Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 12, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 12, 1952
Page 2
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Minister Of North India At DA For Agri Course ·i r.afce t jiving from j: 1o the tr.-j.-t:i rather than to lake -Ti'.r.fy ?rc.-n ;:. ' Thr- :""-! ?~r C h r h t i ;.-,.· to Ob- ' r i - · · · · : ;'::-..« ,· r.-,-*- going '·' r ;''.-*'' * '"'" -""'.' r -' r - Lire* o':d . -"Trie t r.*K (.' th Jan church .r. \r.*.:\ \ r si bfccrre c-tcr.'.rr.r tl\\ i-i ·erf Xer'.r: Ir.-iu. c --.;:?:: r-'jrr'r. * ? : r r . ' ? . ,of eevera 1 . rler.jr.-r.'^r.iv^t c-.?.: .· ' !it it r,v* :,: ;h f Vr.:-.-«-7;.- .1 r.-.-r. ::..-. tikir.r ST. »f:rj.-.j.-.: .'.:.:.·- n.-jrvj.-e ·! cwrie, i/e'.-j--)* he ^K.cves tr.t UT.LO- -.3r,^ Icdiin Cnnr. : a"-.T csr, E«'.-rr.e Tr.f :rjn:or fir.8r.c:t!iy ; r, ·; f p ·· r. a er.t r.r..;. rsi.f^.M-cJt Mr l-:ic!'. a-: ·; hi? ;;·-.· ·.:-.« *r. n.s.s:.:.: ps.'t v*=r a-. Drake l]v*.'i:'.v or; i-rocf-ii E'^ f _ " . - . - _ : - - - · · . , . . . " · _ . »'.-.i~.c s'Chratiin. :- :-:x,r.!.': .'or hi./: : '^:? rl . '-.;~-i ur.tij r.:-. [tr.t cf . . .- . - ei by ih* .NV.:-/r.a: Cr.r.!':»r. CTJ.-J- cil of A.r.r : :i'.;,. ·/.::: :f_Tr. V, D;«'« I'nvfriity J'jlv 2!, to «·,,;,-.. » ·j S k v i iwis! iryjncv. HP hai a BscfK ; : . JL'r.lvcrsjtir in Bengal. irA also :i tyj'A heip ·.!'.· c'nV:!t:iri"V''-Vvej-! a granuite o.' St. Johr,'* C^'-t^f. f? '.earr v, :;i; p r o f ; : a r - v -"i'o-'V- ' *n Episcopal x-huni !n Agra. the Ch.-;«::sr.j r. a - l-~',. '·,·-,·· '"/ When ho re'.j.T.i hrr.e r.«xt (airch«f:r.g :r,e Jsftd " ' " r*rusry. he will cor.tir.ue hii I.-.ditn b3r.; v.c,-'; -- .--» work in Dthra DJH, , city at the Chriniiris rr.'-rt-.- M-j'"e" irr'v tvf. of the Hirr.alaya rr.our^ know the Chf.i;:ir! are" ec-per.-e-"- close to ihe Tibetan border Ht not nn foreign rr.ijsicr-s ' M/ i'i-^-'c- preachy, but do« t-x-ia! thinks it v/eulo be p-G'.-ib'r'"-'-· "welfure end aduil eri'jcation work, the minion* it they^^iu'd' re' !.._..«,. «. ; . , , j^r.sar-. , : ....... :., !";'·:· -,-.'. ·_.,,.· . , r ,,, ir - r y .... *-.-, .r.f;s: L,:---, ,- r«:i.:»::. ;.,r l..-.-i: t £ho points '.**,*'?'' "·"'·'·" '··"'**"-.'··-::'.-iit-t " '-' '-'-f ir-..'i-jt-:.;t of Chrir.ianity L*'*: i.-c-.-r.-: the rr.;t-:-.-.-" .'.fr or. Gir.-;:; t.-.-? pr-[-st Hir.du leader S-.-.r": fj.-r.:.-.z Vj America, he^ al! -, r , E i a y 'f!xn At Camp Mitchell The L.yr-en of the _.....,,,.,, Church. Dwei* of Arkanus. ire ittendjig the Annual Weekend Ccnferesce at Cirrp Mitchell, . . Pe-.jt Jean Micnaui. which opened yfrterdsy and will through torr.cnow. The Right Rn- R. Blar.d Mjt- rr-.e.-l. Bishop of Arka.ljiE. it»aa tr.»t 'An unusuai opportunity for !.-.sp:ra!.on ar,d in!orrr.ition i; provided in the choice of cc^fr-- «ic« leader." He :s Mr. Berif- Pir^er. Corpus Chnjti. Texa.-. :r.- executive ir.d chiirrrs-. for'j Work in the Seventh ProvL-ce a.-.d one of -Je leari- ng ! in the Ep;Kopii Church. Those attending the confer-nce from St. Paul's Psruh are- Hr-- t*rt Lev,.i«, Sr.. W. E Compton, Robert Howden, Rov Edwards Herbert Le-wu. Jr.. A. J. Mcirf! E1!:j Sheiton. G. C. Th-,rr.»s, L-r-n Gioson, and Vincent Mailed. evening of July 20:h. Evangels", A. L, Leske will co-duct the meeting «nd tints will be led by Jim Carter sr.o Mrs | In Memory Of ;Rev. Yancey j The Men'i Wesler Bible Clisj of j Centra! Jlethoditt Church has s*en . fit to adopt a rr.err.Driil resu.uuon. ; honoring a late member of the ; c!a»f, the Rj?v. Samuel M. Y-r.cey. An engraved scroll tr.» i resolution Is being prepjrei anri . wil fae presented to his wife. Mrs. j Richel Yi.