Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 12, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 12, 1952
Page 5
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MOCTHWCT AMAMSAS TIMES, faytftavflk, Ait. Records Of Bird Calls Are Made By County Couple ffvprvnnt* 1ict*nt *« UI^J i i _ I . * B Saturday, July 1], JtSI Everyone listens io bird calls, but most people listen without 1 really hearing them. Not so Mr.! and Mrs. Jerry Stillweil of the Ml. Comfort area. They not pnly listen and hear, but they record j bird longs. i · Two of Ihe few people in this country who record bin* calls on! anything other than a hit-or-miss ! system, the Stillwells have, during the past five year?, recorded' the fonts of approximately 15QJ different species of birds. They! h«v« filled thousands of feet o f ' audio tape with the notes of a. Isrpe percentage of America's bird!. i · Cornell University probably! does more work in the recording of bird songs than any other group of individual in Ihe United States. But the Stillwells, operat-' iiif here in the Ozarks. must run a close second even though they tend to dismiss their achievemnets rather lightly in conversation. ' .ic.uahy Jerry and Norma Stillwell should be classed as professionals. They are up at 3 a. m., dally to hoist microphones into ttie trees near their home three! ·- e' nearest highway.) Ai.a they spend many hours a day ' recording or working with previously recorded bird calls. Long A Bird Watcher · "I've been, a bird watcher since I was five years old," Jerry Stillwell recalls. But he didn't really get into the recording side of bird study until his retirement Irom business five years ago. Chief technical editor for the American Petroleum Institute at Dallas, Texas, he tired of using "four dictaphones at once," retired and settled down to recording bird calls. That is, he settled down if you can call the roamin; life of a frailer dweller settling down. Leading a trailer with the complicated electronic equqipment of their calling, the Stillwells have toured a considerable part, of the United States in search of birds. . In September of 1350, they moved into the Ozarks, bought a farm, and settled down on a more per-: manent scale. Here they have] spent the best part of two years; r '·".; c£riv and working hard al '· their self-imposed task of getting] i.. !,·.! -.:. ,-. America's songsters dcwn on lape. Cornell recordings are occasion- ·lly published in records which are sold commercially. Since at times the Stillwells come up with ( better recording of some particular bird, their recordings also appear on the records. . Although they sometimes work in the field--as they did while roaming the country by trailer- Boyle's Column a lolid deal--and then find their mm ha] lost! I shall never forget the Innlt on General JJce'i fact i he »t by the side of Mamie on the conven- Wilbur Peeble, America's most cated by i mild neurosis Induced average rHlien. a victim of aruie , by my attempt to undtntand the I lion platform, «a»rt at bv thou- pnlltical exhaustion, wrote his | Rcmiblcan profram for 1192. ' "ndl. frnrr, no«- en-win" or lot* wife the following summary of | "You're lucky," he Hid. "Thest : in Nnv«nber-thev will have I the Republican National Conven- i conventions upiet people. Last year (ion from a hospital bed. , w« had a furniture convention, and By HA1, BOYLE ! rl " fellow was admitted w i t h the Chicago-i/P)-We11. Trtllis M a e , ' d ' lullon ne "'" ·" «v«rttuH*d General Eisenhower hat survived ! ??"."