Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 11, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 11, 1952
Page 3
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i)P Votes Changes In Committee That May Trim Down Size Of Southern Delegations »«, rayauttiilt, A.HU.I.IJ, Civil Rights Fight Over Republican Platform Averted; Democrats Fire Away By WILLIAM F. ARBOOAST * Chicago - I/P) - The Republican | convention names a new and en- j larged National Committee today, I marking the end of equal repre- ! ·rentation of men and women on ' the party's governing body, | Election of the new group is one i of. the last jobs to be done by Ihe ' ·GOP National Convention, which ! yesterday wrote a new set of rules . for the commitlee. ' Opposed by some women dele- j gates as discriminatory against ' their s.ex, the new rules were ap- · proved by a vote of 683 to 513. i .Changes from the old regulations ! were designed In reward states! that stay in the Republican ranks : and to penalize those t h a t don't .get out a sizeable GOP vole. j They make Ihe party's state j chairman 'a full member of (he I National Committee if his state f has a Republican governor, or i f ; · it goes Republican in a prcsiden- ' fial year. The chairman would ! lose National Committee member- · ship if his state went Democrat In ! ·a statewide election. One immediate effect of this change is to give an extra com- ! mittce member to 25 states t h a t ; now have Republican governors, ! and to Alaska and Hawaii, which _ h a v e Republican delegates i n ; "Congress. And. since the state! chairman in all 25 states is a man, 1he women complained that they j _ would lose their equality on the ' "committee, now composed of on? · man snrt one woman from each i Speakers Praise Candidates As Five Are Nominated At Chicago MARYLA Chlcago-r/Pl-Weary of name-calling and intra-party feuds. Rei publicans today had a four-year i ._ i program w i t h which they hope to ' drive the Democrats -from office, i Thc 1952 platform won a I roaring rhout of approval late yes- ' terday at ihe Republican convention. But its plank on civil rights came w i t h i n a splinter of causing an angry floor fight. Democrats were quick to chop ! away at the platform. Early com- . : ment from the rival camp inclurt- ' 1 ed denunciation by two men out I to win Hie Democratic nomina- j ' (ion and election as president-- , ; Avercll H a r i i m a n nnd Estes Ke; lauver. | j Harriman, m u t u a l security ad- ; I ministrator and a candidate for i i thc Democratic nomination sairt in ' Detroit the platform is "one of the '· most unconvincing documents of all time." Kofauvor, Tennessee senator who also seeks thc Demo- I rratic nnmination, in Washington raying thc platform makes Ihc American worker "Ihe 'forgotten , man." He sairt labor _ proposals I got "the wastebaskct treatment." I \ A United Textile Workers AFL statement decried the platform as "v i c i o u s 1 y reactionary" ant. "plainly anti-labor." Americans for Democratic Acion ADA. pledged to the princi- ' pics of the late President Franklin i D. Roosevelt, said: I "Thc platform . . . is a blanket repudiation of the social and eco- ' nomic progress made by the i American people over the past 20 I years. Thc platform as a whole i "federal ·ntUne SNOWBALLS People Heard From During GOP Convention Great Audience Is Provided Through TV And Radio I m n n M. Johnton of Cirrolton, :Ga.. slid that hit and other ittt* delegations anticipated tta* long session "eirly i n the week'.'VHe cdded: "And v.