-.cey. The re»!u-.ior ; is ' 4s fcjicws: .' WHEREAS, God, ir. hi« ;!;lirite 3cA-e and rr.ercy. h« relied his Jnend. Samuel M. Yar.cey to dwe-11 in Heaven with him !orerver: and. WHEREAS, he kr.ew ihe Chrirt. who was verj- near and Uear 1o him. and he shall now live with him iorever: ar;d, WHEREAS, all through the years of his IL'e, Brother Yancey has worked and prayed for others to prepare to be with God ir Heaven: and. WHEREAS, the influence of his ' li. f e upon ours and upon the lives of all who knew him will inspire us End others to greater achieve- Lutherans Granted Operation Of Hospital The Augusta Victoria Horpita!, j large:-, and! hospital in the 1 Hsshemi'.e Kir.gdom of '.he Jordan in Palestine, u-hich the United Nations had resolved to dose on Ju.-ve 20, '.vi:i continue 10 function under the management of trie Lutheran World Federation. !is bed capacity, however, will be reduced from *iO to 350. Dr. Edwin Moll, director of the -Vear East Branch. L u t h e r a n World Federation, quotes the editor o5 an Arab daily paper to the effect: "Tel! :he Lutherans of America how grateful v,-e are that Lutherans are operating the Augusta Victoria Hospital. T e l l them we Arabs will never forget how they have come to our help in our darken days. May you always stay with us and continue your splendid work. Cod will bless'snd reward." . The Lutheran World Federation has successfully negotiated the opal whereby title to this hos- _ piul, founded s; 2 Christian hos- '· pital, WES granted to the Lutheran World Federation ar.d this pgen- cy is now permitted by the Un'ted Nations Organb-ation to continue ; to operate it as a haven of hope Hillside Adventures * 87 FEED 8TAIB There is much lamentation hereabouts--and rightly KO--over the hr-at wave and the prolonged drought. Hov.-pvt.-r, a Texas feller, ' v/hat moved here from the plains because these hills had the reputation of having a stand-in which the rains i,'ods, iays we've never been introduced to a real, dry, honest-to-goodness, throat-parch- er and land- cracking drought. He says when everything that was green has turned a nice, v.-ell- baked brown, you can start getting ready for a dry spell. Tnen v.-nen all the brown has disappeared, leaving cnly the bare ground, the drought has arrived. (We are fast approaching that last stage). Sometimes I think it a dirty shame thsi those Texas folks stone, ind complete with picturs' window. Pigs do not wander aim- k-isly about the premises, and ·( they did, they certainly would . not be rtzorbacki. However, trie' ! premises may be whit« with j chickens and long fine building in which to house them. The arj- jscc/nt pasture may also hold" some fine dairy cattle, but nn- 1 where can you find a cow with : adjustable leg« my more. The stecpr-r slopes have been g i v e n ' · to the goats and sheep." Nov.- that leavei u« plumb with- j out anything to show the touri;!. . · pour Tn ' r O U r 1O A f /11 Sunday morning tt the 1050 o'clock sen-ice, the Rev. Q \\\ Morrison, pastor of the Imnttnue! Mr. Liddie explains the w»y the Indiani" ;i buy isnd. :«th r~ Ar ·c'.-i fs.hiDr.rd" brush arbrr ·;:: r,e r.. t -:d »t the E!kir: i.T.unitj- Church, rx-tinninj ·.;'.