· "' ke P' '"'"""I '»r days his nomination okay--but I col- m " *"* *" nim "Phol«t«r»d " lapsed. goldfish lire. 1 thought there w»., a M'le sad: ness in his coun'enance when his i famom grin relaxed, m if he real- · Ited that he now Jj really a kind I M prisoner of the people he Is ] campaigning to serve There will But i am proud lo sav vou are T L ? llci ?, 1 b * c , k " m * r w l v «llfn,; bt little privacy from this day in married to a man who shook the | £""" M "' ' * Mst th » '«'«« ' I th « '"' " Ik* «nd Mamie. mous grass have it much fun u the N'orth Star that people »t««r hj" 1 Well. Honey, anyi-iy rlfht nn-f I f«l as lonesome n i Stauen button. Your Homtsick Hiub«nd. Wilbur. P. 5 Pleas* s»nd m* money tr pay my hospital Bill. I a in tired of politics and w a n t to come home Used by thouunda la r*4«iag lltl»--Junte'i Roman MM] »r»«d. 11-19-tf Jerry Stilhvell of the Mt. Comfort area, la ihown with some of the devices he uset to record e«tls of birds. (Carl TIMESFOTO) most of their work is now done *ight at home -- from the living room, in fact. The room is loaded with tape recorders and other electronics instruments. From this ·central listening post wires can he strung to the tops of trees near the house. Mr. Stillweil solved Ihe problem of hoisting his microphones ! into the tree tops rather simply. " Democratic Hooefuls Predict They Can Beat Republican Pair In Coming Election Contest (By The Associated Prest) Democrats predicted today they would whip the GOP Eisenhower- Nixon team in November. But ! has refused to use in the current | the New and Fair Deal than under would not t» a candiaate for re-; ansas. election. j In that Southern "whistle ttop" They include repeal of the Taft: tour the President told the South Hartley labor law, which Truman } that. It hai benefited more under hand that may put a fresh key in the White House door. As Ike left Ihe platform I grabbed his hand and wished him well, and he assured me he would j do his best by the counlry. Then two cops and three ushers grabbed me and said: "How did you get in here anyway? You're no delegate." As they were leading rot out, I suddenly blacked out. I gness the strain of observing democracy at work here the last we*k was just too much for me, Honey. When 1 woke up 1 was in a hospital ward. An interne just came by and taid he was going to write up my case in the medical journals. "We've never had one just like it." he said. "We dredged your stomach and found the ruint of 75 hog dog sandwiches, a copy of the Republican platform and a partially digested Taft-for-PresJ- dent button." MSL£ ThVy^ ! in ?T- ^^i^nere alone together mart* me realize how nice a life we have ourselves, how wonderful it it to be unknown muil have stamina as well character to |o through Ihe or deal of a national convention Imagine how tnese king-makers i and unmatched, to live unnoTiwd '· lust feel to climb the back stair; | i- the human h»rd with the on« ft GALLON VMiliilctOtM tic In Ihe bed next to me is another unusual patient--s fellow that the interne said was suffering from acut* MacArthuritis frustration. He was a delegate here, and h« it still delirious. Every fe-.v moments he rears up and shouts: "Penetrate the Iron Curtain! Ready, bo.vs? One, two, three all together now--let's penetrate the Iron Curtain!" Then he falls back and itartt humming, "On Wisconsin!" They have called in a psychiatrist lo treat him, and lh» psychiatrist is trying to cure him Ihrough diversion--by having a pretty nurse read him chapters in the life of Stonewall Jackson. The docbtor says (hai there it really nothing wrong with me but. 'conventlonitic gastritis," campli- NOTICE! OUR OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED FOft THE MOW ANNUAL COMPANY MCWC WEDNESDAY, JULY 16 Emergency Telephone ISIS Weekly Classified Business and Professional CITY HWPfTAL OAS. MMM 11«0 EMIRGENCY TELEPHONE NUMIIM 1MO OTY WAT. RANT. Fto*. nt UOHT AND POWM. despite a congressional uses an overgrown"* rubber- band type bean flip to carry a weighted line into the trees. Then he hoists a heavier line carrying | ; Mjiipy. Later, by usin? the! .pulley, he can raise and lower his ! mikes it will. | The Stillwells are m a k i n g a rather notable contribution lo America's nature and wildlife lore. But they are inclined -on the surface at least-- to shrug their contribution off. explaining, "We're just having fun." most of those who commented j agreed the Republicans nominated ' . r ° q ""!',.,!',., "''""' their strongest candidate for the. insurance- 'and furth"er"'lncrease'p presidency. , ,,, ,. 