Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 10, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, July 10, 1952
Page 11
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Loop Leaders In Home Stand ^ds^teirCrucial Stage Of Comeback Try BoyS Club All-StarS Trim Van Bliren, 19-2 Chica ,9° Business Finds Delegates To The Republican Convention Stay Close, Have Little Time For "Going On The Town" Flag Hopes Rest On Outcome Of Series With Bums, Giants By JOE REICHLEH AP Sports Writer The next two weeks should decide the fate of Eddy Stanky's SI. Louis Cardinals, Beginning tonight, the red-hot Rerlbirds take on Philadelphia, Brooklyn and New York in succession before closing out Iheir home · s'.ay wilh Boston in an II-game stand against the Eastern cities. By then, the sizzlin- Ci. !^ may eilher have blown a fuse or have . established themselves pennant threat on an c with the Dodgers and Giants. The Fayctlcville Boys Club mid- gel league All-Star tram v;il!nped Van Huren yesterday, in-".:, in a game played at the Washington Coin::;.- ':·:.· O.-mmls. The tilt was "r." contest-' after the first inning as the local team powered four .";imcrs and five limes that many ii.'ts in a wide assortment lo back up a three-hit pitching jierform- - ance by Dorscy Jones. I The visitors scored both their "mi in Ihe firsl inning and appeared lo he ready to make a brittle nf ii. But Jones, a stylish right- hander with good control, spilled down and blanked thc Van Buren- ites the remainder nf the game. While Jones was flashing the hall past Van Buren baiters the All-Star learn was busy v. ilh its own offense. John Duty had five hits in five trips lo the pla'.e In- . eluding one 'nur-bau'ccr. Also hits a solid , ii,,g for lhc ci j ( n arle* I" footing: Hughes, John St«le n TMd Kirbv Esles. The win gave the All-Stars a record of two wins and no losses , They face their stiffest ten of j the campaign, however, next Fri- ' o'ay -.vhen they play host lo Ihe Hoys Cllih team of Fort Smith. The game is scheduled to start at 1:30 o'clock and all inferc'led fans ·ire urged lo attend. Tne lilt will oe held on the Fair Grounds diamond. Oovge Alexander, who has a no-hit, no-tun game to his credil this year, will he on Ihe mound ISPORTS MORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, Fayetttvilte, Arknn«» 1 ) Thunday, July 10, 19S2 RUSSIANS PULL CURTAIN Finland Seeks To Promote Amity Between East, West In Olympics Helsinki -(/Pi- Finland, neutral : games - approximately ' By KitAN'K (.Mutual .\ch\ork , oun for FavPtlcville in the Fort Smith encounter. EDDIE STANKY · Currently the hottest club in the i National League, the Cards are ' riding high on a nine-Kamc winning streak with IR triumphs in! heir last 22 f*mos. Wallowing in. Pelicans Ease 83 '; Past All-Stars In lift,« New nrleans-/?,-\ew Orleans moden ' Olympic games, spread l ' omncli »l! «'ilh ahoui (i.rnio imji- diplomalic oil on trouhlcd walprs ' v idual pntries. The riv-ilry of the today to bring nboul sports amity \ two gianls of thc KaM and We-.-) between East and West. i is certain to he watched wilh keen The Russians, after slartinc off i interest throughout the world with the usual cnld isolation of the I At the outset, the Russians'liid p.irty line, have become unexpect- behind the usual iron or red lipe edly friendly--very probably on ! curtain. But it opened up vcsler- ordcrs from high places. | day. Reporters were unexpocicdlv INOW Baron Erik .von n-onckell, ; permitted lo tour the splendid president of Ihe Finnish Olympic I m o d e r n village at Otaniemi Oigani/ing Committee, has called guarded by barbed wire where an "important" press conference the Iron Curtain athlete-: are today. There were advance indi- | hcused. Russians wearing Ihe Irald | rations he woulci make a fervent j while "CCCP" on their blue si-c-it appeal for peaceful games. I shir's even showed rp on a lour Whether this will add up to of the Olympic St.