Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 10, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1952
Page 7
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I Showing Next Week At fayetteville Theatres JnetTHWBT AIKANSAS TIMti, "HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY GAL'.' Th. G«r, Hoarinj TV/enlleil Jhe studio has reached back to 1923. the period of racoon coats rah-rah boys, speakeasies and the Charleston, to put the de.lijhtful Technicolor ' H A S ANYBODY SEEN MY GAL" on the screen The nostalgic comedy-drama hi!, starring Piper Laurie, Rock Hudson, Charles Coburn and Gigi Perreau, opens Sundav at the OiARK Theatre. "HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY GAL" relates the amusin? problems faced by the members o[ a smjill town family when an unknown benefactor turns over $100,000 to them. The delightful story is f u r t h e r enhanced by popular song numbers of the 1928 era which include "Five Foot Two, Eyes of El-jc " "Gimme A Little KUs, Will Ya, Hl i h? ." " Ti 8" R ? E " anti ma "- v mo re. To add all this up, there's rouse !izi= in every garage . . . a Shiek (or n a t i o n s wearing hip flasks . . . danc hot. hot jazz! in fla ing thi ·rs' knees TM M v r ca rf * slrons supporting cast. "HAS SEEN MY GAL opens Sunday at the OZARK Theatre. "BED MOUNTAIN." Rough, Rou». Ing, Timing of the Weitl An explosive chapter in American history. revamped for dra malic impact. ?pired with a torri'J romance and produced on a lavish scale, will bow i n t o the OZARK Theatre when "RKD MOUNTAIN" opens next Wednesday. This Technicolor a r l v e n t u r e spectacle star? Alan Ladd. and for the first time I t E m s the rcnigh-and-ready action · favorite w i t h luscious, blonde ' Elisabeth Scott. The film gives Ladd plentv o f ' opportunity to apply his virile talsmt both in and out of the sad- ! die as it deals with tre notorious '· exploits of !hj renegade Confed- ·' erate General Quantrell and th» steely nsrved cavalry captain who . halted his personal conouest of the Wcs'. With A r t h u r Kennedy and John : Plunder " " « " « » of t°the at the The 'xciting chase, ambush, and buttle scenes were " , , , ? · . , N " " ' M e x ' r o - "RED MOUNTAIN" reatre Wednesday through Saturday. "RED BALL EXPRESS." Devil Drivers of ih Army "RED BALL EXPRESS" whi-h opens at the t ' A R K Thealrf? Si!- ur4ay is a tripping 32^" O f ' 3 hastily organized World War II unit 1 of the Armv T r a p r p n r ' V m n Coips which rushed surplic:- .-in-ri badly-needed a m m u n i t i o n to G*n- p! Pafton's armv during a front line brcakthroueh Jeff Chandler Alex Nirol ,r,j. tJ!h Braun and Ch5r!»