0 . lTasf0 a n ri benefits under the The big question now was: Who . f n r l a ] fePur i|y ar( will the Democrats pin Weir hopes. H e speW out hi! civil rights on to beat Gen. Dwigiit D. Eisen-' proposals--particularly those aim- hower, namert the Republican cd , t r , clll discriminations--in a standard bearer yesterday? They'll ; 7 , l h s s ., j e n t tpttch ,, Howard j..w. .u.. .... ,u. Democratic j universe , Ne(tro institution In opening m| Washington. He sought to stimu- I late support for decide that, in Ihe National Convention Chicago on July 21. The November election will be no "pink tea" party for Ihe Democrats, predicted James A I Farley, former Democratic n a t | ional chairman. He lold a convention of New York state young Democrats the Republicans h n d . -nxTivurn FRDM p»o«: roina nominated "a very formidable! the engagement without having candidate" anrl the Democrat?'Ihe emotional equipment to carry any other administration in his-1 lory, and admonished it not to j "lurn the clock back." i While the president says he will not attend the July 21 Democratic National Convention in Chicago u n t i l after his successor is nominated, he will not have lo be present in person lo exert his Influence on the platform deliberations. He undoubtedly will make his wishes known through others! TIAIN W* OVIt tWVKI MX! SECRET AMAL - iTAMDARD COUMn FAYETTEVILLt IUSINISS COLLEGE _,,_,, M ARKAJIBA* PHONE n H.O. OATH. HUB. *UT» OLASt · public power program in a major address at the dedication of two big hydro-electric dams in Ark- expanded\ on the scene, bolh members of Congress and administration officials in whom he has confidence. DOROTHY DIX -- Women Late News For 1 it through. I While It is perfectly true t h a t I news of the type you must convey . to your finance is upsetting---to · say the least--Its consequences Scottish ballads and humorous folk songs will be performed by the ' famous singing family, the Mechau Balladeers, in a concert at the University Arts Center Monday at 8 p. m. Mrs. Frank Mechau and her four children, aged 14 to 20, have become nationally known for their folk song recitals. They were recently featured in an article in Colliers magazine. must select a man "qualified in every respect." GOP Defeat Predicted Republican defeat xvas predicted by four candidates for the Democratic nomination--Sen. Estes K e - ' w i l l not he as tragic as you fear, fauver of Tennessee. Sen. Robert He must realize that you didn't S. Kerr of Oklahoma, Mutual Se-; have time to consider the engage- curily Administrator Averell Har- ment in as serious a light as you ! ~" riman and Sen. Richard Russell should have, he certainly know j John JcflSOfl To Join of Georgia. So did Gov, Artlai' t h a t you are not too much in love Stevenson of Illinois, mentioned as j with him, and he is young enough a possible draftee for the nomi- i to recover quite rapidly. Perhaps i nation. he may even feel the same as you Kerr said Eisenhower would be do. When he comes back, you will "a sadder but wiser general" sf- i have had a taste of freedom, and ter November 4, that "the' will be In a better position to Republican party's record will n v a l u n t e your m u t u a l relationship, bo a handicap greater than he can and Rive really serious thought to ' nnr : unr ' d ' J , e , n " n ' * ho . . , | AUTO CLASS « MIRKOR SHOP AuiomobiU Oltaa Installed Glasi Tabl« _ Pl.i. Glaaa - Mltr»n Miner RHllTtrlag, GUM Fumirur. Tafa ALL WORE GUABAHTEED » W«t MMataw. MMM 17M »UT«* FAYITTEVILLt AUTO SUPPLY II BAIT UOVMTAIM fAVETTEYILLt. AM. PHOaTE TT4 Gmkatmft OrfntH*) PW* Nt AH Cm mat Tn SINES BODY SHOP Spaeialliiu te B*4r u Tnitt W.rk. Palnlinf. kifttr Alaaa, ·MI Cmn. m W. Mckm Faculty Of University John A. Jensen will join the University faculty September 10 as | assistant