Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 12, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 12, 1952
Page 9
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.Bumper Harvest For Nation Predicted, But State Crops 01 Corn, Potatoes May Be Lowest In Years NOtTHW-n UHUOnU Wm. bumper har-| In addition tn wheat and · t h a n last year. for example, has a n u m b e r of op- HEM' WANTEI1--MAIJ! timi:;tic res C'rrm;s H u 3 KXPERIENCKI) tntchiinlri. p r r f t r - ibly Chevrolet anii oFrtsrrmtiile 'iititct L u t e Chevrolet Co . Spnng- rcnu says t h a t r r i n i l sales of all , types of apparr! stores in M a y ! t n p p r d the pairs fn,- t h a t rrumth j --' ' - ' - j .vc-ar ajrr,. H e - t a i l sales nf all do- j w ;^ TE ^ 2 JJJJ- " 1 " piirtmeiM More", i n c l u d i n g m a i l ' order, also ruse in M a y , to lop the year ago f i g u r e . | ' this year. In its first estimate of the year, the Agriculture Department yesterday forecast corn production , nf 3,365,089,000 bushels, only a ' little short of the government's Department '· intcs of t h e 1 The Hen Cross has collected be near record size, and rice ap- i released these pears headed for a record. [ 1 9 5 2 crops acreage for h a r v e s t , ' , about two pints nf " b l o n d in"ihr A larger potato acreage t h a n j yield per acre and p r o d u c t i o n : I L'niterl tita'.i-s (or oi-cry A m e r i c a n last year and nearly the same Record Rice Crop j man and v.-onian in u n i f o r m vrce yiem per acre will provide a ' Rice--467,000 acres for h a r v e s t , j the Korean war bepan. s t i l l TM= i C r«* U !? P , lyi a l l h o u s h j 2,025 pounds per acre anil p r o - j -. of 100, Not w i,ite, not wneat. not rjt, out a f l a v o r blcnrt of all three-Judge's Romaif Meal mean. _ . , . _ __,.. still nearly a f i f t h below average. | d'uciion of 9,457,000 bag goal cf 3.375.000.000 bushels. A larger sVeeVpotaTo"Jop''als'o'is ! founds. Lorn is the ho. 1 factor in as- in prospect. ; p 0 : a toc . juring high level produciion o f | The forecast is for 339 048 0 0 0 ' 0 0 0 "nil', i^w ?h Ul V ry p r o d u c t s '! bushcls cf lTM tato e s compared with . S« eet potatoes-7,000; 65 and Only in 1942, the banner pro-1 325.708,000 bushels last year--a 455,000. -12,000; 09 and 8 duction year, was more corn pro- year in which housewives at i Peaches--1,539,000 bushels pro- Crmcict II 1.. Cuucri r.t In* iMir.ri I i K-imiKi and Kunrt.-iy. 1 K M I ' U i V M E N T FlIU MEN H r T W K K X 1 ABES OF :·:· and 31 T R A V E L I N G rol.LnWIKC; C'HEOIT AM) A D - MlM.S1H.VnVK W O R K C O O I ) OPI'OFITIJNnY KOR A D V A N C E M K N T WRITK KOH I N T t R V l F W G I V I N r . B'..'S!KEr,S K X P E R 1 E N C E . E i C . INTER.VATIOS'AI. HARVESTER COMPANY I.rm.K H O r K . A R K A N S A S ATT.V O O K E \NEB_Y K X I T R I K N C K U dozer operator. Phi,no 11-1B-U MKl.P IVANTED--KEMALK , Jufy IJ, 1*52 COOL duced than is forecast for 1952. "times f o u n d the lowly "spud" duction on!v production was 2,941,-I hard to find at the grocery store. The indicated rice production i / m i l «.ni TM',, yCai '' SUtf Cr ° PS Esti '"«« tops the previous A r k a n s a s high (1941-50) average ,, 3,011,652,000; The production of rice in A r - : in 1948 bv 237,000 bi, S5 and also H-h.,1 r,». TKI.J u. i. I as is cx P ected l ° hit a record! shows an increase of 4-16,000 W»«lt Crop Third High | high of 9,457,000 bags of 100 bags over 1951 production. A wheat crop of 1249.019,000j pounds this year, the D e p a r t m e n t ! The state's ma n f r u i t crop- bushels ,s m prospect. In only two said. peaches-is expected to Keep up *Uh U,. the Timrn daily Sou'.h I j u i t qo «xcu*« 'eight. It's j u i t to matter." 