Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 12, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 12, 1952
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PAGES TODAY 10 Read by over 25,000 Daily Ctmesf IOCAI KHKAST-- F*v*ti*villf and v l r l n l f y partly cloudy w i t h widely KCdtterftJ ihowtM irrjl hl u*.1? ,""""'" v Coiumued T*» ftrblic Interest Is Tfce Wrtf Concern Of This Newspaper VOLUME 90, NUMKR 300 Auedatod Prm* Umd Wir* FAYETTfVILU, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY EVENING, JULY 12, 1952 AP, King and NEA foaturai WOIWVICINTJ Allies Press Giant Air Now Eisenhower, Nixon Map Camoaisn Seoul, Korca-OPj-Superforlresses radio broadcast tonight that 2.000' Korean power installations last : · l~ f^ ^^ took over at dusk Friday to make an around -the-cloek bombing of Communist installations in the j Nations' persons were killed in the A l l i e d . month. air raid. The broadcast said t h a t ; The Air Force called the Pyong- TM" North Korean capital the greatest Allied air blow of the war. Sixty-five Superforts followed waves of United Nations fighter- bombers which left Pyongyang, the capital, and its environs in flames during daylong raids. More than 1,400 tons of bombs were loosed on the rubbled area in a record 1,251 sorties. The Communist Pyongyang prisoners number nine were killed "' Un " cd : ya " 8 stnkc " lhc 24 'hour camp effort of the Korean conflict by and Kar East Air Forces on one target wounded. i area." ' Today, U. N. pilots reported they · It came as Gen. J. Lawtnn Col- ! shot down one Communist jet lins, U. S. Army chief of s t a f f , : fighter, probably destroyed anoth- arrived in Tokyo for conferences er and damaged two in a p a i r ; with Gen. Mark Clark, U. N. f a r : of afternoon battles between 38' East commander, and Gen. Otto! F-86 Sabre jets and 255 Com-! P. Wcyland, Far East Air Force 1 munist fighters. ! commander, who ordered the air The afternoon is part of a n e w ; action against the Reds, "get tough" policy which began The U. S. E i g h t h Army reported with the blow against key North ground action extremely light. Three Measures For Legislature Are Proposed Candidate Is Questioned £7 Voters In Area Stabilization Measure! n Overhauling Studied By Council Questions and answere were flowing freely this morning as Chancellor Francis Cherry of JonciVro pursued his campaign Little nock-(/P)-The Arkansas Legislative Council yesterday ap- . proved a study aimed at overhauling '.he slate's revenue disbursement procedure, and rec- commendcd three measures to the . 1953 legislature. A resolution introduced by Rep. Harry B. Colay of Columbia County calling for a study of the revenue stabilization act was approved and sent to the Council's Committee on Revenue. Taxation, Roads and Highways. The committee will study possible means of amending the act "to give a more equitable flow of monies received by various de- p.irtmcnts." Colay's resolution said t h a t the present disbursement formula "sometimes cause undue . h a r d - i ships on certain departments." These three measures were rec- · ommended for introduction to the General Assembly next year: 1. A bill 'o permit judges to authorize "interception of iele- ' graphic and telephonic communications' 1 on petition of certain legal and police officers. The bill apparently would permit wire-tapping. 2. A measure to set new limits nn political spending and contributions. Under the proposed bill, no candidate would be permitted to receive campaign contributions totaling more than 10 times one ^ree cities. Judge Cherry wont on the air : Road Stockpile Declared Not Short After All Whole Thing Is Misunderstanding, Commission Hears May Be Main Issue, Says Candidate Issue Democrats Are "Stuck With," Young Campaigner Asserts Behind The Scenes In London al 10 o'clock from his broadcast; C h i c a g o -(/Pi-Gen. Dwight D . Eisenhower's energetic young r u n - j ning mate says the fight against j Communism will bo thr "great j issue" of the presidential cam- I paign. ; Sen. Richard M. Nixon of Cali- ! fornia said: j "It's an i?sur the Democrats arc '· stuck