Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 10, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1952
Page 12
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Ttwneby, MI 10, 1fS» ,,,,,,,, marines were the , hnrt rajrc | ,. cs icrda.v In slop R public volr ' then in newer ' magazines j on' a"proposed' amcndincnTlo 'ih'c smaller ones, the news and Ihe j s l a l c ', 0 .,,Mitut,,.n i n v o l v i n g u,, tha plan b.v : A 'Lit of Ihe convention j news yesterday a l l e r trying In 'prove thru he was a delega.e from ! { 1TM" er " ncs ' " « » ^ ' s a n c _ ... Canada. ,,e had a ,,,,l,y bilter « ^ to^a?, he '"w^! TM "" '"" '^ °" ""^ Ihe week all you can understand I Tne | ax| , av ,, rs fi | K | a (ii ,. rc| for a d i m e ) in less than l l ) | a c U o n w i l h l h e Arkansas Supreme Court, a t t a c k i n g ihe proposed amendment and asking l h a t Novcmhcr general election. : Earlier yesterday, petitions requesting l h a t Ihe amendment be! nla'-cd on Ihe ballot were certi- \ lied by Secretary of State C. G . j Hail as sufficient. H a l l was minutes. A recent movement b.v i a bunch of impalicnl midget* t o ' zine called '!" with nothing in it at a l l luis been temporarily abandoned for lack of suitable material. But. according to the i Goose, the trend is clearlv indicated. In these days when news is so j namcd as defenctant in thc suit. often very bad. it is Ihe opinion I The ,, ,. ,, ,, s e d amendment of a small s roup of pivcons. news- w o u l d a ,, cr l n a t xMm of , h e paper fanciers a l l . l h a t a. real e n - ! ( . onslill , tion whi( . h .| in , ils i n t e r .; tcrpnsm* publisher may vet brin, , psl ,.,,,, ,,,, loans , 0 ,,, . com our a .small completely b l a n k ! s |)onsors ,,, t h c amendment con- newspaper w i l l , of course, | , cnd U) ., t i( wou , d m i t , h e . not give out any news and w i l l be | legislature to authorize charges: entirely speechless, n would he , ovrr , hc prcscnl ie ?a] |j m i t . The ' I great in a convention year, says p o n t i f f s charged lhat the p r o - , |the Snow Goose. - ' Marriages "Have you noticed," asked the Goose, "have you taken mark j the^cost of newsprint h a s . W. W. Henderson. Prolix-Prairie. ,, . p ; . ' Kan., were married J u l v 8 by It ,s lhe npmion of Ihe Snow · County J u r l R e Witt Carte,-: Goose t h a i any e d i t o r w i l l t h i n k ! Fred W i l l i a m s and Miss Verna about r u n n i n g a lot of stuff I M s c v a n Brunt, both of Favottc- ·ibout a c a n d i d a t e w i l h a Ions villc. were married J u l v 7 b'v the name. Short-named candidates Dcv H L Baylcss w i l l get n i l t h e mention and so j J a c k ' Thomas, " of Clark.-ville, .1 be Ihe «oose t h i n k s ; and Miss Betty Ann Cameron, of tll,U, as t i m e K oes on, thc trend in j Springdale. were married July 1 newspapers w i l l be to prim a l l ! by the liev. Poe Mallhews. Mimes in a scries of grunts Favp. £2 MCMTtfWttT . intercuts (he did not a diabolical both of the ? . ( I DO TODAV I HA ^- { f/,AxT Ti YO I -, f WE WANT SOU TO KILL A MAN. XAW THE BLINDFOLD -*ND ITHING BRACELETS HV CAN'T! B o t h e r suitable monosyllahles. i She says look at the WHY the OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williami WARE TH' BLUE ROAN FOR MC.VJILL. VOU,«JRLY? HE'S- A BIT CAGEY FOR MV TALENT. WHLT! I TAKIM ADVAMTAAE DO VOU UNDERSTAND?