? Drake handle the starring role; in "RED BALL EXPRESS" and the «up- ; . porting cast is headed b" .Isrnu I line Duvall and Sidney °Poili?'r. · The story opens when a younc .,,,,., lieutenant is assigned to o r f a n i 7 P £***£; 5 former group of t r u c k drivers iS ; arid "red ball" a fleet of trucks . tnroj.igh the front lines into G?r- I man occupied territory wher 0 General Pattern'? t » n k « are bocge'd | down because of a lack of f u e l . I Th-re is b i t : e r conflict be("Tcn the l i e u t e n a n t and the targeant assigned to him. Th= f»ud cnntpnn?:, u n t i l !hc officer saves the life of the sargoant 3; they break t h e i r way t h r o u g h a b u r n i n g French (illagMo complete their asng!-.-nu ; assicnment. Here is one all of you uriia""' 10 "''' EXPMSS" starts at ihe U A K K Th?atre Sat- '·ANOTHER MAN'S POISON." T(»n=r, Electrifying S u s p e n i e Drama. Eet!c DnvK t h e undisputed first lady of the r-creen, returns to the k i n d of venemous role which has won hr-r the acclaim of critics and · niriienrn alikf in he;- latest slar- I r i n s f i l m . "ANOTHER MAN'S ! POISON'." a powerful and violent . I d r a m a wh;-h opens at I h p U A R K | T]''-.ii-'. n"vt W r - i n c s d i v . S'-; w i ' h her i~ her hus- l U C i - ' i G a r y M e r r i l l . ,in;nt appear T k i n - t n e i j - fir;.f ·ce sinr-e t h o Ac innins "All About Eve." ['. "AXOTHKR MAN'S POISON" | is t'-e b i t t e r , tempestuous storv of , * lonely woman. It "ncprns -: '-ucrr : -f-t] rnvstpi-.- ^lorv writer, played j by Miss Davis, who IT deterrnn-rn to \". no ohji-irln s'. 1n d in t h e w.v ' of her desperate desire for I'l-/^ ^vi i^pri'-.r'--. even if she must resort ' 'o murder to a ^ ' a m i:. Mc::-i!!. pl.'iyin; the f r i e n d of t h e husb',-,nd"'she i murders, is equally ruthlc.-.:. | At cross-purpose-., t i i r v .i-h p|;, n w i - a - l h e y thir.l.- is a peifect ; crime, only to h a v e i: b a c k f i r e upnn t h c - n in a haM h i t t i n g , breath| Ukjng. startling climax t h a t will h,i- f vou holding l i c h t to vour f«at 'one after the picture has ended. "ANOTHER MAN'S POISON'" opens at ihe UARK Theatre next. Wednesday. j Choice Recipes BROW.VSTONE ; By CECILY BROWNSTONE Bfucberry Bron Muffins I n Kredipnts; 2 tahlcspnor,s bi;t- Ic-r nr margnrin-?. T i rup puor.r, 1 p ?f, 1 cup rjMdy-tn-r.'ir \-,r-n, \ cup frrrh n i l t i v a i f d hl;jrb"rrjp... 1 rup siftpri f l n u r . ?. l s leasiinnn? baking powder, 12 leaspnon ? n i ' . M r i h n r i : f'rram h n ' t r r and sugar; heat in p ^ r \ v r l l . K i n - in bran and m;ik and i^! sn.i; at I?a5t n m m u t P F . MPHIV.'. r . i l r \v^;.!i. i 3nrl d r a i n hlueboi'i'i ( v wci!. Sifl i '"-?c-)hcr f l o u r , b n k m p pn\vdrr. ! anrl salt; F»ir in!n bran m:-;tnrp vTth bluehcrrips nn!y u n ' i l in- Predifnts aro m i \ r d . (On not brat or m u f f i n s will be peaked) B T k r i n j n greased m u f f i n rup.^ ( '*» cup *iz"p( in hot (400K.) oven about 2."i minutes. If you use a 12-rup. m u f f i n pan, fill the 2 cmptv cups w i t h wMfir. i Sherricd Chicken Saute . pound ;i/e pirrr?), flour. --:iM, pepper, p a p r i k a , : j run ?,iiad oil, H cup nutter or i-.inr^annr, J 2 .-up conk- in^ sherry. 