Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 10, 1952 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1952
Page 14
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AfKANSAS T1MH, F.yrtttvMU, Tlwn*y, Jwl, 10, 195J VII ?·*' -4 \Boyle 's Column · J . ( Br HAI, BOYI.E .''..Wilbur Feeble, America's most be nominated nod elci.tu-- U ii i aVfrifC citizen, eoes to the heart they are nlrciirlv choosing his cab-! ' of th« GOP problem in the following letter to his wile, Trellis Mae, (rwn the Republican National Convention: Chicago -(/Pi- Well, honey, look! like f i v e stars over White House--according I an oidlime observer of conventions told me: "Son, there in nothing in this world shorter than a politician's memory. The promise of f u t u r e elected--that I )alr °nagc can cure a lot if prcs ,, I cnt name-calling." Another veteran Republican had this to say about the convention "Our pri.ljlc-m iirr.v is u n i t y -- t o ! "~?, nd hc ihnok hls hc:id as ht ' hf.-il the party's v/ounrl*. I k e uucKt I It i to n a m e Thomai, K. Dewey sccre- "The trouble with Us Rcpubli h o l t a r y of Hale. Warren secretary o f | c a n s Is that we've sot too many ihe mtT;or, Siassen postmaster; lenders, and the Democrats- Republican Ballot met. 1 overheard one fellow sav: at . . ' asiifullurf. Taft could ,jc vice! ''··'·siilrnt." "I" that rase we iniiiht as well mate it a coalition rabinrl and app;ii:i Harry S. Truman secretary - - . . - . - - - - - . - . m t" . l i n n : i i i K i j M i , OUI^'K.'II posimaslcr . ' «"u iuu U\:IHIH:I ,i waitress' who sold me o hot dog a l ' flrncral. and M.icArthur secretary I they've got too many people." Convention Hall. ' ' '-- '"-'· - · - - " ' - ' ~ ·· "Ike's in!" she told me h a p p i l y , and generously oa.wd out free mustard to the crestfallen Tafl iuppcrters. The story now Is t h a t Onoral 'of the treasury," .-. bitter Tad maii Eisenhower is doing so ell t h M j '-aid. he is offering to deed the T e x a s : The (|ue;lmn then arose about delegates to General M a c - A r t h u r in | wlln , ,,, ,,,, w i u , J o h l l Fo , lcr a package labeled "don't open u n - j Dulles, and .1 lellov; . a i d , B K T' ,. , ..,, - , ' " WllJ ' ""' ""Point Join, Foster Bob Taft is still in there p l l : - h - i Dulles ...c.-rclary to John Foster Ing with both vocal chords, b u t ! ij,,uc., ,,, ll)t . IC 'n bc no dollbl Well, Trellis Mae, .iorc loinor- i rov/. Your Homesick Husband W i l b u r P. S. fiui.h more money. It costs 'in cents to launder a pair of socks most of the bystanders now seem lo feel that the steam in his steamroller is only r.olni,' "fiz-z-z-z-/." They believe Ike has romanced the ettphant and t a u g h t him to salute. Ike's bickers arc so sure he'll it CARTOON k NEWS Staffs Friday Double-Barrel it if Action Show * Rod Cameron IN RIDERS OF SANTA FE . Jungle Jim IN MARK OF THE GORILLA Pony J^ Miniature RM« Golf Playground Well, honey, as you can see from this kind of t a l k the Hepi blicans arc kind of tuckered out. They have hail a rough week. They arc not used lo f i g h t i n g among t h e m | selves like Democrats. A donkey j can relnx a c t i n g l i k e a jackass, j hut It makes a dignified elephant ncrvou.'-. I t may be u bit early for the I il:c fans 10 count Senator Tafl otil. I Personally. 1 know of only one TV Hampers Shenanigans By Delegates . | man who has turned in his Taft button and he explained it was o'll.v because he was h a v i n g his suit pressed--and wa lied it back right away if Taft is nominated. The increasinK likelihood that I K C will be the Hepublicar nominee is very annoying lo some members of Ihe old Buard GOP who refer lo him as "Ihe five-star Cinderella from Aboloney, Kansas." "Dral it, \ve arc always f a l l i n g for y l a m o r boyn,' one said. "1 would r a t h e r run Herb Hoover again--if we can't have Tafl. Let's be real Republicans." Well, Trellis Mac, I am no surgeon. But if I had t 0 scw up the wounds In tho Republican party at this moment I wouldn't use thread. I'd call for rope. However, HUDSON REPAIRS A SPECIALTY Set BOB HALL for a Frti Estimate on rhii Popular Car. WHiTEien