· ^^^-^^-^-- · · an the Men's Wesley Bible Class o f , the Central Methodist Church of Fayetteville, Arkansas, will sorely miss his presence, his spirit Select From This List the Church of Your Choice... Then Attend riMT MAM-IIT CTIlfBrOT mon .._. -*»«.IV-41U **LTm L JOH.NKJB. ,_ * M * m Huftoaj tfctott ; 10 U a m MOTDiitf Wonhlp ' f aVrmo.i: "A Prorr,l»« to the C. C 2W p m Bapuai TYuiunc ij ' 7:30 p rn EvanlDf Worihip CCKTHAL C tUHAIUJ tfHUBAXAX, fMWT WUUAJB £. GtbVOIX MUUJUI » tW · U a. in CburcK aVtewl 1U.I5 a m Uornlni Worship Antium "All Pfoplt That On tarlh f.VJ p. ni ^nivrrtity Wetun:nitl Fellowxinp. Weatrnlnlter H^U£ ' « " ~" a" J " Sc ^ ccl i"* ° * j HIITOfVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH JCIIABCEB DAY. fum W " UnV -" J f » «- n Sunday School 1 J S * K w '"tlp Vrnc* ' *5 p m Trainir.t LY.:TM 5 * W p m Worah:p Si.Ti-f j^""""" r » P IE. P.-a,".j Etr,. ' W 1C I* r is r ' P at Evan, . DRAXZ P««V » *i a m gundtr l r . U a m M?n.:r.« j 7 M p rr Eep:u: Trilnlnf Cttion ^ ·'" - - i Wn-ict ' _ . PKCKBTT.UUXJI IU W ttUfUUi. - K . FlMM £. Cib-H-O. MUUItU t* ft !fS"c^ D ^. T^ OT " A2A ^« -'"" iJ - T!i? -·' i South f X U : - ji-'n:. 4 · -.i ^ n'R., 0 Prorram- WEST TORK » « a r. «.,,,,, ^ ASSEMBLY OF GOD if-JS . ^ .J""' Si"?'. BHAMJAM of great value to us as we perform our labors here on earth. THEREFORE, to you. Rachel Yancey. his beloved" wi.'e and partner through many years, and to you, his children and grandchildren, for whom he had great affection, we desire to extend our love »nd sincerest sympathy, and with you rejoice in the knowledge that he is now enjoying the fruits of many victories won for love of Cod and man. Springdale BUIMUJ -jnivn t t F S y P S fcwio. '0mm pott net -- Schubvil I)*!:** Ixmf Wrmon. rht IWrvic* of fijnibo) Tnt HKittmni o'. 'Jif lyjrtf i feupp fc,.fi , m Wetinuotttr ftUewaYC ·ludcai Center. * ·T. lunday Alwr h i u i « t u p m *is p ro . . _ , { 7.36 p ro tv«Dtciiii i wednt^dy. J M m . I »« « » m. r i Thurula). 1 x f m. STLELF-. Pu-.on * !i · R 5-jr.o,y School 11 c K'jrnir.j Wr-rihip m Junior c A .-r. £v;ncthitl c Sfrvic* m -- P r i « Wonhip :.» p m I COMMUKITY CHUItCH . . ,, - - "a Sunda, School 41." · TM Mormot -nonhir Strmom S.COM ,.^ rou .4 Suo . ,, D 07HA 7 ,- 11 W 1 K« '···? * J C tr,^, Ifr » · StUKUy: 11 » '. P»i-.or a m unci) Jirrjool * m Str.-j*n P rs Eienj;, ,n-:c» f. * J':?." n -« tl ' *"·« ««» ;ur.daj-R,v. Virfil Enr-.n ISM OF THE curnuu. MCTHODUT K ·- U»KX». j». rMior . Hoi," *· "^ C °' ; " * tu " nt "·'"' i CHURCH M.4I a m. Chucb fcicljoei Itf tt *. m. Morauif r«rutlp fc ,. ° n p erncw. '-» P m Wmlu» ttrricS. AMU T CHURCH 0)W'A1IIJ SMITH. Pu, or » m S-juajj t II « » m .M : y, p tn-icw on fourth *na { for th* tx?.*d -- W/» AUrtd fUI^^ocx, Mj-i - ary n.aa Or/ift- i war roR« BArur * H Rtro f-»u w 1 a m SunJar Si II W «. n» Hotmn, AK.'.'OUJ bl-MPS-JN. p uv . i l A A m Marsm*- WoMhjp t.^ p ai Vou'J; feliow»oJa · H p m ticrjif Wor»h;p WFST FORK CHRISTtAlf I brrraarr-T m!; " L» ,, *!/k*j Jr * - v* p rr. ·· «^- j i/ufcoalioij I s : 2 K.^ vssa Umon - · « · « ctSfrSiw,, +. i ?:S ; ^«i25 SSK, .v.^. «n-HO. BAFTI'IT CHURCH AniiMrai; "Shorn Lamb' -- W*ni- : ROV *' IU1CD t'»tiot . bc-roiiin i (il MiMion Errect . ' «ptu«£: 'Baxt HJITU. o( UM K«- , »·** ·- ·« fiundaj' SciVx?, y- u .!,,^ CJ!,,^ | H O T · DI .o.