Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 10, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1952
Page 2
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MKAM8AS NNHMMIIII" ·Itl'limiUMIJIIMIlmillimilimimillllllllllllllWIimiHlllllllll MRS. KATHLEEN DOZIU MIIIIIHIIIIIIIMIIHIMHHIIiiiiiiHiiliiiiiiiiiiiiimiiniiiiiumilllllllilllllliiiiiiiiiii Daily Calendar of Events Tonight VA rii»tBffen Family Picnic. VA Pi'-nic Area. rue C.ce Club, Charlcm- Im-jinr. s C.W.K. Ire CK-JIII S';ri,i; f n " C'lri-'-an Chr-c V.F.V/. Kit i., Wr. :; f.'mur. 7-2(1 far West Oiapu-r One. R A M . , Ma."-r.;e ;·;,::, 7. Altrura. 7:.'JO ''Thi- \Vhlte Hcadfrt Boy," CA Thr.iirr. 8 Friday , . . ,Com;c! flub. Washinp'on Hou-1. 7-r0 a m Fiiytlcvine Board Realtors. rr;:u?on":. 12 U.( ."'. 2nd A u x i l i a r y , l'i ir Ciui.-iM.riis, 7 JJushingtin Lodge One. Masonic Hail.' 7:X?! »ark Mudhcn?. Mrs. Hobail Sharklcford 7 45 ·Tho Whiu-he,vk'd Bov," Cnivi-rsily Thrat'er.'g patio Party And Shower Honors Miss Campbell Miss Jeannlne Campbell, bride- member of the h o ' - r elect of A Wmfield '.McMnrtrcy. foiled nut t · · Jr v, a ., ,.nmpl,rncnled with a nii- . ,,,' '...''! ,^V'l, Map'c Strcet! ! Tii«°d r »v ri e«ninE a at : f-"!!" 1 prc '' ldcd *' !h -' P ur -' ;h h '"" ! 8 o'clock * '-aKC v.-.-,s served from n l.-jrjie r;]. ., . i TM r Iray placed on a round tib Hostesses received gucsti at the : which v.-as covered -ith a vhi-e door, presenting them to (he I linen Madeira e'"th ' honoree, her mother, Mn. Event! T h e ' g i f t table '-i-trri '·· y.Juh/ bark rhair be.-ide the gift table i» a circle of light. Mr;. . Zrrnbr'-h ar.d Mri. Glenn R atiijif] v.-ith the gift... ~ Later In the Mr. Camp- ·'I. Mr M'Mi;rtrey, .Sr.. a .,,J Mr. i.M:..-t!i-;.. J r . i-, 1; ;ed the |,arty .:.'· jj..Vi. -, }-.rii' ir.e hnnoiee l^art shaped cake co.ered with an ;i pi: ui.,; ' table, y* /-^» ««^. Coffee Given Here By Mrs. Gose HOf HIGHWAY DOES 'BIG BUCKLE Mrs. Emorv of F o r t She \;t* a . M r t t v i bv K'.-f-l Sinlt.h and t h e hostesses. | [*!jp!e called during I the evening, cue:'.?. Vi.v- f:harin:: u-Jt-of-Towri Ann Fcrre:, Hugh K i n r a i d , with a coffee'from 10:30 to 12:30 o'clock. An arrangement of yellow ro=es in a crystal bowl, centered Ihe i table. Presiding at the brass coffee were Mrs. Forrest Palmer ! Or,-,.et'e, Ark., Mr.-. Xembtch. f^ 1 TM w "f M "-Torrett Pn mcr [ BcrKlev, f a h f , Mr,. H ,,; V( , Lut ,./ »"d Mrs. W. C. Whitfield. J r i I '·:·. Si.n.'^ia!,.. ar .,j M r ; w . S , e! ·' h3d " of *'adio!i were used '.'· lia.-;:y .; .South:-p..: cty. .Mo. ' throlJ Shout the house. , : Goldenrod Club Entertained By Mrs. Joel Smith Other members of the house!! i party included Mrs J a s D e r ' i I Pyr-alt. Mr,. Clay Yoe and Mij« es I I rcita Ann and Becky Lea Kin ' ' caid. j ' j I Out of town guests who attend- ' I i ed were Mrs. Chester Jones and i I I Mrs. Wylie Kinard, both of Colo- I '·· ' rado City. Texas; Mrs. Fred Stev- \ \ ! *ii»on. Sr.. of El Paso, Texas; Mrs. Obituary this morning at her home, 8 i . South Washington Avenue. The widow of the late J. L. Pead.,.r. she was born in Nashville, Tern Mn. Hotti* Harrison I.May 8, 1374. Survivors are r.ui' Funeral service for Mrs. Hatiie sens, James and Clarence of Ka:-.. Harrison, 54. rislr-r of Mr?. George sas City; three daughters, M-s Sander.i of Fayclteville. was held . Mabel Lowe of Rogers and «i r "' this morning in Chelan, Wash., ' Grace Wood and Mrs. Beatn 5' with b u r i a l in the Chelan reme- Hinkle of Fayetteville; one brot.i- tery. Mrs. Harrison died at her j er, Willie of Farmington; t·',, j home in Azwell, Wash., Tuesday. : sisters, Mrs. Claude Blue of Far--.