-e mad« trztbtt- mcnt.i for it." P. L. Drxid, St., c.i N'auvoo. Ala., expressed similar i i c m a r k f about his group--and · both vere disputed delegation b a t t l i n g fiov n the line [or their respective vote.?. Heavy Spending Highlights and sidelights: COP conventioneers "-ill spend an average of SJ51 during their »tay i.' If: Windy City. V,'. B York, i,f M a d r i d . Iowa, ar.r] Cliff Yftunj, "f Renn, NV., figure that's what they II spend if ths convention sucks to schedule . . . Sen. John vhi heads the . n. 111,i,u-. . - · delegation felt! convention has scored an: 'here would bt an early Taft vic- o l h r r historic milestone. It has ""7" "at '«·« hy the second bal- had the largest "audiences" ever:'°'' n e on the convention floor" a t t e n d i n g n party conclave. ·'. . . OOP women delegates are Not a!l of i h e people were in . c o m p l a i m n j about the drawn-out this city's I n t e r n a t i o n a l A m p u l - Proceeding.- at Convention Hall.' theatre. H u l ihry snw and heard i T y p i r a l comment comes from Mrs., e v e r y t h i n g t h a t was o f f i c i a l l y p r e - j N'altpr (Jrics, of .Vegaunee, Mich.,' sentcd on t h n convention floor, i "'ho says, "all day and evemnc vin t h e i r newspapers, radio and ; we're out at the convention which television. And t h e y responded doesn't give us anv tlm? to jet w i t h letters, telegrams and p h o n e ; ""-' -"hopping done." That doesn't calls to t h e i r chosen delegates, i '""ke the storekeepers happy. Many of i| 1( . p, irly represent: either. f lH(|B vcs n r r experienced hands r,t ' A l t h o u g h television is getting, conventions, and almost lo a man '"' pl»- 'his year, radio is still each said today, when questioned V( ' r ' '"«fh in the picture. Padio by t h i s reporter, t h n ; t h i s ronven- ' ""·' h'"" covering political con- lion provided Ihe gri-atcsl deluge'TM" 1 " 1 TM -"'nee Alabama rast "24 '·f expression-; of iht. Mon^inc' .. .n votes for Osrar Underwood" hack , M , !V' KS Vl TM 0 '- s ( M i i i i i . i l N e t w o r k Commentator) Chirago-iSpecinn-The 19.'.; Re- : R r i r k e r of Ohio, publican party presidential nomi- Buckeye State SNOWBALL FKSIIT IN .UII.Y7_H USSC || Oreen, ». of, S Je s en r^n^'T 7i T in 19-4 N i., h o d s a Placard advo,-tisin K his unique summer treat-nice, ! of Quinc'v Mi ,« enresenl nJ h i : " ' -Rut; S H°on, -m W d d n C 7,' "T""" "' lh! f " m i '- V lrrp 1reem - ' * 1 ""'* n '' h ·««'* ' TM h" " h r ' ""· l-TMn In every ,0 in th.. h u e bov a e t thin, "ir ,"" "' mnhnK ". l ""''""""· bl " t h , - j received more ,,,,,,, and pho e Un,,c,l Stater received .on,* kind I c boj at left t h i n k s U s a f i n e tune lo revive a f.-ivorlle winter calls at t h i s .session ,,,,! h( . r . of Red Cross assistance or ..""I I. it.. K l j n _ - _ . i ,. . , ., . ; ;,,,, ;,, i n = . slate and territory. , . .. Another change may cut i n t o j ( /.°' 1 '- '"icodorc McKcIriin i-f J l ^ i y l a n d said last ni"ht that General O r" ^-^^^^ ' h -- r^f'^'rang ou, as he convention. It boosts from l.nin to 2.000 the '. number of Republican votes l h a l j mmt hn cast in a coT^rossionnl : nalin.v s-.rahc'j-Hcre arc- t h e (;oi-' nominees nn-.l what ih- 1 r.-.-^i- :iifl nbout t'lcm: South district before fie rt.^'rict is ni-,' Sen. r.n^-i \ T a f , - li'led a deleualo fn the S^cn SotMhorn state: rlon't ti'rn i;it a h^nvy GDI and only M.-;rv]nnd h n ^ ^ H . 1-can Eoverpn". (Vie two combined w i l l loosen t'-;e ,S influence in partv rouni-ii.-: .ind rn ? v i-duce Koiil'-orn d"loc.ite . strpnilh at t h e IBS'! Convention lMi'o- 3 tht! ."out-cm GOP becomes a lot more- "dive. Tn an effort to head off in the f u t u r e bitter f i g h t s such as rie- vr-topcd this year over p e a l i n g ! contested delegations, the onnvpn- ' conven- j tcgrily, .Mr. ; Amc-ric-r-n . . inrmally , Repvbl.c;ui f :ilh. -.Vp". 'Je j r.ncn .-.