with." i The candidate declared the ad- I ministration has failed to halt Communist aggression. "We have to get a more effcc- j live program," he said, "to save i ourselves from bcinjj destroyed · from abroad and within the coun- ! try." j Nixon is generally credited with j Little Rock-(#VContracts fnr 15 ! brea ! tin K the Hiss-Chambers case n u l l - I VLJI_r\-(rt - J - l ^ u l l u (ILVS l l l l 1J . ." ·· --"- ing headquarters located at 31 road and bridge protects costing I as chairman of a House subcom- Mountain Street in FayctteviDe! an estimated 2.9 million dollars m '} lee on un-American activities j and was to c o n t i n u e his s l i n t there : were awarded yesterday by thc *"*' " ' '"" until 2 p.m. At that t i m e h e ; Arkansas Highway Commission, planned to fly to Fort Smith to | Bids on three other jobs wore continue the rf.dio program. Radio! rejected as too high, but the con stations in Fayetlcville, Spring: ' approved ihe offer of a i before his 1950 election to t h e ! Senate. Algcr Hiss, a former State Department official, was convicted of lying about onetime C o m m u n i s t ! party membership on the testi- j dale and Fort "Smith were carry- ' Ll . l . tlc R °* firm for gardine 7.49 iiig the broadcasts. i l'",^., rf H ^nway 63, previously Listeners began calling in ques- ! U 'ip^ e ° W " a R cxccssivp lions even before Judge Cherry! rc .n 0 rt \vcnt on the air and a s '] sc "-dcscribed ^The'california senator said t h a t . '··t ... M"'" J j j ne commission also heard a i-rfiiioi ma senator sain uiai. udge Cherry i rc .p 0rt from Highwav "Department i f he had written the Republicans' i steady flow i chi(!f Engineer Alf Johnson t h a t i 1952 Platform, it would have been I , of queries were keeping the can-! an alleged shortage of m " "" · '-- "" tu '""- ~' 1: -- didate busy through the first hour '· stockpiled in Scott Countv hslf of his Fayottcville " ' " 1 Younger People Urged To Help Party Ticket Congress Members See General At Chicago Hotel ChicafiO-f/P)-Gc?n. Dwight D. Eisenhower set out today on a Republican "shininjj promise" rru- sadc for thc presidency. At the side of thc 62-year-old general ol! the A r m y -- w h o won thc party nomination by defeating lour r i v a l s on a single ballot yesterday --marched Sen. Richard M. Nixon, 39, of California. Hand-picked by Eisenhower and his advisers for the No. 2 place on Ihe t i c k e t , Nixon dramatized thc new GOP bid lor support of thc nation'.*! younger people. The Cnlifnrnian, a former lieutenant commander in the Navy, completed an Army-Navy team chosen by Republicans at thflr 25th national convention. Nixon j was unopposed for the vice presi- ! dcntiat nomination. __ ' W \ Eisenhower beat Sen. Robert A. M a t t h e w ""If. Hldqwiiy"Tn6t"sirown~)~o"n""his^ Talt of ° hio ' Gov ' Earl Wai TM London, police pin to thc ground- one of seven dcmonstnilors arrested afti»r ' °* Calir ° rnia - former Gov. Harold staging »n uprising nt ihe airporl. DcmonMratni-s shouted "Go H n m c Ridftway" and started "to -H-alte.-' E ^Usscn of Minnesota, and Gen. leaflet." dcnounrinc the A t l a n t i c p;»*t commander. _ __,v.- L J - __ - - ,. f c . ^^ of Chamber'" a ! . 'M Wc1comin s officers i background) salute "6 c~n.' former C o m m u n i s t ' a m v a l )y plane in , aterials ' " much shorter, with less adjcc- and appearance. ently was year's salary for the office he js I Company. It also swept through seeking; no individual or associa- Fire Damage Set At 30 Millions Flames Destroy Crude Rubber Clarksburg, W. Va.