Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 11, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 11, 1952
Page 8
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rrJ4fey, July II, ItSJ Wild Demonstrations Follow Nominations For President strange head dresses, H a w a i i a n ! Icls, and straw hats with slogans i plastered across the tc,i. They! hoisted prelly, shrieking girls o n i their shoulders, and banged each i MOK.V CHICK SPECIAL 8c each HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS Broiler Hatchery f. a. ··» in or T.fcplnm II» r«n«NlM, ArkMn« Candidates Active As Campaign For Governor Is Pushed ».-. · nearly eight luiuif. last! of | h( , fjv , ' ... i . . , "' r Convention Hall, Chirac., -/h- "id'' »ml today, live bunds o f ! carefully arranged ''by 'Xirc' C p'rc's l i- Thc treat lung-power derby, a i Hr-puhlu-ans made as much noise dcnlj in charge of spontaneous' 11 .. ft . . itran»e-lril.o rite ol Americans. ' a... mcy p,,w.iblv could. They used was some- I Inil I AltilltllAM Jiowlri itself into m most of the known i n s t r u m e n t s ! thing to be tald for each j UlHI LOlllinUEQ )h« wee hours this, mnrniii':. h.-iv- f»r d i s t u r b i n g the peace--cow-|~ Those who launched Ben Rob-1 wwiiiiiinvi* .lh«; named five men us c h o i c e s - I " I!.', whiilloi. sirens, a pipe or-, ert A. Taft and Gen D w i g h t i /Of ^e highest office In tin land. ;'·". tm and wooden rallies, brass i Eisenhower lasted longest and ! ..i. --:-,.. -::-..-. .- .-.== u : ,i,df. ,,,id not least of all, tbc i made most noise. No doubt a b o u t ! ' h u m a n \oicc. ·· ;n;it History w i l l never be able to- But the hluc-and-golil liol o n ' . i c n . i r l whirh group racked up bciialf of Gov. Earl Warren of i · t h e score In sore throats. C a l i f o r n i a was somehow warmer I Little Rock-(.TVThrco of I \or could you say- which of t h e ! and sweeter. i state's five candidates for thc : sti'tution"' | h i e put mi thc best mob-scene in | Moreover, when electricians I Democratic gubernatorial nomina- j -| thc [n:.les, waving a forest of . t h r e w a blazing, powder-blue lion continued to lamtaast the ; l '·'·' i "- tl'l'pi".? (| J'ing saucers j .spotlight on Mrs. Warren and the Highway Department in speeches anil coli,ie«l ill-earners ir.lo the t Warrens' three blonde, photo-! throughout the stale lasl ni"ht I air. rclciiMni; halliions, raperinit, | genie daughters--Virginia, N i n a /. fourth candidate--Gov. Sid M e - I ! c a v u r t i i i g and having, generally, j and Dorothy--everybody joined! Math--defended his high ' - 'ugh old time. | in t h e acclamation. j gram in a Forrest Cily Attacks Against Pla V At University Theater Built Around Cris ' S lfl Life Of lrisfl Fami| y; MIC"'! Role, pWhiteheaded Boy," Carried By Gwaltney the T l i c i c v.'erc governors, senators.! A l l 0'iiKrc.i.Mncii and worthy citizens,! we . ri( ' men nl i.taiidin/i, in each of lhe dcinontilialioni;. T h e y w o r e Tonight and Saturday LAST 2 NIGHTS THEATRE WORKSHOP'S The Whiteheaded Boy Call 2020 for reservations UNIVERSITY THEATRE CURTAIN AT 8:00 · *i L "" ' o l - D l l u . l l **ny l i l l l l , r t l l l l three, In evening gowns, touched on n a l u r a l gas for users -eatly curled and coiffecl, in several East Arkansas cities with while teeth f l a s h i n g , j chancellor Franks Cherry, the ~ » By LILLIAN MASSIE t h a t "for the mosl part, A r k a n s a s ' ; Ljnnox Robinson's comedy, government is shol through with ' "The Whitcheaded Hoy," which inefficiency and waste." He said I opened on Wednesday night at the "there are e.