1 rnr-dium-sited onion _ i m i n c c d ) , - 2 t^i-'lr^pomis minced : parsley. Shormti Cra* y. · M f l h n ; i : Civt rhicki'ii with flour ;·(·;,sfi'ird \ v M h f'i!'. i) n pper. and p a p r i k a lo ' a ? ' p l i e - i t ni] and h u t - 'f\' in H u l l - ; n - e n nr other h r a v y . k f t i i r . F.nivvn r h i r k r n . a few pifrrr- n* a l:me. \\'hrn n i l r h i r k - rn h;i.^ hrrn hrowr^d pour off the , nvei". P frit irni^inms: in k e t t l e . · R n u r n r':irken t n k r l t l e w i t h :-.h"fry. onif!i, and parsley; rook . nvr ]o-v h?,-t -J'i to fin minu!^? nr u r . ' j j i iiK'krn i r - t r n d r r . Remote rlvken f r o m K m i i o and keep v;.;-m. Ado ;ir,y d r i p p i n g s to re- j-.e] - P f-i?. and pj-f-naiT gra\ y ac- roi-dini; tn t h e f^!lo\\-jng recipe M n k r ? f\ in a F^rvinps. j PhfiTtffl Gravy i Incrpflirni':: ^ cup fsi (rospp-ed fat f r o m I r v i n g riiirken plus b u t IT or ni.ircannr- if ne^esj-ary), h nip f l n u r . L J1 ? rups milk. nip m o k i n q sherry, dash of mare rail nnd pnpper. Mnthnd; Blrnd fnt and flour In k H l l r in u'hirh r h i r k r n was T H E F A R M E R S F R I E N D ! STOCK-BARN GARDEN I N S E C T K I U E R i cwcwTun -- i I UN ACCO*OINO to eincTiont ro« fouim nv(sioc«,l cook**: iM milX »nd coek over low heat, stirring constantly, until jravy thickfns and boili. Stir_ in sherry, mace, salt and p«pper' to i a « l f . Four (travy ovrr Shprried Chicken Saule nr serve separatclj- Lime Flip Ingredients: 6 tablespoons fresh lime juice, '/i nip supar. rlash of :~a]t, »repn food coloring, fi cups j buttermilk, fresh mint fnrijs. M r t h o d : Mix ill ingredients except mint. Pour into chilled slasses Afliawai, ThunJaf, }vlj 10, JMJ ' and top with mint. Makei I lerviBfi. Shrimp And Mushrooms In Tomato Sauce ln»r«tients: 1 large onion, r i n r a n t h c s celery. 3 tahl?spfion.' h u l t r r o r n i a r s a n n r . | lahlpsponn M o u r , ] Xo. 2 can tomatoes, 1 small r;m ( a b o u t ; ounces drained jv.-piEh'.j button mushrooms, P 3 |tr.sspoVn r a i l , frcshly-prmmd prpl per, dftsh of c a y p n n r , i pound mrdium-sizrrl sryimp, 1 small gr««n pepper. , Methnd: Pee! and dice onion; clean and dice celtry. Heat butter :or m a r j a n n e in IJ-inr.h s k l l l f l .over lo'.v hca!; add onion »nd celery and cook, s t i r r i n g aflen. ahoMi HI m i n u t e s . S t i r in flour. Arid tomatoes, l i q u i d from m u s h rooms, s a l t , pepper, and r.iyi-nne lo tasle. F l i i T i n g o f t e n , cook over low h e a t a b o u t IS m i n u t e s M e a n while rr-mnvf shells and black i pins from s h r i m p ; rinse in cold w H l c r a n d d r a i n . Arid to t o m a t o . ·:atMT and cook, s l i r r i n s several ., X lUiff w i ' n i h r n e r es 4 lo .i ST'vi.nrs limes, about 1(1 minutti--.lull un- prunes talad ireer.s til alirimp h « ' e rooxwl t h r o u f h . ' Meanwhile rcmo 1 e seeds and x e m b r a n e f r n m green pepptr and slice into t h i n strip!. Stir pepper ·and mushrooms i n t o - h r i m p m i x - t u r e and Makes 4 (o 6 ,srrvinj:r - - ·- Cottage S t u f f e d Prune Salad i inmedient-.: 9 i*r«pe sodii. | es Ingredients; | cup rheam-styl» tablespoons sunr. cottase rheere. 