-,-Hin..; i ;!r,',-!jr; *'- : for i-,cr;u:,;iciit w r r :asoncd and riprnncl . lie HMO convenlloo. "And t h a t ; l n X in 1951. ·= neeting," he added, "was a up- · "" ·- ' "° a » V I I U : L - | j v u u i u i legislation lo f u r t h e r ' bristled w i t h d e n u n c i a t i o n of snor ' (1 ''. too." lollows the practice of substituting just and equitable t r e a t m e n t in i '"resident Truman's a d m i n i s l r a - i Tu ' rl ''· ll '' f i'' C''M«t governors n- platiturics where planks are called [ t h e area of discriminatory n,,i- lion. It plotted a course for n ! r ' rM5p ' 1 "ini'lar opinions. Oov. ploymcnl practices.'" Hut it adds: ' "im.reh iiiln ,1 new day." It prom; Ar """' '-"nglie of Washington, 'Federal n r t i o n ' s h o u l d not d u p l i - i.T-l In end what U rnll'pd a rorriint I vm ' c ' r ' I 10 '" 10 ' 1 "'": "Sessions 1 such as these show ,1 basic American fact. The American people w i t h an efficient positive i "''," rnr "" ; ln '' .·""l" 1 "' Ihcm- i j selves mi principles, and that's j o n e of the basic f e n l u r « ; of good i government. I deluged w i t h j m a i l , tclcgnui.s nnd phone nils. | And believe mo I was very happy f l ' i know that every move I made on Ihe convention floor was np- utV-! j imr :pccch hy ij-n. i Dirk.-en rf Illinois). Gov. Ea-.-l Warren of Caiifornia: "A man whose i i u a l i f i c a t i i i r . s n i ; M nn execulr\-c n:e of · ' ( i .-·.: i r I ::c?ol:i: "Has g i v e n ' l^'-.n]^ ni ihc ijintc 1 a jiro^res-'. I'l'iv.anr.r.M,-':! ::ro;r.ini . . .' I o', a n- u-i-li for ihem a n i v.c!l brirr; . . . We believe j read tlie platform to the convention. He hit the Democratic nd- : ministration for "corruption in hiah places" and "examples of i dhhoncsly and dishonor." ' Ho rea-l MM: "We chiii-Rc t h a t they have plunged us into war in Korea w thoul the con.sent of oni- citizens IhroiiKh their nulhorizcd repre- scnlntivos in de Congress, and 1 rate s t a t e efforts to end such | 1 Administration Condemned : Thc p l a t f o r m as a · cope P u n a b l e ... , Communism and re- ! administration that would 1 and wii) it." Boyle's Column ""'' C10S "' 1hc l s t r a t l n n s - t h c war without j W i l b u r Peehlr-, America's most i average guy. his gotten himself the foreign into sen-ins t r o u b l e w h i l e a l l c n d - cralir a d m i n - ing the Republican M.iliun.i! Co;-, nn pledged a v c n t i n n . He tells about it himseif 1 military , in his Ictler to his f a i t h f u l wife: . proved by the folks back home." H.v HAL BOVIl; ' Mixm Rnpnnur ., . ... , ,. I c; ° v - Douglas M c K u y of Oregon. t h a t v / i l l not die, and will not fade , said his m u l l shownd mixed re-| away." jsponsc In floor ,ii-llvitles t h l i : week. "That proves," he said, "that the people who c.i-.t tl:r rie- You've Heard Atari Nil You've Reid IkMrtH! now, you con hovt o part in it . . . . JUDGE FRANCIS CHERRY u r h :na-.-n:-l r-jhvanl l i - . ' - o n v o n - ; On ,., iiaa ' 1:0: die ;:rd w i l l -i'.'e: . . . rrnovnc-v ii " t ] Drier.; . . . i-r.iir.-' :"-: d---.-o'i":i 1-1 ;;;·: r i .rnl level" (by Mrs. C. I Howard of Minnesota).! S-.-n. William Knowiand cf Cali'-i f o r n i a ) . ; Gen. Dwi'_*M D. Ki:;cnho\vor:' stench anr:- stigma fiom i For business it promised to "remove lax abuses and injurious -j rt ,^'^" ' ...jM i '"Our goal is a balanced budget, 'iioi "fid» '-IW1V " miurctl national debt, nn eco- i OccMciit' ,-i'id ' " o m i r n l arlminislratlon and a cut ,.-ni.'