-cceptions. jr.d notable i Arts Center Theater, treats a cri- among them are the state's in- jsis in the life of a lower middle class stitutions of higher learning. It : f a m i l y in an Irish village, a crisis has been a refreshing experience ! brought about by the third failure lu note the many evidences of I °^ ^ nc white-headed by, Dennis careful management : n these in- ! Geoghegan, to pass his cxamina- "" " j lions al medical school. | The play gives such an unpleas- anl picture of the life of the family and, by implication, of the so- Mr. and Mrs. Tolbert Graham |- ict y wll 'c h Produced such a fam- m ' ily that one wonders why it has not ig and successful run in Springdale . o.u on.-! Mr - and Mrs. Tolheu u i n n H m i n ,, , ,way pro-! anrl s0 "- L-cro.v. of Upton. Calif.. I lv ."''", on t a l k a n d l a r c vls "'n! Mrs. Graham's par- had n !on ol user :enls ' Mr a n d M «- E"ls Plumlee, i Moscow. Saturday Band Concert Planned At Bentonville Bentonville-(Spcciali-A band 1 concert will be presented by the I Bentonville Band under the di! rection of W. C. Carter, Saturday night on the Square from 7:30 to 8:30. Martha Bair and Archie Ryan will be featured when the band plays a special arrangement of George Genshwin's "Summertime." H|fry Hinkley, director of the Springriale High School band, was guest conductor at the last concert, and several members of the Springdale band also attended. The weekly concerts are sponsored by the Bentonville Chamber of Commerce. BOWL FOR PLAFUU /im BentonBowiioctdiu*--Adv. MnrOM to IM TDB*-« Mrt AdvertlM ID the TIMES--It p»ji. ABCOjMATIC /UftMtic Wisher anrt very proud of · V Thev -,'r^ ,1 ·!,«« are also f i f t h candidate, struck a dilferenl I Mr. and - · · Pensacola, ·, . ° h C r e a t i C S - , ^ r " i ", B , d ?i e ' I The whitcnMdf!ri '"'. Molized ing Mrs. Hulda by his viciously silly mother, who h . , h ,f C " WM " a , mcd 'I*!" have inlesrity; "dignity nd ±!n 8 , ,,'"' ^ VJ " mn , i n , : ! decency as its cornerstone"' if he glowing yellow dress made t h e . j s elected r u j , -- '--'-· ; n u n canaiuaic, strucK a dilferenl rf, nn i ,"° HS ', nTM I*"* "°i n °tc. Speaking In Camden. Cherry ·-·.-·"···. ""·· -ormeny o! demonstration at all when ex-: pr[)misc( | an a d m i n i s t r a f o n "that s PTMedale, are spending their va- l,f\\i Iloi-nlrl Q ? I C * H M ttr-.r- ,,r,.^n^ I . . . . . . m n i p a t i n n , , . ! * [ - , H * « HJT i _ i. . f . formerly of cation with Mr. May's brother and sister-in law, Mr. and Mrs. Marion , ' has victimized five other eh i d r e n '" her refute endeavor to make a silk purse of a sow's car, is engagingly acted by Francis Gwalt- St.Joseph ASPIRIN In other speech. She was Mrs. C. E. Howard--(Marge to her f r i e n d s ) ) . Gen. Douglas MacArthur's par tisans. fewer in number bill second to none In energy, were f i f t h | . .. ,,_. and lasl on thc scene. They p a - ' m raded carrying giant photograph of M a c A r t h u r , and sang "Old Soldiers Never Die," and "Oklahoma," out of deference lo Fred political happenings, - - - - - - . , . . ron ncy - M r - Gwallney succeeds ... Mays, and daughter, Gussie. | making sypathclic Ihe difficult Mrs. Emma Voss of Spring | role of a spoiled, selfish, but Creek community was t a k e n to : charming young man-- who. when lh»i r^niinit, l J n - « : t _ T I I T _ J . _ . . , I . . . . . . f '*'" Jtaj't'ciiuiK;,, ~ - - ~ ' ^"···"lu.iit.r \\,i.s iHKL'n in cnarmmg young man--who wnen Rep. Charles !