-, She was the daughter of the late · ington and Mrs. Lon Chapman r ; J. D. and Orleney Collins o f ! Fayetteville; eight grandchild.-*.! Combs, where she spent most of ar * d tv TM great-grandchildren, her life. ; Funeral arrangements, under ^i- She is survived by her husband, faction of Moore"s Funeral Chap-. Ben Harrison, four sons and two e1 ' are incomplete, daughters, and the luncheon v.-i'.h Mrs. Joel Smith, Eiven it her home yesterday. Co-' hostesses were Mrs. Leo Fred- cricks arid Mrs. Alva Rush Guests were Mrs. L. J. Cop-n- !;f'f- r ' Mrs. Gladys Higgins, Mrs. W. N. Murphy. Mrs. R. p. Crigser "r?. Charlf-s Salvfrson. Jr., Mr'. ij.ver Shellon, and Mr?. Cuba M^rs. Shr-lton sang two devo- an by Mrs. J. Smith. The'poem the month was r-?sd bv Mi* Personals C} Carney. Sr.. is in Hot Springs, to attend the American Legion Convention being held there i LATtiT HIAT WAV! to Mir the nation caused more than 4S3 [fet of | concrete, highway near DuBols. Pa., to buckle. Weighing about 38000 . pound., tne .ection of eight-inch thick concrete raJsed mure than a · yard from It, foundation. ilMcnatiowli fol!owin 0 brothers and sisters: Mrs. Carrie ; Farnsherry of Combs, Mrs. Sanders of Fayetteville. Mrs. Ella ; Clifton of Mena, Miss Ruby Collins of Combs, Mrs. Elva Frazier ; of Temple, Hugh Collins of Hous- Less than one-tenth the popub- tion of Oak Ridge, Tenn., where* the atom plant is located, is abc-o 40. Oak Ridge, Tenn., where the atom plant is located, has a birth : ton, Texas. T. J. Collins of Elkins, ·· · -- - ·" . and H. O. Collins of Rogers. i rate thrce times the national 6 V crage. u thei or., oi loieau, Okla. : shaped" terrace The three Mrs. Bill Heinrichs and Miss I table was decorated v.-ith Charlotte Ann Fcrrel presided at j medallions and a white a the guett book. Haltenbcrj: fan. tied w i t h ' p m k Hurricane lamps placed In mallne. Arranged on the table- niches of the patio wall, lighted v '" c Rifts, wrapped it, pastel the terrace. Gladioli and other shades and ire blue, the chosen plants were mirrored In a pool r,f eolnr of the bride-fi-be *nr tC rn a r« ri E ' ! " l '°" ,"''? alSO """' i Mi:s ''""'P 1 ^'. wcarinR a white lor corsages received by each ' m a l l n r formal, ca{ in a large fan g u « t ;.pr-nker. She also displayed and dninrii.r.ratod the m a k i n g of hooked rsij;.!:. Mrs. Wiilisrns, president of the County Cnuoi-il of Home Demonstration Clubs, spoke briefly She reported Irat the Council is par- licipatjng in the Wr-lfare Service - ; · ' · at the Veteran's Hospital. Tke " ll1 - I C o u n t y Council meeting was announced for 1(1:30 o'clock. th° m o r n i n g of J u l y 24. at Morrow It was also announced that t h e Chest-Ray mobile u n i t will be at th« City Administration Builriinc J u l y ]7. IS and 21. A skit. "Are You In A Root," fan W! " P«-'-er.'.i«i by Mrs. K i r k p a t - ilL rick. Mrs. York and MIT. N'onna- I maker. The mystery package was · Rev. and Mrs. G. W. Mor- new home, located at 234 1 Sf?",. anci ' ami b' havt moved to i Oklahoma Way. Mt. Sequoyah. i Mrs E. L. Romans has returned from a months visit in Cambr Mass. While gone, she attei.ura, Unh-er'i°? exercises " Ha "-ard j Mr. and Mrs. John Rhnr].