-n,r.i Wt.»bm SKJ.O. RJC/IMO C*r*tJ b«nnon: iJ L. UTKH, Jr. ' FlhST CHRiXIUaJt j r * *i » m bundjiy .ictiGol i lltJr'j «. ui Vlornini Vmr*njD · , ** p m D. tt. l. P 1 »:W p m. Chruuan Youth f*Iloi» ·tu* tod Cm Hito ttUuwthip f * A*r*ia»M d*u' TJ * Clt *" i FKltUKKlCK UUk.2. rtitor ' £$ »*" rr?" Adu^'fiib.? 11 ^ 1 1030 ft. m Nurwry ofurni lv;*l t (n bunoty v.ur»nip | U.W a m Mornini Worthip .wxj . - t//rjr UT..OD v ^^ : i'leichini tvftj tim »Q3 tird j. · ii^^L^ u S° FC ""»Ti :j^^L-Sk.,,^l-lsS^ JCEMTRAL BAPTIIi ' '^ p m WonJ^p i n ^e^«-*a». « « p m . Prayer Meet- JACK DEAN J«| 0 , , j i · .!" I S M^rX^Ihlp K"«'» CHAJ.IX . 7 W p n Bipl.n T r a m m j Courae J MILES tASI OS HIGHWAY M 1 W p m rv.n..if Worinip ' -'' a m Eunliy School 1 W p an Wtdnodw. Prayer ae»- i"-' rin!enaen:--Turnt r Brown ! "~ fHLL COSPEL TABERNACLE ' 1000 , OGNER. Pa'tor ^ ^ ' 11 M a 'n Pn-Khinj 1 """ ^AJiiu.r, rvery IOBrUl Muna.y J;* ! + FARMINGTOH BAPTIST ! J O l r t 2 m 'Sun.l»i Srhool ^,*-»r ? »'"'' c -'"^"« ; " S p TM SSS^,% Blon ^mpn: -Ar, Vou *,,,.»., .1 / r r Vi,"' » P » PYPA S.,«^ Chon A n t h r m ' -Tilt Hraveni Ar« Itilmj -- Bctlhovin - T · IfUi CHURCh Of CHRIST* ·CiiiKTlST ·-30 k rn Euncay Scfiool Il.W A in bundity Service | », p "^ 't^HJi Sunday Radio 1 rTOtfifD i vvi-anc»flfcy. 7 4i p m . mtctlnf " 5«. « . !° t n c * iu "-'i open cicfl ( "Uj- taopi bundty *nt) aoad«y§. 1 f ! OhilENLANU CHUhCH OF OHIS ALYKK. Miian.i ; iO.OO * m Chuu-h Knooi ·»;CC · m crr.«n. r n « § m Communion a«rvlc« fcudr b m Sonl ^ rvtci * nd Ulblc -' + ·T. JOSEPH/* CATHOLIC rATHUt KUWAAD it M A L U V I'.iior · Sundny Maitci 7 10 und 9 30 * rn ^TinJr*d». 7.3u p m Novel.* Matiei fievotiorti jfr l *.'"\' l * f MBSI. Monday Uirouiti jfi; »«iurtt»y U«», I w . «. j^run friaay Mui, 1 vu * m. ^SSr^lFylnT l " |7 "° p * » * n1 i * · j *» ··- iSHUBCH OF CHRIIT 3?ltIJ McCJ-UNC. Mimil.r - . Weal Center ana Norm LOCUM · *. 1 4j a m nitile nudy ! » I 1 C U a m M o r n i n f K f r v i c t ."C: S«rmon: ' Blrflj ni prr-y · « 7 30 p m Clawci -- ' 1 W p m K v f n i n t Bcrvica Vt; aVrmon · John ihe Uapllit" ^^pfm ' Qneatla)-. i^ajiea Blblf ^ '·» f m w.dn.iday, p r a y t r · JiRlmi ·»! BIMe Study (or all am ; ' T ;|IWliT-i CHURCH af««i^ iniChrt.BUrn , PMIW i: Hi · m Kumla/ 'school ··g »«l a m Hlhit H-JIKJUI "·Con! * m Wor * h '» T«lo« nr MTmon gf *4a p m ChlMrrn'a Mt.llni EtW."' · «»Pl«" C h r i a l l a n Kndaavor eH.l- u * m - l'rtarhln« Service mil cjpmim union P; Vmnwlty, 1 p. m, Pr«y»r Mctdnc fc . m*ix, 7.4J p m.. M*viv«] N.ghl ·+· BLACK OAK BAPTJftT HOWARD {·'KICHAHD f'-^or j 10 00 « m und»y School i 11 00 » tn Prearhmr Scrvu* : 7 00 p m Trninii7« L'nton * 00 p m Prcbchinj: if CVICK Thursday 7 30 p m P r a t r metilnf ·+· jGGBHEH METHODIST OLi;- R riXDLEY. I'aiior 10 W) · (It . v ,lilUt dxtiijOl ; 11 00 a rn Mormni Worihlp i 7 00 p m Evening Wonhlp ! KAYETTEVILLE BIB^E MISSION WO ULOCK SOI'Th ; In ttrdrnotm n a t i o n a l : IIU1£R MOU1TET. 1'ailnr | It IX) a in MurnmK* W i ' r * t i l p C JS i tn Vi.unu I'tui^e* s r r v i r e i 7 fiO p rn ^ V a t n i E t i l k t i r Scrv.c-. ' J u n t . i r Choir wi,] meet .S,,!ur;;,j al ; t ni : Wednesday. 7 30 p rn J r a r r Meet. mi ·i- ! SUGAR M O U N T A I N BAPTIST r.K F M O R U A N PJUIOI ARLIT MOSTFI.IT.R Aim!i».i! IM.ior 10 V a m S u n d a S^ho'ii p IR HIGHLAND CUMK*U1TITT 1030 1 m Sunday i,chHit II li a m MormnR W n r t h i p Koneid«y n i K h L 7 Oy p rr. Prarei wrviwt 4- LINCOLM BAPTIST CHURCH JKSSf C COt. F-MAN- P.