Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 10, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1952
Page 6
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My !«, IMt THE BEST FOR LESS CRISCO Mbs... 79c BROOKS Pork Beans . 2/i Can. Ripe Olives California Standards 103 can 25c BROWN BEAUTY Spanish Rice ;on . . 17c SMOKE FLAVORED Sordinettes :an . . 29c MIslTuna Chunk StyU 29e Foyers Coffee, b. . . . 79c VfMtt fcwfcr Wild iiklofti , . , . 23 ure Jell.... NX Northern Tisui oil . . . . . , . 7 Ward's Ice (ream iiH Snow Crop Orange uice, 2 for ..... FRESH CORN Ears Fresh Firm etfuce Ib. 17* emons oDz 40c South American iananas Ib. 15 kLL SWEET )leo,,... Ib. 29 :ORN KING lacon.... Ib. 42* IROUND leel b.59 Spiced Ham Lunch Meal ARMOUR'S b. , . . 53c Bollards Biscuits :on . . 10c I Dismissal Notes Go Out To Many Agency Workers Operation Funds Of Units Sliced By Congress W»shin*ion-f/T't-"Ynu f r* fired", nolicfs ht*gan c r inH out (o about i half Ibr !7.nfin emplnyei; of thfi. jfnVf mm/Mit's anli-inffn! mn a?ffn- plffx today a rr-Milf nf th* heavy | axr Cftnfjr^sx applied to apprnpri-i lion ipc|\i*rts. Krnnomir Siahliwr · Roger I.. Putnam said his prn^ram will ho hurt hut hp wnuM "fin t h e ; hept UT ran wilh what v:e've : pnl." Hr sak! fonni-pss "K*vr us -- · a n d the rnnMirnor- an awful kick in the lerlh" in prnvirijnc Ihe afirnriep wilh only fiO million rinl- larK rnmparM with the 103 million requested. Aiwttw fail fri Dunnes Wanw Brofhers Mori* Lot Rurhank, Calif. - A «c-*- Visiting Around Arkansas B Y J O E M A I S H · l l t l nrothern mnvie lol yesterday and e! I in movie scenes. The.n wind-driven i embers leaped a strtet and burn- Rny Harris has replaced Ca! Bard, .Jr., as manager of Ihe Singer .Sewing Machine Company here. A native of Hot Sprinjrs, Mr. Har; ris joined the Singer company i five years ago as an adjuster. He ; was promoted to assistant man- i ajer and Irnnsferred to Little j Rock where he served as assistant manager. Harris, his wife and I M-month-old daughter h a v e ! moved into a home on Willow .one officer expressed the bel that arson was involved. Studio spokesmen estimated damage at four and one-half to six million dollars. The fire swept in a |iant arc through 25 studio hack-lot acres, destroying nine streets of scenery. Sheriff's Arson Investigator Ed Hatcher said there Is "every indication" the hla?.f could not have i started accidentally, and must have been Incendiary. He said that he and an invesll- ]' Ocean gator for the National Board of | boat Is a Fire Underwriters found the area · boat' in which Ihe fire started. Hatch- i Paul Chotteau, veteran longer said there was no material j distance swimmer, proposes to there that could have started the harness a blue shark to a con' ir '- traplion embodying a pair of pon- The blaze ra?ed a storage shed j toons anri let the shark furnish ·ontaining a 30-year collection of the propulsion. Chotteau swam 42 ;May Use i To Pull Him In West Indies, to Palm Beach. Now he's 51 and hankers to swim the Catslina Channel that Florence ; Cbadwiek almost h'it not quite j conquered last week. Just how he d mirness the shark, Chotteau doesn't say. He says he tried his ide.-. small scale, with a goldfish furnishing (he power, and that it worked fine. 'till lefireti Iteflltgltains ui tie fatin!' I' is estimated that most auto- j "i°bile headliEhts do not give a j driver a clear view of the area Park, Calif.