G A R A G E Corntr of School k Mountain By KIJTH COIVAN Chlcago-f/TVApparenlly televl: sion is succeeding at what wives and mothers have been trying to ' do since conventions began--set their menfolk to behave. " | With the proceedings at the R e - , publican National Convention be- ' ing televised, no delegate, visitor or speaker can be sure the camera ; isn't on h i m , flashing his image on '· a screen back home. i The result is t h a t men are keep- | ing their coats on and women their noses powdered. Of course, the air conditioned a m p h i t h e a t e r i helps. But even so the sessions are dressed up--and sober. | There is a carnival spirit-- · bands, songs, gag hats, nutsizcd i campaign Iwrtges, posters on I sticks--but the scarcity of conventioneers "with a wee hit too' much" is becoming a subject o f ' comment. j A cheek n t the first aid s t a t i o n In the Convention Hall disclosed that very few delegates or visitors I are seeking the traditional rcmc- ! dies for t h a t morning-after feel- i ing. I "There just doesn't seem to be ! much drinking so far," said an j a t t e n d a n t . ! For the first time there are five ! women sergcant-at-arms. At first : it was feared women might not he ! able to handle "the" problem 1 cases"--but the latter have failed to show up. In the opinion of Mrs. Alice noosevelt T,ongworth of Washington, D. C., and Mrs. Lewis Thompson, of ned Dank, N. J., who at fin years old is the oldest delegate here, this convention is serious- minded and determined. Women delegates and alternates at this convention sot nn all-time high. They number 380--an in- ! crease of M over the 1948 convention. tn Aflat* li VHwmiii 0,...l,...«r MM* my let at feral am if BMUNS. fWs M Jittery Nerves Loss of Appetite Digestive Upsets Mental Depression Constipation Insomnia H lh*M trmptomi nr du« to dietary d«- ·ewnti.1 which occur only whtn 111. daily ; ht.k. of Vilimini I,, »,, and Niocin li l«i than lh« minimum dally rtquircmtnl ·vtr · prtlongtd period. Then non- ·pwfk lymptomi do not In thamulvci ·ff»« · di.lary diflcimcy and may hov« ·Ihor couiti or bl duo lo functional ·mdrtloni. . Medical authorities now know Hint . · »i»ny of the above-mentioned common · iimcnts arc cuiiscd by luck of vitamins and minerals. .So, if t h a t ' s t h e reason HUH arc suffcriiiK, you may end · v yourcomplninls in an amazingly short · time . . . by takinR the "miracle com- 'POUnd"BEXKLSl'h:CIAI,KOHMl.'LA! - B K X K L coniOH to you in easv-to- tokc, safety-sealed capsules that contain the essential ;B-vitamins, Iron, and trace .·Kincrals known to he essential '!» human n u t r i t i o n . - i NUMIEI C DELEGATE ALA. , ARIZ. ARK. 1 , CALIF. 7 COLO, t ! CONN. 2. n^; 1 DEL. 1 FLA. 1 1 IDA. 14 1 IND. 32 I ~~~ IA. 26 [MINN, it fwiss. 5 p_» NEB. |) N. H. 14 N. Y. 96 N. C. 26 N. D. U OKLA. It PA. 70 S. C. t S. D. 14 TENN. 20 TEX. 38 VT. 12 VA. 23 WASH. 24 W. VA 16 WIS. 30 WVO. 12 ALASKA 3 D. C. t HAWAII S P. RICO 3 ~ CANAL Z. 0 [nor i A. T.ff 4 1 0 1 ! 1 - DwjMD EiiMkowt brl ' Wirrm ! -- i -- ··WvM Sh»u«. TM7 _., JJ.J «,oT 1 1 t t r l H i --- \ \ -- -- -- t i £ a c -- -- . s s -- ^ is _ k , d " © i Truman "Fears" His Candidate In For Beating President Watches Republicans At Their Convention WashinRton-f/Pj-President Truman is sitting in on the Republican National Convention -- by television. He's probably seen more of some major Chicago activities t h a n have; the GOP candi- ' dates right on the scene. So far, he says he's happy over v.-hat he's witnessed of Jnter- party wrangling, but is "worried" over indications his favorite candidate--Robert A. Taft--"is going to get beat." Television has covered not only | developments on the convention floor and .'ill major speeches, but also several committee meetings. Truman has been watching on a larsc-scrcen TV set in the White House. Aides said he "tore himself nway from television yesterday to greet Secretary of State Arheson, returning from a tour of Europe and South America. What docs the president think 1 about the convention so f a r ? Krom what he told reporters and State Department officials yesterday, it