Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 11, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, July 11, 1952
Page 5
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Veterans LeadingCardinals Back Into Pennant Picture Slaughter Key Man In Redbird $imr0 10 IN ROW FOR BIRDS Gloria Swanson Says Men Will Have TOL "Perk Up" To Keep The Girls' Interest rran m iwuunu i" ^ rx^«\ i BaWing Attack SSPOlvl ® Staley Gains 12th Win As Cards Trim Phils, IJ-3 Brecheen, Brazle Bolster Stanky's Pching Staff St. Louis-i/Pi-When you're rid- i-iK » v.'inning slreak, the big worry usually is lomorro-.v. But not so with .Vana.;er Eddie Slank.i, who currently has boosted hip St. I.ouis Cardinals to their longest rlrinjz of triumphs in five yea ··?,. V.'ith live straight xa.,.cs pac!;- d a w a y on the .'in side, otaniiy ; ' d r e a m i n g S about yestcryea.' MORTHWIST ARKANSAS TIMES,,, Arkon.a. I Frdoy, July U, 1952 '·fhisox Gain On Yankees With Two Wins Over Nats, 2-0, 4-2 SI. I.nuis-l/P-l,1'i-r;riiv Slalcy* bp'.iiirp t'-p flr.-t N;i!'.)i);il I.oasu'r pitcher to register 12 wins this season -s the St. L'i;iis Cardinals downed ;he PhilailrlpnU Phils. 10-3. The victory gave the Cards their IT.'i rirais'it !ca»i:n triumph. The "cdhirds climlird nn Curt Simmon.;, pitthina su:r nt the All- SUir came, in the f i r . t inning to band hi fiiid defeat. Hilly John-on was the Cards' battini; s t a r with a sin-lr, double and irinlr. r/. ' -MI--. -o. wvi PM'L."5Zl.»:rn Wa?hin*ton-f/n-Th? C h i c WhilO SOX MVCpt :| l\l'j- ,, , . - ,- , double-header from i: : p T\'a; and ihose almost j lon senator., yestcrdav. ?.-0 u n b e l i e v R o . e : _ 2 . Finp pitchinR W( ; s llw lays -./Mb incii., the vlctnrias as J 3 : ' \ :-,-i.; . m i r ft c 1 c ; tossed a two-hitter .'nr t r c Sox in i iKc-.v York Giants. ! the first game and Saul Rogovin i| And little \vnn-; ?nd Harry Dorish tca-ied for a i:dsr. Ju-t a month · ·-·ix-hiltrr in thc second tilt. the Cards ! For Pierce it was t!i? iflih win dHiiso'-ous- i °' thp season. He struck out 10 en route to thc Whit? So;:' sixth slraighlt Humph in Wellington this year. Ho?ovin picked up his eighth win of thp srnron in the nifihtrap a? Chicago rnntinuM i*j- streak in the Nats' home park. In i \ l r . R'ritner. Sh-ely. c Dcnte. 5* Pirrce. p Tnl f v.-erc ly near sevenl.i !pla:e, now they're riding a comfortable t h ird, j'M cignt lengths had:. Says Stanky, making hi? debut ; s manager, "'.ve're a strong pennant threat." Where did the new life come from? It's a combination of hitting and pitc/iinri says Stanky. "And don't forget my 37-year-old Fhenonnr." Wants No Rc.fl » "There's Al Bra/.lc, Harry Urcchcen and Enos Slaughter. Al and Harry are alv/ays ready to pitch. They never have 'sore nims.' And thai Slaughter. Me just doesn't 5cem to want a rrM. "They're al) irom the old school, j If you need 'cm you can rounl on 'em to say Vm ready.' " A n d ready They've been, · Brcchccn, bothered earlier by a chronic elbov.