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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, July 11, 1952
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PAGES TODAY Read by ever 25,000 Doily J^ortfjtoetf LOCAL FOtfCAST-- ray.tfviUf infl virinUy njrM r t n u r t v t n n l f h t and tomorrow co t i n u e d w a r m Hi|h irmperjUur* ye tnrijiY 31 low r.r; n^on iodi Sunrim 1 i:, luruiet 7.33. TfcePubfJc fnfcrtsf Is The F/rsf Concern Of This Newspaper VDIUME 90, NUMBER 399 Prwj l«awd Wir* FAVETTEVIUC. ARKANSAS. FRIDAY EVENING, JULY 11, 1952 AP, King and NtA met awn Eisenhower Is Choice Of Republicans North Korean Targets Hit In Air Strike Pyongyang Is Lower Rates On Phone Service Info Effect Company To Mail Refunds, Interest To Subscribers First Ballot Nomination For General Main Point Of Allied Blow Hundreds Of Planes Join In Assault Ag Never Thought He'd See This Testament Again Convention Hall, Chica^o-OPj-Gcn. Dwighl ft. Kiscnhower look Lower rates on local telephone! lhe Republican presidential nomination today. He won on the first srrvice here went into effect to- s ballet. f'n.v, and the Southwestern Bell 1 J ^ nc ' l n e weary GOP legions, h a v i n g made their srral decision lie-, Telephone Company \vas com! lweea ^e five-stor general and Sen. Robert A. Taft, took a recess putinsj refunds for each of it;:. wr| i-'-' Ihcir nominee pondered who he w a n t s for a running mate. 200.000 present and kansas customers. Clyde Shibley, manager in Hayctleville for Southwestern . former Ar- ; Some of those close to the general said there was signs pointing toward Sen. Richard Nixon of California as a "top possibility" but ethers also were beinfi talked. Eisenhower's victory, fashioned from a pattern of toe-to-loe Drumright. Okla. -UP\- w h i l e ' B c l 1 ' sa ' d lhc " rst r c f u n d checks fighting with the A r m y in I t a l y ! W l " R° l n t o t h c '""'' on J "ly 21. in 1944, Cpl. Thomas n Kloci;' Thc company expects to have all lost his New Testament. This i checks mailed by August 20. i week, Klock received it in a ' The r e f u n d due each telephone : package from Australia. Me also; customer amounts to the diffcr- _. . I received a letter from Low Ford, · ence between the rate that cus COmmuniSlS i o l Newcastle. tomer has i Ford explained he found lhe Seoul, Korea-(/Pj-Al least 650 ; Testament in Italy, couldn't learn v.-arplanes from live Allied na- I the soldier's Army address so tions rubbled the North Korean ! took it with him to A u s t r a l i a for capital nnd smashed P.vo other j milling when the war was over. North Korean industrial centers , However, it was mislaid and Ford today in one of the most d e v a s t a t - | explained it u as found only re- ing raids of the Kore?n war. i cenlly when he and his w i f e t a t t l i n g all week with the Taft forces, was a smashing one. He was nine voles short of the 64 needed for the nomination when the clerx had finished calling lhc loll of lhe slalcs on lhc ballol. His 5.95 compared with an even 500 for Tafl. Gov. Earl Warren had 81, Haru'i! Stamen 20 and Gen. Douglas MacArlhur 10. At that point, the Minnesota delegation, which had given in of its votes lo Stassen, threw then, to lhc general and it was all o.'rr. Olhc-r slates jumped on the banriwairon. * * * The U. S. Air Force said in mid- afternoon the continuing raid "was n r u m r i g h l well on the way lo being thc big- : "cslampnr. Rest air strike of the war." \ United Nations pilots reported : they