Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 11, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 11, 1952
Page 7
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Boy Scouts Near End Of Their 92-Mile Hike Through State MOtTHWBT AHUNiAS TIMft, F.y«lr*vffif. ArtiMM Fr'day, July 11, 1*52 LEGAL NOTICE* FOE SALE--AUTOMOTIVE · K0lt Havenden, Ark.-(AP)-Nin* Tru-» rfiann, Ark., Boy Scouts, spurred on with ice cream and oilers of other enticing food, today reared the end of the 92-mile hike. The youths -- ranging in age from 11 to 14--are en route to Camp Cedar Valley near Hardy, Ark., where they will spend Obituary Gould William E. Gould, 82, died yes- C O N i T i r u T ' O N A L * M E N O M f N l NO O BE n H R « l l . V K U ot «W Sfntt* « thf Stile ol Amur*** ·nrt ov the NOUM of Hrnf-M-ntatlvcu. * M.iinnlv o* ^11 fhf MMtth^rF Klectpd !o Enrh HoiiS* Arrwtni nierHn: That rhf follnwlnB t? nerfhy pro- OOSTO iv m imwirtmrnt to thf Con- tttiitiinn ot thf Stiitf of Ark«n!ti»5 «no UlXm winR f u h m i t t r d ID thf flrcmr* of ihf «*f»ff for HDPrnval nr n-lpHmn «' thf nfxt ppn^r.ii clprttor* tor Rw*. ipntatfvM tnrl Stndlnrs. If a mntflrtfT (h» vtprtorp vminf thfrfon it cln'Hnn urtoot nurh flmcnrt- WE iich . of fhr *ll WILL PAY TOP CASH FOR CLEAN LATE MODEL CARS WE Stntf of week in Scouting activity They l t e r d a y at t h e home of his daugh- feft this Spring River town early ! L cr ' Mrs : Silas Campbell, 531 Wall today for a point beyond Williford, Ark. Led by their 237-pnund Scoutmaster, G. W. Walker, six of the nine youths have walked the entire distance. '*. e other three were forced to the side'ines with aching feet and minor illnesses. People along the route h a v e ' , strecl '. following an extended ill- | Presbyterian Church in Fayette- j ville, he was an elder ol t h a t ! church for many years. ! A retired farmer and teacher he j was born in Rogers and attended ' the old Rogers Academy there. He 1 was a long-time resident of the ! As Scoutmaster Joe Crozier 13 I grandchildren. m d i n e ' t h e ' Funeral sen ' ic ' puts it, "If tliey keep sending ice cream we will keep walking. Force Used To Put Widow ome Out Cnnnflfntlon Arkansas, tft-wtt: BFC*TION 1 com m its ion Created-- whtfh shall ne vested with ail the powers and duties now or nirpnfier Imposed M law lor the cirtminiPira- . . - i fon nf the State Htehwnv Oenanmpnt. ness. A member of the First ' tn«ethef with nil power* IUM-MSBF* or proper to enable the Commt«lrn Of anv ot its officer* or emniovers to carrj out fully and efferflvelv ihe rerulatlons and lawi relnttn* lo th* Stat» Highway Oepartmeni SECTinif 2 Oufttitlcitiofi* and Appointment of Merrbfri--Trmi of Oflic* of Flrat Co mm i is ion. Within tpn 1avs after the convening of fhf tleneral Asuemblv of the State ot Arkanss* tn the vear IMS. thu Governor. PV and , , . · . , , - , i ""in t h e advice a n d consent o t t h e He ]s survived by one daughter, \ Senate, shall appoint five oersnns who " · - - - ' -" electors o l t h e .State t o Sthte HlchwtT Commts- t of two. four. ft*. e:8ht ano ten years resoei'tlvely The terns of the nerjnn* so apnfilntM shall he determined bv lot The CommlKxlnn- en to bt RDpointcd from the P l a i n at large: provided, however, that no two Commissioners shall he appointed from any single Congressional District. In ffie event of rejection by the Senate of a person whose name lias hern so submitted, the Governor F h n l l within five days after receipt of writ- fen notice from the Secretary nl Ihe j Senale of such rejertlcn Mihmlt the I name of another appointee to (ill sue 1 ! i varancv In the event the Governor Johnson assisting. The elders and ' ?J? otJ J d _ *l* hln "v*..