·'. Smith of Critten- I l "f County Hospital Wednesday I all is said and done, has had the den County, has withdrawn from i j , en1IX)n ." 1 a ^«""""- ='"»» --- I | the race for speaker cf (he House in the 195.1 General Assembly. He said he was withdrawing in favor of Hep. Carroll C. Hollensworlh of , L. Coogan, the Oklahoman who made the nominating speech. It was the usual organized nonsense, a series of outpourings of healthy animal spirits, spasms of energy. giant But there were sharp-edged overtones, too. A seconding speech for Taft, dellvercl by Richard Neville of New York, almost duplicated the . Bradley Counly. Hollensworlh indicated he h bulanee. She is The moiher o J im S Voss of Springdale. up , whileheaded boy thrust uas 01 oprmgnaie. , " ., ,, The Rev. G. G. Justice of Joplin Lucy Tl " bau " as M TM- Geoghe- Mo., is conducting a revival meet-1 R a n ' t n e tlotin S unjust mother, ing at the Pentecostal Church on ' "--1 - ' '" ! " " ' ' " Come in and SIE the Sir, D I F F E R E N C E eh", "JS ABC. -MATTIC f« ,l«,d of "her w**m. If, jmooihw, Wat, quetcr, more eficicnb S M I T H RADIO APPLIANCE enough signed pledges to insure his election as speaker. Claims Promise* Broken In lashing out against t h - highway program, Congressman Boyd Tackett said thai Governor Mc- Malh has failed to keep a 1949 promise to build $80 million in new highways by 1952. He said in several speeches that about $42 previous n'ighrs "liare'^ri'lMeei-i"!," 1 "!"/" ro "' rac . t ; vork has bccn I ing, stirred by Sen. Everett M. I CC ^ P ' Ctcd ;md t h a l a n o t h c r S12 -- · " " m i l l i o n is currently under con- vt IIIK t»i nit; reniecosiai unurch on ""'"i;' 1 uctiui in uiu i i i b L a [North Mill Street. The meeting thereafter, failed to reali! las ! bcgan S u n d a y night and Ihe serv-! possibilities of a great, ire IC( S 8in , a ,' 8 °' clock each nisht. | thoroughly detestable, part. .,, - Mrs. Lifford A u t t e of Oklahoma City, Okla.; Mrs. better in the first act than ! realize the albeit , part. Possi- Thibault does not realize r l i BUY YOUR TELEVISION From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP Tony Sanders of Robinson wer» weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Moss. Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Barnett of Highway 71 north left Tuesday for a three-week vacation trip to Washington, Oregon, Canada, and other points. - played George GeoghcHan, eldest son and head nf the family, also failed to make the most of his part. George is a little man who carries a load too heavy for him, a compromising, shifty little man, whose values are those of his f a m i l y and Dirkscn. . . - - - - - - ,. ,,. N e v i l l e called for the party t o ^ ~ , . i Mrs. Edgar Wood of Springdale' '- hls v i'lagc--solvency and ,, repudiate "the leadcrshi|i ' t h a t : '' lcl;cu charged: There is no i left this week for Edinburgh. Ind., ] shabby sort of imitation gentility, i i... ._j ... ._ .,.., :.. ,.. sense in Sid Mc.Malh promising where she will stay u n t i l Septern-1 Yct he is a pathetic little man. as i has led us to defeat tv.'iec bc- ! any' more roads when he can't WE ARE HOT WATER HEADQUARTERS ttmm mm t* u^ n«nlnt witrr INK ilwyi IHH · |rfi»ber'i job. Oinr. 'Jft W.irr lluien «n mid nd In. ll«IM fcy HcniH^ M.ilrr flumkrn .. . T*"*' «»lir«ll« tt m hoi mlcr kook. ·» W«l Mknl la four ncnls. Sr. ui f«r lhe ktil III «ul«rmlic, wonorii.'.-.