destroyed or damaged t h e : Communists' army communica- · lions headquarters, three munitions factories and numerous other factories, and supply and troop ! centers in Pyongyang, the capital, j The Red capital was left in i flames and rubble, AP correspond- I t:nt Stan Carter said a f t e r a flight j over the target area. I American, British, A u s t r a l i a n , I South African and South Korean planes from land and carrier bases also smashed Hwangju and Sari- wun in Western Korea, 25 and 35 miles south of Pyongyang. They are important centers on the rail line between Pyongyang :.nd lhe battlefront. Warning Issued j were cleaning their home. Kloch's address was in the RoadCommission Opens Bids On 18 Projects Project In Madison County Included; Others Planned been paying since Scp- , _ _ . . . _. . tcmber 21. 1950, and what he' N o m i n a t i o n UninimoUR would have paid- if the lower! Sen. Oohn W. Brisker of Ohio rates had been in effect b i n c e ' c a m e lo the platform and, speak- that dale. Thc company w i l l a l s n i i n , , f o r T ; i f t movcd (hc nomina- refund the 15 per cent federal . i excise lax and the 2 per cent '· tlon bc m ' ldo llan "TM" s state sales tax applicable tr, t h e ! Scn - W i l i i a m F - Knowland of j difference in rates. I n a d d i t i o n , j California came forward to do the ! each customer will receive i n t e r - ! same on behalf of Warren.. And cst ,,,, his refund figured at 6 j | h e dc | CRaU , s j a i n m i n f , imo t n i s I per cent a n n u a l l y . , . i Shibley said it isn't necessary! b ' R ha " vnarcd lhcir "PProval. \ to coll thc telephone business o f - : With lhis dramalic conclusion to · ficc to gel a r e f u n d . Jusl as soon i 'he long, lensc Eisenhower-Tan ! as each customer's r e f u n d is com- slrugKlc, thc convention recessed i puled, a check for the f u l l a m o u n t \ iil 12:4(l !'· m - (CST) until 3 p. m. ; plus taxes and interest will be 1 " "' T " mailed. This rate chanjo and r e f u n d The main business then will be ! ' ' ratify officially whatever choice Ohioan Pledges Full Support To Nominee Two Get Together For Conference At Senator's Suite 1950. marks thc end of thc lelephone i Eisenhower makes as to the No. 2 company's two-year-old rate case Place on the ticket the GOP w i l l .send oul in an effort to break 20 years of Democratic national rule. For thc rest, the program was a l i t t l e u n c e r t a i n . Eisenhower is expected to attend a night meet- Helicopter To Bring Tockert TO This Area!Talkathon Here Cherry To Hold which began in August, Rale Schedule Listed The lower rate schedule means that business phones in Fayetlc- w i l l cost S9.25 a month, in- itead paid ng lo address the convention-of $10.25 which has been prob ably at 7 o'clock (CST). ince the company put an For weeks, Allied pilots had been dropping leaflets warning civilians of, the impending raids, a U. S. Fifth Air Force spokesman said. Many of the targets, pinpointed by photo intelligence, had been allowed lo grow for months. Bombs v/ere dropped w i t h i n a mile of a Red camp tor U. N. war prisoners near Pyongyang, but pilots were instructed to be espc- j cially careful near this camp and i Little Rock-Wl-The Arkansas Highway Commission today opened bids on 18 road and bridge con- · struction jobs. increase into effect in September, They aimed, in any event, to get all lhe business-concluded if pos- ChicaRO-(7P)-Ccn. Dwight ft. Eisenhower called on Sen. Robert j A. TaTt today