1 traj|r,on sr«tfl Itmnn jure. '» te orance rind. 3 tablespoonj finely .oranrp nn'l. rliniiprd walnul.s. 24 to 3(1 cooked' Mrlhod: Emp'v .1 , h " ? *' .Grape Frost f-.-Ja m:o freezing tray oi '!'!·« of jrapt »ada B«. n? -.vhlp tit white; b»3i krnin juice, and o-ar.j» " s r n - e or cra:k frozen r h o n a t - d beverage and in 1,-iH elates. Put l tabi»- i r! !!i« v hipped e|i white » 3 ' h z'.3i r . t h e n «!o-«-lv f;!l '-,::d grape jcda. Makes 8 N Ke-n n p u-lih ihe Umw--read hf TI.MFS dailj. Store No. 1 SOUTH SIDE SQUARE "Air Conditioned for ^SjroppingComfort'' Wesson Oil Pint 31c GERBER'S Baby Food 3 cans 25c AJAX Cleanser IQc can JERGEN'S LOTION SOAP Bar 5c GOLD NUGGET FLOUR 10 Ibs 79c GROVE BRAND Tomatoes 2 Nc j31c PURE CANE SUGAR 10 ft 89c S MARKETS SUPER WE GUARANTEE YOU LOWEST FOOD PRICES IN TOWN Ask About Our Credit And Delivery System ALL PRICES GOOD AT PUBLIX IGA MARKET -- SPRINGDALE Orangeade Cheese Royal Pudding Hi-C Brand Large ^ W 46-ci. Can J^ff 3 Large Boxes 69 19 r r c _ ^_^ -- -Chocolate Syrup Henhe * Lca .T 15 Frosted Mix Grated Tuna Lipton's Choc, and Vanilla Pkg. Easy Hot Weather Dishes Con Oleo Peaches Peas Farm Belle Ib. 10 21 \T Del Monte Large ^ ^ Sliced or Halves 2% Can Mm i Muchmore Brand Early June c c 25 Large 48-Size Head LETTUCE Cherry Red RADISHES 2- 15 Garden Fresh Leaf LETTUCE 35 Jumbo Size CANTALOUPES * ^ Yes, It Is Bargain Days AT CONSUMERS IGA MARKETS """ Campfira Pork Beans 3 Tall Cans 25* Sunshine Krispy Crackers Ib, Box 26 Polmolive Soap.... 2 Bath Size 25* Fob Washing Powder... Giant Size 73* Crystal White S o a p . . . , . . . . 3 Bars 23 Hershey's Cocoa Pound Can 49 Pork Lane Sandwich Spread Pint 19* FREE 21JEWIL FIVCC LADY'S OR MAN'S WATCH umber of Coffee )f Chase and Sai COFFEE Gue« Number of Coffee Beans in Jor of Chaie ond Sonborn Nothing to Buy LB. CAN 79 0 Store No. 2 300 W. DICKSON Plenty Parking Optn Until 9 P.M. STRONG HEART Dog Food 3c T ::,29c VAN CAMP Tenderoni IQc pkg. Paimoiive Soap 3 bars 25c FAB Washing Powder Large 23c Box VEL Washing Powder Large 200 Bo " SNO-DRIFT Shortening 3 Ib can 75c MADISON Salad Dressing Armours Star Grade A SLICED BACON 55 Cello Wrapped BACON SCARES * 25 LARGE BOLOGNA By the Piece " 35 Fresh Lean GROUND BEEF 59 Fresh Tasry 2-lb. Box CHICKEN BACKS 29 Jl'J" ' ' = "'" "" " ' '"'"""'"1'HMH ,,, ,,, ,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,:,,,,,,,! 1 U.II.IH.MUI,, .MM MM,.,,...,,,,,.., *"* I CONSUMERS I rnMCiiuric I -r,oc,,nr B * = = = CONSUMERS S CONSUMFR^ = r n t j c i i u c o e | "EXTRA SAVING" COUPON § "«TRA SAVING" COUPON = "EXTRA SAVING'' COUPON I ''EXTRA SAVING'' COUPON f - DILL and SOUR f 5 ALL FLAVORS 15*' WITH THIS COUPON GREEN BEAUTY PICKLES 19' GOOD HOUSEKEEPER MATCHES 3^:10' Lipton's Tea

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