-',/P)-A warehouse fire that destroyed tons of government-sto'red crude rubber caused damage estirria!:d "conservatively" at 30 million dollars here yesterday. Security reasons prevented an .exact accounting o f : Crain for a full report on the al- the loss. · | legeri disappearance. The fire burned the warehouse , Bid Ii Acc«pled The bid of Ollontine and Jones of Little Rock on a contract for | the Highway 63 job \f-as accepted. : The previously rejected low bid of I tion says ganizalion a pp al .. lives: more direct and simpler to misunderstanding read." However, he said it had to Johnson submitted a lengthy bc d '' aft ert in such a way t h a t Chicago-M'j-Thc leport to the commission acting! whoever became the presidential I A , . ] a n , ,,.,,,.,chairman. James H. Crain, on t h e , nominee could run on it ' ' ' ' reported disappearance of the ma- j tcrials. He caid that "according to I the evidence and facts there was I no shortage." ! The chief engineer said a resi- j dent engineer had been told to i draw materials from two stock-; piles, but apparently understood' that he was to draw all of t h e j materials from the Scott C o u n t y ' warehouse. · · Johnson said the man reported the pile was short when he didn't find the required amount of materials, when actually thc pile never had contained enough for the job. Atty. Gen. Ike Murry, a candidate for governor, had asked State Republican Officials Plan Active Eisenhower Campaign chairman delegation facilities of the General Storage buildings of the Mountain lion would be permitted to make state Fabricating Company and i $274.216 gift larger than $100 and candidate could spend out of per .. . an office building and Consider- a "' e equipment of the Keely Con- for tho job between ?onal funds more t h a n an a m o u n t i struction Company. Black Rock and Imbbdcn was approved after Johnson said a re- equal to one year's salary of the office sought. A m a x i m u m fine of $1,000 and a jail sentence of from 30 days to 11 months would be imposed 0.1 violators. 3. A bill to set up a permanent j Al Crimes and Ethics Commission to ! Wl be appointed by the Supreme study had convinced him the bid Sparks from a welder's torch '. was not out of line, in the warehouse area were tentatively blamed for the fire. I the Republican National C'onven-: Townscnd, an outspoken of | apparent Eisenhower's n o m i n a t i o n · he assured Ihe Kdicral that 1o was ccrlain. i arc very reputable." t h e state's GOP or- i porter of Senator T a f l , said he o:- "m position to get into the campaign for Eisenhower right away." Arkansas caught t h e t a i l - g a t e to the Kcncrai's tcndwagon in the balloting which won Eisenhower peeled Eisenhower in campaign in Arkansas this year, lie said he expects no d i f f i c u l t y in relations between Eisenhower and the A r k - ansas Republican organization, the parly's presidential n o m i n a - j despite the fart (hat it was leaders tion yesterday. On the i n i t i a l vot- ' ing, the stale went for Sen. Victory Celebration Bureau rty's domestic directness in ( i some instances, and suggested it I Thc three jobs on which bids: may be nocessarv to be more di- ! Robert A. Taft of Ohio, four for Eisenhower and one for Gen. Douglas MacArthur. But the delegation threw all ils U votes to the general when it became Hunt Delayed For Jailbreaker Officers Waiting For "New Lead" Two Arkansans v.'frc introduced to (he convention last night shortly before the delegates chose Douglas MacArlhur in the presidential contest. Acting tn organize a campaign hc said will b« dedicated "to the shining promise of tomorrow," Eisenhower tailed available GDI* we ', members of Congress into a conj fcrencc to discuss policies. SmnnwrfleM Apprcvet Hc was reported U. have given hi« approval for the (election ol Senator Richard Nixon of Cali-i A r t h u r Stimmcrfield ot Michigan the party's new national chairman, replacing Guy G. Gftbritl- fornia as Klsenhowcr's r u n n i n g male. Thry were Pratt C. Rem-! mell. Republican mayor of Little j son of New Jersey. Rock, and .left Speck, the p a r t y ' s ! Friends said Summorfield, who dandidate for (fovcrnor of A r k - J helped supply some of the vital votes needed by Eisenhower (or , ( . . . -- ........... j vuica Ilccucu iij biaviiiiuni;! »ui "I '"a' orS«niMtion which kept j Speck repeated statements he i his sweeping victory yesterday, ' dclcga-1 has made repeatedly in Arkansas might feel he could not lake on the tion intact. Townsend, committocman, s a i d . Eisenhower lold him ^w would worlrwith «ny reputable state or«anl7.atlon. and governor by the DcmocriU, Ark- annsa.i will huve i Hrpubllcin governor." since his nomination, saying t