shortly after his j flying t r i u m p h over thc senator for the Republican presidential nomina- 1 lion. lie arrived, for what was an A helicopter, carrying Demo- Tac-UclT^ncrli^o te over Nnrlhwesl A r k a n s a s tomorrow. Congressman Tackett i", lo make a number of appearances in l h i s sf , cl inn, s t a r l i n g at 10 a.m.. ai Lincoln. In each case, his headquarters in Little Rock said this afternoon, he will land in the 10 To I paymt;. nre: i I One party residence $4.:iO, down '-. tractcd on J u l y 25. Those pro j - ccts aro cstimatori lo cost l.f) m i l lion dolars. The projects include: Madison--10.52 miles .crave! Taft appeared first w i t h Kisen- HH v w a l k M 1951. Other rate charges, along! sible and a d j o u r n , ms 25 th GOP with w h a t customers have been, convention in the evening hours. Principal; Hear The News Apparent low bids on the proj- '· f r o m S5.25: two party residence T a f t mt] Eisenhower both Rot eels totaled $2,762.342. in contrast i $3.50. down from S4; four party ; ITM n «" "' 'he convention de- lo t e n t a t i v e estimates of 3.3 mil: residence S2.65. down from s:i.23;; ''' s '" n h - v , w atchm K TV at then- lion dollar' r u r a l business S5.Y5, down from : hntcls - TMc several went to Tail's Today's bids were opened on : Sfi.50; r u r a l residence S3, d o w n i h o t c l a n f l l h e two of them posed the heels of advertisement yes- ! 'mm S3.50. I smiling, chattmR amiably for tcrday of 14 other jobs to bc con- I Hefund checks in lhe state w i l l . newsmen, the movies and TV. ' a m o u n t to about S3.00fl.000 E. N . ! f r o m this peace mcclins, Eisen- n " wcr behind hi:, 1 hower went lo a conference w i t h sl " c Dv sule.jis t h c v walked ml.i Gov. Thomas E. Dewcy and other j lllc '" bln ' nf l h o n i n l n """''· A advisers -- ,1 .session presumably i P « ' t v nf about 40 or 50 persons devoted to thc question of the vice ! slopped for a minulc behind thc presidential nomination. Dcwcy, : * wn men. who was a master slralegisl in lhc Eisenhower and thc senator Eisenhower camp, was all smiles chatlcd amiably, both smiling in an exchange with reporters ; broadly as they posed toeether bc- He said of Eisenhower's nomi- ! Kr ~ television cameras. W h a t they nation: sa ' r ' however, was generally lost "Wonderful. He will sweep thc · '" tnci General uproar. j country in November." "You'll win the election." Taft I It didn't take long for t h e rlcle- ! gates to j u m p on the Eisenhower side once il was clear on the con; vention rollcall t h a i | winner. Arkansas' delegates to thc cnn- , vention voted on the first ballot ' s.x for Taft, one for General Mac- A r t h u r and four for Eisenhower. apparent effort lo smooth over thc center of 'lhe towns where he will bitterness of the convention con- ! speak. tesl, under police guard and the i TMf co ? nh * l ft : silniim ^ r| ,,, two went into privalc conference. : n. Gravel!" at 1 p.m., Bentonville The general came across the ; ' a t 2. Rogers at_3. _SprlnRdalr at 4, street from his Blackstone Hold ouarlers tn Tail's s u i t e in the Conrad Hilton Hotel. Eisenhower and Taft came out of their conference at 12:15 p. in. (CST). Questions Invited In Person Or By Telephone 'Chancellor Francis Cherry of Jonesboro, candidate for thc Dem- appcar here lomorrov/ in lhe Vice President Post Uncertain; Many Mentioned Morgoret Chase Smith Included In List Of Possibilities Convention Hall. ChicaRo-f^p). Names of a n u m b e r of members of Congress