-idl'im. "CCCT" a game devoid of friction only stands for Union of Soviet Sornl- ' time can tell. This is thc first tiine I isl Republics Sevict Russia has ever competed, i There is no question hut that : and it marks the return lo the i Russia is 'iiaking an all-nut effort world sports arena of Germany i for a good shoving here A m e i i - ' l ,:, iic- wli-i took K'MII'lh of .Inly the lii:;| d;:v's hll::,llcss tuin . uoers v,,r. .luc.S, s , n ,, rrl h holiday picu se;-sion. calic. Iicrc. Cnuventf lo their ,.... first lluee days. And Ih loo f,-ii from Hi" center for (juick breathers. Cabbies, pitlne iiuil liist weekend, lod.-iy be: ing their -urljnc:.s. ,| ( ,hn ,'1 h i l c k i p W i t h ,'j 1 \-'.-; f the wheel, told me his Mory n o t!ip Alnphilhcalre. ukers diM.ucred she dp un her mind as lo her presidential choice . . . Traii:.- ion to Convention Mali j* rio in here . . . Average time pV.inf.r.. n C h i c a - i , to the · -(I minutes . . Members ·' t'ie r-rp;... .-'re l.ikiiu; udv.intiiijp :hp free bus service o f f r i c d h he Ccncial Tire i,n.| |;,,l,!- u - .'"·iii'.iuy - . . The co-ni'iiiH h.i.s -s t nnt .nuH.'lv bcuvcen the two l',.;iirr: The "bread 'iitiou HMI are nl- s the f;, w of or;,.. . ilrle^at.'s. visitnip ..lid press icrsnnnei tin rn h»ne iiucues fo r wu.iwichcs and coffee . . . Atnniic I h e cimii.aign ;-i:iimicks u.-ed bv enterprising : 'iis .,n. circli: animal:;, ·-. .1 ;i--'!icopipr. a (.ipn.e Iwi'.ilt and soi,pd | :L i.ks Department Mores .-epo-t g sales in their coslunic jcwehy depiirimenlfi. Convention "wi-te.H'." w i l l be receiving some baud: onic jru!'; when their hus- hi,"v!s return (mm Chicago . . . Sii:t;uu; st.-ii- Aliiu Junes who en- j lert.-iini-d de|p.;iiies ai Tuesday ome . Brooklyn. i Concede Nothing . : Stanky though well aware of : .the Dodgers' healthy 13-gamo : edge on the decisive defeat" side! c atpst oyc-npenin K evcnt-a " 1 ccls ' nn nvpr thc Icasue A1I- ,"" . f 1 ni e"--Ju.-i follows ,, . i' s e " p wa - v tnc I'clicans w o n of the standings, refuses to con- lc H-i"«ing game caused n few ' cede a thing to Brooklyn and New i of ll 'C more sensitive cvcbrows York. j to slip up a notch. a New Orleans-reared and' Japan as well. It will take a great deal of forehearance on all sides lo avoid incidents. Thc United Stales and Russia have the two biggest teams in the I pans who watched the Soviet equestrian team unloiid v..-rc amazed at the splendor nf the equipment and Ihe qualitv of the horses. Cessions gave GOPers us moincnts when he | 'irsl number. He gave ] i. yc-.", forib wit}, the "Donkey Sere- 1 .site is nade." hardly appropriate for th? ' .if town ! ,,, T asinn. , I Unirjue Tei'm: James T. Colby j Pleasant j of i.ilrhfield. K. H., large'sl pro-I n .'how- j ducer of vegetables in that New. Fngland stale, is a red-hoi "Ike", Ian and doesn't pull any punches when it comes to denouncing v-h.-.i h" palls ih,. Ohloan's 1 , ,. _ .. i "Taft-y Pull" . . . Mr. Colby, hy now 1 wcvp,;';;;, - ^^ i ;^0 r--' ^^-; ^-.'''^r^eJ^oc^'are'-ii-r.-^d'r'u^u^S' u c i k . M.iylw ( .. lm ,, th,. 