Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 10, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1952
Page 5
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Mine Blast In Nova Scotia Fatal To Six Workers ARKANSAS TIMB,, ArUflMl. Thurtd^, July 0, 1T5J Grace Bay, N. S.-(/rRescue workers early today recovered the liurned, broken bodies of six min- M* killed in a blast which rocked one of this Cape Breton town's lirgest coal mines 1,200 Ject below the surface. A seventh victim i mediate death in last plosion, but was hospitalized serious condition with third-degree burns. Eighteen other men working in the vicinity got out unhurt. Rescuers dug with dynamite, picks, shovels and hare hands for nearly six hours through tons of - ., --,,fallen rock and coal to reach the a great new order. So Robert 1,200-foot level where the men ; and his wife, irfaking U. N. sal- had been trapped. sr j cs totaling about 51,001) month- There was nn immediate i n d i - j ly and living quite comfortably cation of the cause of the cxplo- ! in the U. N. community in New hum, all i.f K a y c l t c v i l l i - . UYit-. HI" ari: vis,linn in the- ririrn- and ffinrfivilli*. Some Chinese On Staff Of U.N. Sympathetic To The ? B 'TM: Red Cause, Nationalists Say tri in ' U n i t e d Nations, N. Y.,-i,1'j- , made one speech bitterly assailing Robert Tang and his wife were; the U. N. and the U. S., and cle- not happy in the United Nations. · parted after a month when he saw The Communist victories in China l he was making nn progress, i stirred them strangely and they There have been report* t h a t felt drawn back home to lake part som ^ Chinese now working in the rhL.;;: 1 ,,rj;;r i' ^'^ir:;;::r^,^, 1 -· r* rl fim "*' ·· . : i t . - ( l hK ,i::n I I M I Ic. M; ' n r u l ' ,. - , ' ', . ".'vmnrm ,,,,,...[ t h i i uwk her daujh j M r - - , rivli- lli-M,v M . , r - l , v , ''""' · 1 I : ' 1 ' ""· ""'*· '""' h " m " '''·"'" i Mr'. Frrrc-il Rntaxis of Tu ' _.Mr. ;inrl Mr; Vc.l Win;-]! i, :| l '- v "'-'- '· v,,-,V;r,:: In S- -.ircy : OK! i YOU CAN'T FOOL A REGISTERED NURSE) in w h a t they regarded as building U. N. have returned to the mainland on visits, hut Chinese sources say there have been only one or two such occasions. These people - . sion. The abovn-ground workings , Vork, abandoned everything here ine-- officially known as and went back of the m Dominion No. 20-are sr^rz: l snake far ou, under the Atlan, w That was : home, year ago, NO-.V re- near the - . - - . P^'of Z rtnr.h sPP.-'-TMlly conic-reel V!1S( Chinese territory working for 7f-M^^^ Michael Cnordas. a m i n e r milos di5l , nt am , his wifc ., ' f working on the level above the explosion scene, said he and his four companions felt a heaving bump--an upward movement of the mine floor caused by tremendous pressure. "It got so hot we got out of there right away," he said. The mine is owned bv the Dominion Steel and CoaV Corporation. Thp explosion was Novs Scotia's second mine disaster this year. Nineteen miners died in February in a blast, nt the Ma- gregor Mine in Stellarton. Not white, not Wheit. not ryt, cut · flavor blenrt of all three-- iunfe's Roman Meal Mreaa. 11-11-tf Keen up w»n the TiMES d.lly unm-- read New Draft Of Men In Red China Ordered Five Per Cent Of Total Population May Be Summoned Hong Kong-(7P)-An orrler from Peiping says t h a t five per cent of Red China's total population is going to be t a k e n i n t o the nation's huue armed forces--mainly in the m i l i t i a . This five per cent order is considered to be more a Red target , - -- for propaganda use than actual some of the Chinese here were, hope, because the Communists al- known to brag openly about the j ready have far more militia t h a n npw n r r i n r R u i nc -tho TJoi-J fl-ilnnc-A i n i thor, a Shanghai bnnkcr \vhn is believed to have influenced their return, has committed suicide. Nationalist Chinese in the U. N. say they are certain some of (he Sfl-nrid Chinese w o r k i n g nn 1hr U. N. staff are sym- nathrlir to the