and state governors entered into speculation over vie* prcsidentiail possibilities today as : the Republican National Conven- i tlon pronsr«l to fill tho top »pot on thc GOP ticket. While bv custom the party's presidential candidate has the f i n a l word In selecting his teammate, delegates were far from reluctant to offer advice. \ House Speaker Joseph W. Mar- I tin. Jr., convention chairman, said i he knew of no general agreement ] at lhis time on anyone /or vice i president. i "They'll lot the presidential candidate name him," Martin added. "They always do." M a r t i n said he assumed that for geographical reasons the vice presidential nominee would come from the Midwest or the East. Mentioned by others as possibilities In this connection .were Sen. Everett Dlrks;n of Illinois. Sen. Margaret Chase Smith of ! Maine. Sen. Karl Mundl of South Dakota and Rep. Walter Judd of Minncsola. ·· Nixon Mtntion4 Bui names of possible choices from *otli3r sections were mentioned, loo. Sen. Robert Nixon of California was one of these -- he might help swing California's bin delegation to one presidential a.-.plranl or another. Gnv. Earl Warren, head of the California delegation and still shooting for the top spot, says he's not interested in lhc second prize. The names of Mundt and Dirksen were advanced by clement) in the party who assumed G*n. Dwight D. Eisenhower would win the presidential nomination. Thc idea is that either of them might help restore harmony after the Tuft-Eisenhower light. But Du-kwn m»d« i. personal attack on Gov. Thomas E. Dewty of New York In his iptech nom- Inatln* Sen. Robert A. Taft, and the New York jnvcrnor, a '---"--· I in Ih -- ' he is expected to land here "about of .Springdnie he w i l l an.swcr four others. ' base course on the St.Paul-Witter four hundred U. S. Air Force, I road, Highway 23: Moss-Thornton. Navy and Marine fighter bombers I Inc.. Leeds, Ala., S190.764. swarmed from land bases and i Thc 14 new projects to be offcr- from the U. S. aircraft carriers j ed for bids July 25 include: Princeton and Bon Homine R i c h - I Washington and Bcnlon - - 6.51 hearings and ard in a morning strike on Pyong- I miles of grading, minor drainage ; Public Service yang. They were joined by planes struclures, gravel i )ase course and ! from the British carrier HMS I biluminous surfacing on ihe Ton- ; Ocean. I lilown-Cave Springs road, a coun- The advance wave slrafed and ty road. \ bombed Red anti-aircraft guns. Then fighter bombers hit their largels wilh rockets and bombs. A second wave of 250 fighter bombevs attacked the capital in lhe afternoon. More than 100 American and McCall, riistiict manager of I h c j " , 0 1 company, cslimaled ycsterdny. In September, I f l n l . the com-i pany put i n t o e f f e c t , under a ' bond, a 54.600,000 rate increase.; .which was continued t h r o u g h ' yesterday. Thc S4.fiOO,000 increase was cut to 53,177,000 hy the ; A r k a n s a s Supreme Court after f i n d i n g hy the Commission. | '., -,i i - ,i · , . , Questions u n t i l 2 p. in He will speak in th» mlere.-.t of i A1 2 , d c| ,, his campaign for governor in t h e ; , , , , .,, ..' . ' .. '· ·/-'"·' J '·' various Unvns_whcrc he w i l l l u n d . ' i'l. 1 .-.''?. 1 ;!. S .' n!l ?.' w h c TM hc v '"' $10,000,000 Fire In West Virginia jirsff^^ H i i n t s v i l l c at .1:15, and Fayettp- j sccon d "t "is radio "talkathons,' 1 1 in thc Eisenhower camp, may rule villo later tomorrow evening. H i s i ^ J t ' i n M on the air at 10 n. in. a l - | h l m out. speech in Faycltcville Is scheduled ' tcrnately over radio s t a t i o n s J u f l r ) 'mpr^scrl many delegate* for 8 (iVlnL-k 0:1 tin.