« a n d ' daughters, Rhonda and Ramona : spent the past weekend, v i s l t i n e i friends and relatives in Southeast' Arkansas. Gilbeit Swanson of Omaha : · T ' : w , as ' he ovcrni «ih' guest last night -of Mrs. Jay FuIbriRht and ' Mr and Mr". Hal Douglas. He i let. this morning for Mmn-sota i accompanied by Henry Shreve. Mn. Lou Emma Fletcher Mrs. Lou Ejnma Fletcher, 66. ; died at her home in the Baldwin j community yesterday at 11:45' a.m., where she had spent most of her life. She was born March 26, 188fi, at Kingston, the daush- t tei of Gcnrge and Lucinda Eacret. i Survivors are her husband. C. C. | Fletcher; one son, Howard; one i daughter, Mrs. Jack Masters; three brothers, James Eacret of Wiliiamsport, Ind.. Roy of Cali. fornia and George of Midland. Texas; one sister. Mrs. J. R. Stansberry o f Baldv.-in; f i v e i grandchildren. | Funeral service will be held tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock at , the Baldwin Christian Church bv : the Rev. Robert Moffett, assisted : by the Rev. H. C. Palmer. Burial : will be in the Hester cemetery under the direction of Moore's , Funeral Chapel. She -as a charter ; member of the Baldwin Home : Demonstration Club. BINGO benefit, Friday, .". p n- S1 j ,,., Catho]jc Chu Vc h Ka ' Johnny Bartlett of Appleton ! ·Am., has been selected to a t t e n d ! the Arkansas Forestry Camp a t ' Pent Jean Slate Park, representing Ins local FFA chapter F H ' : won by Mrs. Joel Smith. White Rock 4-H Club Takes Honors At Meet The 4-H Club of White Rock a -'sisted by J. R met Wednesday evening at 7:30 £ ellville. m cnar o'clock, for the usual semi-monthly · creation, (·athc-ring. A f t e r the business meeting, nl which new officers presided. nev/3 of three members w i n n i n g top honors at the a f t e r - -.-.- .u, noon tractor meet, was announced. Maxwell Air Winners are Joe Dunn, first place . A l a a d n r ,, iv, r 'F^nirSice-"^^^^'^' w «" r h." S nX-SE San sion: Dennis Burson. Jr.. second 1 J lace in Ihe senior division. .LOOK IT OVER SIR"-Secrctary of the Navy Dan A. Kimball right, looks over a four-and-a-half-foot model of his department's latest weapon, an atom-powered submarine, the Nautilus, able to travel thousands of miles on a few pounds of uranium fuel The model was displayed at the Pentagon, where Naval Capt Hyman Oeorge Rickover. left, was awarded a gold star for his part in development of the submarine. According to Rickover's model the pug-nosed vessel carries a furnace in which u r a n i u m reacts! produces heat to make steam and revolve turbines operatinc two propellers. A heavy shield will protect the crew from radioactivity. Mn. Mary Ann Peoche. Mrs. Mary Ann Peachee died A Reminder 1951 Taxes SECOND QUARTER ENDS MONDAY, July 21st Ralph L. Taylor, Collector of "' Col. William R. Yancey with ils wife and two sons, left Tuesday for his new assignment at Bfise, Monltromerv BACKERS SEEK- l t h e 142nd Fl5ld Artillery Gioup ' *' Baumho!d "- They expect to be ; g r . ne for a year at which time cn.VTi.vuED FROM PAGE ONE i ? I a J° r Bfllard will accompany his : two for Taft and one undecided HOGS' HEAVEN W A T E R M E L O N G A R D E N 540 Garland ATtnu* Sirring ic« cold mtloni iliced or whol« daily from 4 io 10:30 p.m. (Op.raled by 4 Uniwjtty Engineering Slud.nii) PARDON SITUATION ; Taft all 17 voies. Eisenhower's ! Texas victory gave him 33 votes. co.NTiNt'ED FROM PAGE OXE i 16 Eisenhower delegates from office of governor who has a pro: Tcx^s. Plans were discu-scd for a three '-'· Cn l- J"hn B. Wmsted left tTsm - j Fine Favors General day county camp, to be held at Saturday for Japan. Mrs. W i n - 1 ""'" At s P r ' n flale I The new l i n e u p in !h° Assori- DeMl's Den next week, which ,£ted and their thrce sons will re-! In a talk at Springdale yejtcr- atrd Press t a b u l a t i o n of cicl'egatcs" Vend Inorm'Vn- ?,' v- m a ' n h " e at t h c hnme ° t h e i r ! day morning, Murry said that i f . Eisenhower 514. Taft 488, others ami "ann"n e «'l V giveT n5 : hT«° h r- ""' S3m Y ' ncc - v ' durin « I ^iTM ht W ° Uld ^TM n ^TM " t h e : »"· TMcnmmitted 96. ciil.