* 1 ^ 1 'hereaiirr fan deacons of the church will serve B U Y - T R A D E - S E L L MAKE LOANS ON CARS AND PICKUPS FROM 1946 MODELS UP AT LOW RATES S T A N D A R D Used Car Lot Corner Cenler Church Sts. Fayelteville FEED SPECIAL I THIS WEEK ! LIPSCOMB RABBIT PELLETS 4.70 18% DAIRY FEED 3.75 INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE 401 Scott Sr. Phone 474 YOl!\'G j i n l k l i . K ijnal rncl rnl.lilr.i , hrrd rloi-j ,,,i,i h u t r l m . I- n i, n » I _9«5 | COnnUGATEO g a l v a n i z e d rnofin~A7l IH In i;oi-k. l,:nk Way Slorcj n hi,i,c ln2. offered the youths such food as j C a n e H i l l c °rnmunity. fried peach pies, angel food cake i , and cool buckets of water lor their i ««. Campbell Fayettevllle; two ! aching fee. I sons, Walter E. Gould, Fayettc- . im in, ,,, The youths arise at 3 and 3:30 j ville ' and Har ry Gould. Washing- a. m., each day for breakfast and i lon ' D - c - : 'hree brothers, Marcus Ihen start hiking. The Truman i Gould. Rogers. Porter Gould, Lions Club sends two gallons of I w °natchee. Wash., and John ice cream each night to the boys ! Gould. Spokane, Wash., and four will be held Saturday at 2 p. m. in the First Presbyterian Church. The Rev. J. W. Butler, will be in charge of services with the Hev. Walter honorary pallbearers. Burial, under the direction of the Nelson Funeral Home, will be in the Cane Hill Cemetery. Lapcer, Mich.-(7P)-A raiding party, aided by man State Police blockade day evicted ing widow sheriffs j Mrs. Mary Ann Prachee 60- 1o- Mrs. Mary Ann Peachee, 78, '. who died at " an angry and p r o t e s t - j Washington from her lon^ em- morning, will b* conducted at 9 | battled f a r m . R e t u r n i n g 1 0 t h e ' p. m. tomorrm-.- at the . M o u n t 1 scene where 39 days ago he was Comfort Church by the Rev H. L. i mauled by angry neighbors of Bayless, assisted by the Rev. H. j Jhe widow, Mrs. K i i z a b e t h S t c v - j H . Davis. Burial will be in t h e ! rns, Sheriff Clark Gregory led 12 i Mount Comfort cemetery under , special deputies in the early j the direction of Moore's Funeral j morning sortie. j Chapel. ! Behind him blocking all roads' i in the area were fiO State Police, Mrt. Eva* 1 w i t h orders from Gov. G. Mennen Rogers-tSpcciaU-Funoral srrv- I ^Williams to sec t h a t t h e law was ices for Mrs. Eva enforced and prevent bloodshed. | ciied Wednesday at her home in The 20-car raiding p a r t v a p - | V i n i t a - Okla., will be conducted parently caught the farmers bat- · at 2:3 ° Pm - tomorrow at Callison- ·tlers in a 17-year-old insurance i R^J? 1 " ^J? 0 ^ 1 , H ° me b " t n e Rcv fight, by surprise. The raiders i W - lM . iam . M -.MalqHe, pastor of the forced their" way i n f o the home and carried out the furniture. Mrs. Stevens, sitting- in her living room, told the sheriff: "You leave this house. It Is my home. This is my country and I ^flm an American." The raid climaxed months of legal maneuvering- in which many . ^ GOOD iiW C _ 13Y 2 NEW : CHIN'CILLAS NOW state officials, including Governor IV.lliams, had tried to get 1he dispute settled without resort to force. The forced eviction was the ' latest chapter in the bitter fight ' fiion in Hot that followed the failure in 1935 . t h r o u g h Sunday, of the La peer Farmers Mutual j Mr$. R u t h Wharton, Fire Insurance Association. Mrs. at-arms of the" state department, Stevens, 60. mother of n i n e children, lost title to the farm four years ago when she refused to pay a' $172 assessment due to fiver liabilities of the association. Mrs; Grace White, Lapcer attorney, bought the property at a sheriff's auction for $50(1 and demanded the widow's eviction after failing to reach agreement, Mrs. Stevens, in turn, along with members of the farmers' committee battling the assessment in the case, has claimed she never signed- papers to become a member of the association. (o unnoint or f a i l to submit .,, .... Senate for confirmation thf name nt any person to he noonlnlfd thr Srnnfe shall Dmreert to make the appointment of its own choice. SECTION 3 Term! of Office ot Member*. Upon the expiration of t!ie fnrfRoinf terms nt said Commissioners * successor shall oe ·mramied bv Ihe nnvernot in the manner nrnvirtpd for ; In Section * for n term of ten vmr*. \ which term of ten VO*TV shall there- her home on South | CommiSJion' 01 ' **"* m f m h ? r ° f ' he Avenue y e s t e r d a y : SECTION" 4. Removal ot M e m b e r -- Hearing-- Review ana Anrer.1, f, Com- mtsstonrr m»y he removed bv the Governor onlv tor the same r.