- Squaie. but '· KCRli of K a v e t t o v i l l r and KBRS I i n t w o s P ccchcs lo lnc convention. i, , ,,, His foreign views appear in *en- eral harmony with those of Eisenhower. Womtn Ctndidil* Propottd Boosters of Senator Smith have jiUKgcstcd an Eastern woman bc nut on the ticket for thc first timo in the party's history to draw pos-. j-Ihle support from thc Eastern stHtfi and to mollify women who didn't like a convention rule upsetting the present equal representation of the sexes on the COP , National Committee. Others mentioned for thft vice ··in i I resume his qucstifiii ;md answer I sc;;-!'.n f i v e r i.i,ii,i h'l.v.ioni; there, i The l';,yc!ti-villc program w i l l | lie i-.-irricd over Foil Smith ;.l;i| linns. In t u r . i . t h e proijr.-im origi- n.-illns at Tort Smith w i l l bc Hcvillc nnd Almost Sales Of DeparTmenf : Die Tr y |n 9 To Esca P e Stores AI High Level St. Louis-f/1'i-Depaitiiient McAlester. Okla. - l/I'l - Three ronvirls r-lmost s u f f o c a t e d ycslcr- j day when they scaled themselves ( 0 rt I in soap barrels in an a t t e m p t to Eisenhower was nominated last night by Gov. Theodore R. McKeldin of Maryland, and in the en- _ _ _ Auslralian jet fishtcrs p-trolled : sales last week in the Eighth Fed- , escape from the Oklahoma stjlc the area from Pyongyang north to i eral Reserve clislrtct tapered off ! penitentiary. Thc barrels were . . I somewhat from precedinp, weeks. '· scheduled for shipment outside the e ncmonsirdiion. n u e n i p a n s walls. The prisoners were identified by p e n i t e n t i a r y officials as W i l b u r the M a n c h u r i a n border to protect the raiders from Red fighters. A few Russian-built MIGs from Manchurian'bases exchanged fire with the Sabres. Action On Thc Ground On the ground, U. ?J, i n f a n t r y men and tanks stormed over four Western Korean hills Thursday, but remained at a high level compared wilh a year ago. Thc smaller rate of gain for the week -- f i v e per cent fnr the district as A r t h u r '. h n n - Hall. 24. serving 17 years for , wcckrnd t h i s year. Thc Fourth fell on Friday tin's year ;md in . the middle nf tho week in 19,51. ,. . . . . . . ,. - ; Sales last week, as comparer! then withdrew to their cwn lines, j w i t h a year a R o, ranged from a 15 Allied raiders occupied 'per cent pain in .seven smaller The three of the hills Chorwon without a figh'. They killed 79 Communists and wounded 29 in a bitter, one-hour battle for the f o u r t h , the U. S. Eighth Army reported. Allied foot soldiers on t h j .Icss C u n n i n g h a m . 40. serving li'r for m u r d e r i n g a Stephens County sheriff in 1030: and I,. E. Godrlarri, 24, serving - r 0 years for robbery from Kay County. The trio stayed in t h e baucls northwest of cities of the district lo no chanfic nearly two hours F i n a l l y H a l l cut - ' - - · in Memphis. Tenn., where depart- a ho!c ,,, l h o s j d o of the baiTC , to urday Ju'fv R^TM "" " . " cl somc a i r ' A « u a r d n o t i ( C ( i his National Committeeman K. S u m m c r f i r l H grabbed nrr and joined in thc hnwling, stomping rnob which snaked t?. way around 1hc convention floor for 4,") m i n u t e s a f t e r the nominating speech. First to be nominated was Senator Taft. Governor Warren's nomination followed, as Hid those of Eisenhower, Stassen and f i n a l l