'previous years--1947 and 1948-has more been produced. The index for measuring all crops produced is indicated at .,,,,,, . about 132 per cent of the 1923-32 years average. This is higher than in Miles But two other Arkansas crops: 47 per cent over last year's out--potatoes and sweet potatoes-- p u t . Late spring freezes in 1951 are expected to drop to t h e i r resulted in a short crop of 1,044,lowest production poVn in 7 0 ' 000 bushels of peaches. | Corn production, injured b y , McPeek, s t a t i s t i c i a n for dry J u n u wcalhcr, is expected to i NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D A D S and b-iari 1'hnne 199! HOUSEKEEPER, iivjiihtlile Good H A I . E S M K N WANTED Oi'i'om'l'N!TY~!oTWnrTVTMl Taf~T5 i l!cn ui'.ii a Im-.lnru o i l nifl own in l - i i y c l n - v u l f . or Northwest WnshJntlon County. No cant- I tal ru-FUcil. Buy on rrcrti! I'.iy ,, I you ..i-ll v. J R u t l r c l c c . Arkaniaa. A v c r a g i o R salc-i over S I 7 0 \ v r c k l y this j i - i i i . V.'rjtt H a v i ' l t , c h . 1 Dent A K H - i a o - r i C . Mc-inpliil. Term drop to the lowest m a r k since 1934, McPeek said. any past year except 1948 when | the Federal-Stale Crop Report- it reached 135.4 per cent. ing Service, said the indicated The average to be harvested is production of other crops, in-! Potato production in the slate only . little above last year but eluding corn and apples, w i l l also : w i l l hit the lowest p n i n t since high yields of several of the, drop this year, but t h a t p e a c h I8S3 and sweet potatn production major crops is indicated. ! production is expected to be hieh- ! w i l l be the smallest since 1881. Network 01 Secret Tunnels Being Dug 45 Feet Below London Streets; Seven Shafts Excavated Br FERN RICH London-(NEA)-The second city of London, which has been grow- i . ing beneath England's capital f o r : the past year and a half, is sup- : posed to be a big secret. · But like most secrets, nearly everyone knows about t h i s onc\ Th* catch is t h a t no o f f i c i a l will say "yes," "no." or even "maybe." What actually «eems to be going on is tho building of an atom- proof citadel, 45 feet beneath London streets- Seven shafts have been excavated, all of which will · be linked by tunnels and possibly by electric trains. Supposedly there are thousands of rooms being constructed, com. plete with power generators, food storage facilities, telephones and all the equipment necessary to permit the various ministries and civil servants to carry on government Jn case of atomic attack. Londoners are now well aware of the citadel used by Prime Minister Churchill and government »leaders during t h e battle of Britain. It accommodated 2000 people and was built of steel and concrete. , It was called the Rotunda and still exists and has been . m a i n - tained. In another part of London, about three miles from Whitehall, is a World War II deep air · raid shelter which has also been maintained and which some guess will be included in the underground network. Not far from Parliament Square and Big Ben, some of the most impressive construction work is going on behind thick walls at least 10 leet high. Doors in the Rate: 3 centt per worr »Ingle »L-rlioii Three COIL-L-LMIIIVL- insert. 7 rcnlR per worn M i n i m n m urdcr Class)ii'.-d arij c:tsn in iidvnnco- tak-t-n over the telephone. Deadline inr clasaiticd nd«. _. in daily; 9.30 a. in Kalurda;- ! SITUATION WANTED Corrections and r t r u i i c l i t e r f u l l y "/».ir.i/ made a f t e r dr.,'. lr.scr;iui! No currec- tloiiH or r e r u n mjdt alter od lus ex- pii'crl NOTE: Advcr:ib:ne fopy fnr oth*-i past's id dm.- at 1^ no.,n the day prc- cccdin/j public:, ion: 1^ imtm b n t u r d a y tor publication tin Mo L E G A L NOTICES LCCAL HOTfCE MOriCC TO BIDDERS n;"vMM!y 01' . M i t : : , ., . m' Hi,- L'n.vT.