-WPi-Shark , in which he can stop unless he 'comin'--and what a ' drives under 45 miles an hour. A spokesman said .Ifl-riay dismissal notices would start going out today Declaring that "our powers for maintaining the value of the dollar have been weakened seriously," Putnam said: "More than ever we will need Ihe consumers' help in holdinfi i, vMer(ln of world War II where down prices by exercising restraint ! ,,,, wnn thf Afiat | r company in purchasing. Prices generally are iMednl. three Bronze Stars, the Good Cordurt Medal, and hvo presidential citations. He Is a graduate n( Kayetteville High School, whcie he some 2,nno acting props. It damaged and collapsed a corrugated iron hangar homing an unde- miles from Catalln« Island to Malibu in 1936, and In 1940 had to quit 11 miles short of a 115- EVERYTHING M nUMBINO and SUPPUCt FAYETTEVILLE. IKON and METAL CO. OOVRNMBff AVI. For years I ' v e been t r y i n g to find tirm tn po up Rich M o u n t a i n , near Mena in Pnlk C o u n t y , and take a look at Arkansas from the highest peak between the Rockies and the Alloghenies. The trip itself through western Arkansas is worth your time. But thf» peak fo the payoff. I pot a bigger kick nut of g a z i n g out over A r k a n p f l ^ O u a c h i t a Mount a i n s , g p n t l i n ; t h e c u l t i v a t i o n strip? in the pine valleys and on hillsides, than I did when I first got up on Pike's Peak. T told the ganp around the office the other diy that getting up on t h a t highest peak in Arkansai reminded mo of the heights reached by A r k a n s a s voters last flectitn when they approved the continued legal sale of good malt beverage*. A^pricnn brewers of beer and fil" are ever striving, too, for the heights by producing a fine prod- urt and then having ifc served in clean, \vho!r«om» establiihments under a legal and Self-Regulation Program. ConrrifU I'll, Vailed Slates Br "otvtata*. 1m., Arka^act Diraion !»« BuitHiw, Little Rock. Arkataei RolliV \ Mr of Nru- Mexico A. and M., and JMW Crop lemonade MM ....... 29(1 not rtov.'n." He snid despite Ihe drastic appropriation cut he wanted to make clear "we are not throwing in the sponge and giving up." He said economic stabilization Is so vital to the defense program "all of us . . . are determined to five our best effort to the job." Futidi Trimmed Congress rut funds for Ihe State Department, the Defense Department, the Treasury, Commerce, Libor, Interlol- and Poiloffice Department! and sr,.res of agencies. But none was hit an hard as the member of the football team. He has a wife and two children. Randall Jirrell, Poet, To Be Heard Ai U.A. Rindairjarrell. noil and poetry critic, will discuss and give, readings from his poetry at a Unl- . ... versity Writers' Workshop session stabilization agencies, whose 80-ial 4 p.m.. tomorrow at the Arts million-dollar appropriation led! Center Concert Hall. It will be some officials In hint they would ' op : n to ,, tne Public, recommend junking price-wage i -V, irrel ' "2* f l r . ". - VMr , '"wary controls entirely bec.use they! ^i l " rn)n ' T hp ^UTM. He ,s at felt it impossible to work with the IS^Vl^. Sn.iiw. 11^^ at the University of North Caro- f u n d . The baltle over exlenslon of controls was one of (he bi| fights of the »2nd Lnngrcss. which adjourned this week. There was a major effort to wipe out the agencies or to reduce their pcwers to Impotence. Congress finally agreed on a in-month extension and relaxed tome controls. Putnam said after an all-day meeting ·.