f i x i n K most i,n.uninjj ilonesl. d r p e n d v .'· r «-:iAi,» l e rhdriie C a l l K-l. ~*"MOitL"OWNER DO YOU NEED HELP? VniA'jl r o u p i n w n i i l d v-r,rk for rf.- e n r r llnve s.unr r a t h to t n v M I In r e t u r n f o r op'.nn to |, W r i t e l."-M, % cn'mei.""' 1 "' ""'"'"'*'· K " - ;mf| hroprli SPC A l f mi\fn out of F n v r t ! 7 ' . _ o r phone )M(iK4 " , llo. 2 livitif rno P«t_ Phone UMJ "NO»li,!TY" Call K L I Z A I i K . "PHI CCO REFRIGERATORS AT I J A H G A I N PHICES One |) ft. Scrvcl n n s R r f r i g o r a t n r ^PMCI Qumn W a s h l n R Machines EASY TK11MS CLIFTON LUMBER CO I'hnnejl _ _ Wostjy.rk, Ark SPECIAL ~~~ AM, melal lawn chairs. 14 li. while IJiiy lilt Open evenlnis unlll 9 M Mmon arm Drlva-ln r u r n l t u r u Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified Service Directory Cobinet ond Mill Work of All Kinds. Free estimate LOY KINZER I 556 Wall St. PhonB 2019 " i i a l l t y r e h u l l d m s IS as food to I C t l l . V A B I J S iiKATlTV h l l i l l rh heller t h a n new Paul 0 Dye ,, a w Mrartnw phone ::ti'i! ' ' Muchlneless 1.1 M. O.I,I «»vc WOO J3.ll R A N C H El SALE OR TRADE '' 200-14,000 ACRES J Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Twot J THE BROADHUR5T CO. I 1031 North College. Phont 2487 AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE tOc :t A Belter Pt«ee le Bar -J "Hotpoint J II N. Black DEALCH PK Hi" a n d . K a y e t t e v l l l e phone 3112 shop phone L'4.14. Sprmfdale 2 ' a ' miles west of 71 on H u n t s v l l l c Htretl. Esiimatea freely flven in v u u r home. VAHI) work arid handy rnTri Pho"ne z:i'JO.J II c Washburn. · M l l i D K E a««d cotipfe" W a n t s job'rals- I iriK chickens on salary. W. B. A n ! _ s t i a d 1412 S_Washln|lon ! "REUPHOLSTERING"! REFINISHINGI · Your f u r n l l u r e c«n lie 11 handsome inrl better than new a f a l n . . . a f t e r our skilled craftsmen re-itylt It tn . ^ »f AR' nLAL'Vt SIIOK __ noranct !· · fXcaao. Pnom PKJCKKTT'Si BKAUTY SHOP . MI.IABI.I WOHK tl ninrl p non , 7M SPKNCEH foundAlons. rla Vivian Green. 22 years E.1S1 Phone 7»».J. «/nr H K i i i r o r r a n a m f n ri-ltyit It tn - .···»···», your own tastes. Ph. ray.ll.ville 111.'! HOME I.AIIVHRV or Snrlnv/lBl« 9411 v.iimft,*. ...... ««.^K. i.m;.isfstl · free imltes Klven Quality n»w moMrtti end matlmi nnovating. Phont 3036 401 WUT OICKSON your homfl Paul O. Dy* Son SPRINClDALr. A R K »AO worms" spraycdf Call D»n 4:19.1 r H. H. JONES, Controclor 51? r. l.afayelle, Box 14.1 : University gii.t, nn rhoiw I I raretlevllle STOUT ·s"i!65Jk~rAiJsi5i r fJ PERSONAL service on wet wnih and (lryln« N o r t h 71. near Mecca Rest a u r a n t ^hono I.10K 200 . Ytari of Svrvlc* 20,000,000 Pollcyholdtn 20% . WAU.PAPKR ANB PAINT ~ ~ " " W rMoh^n IMmn* 1474 «l*t« lor Mlf! |'hon«*2,1H4"" MUTUAL HUE AND AUTO INSURANCI for prtftrr* The Ritter Agency I Loont RM| |MIN( ItUMCMMt

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