^v.r 10 (if) a m Siin«!Jy Si lutnl 1) 0*i a m M n r n i n x W o r i h l p " ^10 p in T r i m i n g I ' n j o n 7 30 p m KYrninf W n r a h i p ELKINS COMMUNITY CHURCH '^"w 8 » K m C Sumlay Srhooi''""' 1 *"' WALHUT OPOVE COMMUNITY CHURCH Stirnlay School |o 30 » m -t- HINDSVILLE PRESBYTERIAN TOM WII. SON. I'mtor · JJ T 1 .,,*^ «' * or *' l "l »"vire. Tint ; ·nil T h i r d S u n d a y i | · ··' P m tvarseluiic Service ^v.r0ntidaj- 7.30 p m. Prayer Meet- : + \ FAHMINGTOK METHODI1T j ^ ^. HiCiGh I'aitof ' '· '1 ' 1 * rr P"cacfiin,T zr.ti f o i a f f t S i-'davi "rst. second ; : " ·"·' ;; /:, " I"tach Sur.duy ' X on .vrcond , ; W i C S Second Thundty each ; i "" + !' iKOHTH SIDE A81EMILT ' or GOD . SA.-.ll.-tl. T URfCE. Pallor 'l» a. m Sunoay School 1 1 ("J a in Sermon 1 -· M p n, E'van^iwiic Service i ' viii-Ii""-^' Vo ' !r ' r pp °Pl*" C A 8«r ; K r . d a / I ' r a j r j Service. MS p a. 1 4- ^ A n K S D A L E BAPTIIT HKN.'.m IJ.-.Vl.S P.,,;,,, ARI.l:x M( is ll:i.l. A H Ai.lnant Tailor : '^1 fi u rn hunday School ! WtouiMilT) 7''; J 'o n p el rn lt i 1 ra"r*^!l I mli'*n* ' M P m Yt "- n ' P '=W'« JOHNSON BAPTIST CTHUHCH C I-. M LOG IE. p.,.-.or , » 10 Ifj a m Suniia ikhool : 11 VI n m Wnr.hip s«rvlcca 1 'n p m Train:ns Union h i m |, m K \ e n i n j [ Service S »t-r.nnilay 7 .in p ,,,.. l-raycr Men"IK i + A SEVLNTH DAY ADVEHTIIT !" · SOl."J) S1HEB1 ' lu i"' » ni Saitbaih School I ' M i m f h . i r r h Srrvlct l u r a i l a y 7 30 p m Prayer m««tln| ,, SALEM M I S S I O N A R Y BAPTIIT ?i:x M i l ( « i i ( i r t h w r « l i j ]0'.p « m suml!,, school II i" « in Mm n i n i Wnrahlp ' M P m K v r i n n i Wor.hln M-r^li""""' ' * " "'' '''·" + CHURCH OF JEIOS CHRliT * 1 OF LATTEH DAY IA1HT1 * J A M K I l n.ETC'IIKIl r M f r siuilrnl Union Ulu« Rorim 10 .10 a rn Sunday School Wortil, · U t ll.Vj ± m ^..^ *:* p m youn« ^·3t f m. Thunaar. PrajiTStn. + C Co L r^VT S APrl " C """CH .^3rA ef D-SS5cS»."Sl t ««-- » li a -. Sundkj School " W *P. m .^"? to t Worih " » W p m. r-.-cmnf WonhlD "*dn*iday. I p m Praver" "S»M- irrj and Blb.'t giud}- *'" ** n " 1 ?i- J P m - w "kl? Mtet- «OR- R 7sO-~P.,"r- CHU " CH Corn«r Duncan nnd Stoat ,J JJ *· M s «"*»y School 10 id a m. Mornlni Worahip TrtT-tr 0 " A Mu """i«"tood B i b l e « o n S ""' S"" 1 ' 1 Tralnlm Union A!" * rn Evenmi Wcrihip bub" Maluty of Bttlz, -f FlHiT ASSEMBLY OF GOD OONALO H'ALKER. P a ,ur l l S t S PrSc'lflnf 1 "* 1 ' · 00 p. m V. P. Claa*. ^-JO p m Trtday. Blbla atudy ':» P m. Timdaj. C A. acmn OAKLAND BAPTIST S wimiucv'p° nf "" 1 ' !?' *· m Sa ° a " School. 11 00 a m Morninf Wonhlp. ':30 p ra BYPTC 8-30 p rn. £%-cnin| Worship w«dn«id«y. 7:M p m Prayer raw- PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER JCSSER Ps-tor illjihwi.; it WMII 1000 A rn Sunday School 1 1 0 0 a m Mornlni Worihlp · M p m Tralnlnl Union ,,*. ·' f "' r.vanichailc Scrv-ict Wfdnt-sday. a p. rn. Praytr Heft- M o n l h l y 7 p m . Third Friday r«l- W M " , . " " , ? " " ' · B '°lh"hood and * M U. Meetinla ORCCNLAND COMMUNITY BOB CORNELIUS. Hanoi .;,, · ra Sunday School I I 10 a rn Mornlni Worihl). WVdnnrtay 7 IS. mldwaek ^iblt Study and Prayer Service + APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH NKOI.A MOOHC. Paa-or I l l i h w a y 71 South 1100 a rn a-unaaj School 1 1 0 0 a m Morninf itrvic* W' | 'ad"" Ivinf """ c *·'»!