··Ith his agency heads yesterday that they hfid agreed to allocate the (10 million dollars proportionately to Ihe original amounts requested. This would Hive the Office of Price Stabilization 3R million dollars, the Wage 1 Slablllzalion Board 3V4 million!! Ihe Salary Stabilization Hoard IJiBOn.onn. the Economic Stabilization Afency *.1?2,pno, Ihe Railway and Airlines Stabilization Board SBS.flOO and Stabilization Una, he has bein on leave of absence 1h* past year at Princeton as a resident fellow in creative writing and a Ipclurer in the Princeton seminars on literary criticism. He also has taught at Sarah Lawrence. Kenyon, and the Salzburg. Austria, Seminar in American Civilization. Mr. .larrell is the author of four books of verse. He has received a Guggenheim fellowship and a grant from Ihe National Institute of Arts and i L-tters. j In addition to his public ad- j drew. Mr. Jarrell will speak to workshop members at 2 p.m., Fri-1 day. Ihe Office of Rent II million. Henry Muncy Named Research Assistant A p p o i n t m e n t of Henry R. Muncpy .is research assistant at James C I innriH KUm.J i'" 'nriP«innrr County has beer! T O .' LI " Qrt1 Named | dnnounceri by D*an anrt Director lo rrovmg Grounds Post I L 'i'P crt s - mif of |n * College of Agriculture. .lames C. l.inard. son of Mr. and · " -Mrs. A. V. Llnnrd, 700 South The walls and ceilings of morl- M-hool Street, has been named! ern coal mines are while-, being ronpernllr.n coordinator at t h e ] sprayed periodically with pow- \Vhitp Snnds Proving Grniind. I dereri limcslonc. New Mexico. He will ser-e as j · « llnljon officer helweril the Pi ing Grounds and the New Me: A and M. faculty. He is a grai RnerT« Dlitrlct No. I Stall No. 11-17 REPORT OF CONDITION OF CARROTS | the university liv^tocT nn°d'"for-' Must for any Green Salad lestry branch experiment station ' -"Jiuu Large Firm LETTUCE 2 Heads 25c Try Indian Grill Dressing with it. Here's a Bargain to Can or Freeze! 'rov-1 Th,-- U. S. Red Cross cnnrluctcd j D " /""^L. * ·xico: relief operations after 2fl4 t\\f- \ [j I flQ V^lierriGS adu-! asters In Ihe United States in 1051 ' ·* i**"J 12 Ib. lug 2.59 STORE HOURS 8:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. Monday thru Saturday Shop in the cool evening hours when there is plenty of parking space. You'll find the some fresh complete assortment of vegetables, fruits and meat items any hour of the day. '",' r ' T . f ,'" T i"'' W»«hl"»««n County. Ark.nui, it th. elm, ol builn.ii ' J u n . 30. I HI. a Sim. b.nking in.litulion oi g .nl»d and O p.r.ting under th. b.nkiog l,w, of Ihi, Slat. «nd . memb.r of Ih, r«d"r.l Rtitryt Syilem. PubliihKi In accordance with a call m.d« br Ihe Stan Banking Aulhoriliei and b y Ih. F«l«ral Re»rri Bank of thii Dlitrlct ASSKTS I. Cash, hnliinrrc with f!!!:;.:- banks, incluclinj! reserve ,, b.ilance, and rash items in process of collection. $3 455 59? n? .. United Stales Gnvernmcnt oblisaiimis. direct " and Riiflranterd 2 6 1 5 4 7 1 tfi ,1. Obligations of Slates and political subdivisions " " Bsa'infi 70 5. Corporate stocks tlncludlnR $6,nno.nn stork of "" ' ' Federal Reserve hanki Liwns and discounts including $M2.'I1 overriraflsl nank premises owned $70,031.j.1 furniture nnd fixtures ?30.iR9.02 Other assets is. fi.onn no !,8!13,!)ni.47 4,753.95 We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities MISSION STREET GROCERY I2S MISSION PHONI 117 M. : 2 4 . TOTAL ASSF.TS UABIUTIF.S Uem.ind i|pp»U 5 of individtlsls, partnerships, and corporations Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations Deposits of United States Government linrludlng postal savings* Deposits of Stales and political subdivisions Drposits of hanks Other deposils ccerlified and officers' checks, etc i TOTAL DEPOSITS . . $n,l47,linn.4R TOTAL LIAnil.ITIKS (not Including subordinated obligations shown below CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 121.440.75 1.844, flSI).2« 749.573.51 5 , 4 1 7 2 7 $!)H7(i«048 ................ ----- ..... 3fi. Surplus ......... --------------- ........ '7. Undi\'ided profits . . . . 2S RfMTvi", iind retirrmenl arrount for pr^ferrnl · inn.minim fl2,fl4fi 02 !8. TOTAL CAPITAL AfTOUNTS ..... ..... 50. TOTAL LIARILITIESANII CAPITAL ACCOtWTS wJ ·This bnnk'i capital consists of: Common stock with lolal pur value of $IOO,OOO.Ofl. MKMORANDA 11. Anets plrdird or issluned to secure ImhlliliM and for other purpnsn .... ... $ jij ·'(1641 I, Ha.vden Mcllroy, Presldmt, of Ihf «hov«.n«med bunk, herehy certify th.t the above statement Is true to the best of mv knowledcp and belief. HAYDEN MclLROY. CORMECT-. Attest. Jame» II KI.VI, J. B. McConncIl L 0 Graham, Directors. Kill* of Arkansas, County of Washlnfton ss: Sworn to and subscribed before m» this Hth dav of .lulv (nsz ·SBAI." KI.KANOR SHKPFAR'D, Notary Piih'llf M/ Comini.siion H|UM Apill *, I».U, It-IHI This is approximately 20c per Ib. and at this price you can afford to can or freeze them. Just think how good they'll taste next winter in fruit salad or pie. Start the Day Off Right with a Cheerful Taste Tempting Compote of Delicious Chilled Fruits, Honey Dew MELONS Ib. 15c Ripe and Ready to Eat Ib. 29c Attend the Ice Crearn Social July 10 First Christian Church -7 P.M. Free Cakes Thompson Seedless GRAPES Ib. 29c Plums Big Red Santa Clara Peaches N ic F e r rTNc,n g 2 Ibs. 35c Pears F ^£ e Ib. 23c Cardinal Grapes -- Nectarines Red Raspberries -- Fresh Green Corn (home grown) Kentucky Wonder Beans FRYERS lb.53c That Shopping Center Quality Cutup ready for the Gray Shopping Center \RtCIPE Df JK WEEK Pfatappto Ictbox Cake Jlrn«*-uii Mr 72, 1952 Vi rue tMtn*4 V: rap Prt Milk rrnihM pttmppU 7-tnrh nf«l fit* 1 tick*c* v*nill« 2 rniprwii Imon puddinc fowdtr juict Drain well ind »«v* juice from pint- ·ppl«. Add enough wirtr to pin«ap- pin juice to m«kr 1 '/4 aipi. Mil in Mnicppin wirh pudding powder. Cook And utir ftvfr mtdiitm hnt until mix* cure begins to hoi I find 11 very thict, or iibo'it 9 minutPi. Cool, Meanwhile, rhill milk until trt roM. With ihtrp knife, cur f«ke rroMwin intft J Uyen. Fold cruihed pi»w*ppl* into '/j of pudding. Put «U totfthrr wirh pine* ·ppje mixturv ipretd brtwrfn foyer*. Whip JCA cnld milk with cold benttr until fluffy. Add lemon juict *nd whip until itiff. Fold whipped milk Into fMt of pixMifiR. Spread on tide* and top of cnlc*. Chill «t lenff J hmin. JCr^fS fhillf^ v'.t **-·*· tft tfTVP. pan. Swift's Premium U.S. Choice Round Steak, Ib. 98c Nothing but the Best Swift's Sweet Rosher SI iced BACON, lb.43c Swift's Premium Red Label (Fully Cooked) HAMS . . . . Ib. 79c Swift Originated the Fully Cooked Ham and so far no other Packer has equalled it Canadian BACON . . . Ib. 1.38 Makes a delicious Bacon 'n' Tomato Sandwich

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