/ ' BEAD SOMETHING '.'JST AMD DEP.EPENCE TO VOL. 61 SECT 5 OF ARMY REGULATIONS' Mix Trtf INSECTICIDE! ANYWAY. KAvt I»I«VTN*«£ WApv. *" YOu.FLASMEN, TAKE vow PLACES M ORDER TO DIWCTTHC PLANES. MB. SAWYER SA1P HIS PIMES WOULD K HERE 6V SUHUK PLANES PONT SIT HtN IN TlV'f wo, ~y iffAlD SAWYfS V«S YlK'LL K BEINS TOO ' TO MWE EVEN CNt PITCHED NO-HIT NO -RUN GAMES CKfl, O-JT -r14,T^.'"wH^-,'bi:"V-. AvjD R ru a ' ' CC "-" ?5E . 51C WA SAID ARCUT . ' ; SHRINKING.' ) C l YANKEES (1910) AND Tut N/inOWl LCKIK BKWtS (1915) Countess of Salisbury BECAME SHERIFF OF WILTSHIRE. ENGLAND A HONEY COM WITH f«E LETTERS H O N E - Y THtKE IT l3..IL)sy STAR1 MAKIN'WITH LIKfc I KNtTVv; /TH' SWITCHES, DOC.. 'H GONNA, MAFIA GO PIILL.HEROUTA 5OUP. SMEC/\Mi;,OH,Mk3H- \ YES.CCHJNGELOK. NESS, SEEKING A. /A.M...THAT /\ KING OUtm OFSHItBA! JOF SHEPW 15 NOT ·\ AKKvairTl ,\ TO HER. LIKING... . ' x DKjIUKriEDV V ^ ^\\ 1 OOOLWO Ml Of-F M(5Rt'N ' SHE CAN CHt'WJ I( J 3 V'AH« IT'S vourts Bur. EF vo' sr-CS IT VO'MIGHT GIT SICKOT ' MIGHT error IWVIN · l-AVf^'ATHLLY-VIS F»RTV.'. AM'THCN WHO'U. SUPPOAT MI?-AH HAIU DOOR IN vo«i: i-'.\ci:.wr.ioi. RUT ITS AL owj COOP,':'' MDM'T Aj. ue, OM ACCOuur PI:AR rmr HAVTA Bt , * c c o u n t *« v * i l to UM iwwi to my wife. Poor Taxpayers Try To Slop Vote On Loan Amendment To The Slate Constitution posed amendment's t i t l e "con-' tfc. voys a false idea'as to w h a t the j pi; proposed law is to be; contains ' ' half truths, omits thc true nature I I of thc proposed l a w ; contains : partisan coloring, and withholds , material facts." Thc title of the. i j amendment is "Modern Consum-' crs Credit Amendment." i SPEED TROPHY-This hand- The suit was filed b.v Brooks, some trophy, languishing in »i Bradley, John W. Mel-lunhes,' 'London antique shop since 1938,! Ro^er 1.. Murrcl and Til:;hman £. j l c o u l d be claimed by this coun-J Dixon. N'o action w i l l be taken j |try, on the basis of the new SS; on ihe case u n t i l t h e hi^h court ! lUnited States' recent record-! convenes in September. ; [breaking trans - Atlantic r u n.j -»· ! When the Queen Mary set the! '[previous record, in 1938, H. K.' · ; Hales, one-time member of par-. i 'liamcnt, offered the "Riband; ·TJleue" t r o p h y . The Cunard jl.ines turned it down, saying , [their policy was against "offi- f cial" recojd crossing attempts. Prairie Grove The Rainbow Girls, accompanied by their mother advisor. Mrs. · R a l h a Lane, celebrated the b i r t h - . I day of their founder, t r e f t ? v . ' , Mar!: S?.\on, \vith a s w i m m i n s . -- - - .. ._. - .. -party and picnic supper Tuesday Sunday to attend an executive ·H the Fa.vctteville City P a r k . · i-nminitlec mtctinc M o n d a v . They Those in t h e pariy were Mary - r e t u r n e d home Tuosdav. Geiser. Sue Vinson, C h a r i e n e M- q n ,i rx rr . rTvnm,^ t\ Brewer, K a l i e Sue Helm, M.rilyn a,/d son" Bobbv. h?v- earned'';" i Wilson, Dons .leane Smith. Sue W i c h i t a Kan a f l e r a viS , · h md Coretla Wilson. K a U i r y n ,-.,,,! M, dayton's' s"ter, M^s i,,m , . Bidwcll. Mrs. L^ne. Betty James Lane, and J i m m i e . Mrs. .1. W. W i l l i a m s and son nf Roswcll, N. M., are sprndin^ thc summer wiih her sifter, Mrs. .John ' Campbell, while her husband. Colonel W i l l i a m ? , is n-i temporary , d u l y in England with the* Air Force. Mr. and Mrs. .T. M. Lai'U nf Thayer. Mo., and Carlisle L a r k . Clayton. Mr. ami Mrs. Claud W a r l l r v have rcturnrd from a u-(x?k's v n - talinn in Miyiouri and Arkansas. Mrs. mnh H a n n a , a nurse at I h p EliaOjclh Hnspital. is spondinii her v a c a t i n a in California w i t h relatives. She v*-as accompanied »y hrr nirc-c, Barbara Patrick. who is v i F J t i n p h r r father thcrn. Mr. and Mrs. Jess C u r t s i n g r r and