-:!y o! An::ir.: jj. in inr o i i i c f U n i v e r s i t y Hail Koom 1 1 1 , Uimfi'.'iiy of A r K a i i f a . - . K a j c t l t ' V j l l c . A r k a n s a s , u n l i ! MO ]'. M . C c n i r a l Sianrtnrd ~" u. J u l y i.\ 13.-^ on a vt-Ji MOTEfOWNER DO YOU NEED HELP? YOTM; S"n;i)):r wn^t-s nnd Inn i.'i!-jc Havi' z iniL- cash ri'-iim for oplion (o pnrrh».if today for prrsonal mtcrvn-\v. j I.-m. '-Tunes. the i FOR SALE--AUTOMOTIVE B I lng rhicktii--. . .. _. I t f j l d . Ml? S Wii»i;:;-,i(".fin I " "REUPHOLSTERINGf ! REFINISHINGf · Your f u r n . t i i r e i:nn b? a* har | and he:-IT th:m nf - ai;;i:n our s k i l l e d r r a d r i n c n r - - i l y i e your own ns:r» I'd F;i\ c'.ie'vil Jree in y o u r ' hiimr Paul O. Dye Son Phonr r.TfUTI EXCAVATING - BuTlOOzTNG ,,p,i : .,(.ini; Brush i!»:in A KICK UP "and t "wh«i f a r m wncnn on rubber. V i c t o r coin'u:nn- tlon t w l d i n s and c u i i i n c torch. Last housr north V;ile Store c-il rea in bu i ti R-r . J-dnor s r d a n . ; m: :luim :i l!j;i:t.!ic:tv.v \vti{:J:t. \v:t!i i nifiio, h e a i r r . .'iiUf.niriiir t r a n ^ n n s r i o n . j and n i l stjir.'Kirti jK-t'essoricK. r.n scat ! L-ovi-r.i. Jlinck or (.:ln:r d » r k t-olor. Tr;idi' in. Un-- J U M Pat-knrd f-ertan. ! M c u n r Xd G-:'::7rii:.-c Tins .-.:r v.-iil ' WE WILL PAY TOP CASH FOR CLEAN LATE MODEL CARS .Iu..v i v f i c - a ! I'laPt 'fi^'c r . K n y c - l t c v i J l e . A r - WE FOR .SAI.K--M1SCEI.LA NEOUS il. llca\'y duly raku- -ponrU H. H. JONES, Contractor W; K l . a t . . , c n e . U;.x I U U n i v e r s i t y S l n l l o n Phnnt 1I1C _ _ _ F n y r t t r v l l U ' "" QIJICK'SKriviriC " ''""' ''''"'"· *'' 1 '' 1 " i:c COIiniinATEM U»h iciiKfim in itock. Co.. phonr Ifi2. _ jnizrct roohnf. A l i i Link W«y Storn I Wl»! . E A n i . f i W A T C H SHOP llrcwi;r^_i:itanfr.. I.'. _ E C o r A U F O R N I A r a n r h hom« «niy It minu'.rt irt;m town »nd overloo)iinj FJ-ji'iin M n u n t j i n * N'*w nad «om- p . * ' " . v n n r l t r n i n r l u d l n n dijhwtihcr *r.-\ i j i i i j ' . i n r l r r t n c ranne in itlleh- f:i r-jii,'ifui jan* living room WA CUM w j i j and Ur|f fireplac* NIC4 f n - . ' ! « r n s u r t * hniwe Thf Ideal homt i n r gn-uj'j* l i v i n g jnri rn1«*taio» i ^ Tr* p r l f n u much kit 4hM t - p l a r r m n n * coil. Shown by *p- fHE m 'R ! |ffER AGENCY te r: cmfr _t-h_ n»-- izaiw-- MJ TAKE OR" LEAVE T K K *'.(,, k ind e q u i p m e n t on thlf 40 ";'··. i : * » real bflrfiln either u-ay. - :: if-ri-.t £·!] p i i l u r n . harn. broiler -p.i..*y l.o-.-i. equipped. Msdcrn i rfioms. hsi n ^ T u f J l gut. Well I"- ··,· ·".. Springtime J O h-vi m..ic cuw». 7CO l a y i n g hcni Trar- fif P.-TA-I. rtiic. m i l k i n z macrtin*, d'f,*-r t - q ' K p m - n t Ready 10 ;toduce .1 I:--'.T; mcom« for you from th'q · - l - \ ·. MI r i:r.^f]ii!pped (TST). r v.-t-n a i l t'.nclt and equipment srvr.o AT: noxv, -SOUTHWEST OF * FAYETTEVILLE SFVENTV-Fl\7. *cr* dairy wt-up thM H miltim; Rood l i v i n g (or prt«ent o w n r r r.oort barn. iQ it*nchioni. nfiw ( :nr1f machine. 2 itoir p'-n-M I ' l r r . t v of gr.iijiand Prwflnt 1-1. r y herd r a n h? tough t with plice if w a n t r d Home hai 5 roomi 2 r n r l o w r t pnrrhm and « flnni«he« *Mh asbcsto* »idin| On food all w-.--.'