« ST. JAMES BAPTIST (Ntfn) J W WEBB Paiior 10 .TO a m Sunday aVnool 11 M a m Mornlni Wonhlp J O O d m Tmina P«opl«a mM«M · ·" · m Ivaniellills S«rilc» ·t- ST. JAMES METHODIST (N*r.) A I. BUCHANAN PHtet · s a m Awndiy Acrwoi I I n i m Mornlni Wonhtm I U p in rnulh rello»iBh 7 W p rn Nlfhl aVnlcw V.f ind Mrs. George Elliott and children, J. li., Terry and Vickie Sue of Theodore Drive, returned Fridaj afternoon from a .acation trip to St Louis. The Episcopal Womens Auxiliary met Thursday at 10:30 a. m. at the home of Mrs. Drew Patteson on Dixieland Road near Rogers. James A. Sherman, Airman Second Class, of the Panama Canal Zone is spending a 30 day leave with his mother. Mrs. Pearl Sherman of Springdale. He is also visiting his grandparents and other relatives here. Guests this week in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lymon Houston and daughters of West Christian Street were Mr. Houston's brother-in- Mrs. Joe McArdeU entertained '. the Home Demonstration Ciub at j ; ber home Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Charlie McCleUan as co! "What Kind of Crafts! men are We 1 " WES the subject .' of the program. Roll call v:as answered by repeating something new each member hid learned about crafts. Mrs. | Howard Colburn gave the devo- '. UanzL Mrs. Conrad Russell read ; one of Edgar Guest's poems. Mrs. '. McArdell displayed a number of i a friend o! hers had ' done on mirrors, canvas, and card, board. They depicted scenes in Holland and .Minnesota. Mrs. Louie Lindberg received the mystery package. Plans were made to ' attend the County Council meeting at Morrow, July 24. A club Sanily picnic at the home of Mrs. : X. S. Mathews -.vilj be held in i August instead of the regular meeting. i Cpl. Leon Moore is spending a 10-day furlough from his station at Austin, Texas with his parents, : Mr. and Mrs. Lon Moore, who : honored him with a birthday dins' evening. There were their kind being bigger, dryer, and longer lasting. Being a Democrat I am ag'in letting the Republicans hive their convention first. By the tur.e we go into a huddle in Chicago thev v.-ill have exhausted all the names we can hope to do is just say, : "You're another'n." ; The boys used all kind of tac- '. tics to try and get nominated-' no holds barred--but yet they ! spent three whole days calling the Democrats a nest of skunk;, hi-jackers, doublecrossers. and exhausted all the other bad smell-' ing names on Webster's list. ! still have faith enough in the Demo-.' cratic party to believe they w i l l . find something to call the R e : : publicans that the Republicans; didn't think up to call the Democrats. Al! of which makes us wonder if we v.-ould have any fun at all if it wasn't for politics. ; The Gene Ryon Printing Com-' pany over at Okmulgee. comc-s up with a nice discourse on the changing Ozark picture. In a recent publication they say. "One of the most popular numbers in the standard brands of humor has always been the hillbilly joke. The hii! folk, staged before a backdrop displaying a one--room shack stuck like a barnacle on a rocky hillside, with a rickety porch festooned v. ith stone churns, skinny hounds and razorback hoES. has always been a bonanza for the joke writer. The women seem always to be dressed in a shapeless calico dress, the yard badly infc.