h a t ' the post because of health reasons, the stales national if "Sid McMath is nominated for j If Summerfleld so decides, Sinclair Weeks nf Massachusetts, in ardent Eluenhower biclcr-, probably would be In line for the job. Eisenhower last night told a crowd of ibout 10.000 persons who filled only part of thc seats in thc Convention Hall at the final night session: "It is more than a nomination I accept today. It is a dedication-a dedication to thc shining promise of tomorrow." The general laid down aims of j me campaign he said he is prepared to lead: "To sweep from office an administration which has fastened IT *· MSKVB Charlie Ledbelter of F'ayctlc- j ville I h i n k s there is a mad fox on ' the loose in an area cast of lov.'n. i Legion Parade Held At Resort Resolutions Come Before Convention were rejected were 6.25 miles of rcct on labor legislation. '""1940. They have two daughters,!:' a n : Patricia and Julie. i '" low « or lnc CAA station - ' or of thc Arkansas Agricultural elderly man who had one pa'tched i deputy returned to Salem to get · reinforcements. j Extension Service and now field director for the American Medic; ? gas hot plate, it was sweeper Pirambu said five passengers were known to have died and . . three were missing. Previous re- ' Assoclatlon W 'H address the far- I closed today. The disclosure was ports had said 31 persons were '· mers followln s a picnic at noon. : made in the f i l m - of the will of aboard the plane. j , Tlle bureau is celebrating the ; Ralph George Baldwin, j largest membership ever recorded j in its history. According to S. H. I Pitts, Lincoln, president, the coun- 80, Short Meeting Held By Truce Teams The .sheriff returned to the farm rake Field reported they had no Robbery At Citizens Lonudry Nets $1.50 Thieves broke into the Citizens i Laundry on West Street last night j and stole S1.50 from the cash j register. They also ripped open: the candy machine from which they s t o l e an undetermined · amount of nickels. 1 membership of 200 in 1936 to its i present figure. Probate Court. Baldwin, a bachcl- j or, died July 4. few acqquainl-. Munsan. Korca-M'i-Dival t r u c e tv farm zrono has irrrmm fTMTM ' a n , C M . r e a l '«d he was wealthy. : teams met for only 2(1 minuter, ty farm group has grown from a j Under the will thc estate was today in ihe new and secret effort j l e f t to cousins, other d i s t a n t . to settle the prisoner .1 .-adlock and relatives and friends in a m o u n t s ' g e t an armistice in Korea ranging from $250 to $250,000. The opposing dclcga ions agreed Baldwin inherited the f a r m on: t,, meet a g a i n at I I a. m. lomor- · which hc was reared near Ottawa, rov.', at Panmunjom Kan. Hc sold it about 1910 a n d ; Todays session was conducted "basically the same atmoi- profits of · · · Indirectly Kills Sweet Home Resident Little Rock-WP)-Cullen I. Law- ' invested, in stocks, adding to this ...._ hon. Jr.. 28, of Sweet Home, Ark., I 'he profits of a bicycle repair phcre" which has prevailed sin,.,.City Police said thc robbers en- ; dlcd ln a Llltl( ' Rocl hospital last I shop he operated here in thc · executive sessions began July 4 tcred the building through t h e ! n : s n t 'TM m a b u l l e t wound suf- l»20's. During thc 1919 stock Brig. Gen. W i l l i a m P Nuckols of- north window. The safe was n o t ' ' f!rcrl n ' he " L - 1v;no " ?nd a'Negro OPS To Cut Staff In Half, But Keep Going Washinglon-l/I'i-Thc Oflice o[ 1-rico R'.ahili/atinn w i l l cjit Us j s t a f f in h a l f by September 1. but '· Price Chile Ellis A i n a l l .sjys there w i l l hc no "willy-ui ly rush of I l i l t i n g pncc ceilings." ; report had not been noon. verified al Hay Supplies O r d e r e d For Down In Wilh One Crewman Dead nose Reds during thc time hc was i i f r . f charged with being a deserter. i ID UfCeR lOUdlY IMC The convention ends tomorrow. : * *~ " ' Paragould, Ark. - f^P) - Greene County Circuit Court jury yesterday found Jerry Don Perkins guilty of first degree murder and sentenced him to life imprisonment. Thc state had asked the death penalty. Perkins, who killed William T. Pebbles. 