.ii-r a-i-tr rnad. all route* Own* n h n t o-hf-r i n t e r n u (ind ha* feal- iv r\i: ihe price. Weil worth th« iii- in t j Tenni if wanted CASH IN ON THE HEAT If r. iTcum parlor. * |oln» hitatn«M In .1 c r j r 'l l'»c.iMon Nice P f j u t p m e n t dnivi k « i r on builrflnl. Chfcp rent. Own*r w a n t i tn r e t l f f . If you want n P-iymg buiinCM «« t h u one. Prircri n! $ Goorf termi. i Open Evening! .0f)~9.DO PLATT-Ciuiom built 1C tan nm«f · t r n i l i T . J M. C u n n i n g h a m , lloutc 3. j USKD AiiTnmHtic fhbf~iimiTusrd~Bcn' riix. Johnion Plumbling nnd He»t- ing To. Corner Spring tnd Schoci. phonr 1060 1 rorrriNr.? ITCH . niGG1N 'G S p r i n u d a l r . Ark r O O T I N G S - x v a t r r , E ».. .nd_ «w.r ^f.cnE" t^-^r^^Tl^m . ~ . NEWLIN-POWtLL REALTY; Phont ffj j i i J -- " '' ·"" "'-- -- dltrhci. septic t n n k liofos Diitii.i]* ·nd back fllllnf Call L'B2« Bryct "NOBILITY SlIvrrT" C«ll ELIXAUETH JANES 293 KVEN1NGS TI LI vcnBUarT hi I n7Jr7nd~Tiumi- num window scn-una an*' «wninj(i Frre M'.imwtw G»te Cc ( per 44] _South Jx-ftijtt. Phom- loiti . e t i v v t i l e with n bedroom modern h"inif. Plenty of olhcr bulldlnliv Orion well, itock pond. Plenty at · risdp «· 04(1 ACRE ilnck farm, MO icfei e»n bp mowed ThU Is on* of tht belt «tock farma In Bcnton County. Will h a n d l e 3m head o( cattle ill lie I-(JH F;i c r;ui f u r n i s h l-'c . :.ip:;rm O r l : J n r l t c v J U e . itjral h x - wall arc equipped with buzzers . r i - L i t v ( I Ark;in:,-is r.-.M-rvcn i tin i . - i i i l i n n j-.:-. t ;:nv cr all l i i i ! ^ · and Ui u :\:\f inr'iinh'H-.t | I ' N I V K R S I T V OF ARKANSAS Hy J. K Pt.nifCL-t __ l'ur:'|-.r..- nit; A u n i t IJ-li-c 1 NOTICE IN- rm: PHOBATK COURT or W A M M N f ; V C \ r O l ' N T Y . A3-1KAXSAS In 'I'm; J L - t i i r nf T"- K"!;iti- ~f Jnhn M. Cl;i:- t n n . drcvnsrd No. H.9ri-A Last kr.tnvn addrt-sii nl lU-.-fiicnC ^05 O^;irk A v c . t o j c l t c villi:. A r k a n . D.i'.p of i l f a f i i : J u n e ?s. 1^32. ( J a i o l M a y J . :in! i!ay nf J u l y , 1'JSJ prob.ilr :is ihr I;i:-t appr . i-\onrr;x I m T P i i n d r r A cnn'csl nf the prnh;Mc of liic w i l l rin ho t i f n c ! - t-rl o n l y ijv f i l l i p n p:-lilion w i t h i n :!H' t i i i i n providrd hv law All p u r s f i n i h n v i n a ' ; .i.mi against thi' ·:.-.;(' i i i u i - t rxliibu t t i c t i i . d u l y v c r : f i r r j . in t i n - iinili rr.ipncd \ v n h i n . - i x inonllw I r r u n the d a t e of the f i r s t p-.ib- an on f o r t v r r y h c n t ' f i t ; n o . rd ;ui,l London underground shelter beneath the c i t y , like t h i s World War I I version nrar Claphafrt South Station, could be the roa::on for sll thnse holes in the ground they're digging in London these day?, But officials won't talk about it. to know about the digging and : shabby condition. and a postage s t a m p size peep- · as fc e d for the "foremanT°He was ' J5't'rik«''MBy"Halt' V/ork hole. Police signs request that j very polite and said he would | "Of course, if you steel bnys lp. A r k . I XVARNIHC ORC EFT ! TN THK C H A N T F P V COTRT OF W A S H I N G T O N . COCNTV. A R K A N S A S U«.i.u C. need. I ' l . v n t i f f I B U Y - TRADE - S F L L MAKE LOANS ON CARS AND PICKUPS FROM 1946 MODELS UP A T LOW RATES S T A N D A R D Used Car Lot Corner Center Church Sts. Fayettevillo PERSONALLYlNDORSED ! U5ED CARS 1950 Chevrolet pickup. 1949 Ford V-8 pickup. 1948 Huchon 2-door. 1949 W i l l y s , 4-wheel drive pickup. ' 1947 Pontiac 2-door ledanetle. j u U P I. K x , 1 9 4 1 Dodge 4-door. hnrownon I 1938 Ford pickup. ' 1940 Ford 2-door. 1941 Plymouth coupe OZARK MOIOR CO. Springdale, A r k . "" PHlLCO REFRIGERATORS AT B A R G A I N PRICES One II ft. Serve! Gas Rclriscrator Speed Queen W a s h i n g Machine: EASY TFinMS CLIFTON LUMBER CO. Phone 27 _ _ Wcsl Fork. Ark SPECIAL ALL m e t a l lawn chnlr». |4 ]y while t i n y last. Open evcninfi u n t i l 8:00 Hilton Broi. Drive-in f u r n i t u r e llATMATTRESKO. Quality new rr,anrtu and mattress renovating. Phon» 3036 401 WEST OICKSON RUSSELL REALTY CO. f «^^ · n* i BERRY , 21 N. Dlpck St. Fvr-nlngi- Z7S3 1331 riVE FINE ACRES UNIMI'tlOVEU on inori roart ·', mitt '"!,".'