- ailment, has won three straight lor a 3-3 record. Braz!e has a ;-I record lo c'at:. Like Brecheen, Erazlt is 37 and the best builpen insurance the Cards have had since Ted Wilks v/ent lame. ' And then you come to Slaughter, lhe "youn£C5'i" nr the trio. He i --^ won't be 37 until August, in the ,' PBT»TM last 12 games of which the Cards i Picrn- have won 11. the o'd w r horss · u ~ Grl has batted a hot .439, driving in 18 runs th?.t pushed his lifetime FBI total over the 1,000 mark. In Key Position "Slaughter, is in a wonderful position.for us," says Stan :y. "Thr pitchers have lo be careful with : Stan MuiaJ. and then they run into Slaughter, v.'ho hats next. "Look what Cincinna;i did. The\ v.-alked Mufial to load the base and then Slaughter hit a doubl to drive in all the runs." The Cards and Brecheen took that i game, 3-0. ' "It's not just those three, j though," Stanky explain?. "It's ' everybody. Solly Hemuc. What .- ' Icadoff man he is. Eddie Yu' and Bill Werle Rive ·; great r. lief work. Del Rice is having fine year. And and I key ! Sub-Par Rounds Predominate in St. Paul Open ST. LOUIS h r ii a h r h ·I 1 1 HTJ-I?. .is 1 I i n " ""i"f»ns:. 2h j " ·* 4 ii 0 MirlT'. cf 5 - 1 '· " F ' r u - h t r r . r( l 4 n I : -nvrp'·. If 4 1 '! ' .Tfr-"-tvi "b 4 ."i ii i r iv P O O S'a 1 n n n 1 0 n n o n i n ii 0 (I (1 1 n n n n n i n n r, n ,T'I b -" TI-U--M "-S'ni-k cu «:h rl.-S ni"k c i'. ' trVr.Va nt fnr H-inscn in (i:h TT ITffIn;z?!imn in fnr Knn-"-n:.v in 3'h mn rrn noi St. Paul, ·Minn.-l/Pi-A "nlfer cnulri te 3 off for the second 18- ^ L o u h ' " ro "nnT-in hole round in the fit. Paul Ooe-i' -"--T:--n j nv-Minini 2. su*iv-r tnriav v.-ith n "!°C"':.?..'' *· *';·· 2. I.n«'«.v. Burem fhe lirt t"vo Tear, ChhKo h-" SoH xT' '" *? f''· *"' .°J*" -'^- ^ "P^^";^-^!?^ won 16 of 18 fiames at Griffith!^ To «»«Rienl tonay n . ,. ,,.,,,.,..,; %1 ? :-^;S' , fll ^;' Stadium. nrat lrr '· t-tndcr his hr:1 ;IKJ ?" n - '-nwm.v. A-hi.-irn. in--Johnson · ChKR^o « ai ,«M a half R am P nn ^ ^^L ' C3Ct TM * l? TM '. f~^~^'^^^^^ \ thc league-leading Mev York k In t h c flpH ' · s-'-n-n^rn- rn-i si--rr: SrhrA n( iirn".'' Yankee* and now trail by only Thai'? hnw hoi the M-PITI" WPP ' ^ T:!'" T .^l f ns 'r r p L ?; ; -'' hilat!c: El ]i:i ! Ctttcrgft 2 f W»'hf*iftrn · FtRST OAMK CHICAGO ' W/V:,H1KCTON ab r h Fnx. I'D .1 I 2 Vo-=t. ^b Minoso. c f 4 1 2 Corn. If Stewart. If n n n Jensen, rf Cn'eimn. K (1 n 0 Vtrrnon. ih Boh'ncon. lh 3 n 0 Runnels. FS n*i r h * (1 0 4 '! 1 ·1 0 (I Thai'? hnw hot the MTITIK .... yorlcrriny in the starting !S Jv'c." of th" M.'i.OOO tournrv rt Kr'lrr Gn'f ("r,-jjTc. Twenty-two pla.vrr? ma'cheri par--but 37 others Vicl !ie!lcr. Mnvdint; tht pack wilh n c - r - rccord fi4r= wrre Al Brsselin-;. L-: 2 0 n : C O n d I d o Cfllir - P ro in n '-" third ^ n ,, PCPson, and Henry rf -nsnTi, St. 3 n n Ai-drev/o, III., who hes been in t.ic 1 fj fj biisincpf, 21 yorirs. n n [i The sub-par scorns were nchirv- orl ricTJpi'c rainy weather before' Ihf. lournrv, v/hich snflptierl fnir- whys and produce-! luxurlnnt roi:#h. The 1 raveling pros marie low scores by avoiding thc rnsnh ' and by pulling. Be?solink in nnr-I ticiilar \vas happy about his put- ' ting. 'Mack Hurk, a fellov: pro, Hcts the credit and I want him to kno-.v it,'" Bcssplink said. " : Ic i;i\e me a putting Ic.oon ;it do v H mn:n^: uin-. M()tnr Cit v Tournament in I?e_o in i . _ R fc F.R- Porttrn«id .