Chinese TJprl cause, bui they cannot put (he finger on any one U. N. worker because all is nuiet here about Mao Tze-tung and his victories. Sotnp Heard To Rrar When thn Communist Chinrpn were swpenin? nil before them and it apoearcd they mteht come to the U. N. to lake China's seat. P very nur i e KNOWS her foods ... and appreciates Mrs. Tucker's GUARANTEE that t h i s S P E E D - M I X i t h e CREAMIEST Shortening, regardless of temperatures! If your cake isn't the best ever made by the recipe, send recipe t o Mrs. T u c k e r , S h e r m a n , Texas, and she'll pay (or ALL inR redients used PLUS a dollar for your baking time! ;V, i ALL PUFFED UP--Jimmy Wingo, 5. of A t l a n t a , OB., has a quii-t smoke with his pood friend Frank Wilson. J i m m y was R iven « cigar by his father, C. N. Wingo, at the age of two to run; h i m of picking up and spnoking rignrct bulls. No cure rrsullcd, but · Jh£_cija_r_busjness_h.-i5 a steadfast cuslomcr. SPHD-MIX SHOftTHWNO IN THI WOM£f FOX CAKfS THAT AKl rr-/*» fofftcv West Fork and equipment Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Mora Comfort fASTEETH. a p l e a n; Ihon-acid) pou-der. holds n t ·IhiHKn false Icclh on your plates. No cumtiy jorev. nuty !»,,!,' jr hellng. Chcckii r" (dcnturr breath). G«t at any dl-ujt KI new order. But as the Bed Chinese j they have were tagged as aggressors and I for. their victories stalled, the Cornmu- I The order says t h a t in the new msts her-am? hush-mouthed. draft, physically able men from .Secretary-General Trygve Lie I 18 to 35 are t,, be added to the and his top men. beset from vari-| militia as rapidly as possible Chious quarters with charges that the j na's population is generally computed at 450 million. Five per CHICK SPECIAL 8c each HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS Broiler Hatchery . o. B«x 191 or M 1121 , Arkn If. N. is a nesting place of subversives and Communists say they make no effort to ascertain man's political feelings when ... is hired. The internal ional secretariat contains men of many beliefs- Democrats, Republicans. Socialists, Communists and others. The U. N. says there is no way of lagging a political label to anyone cent of that would he 22'i mil- a i lion. Add t h a t to the 12 to 20 mil- i ' lion already in the armed forces I and you gel possibly 42 million. ' It seems out of the n-,-,lm of possibility for the Chinese IJcHs Lubbock, Texas, to visit relatives. I They plan a trip lo California and ! Washington and then will do evan- | Mr. and Mrs. Ulxlrr Walker j gclist work. Those present besides served ice cream Monday night. | the honorecs were Mr. and Mrs in honor of their son and d a u g h - 1 Loy Stockbnrger's rlaiightcrs, cr-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Donald I Colleen and Patty. Mrs I'auliru- "Jl!_ ''·.._"j^_!£?L ^'"""'"y f n r ' Sle( ' 1 . «nd Mist Mary Ruth Bran- last Chance to Win Royalties From 44 here -- and would not do it if there was one. The Lie people insist the criterion for working to maintain forces, even h a l f - t i m e i militia, of that size. Peiping probably will leave up to provincial and regional go vern- ments the a m o u n t of expansion their militia can stand. , . ..--,- -- ~ ! The exact Chinese Communist here is satisfactory performance, m i l i t a r y strength is not known I They insist nn one has been fired I Estimates run up to 20 or 21 m i l ' for being a subversive. j lj o n . The Red Army in the last 18 ' One Chinese who acted as in- months was expanderl by d r a f t s ' terpreter for Hod Gen. Wu Hsiu- upon the militia. It probably j s chuan did not measure up to the between three and four million standard of work required by the now. U. N. and was released when his temporary contract expired. Wu v , , , , , , , ,. came to the U. N. in 1950 on the i Brazil can live in cilhc 'invitation of the Security Council, I water. The Ruco fish of Venezuela and | air or Here's WHY ·^ *· -r T -* T -w -w -V V V W T V^F^^^^F^ COOK'S HOUSE PAINT I S Y O U R B E S T P