. " or ' h 71 J"f hwa J r Kiecu-icitr. I IV kill I Cl criDir rn ''· M0 ^ K ^ SM ALL HOUSE J. W. n l L L tLCL K I LU. I TW " teawm,. l u i n , room, kitihen. V W l i an!l complol. bath. Nlc« lot. " Phono 24, Wo,l Fork ' 404.1 I'alnllnK i)r papi F»R RENT-- tXCEPTIONALLY riioL luxuriousl f u r n l f i i i p d apnrtrneni. nmr U n l v r r - iui.v. Ground floor, privint lawn For B wi-ck( Itefcrtncci- Phone 2JIO-W. ? NICK rnonn furriliihcd for m'rn. olf r a m p u * 212 Nor;h Dur can Phone Mh.iW. n p a r l m t - n i . unfurnuhed", ... floors. v r n ^ M n n bhndA h a t h . 417 S. Hill St. 2 ROOM furrilshL-d !iparlinent." ' i ""uti roads be kept clear due to "excavating work in progress." Digging Is Secret _ NKW 4 m , -sell $20norj under list or t i rral c.stalc nr what have »d* fnr t W i l k i * . C h a r J r * E. R i J d e r fetch h i m . j stay on strike," he c o n t i n u e d , "IlKit Still s t a n d i n g on the sidewalk ' p l a n v\-ill have t o he scrapped. ! I'-f'c outside the high wall, I tried , "You can'l keep people f r n m - - - - - i u u i s i u u uiu i i i ^ i i u d i i , i u lea i ou can l K( cp (" I buzr^cd for the foreman and . looking inconspicuous while pas- j t a l k i R , " the forema'i explai""-! a burly, kindly^faced Riant opened S ersby turned to stare. The f o r e - ' "It isn't m u c h of a «ccret voti the door, came out on the sideman , a gnarled, cheerful Irish- · know. As a m a t ' e r of f a c t there's ^-" n h d ,,2 UI I inirl Wn^T w-,mn°H TM n w i t h " rich llrogue ' »"«vcrcd ! a n o t h e r of tl,e:,» holes over t h e r e him. I told him I w a n t e d j m v questions. ; Hie pointed toward H n r E e f e r r y I "I'm not allowed to show you Road r.enr Victoria Street) w h i c h ; the place, miss," ho said. "I'm , h a s n ' t so', a bifi solid fence nrnu-Kl | :'. n f' ! sorry." ' l i k p this one. You can stand there I '*' rp "But it is an atomic shelter?" ' 'This one" he said, heing care- - - -. M i Mi." E'r.rk- a.nil Mrr 11 ·-..-(.· If R'-li-r ni!l,n.': . _ _ _ . _ _ PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service jLYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phone 666. 208 North Block N'CK * rnnm apartiuETit w l l h private I'alh. vcnplian blinili. Knod condition. 54000. IW4 North Collect or _ p h o n o 419 NICE 2 rooni ^rTirnishdJ ~7pJrTn-.cnt _Hrfrltjenilor._Hh_one 163R 3 ROOM modern homc."~Nonh~of U VuSELL REALTY CO. Phont 1538 Block St. Eve E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phon.) 249 MAftRES" ~ R E N O V A T I N G ColtDn MstlrpMfn Rullt Into OunrHntfcd InnempnnKi Hollywniiil Ilium M-uic -J 0 Order ONK DAV SERVICE -PHO.Nt 1774 Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO, 120 South Kill Si FOK BALE-- R B A L _ RKAL cstile for r;n!(r~Ilio"rtc~V.;3RT~ BV builder--New " n t t r a r t i v f r ' t h r e"e bedroom r a n r h hoinr i l h a t Inv.* i-vcrythini; Ciooti design rr*lri' *rrt n d d i t l o n . Also have mTM t w n bcci- cmly ^2,750 w, SMART COUNTRY HOME OUT it i right In town Seven lot* unfilled with · dozen «tit o*k« SU fmcloiui roomi and bi. on m?in floor with connecting HiTTa to two cp=y three room ·ptrtmenu rnt-Ii wlh private h»th. The two ·parmenti alio have itround l«v«| prlvtte tntnncei There's · until covj barn und §om« fruit for horn* u«. In addition, ihli property command* a heart warminf off yonder- Ish view. It fj i privlle«e to otter thU fine property at only tl3.HO.00 v/hlrh la far Icju than its worth. 862 NORTH OLIVE STREET TWO hedrodtn bungalow only ftw yuan old Ifi h-ln.j newly decorated «nri we can i\vt poueatton by July )5th. Out of town owner* *ay *«ll at $6.