-'!, M «.trr fore." Thfit meant Cov. Thomns ! ^LT'' 0 u u E. Dcwcy of New York, n n Kisen- ! b " lld thns? hc has ' ' c.Math was prom counter In thc ITnlt-cjn't-win- · line ( h a t Eisenhower's c m n p n i c n - i , , ::; " ~ -J " ^i" myuaic nave n m bave been using. i lal " ri1 ' E '7 w l » 1)c ""liable in thc-ir son, Jesse t h a t area for use "when the first I turning home fro And more t h a n one speaker was " , Tn f ° " W " C ,,^,l ,I^,,H^ r-1,,1TM.,,, !,,..,,,,!, r '°- sl f i l l i s ""I wmlcr booed, despite Chairman Joseph Martin's plea that the GOP convention was no place for Republicans to be booing other Republicans. Rogers Hospital Board Members Re-elected fingers-ISpeciaD-Fivc members -. He said lie expected the Federal Power Commission to take action on a case now before it -vhich would allocate n a t u r a l gas for Forrest Cily, West Helena, M a r i a n n a . i ~. x. ujn_ mu maj u i u u oirpLUin- *- L "^ '- 1 « l-io n i t I I L l l l l i u i r i d l l , 35 | her as the guest of Mrs. W. F. much a victim of the foolish e f f o r t ·' Hcsser. She was accompanied by | to make a doctor of Dennis as arc · Churl, u i £% G T e " ie a " d ! thc oth(r TMrnbers of thc family, i Colonel Wood "sin koTM """'I Mr , W '? t( "" n did n °' « ! TM 4 ° «« I i Mr. and Mrs. Simon Doles o f ! P a " c - lcr V s f , " 0 5 5 or tllc ' ' ' ' have received word t h a i ' £ a ' hcs w h l c h " sl ' oultl havc - : L. Roles, is r e - 1 D * M »"o Outstanding ; im Korea aboard Tno Dcs ' performances were '" iiwiin: i i u u i i\orca aDoaru ^-* i^^iiuiinciini.^ \vcre aianrcraft carrier USS Valley ' those of Norman DeMarco as John Forgo after havig spent months in the Far East. seven i Duffy and Louise Bonncr as A u n t ; _ - · · - . -- --.. ^...,,. I Ellen. Mr. DeMarco was cspecial- . I ram, hcran(w , omc . n ' s Mission- ly E0 od in the scene in which be : ·,,League met Tuesday evening] workcd n i m s e l f ,, p to n j s d i m a c t J L ? ; Hrinklcy, Wynne, West Memphis | Miss Pauline at 8 o'clock at the home of Mrs Walter Bird West threat to sue Dennis for breach of I Johnson was in! p l h-- t h e ! Mlrmr parts were competently | and other towns in Ihe area. i charge" of "the program For' ,,,.·, · | Defending his highway c o n s t r u e - I evening. A white elephant s a l e ' handled by Will Wilson. Frieda I lion program, McMalh said "there | w "s held during the meeting. A l l Hendon, Margaret Matthews, Nina . were 82 miles unpavcd on Highway 7!) between Pine B l u f f and of the Rogers Memorial Hospital .., · ~ ~~ *· "·"" "" vi board have been re-elccled, il has v / c s l Memphis when 1 took of- bcc-n announced. They lire J. E. : !in - Now 07 miles bave been pav- Felker. Earl Harris, 'fi. L. ''ogt . ert and lhe other 20 miles v.'ill be and C. C. Stevenson, three year ; paved bv the end of the y e a r " wm 1S com"lcU VCrelt W ' P '' tC '' Wh "' : C;lr ' di ' latc J ' lck Holt said "· year lerm of thc . , tnc clost , of lhe m e c t i n g rc f,. csn . I While. Marlin K i n m a n Mickie merits wcie served by Mrs. Bird Claybourne, and Eileen Sexton , The Who1c how- Dr. Ed Wheat, a graduate of the Universtiy of Arkansas medical j school, will be associated with Dr.! - - . . F r i e d m a n Si'sco in general prac-i urdon thai, "when I'm governor | tice in Ihe Sisco Building. Dr and i propose to make a survey a n d " FAYETTEVILLE Plumbing t Heating C«. SID N. Weil HUDSON REPAIRS A SPECIALTY S.. BOB HALL for o Fret Ettimote on this Popular Car. W H I T E L E Y ' S G A R A G E Moreover, most of the members : of the cast seemed under the im- i ,,. _ pressioh that, as the play is Irish, i ..Irs. Wheat and their daughter, I '' ls something folkscy and q u a i n t - ' Mclinda Gay, arc making their ] whereas it is a bitter, realistic 1 home temporarily on Maple Av-! piece reminiscent of 19th century TM" e ' j ., ,, _ i French comedies which hold tin . . Awi« n cTMir-JA\K. r f rt t t ' t o m m l h c e ^"^ s h m i "« be would deliver an "out of | u"S^a f, icnds in a, aroSnd"' "h t h C PCUte bour STMi S e. The ii-^ t-.irlm ciion^v, nn t u ^ u:«u . t-.._:--,.,_ ,~. . 