daughter. Nancy, of SI. l.oub. have been informed t h a t Ihei. Mo., were guests t h i s week of son, J. B. Curtsinger. has had his leave cancelled «nd has been sent to Nova Scotia. Mrs. W i n n i e Owen of llillsboro. arrived Wcdnc.wlav lo vis .. J. M. Lark's brother. W a l l e r J.arlc. Mrs. R. A. Barnes nnd Mi-s Ollic . Barnes have moved in'o ^ ' (heir new home and have as t h r i r T e x · i her . r and brother. Mrs. Fred Mrs Barnes' Mrs. Myrtle Carl and Miss" Jean '. Carlis'le' a rid" J no' Davis Barnes of Los Angeles. Calif., and i , . . . . ' _ _ Mrs. Ravmond Clayton and son Used b.v thousands in reducing Mrs. Mac Thompson and d a u g h - liets- ,lungc's Roman Meal Bread. lohn Allison and babv, , left Wednesday for their home in : El Paso. Texas. Mrs. Thompson ! has .snenl several weeks with her I parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Mrs. W. M. Shirley and Mrs. Russell Kunl?. have returned to Stillwatcr. Okla.. after a visit w i t h Dr. and Mrs. John Campbell Mrs. W. E. N. Phillip.;, s t a t e president nf the Federated Club, ' and Mrs. ,1. S. H a r l a n , correspond- ' ! " sot-rotary, drove to Little Rock They're Always Jn Style TIIURSDAT EVtNINQ (1:0(1 Dinner Music B:l.i Starlight Titr* 6:30 News fi:(5 O?.arks Sports Review 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:l. r i Gabriel Heatter--M 7:31) Hhylhmic Rendezvous 7:45 Lombardo on the Air K:nn Republican S:30 Republican !:00 Republican 0:30 Republican . 10:00 Republiean ' 10:30 Republican i 11:01) Republiean i 11:30 Kepublii-an Convention Convention Convention Convention Convention Convention Convention Convention FRIDAT MORM.NO .·i:.10 Rise 'n Shine 5:50 RFD 1450 B:00 Rise N' Shine 8:30 Markets and wenther 6:35 Rise N' Shine 6:45 Stock Talk Time 7:00 7:30 7:45 Koffce K u n Kaperi Morning News Koffec Ktip Kapers By Sue Burnett A f a v o r i t e w i t h f a s h i u n season a f t e r season is Hie a p p e a l i n g look, a l i k e style. Shown hi-re in a clever filled version w i t h crisp w h i t e illar. P a l l e i n No. fifl.M is a s c w . j i l e perforated p a t t e r n in si/.c II) IV! M. l(i. Ifi. 20. Size 12, short sleeve' V i yards of 3!.inrh. P a t t e r n No. BBSS is a s r w - r i t - prrforaled p a t t e r n in sizes .1. 4. ft (i. 7, B jearr-. Size 4, 2** vards oi 39-inch. r'oi these patlerns. send ,10c for KACH, plus Sc for fir.-.l-class mail- inR for each pattern ordered, in COINS, your name, address sizes desired, und the PATTERN N U M - ' BKR lo Sue Bun-ell. Northwest Arkansas Times. 11,10 Ave. Americas. New York M, N. Y. ' Basil- FASHION for '.IS Is filled ·an Ideas IP make your rlothw -iiriffl «o f u r t h e r -- tlme-savinR ·nd *«nnmlc»1 dt«l«nj that » r « ' 2!K.'"-T^Ln" 1 WUwn printed i B:()fl IJobcrL Hurleifih News--M 8:1.1 Morning Devotions fi:30 Times Morning Edition ^45 Holsum Gospel Hymns 9MHI Miiniine Melodies n - I S Paula Stone !l:3(1 Queen for a Day 10:00 Food for Thought ' 10:15 R a n d o m R h y t h m s 1(1:3(1 Republican Convenlion l l : « n l i h y l h m Ranch Hands " ! l : i r Baurkape Commentary 11:2,i News 11.30 Church of C h r i s t 1l:4.i M u s i c a l R o u n d u p 1I:S5 M a r k e t Report FRIDAV AFTERNOON 1^:00 .lordanaires 12:15 News ·! Noon 12:30 Chuck Wagon JamborM 12:45 Riders nf Purple Saw 1:00 BASEBALL ---Brooklyn DodRert Vs. Chicago C.'ubs 3:lft Convention Coverage .1:45 Tune Pick'n Tim« 4:00 Tune Piek'n Time 4:30 Tun.' Pkk'n Tim« S:0fl Oracle Fields Shows .V30 Snncs of the H-Har-» ft:4A S-m«n Roundup

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