-iiisrs ·* anolv to other conFtitntionnl o f f i r r r s after a hearing which mav be re- Mewed by the Chnncerv Court for the First UiMnrt with nnht al app.'ai therefrom to the Supreme Court Mich review and appeal to be without presumption in favor of any f i n d m i by I fhe Onvernni or the trial court nnd Provides further, in addition to the ! riBhf of confirmation npremahov* re- j n , , , , served to (he Senate. Ihe Senate mav , rhone OCO. upnn the written rrqitpst of at irsst _ . Five 15) of its memhers t h a t a mom- Walt ers. who Dcr or m^nihtis of the Commission should PC removert t h r r e f r n m . prnrrrn, when in session, to near anv ano nil evidence prrilnem to Ihr reasons for removal, rhr member or mrmhers m-hnse removal is so requested shall be entitled to he heard m the r n a t i r r and to oc represented hrfore the -Senate bv irnal Counsel Theyp protTfrt- in«t eondurted bv the Senate shall D* public and a transcript ol the testimony so neurd shall be prepared and preserved in the loumal of the. Senate. The taKine ol evidence cither orally or by deposition shall not bt Dound hv the formal rules ot evidence. Upon the conclusion of the nearlnx, the Senile, sltllne as a bnriv in executive session, mav remove said member or memhers ol the Commission bv a majority volt conducted oy ierref ballot. SECTION 6. VacanclM-Filllofl. Vi- canciei on the Commission due lo resignations, death or removal ·nnii be filled oy appointment ot the Governor lor the unexpired term ivtlhin thirty days from the date ot siirh vacancy. Upon f a i l u r e ot the Governor to fill the vacancy within ihlrtv anvt. the remain me Commissioners shall mahf the appointment for the une*. pired term. SECTION « Th« Commlfision than ·DWint A Otret-iut ot llistuviyi wtio ·hall tiavt such dudes nr mev tn- urrscribed oy the Commission or bf PERSONALLY ENDORSECT USED CARS 1950 Chevrolet pickup. 1949 Hoid V-S pickup. 1948 Hudson 2-door. 1949 W i l l y s , 4-wheel drive pickup. 1947 Pontiac 2-door sedanelte. 1941 Dodge 4-door. 1938 Ford pickup. 1940 Ford 2-door. 1941 Plymouth coupe OZARK MOTOR CO. S p r l n g d a l e , Ark. miics, w i i j -T ( li_ I GOOD u.;cd ALMOST" nc Kulir i 7^r' "I j«»t low lo run my fn your curly h»Jr.' C*r» thn 55000. P h o n-L | hi.-d»prin«.s. nnd "inner ^["ifli'^IL'j 1 , 1 , 1 ^^ ^' lcr ?5L ';() L A R U K 2 whi-tli, !"nilTer\~"onc "blond" rcRiatcrrrt Cnrkrr Spaniel a n d GLADIOLUS. rn.-\cd"i^nV5~$Toj"cro" " Phtnio GH8R1. BROILER COOPS STANDARD WOOD ROD TYPE J. H. Phipps Lumber Co. F a y e t l e v i l l e , Ark. 1947 MERCURY"* : u7n/irVrr c o n d i t i o n , riicilo, hootrr. su Rood tiri'ii 90 pounrl R foot fi boat. 0112 trailt-r fi'vl'L 1 " hy "6" higli ' * " visor. NEW »i ion pickup! r HpJI Sl'00.03 under list . . ^ real p.slale or \\-hat have: you ! __at_S20 W_hhh;nii_nr pjioiic ^G40W. 1318 L'HEVnOLET "fnur~~(To'Jr~Tc"d' radio and h c n l n r S200 00 for PLATT-Custom built 16 foot house trailtr. I. M, Cunningham. Route Jlliti-k Oak. G H A V K I . : 1-yard load dclivorcd.~ _ a n d up Phone .1l7fi.ll. E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Crovtl, F i l l D i r t , lop Soil D. M. f A T T 0 N Phone 249 MATTRESS"" R E N O V A T I N G Coltnn M n t t r r m M R i i ' l t Into O t t n r a n t f - c d lnn?r.--pr;ncj Hollywood Unit Made I u c n l r r O N E U \ Y S K H V l r K - P H O N E ^77 Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. 