(WO.OO. Here'* your opportunity. Let U* Show You Phont IBS HAMMOND REAITY CO. Eve. Phone H. D. Hammond UTf'" J- A. J»rvU 1590W " NKW 9 room modern houM, utfl room nnd (Arace. One acre 2 r n n « "Put" on 71 " 5 1-2 room modern hofHi ii* -ry;-"/ '" 'or information, ·«* Mr, Malonry at Johnaon'l C*io Sl£ tlon. Highway 71 North. Pric* »jj [In . a n d see just what the w o r k m e n ' ; are doing." PARTS Are BEST for CARS onef TRUCfCS IlCtffW MADI RIGHT PIT RIGHT LAST LONGIR ful not to answer my question At t h e other "sorrel'' s h a f t . i u . { directly, "is a very important site 1 , as the f o r e m a n had said. \ v n s ' t h o ' I t leads right i n t o B u c k i n g h a m i u s u a l Rroup of -idewa!!: f u p o r i | Palace and Westminster Abbey.! tonrlents \ v f j t c h i n g t h e nxcav.v.iii'.;, ! A n d it's a b e a u t i f u l job!" : of pit?, one of w h i c h \vn- fi!Ir"7| | "How m a n y workmen are th?re w i t h w ; i t r r u h i f h kept fumi:'.^ u j ) at t h i s ? h a f t ? " ; from below. , "I've got onJy 80 noxv but there : "Room nioush t h r r r In- j were more in the befiinninfi." ; thp whole B i i t i s h A n n v , I'd bo;," I "When did you sfart work?" i snid ono man to «ir.n'hf-r. "Last June." i "Frightening, isn't i:':' 1 n · "When will you f i n i s h ? " j trousncd one cnnun':n;i': "We hope to be through by n e x t ' looked up .it '.lie bright I K _ month." j i n t o the warm .sunshine, .shuo- "Then what?" i dcred and walked a w a y . "Well, then I hear t a l k of t h e i r ; As the foreman said. I.or.Jnn's putting the Colonial Office on top ! m y y t r r i o u n holes - in - thr - cround °f this." | aren't much nf u set-ret. Kxct-pi The old Colonial Office was s r v ! for the f;ict t h n t ihe M i n i - t i y (if oral blocks away and in very! Defense s.'jys t h e r e ;irrn't n n y . Retail Sales Up In Stores, But Profit MargirvSlight well ns last J u n e ' s prii-e- . p ome pplacrs, notub!; R a i n s over By SAM DAWSON | y e a r to date. 15 show ir.m New York-f^j-The pick-up in " v 'i" the same period a yr.-ir retail trad? around- the country is - 1ir " i l l i n t I^"»l per:r,:I i n c l u d e d beRinning to show up in the sales pfP"nd w:ir-srnro b u y i n g and earnings reports. More merchants are reporlinp sales r u n n i n g ahead of a y e a r ' . ago. But m a n y of them c o m p l a i n 1 i i i r r c a s i n j j v o l u m e of sales d o e s n ' t , mean much, if any, increase I n : profits. : The margin of profit in t h e sales dollar has shrunk to a dis-, couraRing level for m a n y a re- tailor. Customers are returning to the stores, however, a f t e r R long vacation and some store executives t h i n k the rising trend- of operating costs has been chocked nnd i n v e n t o r y losses w r i t t e n off. |2-15 for the three m o n t h * From now on, they hope, risinR sales may lie t r a n s l a t e d i n t o blacker ink in the p r o f i t lodger, more t h a n S7.ono.0fif) Of 23 chain xtorrs and mail or- · sales of $724.000.000. housrs r e p o r t i n g sales for t h e , T n c v r a r before, tho.'o A p r i l 30 averaged at sales--or r:irninf;.s WHIER-BRYAN ...n "AID DEAD ANIMALS nit Jo^lln ] were m a k i n g l.-i per mil lers ("onpro'-s n ^ t f s I f t x f s , the not gain v . i l l f a l l I n -.. one per c^nl of pairs t h i i venr. Tho p i r k - u p in ,;ilcs v . h n : . ),; hern earning speed r c c r n t l f h r e r f u l news for t h e however. Tho clothing J m l u h l i y , ·T t h e c n m n l a m t nf t lie- fjijnve r n t i l l r l ra.i-.t- IIMSJ. r i v Iv-nvl rinH .f..,| n ·1 -1:1-: r:rd ,[-,y ( .| .| u!yi 13-I t - r h n r d n r:--- r fham-uTi- Clerk u p ; F i R A T r R N A I . NOTICE j FAVhT'l KV1L1 K l.orift- ": r. .. ' "U '". M f i t i f i a v n i p h t fnr , Irnnchtit M,r Ark.iMn.-is C a / c t t e l-'ull liui Cnsh (it.], .isit rrqiilrrri Expri iiiincn-ssiiry. I'honr S07R.1 KOR SAI.K--LIVESTOCK I'KJS." IjHm'ain. "Phone "23C2W. lil'iv j,'"r l,r..|.d r.-iu s.-ive mo V.-.-irliiiiia. tivns Caaavlllp. OPPORTUNITY "BE INDEPENDENT!!" T A K K t i n s ;.!n. ·;; s . K A I N K O W TROI;T M*I«I 'laiiy i»hon« ' ' . S i i r i i i K d J l f iiJltJ. U?..