-;-:. i troit last week." Bosrolink wrn! l~-a:'k in 33. three undrr. .1 n 1 Ru-hv 4 ft 0 Sn.vdrr. ''b . i o n Gra-.^n. c 3 ii fl rtWood 3 0 0 Kr'ifr. r P'rtcrlic-lfl. p ! hHoder'cin ! Conrurgr?.. p 29 2 .'. Tnlals l n o · n n n ID n 2. ?.--Rtrnrk nut ff*r Gra«*n in R;h. b--Safp on Rorirlfucr's error for Prr:crfie!d in 8:h. Chit-ago . . . . on:i nn; mo--? \V'jhinjfton rtflO rtlfl 000--!) E--GraMO. Rnririgupz. RBI--Minpso, r!Fii~y S--Stewart 'DP--R n n n*e 1 n. Knyrirr and Vern^n. '.tft--Chica?n a. WB T hinslon 4. BB--" : prcs 1. Por'cr- ficM 3. SO--Picrcp 10. pnricrheM 2. HO D rr'prfie'f1 5 in R tnnin-^: Cin and S : slrr. Lc.':-. _ . r-B-Sirn . '1: !I^n-:on 2. Stilcy I. SO-- Hnrn-n '. \.r'n'-- 'urn V Sia'cv 1 HO--Slm- m-T, .1 ,1 i, |., n --i^s: nifljilt ,1 in i , - !l»n-rn 4 ,,, . 1; Hcin: z .i m , n r. in :' K^n- -n'y 0 in 1 R fc En- - Slniin'i -.1. RI1- k - -. Hrn-rn :-' !t-!m--l- """' K '" 1 : "" v I-'. S:«':y j.j. . , " 1 '"". Gorp. A-I.-..41B ( Cubs Relly To Nip Bums, 7-6 Rush, Erskine Fail To Lost One Inning · T DonOT«Y IIOR Auiciiltxl Prsn Womln'i Tdilor Am^rifn's pficnnlf.l glamor Rirl hus a low opinion nf lh« L'. S malf. Gloria Swa.n:,MM, u h'i a' r)0-;hi-:. '»n still panic any E t B E | m( . ; ,| home or ahrnad. sttvs Mr. Amrrir-j I'llcH to keep part vvi'h hi- .vnunncr rvpry day. Shr aiiil : "Our c r ^ a t hi-; hp-nion «rp Koin;i to h.ivo t" p...| ,· up if ihry u-nnl lo hold thr Inipr- r."l nf thrlr wiv", and «iri fricnd«. Alioul all rim: t of thfrn (;m t;i|!t I'thotll i.c l»r.chall. a n t u mnli!oi or their golf scni". "The (ivi-rac- American Im.'i- nrrsiiian docpn'l hnthffr to rpnr! a book dflfr he «rt5 oul of iol!c;:r f s t and h;tld . rm.vic. -Trre« for Bedroom C," Ji ",.'"' '"'" . - T -- - H th. country «hj|« hr ii n!f for M«lco to vl-.i'i--. Kh-'il rtturn in time 'ten ntr bariulnrmin? tour with' her , fall roller! inn - · · - 1 vjrf r-f-i'l'-n · Thr--. !i-rr.- : ch. rsr-l ,,f!r in? of fajhloni tw a . ,,f which sht is nnd rieii^nfr. ;, yp-ir this suptr- viii-.j stores in l« ti.i^; ; roMnd tn^ rountry, putting on fa-hi-.n,1-, of the dr«s« «hc dp«i!ir.x Th-y ,«-ll for J20 nr II-VT. she explains, anrl the com- j pimv -.rils t :,, and a hair million I of a iT-itr. : Womjn Look Youagtr TrnvPlini! a:ound the rountry. I MOM;, Kay-, -.-he hnj been dmsi-d I at HIP inuih.'ulnrjM; and smirtncza : of ihr /ivm^r small-town woman . Stu- .i;.^. I "i'v» r\i s ,;,: rrod. unions; other | lhln^. ' wom^n ar* 2*1 ytsrj younijiT ludiiv than thev w*r» I ] Rcni-ralinn ,-.50 at the tame Me. Chi-a3o-(/pi-AII-SUir came win^''.i 12 ]- 1 '- 1 ? 1 " 11 ' nncl nn - hi1 ' no-run from 1 A BAD BACK h'AMPSRED RALPH SO SAWH.;:i BELT 7/.1 r'/Z flFfr 19 et.VK of.'y ·fO f/fJ/ t'.'/.tefi? i:'/T# HALF S.Z til!' Hirls ij sinnlv Ii" a nr.ii " While tnFslnj! off ihrs- hnrliM opinion.-- ninria snt nn:ich»lnnllv at a promlnpnt tniile in » nii'ht cluh. while hernusrrl mn|e« for-nl lo --ip their soup fnr s!-'irin2. She was \veiinni; a enol and j o ' h v summer drefj of hei own dp«iSM «xp!nlnln;: "I havf 20 nf ih-se in differTM 1 , colors and fwhric,'." Cllnrla's .