011 ., h w ,||, fiy,,,,, (,,,],,,, | when all the voles had counted. . . I the " I h cfu7dn't S co n n,in,L M ^ pfked up four games on the Dodgers in a ! ittl? over a week. And we're go- ·"»« c;lrl v iin " w a l k . few scattered hits Western Seniors Golf Tournament Opens In Chicago Boys Club Weekly Card July 10- Cubs vs. Indians. Giants vs. Cardina's. Chicago-MVrwn hundred golf- ! , u | v ,, f'"'"''. P !' actic0 ' ers, sn years old and over, from J H-(I J raelice) ing to pick up more ground. This 1 '"TM aht » ^ deadlock in the ,.,,, .,,, , ra , s n ,n ann over, irom .race isn t over by a long shot." , sixth and it lasted until the bot- 28 stales will tee off wilh varvine £SSSHSS5: 5S I ^j5-?' h 5 ! K^rJ^-^sS j Seniors Golf Association tourney'. Six'age brackets arc listed for , the 36-hole medal play meet, in- i i eluding 50-54, 55-59, 60-61, G5-6D, : ! 70-74 and 75 and over. ! .lames McAlvin of Chicago is the defending all-tourney cham- i liion, posting the best medal of | all classes last year. ' The field also includes Chick Evans, Chicago's perennial amateur; Gabby Marines?, former star catcher and manager of the Chi: caco Cubs: band leader Fred War! ing; Hubert A. Stranahan. of Toledo, father of star amateur Frank; Bob Harlow. editor of Golf World; j and Allen Tiankin and Tom liob- ' bins, former national senior champions narrow 7-6 edge. A Tt.m Affair The Cards' sudden surge nas been a team affair u-ith ncarlv all regulars sharing th? credit. But the man most responsible, even more so than Stan "The Man" Orleans baseball, had trouble with control and the first two men to lace him--shortstop Gair Allie and catcher Jack Paepke--| drew walks. PiiichhiUcr Francis HoMcran--appearing for the second lime iu Ihe game by specia gSi,;-vK,s,STsS=;^^TM'S horse, who refuses to bow to as., is enjoying one of his best seasons. The fourth leading hitler in the league with .314, old Country has been uring his bat with d e v a s t a t - ing effect in the past two weeks.' He's driven in nearly half of his 49 runs during that lime and he has driven in five runs in each of three days. Musial. of course, has maintained his .steady, league-leading. .333 pace and Peanuts Lowrcv. 'Bed Schoeudienst. Solly Hemus. Del Rice and Dick Sislcr have rontribuleri Iheir share to the team's rpcent success. AI Brazle . (fi-D. Gerrv Slalpv (H-fii Joe Preskn 15-4). Cloyd Rover ( 5 - 4 1 . Vinegar Bend Mizell (3-Si and Kd- die Yuhas i5-2 have sparkled on the mound. While the Cards are threatening to make a three-team affair of t h e . out. The ne\t Iwo men popped out · to infielders and Modica started j on ?lipe Monlemayor wilh the bases loaded and two oul. Monlc- in;i\-or worked th(* count to three halls and two strikes before drawing a walk and forcing home lhc winning run. Each team got only seven hits.! with four of the All-Stars' roming · after they had finished scoring;.! Walks and errors did more j damage than hits throughout lhc somctimcE-dulI conlest. 1-2 Yankees. i 2-3 Cardinals. ' 3-4 Intermediate. | 5-(i:3i) Senior July 12--Cardinals vs. Indians, ; Giants vs. Yankees. July 13--Seniors vs. Wesley, 1:.' p.m.. ai County Fa Grounds. X-Rays Show Minor Muscular Condition In Shanfz' Chest Chadwick To Slick With Same Team On Next Try On S i d e l i n e s In Publinx hunt with Cleveland, Washington. Boston and Chicago chasing the New York Yankees. The While Sox showed speed of foot during the past week In move into the runner-up spot, three games he- · hind the Yankees. The Indians. Senators and Red Sox are not far behind. The Yankees face an nppor- , tunity to increase Iheir firsl-plati? margin, launching a 14-g.