13l) -Snuth K;ut St FOR SAI,E N E A R I ' n l v f r i l t y ^ - N e w 5 room bunf- l«w w i i h bath, wrvict porch, fall haiflrnffi! w i t h rr»ie and »pic for *m;i!i . i p i r i r n e n ! . i L i r n m i t i e fit fttri rurr- \cric!;.in Mind*. bent of CR4 M T u c ' i o n loi W hy 100 A 110*)* %:.;·:· frr ^ 2 x 0 GI-rHA Loan V^ m o - i i h j y p.» :!1 cnn JM. VERY SPE- rrinm Kitnxalnw cfru* i . i . i i i T ' . n i i T ' r fn f u r n i c c ^Jt'r* Viort;on-fHASPECiriCA- TIONT- Lot fir) by 1S.V pvemer«u 5.'". f t n i - F H A IvOsn: monthly pkjtf m*r.u ji.Tft-) |[;so win handlt. You « ; ; ) nr;f Ue.T. thii valua. J. D. tAGLE, Realtor ! _ R K A I . r i M t r for ia!e _Phone 'J23H4. H A H f ; A i N . ' s ? e o i ) 0 ' ) . ' i m « U house "larj lot icnti-i!. 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Ktory-anrf-a-half. lovely n-lfhborhood. near campu*, W n l k i n s dm.'inrc griidc. junior and ·rn'nr high ichnnl Innumerabfi hulM-inji. c e n t r a l hcatlnf 3 or 4 rnomi arranged conveniently for " ' ' dMired. 223 Bucnanon. !' r '." lips FOR RENT--M1SCEM,ANEOIIS i p n r l r n e n t P r i v a t e . private hath, Jnun*.'ry prlv- i.'.»l'^ s _ P^ld._Hionc i89;iJ. t f f i p i P n c y npiirtiiicnt. J30 00. | ili-r i i i i M i i ' - s * mi-v li!jihn".-i i n f l d u w n s in h m i ' r r w One stvuil'l h;- p in a l i i i n l r i si-'-u J n r a t l n n . l i u l l d i n t rapacliy. r t f W f - h t l p j-ciu Wo h. «f brnikr p!m-r Kitnip In (own. snii r a n k s True, F'uM ti hlfiJi i h r r o V N E H riir.if-rrf"d. muit M ll J3r 5 r f - n m home Only in monfhi dlfl. i.fti-i*fld in JJistM. 1 . l o t . rejlrictejl n 'If! i ' i n n N um TII tn b u i l t I nit. if- 'rot Oak rionr*. Vrn-t)an blinds, utility room HhouM bt- i r r n both iniid* nnd ouUirtf to be npprtclated On!y J W M M Our hnnif will H f l l quirkly K U - A C O It p r o m p t l y M71 South M»x- 1M9 Chevrolet 2 door. North SchooI.__l ( J43\V. ' ' USED A u l o m a t l c thor ; dtx. Johnson Plumhltng HIIC! HeaJ- ins Co Corner Kpring nnd School. _plionp_jOGp. H A I N I J O W TROUT sold "dally. f*hom? Sprlngdale 3201. Ozark Trout Farm. ni-ar Jnhnrnn. 2 HOOM 1272 W. 1 i v :l wd^en- jjESinABLE f l v o room rtupl'tx U. unlurnlshcil Near Wa a t ' » r k c u p j f t t nt. l.i PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO j "NOBIUTir silver?" Cnll ELIZABETH J A N K S a.! EVENINGS 208 N?rlh Block Mrs. Walters, a former resident of Rogers, is survived by one one daughter and one sister. Bentonville Delegates Attend Legion Meet Bentonville - (Special) - Bentonville will he represented by three delegates from the Riddle-Hutch- fson Post and its a u x i l i a r y at th° annual meeting of the Arkansas Department of the American Le- Springs Friday spraeant- will represent the Legion post. Delegates from the Legion auxiliary will be Mrs. Carl Davis and Mrs. Opal Roughton APPKOVEU; Today's Market-- Nat white, not wnnt. not ry«, Cut » flavor blend of ill three-- JunKe's Romin Meal nreia. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D A D S R«t»: ) c»nU; per wor5 slnfle !·· rertloa. Three consecutive fni*rtioni 7 centt per word. Minimum order 42c CUMlfled «di ctth in »dv«nct--not taken ovtr the telephone. Deadline for cloiMflert adt: »:M a. m dally; 9:30 a. m. Saturday Correctioni and rerun cheerfully made after first insertion. No corrections or rerun made alter ad has expired. 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Oaggelt nnrni"- dcll fDr-butanfc-j Cosmetics. 