-crnnd "ennieh.-n-k" lii thp trick-, that h"r lies;. "The niipn'iiic is trje nf Amfri- can men. Th?v hav» grown o i-a-.ual in their dre« that you cih't tell wh-ihrr thpv'rc wfarinf ps- ·i'im.-5 or s'.rect clothes ha!? The lime. ' V.'hat if t-nmin "-ent urnund -.viih their stnckinz:. fallini; )o*n · Hrot nd their unklcs, with th*ir 1 hair unsraomed? Cun't you just . imagine Ihp howl that would *o ' up from Ihf ~- " T C\ t~ -r- i i- I op bhape For Track Events Oldsters Prove Golf Not Only For Young Men ChirmpM/l'i-A 'Towrj ni ,p rv nlrislrrs nr« pi-nvinq Tin! coif isn'. ncces.isri'v a yrarn.'! HIHII'S same In lh» Wostrrn Srnlor Golf A«n- I'h'linn's «rir.ii,-l .IB-hole Icuirnr- which cnrf. to-l'iy. for nifliino". t-vn of f i ' r shd'jt- rr in thp 7.1-r.nrl-n rr a-jc hrar|-«t rrackPri 100 in y5f!crt!,iy'i npi-n- inp ]B-holr I'niirv!. H. I... Simmnrj nf Intlliinpiills ulrolcetl H scrpi:h Bn, H-IIIIF H. M. K»i'« him lhe hesl ncl of 1*10 Ilplslnkl - i/Vi -The Bchos »nd»-- pains whirh havp hppn plaRiiinc Amcriffin track forces lcn«n ilis- ^i din. IMI.HIL. im-ruM ;| l 1 P^ii'in^ loday and indicatinnsj n-.-kin? were both knockwl j «'crc thai Uncle Sam's runners ' 'io box in n first innini; lhal jump npcrs and throwers will he al ' . P«s3TeU a . "nnochick and - n A--n oon. SECOND CAMI oit nn'i r,r.;-- 4 1:1 n n oni nnj inn l « i iwpi. Dorish r.nd Lollar: M*t!nr«n 'T.p. Fcrrlck, S'calcr. Haynes and Kflltr. ' Chiracn War hinKl Bell's Home Run i Gives Pirates Win Over Giants, 6-4 Hms^iii".'; c'ird read ·n- " " ' 1; " v l "·' "-'ins nnauv came from i fie-l f,,r second i-re Gary Mid-. Wind lo trip th- l-p7ue.ln-.din- dlccnff. Memphis. Tenn.. and Terl Brooklyn Dodfirr.^ 7-fi * Kroll. ,\cw Hartford, N. Y., each ' Catrhor Toby AtA-ell threw o'lt · with BSs.' i three- polrntial Dortner run-.- iviih j A: the end of today's ID-hole "?r r "ct throws on attemnle-l steil . ! round lhe. field v.ill he ci.i lo t h e 1 | n lnp 1'^te inninsr, to help Johnny i ; low fiCs Bnd ties. pln« Min.nes-il.i ' K'lpiwicin k-rp th? Hums unde'r : pros. The schedule calls for ,m-I''' n "' 0 '- Kljiipptein pitched .1 and inal ; lw °- Inir;1 .' i iininss in relief Cubs, Cards Gain re;±»^^ '^x "H Harrow Wins in Midgel Loop Play . .i | other IS Saturday and l!ie fin nnd Mai U'hitfiehl, hope for douhle j;old m?da! triumph in middle (Mx- tantes, held a ^norl workout yes- l-rdny and said he not bolh- ered by a pulled muscle in hi~ -- "* «nmeu '--. lie ;iid he would he primed |" pliir "' "arrow y|,-torles ·«[«- lor a shot nt both the 1011 ,nd · ?,*.1 ' '" f ' n - vcll - vi lle Roys Club Son-meter icsls. .· Miri«»i r ,,, i... -,._ ,, . , The Cubs and the Cards joined I Andv Sliinfield S-ton Hall · ; MidRet LeaRiu ' Pd(!cd thc play. The Cubs "s. '-». and the ankin of CnliiiMhus. na- tlonil senior inalch pliv rhani- pion, moved into the' clcsln- round of lhe 55-50 y e . r d r t s w ^ t h the tnurney"s best (.core. 37-.1B- 73. three over p:ir. Band leader Kred Warln- ,, m - Wcnl of th... UKoclalion, 1V as forced from the meet because of « knee Injury suffered in nn auto ·ccident. Major League Leaders NATIONAL LKAOVf. Baltinit--Mujlal, SI. I.ouis ;rj).; . Addis, Chieaso, .3.11, Atwclll ' f - Chlcaifo, .324. '· Ooodm«n, Boston, .335; Rot4h Cleveliind. .32,1. Puns--Minosu. ChleBgo, M: Rosen, Cleveland, ind Bern. Matv York, .10. nuns Bailed In--fiosen. CleV*. land, S3; Robinson. Chicago "jl; rioS-. Cleveland. 