y , in the wee morning hours, General M a t - A i l h u r . hair showing through and dis.rov- eieri thc escape attempt. The other barrels were checked and guards found C u n n i n g h a m and Goddard, ius and nearly a;f- The Weather cm f r o n t repulsed the attack of ; afternoon,' toni'sht 'a"nH tomorrowv ootn'"uncon7c'io an artillery-supported Chinese no important temperature chances!: focated. platoon west nf the P u k h a n R i v e r . ---. in a 70-minulc fight at i - . i d n i g h t : _ _ _ T^^patro, cleaned out two POPe COUflly fa\fol\\ 0^63^ WllH Red bunkers with grenades on the ! Central front. The Eighth Army reported several Communist probes ! in K.islcrn Korea and two ,'!0- i m i n u t e skirmishes on thc western front early today. Rivers And Harbors Fund Bill Is Signed Washinfitnn-fypj-P^idcnl T i n man today piqncd a hill n p p r n p r i , atinfi $584,061,600 for the Army | Encineers' rivers and harbors and i flood control program. One of two measure's which told the general at one point. Finally a measure of quiet was restored. Taft held up his hand he was thc a n d Pleaded for quiet. "I want to consratulate General Eisenhower on his nomination niid assure him T w i l l dn everything possible for him in his campaign and a f t e r he wins the election." Taft said. Eisenhower, who had taken thr initiative in t h i s bid lo heal party wounds, said he had come across the street "to pay a call of fricml- shin on a very great American." -hif.t a few minutes later. Eisenhower had returned to hir. own headquarters in the Bhichstnne Hoici. iu-,l nnoss the street. "I have IKI statement tn m a k e at tlii.s tini'\" he said. "I h n v e j u - 1 been across the street to pay a call on Senator T a f t and to extend to him an i n v i t a t i o n tn co-operate wilh me. Me agreed ft) do so in a very warm hearted fashion, which pleased me greatly." Chirlcshurf!. W. Va.-MVA .spec- t a c u l a r m u l t i - m i l l i o n dollar \vnre- hou.-e fire t h a t destroyed 101) carloads of crude rubber was b u r n - ing itself out today. Damages wcic cr.tinijleci by Assistant State Fin 1 M a i s h a l M a r r y Morrison, Jr., a' $10.000,000. He said they mizhl «n higher and t h a t form; of [he v i t a l stockpile belonged 10 lhe In lh' at L i t t l e .,00() q u r s i j aspects of the 1 R n r k l i t 1 «·«»'- In I IA v/11 i c i » nivnuuiii,-vi im VHIT » i v t liock ia S l wee.,,. JudBc : p r ., W ( . n t i ! l l nomination included .m ..-.erer a p p r o x i m a t e l y ; lwo SOVC rnors who have staunchly dcahns with all , s u p po r t ed Eisenhower -- Dan Arkansas political Thornton of Colorado *nd Arthur situation, his own political con- - viction.s and his pro-ram. The irugi;m hcic w i l l work this v.-a\ : " A) in CO on t i e m i , . r ] , I M n · " '""'' " ' Lsnglic of WashinKton. Sen. H. Alexander Smith of New · Ir "^v indicated he has pro- nosed to Eisenhower lhat, if nom- inatod, he agree to have Senator T a f l scrvc as n i s '· unnin * m3lC ' Rainstorms In Japan Bring Death To 49 Tokvo-i/lVThr WMI-M r a i n w o r m s in 4d -.r-ii.; k i l l r M 4') pcnons ;md i n j u i T f i *i/ l:..vt i;;aht and today . i n the driisc-l^ populated Osaka toitay T w e n t y - t w o otheis arc missing. T h o legion i , t h r heart rjf Jan,in. It Ukc; Kynto. N . I I . I and Koljr. southeiiv cities of K u r ' · shima also were h i t . j Piopr-rly losses weu- placed at j 30.