-vnc homo stand lonighl wilh lhc Si. Louis Browns as the first of four Western opponent!;. Thc White Sox engage the Senators in Washington, the Indians are Ihe guests of iho Athletics in Philadelphia and the own doci'inn Rpri Sox are hosts to Detroit in Boston. In the National Brooklyn inaugurates its 12-game swing in the West with an afternoon cbsii In Chicago. lh« Gianls tackle Pittsburgh in thPir road oppner and thp Cards engage Ihe revivified Phillies. The Braves and Reds open a two-game series in Cincinnati. mer Florence Charivvick will have the same "team" wilh her when she tries again to conquer the distance between Calaiina Island and the mainland in September. Overriding an announcement from San Diego hy her mother, Mrs. Mary Chiidwick, thai there will be a new trainer. Miss Chad- wirk said Bert Roverp, Los Angeles cafem; n and a former channel swimmer, will again be her trainer. Miss Chadwirk said she appreciated her mother's advice hut Ihal she will win or lose on her Philadelphia -i/Ti- Liltle Boiibv Shantz, southpaw pitching star of the Philadelphia Athletics, is going to get n few extra days of rest because of a muscular' condition in his chest. X-rays disclosed the pain that forced the. M-gamc winner lo retire from the game against the Nev.- York Yankees last .Sunday was nothing serinus. Dr. Illarion f'" 1 ""''' 0 ' to ' lm Physician, said H , few days rest and some diathermy treatment would clear up the ron- . dition. : : Manager Dykes said h e ' wouldn't use his 5 feel 7. ]4.'i, pni-.nder unlil next SatMir'.iv. ' Shanl? worked in Ihe curtailed Hurfh Given New Pact As Southern President Miami, Fla.-W)-Wilh all former Oiampions watching wistfully from Ihe sidelines and a 21-year-old ! Illinois laborer hogging the spotlight, the rough-and-ready National Public Links Golf Tourna- All-Star g a m e , slrikin., ment moved today into its fifth ' Whiley Lockmai. of Iho, .N'cw Y exciting round. \ " The man to walch was rangy. Boh Srherer. an unknown work- i man from Uccatui. He came from : nowhere in yesterday morning's third round lo blast Defending Champion Dave Stanley nf Los Angeles from this mooting of the stars of America's municipal golf courses with an astounding 4 and 3 vic'.ory. Completely unaffected by his sparkling decision over Stanley, the young UCLA student who had been given a good chance to don the public links crown for the second year, Scherer came hack in the afternoon those hoys win spend bucks, ail' 1 l:i\e u a Ii w Told To Stay rlnvr Leaders of .s'.,itp delciiiitii j ex-plicilly in:-lri;e!erl Iheu- e:i;u-j i today in "«iay ii, t| K , ^,,,|, 1 theatre." 11. Glenn Weber, of ][i ; Ridcc, Mo., kepi a vciy e!' check on the "Shim- l\ie Ma'r-r · alternate* as veil as dele'rat And H. Leon McCalph. of Il'uiv - vilte, Ala., sai.l that Aliiliiiniiji ! split nine lo f i \ e in Tail's lav i today, "will stay |oal way unlil I Ibis conven'ion deadlock::." Which i 1 means pvcry one is m lor a iom:h ' [ and lough ballol-ng ballii- lo-; | triorrov;--and t h e i:.'h icrislers' I will continue tn cal'ier duM mid ; ! spider we! is. '·· I Foreign Prr-:s llriirrsrnted I Convention Tid-Bjl:;: Keen In-i lores! in thp Aiiicr;c;m pnsiden ti.-il nominal the In in" e ' news-)api i n! I conclave . . : conntric.s ;;re reprc.-;' n! pi ess sc-tioii . . . K p ^ i Ihe f.^lr' M - ; ' h rcpn: !'·:·· i publications . . . } i-.-nii j Japan lire repiesp.-ileil I. | papers. . . . othir i-nunti i elude A;: : ir,i,. China. i slr.via, Sv. il.-.crian-l. /,u l Germany, ludii , Malv. Puerto ! Rico. Philippine;, and I-;v\-pt . . . · "'ilh iidmi:-iMi tiikct.-: tor cnn- , venison se.'.Mon.-; ai ; , pinnium. s t a t e orc;i,ii,';ilionr aie hurling . It difficult to t'lke c a i e .,[ fel- lowcrs . . . Wi:.,-on:-in h.