26 Louise For quicker MTV.CP. phone 2377R. 12:00-1:0(1 or 5:00-7.00. FOR RENT-- MISCELLANEOUS : lth NICK 4 room n p a r t m v n t bnth. v r n o t l a n blinds, good ' c o n d t - i lion, S-HIOl). WDH North College or ! I _ I ! l:)n . c _J 1:) ^ NICE 2 room Iur'ni6hcd~~f7p~arTii~nT --^':L l ^ T 3' Mr _ P'lonc ir,53H. NICF. 2 room un'iurnlshc.! "jipnrtnirri{ P r i v n t n hath. Close In, J25.00. Phone 5 ROOM modt-f n~"ho m c ^No7i i~f ~u ·-' ' tnrm. FOR RENT-- OR LKASF ROOMING house, rn-wlfy" l u r curnptut. Phunc 222J. WANT TO RENT CATTLE pniture «t "once~ 40 to To -""· Ca " rr '" k RUSSELL REALTY CO. WANTED TO Mmt be In lint cla nd a barBBln. Plio USED piano condition ( _^19(iR INDIVIDUAL ^nU^lWTWo~7o^n|FIVE F I N E ACRES^ houar. Clly or clxewhore. Give f u l l NEAR NEW SCHOOLS $].nno DOWN an!) $fi3 5n per n.onih buyi m-w '2 hpilromn lnnn* lha; will j be rcntly fur o r i r u p n n c y n l m u l A u * f u s t ],V C n m t i i i i R l i n n l i v l n x - d l n i n f i room k l t c h r - n w i t h f i l n l n g »pace ! u t i l i t y room, 2 bMronmi. li!n hnlh, forced nlr IK-.-M. n t c e l rrmiTncnt niirh rock wool itisuliition. v P n c - l i n n bliiuls carpnrt w i t li ilornijir i n n m . pnirt p a v n n L - n t liny now n r n l rtiDOie your color nrh.-mra. A c:)O;l b u y HI $9.500. l i s t e d . H-M tor h u r r y ! Ulley Company, Inc. REAI/rollS I.ENDF.ns I N S I 1KIIIS Call II 1. I l l l c y . 22113. Hi:t I W 7 .!_ J I'yrnll 2gn:!. H r y . S08 " LENDERS INSUItOU ' J. Pyeatl 2203. R«. f.M - Utlcr 220.1. Rl. 1607 R A N C H E S SALE OR TRADE 200- 14,000 ACRES Kanios, Arkansas, Miisourl. ' Oklahoma, T*xot THE BROADHUR5T C0. :: J O 31 North College. Phon» 14J7 L-32, KOH best remits, sell or eons!gn~Tou? f u r n i t u r e , dinhes, houscnold appliances. tools and articles of all kinds to ihc Auction House, p; miles north of SprinRdalc; on Highway 71 Phone 904. Sprinfiriale. A u c t i o n snlcs _JWmiday«_and_Thursdny(i. 7:30 p m KXCLUS1VE iicws'pTprTfTaUJhw'; w i t h iht: Arkansas Gn7i-!li-. F u l l time Jon Cnfih deposit rcqulrrd FxpcritiiL-c ^niic^i^.^iry Phnnr ftOTfl^ _ FORJ5AILE--LIVERTOCK ~ ~ ck .Si ·'.ve GOOD dairy cowi" wllh producllon records available. Call nr write Kr- neat Talvltie. Sumrnen. Arkanjaj. Phone ]538| I'llonc Lincoln 2'J^·:^. FREE h ^ a l f p p i n l c r p i i p . ' i . Phone 2_Rr MONEY TO LOAN f'HA HOME LOANS Low interest, long terms UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone £03 HELP WANTED WANTED: House mover. See W i l l . Rosers, Arkansas. BUY your brrcdins t-wts while you can sfive moiu-y. Western owes. Yearlings, twos and threes. M G Polk, CnssvUIc, Missouri. POR SALE--MISCEM.ANroim FURNISHEU" duplex i i p a r t m r n l Pri- viiir; h i i i h . University Slrrct. l j hon(?. DUPf.KX. furiiti;ncd 4 rooms and bain Phonn 17Z1J. TWO "i^clrnnni .UiplV-x n'pTi 7 ! m"c n I. A J iailfth ;;:. 1 , AlI K llI t '· 113 Ha Sucet. )y Ecpar.-]!e, '6(iu .tquarc f r e t f l o o r Ap.'tt-c, cool in summer, warm in w t n l c r . w;ittr fiirnt.ihrd On M' H r q u o y a h . in; Skyline Drive or call lor Cninphcll. Phone 321 I r a n i K to References. A U C T I O N vs Saturday,July 12,4P.M. _ WANTED, experienced woman f l i n - j cook, also rook 'f "~ m *· "NIN^OIJoilJ' MO ,,, Th , clunetr/ C*u» Ol WashiniUn CMinty, Ark:niM _ i wages. Apply Mecca I ^M^jhway 71 North. SALESMEN WANTED 1 t i f f s Harry E. ShMIield »nd Marian A. Sheffield. Husband and Wife, Defendants. .Tame* A Strvenson and Ell zibet h 300 Ibs 2000-50' 150-170 Ibs ] 8.- Stevenson. Husband and Wife, Ex- 50- 20.25- few 20 sn- 12^-140 ihs 16.25-18.00: sows 400 Ibs down 17.50-18.25; mostlv 17.75 UD: heavier sows 15.50-17.25: stags 13.00-15.00; boars 10.50-13.CO. Cattle GOO. calves 500; small lots and I n d i v i d u a l steers and heifers m a i n l y commercial to Rood kind 25.00-23.50: u t i l i t y o f f e r i n g 19.0023.00. approximately 60 ner cent of the small run cows: utility and commercial rows 18.50-20.00; ean- nors and cutters 13.50-17.50: u t i l i l v and commercial bulls 21.5025.00; cannor and cutter hulls 17.00-20.00; sorted prime vealers up OPPORTUNITY for step into a p r o f i t a b l e his own p r o f i t a b l e Fayelteville h cor to sincas of or North_ . . . ... - . _ capital needed. Buy on credit Pay as you iPl). V. J. Rutledgc. Arkansas. Averaging sales over $170 weekly this year. Write Rawliigh 1 *. Di-pi. hoipor TOP! - m ; le west of Br y° nt Mot ° r RL«:aurant, to., Sprmgdole, A r k . TWO 3-BEDROOM MODERN HOUSES Completely reconditioned. One- west Washington County. SKWfNG miirhlnei. Scrvi5r~on~an inake.l._ John _Rhor[CB._ phone 6fl8Jl. 4 ROOM p a r t l y fiTnished TparTment, A love mul rcfricerator. 