-ted vith children, . special program in which four men of the church will be licensed to preach. They are: ; Forrest Johnson. Max Alexar- ! der. J. Harold Gsteley, ar-rj Gar-" land Allen Mormon, son of the . pastor. At the present time, the ch-j-ch is conducting mission work a: ; various points in the county, on ; Sunday afternoons. The young I people are in charge of the mus-.c and one of the four licensed preachers will conduct the wor- ' ship sen-ices. The group of four were recommended to be licensed and we:" approved by the Church Conference, at a meeting held Wednesday night at the church. Announcements Central Presbyterian Church The Couple's Club of Central Presbyterian Church will hold a social and program planning meeting at the Paul Damon home. ' Highway 16. east, two and one- fourth miles from the Square, next Friday at 8 p. m. All members are invited to the meeting and the' wiener roast which w ill follow. St. Paul's Episcopal Church Young Churchmen of St. Paul's Episcopal Church will hav e a C«- porate Communion Sunday at 8 . a. m. Breakfast will follow" in the Parish House. First Baptist Churfh Circle six of the First Baptirt Church will meet Monday at 7.30 p. m. with Mrs. Roy Allen, 311 The Rev. Arthur L. Hart of Bentonville was a guest in the home of his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hardister oi Theodore Drive Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kilgo and children, Dennis, and Avalla of San Gabriel, Calif., are spending their vacation in Springdale visit- inf Mrs. F. I. Vanzant »nd other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Blcyed and son. Billy Dean, formeily of and Mrs. Brewster McClellan . Wednesday evening. | Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lawrence of i Texas, are spending their vacation . with their mother, Mrs. E. L. . Jones. ! Mr. and Mrs. S. Karnes, Mr. and Mrs. Lon Moore, Conrad Russell and Mrs. Jim Pyeatt attended ! coTM i'iS"^ 1 ^ 0 TM ·: ^Jc^rllTch^.KJ. rea'son"V he hi!ibilly ' for o b v i o u s : o'clock nn^Sim^T^n^i^. ' ? one of the great strongholds of hillbilly comedy lore has always been the Ozarks. Here, perhaps, originated the gag about the cows with shorter legs on one side so they could find an even keel on the steep hillside pastures. And the one about how the natives radio will be tuned in at the church for the benefit of those- who do not want to miss the broadcast while on their way to the morning services. The broadcast from Sprir.gdale on Sunday afternoon has been discontinued. , i wv p m mini awr .» · C te e 'V he F i!2 wi Q9 BusinAcss Firm$ Dc dicotc This Schedult ,. Bloyed's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Branscum of Fayetteville recently. They also visited her parents there.' The Rev. and Mrs. E. G. Kaetzell of Batesville left Friday after spending the week with their daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Charles McKinney in Springdile. He is the former pastor of the First Methodist Church here. Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Maxey of West Huntsville Street left Friday for a three weeks vacation trip to Denver where they will visit Mrs. Maxcy'c sister. Mrs. J. S. Jackson and family. From there they plan to go to California where they will visit friends and relatives. Ulys Lovell of Springdale has gone to Hot Springs after being appointed as Cheminot Locale and alternate delegate to the W and 8 held there July 10-13. j Mr. and Mrs. Halph Lowery of · Wichita, Kan., visited Mrs. Low- '· ery's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan : nickford and family of Spring- i dale recently. Dr. Anna Oursler and Mrs. Eliz- | ibeth Taylor of Stillwater, Okla., ( hostesses at a picnic supper ; .. ... at Lake Wedington Wednes- i day. Their guests were: Miss Jacquelin Jones, Miss Rosemary Patrick and Mr and Mrs B. B. i Patrick, all of Springdale. j Mrs. Edward Denhain. the