-ul nil . Iicket:; but flow IN (i,.:de them among the hundred.-; i.f vi.. ilors from that slate posed problem . . . TV sols were installed at their Pisinni-ck Holel headipiartrrs when- (Ijsiippninlcd Show, pal pi pi/.(!;: and qililff beer or soil li.'.'ik:. . . South Ilaki.i.r.. A'-ol n.-ilional con-jmitti'ci:i.:n siniil::r pi-'-.ljIein ... ith kolanj. c!ii:norir-: Jir j ' The William Minler Batjer Post . of the American l.ceinn Iwgan itu i If)."i2-ri3 membership drive this. I week. A valuable wrist watch will ' ; be iiwiitded the member who | I brings in the mosl names. Kspe- ci.-il e f f o r t s u-ill he made to secure j ; velei-iins who have rplurnetl from - 1 Korea as members of the Rogers | '· post It was announced that Chap- | · liiio Herbert G. Marklov of the '. loc.-il post has been re-admilted lo : evidenced l\v i' n l of foreign criiii: Ibe cul 1 : i IP.-S thr.n i:, ·CMiiip-l m the l:' Hi ips in- Yuc.n- Giants; Jackie Robinson of the Rrooklyn Dodgers, and S I a n MuMal of thc St. Louis Cardinal.-; ; ir: his one inning stint. 'Hall Tire Beats 1ST In Softball Play, 8-7 nipiit of \- tick, . . . . l.iunnf. of l;p'| 1 1;, i, ],, of the loo.-t p'.pulM' C.'hrcaiio ih'S week (le T. F.llis. executive man- of Ihe National Rural F.lec- I r i c Cooperallve Assoplntion, spent oiirt of last wpck in Rogers iinii Giirficld. In Garfipld where I'llli.-; was horn and iparpd. hp. v ; ..'i"d his wife's father. Harrt H.iker. J.-.elvn Puckell has been elected |iri"-i'lent of the Sill) Deb Club. '""' i Othc r officers elected arc: Vice four prrslrlonl. Sidnev Ulack; sccn.-tnry, . Janice Skell-in; tre.-isurer. .Suiidm Miller; reporter, Sylvia Hull; cnr- i-CMionillng secrctarv. Wenrislvn Tl-:.n .on; pledge mistress, Kay I Doucliis. i l.ogers hiis been chosen as the starting point of the Cavalcade nde to TuKa lute in September. Memliers of the orpani/.ntton met Sundav at Holel Arkiinsas. A com- millcp composed of Don Moyt and Il.iv Henry of Rogers. liaymond c.:.':h ' A:--h of Fiiyetlevillc, Ray Walker of Eureka Springs, Hack Adcock and Viola Ilealhrage of Hunls- ville. Rai-ncy Dclozier oi Elm Springs. Irfime Pianallo of Tonli- luwn, arid Mary Bell and Mona l.pv.--^ of Monrtl. Mo., will arrange ilrt.iil..: of the triu. They will meel I eie July M to make a survey of the po.;Mb!p inulps and co^i lo each iiipiiiber. A Ca'valcadp queen viil be I-IMI...PH after the trip has st;,rtp,| A meeting of the hoard, of which Ttaymond Ash, Fnyptle- villp, is prpr.idpnl, will bp held -. fourth round and knocked Geoige Caskey of Dayton. Ohio out of the running, 4 and li New Orleans - iTPl - Pre.Mileill | So. just five years after he Charlie Hurth of Ihe Southern I swung his first golf club Scherer Association will continue in that I was well on his way to becoming On* of the earliest aerial pholo- fraphs was taken from a balloon in IdfiO in Boston. eap.-icity for another three years. Club pipsidenls of the doublp-A baseball loop awarded him his third three-year contract dav. The presidents also voled to raise the player limit from 2(1 to 22 during Ihe firsl 30 days of Iho j season. I The official'; voled lo eliminate HIP rule requiring learns to have al least six class B players--ihoje wilh no douhlp-A experience-during the season. West Virginia U. won three slnighl S ' o u t h em Conference liaschall games leccntly without pitchers havlnif allowed a single earnod run. Krr» u» tin TIMKR yosler- ] ranks. the king nf the weekend players . and, possibly, to carving a career for himself in thc professional Ihe ilmra-- r««4 Stanley was one of Ihrec formci lilleholders who saw iheir comeback