3 ROOM u n f u r n i s h e d a p a r t m e n t pri- v a t e h a t h . u l i l i t i p B paid fiend I x I SKRVICB8 _ l l t O N I N U In - I ! I 12^_ 6 T" J71 nndc f u r n i t u r e ' SntiHlaction' f""rAi lfe,| {it's i n c ti nr j cr COvPr l n r-dimts ) J,pt us prove lo r»» th q u a l i t y r e b u i l d i n g In ai good n i u r h belter llian new. Paul O n.i m nj bon, Fayettevllle phmir ^ l i ^hop phones :M34. Kpringdali- 2 iiiik-i weit of 71 on Hunm-il Stri-n. Esllniatci freely given yniif home. apriiycd. Call Denny, F D H N I S U E D aparimenl. k i j f h c n f l e e t r!c U a l l i w i t h showr-r Prl m i l l . On;y ;j blocks fn L'K-iitcfl on fiprms Strr- ·'il'Ii- r e n t . Phone T 11 C h a l l n 2 ~ li"*,ro"om - f r i K e r o i o r ! i i i - separate square _ _ N i f K 3 h'tlrno f i i l y H a r d w o __c;(isets I'honc " " home, nt-nr d I 1 o o r B, 12f)7. ' " _ 4 M J 2 __.,,_________ EXCAVATING - B U L L D O Z I N G Land clearing--saving your top-' soil Heavy d u t y discing. Brush I rake--ponds. H. H. JONES, Contractor S37 E L a f a y e t t e . Box M3 Unlvcrilly Slalion Phone H8G Fayottevllle . _ ! 1 itmie_ 754J 3K ACRES, "snod 'hbiurT ha lu.usc, p.'cnty of water a The Defendants. Harry E. Sheffield i and M a r i a n A. S h e f f i e l d , huibind and wife, and each of them, are' hereby warned to appear in this Court within t h i r t y dayi and answer the complaint of Ihe Plaintiffs. Notice is hereby ilven thai there has been filed in my office, an Clerk i of the Chancery Court of Wmhinjt-1 ton County. Arkqnsns. n peltlion for the quietinc and confirmation of the j t i t l e to the followmc described lands ; si tun tEd in Washington County. Arkansas, lo-wltt The West half of the Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of section twenty-six (26), Township Thirteen (13) North, Range T h i r t y 1.10) West. All persons claiming laid l.tnds !!E. L J! WANTED--MALE 3 EXPERIENCED mrrhamTX" rahly Chevrolet and Oldvno!,! Contact Lale Chevrolet Co., tipni dale. ust have laic moi D travel I ' m m 7^.T.Jtiile. half aero each. City water, natural gas. Terms to responsible. 0 1 party. Title conveyed by war- ! ' ranteed deed. Abstract fur- ! 4 ~ nished showing merchantable '. : . and feed W th Earl Graves. rn' 'chicken nrt will *e|| wi7h '"" rnished W M I QUICK SKRVICK ON watche*, clorks, ipectacle a .1 d Jewelry repairing. EAR1/S WATCH SHOP With Brrwrr'i Cli;«neri. IS K Center DITCH DIGG1NO FOOTINGS--w a t · r. f*s and i«w«r dllchea, septic tank holts Dlfimf ·nd back filling Call 2I2«. firyct Da via SUN-TIM Venetian bHndt and ·)umi~- num window icreenm am? «wntn«i Free ei'.imatei. Gahe Cct per 441 South Lfrmt. Phonr 1018 UN1MPHOVKD on B oo,| rond J en«t if north 71 Hlffhw-fly. r.jrc nntur.Tl.'itdi, .^ii^ c lfj- water jl) e r t y rdfic. MODERN SMALL HOUSE TWO hnrironniJ. l i v i n R rtiom k and c o m p l e l r h a t h N!n- loi 5: only $:.75UU!J. ' ; SMART COUNTRY HOME HUT lf« n n h t in (own Seven r i t v ! lots studded u n h ;· ttn/vn t-lati-Jy I oaks Six c r n r i n u i miimf an-t balh ' on m i i n ilnor w i t h r - i i i n n L t j n ^ stair* i to two cr,7.y t t i r c a room ailsirtnicn'J r n r h wih p r i v a l o I n t h Thf \ v .n, apRrir.rn:» also have g r n u n d levri i linvaii* e n l r n n i - e s . Thrrr .1 a f in i l l , row h.irn pnd somr- ( r u l t f o r hnmc : »*p In jiridition. t h i s properly ,-nm~ rntu14.