A I N T B U Y ! · ITS A WHITER WHITE! · n GOES ON EASIER . . LOOKS BETTER . . WEARS (.ONCER! $5.89 VALUE MILDEW-RESISTANT · IT'S SELF-CLEANSING . CLEAN AND WHITE/ . STAVS I Per Gallon In FIVES * IT'S THE BEST tOOK'S HOUSE PAINT EVER MADE! ENOUGH WALLPAPER AND MATCHING BORDER Fora12x12-ft.Room! C H O O S E F R O M "5 L O V E L Y P A T T E R N S ALL NON-FADING COLORS YOUR CHOICE Reg. $2.16 Valui ROOM Heavy Weight-Felt Base YARD GOODS F I R S T Q U A L I T Y ! LOVELY FLORAL, GEOMETRIC TEXTURED DESIGNS · BAKED-ON ENAMEL FINISH TO GIVE EXTRA WEARI , fi ^ .ip · v rV-^'V* '"·*? i m RESILIENT FELT BASE! 9-FT. WIDTH 65c SQ. YD. VALUE! ·· ^·Hmiw ^^^^ -^^^m COOK'S PAINT Un ro«r Cndit of Coofi * EAST SIDE SQUARE PH ONE 526 Jingle Contest Closes July 31- Just Complete This 2-line Jingle to Rhyme with True! "Get a Lift for Life, It's Really True... too*' Yes, YOU can win the must fabulous first'prize in conic-it history--an income from not one, hut 44 producing Texas oil wells! Or you ran win one of 899 o t h e r r e a l l y v a l u a b l e p r i z e s - j u s t f o r c o m p l e t i n g a n easy 2 - l i n e j i n g l e t o r h y m e w i t h "true." The w i n n i n g r h y m e may he as simple as, "Get a Lift for Life, it's r e a l l y true, you'll go for Dr. Pepper, too." You'll get p l e n t y of good ideas lor r h y m e s once yi:-u'vc tried Dr. I'eppcr'j .M.Vlil sparkle. Then send in ihe «rn- p'letc 2 - l i n e j i n g l e , e n c l o s i n g a Dr. Pepper bottle cap or facsimile ]nr each Bft^/ tnril in the entire jinglf- Enter as often us you want; get your friends »nd firmly to enter, too! D R . 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Douljln Rfd r,i«, Dujl Conliols CoKon Dclmc Bicycles Dormeyfr M»j| Mjkct MUCH riyrylDOwp I al f r y e r s Rcmmulon 60 [Icctric Shaven Toa^tmaUflr Toasteri RMHIOI Rurkvoo Model Wntnin Han Chicajo Ro'lei Skaiei Autopoint Hoclianiral P^icilj P«wnli;irl Slarnl»« Veol Idenlificalion Ilricclels J. P'inl oi write plainly VOII , | m .|me rhymt lirgin. M! '-'i'l "(,» .1 I ill tor tilt, if, | R .,||, |, ue - |' Jw entry tlani. or one vrle ot a timt '.I pjp»r I'r.'it or wrili! phmly your name anil 31)1, M! All enlrrns n«t In' nn;m*i ,,r,rk of the contestant and yjbT,ttH in hsor her own name. 2. Mail to Dr. Pepper Jinr.!e Conlesl, P. 0. On, 7,} C(iiM;ri 77. Illiiioiv tnl':i J5 many Imitt a; yoii Mf. hul /nth nath fnlry, endow i Dr. Pepper Iwllli tan or ta.-.nnip | 0f nth «ortl In Ihi nmplcli llnili Uw a «uidy muling trivtlopi »nd allu ·.ullniMt po-.t. Jge. CAIJIIOH: Ps not send entries to t)r. Pepper Co. 3. You mil I,- i.|, ? .l,le to |. av . nr. I'pppr., p)y m , federal Inunn- lar 0,1 11,1. if,) «,,.,,!,, ,,,,,,,, on the hrs! pn;e. pi yr«i (.-,,ie ,our enlry or rntiin on n olli"a! enlry t.lank and .double Hie ol Dr. Pepper boltls capi or lacjimile: you enclose *iih c.ic'i 4. Conlesl «:!l clow luiy 31, 195?. Fntries mini b9 poilmjrir) hetore mdvp.t July 31 and r««ti«d by August 15. Or,i, entries *-ilh sulfioenl pojljie will '. judsed. 5_ Fntnes iud-f) on !(·· kn: ot ori^njlily uniijue- ness and apli-e« ol ii-ougit b| lh« Llovd Herrold Co-npiny, indepwdeii conirj! judj?!. Decision ol luJnes Iniiits. fonltnts jnd ideis bwome lh« properly ot loo Dr. Pepper Company. Duplicate pniei m c.lsc ol l.-i.'S 6 , A r ( r«.--);nl ol ro,-t:" Un-te.i Sutei mjy enl*r, in ..pi emplo/eps ol Dr. Pepper Compjny, Dr. P'coer lolflers or Mvertisinj agents ,ind ttisir families C':"!·: sub,;tl Ml U. local »|ulj|:oni. ·J W:-i..ers *iil te announred aaproimately on« rrni.lh aller ihe ronlc-,1 Uoses. All winners notified by ma.I Complete *inner lut sen! on request if you enclose sell addressed slimped envelope «itn your entry. r . ' ··"'« *" rt-J"'r^u -n iui|ieu envriope «nn yourenfl Crliy blan«-, a( your Dr. Pepper dealer, or »M, Dr. Pepper. Bo, M?^. Dallas, Tern, for offml enlry Wank. *' twit 0l liri-1-. th l| t l U l 4 (Bhli-H ·! · M(.*»M| pi'.1t,tlK f) i No ether drink p/clrs you up like Dr. Pepper

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