-irk Trout Farm. ( . r ! | ii'-:ir Jnhnson. As- , GtiKGEOl.'S Urchlil ~ l f l j m bl :in- ! I J M V I : nut in K e n h n v i - n fl.-ir MOOHK Kdi "hr.V.f-r. MJ noil BTIJ wlt'h I l i r r n i o a l a t cuntrnl J JO 0') Phone h.'.OJ HA nn i f s" a n d h iTt cl i "i ~Di Tf «-riTn t'Tg"". cfr'U KPO A l l r p d W h i t c l y 2 ' ^ on; of r,v.-r'tev;;ie on South phorn* J S ! f i K 4 ir "ran*- Rood " cnnr|l!inn. i 'iKHN' .-M;TO If I. li'./.inli. 4107 K i n K l l 1 , Fi S m i t h . Ark I H K K I I I f i K H A T O H . . I' l i v i n g !)O(*.S--CATS-- PFTS FEED SPECIAL THIS WEEK UPSCOMB RABBIT PELLETS 4.70 tHA I'.DME LOANS Ixiw Interest, long f-tmi 18% DAIRY FEED INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE ilry. The Hi,rn. Hall Plinno 1513 duplex «p.irtmenl. Pri- ' - ' - · t r s i t y Street. Phone. i anrT h « t h ruHNisnr.D vittc bat _J07M1 »_ DUPLEX. furnlKhed 4 roon _Phime 172U. TWO bedroom duplex apart mtnT A v a i l a b l e Auguit 1. 113 Ua Slrccl. I _ rhmir__:?7^W. NICE unfurnished aparlmenT. e n t i T c - ' ly ftcparate, GOO aquare feet floor j ·pace, coo] in lumnirr. warm in wintpr. water (urnlihcd. On Ml. I Si'qunj^h. 107 S k y l i n e Drive, or r i l l i Inr Campbell. I'hone 221H-M Ironi H __to 5. SKW1NO niachl^rl Servke""on~ Vll inskrt _Jnhn Rhode*, phone 668J1. * KOUM p a r t l y fr'rn*h7d~a'p7rTmcnt, *tove and rofri?er«tor. 3 ItOOM unlurnwhfd apartment p r i - vaic b a t h , i t l i l i l f r - * palrf Rendix A d i i l l i . Phone 306-3QH N I f ' K :j b'llnmin home near Unlver- « i i y ILiniwdod f l o o r s , plenty r 'HMl' l _ J'hunf^i^n?. L- | FlJH.N'lHHF.n Vp«rttr.en779rHlTi~*iireel. 3« ACHES, food" ho u«7" barn" c h ickTii hnuBP, pienly of water and will »f!l cattle and feed. W.ih winter pasture nnv.-1'tl Earl Graven, Route B. Fay- )FFICE or builnesa location w i t h parklnf apace. Phone IH6W a f t e r I P M Shown hy appointment. ROOM downstair* u n f u r n l a l i v d apartment. Very nirc 323 West _Spi_;rt«_Phone 2330J. IEWLV deciiratrd furninlud ~ » p « r t . ment 502 North Colleie. P h o n e 7'JO, Charlea Stone, h provctnt way i 4 Church nt« .Ti 3 mMtM milc.i mnh ruad. Sonu- i 15 ACRES, 4 room modern, li mrnti. Clo« in. |4.t50."0. farmt. lit- .iHli-K. __ . f^ht..nr_]J^5R4. im-l i.ihir im- i MODERN 5 room houae, hardwood K high- ! floon. 2',i, hlorki from poit off.ct. Oakland j Inquire *t Twln-KI» Confrctlonary, . W. L ' West fmma. Sprlnfdale. Ark«f.*M j BY~"Twnerr o m «. TYPE ON an impriisiiivc set tine 11 ().':* JT.'i.i w l l h tni-i- virv. |fs r.n a clc^.n. or- flrrlv thitrounhfiire in on area nt o'htr tfrn^nuii liumrx. The con- · t r u r u m i 1.1 df brond hitntlsottif :.!d- uiK. the t n r n and ri.lrm.ry IwlnK of that rovrlrd ledge lypc »!onc. Lovely l l v i n c nnd i n n i n g room com- l i i i i a i i n n i^ Hx.'.:. jnorlcl kitchen ' W'llh tircAk l.i.i! iionl:. ihrt-e ccnpr- ou^ hi'droiinp., hardwood floorj t-.vo i iniiflcin b;i:hv brerzrv.fiy w i t h 1,011 th ' exposure r r n m - f t i w l f * j fomm-»1:oiii | ttaragt-. Inllj, (in;»hr-d s i p f l rmr- , menu »n,J a l u m i n u m shadci t h r u - i -. tetvlnf atate. » Urc« ' . ', - ... ., 2 bat hi, ilory-ind*ft.haTf. i lovely neighborhood, nc«r cimpui t W a l k i n g distance gradt. Junior an4 , nenfor high ichool. Innum-fst/^ ! b u t t t - l n a , r r n t r a l healinc. 3 or.4 roorru arranjred conveniently Of · _ OWNER : room trii rufcrf eij~ mult Mil Jv home Only 11 month* St. " ln t h r u . tliun . .uxlily iniula ,) cah;r].-ti Bates -Realtor!"