47. IliLs.-fox. Chicaso, 98; Robih- ::nn, Chicaiio, 03; Rosen, Clevc- I land. n?. ; Dnuhler,--Pr'.ldy, netroit, 23; I Hoklnson, Chicaio, Fiui, riiili- 'ihia, nnd Vernon. Washington, 18, i Triples -- Simpson, · C!*velind, | n-:-r'iio. New York, and yotttf ; ,in-i Hivera, St. I.ouis. «. ! Home. Riinr--Wertz. Detroit, nnd llcrr.i, New York, 18; Roatn, I Cliivcland, 15. ! Slolen lia.Ts--Rlzjuto. N«w I Mlnowi. Chl"Bgo, and Jtnitn, j Washington, «. I Pllcnin«--Horlsh. Chlmio, 5-0' Shnnlr., Phllnd-lnhi«, H-3; RaRhi, I New York, 8-2. BOWL rOH HEALTH Jim Beaton Unwllnr I«na*. M», , Valo Help A's Beat Fittsbiirch-lXPl-Gus Bell poled ! 12th inning homo run with a , T* i / ^^. 11t c T i l mat" on base last nieht to ?i\-e the i * ll'U'l'lt'll'j , I L ~l lowly Piltjburxh Pirates a S-4 \ victory over the New York Giants. | Philadelphia - Wl - l.cfthand helncd ail ^nun? n a s | T h e Giants' Jim Hrarn had been . Alex Kollner provided Ihp ,,, ""·m inn n« , .· ,· i . : co:-st '"K »'"")! "" a brilliant shut- I f?nse and righthander Elmer Va,- t'li-'Xb Thev boun h k"f i n ' Jt Unlil ^ " inth f ' a m c «""TM ' ' ^ - f f n s e last ni«ht as the Phil,/ vou" f o r ! t h e Pirates suddenly came to life , de!phi= Athletics put the wham' Still with an eye on IV 1951 ! *'"""* l °" r tim65 '° kn0t tn1 v . 011 f Cleveland Indians. 11- Giants, Stanky points out the out w r e n Klij)p:' t ?in wn, 1 ; ealle-l i'llo the same l.i the first irmin';. The Cub pitcher got out of th^ ; innin,- and ftirvivprl Dulce Snider'; l^iird innin- ho-ner and a rounl" of triples i-i slaccering homo with the ricr'sien. Erkslnc. top man on !he Bums' nitehin.e ladder, rouldn'l Ret anv- bo:l.v out in his first inning effort. , ..«. : n ' h i U "nH y clorv ? ' . . | · ''""wed only lwn a reiult 7 'l^h ' hP ll ' llri lhrnw Cards have won 29 of t^eir last ·*:. 13 of their last 2?, 12 of the last 13 and ail of their last 10. "We're n strong threat." says Sliinky. "We've i-ome a long way. "There's always hop?." "-'unl. | I. Kellner limited the Tribe to Bell's smash, coming with Iwo ! four hi!?. Valo walked twice, hi' How They Stand men out. was hit off relief pitcher j two singles and a triple, drove in j eh '"W '· «M«lilyii t Georpe Spencer who was the .' fo-ir runs and scored three others, i BR8OKL 7r, N r h Giants' fifth flinqer to see action. I Ferris Fain also shared a cor- Cox. -h 3 1 2 M t. The four-ply blow pave the vie- · ner of lhe baltinc spotlight for n p ^ rr ", 1 5S lory to Ted Wilks, who relieved ' the rambunctious A's as he banced C'li^nriia Howie Pollet in the lOih. ; a double in the first innine lo run : '' uhl lf ,. . Sn:lrr. i-F as lhe 200. "·in i S i .". " remrd sllot- pui holder who pulled a lija- ment in his right tinkle Ju:-t be- v ire olymnic trials in -,he United .Stales, said "I fed heller than I h.T-e in .1 lon K time. I won't have ,'^ln"«"up" only ,',,, J,"" A , ° , , I Bnl T)nr.