shapes up like this: For one thing he enjoyed the committee wrangling. With obvious relish, Truman said he observed that the Republicans "did all the quarreling they could in committee." S u c h committee meetings, to settle arguments over congested delegates, have been thrown open to radio and television f n r ' t h c first time. Regarding T a f t , to whom he has referred repeatedly as his "favorite" GOP candidate because he believes he's easiest to beat, Truman said with a grin: "I'm worried. Tt looks like my favorite candidate is going to get beat." Truman's t r i p to the airport apparently caused him to miss t h e address yesterday by Sen. Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin, a bitter critic of the administration, Re- j porters asked the president, whether he had anything to say about "the mistakes of the Achc- son-Truman-Lattlmorc party described in Chicago by Senator McCarthy/ 1 Truman, his good humor vanishing, snapped that he didn't know anything about that. But if McCarthy said it, it's a (iamned lie, you can be sure of that," he declared. Coa seven th of the United States. Bathing reportedly was stylish among the Arabs at a time when · perfume was still · substitute for soap and water in the courts of Europe. Flint--Remodel--Repair* Games--Br«Mw»yi No Money Down Easy Monlhlr P«fm»nii DYKE LUMBER CO. MI SL ck«i«' * * * * · * GRAND OLE UPKY PERSON Will Be With IKE HURRY At Each S J Speaking Dale At Last! IA Candidate with a Definite, Potitivi Program! Compressed air is used in many modern coal mines in place of explosives. 1206 DELEGATE VOTES; NEEDED TO NOMINATE. «M W A N T E D CHERRY PICKERS Apply ai the Polls July 291h. Compensation: Good Government Political advertisement paid lor hy Cherry for Governor Committee. Fayt-ttt-villo, Arkansas. I K E MURRY HAS HAD 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE WITH HONOR: In Slatt Government Butinvss Administration Ai A Suocnaiul Lcgiilator Al A Deputy PrOMcuting Attorney, Aul. Attorney General and Eiectld ATTORNEY GENERAL Read IKE MURRY'S 14 Point POSITIVE Program: Delegation Contests Throw Convention Timetable Haywire; Balloting Delayed Wonderful New Hope for Oldtr Men, Women .Many troubles which distress older folks ran be traced to deflexion of the essential B-vilamins. So, if «o« arc plagued by any of the above symptoms due to a deficiency of vilninmt, iron, and trace minerals needed in h u m a n n u t r i t i o n , Uke wonderful BEXEI. SPECIAL FORMULA . . . tlic amaiine formula that has benefited thousands of follij just like yourself. Bexel Great for Mothers-to-Be A sufficiency of li-vitniiiins. iron and trace minerals is of paramount importance for expectant mothers B K X F 1 Sil'KCIAf, F O K M H U helps furnish tlirae dietary osjoii- lials at a time ivlion the mollicr's body needs 'more of thi'Si- v i t a l C3m|K:u::lls Hum usual. Rich Red Blood Kvery doctor will tell you that Iron in the dirt is imlis- ' jifiisahlo to th,. buildinir of rirh, rod blood. Well, each ' l.i'xcl Special Formula c.-ip.vilc provides frt timet the ini-dically-cMalilishcd m i n i m u m daily reqiiiremonls of Iron. It doesn't m a t t e r who you arc or how old von n r r - . H K X K l . SIT.riAI. KOKMIM.A will holp you Iniilil good red Mood if you arc iron.clcfidont. Chicago - (/P) - The Tlojlublican National Committee's official program has been thrown out of gear by contests over seating rival delegations, but here is the approximate order of business for today's session: Convention called to order at present indications are that it will' Adv^ in tH, TIMFS i i a. m. ( L . b . l . ) bc dclayed u n t j , , ornorrnvV| w j ( h N a t i o n a l Anthem. j the nominating speeches filling I n s t a l l a t i o n of Rep. Joseph W. · out today's program. Martin. Jr., of Massachusetts as : · tion for President. Nominating speeches. Balloting on presidential nominations. While the balloting was originally scheduled to start last night, The Courts Chancery Court Lucy Virginia Burton vs. Troy j L. Burton: decree of divorce to plaintiff, r e s t o r i n g p l a i n t i f f s ' maiden name of "Middlebrook." Marilyn Sturdy vs. Charles B. Sturdy: decree of divorce to, p l a i n t i f f , r e s t o r i n g plaintiff';, | maiden name to "Prcscott". -It nan. Tftsy stay «p mi year Weatherproof end Fireproof BEautiTul Colors PHONE 3031 FOH FREE ESTIMATE CLARK VENETIAN BLIND Cr AWNING CO. u permanent chairman. According to records kept in Report of t h e Resolutions p l a t - i 1051 a cow which produce's 200 form Committee. I pounds of h u t t e r f a t returns the ! Address by Sen. Harry P. Cain I farmer about $126 r«r year while · of Washington. , one which produces 300 pounds Roll call of stales for nnmina- ' of buttcrfat returns $274 per year BUY YOUR TELEVISION From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP Enry tail Cits* cute dm VIMMINS Hi MINEIAIS Mnrr ihin tii timn rhc minimum duly rniuii pent of Thi.mme Uydirxhlnndr (Viumii Hi). 2 fimrt i lie minimum iljily irauiiernrni n^Riboflltin (Viumin It;). *ml ' -:rr.;; ;l.t . lodlfiutt. F(.li And. l^iffitnl livf( Chqlini Dihrdioirn (.unit. Innnial. Mini T«ortiri(ili. Pollinum lnrf,,l, mtl Sullitr, Minpnnr Sull«lt. Tinf lulflir. Miiiifiiiia Sulluc . . . |.|ui Vinmin kit. ^L *usm* ^ Bad STWTUM mum.i MM tmtt, w, ,,, ,,, f f r - lalo thil B M K L S P K C I A I , FOBMt'U i. Iht ri(ht IhilH If yn» unit ««lr« iron «n! trArn mm«r«l« ImporUnl to humin n u t r i t i o n , I h u l wt tM. il.rllins »IT«r: If ynu don't f f ol d,firi,,lli/ h,n,r illrr **t Mil, ,/ t,,,l, V(ll r m.»r «,,« I, . PHOKIW IAST SIM SQUAM ECONOMICAL - UARK . . _ - CAHTOON ALSO LATE NEWS "Tht beil of Iht n.w film dt«m«" --Waller Wincholl "Engrosiina . . . Powirful" --Newi Week "Audiencn iro raring about Tho Well'." --Earl Wilion COOL P A L A C E Endi Tooil. _ "DETECTIVE STORY' FRIDAY SATURDAY SHAMEFUL TRUTH EXPOSED a o u · WOMEN,, m DARK ,'Hf L A S T M U K f T r . E R Ntsiuion MITMUI CABTOOH 2. A Tax reduction fund to which shall be credited all savings over and above the absolute requirement* lor the operation of tlie state government ; 3. A fiscal control board composed oC 7 constitutional officers to replace lhe| board on which the Rovernor and his! appointees now constitute a majority · i. Public comprtiUve bidding for state purchase orders and contracts under supervision of a state purchasing officer selected by the reorganized fiscal control board, not by the governor alone ·' 5. A state- comptroller iclccted by th reorganized fiscal control board for a! term longer than 2 yean so that ih governor cannot Interfere with audit of state expenditures | 6. Completion of the Highway Audit and annual audits thereafter by an audit commission doslgncd under legislative authority. Perpetual audits of all state aRencics by a comptroller independent of the Governor 7 Restoration to thr public school fund o! the tax revenues which were taken. ln"lM) by U "' C KcMalh »dmfnistration. 8. 23 Million dollars of now highway construction In 19S3 WITHOUT BONDS and another 25 million in 1054 WITHOUT BONDS, while re- ducms the bonded debt JO million dollars ». A profjram of industrial expansion, to balance our economy, which will entail eventual elimination of the doubln taxation now imposed by the state income tax levied on federal income Ux 10 ui £ pmoval of the iron curtain which has kept the General Assembly and the public in the dark as to essential facts and figures relating to maiinjiemcnt of s t a t e agencies; full frank appraisal of all appropriations of the actual needs ol all phases of state Rovcrnment 11. A sound, honest fiovcrnmental bnsrf for Arkansas'i economic growth; hon-| orable. experienced men and women on! boards and commissions and In top ad-i mintstrativc positions · 12. Opening of Welfare rolls for Inspection. so as to increase payments to the deserving recipients or age and to purRe from the rolls, all political hangers on IX Prompt publicity for all furlouchs,- P * r °^ S » nd Pardons and a waiUnffj E^M? b 5 lwccn , ·nnounccmenfs and ef-! .1 c O N L Y orders and) ** t0 * Ilow tlm * to * IKE MURRY Has A Dtfinjtt, Poiitiv* Program-! Has Shown How These Can All Be Accomplished

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