professor of psychology, I Dr. G. D. Nichols, dean of the r m u t u a l relationship I Col "8 e "' A , rts and hcienres, has | overcome." Harriman issued a statement in the future. It's an unwise B. A. and move for any M. A lie Univeml from : corn- CITIZEIO LAUNDRY Quality 326 N. W««» 4 NY CIEANEU - Service Phon« 214« Detroit saving'"however thev t r v ' girl or boy i n ' h i g h schor,] to he- j P'" in * «wk on his doclora'e t h i s ! lo conceal it, the fact remains. «TMi engaged. Each is a major S "T" !' Vanr1 " hilt university. | that the Republican parly is s t i l l ; experience in itself, a n d ^ each "'. h j s . *TM 'TMTM"' *"·?'?? \ said they would be campaign against the Balladeers To Appear In Concert At U. A. Sue Burnett This graceful ensemble Is certain lo find a welcome with every ·woman whn likes a good looking summer frnck with just a light co»l for cover. Top Ihe dresi with a tfilnty contrail. fltttrn No, «7M is a s*w-rlt» perforated pattern in sizes 32. S4, 31, II, 40, 42, «4, 46. Sit* .14. (tress, *2'* yards nf SD-lneh t* yard conduit; coat, ] yard*. For this patum, tend lOe for EACH, In COINS, your name, ad- 'Irfw, »li«r. nVilreil, and the PAT- I'BUN NUMBER In Sue Burnett, Vwlnwwt Arkansas Times, I ISO Av* Amirlctt, New York M, N. Y. htM FAMION for '51 U rtllwl with td*M tc mik* your clothe* udfft,fo further -- tlme-mvlnil ·nd ctmnmlcal dMlfns that are ·as? ta tew. Oin pattern printed the parly of jrim reaction as it | should have its own place in life, has been for generations." Kefauver and Russell messaged congratulations lo Kisenhow- «r. Each happy to i general this fall--and beat him, Stevenson, in predicting Demo-lQUT OUR WAY cratir victory, made what was interpreted as another effort lo take himself out of the Democratic race. He said he "wanls no other office t h a n governor." and hopes all convention delegates will re- ?pect his wishes. Truman Ready To Battle In Washington, president Truman was represented as detc-r- mined to Insist on a fighting campaign on an all-out "Fair Deal" platform as the best hope «f a Democratic victory. A long-time Democratic asso-! rlale of the president said today i Truman will oppose any "water-;. Inj down" of the foreign and do-! meslic proposals for which he has campaigned sine* he entered the White Home. and assistant to Ihe dean of \u- tlonts at Vanderbllt since 19SO. Ke j also has been an instructor at Florida Sute University, Alabama | Polytechnic Institute, and the Uni- i versify of Tennessee extension di- Story-telllny songs, horrinwns, .'ision. Phoni in ComptaH Drug Star* $«r*lt«. fnt Delivery from 7:30 A. M. M 10:00 · M. PALACE DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency 412 Dtckion «t Ark. By J. R. Williams Thin Tniman confidant, report-'] ert he did not know as yel who the president will support for the , Democratic nomination. !i "Rul you may be sure ( h a t i h e i l presiilrnl will Inslnl thai Ihe n o m - ' ' Inrr run o n ' a utrong Fair Deal plalfnrm," he said. j Truman has mitlined most of his objectives In a series of recent I starting with his address, March 2fl to Ihe Jefferson-Jackson ' UNO'S GROCERY WE DELIVIR "tight en ffct H/w.y-^/jM on fkt f r/et" NO H. COLLEGE PHOHE H i t I, Ut JlWtlHV ' Also LOANS LICENSED PAWNIROKER ROCHIER'S JEWELRY SOUTH SIM MUAII SAM'S LIQUOR STORE ftfMf ·an- FAYETTEVILLE MILK CO. LUflHMZD - NON06CMZD UO Nwik WMI WMMpN iNMf HnMR ffctW ffci fesWIKt Orgtnited 1922 1952 will be 200th Anniversary of Mutual Insurance 20* N.rth «*W» CARMEN'S NEWS STAND rn* 04 411 MOHI Ml CONTIACT 01 tl*A* WALKER AUTO SERVICE COMPLCTt «ERTICt fO« ALL CAM WkHl AltMUIMl FRAME AMD AXLE I I * S. COUMf, FATtTTIVHU AW. PHOUt TTI PEERY SIGN AND ELECTRIC ·iaM - NEON - ELECTRICAL WIRtNO I-DAY SERVICE ON NEON RET AIR! PRR ESTIMATCS ON ELECTRICAL WORK Ul SOUTH tCHOOL PHONI «M1 0- K TAXI CO. TtM Ntw ROYAL Family ran M» AUXANMR TYPIWRIYU 00. V M M MM* 1 tea : I ---SSUfc

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