°' % " J 'Tn' ' F n r m p r s were promised t h a t " n-.tion' ' " l?p l' ublitl;1ns W TM H romive "nnr- Ch,,.aBo-(/IVWdl. Trellis Mae, i t . ,, w l l s lm , a , n i h , .,,,,, ,, I jus hope you can realise the delegates were verv llrnrl I don't i n f f f /H r - ' S C l h i n l ' V m a l ' H l - l h i n k lhp ' wpr " Polillr-allv for K H M , ,' El ' P ' lhmv "'- W '-"' rp " . M a c A r t h u r at all. But he was and M a c A r t h u r . I have overnight 1 2 GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 63c Holland Br«. Locker Hani EVERYTHING IN and SUm. FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVt Hear Better BUY W I S E L Y ! f- When buying o Htaring Aid (onk for (hit Acceptance Seal ·Ml"i American Medical Atsacialion Council on P/iyjicol MtlHcint and Rehabilitation Th Threat Pejert '-.T*ia] questions posed by I the civil rinl-l- issue had iin! been nrltlod yesterday oven while fie fi.000-word platform was no for j convention action. F,ven as decn- I voiced Ken. Eugene M i l l i k i n of ! Colorado, c h a i r m a n of the Resolutions Committee which Well, I d i d n ' t have n p,. lp K lo get i n t o convention h a l l , anil n a t u r a l l y , a f t e r a week of civic i d u l y here I w a n t e d to see what .....-...,,,- ' wns going on. I was r.tandlng at , .,, drafted I ' h e entrance lo the h a l l when - t h e statement of principles, was ' fellow came up to r reading t h e document, the threat i "How about carrying I of - civil rights battle hung o v e r , i n t r " 1t- h a l l ? " : t n p ha "-. ,' "Why, sure," I sai-l. And for .|n- I I hat it never materialized was ! odd m i n u t o s I muscled t h a i sign n t r i b u t e to M i l l i k i n . who hart , saying "Win w i t h Taft " ! worked day and night to produce! Well, honey, a f t e r l h a t jiKt as I a plank acceptable to both North! they were about to throw- me out ; crn and Southern republicans. of the hall, an elderly man w i t h a Thc f u n n y t h i n g about the next! 35 m i n u t e s of madness. Trellis. deeply inleresled in what we dirt Mae, is t h a t everybody joined in j b c r p ' n Chicago.'' : Attempts to hide pressure lac- I'cs from Ihe people failed n t this convention, in Ihe opinion of most observers. A t y p i c a l delegation .-.nn raac..ii-iriur. I have overnight .vmbo'-lik.. the American "f"l'a« I ''"' t '"" rtemonstratini? its position become, ,h r a U - A m c r i c a n Kroub- lh( , v |, : ,,,|, fl , m , n m l n n | I p r p f | fner «;»» taken earlier in the week by licnn. ami I have bad to beat down T ,, n , . . . . " " ' n r ' ! l h e Puerto niean Rrniip. which .1 movement am-.n,; ihe i . t o c k v a r r l s . '' ,, n " pr ' rn "' l ",' t U|) r ' nr - . "« 'hree voles. They demanded bov, !,, ,,;,,,,,, n n r ,, r president. LJ^ , s: " d: r lp , r n " pl ' Want ( ( ,, be polled. "But that for Hem's hr.- it lnnuene-1 li,,,,nv ,1 . · ." m 'V convinced the benefit of the people at home." and t h a t blonde "ih I H i^i n .T" "/' " ' S " VTMTM"- »" p "' Ihrlr number pointed out. ban,' w h i l e t" e Ic v K i o n ' me i '' "" ""i"TM 15 '"' C ki " d "'' Each ^legation chairman to w a s ' p o i n cri our wiv ? ' X "" ""''' nm " a n r l ""n't . whom I have »pokcn-and I hav» joking ' ' Ji«!, sure whom they want. | ,,l kert to q u i t e a few-»aid thai i And i h i s loiter com"s to you ! hi-' group will remain u n t i l ?v»ry- from a llrcrt. loving husband, liri-d i ' h i n g is done. And that position of .:houldfving many banners, j W f l s taken by men from Georgia. Your Own j A l a b a m a and other Southern Wilbur. | j!" t? "- l '- v . Easterners and Pacific P.S. I hate to bring to me and said: ; IS this banner up money ernor Warren has the best-looking .' figured the expenses o" fhefr Chi^=L== . --?gg-^ r .'P lo '"' 'ast penny. New- | 1 1 1 1 mr ( 01 M l I I I I - j I I M l ' J K I D l l ! Suhstitutp Plank Prrpir^d , California accent thrust ~ -- - --" · · » » · · · · * « _(imm iii,i ni:rcni inrnsi a "Win · , A few hours earlier, Harold C. ! w i t h Warren" sign in mv hand i : Burton of New York rallod a : and said: "Carry on for a great Rn ' i strategy huddle of other Negro j publican Democrat" " I delegates and alternates to back a i j Of ' «:r srs:-'s · s; : TM;x : ~F£¥ iESKHSS ;rj^TM« j fred Driscoll of New Jersey, both known to favor strong civil right? Honey, thrro is no way you can l a k e mustard off a suit hero for ^^^^^^?