'u..u characters might as well have Jiv- | cut off the purely polilical ap- j j pointees of lhe governor who a r e ! | not doing an honest day's work" i : i" lhe Highway Department. Holt ' "'.iii K I I I M I ,111 mil ui tivcs and friends in aii(i around KV.^L^ uuuiycuiM.-. i oe politics" radio speech on thc High- ! Springdale. They plan to'spend i characters m 'Bbt as well have liv- way Department in L i t t l e ! the summer al their fam on H i g h 1 m G °P 1 w Prairie as in an Nock. way 63 wesl of Springdalc. Mrs. ·' nsh ^ l l i a Re But. maybe nobody ·5 CoRimendtd The f i f t h candidate--Ally. Gen. , Ike Mnrr.v, criticized M c M a t h ' s , h i g h w a y efforts in an address at | Ozark. l i e declared McMath is p i i l t i n g hundreds of people to vork on t h e stale's highways "in an unholy oriort to fur- 'her his third term ambition." way wes . . ! Van Petty is a former teacher in " 10 Elm ^"''"Kf school. COMPUTE t'LUMIING SERVICE . Al Russcllvillc, Murry charged · Futures Start 1:40 - 3 : 3.-| - 5:30 7 : 3 0 - 9 : 2 5 STARTING SATURDAY The violence-ridden story of the men . . . and rhe woman who ruled thc explosion center of the Sitrrot! PALACE and Boldest JEWEL ROBBERY in CRIME HISTORY O'BRIEN tfuGKHt DE CARLO Sittt^ FITZGERALD Six-fill VWLEICE ROCKS TIEPLAIIS! "WOMAN IN THE DARK" ROYAL ALtOI SERIAL AMD COLOR CARTOON The Friendship Club met Tucs- reads "Main Street" nowadays. Thc purely spectacular clenienls of the production were as- completely satisfying as usual al lhe Ails Cenler Theater. Preston Magruder's set and costumes are as beautiful in themselves and as i Mrs. Doris Spillars were honored and Mrs. Gladys ! " ·-- birthday fhowcr. Game prizes went to Mrs. Edith Vcm Erdmanns- dorff, Mrs. Ethel Longstreel, and Mrs. Mamie Atkisson. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Conine of Faycileville have moved to their ! home in Happy Ho'ilow. j Mr. and Mrs. Oi ly Hamby and j son. Ronnie, of West Covina, ! Calif., are guesls of Mrs. Milton i Boyd. | Mr. and Mrs. John Sipcs and · children of Aldcn. Pa., have re- i 1 turned home after visiting Mr. and I Mrs. Robert Phelan. i Mrs. Bobby Mhoon and Mrs. Marjoric Mhoon bave returned to their homes here afler visiting i their mother. Mrs. Donna Louder- | milk of Fort Smith. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Loudermilk of Akron. Ohio, and Donald Loudermilk of Greenwood were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Himme Mhoon Monday and Tuesday. The Rev. Bazil Lcdford of Elkins will be guest minister Sunday at thc Buckncr Baptist Church. Guests of Mr. anrt Mrs. Kenneth Caudle for thc past week have | been Mr. and Mrs. Noel Caudle and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Henry and children, all of Wichita, Kan., and Mr. and Mrs. Willie Logue of Tulsa. Okla. W A N T E D CHERRY PICKERS Apply at tha Polls July J9ih. Compensation: Good Government Political advertisement paid for hy Con,mill« . . , , WMlhnproof and Fireproof B:autiful Colors PHONE 3031 FOR FREE ESTIMATE CLARK VENETIAN BLIND AWNING CO. Tonite Saturday Two Big Action Clinton F,. Meadows Jesse B. Frederick Curtis E. Frederick Allen I,. Dunn