^ modern _ _ _ N K W L Y du _ a p ; i t i n . f n t NICE 3 roo W ntin m u n f u r n u h e d ~ . i p a r crAll . v r'hone 2M6J rnlihf rtrncnt Adtil 2" ROOM f I'hone .11 __ i KOOM hrnW"alf"rmirii room a pa r i me n! Pard.v A v a i l a b l e b y J i t l v I H j.,.,. HOR N ' i r l h (.rvrtett Sirect next door _ lf)0$500.00 DOWN Gl LOANS!i th od n th^sr dandy level lotj in ·i n n d addition Nunmroui butltlni. aeM* Oik floor*. v en «ti*n blindi. utllitj rnnm. Should be iten both 1ft and ouUldc to .^e appreciitcd $1.10000 Our hoini* will ·«)! qulcP ·o xci! u promptly. 1170 South " -.*' f _ l _V, D r i v ? ^_Pho_ne_^20M_W. _ SUB'URBAN PROPERTY MODKRS' 5 bedroom homt on 7 .tcref. Close in Small down pAyTent P R A C T I C A L L Y NEW CH J t y l t 3 bedroom home. carn^Tj rt drapta Included, txtra lira* 1'rlcc S18.SOO. Generom lermj. P R I C E R E D U C E D LOCKKR plant. Good Southeait Kanins town rjolnf cxcelltnl builneM Fnr Hale or trad*. . ' TOR only S13.00D you on buy prop«rtr w i t h nn aMur*rt income of $19390 prr rmnth. CiEncroui terms on wx- i. price. find Iht l 95 ·live THREE BEDROOMS' S1 ' 5 " M ' IN l.,vH } - W a h n f e M llel,l,t, o foot level lot thu very a l l r . i J!".,r ?" h "" :f '·' a ''·'» »' · ' " ' l!l.2». n |,»a 1,11 o u wnu'rt .·xnrr In » much h i g h e r priced home In cludlnl central heat and -vnod burn ln« fireplace M A N Y otnr.M to i h o . - m RITTER AGENCY The Broadhurjl Co. 1 IMl N Cnlle.a - ptl °ne p h on« Utl Al« ninsr as h i R h ns 11 per n-nt. Thf i I -^' 1N4r \ h( ' i oic;-.t r c t n i l i t i K r h n i n s 1h;it f e l i j Phone J'.pr behind last year's f i g u r e s Injsc-s t h n t r a n a c f i n n i 0 1 p lo 7.6 per crut. The Kcjiircxe 01 ported in fiRiirc-s ^;i!!.cr 245 f l c p a r t m r n l jiiul spt ri;i!ly Eloros by iho C!nntrfi!!ors f.'n:i;;rc.' of thp N'ntion;.] I M a i ! D i y (; t ,.,:!s Association. N r t n r n f i t f r o m i h r m r r r h a n d i s i n K n p r r n l i o n p nf t h e r,e Hjhl homekcrp- .n« !:,]f)M3 ll.-irn l -y'~",,,' a ruiirnf ,1,1 J. vi on n i n n l h l y room hoiiv Jm 00 . SiolK) m o n t h l y ..*i',° riVllNiSHEff'''! . * m o n t h l y . JFI.'R.MSMKI) ,f!ililic» pdid J K 1 1 R N I S H K H ,3S Ofl m o n t h l Hammond Realty Co. Kva Phone H I) Hammuiiil 1.172 PMATH iTnwni'jilry' " f t p u r t m c m (~r _1."le_t_rourile 50.1 W A H l n t i R t o n 3 ROOM f u r n l i h e d a p a r t m e n t Pnv'atr entrance, private l , a ' h . l a u n ' J r y p n v - Jleirt. _ i i i n i t i e i p id _Phnnr L'Wj 2 KOOM i fflclciu-y apar'linent J.10 00 ROO.M u n f u r n i i h e i i ·parimc'nt JSouth i.)iiri("»n ) AClik f a r m :t rooni~liftu».»rVn"in paaiurr P l e n t y of W H I T inr tinrk w a t r r at d'.nr S w. Manhall. __«fi'le l. W«t K o r k For Service Consult You' Classified ^ ,% r ^SSL5il££!£DlTM_ BKAI'TY SHOPS I I L r '.'"'"I" 1 '" U « » u l y Service '-if M n u m a i n I'hont !JJi C O I . V A l i D S H K A l l f V 's'lii'.'F"" ail W Mt-ailiiw .|-|:i,i, P 3IXJ2 JMarlilnvlMa JJ jn. Cc.1,1 w ,, V i- S3.M anoF 401 Scon St. Phont 474 ! y^." ir^^FpS n*f(| ;«n^w ( J H A V r i . : Vyn'nl "in.rt " ««Hvtr«d. and up Phont JlTWL . _ AI'AIITMr.NT.' ""fiirnuihVd apa lhr "· STOUT'S I'KHSONAI. .rnu-c im w c l w»li anrt hill, p a i n , | lryln« N o r l h 71. nrar Mecca Kci- I taurtlt! Phonf 1.IOJ. '0* -T hnn . f TMlliV_ UnivffMiiv. hui It in* PAJTkViKw~ _.... fnf nl. f u r n i i h M UT uniuminnr'n I Ulllllltl pud. phoiM 11J7J «r UMR - u n i u r m a h M .I«M| k W. AND JMAINT !rr ano r a ' n t STort 1 Dtroralmi · 1'noM 1474 R A N C H E S SALE OR TRADE ' 200- U.OOO ACRES Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tixoi , THE BROADHURST CO. ' KI31 North Collegt. Phont 34»7 \ AUTOMATIC~APPUAHCE C*.' I A B«tt«r PUci lo Bur flotpaint^ 11 N. Block DEALER Pk ill ~200 Years of S*rvlc» 20,000,000 Policy heldtrt 20% ) Saving* '· MUTUAL PIKE ANO AUTO? INSURANCE "Savinji far pntarrvri rMJP C«t th* Foot The Ritter Agency loam |y ' ~ UtoMCMNr

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