hopes blown up in ycsler- · The Hall Tire Compauv s'|iiee/- ed out an 8-7 v i c t o r y over the In- : stilule of Science and- Technologv | yesterday in a Citv Solthnll League game. The victory p|p: vated Ihe Hall team inlo a lie for 1 second place in the loop. ! Carlton was the loring pitcher giving up seven hils. Stiplrton. although surrendering nine hits. was the winner. M a t t h e w s hit a . home run for the losers. The i/iuisiaoa Collegians are currently leading Ihe league wilh three victories and np defeats Hall Tire and KGHH are lied for second with three wins and one da.v's wild, free-for-all scramble, i'he field Ihal exceeded 2,000 when Ihe qualifying rounds were playc-l Ian monih now has been cut to a hardy lfi. Stanley Bielat of Yonkers, X. Y.,' the 1940 champ, was humped by Frank Klllkiewiez of Honolulu, 'l ; , up, and Andy S/wcdko, Hie s t u b 1 , bom I'ltlihurtrh sleelworkcr who, won it way back there .n 103(1 was knocked oui by Charles lies, of Indianapolis, 2 and 1. Rlllkiewicz, who revenged « semi-finals hy Bie|»i | n ||,r ! Iow; Ark! " 1 «» ! Western Gas and Campholl-Bcll are lied for fourlh with two-two records; iho Insti- - tute of Science erew and Ihe Veterans Hospital are tied for sixth with A victory and three love- each; and Harmon Pl.iyfirid. w,ih no wins and three Iiwos, | S | n .| The USI.TA Girl:' Gravs c,,urt v;il! be held at Ihe ill Philadelphia, 1 ,, (;llll loiirnamenl ai Louisville two ypar ago. had only a -horl limp In cinoy i his Iriiimph. Up was kicked out hinv.t'lf in the nflernoon n.und l.y Matt C.irvcy nf Harvey, 111., ] up. i Kenttrtky's favorite strpightlwrUi! $C''(j C;i»l n vulo for Kurlv 'I'imcti, nnd ' ff~ mnltc yimr party n siici.Tnii )IHI1 EARLY TIMES CMceaM^wfiish// KtMIUCKT STBAIOIir HOIIMON WHIJKT . II MOOf 'IMCS OISIIIURT CuMPANr . lOVIiVIUI L XtNtUCIT her? »t .1 p m ./uh- 7" '. ,i-i'.rt 1 Hi" o f f i c i a l mule a:.d sM a di.-id: line (or riT-,s r , ,,,, · .Proofing PlicJcgwpfce; Carried Off By Police Convention Mail, f ' i u - . i ? o - i 1'i- .!· T c , Trelick. Uii.-'id Pre", j.i .,:.,-,:,,,- r - ei, oil ti-p lio.-n 1,1 (',-·· in ,:.'.,;,can convention ! r i:t ni-^h* riur.rv; .1 comtc.o'.ir.n '.-!,]··· } ~ v.aA truii-.; to t a k e ii pun,i, Tiellik said iip .v.-,s n'-ikin;: a nlctuip of a dr ; . .-c -,..,., ;· , i him behind liie i ;n'. Li' i.-'ne r; i . · .. n l',. I .iiiii. l',i- lice rushed In t ( . hie,i): u-i 'Vin- ·-(· ail" c.'iinid tn» i ·',-, .I:M'; Trelui. lo liie b.-u-k o( t.-ip hall. Mr. And Mn. Hirr. ._ Mr in-l Mr-,. Harry John '.ids of Faye'.tcville announce the '·u-h of i daughter, July 9, at- ihc County Hospital. · Mr. And Mrj. Lsw-i T. Buehmin: Mi. and Mrr.. Lewi., T. Buchanan? " r.ivi-iievlllp announce the birth? ' ' a daughter. July 10, at th?i i..;un:-/ Hospital. ; Mr. And Mn. Scott Hiwklni : Mr. Md Mrs. Scott Hawkins off F:i.y?ttvvillc announce the birlh; ·;f i d.u.;, July 10. it the City; Mr. And Mn. Doylt Morriion '. '·i: .1--' MM. I)o;p Morrison of! Favct'.cvillr. announce the birth" i. .1 '.-i ::.hfr. July In. at the Ci'y- Hospital ' - PRICES CUT RUGGED RIVERSIDES FOR SAFER DRIVING 10.95 12.55 6.00.76 Hut FW.rof Jag m4 r*w tU rirt 6.70-13 villy OUNCE FIRST QUALITY FULL NON-SKID DEPTH-FULL TREAD WIDTH-FULL SIZE RIVERSIDE AIR CUSHIONS Sin 6.40-15 6.70-15 7.10-1S 7.60-15 1.00-15 6.70-16 Tire Prict* 12.45 12.55 15.2S 16.95 11.75 13.25 Tub* rVic«** 2.25 2.55 2.65 2.80 3.35 2.60 RIVERSIDES FOR OlDER 6.50-13 6.00-16 6.50-16 15.3S 10.95 15.IS CARS 2.5S 2.30 2.60 _ i ·N»i f'J. t*,mJr~"U *·. "HM Ifi. T--. ONLY 10% DOWN ON TWM$

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