*i hnus'-s dof.lroyed and 7."i,lf).i I flooded. Most of t h e deathr and 1 m j u i i ' - s wen- r;iu.,f-rl jy lan^hh'lc.i pi OK ram v / i l l n r i g m j t o M o u n t a i n Stirx-t-- j u / t fin tgnrrory- \Varrl -- w h t - i ·· 1-1:3 ir* -iil;; w i l l )e pru\ ifhd" t 31 West south * j nrl for the udicnco. c'leviile and Spr phone t h o j quo; i licadquai tr-r:; v / i i ; hr i n d u s t r i a l s m O:-:aka, The- m n i e v nnd H i m - Young Grandson After Court Decision Rus-scllville, Ark.-i/Ti-A mif-sine | pearod s h o r t l y a f t e r (he decj.sion, His Right To See G e n e r a l Is Recognized United Eur0pc Gains Reported By McCloy Sprm^fhilr- ;mr| (|ue.slio:;s r a i l e d val.s. Spnniidale le.sidrnl.s w i l l call I heir [r;j| h'.'ijdquai-tfrr. 1 ! r a t h e r than c a l l i n g direct to Kayettcville. Thr telephones w i l l be n.aniiC'l oven .iftor the canfliriate ha;, f l o w n to Port Smith so t h a t .itid^o Cherry ,-rn^.ver ns as possible from this .sectioti. At tho hr.'tciquarters here loud- Smith made the proposal in a of bkl tu restore party u n i t y , but Ihei e was no reason to believe either Taft or Eisenhower would sot tie for thc vice persidetUial i s l )()l ^ a ; i H.K Neither Kisenhower nor Taft i b'/.n I-.-jy- · B ;,vp a n v indication whom he lc. can trie- . snisht select for the No. 2 spot If A telephone '_ he had the choosing to do. Il might e-.labl'bhed jl · bo .someone whoie narn" h-is not figured in the sprculation to dale. Chicaeo-Wi-A man toda ncjiiiy thwarted congressional ad- ! proached tho omrr g u a r d in tlm journmcnt plans, the bill contains ' corridor t h a t leads to the suite of $2,16, (88,800 for rivers and h a r - bors and $255.7«,ROO for flood g r a n d f a t h e r and his 18-month-old It's The Law grandson were sought today in n v;ooded area near here hy Pope County officers. or Robert II. W said Williams. The baby's p a r e n t s , wh ',,i, arc for the year left the child in Cercn's care and went to Searcy, Ark., tn look for I work, W i l l i a m s said. W h i l e in ! Searcy, t h e y separated ,iml nei- It is u n l a w f u l for any person ' i^icTihVmT'-'s f'ihi? ('"«·," ! u" ft"""' 1 * '" I i ""'- I K ' i l l ( - '" r nr persons In leave slandinR any ! sn ; ,,, n u s s e l l v i l l e . ' l l o ' s n i r t Oeren ! ciito[ " ' ' "" " ' C """"" horse or other animals , ttaehcd ! f] ct ) i n l o ,1,,, mosnulto-mfested Th.- lo i bucsy, wagon or other vc- ' woods of Ihe FlaRR 1.,-ike area lo mnnt'hs'aco'ol ch'ihl "b'VriiTM l w . " ' ' ' w a s sn l " ) t '^^ hides in any of the streets or axo | d ' l u r n ( n R I n c ch " ik| ^. e ' r 10 ,,;,, the'sentence..,'of $1.000 Mne i Cl " lhCS -- *. jilltys In the c ty without h a v m j il: , pnrcnls . a n d ,, v c a r ,,, j.,,, a , b( , SSCf| ,, n s ( : I hem securely fastened. | Williams said O,-ren had taken t h e m were suspended after t h e y : Olllni In Japan SfHnck Fnr Niidliln Vancouver, H. C. (/I'l-Nudists ' s r n b a t h i n n confcicnce held at : Philomath, Ore., complained t h a t · it was so hot they had to put t h e i r Gen. Dwisht D. Eisenhower in the Hlackstonc Hotel. The K i i a i d stopped Ihe strancer and asked: "Are you one nf the members of Ihe Louisiana rlelcRatinn." "Heck, no, I'm Ed Kiscnhowcr from Tncoma. and I'm looking for my brother." the newcomer replied. Edcar Eisenhower was a d m i t u d at once. Violator* of this ordinance shall c .ire of his crnndson for about six fined not to exceed J..V I months u n t i l Pope Circuit Court Ordinance No 16!), passed by , ordered him to r e t u r n Ihe child IP r ' a v c l l r v i