\fr. H»hy Morri? nnd u,,... i,ui in ins nisi inning effort. : " rc ''". v ln rclurn rn harness Oayle Bauqus sparkled afield (or de- ' H '".I-' 5 the Cuh-, who wont hillc--1 '·* ""'owning Ross, veteran steeple- I the winners while Char'es Hu«h»s Wirir.l E^kine earlier ihi? season.' eraser, who has been bedd-ed ! was a standout for the losers with a stomach ache. He got nut! John Sleeic had his control with 'f lhe hospital yesterday and him in pllrhlnt, the Cubs to the walchcd practice from the side- j first same win. Gtorj* Lewis was lines. He planned to do some 'he loser. Harold Bohanan the work today. Cards' little guy with the bl« eve Meanwhile, A m e r i c a ' s full Mut Ihe Bruins were ready -by and they hn;ip Dodder ace with three ir douhle before ninvc'J. yes- Ihc- - be "' Al " 1 '' ' r( Olympic squad of nearly 400 ath- uy w e * eye collected three hits In three tripi to the plate to lead all batteries. (By The Associated Press) AMERICAN LEAGUE W Pet. .61.1 .464 .410 ..13S New York _ 46 29 Chicago ._ _ 4fi 34 Cleveland 42 34 Washington 39 3fi Boston ,, 3D 3R Philadelphia _ _ 32 37 St. Louis . . 3-1 4s DHroil. ..... 25 49 Thursdr/'s RrsuH New York H,. St. Louis 2. Chic2£o 2-4. Washington 0-2. Philadelphia 11, Cleveland I. rj*troit at Boston. poMpnr.nd rs!n. NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet. Brooklyn 51 32 ^gp, New York 47 27 '(535 St. Louis 47 34 SRn Chicaso .... . . 4 3 35 55| Phllsdelphia 35 41 JRI Cincinnati .. ... 34 44 .4315 Boston . . 30 47 .300 Pittsburgh .. L'2 .ill .:72 Thursday's Result Chicago 7, Brooklyn ii. Pittsburgh ti, New York 4, 12 Cincinnati 5, Roslon 3. StLfliiis in, Philadelphia 3, Each team pounded out 14 hits. ! Yonks Wallop Browns, 10-2 : New Ynrk-(/Pt-The New York ' i Yankee walloped the St. Louis 1 Brnwn?. 10-2, here last ni«ht t o ! ' extend i' 1 *? haplcpp Rrnwnie logins j ! strf»?k to nine. Yogi Berra and ; Billy Martin banged homers tn ; oatft n 13-h : i «t'a"k by the Yanks ' ; that enabled Rob Kuzava to coast i to u is f i f t h win nn .1 nine-hitter. ': The Browns wrnt ahead in thp fourth, 2-n. But the Yankees = solve-' Dunne Pillette's delivery in thp last of ihp fourth for two runs tn tie the score nnd went ahead to slay in the fifth. l his conserutivr? came hit-streak tn 22--lonsc.'l nf the season in thp American. i Philadelphia scored three times -.·,,,,-. off Early Wynn in the first frame i v? " r ! bPaTk . Kr-k n\ p nimk. p and never were then in danger from ' n r , ToM' -T n f) H-mnmk'. r n » n S.iurr II 1 1 " Atu-rri. c ( 'I f Foil'!--, lh I n n .I.-rV'on Hit 1 1) ll f'm ilV" jn 2 n n f{(,ih *p 1 0 'l Knpp3!fm i k. p n n o ' l n 1 Irtrs, was scheduled to be on ihp Ste*Ie nave up only five hits. -:-rne by tonight with f h e nri\»l o f f Th(1 Midjjot LeaRue Al'-Sts-r s\vimnior5. divers nnd thf w a t e r ] tnflm '* slated to play Fort Smith polo team. i The m\\l-to-1;i-| checked in last nij?hl i n n .Vi r, ]f) Tn lt:'^cl|»hi* 11, Cttvclvnd 1 CLtVtL#.HO FNILADVLVNIt i Fridloy. rf Avila. 2h Dihv. t Simp-oi H c f f ^ n . Comh^. aTiptnn B'arrttn' Wynn. Jnnr.