Curtis S. (Bucky) Crouch, Jr Bill C. Lewis Hugh Kane Richard A. Medley Orland D. Medley ·lames K. Eads Waller Dunlap Charles A. Frederick Arlis W. Hulse Kennclh H. Hulsc Billy J. Bartlc ' Buddy Williams Charles E. Keen Melvin V Spencc Cecil D. Gtnn James-I. Hill Wilburn R. Shackclford James S. Littrell A r t h u r M. Heaglcr Lee W. Kidrter Allen L. McFadden Oren D. McFadden Kenneth Garriott Jim B. McChrislian nobcrt L. Selle James L. Carlile James W. Newport Wendell L. Workman Charles L. Slacks William B. Goss Ralph M. Mayes Nelson R. Hams Benny J. West Jamct C Hutehinson Normin E. Uhl Jw G. llardin Political Adv. r,u (,, bl ·Win FltM Arilll*tr Paul W. Harriman John W. Engels Billy F. Cole James L. Reed Vance O. Cook Vincent O. Selby Edward (Jacki "Routh Carryl L. Wirght Jack W. Guinn Carman L. Lierly Thomas W. Lierly Robcji L. Licrlv Rodney E. Land Joseph E. Burson Carl L. Parsons P»ul D. Harness George A. Wright toward B. Helm Jtmes D. Mashburn Jack P. Norwood J»mes P. Coddinglon Clyde M. Shtiltz Ralph L. Easley Troy E. Glass Marion E. Brown Clarence F. Williamson John D. Swaim Fred D. Kulbeth Ernest E. Neesc Billy H. Ivey Kenneth R. Ivey Johnny W. Brewer Tommy G. Lodford Clinton Ward Iceland Cmnpbell Donald F. Henslfy Doyle R. Hensley ThomM C. Combt Donald II. Cecil IK* ·! Watkluft** Cwmly To The Voters Of Washington County: This letter to the Voters of Washington County is designed to impress upon you the abilities of Lieutenant Colon*! William L. Bush, candidate for County Judge, as an administrator and leader of men. Colonel Bush is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, College of Agriculture. He majored in vocational education, and following graduation was an assistant instructor of vocational agriculture in the Fayetteville School system for three years. Before the call to active duty, on August 21, 1950, of the 936th Field Artillery Battalion Colonel Bush was Battalion S-3 (Plans and Training). As such he was responsible for the peacetime training of the Battalion personnel. Shortly after the Battalion arrived at Camp Carson, Colorado, he assumed command of the the Battalion, and he became responsible for not only the training of over 600 men and officers, but for the maintenance of approximately 180 pieces of vehicular equipment, personnel records, payrolls and supply. Colonel Bush was responsible for welding this number of men, officers, jeeps, howitzers and trucks into a fighting unit. He did this in an exemplary manner. The 936th Field Artillery Battalion was the first National Guard Combat type unit committed to combat in Korea. We, the Korean veterans of the 936th Field Artillerey Battalion, are behind Colonel Bush because we believe that he has demonstrated that he has the ability to. handle the affairs of this county. He has been responsible for many more vehicles than possesed by the county; his payrolls at times have exceeded $100,000; and his personnel and supply records were among the best. ti We are not trying to build a case forSa good Joe." We are trying to find words good enough to explain the abilities of a very able man. He is highly conscientious; never missed a chance to attend Chapel services. No problem was too small or large to.receive his attention. We, the undersigned members of the 936th Field Artillery Battalion of Washington County, would appreciate it very much if each of you voters would study his qualifications and give Bill Bush every consideration before going to me polls. Signed:

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