l l c Oily Council prior to its parcnls, Mr. nnd Mrs Elvis , . '(ieicn. Thc man and child d i s a p - 1 from in parents. aRreed to reunite and care for lhe I Tokyo-'/Pi-The Army said today '" l h - v - ! Chief nf S t a f f On. J. I.nwlon W i l l i a m s said Corcn dai been I Collins would a r r i v e by air lo. charxcd wilh conccalini t child j mnrrn-.v In Inspect U, S, Far East I military fucllltlM. Polio Victim Drowni Coffeyville, K a n . - f/Ti · Per ry Booker, In. a polio victim, d r o w n e d yesterday when he hii arm.i Hill wa» In · cast. fionn, G e r m a n y -l/I'i- II.S I l i K h Cf-mmisMoncr John .1. McCloy said tod:iy a d e ( i s i \ e arl\-ance has been made inward a milled Iv.i- lopc but he w . l i n e d Ih.'il " f ' n m . d a b l c ti');.taclcs" M i l l mu;.l hc oveicome. In his rj'.iar'rrly report In thc . S t r . t c D c p a r t i n c n l , McCloy s ild p.iwcrlul f o i ( e ' ; o|ip(,.;cd \n u n i t y i n r l t i f U 1 h a d i l i u n a ] fi'.ns and MIS- ·p:i-|ons of Ihc r'inicli and Ci-rinan I people, a n c i e n t f i o n t i c r a n i i n n s i - , i ties ii'irl the "persistent and dc- . Irrnnned opposition of thc Soviet spc,]k-is w i l l be in.stalied thi- crowd |ii-p 1C nt can heir (|lic.-ition:, and ans--ers. · Two Autos Collide AI Street Interjection that ycsti-r- Thc collision of two p rni. 1 , at a c i t y iiiter.ieclion day a f t e r n o o n resulted i l l i j m i e s to two K i l l s , one l:i and II,e other f o u i . City polnT i d e n t i f i e d the victim-, as l.vdia ( i i u n e n . 13. and Jnji-i. I .aim- K l l i n l l . d.iir. l.oth of Kr, We-.l N',,rth Street. They s u f - fcic.l cuts and hruiM's. h u l were behoved nnt seriously h i n t . The accident nmnred, police said, when thc ricv. A. I.. Leiike Eight Violent Deaths This Week In Arkansas little Hock-/Vi-Thc toll of violent deaths in Arkansas this week i climbed to eifiht yesterday when : a Negio boy drowned in a !\toc! . punri at Arkansas State College i in .lonesuoro. The victim was identified as Loyd. eight. The body of another drowning victim, Lester Childs, 51, Wl: j found by four fishermen in the RlacJc River near Pocahonta.' Wednesday. Childs and his brother. Omer. 60, drowned neir Poci ht^ntas eight months ago. Thi body of thc elder brother was re-covered April 1 near PowhaUn A i k . Poultry Market -- * The poullr) marktt today H r» portcu by the Unlverjily of Arkansas Institute of Sct*n« *ar TechnoloKy and tht Ddrjr Mi Poultry Market N'cwi S*rrto* e the U. S. Dc|Mrtmcnl of Afrtdil U n m n " " ' '"' f n y e l t e v l l l e . ( l i u i n R r.orth o n tuw. « f ' h u r c h Street, pulled Into Spring Northwest Arkanui m i r k * I**k Sttlkt tlll*minl .Street Into thc path of a cur steady, :l«mand lood, otttrlM stepped Into n hole while w a d i n c ' Kl noraclo. A i k - ( / T i - F . f f o r t s to "riven hy Wayne K l l i o t t . 2«, of l i f h t on all «i»s. Prlctf It tin In Ihe V c r d l K i l s Itlvci n o r t h (if . s e t t l e Ihc 7 1 - d a v - o l d nrlki- of Mn i K.iveitrville. The K l l i o t t car w«i farm reported up In 1 p m tod*t (,offeyvill» The boy m f f c r e d n | CIO oil w i i i k u s aRiilnst the l.lon ' I r a v H m R west on Spring. i broilers and fryers, all wcltfttt polio «_""ck^ln 1948 »nd nnc fif j Oil's chemical plant h"rc M ' - I.e»ki- win charged 'i-ith j ('."4 tn ,1 Ibl.) W I* 11 (Mall' ' will It mumed loda/. j f a i l u r t u» )iclii lhc rijhl-of-way. ],li cenls. ' V

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