« n hem I warrruii;! t i t ! o n d - r Uh v i r w It \t n privilege to o i t r r Una nro;-t!;, a t o n l y Sl.T.r.O'j.trj u-hlrh In fnr IC-M t h a n Mt worth. 862 NORTH O L I V E STREH TWO bedroom bungalow only few yran old lf a helnit newly drcoraic-1 iinrt we can give r»oui»i*inii hy Julv l a t h Ou ( o. f 'nwn owners «=y icij at $6.0,1000 Hi-rc'a your onnortunlty. L«t Ui Show Vou I'hone 7113 HAMMOND RFAI1Y CO. Eve Phont II D. llamm-md 1372 J A. J.irvli I.VJOW NKW 5 r'»iir"iriilrrn~lVnii°-sr Ufl room and KJIJJI;,. Onr n r r c »r',u 2 m l l m m.iith i.n 71 I'linnr 3M3 AUTOMATlC A B«ll.i AI»LAI»CE to Bar , itotpaint i i p n . 1 I I H. Block DEALEH HL I 200 Years of Servlc* 20,000,000; Policyholdiri 20% j Sovingi --. MUTUAL fin AND AUIO~ INSURANCE ."Savlngi fSr pr«ftrr«d rdki": · GST the Foctt . The Ritter Agency 1 leant Rial Eiraht 16 East Cenlw Moit-l ; M O O H K . f c , - . . . , - , n n y ' l n t r r c s t t h e r e i n , arc hereby warn- to 34.00; j»ood and choice v c a l c r s j e d to appear in thn Court within six commer- weeks from the dntt of the f i n i publication of this Notice and s h o w canic why said title to laid lands should not be quleied unrt confirmed SB. 00-32. 00; u l i l i t y and rial vMlm-c 51 nn 57 nn- m i l e rial \calcrs 21.00-27.00, culls Sheen 300, slow; steady clean-! 1 " "e P l a i n t i f f s «nd Petitioners. u p trade, no rtnl |»M lot.' of hUh I c "^Si ffi X,X ,°h',, choice nr pnmr lambs present: h a t h *iny of June. 1932. several lots rnixpd gnod to prime 2S.M-19.00; «]« included 42 l . noan lots m i x e d cull t o goon a t 1 - MOTlci~OP"ikRANtiNt 21.00; several lots mostly s t r a i g h t ! or Liqu»tt PI MM IT culls lfi.00-1fl.00 including some' N o t l r t i s hereby n\vtn t h a t the D?- . I .,, r - . S25.0I) _l'hnnr 2'M ' «'«·»" B 2 men, free nR.1 Peri ng«_ anrt S u n d a y . ~ STUDIO' MAN'XcTKR L A R G E company w i l l i r n i n sin^lr younR m n n between aprs of ^t-:i who is free to settle out nf M;itv. ;-·· to assume romplcte charse ot phn!o- I _*'· " r I" 1 graph iitud:o a! KOOd s a l a r y . M u i i '· KI.KCTKIC nave Hales a b i l i t y , l i k e people an'j can handle rpspnnsibllly. Call or w r i t e Mrs M i l r h r l l Jr.m S^rd-nv Studio. M M f n h n Comp.-in, Liltk- _Rork. Arkansas. * ) EMPLOYMKN 1 !' KO~RTMMFN~iu:fWFF:N AGES OF L'2 and 31 T H A V K U N C FOLLOWING CREDIT AND AD- MLVISTRATIVE WORK ( i O K I ) OPPORTUNITY FOR A D V A M . h MENT WRITE FOR I N T K R V 1 K W ( J I V I N G BUSINESS EXPtRIKNX'E. I N T E R N A T I O N A L H A R V E S T E R COMPANY LITTLE HOCK. A R K A N S A S ATTN: O. O. K K N N K D Y Hayes Milfer, Auctioneer Broad hurst Co., owners Phonn 2487, Fayelteville h:.ilrr. 50,'i'j'j MTU w iSMALir"" __ ( i r r r n J n n NKWLY d t l ] | NICK It i ; ,otn i i r i f u r n i s h r hcs D i M i r r n ! arri \ l l r f d White!-,-. :-, ' ' · T l e v . M e on hrmsh J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phone 24, W*,t Fork l : v i n g rt.cnn .u:tr. EXPERTENCED (loner oppralor. I'lione HELP WANTEO--FKMALE crop lambs 18.00; cull to daughter ewes 4,50-6.SO. Kt«n up with tk« times--r*»d the TIMES 4»\\y, CASH PAID FOB DEAD ANJMAU permit No ftM in Jnrk O Holt to sell itnd dliprnie vmou: nr ip.rltuoui liquor* tii \mv prnie «t rc'.xll on the prfmlitt dp- ncrioffl NK: Htffhway 71 North, FAV- rltrvtll*-. This permit luurtl on Iht lit dny nf J u l y , 1952. nnd txpirvi on the 301h cl«y of June. 19M. Jack D. Holt IVrniHH;*? i.KAVlNO for 'Cillfnrnli Julx 17"fan l«kf 4 lharc fKrx-nw 1»S! 1'onlHc. an WF, have A permanent poruion of rx- rrptional o p p o r t u n i t y to o f f e r to nn Mxrruivc younq woman t"i-?'i w i t h lAlrji f f v p p n c n c p W i l l t r a i n ronipletely. Ahove nvrragc s a l a r y Mint he tree to K e t t l e nut nf n i n t f t^all or w r M r Mrs M i l r h r l l .Ji-.m Sardow Kudlo. M M Cohn Coin, puny, l.i 11 u- Rfick. A i k . m n i M lioiJ.SFKKKPKH. " room and heard l l - l « - c ' - nvA 'l*!'