^^^^^ not expect to win. Then the entire document came i charge for the black eye Well, Trellis Mae. t h e n ('icy i M i s (Jarmon C. Harris of Oklahoma r i ci I o\ ei i cl ingi p r i ni i c i linn breakfart w i t h the general in C l u e City and Gen. Dwi;;hl j). a:i u::!.1homa dclcsa- . went un throughout the conven- · lion hall. Accord Pleases Leader-! : Such accord was a iclief to ; many party leaders who had feared a platform b a t t l e would widen party wounds already opened by the bitterly-partisan campaign for presidential nomination. The civil rights plank promises and r.aid: "If you can't you're yellow." carrv for Ike Site of NcitEoRs! Conventions Ask your Phyiician! Dili advert itcmcnt in bcinf run H · Mrvicc to DM h«rd-nr-hc»rii| by UK oaken of hijh-quAlily. low-cm HEARING AIDS I*M CtftnOiM OlrllH «*ibU · MW«nt Iln C»4 DIXIE RADIO '81 Dkkton Phon* l l l l i l l e r e is rhi(.u-o\ I n l c i n : i i sofsion. The i n t e r i o r ( ,f u, j thc proceedings on Iht-ir t So I grabbed an Ike sign and ! followed her gamely around u n t i l j she started t a l k i n g lo a widower ' from South Dakota--or was it North Vermonl? Tt became r.uch a m.idhou.-n Trellis Mao, t h a t w h r n t h e y nom- i itcd Sla: n I jumped up and grabbed .a sign. Then somebody sail' "We aren't yelling; for Slas': I sen now. This isn't iritR." ; j W e l l , honey, t h e convention was I i l l ' r g l i m e and f i n a l l y an oil man . from Oklahoma got up and nom: iled General M n n A i l h t i r , and said of him t b a t bo had If youVe tasted todays SCHENLEY ... you know it's the best-tasting whiskey in ages! B L E U D t O W H I S K f Y 85 P B o o r . 655! C H A I N l l f U T R A L S P I R I T S . S C H E N I E Y O I S T R I B U 1 0 R S , INC., N E W YORK, lilt/ Y O R K h II i l . i | . i n i l l r . i n Nnllonnl Convention In now In '.me lit] million |mn« who me wllnrrjini You are cordially invited to see the NEW PALL FASHIONS ARRIVING DAILY at the \ Choose from these FIRST ARRIVALS. A small deposit reserves your choice in our loyowoy! I ^^^^B^IKM^^^B -- Tht 12 continuous ho«r Qutttion and Aniww Forum that upMt HM political applocart in Pulaski County, now comt to FAYEHEYIUE ONE DAT OWLY Silurdy r Jvly 12fli ON THE RADIO You'll B* Thrill*dl You'll Bi Excllcdl You'll B« Informal You'll Bt Anundl You'll B* BatfrtibMdl Only FRANCIS CHERRY of ill too candlditn DARED lo iniwit anjr ird ALL OUH- tioni from any and ALL la- diriduali TEABLESSLY. rOHCEFULLY and EMPHATICALLY TUNE IN KGRH Fr.rst!«»il!« HeidquarUrt I ncroi» from Armory I on Csliena ATena* I (Formtrlr Tuck'i »rrlct Co.) I Phone 2400 Follow Thli Schedule r«y«tt«ri]l,: KGRH 10:00-11:10 «.m. 12:15-12:45 p.m. 1:15- 2:00 p.m. 4:00- 5:00 p.m. 1:00- 1:00 p.m. Fort Smith: KFPW 10:00-10.31) «.m. 10.30-11:00 a.m. 11:00-11:30 a.m. 11:30-12:15 p.m. 12:15- 1:10 p.m. 1:30- · " 3:001:30- 5:301:00- KFSA KFPW KFSA K W H N KFPW KFPW KFSA KWHN KFSA KWHN KFSA KWHN KFPW KWHN KFSA KFPW KWHN Sprln«UI*i 1:457:11- 7:M- 1:001:15- 2:00 p.m. 3:30 pjn. 5:M f.m. 1:00 IMS pjlk 1:41 p.m. ':1S p.m. I'M p.m. I'M PJH. l: ! M.'lliN ^ M:M.11,11 fj*. »:«. 1,11 *M. ItIO- lit* £» »:··· llH pZ nM-iiiM ym Tk* KMrnv ANSWEII TO ' OM EVCM ro« "Who WM ·« TMT ~

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