-. To: a lit 4 0 1 inoii. s 4 n i -- n i* 4 f n Va'n. rf t 0 fi ^,-rn:s'. - n n Philirv. i 1 t ···-iir" · ~ " ' Kcll. 2h i n o \p::nc.-\ . 1 I I 4 n ii i n n 31 I 4 ' » -Filer! lor Minrk in fi'h h Ki^Oi for v« n Cuvk in 3'h r- fr-r Pnllto In D'li 1 : - f1 '-': n . ,101 n.m nmi- -R "^: r 3K n 4^n .'III nix- -7 F.-.-rmil.-. p n h r - o n y. M.k«-.%. I1HI .I-'iin-rn 4. "crnvi.Ttht J. ^.''" ^.J!^^^ 1 ?} 1 ^"*''"^''^'^'' i.c = fi 0. r.!! , ,, fl . checked in last nij?M from Nev; i n n ] York. There were R'2 aboard in- J J J ^ I u d i n c .'ifi nnvers, ".) frnr { ; )icyr!e rarrrs and 10 rannr ' The wratlirr cnntinupd ,I!B ^ 1 7 9 , ^" c * ^nd lh?» Olympic Ore; ] "« r h"-v roniplefine l lasl miniito details. A newly-,.,,tK.lru.-|ef) aii-firjrl 12 ppr- I this *frnoon it the'County K«ir Grounds. Reds Defeat ,5-3 _. . Cincmnati-f/Ti-C r a f t y Kenny ". a "' n * l erger weakened in ih'e was brought inl, ,,,e vc,. erria · ' "1" ,u. hT, 1 """ 1 ", , h " d " n TM« h ° *» h eaft'i, (ID; Thomson, Ke lv ' York, 62; llndj|;n, Brooklyn, S7. Mils--Musinl, St. I.nulu. S7; Locltmnn, New York, «nd Scho-n- diensl, St. i.ouls. (IB. D o u h l e s-- bchonnr.'iensl St Louis. 21; WilliamB. NI-V: York ID; Bur»«-, Philadelphia, end Mui,i,il. St. I.ouis, l(|. Triples--'I homsnn nnri Mueller. New York, and Ennls, Philadelphia, (l. Home Runs--Saucr, Chicaxn, 23; Hodxes, Brooklyn, 17; Thomson, New York, IS. Stolen Bates--Jethroe, Bqdnn, and Reese, Brooklyn. 14; Robin- ion. Brooklyn. 12. Pllchlns--Fine. Brooklyn 7-0- nrs/.le. St. Loin*, li-l; H"«rn ,\p'v' York, 9-2 I.EAOUK . | ----- ........ 'ain. Philadelphia, and! MI ""'«DOIU. GXACI C»«ISON, 4«. ctnat- 'late lor vice prrsident on tht So- V.'orker. I'arty of Anurlc», ticket, nn diK-io«ed that iiit nil reslRnrrl from party ana r«jotanj th« Catholic cnurch S(i» IIVH In rn.vk , 1^.--]: ! 1 I I P -TJ:,- Cnmh« ft'ii) "'11 -t-tr-:. Kllpi-r in 0 ipi'.chr'l . Ntw Ytr* 11, *T. »l. iin t , H I W Y O R K [ no r h B h r h Y"unn. 2h ii ^ 7.'.u'o. !* .1 | ^ M'rhfifil* ^h 4 0 4 Cfillln.*. Ih S 1 1 Rh-rr-i. rt 4 n n Bnupr rf 4 1 1 Nlrman. rf n 1 I.Rftrrfl. c n 2 1 Kryhft'ki. lh 1 n n Mnntlr rf 4 1 n Dvrk. If .1 1 I'Woodllnr. 'I T ·· ^ C0!ir;n"y. r 1 0 1 MTVenln 1 . ^h . 1 1 3 Drm'Mrl. «^ 4 n 1 Mwrtin. 21) 4 1 1 2 n n Kur.«v». p .I n i . . . HiThpn Ph»'artf' -in. i n 1 0 n n 2 3 Tit«]s 1.1 «~Grnun(1f.1 out for Mi-dijon in 8th St. Louis nro 2nl r^ln.- ? Nf'V York nfll 2.1^ tl^x --10 , E--Cnur;nev. MiclnrH ? nn'- Ifennntr-. Mrrlln 5. Mr. rininnlrt 2. Cn'llnv niiifr. r,"rr« 3B- · Wonrilint ^n-Cillinr 1411 -Mnrtln Rrrra. DP--M?r:'n. R'mrn rnrt rnl- Hn«: Rir.'n-o. Mnrttn «nrt r.irin^ l.rft -SI I.nin. 7. NPW York II nn- e ». Murlhon ·. KIIJ-VB ^ SO_ lrltp i. Mrtl.«r,n J. Kii7»v» I. IIO- iel'p to in .1 i|.--i . .,, . -, i n i: MiHImn .1 in .1 R A- r.R-?illntr Kntivi :-j. Mnrtuor, .1-1 HBP- Plllptlp ift«rr«. Wnndllnli. M«duon , , 'M«riin. R»urri. Winner-- KIIMVI | LMer-Ptil,itf ,«.), ii_ s , irnmtr , Mf ' '*'' S " vfn *- IJ And T Trim Playfield, 19-13 Boys Club WeeklyCard Th" Institute of Sricpre Tcrhno'os.v vv..? lir, stron- (or Ihr Harmon Plnyfirl'l ,«of(iv!l i«dm Inst night, ivinninn 10 !. 