. l . r '_ f' 00 '' ««l*r,v_jt)Kin( Hi'd LF.ARN how to »«»irn. Free t r a m i n i liy n f i t l o n a l l y miecemfiil coxmrtir company Ipidi trt »te«dy Income Kftiy «nd ilmple method h\nr\* j o u e a r n i n | q u l r k l y . W r i t e f o r t n l r r v i r w Avon CrtHmetlrs. Box 471, Ft Smilh .. . A U C T 1 0 "N" Saturday Morning 10 A.M. .'ipnrMnfnt J'.irtly (nr r».p hy .Jni.v 1« ST. no i ' " ' h L i v c r r T t Street C, room w i t h " h " o t . u i i Alsd Mrno M p h i h d i n ' "i Phunp l.MKM.'t r.irh .lol,,, n nit O, (v.rii f - r n N I S I I K I ) ' n a n d f r 51 n p;,imti:n« , -r an if ,-i.nd A l s o L r d i v i M.-;,'- ! Who's Who For Service Consult You- Classified Service ,.|fl7i,."n7 SV ""' houir f m ro) ' SIIOTS M n r t h.1 r i Hfrauty Shop Complete Beauty 8«rvic« M o u n t a i n Phone 2.1.11 W A N T E D REAL ESTATE REPRESENTATIVE t STROUT REALTY is the largest Rool Estate Firm in the world with '" offices from Coast-to-Coast. Now in our J2nd year of operationi'-' and with over 100,000 satisfied buyers, we are still growing." For tho agency appointment in and around Fayettevillc, we or* now accepting applications. This is an opportunity to faecom* · Ihe local representative of a nation-wide firm whose proven-^ methods of National Adverlising bring buyers from everywhere. Write today for complete information. STROUT REALTY AGENCY 20 W «" »'"· St- Kanso, City, Mo. ' OFFICES COAST-TO-COAST ' WE |r,t* rt n f c f u r n i t u r e C f l n- R i f i n r t l (or llns *nle. K v r r i t n n « (r,r your home A l w u y x ,1 K»or| rfenmnrl lor r j u n n l i intrrhan'l:sc fin'r p v r r v . S n l u i f l n y I' 1770. H i l K i n Rfti _ A u r ! l f t n llrum-. Hl«hw«.v 71 NorUi SHOP the ca«y way for your'V'-ek^ rnrt limply of hrpr. wind nnt] li- qnf.ri Dnvi- in. a i r condli|onr,|. C r i - M - r n ) M f i i e Slorc. Inc., 293 Went M i m . t n i n , m n n l v Hammond Really Co. U1AUVI «MO1- UMT AND ylclnlli'. £»TMJT IMM Mil. worm* «1ifli number. Dr. 1ft M«Mr. Unnt MW1. * l)iirn i'ivr(. hnd i _M.MHI I'hnni- ?424W f*VI. «" KdOT P h i l InrKp r r c f . i n j c p n r n t ::l FOOT n i l i n o i t l nn ( " l u l l u n n . Itr.i^ond _.Molfl. 71 Nr,rlh WEAN)th'|il|i. Phonr i f U W r " l l l ' M M A r ; r . ~ i n l F .'iniuriHy n r:iHln'«_Hhnp Slort K n f p s « RKNTI.I! litinp( ~ n i i r r ~ " w i l h ' I'.II,| 1372 srii Hint,! ' f r o t r m l r r . (Ink Ptnnt int. CH|CK«. th.r. t "' Hlfhwuy 71 1)11 «nrl iniln fTjKrV "riifVlitrrainri.' "»40 M) »p way Slorn Co . rthonn lf.2. Kvc I'hono II n Iln J A_ J;.rv« KI.'HNISHKir hr.iu'c i i M l i l ! . « h»! l u r n l f t H i ".nl Ir.Tdlni f r n i n IllRhu-.iy (·rn-n Acrt«. Phon« fl«y 215. w A ii rirh"ijfir;"7nrr7«r."«r Jm~; ^,'^inlli Srhool Slrrrl l)«y phoni 5MAI.I7 "ilu-Vnilalr "~:iTuir"lMicril _'l "'-I roil|)lr _.'JI2 Wnilmiiiinn * -Ml l ' M h """ c " "' Wl "'"l"r. " I' h oTi'r WK h v r for"rrni~«'~nif-T~r"nn"in Inunf lorali-d nn 2 ncrr. ol lanrl on , l h i j h w a j . r o n v r n i f n t t o t h n i Jr.b in 'own 110 · month. Onii dnrl "NEWLIN REALTY WRST ronic. Ann. | PKlCKKTT'S BKAUTY SHOP I KRI.IABLt ttONK i 20:1 ^ N P l o i j t ^ I'hont 7M HPENCEll foundatloni. lurilo) \un- poru Vivian Orrrn. !l yiirn inrv Ire. Phone JSH-J^jin N IMI. Mr§ j w WoThco CorMller. n .. PrnSONAI. .frylre. on wft waih a n d d r y l n i N o r t h 71. neir Mtcn Rn- t a u r a n t p h o n r 1.1M. WAI.I.PAPI!« AN _ fclfln Wnilpap«f~in(if'lmnt ItrrfiT" U..L i» l , n ,! 0 I'" r °« "«l"'« wi'.Si W. IJIrkion IHiont 1471 ANNOUNCING HOLDER REALTY Licensed Bonded for Your Protection New o f f i c e location of 701 No. Colleg* : - $ -- across from Dairy Queen. Drivt in ~" and park -- let us help you with your ·' · real estate problems. .'· ' Phone 1039 . -j JIM HOLDER 0. H. GAMBIA I

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