70. March 8. thanked court officers and the jury for i nulos northeast of Snag, near thc · kindness shown him during the ' Y u k o n - A l a s k a border last n i g h t , three-day trial, k i l l i n g one of its crew of eight i Perkins entered a technical plea n i o n - | of guilty in thc case, but claimed ftoyal C a n a d i a n A i r Korce head-; it was committed under the miti- Rogcrs -(Spcciali- The noon,-, I"" 1 ''"? ho "-' sillrt tol "y ·' « c u c ; gating circumstance of drunken- Ch.-.mher of C n n i m r · "°f cis «|uart had been dropped at t h c ! ness. Edmonton, Alberla-Wi-A U.S. Aii Korce H-17 search plane crashed m tin- rugged wilds 35 l.othered. "".employe were preparing to k i l l .--.-- | horse. The a n i m a l kicked the N o - 1 gain prices. Alarm Is Answered ;cro, causing tho r i f l e ho was h o l d - j He lived for Firemen made a run to the cor-' '" B '" dls *arge and thc bullet I rented room. ner of Oliver and Lafayette about " '-awhnn. I meals and mem 8 p. m. yesterday, and put out a grass fire. market crash hc clung to his f i c i a l U. N. spokesman, said' shares and bought others at bar- I , thc H · Bertrover Launched j ' - n d s the price ronlrol a^ncy will manv vcar, m a .' , h M^ine 'iVThe 'L' mil T*, n ',' " !) ' MI(I CT "'"^ cooking his own lio - I olhr de^ ion o f f i c e at Anchorage. present d r o u g h t , A l a s k a , said one a i r m a n was yuili up pastures m thc killed and thrc, ,,f the seven .sur- iil. Five cailoads of hay h a v e ; vivoi.s were s u f f e r i n g from second To Be Here Four Days A mobile unit for cheit ' It's The Law Republicans Say Chances Of Victory In South Are Bright I Chleaoo-f.T 1 )-Dixie Ft^nnbliranfi i "Thn r/Mn-,M-i!i,*.n (-,«!, ^ !,,,,,.. : n n i : _ _ i.... ._·_!_. · . , j they wight All caitiff, sick w i t h contapi«"us ' ^.ll nfC hl!? l ! S "'I 5 "'," ln F ? ycl "-i may carry the South for the GOP i me, shall bc placed m enclosures' · -· of not more t h a n 300 square feet and kept there until they are dead ~r recovered. Any person violating this ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and fined not le;s 'i or more t h a n $25. Ordinance No. B2, passed by Ihe r'.i.vrtltville Cily Council prior In inofl. Chlcago : (/P)-rme Republicans! "Tho convention took .1 l o n g ' i n a l i o n last n i g h t said he will U)day t h a t ; , step t o w a i d b u i l d i n g a i c a l no- carry his "gm,t ' crusad'-"' n o publican p a r t y in Ihe South." said every section of tho n a t i o n Dixie .lack Porter of Houston, n e w l y . republicans took t h i s to moan hc . - - - --- elected Toxas national c o m m i t - w i l l visit t h e i r in November. tooman. "II extended a hand nf · coming r n m p a i g i They recognize t h a t Hopublican fellowship^ to all dissatisfied and Wallace Townsond. Eisenhower rer who I both district and region;,! o f f i c e s , ! ' n " J ilr '" 1 ' 1 ' President of the v | vftrs Wll ,||,' ( | )0 ,, ov . n nil , , mli|V t h e d i s t r i c t o f f i c e - v/;ll ho merged ' 1 " KM '- S ( · ( , is i n charge o f . w i t h the regional o f f i c e s . ' h a n d l i n g . The h.;y \vill be sold at nst plus h a n d l i n g charges, and on a f i r . - t come, f u s t crvpd basis II r. p l a n n e d to o l d e r more hay MI ; thc f u t u i o if it is norded. S l i o d p said ihe Charibcr seeking t,i provide » wny f u r and third degree burns. The CAA w l l i hc .. r..,,,,.,..!!- ,.. lv .iT said i, was Mr cct«l , h a , the sur; V 7 '" £.£ -I?TMf ,11 A£. Will Be 111 Tuesday, And Still Looks Ahead dlcu arc required and requested I l-i have X-rayi while the unit ii j h c r o . A dc.ik will be provided tn , thc City Administration buildlnf ' foi registration. ,«nd the unit will b,- parked directly behind th* Two l i r i i t e n n n l s f r o m the Tink- ! b u i l d i n g , where the X-riyt will 01 An FMITO !!.·!«· in Okl.ihoma be made. City escaped i n j u r y when the Employes of Swanbon'* vlU 'i Off cers Escape Injury In Crash On College were : through the unit on July 11, utt food handlers are rcqmrtM whUt UM '

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