1.1 n' II'C VA llofpl'nl hull ficl-i. Thp lislltuln «ot 1(1 rur.'; on 13 hi 1 ', v.-ilh M::nnnn r,iv;nc -.ip dvp t"-- rors. H.irninn ROI n mm on 10 hitJ, snrt liic Insliluto pUycrs committal lhr;i crrnrr. thr prAk of ihp wintrr ] I- 1 .' Y-,nkiT--. i ;-.'! f.'aifliiial.i. ; lulv ]2-i:arriin;i|:; \ s . Inl^rs. I (Jlnnls \.t. Vnnkrps. lul Ili-Srniors vs. Wfslc- 1 '. 1 :.10 p.m.. .it County' ' Kan i Crnim'!!:. Fiqhts Lost Niqht (By Thp A»flrU|td rrfm) ...^''i"' 3 ' 11 - f '""".--Arlhur Kir.f prrmiltinK quiclinr delivery o f , ' o f ' n·Klj rP rB-ii..".T l i I Th- ''"'Tlfclly-hiillt airport rnn N -i.--.i.. snuirr sl I h.imllr Riant four-iiolor pl»nr; !vi'k'- n -" I kim"*- 1 "^' I ''rrvioujlv. hie flights hart to i'. l.-Ii-.nrnr.k'vn t'. \ lormiiiatr ,il Kto-kho!m !(IK| p««- I..-, 1 ' "r'j"' 1 :,.;'.-^' 1 " 1 ' scnB(!rs wor ' hrouahl in b r k · · ' K'ln^'-.-n-. ''mnllcr plnnrs. Southern Loop Action To Resume Following Ml-Slar Game Layoff By Thc A.lioelllid Prtit Thc two-day for th" All- S:ar f.-"np pnds just nft"r dusk tnniKiit with New Orl'un* anrl Moliil" _ precariously m^nnim fir.^l ;irul frenn'l phtrrs -- Irvins lo h'lrl clown four amhltlous foclnl climhrr«. McAilf ;i^,,i M | iH , i,, S |,, p A l . l.'iniH - fomfthinK Mobile fajlc-| entirely lo tlo last wek In Mo- lile. This attempt will he made in Allnnlii. N'ew Orleans nynln mrrls Bn. f!uijh»rn m a ·.llualion .ilmoii i'ler.tlnil with Ihp Mnhile-Allantn ; iTMimp'.lon. L:\f, week nirmlnf- ha'n down-d New (Irlenni four i Three eostl.v errors aldrrl thp ll«i- lee seorin^. Only » thre=-run seventh in- nir.j enahlpd nnffonsberger lo win an« Hint was thp res-ult of a s j r - c . like Boston Infield. Thp hravos finally tourhed the rods' south' |i»w for B run in the spvenlh mH then seorcrt. two moip in the ninth. 'I i. ··.!.« wtnt Mdy MM bei( tty... ^ h ·IHCIMN«TI «r l M rn r, 1 rl ' " -· T rk-"vtl,l. r" h | nn S'" 1 - l'-'l Artimv 31, t o n rnr«non. If I 0 0 Mir.h.ll. ·den. :t rooprr. r Ciulck. nh I5lltm"r, ?h Dunlelj. rf Wllion. p Tn!.l» . 4 I I K'trwikl. 4 1 1 · ,1-nrk. I f I I ? Itnttrn. 3h 4 1 ' nn-«i P : n o MCMIII.B. 1 1 0 R shrrgrr. I o o n n n 35 .1 « TV.1,1, 4 (I I 4 I l 4 1 ' 1 I n 3 1 ] 4 i · I n o .11 J , · -rn-rt nut fur tmtni-r m 7:h . JTM'J n win (ton 10?-i cincioniti no^ rum n.ix..-s I MM," !..,,'"""'' Tnr««on. Mr- I ,."!"· «ni-Cooprr. l/i«in. MrMll- l«n J rt-JMhror. M^Mufiin. Artcork i Si B n i. Cn °f* 1 ' 8-n»ff-n«hf z ; lP-MeMlllan. Ilillnn .nrt Khi. !.V: '·*"--Bnunn s. c nr nnmi ; "'I'"" ·· JO ·Wllinn 4. n.lfpn 3 ." ft, , K »-""'ltnih.r«rr .«.-. Wl'fn 1^*^,1,"-,: r -.?.;: f '"!W. rr " " " ' - " " " ' " " " nl1 Itlrl "' h vs. fecnnd (Jump. 1,-ut .... n a e . is nlsco Little Rock, the Southern'! innor sludrnt and prrnldtnt-tltct of next ypflr's Keninr rlAsit, titular hc»rt. thrm-r. .Mart of llvlni up :n Its jtundiirrU of IBM. Durlnj Th "' ·" "Iht »ir four hnl* Mily IhP Trsvs wnn five aid Inst | metturlns morp Ihun ftn ytrds Ihree Chattanfinrja Is IM M.|(H | it Nnrtrnvtvxl Cluli In Dillit Th« AtlanU for third pl«r hut hi* lonjeM l.« ».w ytriHt nri hfal of stpiifn up )tint now. -The fin»l game It Memphis it

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