for- | ner Miss Truman Cannon, former- j y of Springdale, returned Tuesday to her home in Staten Island, i V.. a f t e r visiting a few days j with Miss Lena Cannon -nd other i relatives in Sprmgdale. An open meeting was held by Ihe Zion-Oak Grove Grange at the iicn school Thursday at 7:30 p. m. and a cooperative dinner was served. At a former meeting of the Orange obligations were given to 12 members among whom were Mr. and Mrs. Burl Cypert. Broodcatt Dedicated ! To Local VA Hospital i Don McNclll's Breakfast Club, a ' nationwide radio program, w i l l ' direct a "Sunihlne Shower" «t th« rayettevllle Velennj Hospl-1 lal on Ihe Monday broadcast. ' The program Is heard over t h e ! American Broadcasting Company | from I la 9 a. m. (C.S.T.) T h e i Brtakfait Club dedicate*. «h» pro- irim t« in Inttltution «nme-wh*r« I In Ui* Unlt«4 Statfi every day. | Miss Man- Gaither of Tulsa has been a guest of Mrs. Henry M -· - - and Mrs. N. S. Mat- Mrs. S. Karnes have :d by all their children : Karnes of Fort Smith. · Miss Marguerite and Alleen ' Karnes of Tulsa, Mr. and Mrs. ! Curtis Karnes and two children of Lincoln, Mr. and Mrs. James Lewis and son of Clyde, Ark., and . Mr. and Mrs. Warren Karnes of j Lincoln. j Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pyeatt and . two grandsons. Jim and Kicky of ; Tulsa attended a birthday dinner Sunday at Eurie Springs for their I grandson. William Pyeatt Carnahan, who w'as one year old Child Born To Former ; Priest And His Wife i London-OPj-A son has been i born to Mrs. Claire Youn? Kei grini, 22, the American girl for ; whose love a Roman Catholic I priest renounced his vows. Luciano Negrini, -12, an Italian, gave up his ministry and Claire surrendered her American citizenship to marry after a turbulent romance in I t a l y last year. Their child v.-as born at King's College Hospital in London on "We have called him Halo,""said Mrs ..Vegrini. who came ' j K n s - ' land with her husband on April : 17. They are living obscurely in j London while Negrini looks for work. Hindsrille Vacation Bible School The Presbyterian Church of Hindsville will have a Vacation Bible School for five days, beginning Monday. The Rev. Tom Wilson, pastor, will be in charge. All children from four to 16 vears of chan V'th""'" ""^ ccnsr " r TM V i aBe are invited to attend." former pecunious picture. Today; Brown^Unirersitv will become most of these shacks have s u f - ; t h e eighth member of the F.astern total oestruction and are Intercollegiate Basketball League the_most part, of native ,31 the start of the 1953-54 season. , "If one room shacks and made- aver calico dresses were once the trade-mark of the Ozark region, The radio audience is invited ,,, send cards and letters to the i patients. j Continuing through Sunday, July 20 EVANGELIST AARON WALL Wichita Fallt. T*xa For Bible-Grounded Christ-Centered Dignified Educational Worship The Lutheran Church Arkontat and Dltkion No matter whot the wfother, the force! of evil are. still ot work. In Summer, os in Winter, Christ Expecti Your Loyol Devotion. MAKE THJSSUMMERCQUNT FOR CHRIST FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Wclttr 1. Johnnn, Pcnlw "A PROMISE TO THE GODLY" -"^Ing W.rihip Hour lent .vtr it.iion | ·und« r Sch»l «:te p "PAUL'S SECRET" Ettnlnj Worihlp Hour 7:M Trilnlni Uil*. l i l t Th« NurMry li open «t ·!! MrricM WELCOME · ·*· ·*- -^ ^_-_-^ +*S

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