-, .-,n'l t h e bovs will be t a u g h t : bSMCr ' | authority of the attorney general ; Delegates faced action fodav t" ludgc hoes i i so 'hat he may start criminal ac- i on t n o party platform, followed bv . i C-PO Albert Chism. USN. his ' tior " agcinst state officials who I lhc Mima business of nominating c; , ' |J n ' im ' e- Loi '' i "" 1 d a u 8hier, Pam i violate the law." -,~j:j-.~ _ J . . . m - t - M l^.uo |of San Francisco, Calif., were! Murry said the attorney gcn- P i ' J I i b J u l y P o r t - / f ,,· ?* t c past w(1(1| «nd !eral now does not have the power · * y 'TM n! "" (: " wn th(1 uncom- ' : ., r . nis ""'le and aunt, Mr. and ! 'o f,le criminal proceedings. That The S:,l»:n 4-H Club met Tues- -rclaiiv'^ John -l"n, and other j was his answer, Murrv said, to 'lav at the Community House with I "·""""· criticism by his opponents that he . five new members present. They I a i e L-r.din Lup»r. M a r t h a M a r - ! tin. Dole Frederick. F.rnost Fred- 1 C l i c k , ,-ind A n n e t t e Frederick. : Calif., TO THE VOTERS OF WASHINGTON COUNTY: In making my official announcement for the o f f i c e of County Judge. I feel that I need no introduction ,a the voters of Washington County. Your support in my behalf If I electing me your County Clerk in the past proves .hot you have confidence in my ability to serve your needs. In asking for this promotion in public office, I am not unmindful of .he greot responsibility that one must cany to P-operly administer the affair, of the office. Your County com ," r 1 " "" ma "° 9er °' °" la * mo «y 'I'Ot a« i\ t° jT ly flXCCpt Sch ° 01 fevo ""«. which is managed by the d.f.eren. School Board, ond their supervisor, school" rCSpCC ' iVe d i t r i C l ! - ' nm '°° P ereont f o r 9°^ , Diirinc t h e meotinc, a was Manned for July 21. Announcements ' Irs - A - H. Carson and son. '\"en, formerly of Kan Diego are here visiting Mr and party , Mrs. J. K. Johnston and Miss I.illie 134,' », I Johnston. They plan to j o i n ' (Lieutenant Carson later in Jack-Isonville. Fla., v'.-here he will .'stationed at the Naval Air : tion. should have sent to jail some of the persons who appeared before the Highway Audit Commission . As assistant attorney general in urry said he tried unsuc- : candidates. I Governor John S. Fine of Pem .' sylvania rut down the milted list sharply by a belated and widel" forecast announcement t h a t he is supporting Eisenhower The 52 to 18 poll of his delegation in favor of sealing the Georgia Eisenhower group seemed to reflect equal support there for the general in the nomination battle. PHONE 320 Kappa Kappa Gamma I Mr. and Mrs. Jim Slice of Lit- Kapin K u p p a Gamma alumnae."e Rock, and Mr. and Mrs. J. A '.'.-ill have a i i i m m a K c sale Satttr- L'pchurch of El Paso, Texas, arc flay iniM-ninc a! Kdlin's Shoe Slnro. ,'wests in the home of M r . ' a n d Mr.-. W a l t e r Richards and Mrs. Mrs. Fennrr Slice. With the fam- Khcihy J r i i y will be in charge. ly for the holiday weekend were Mrs. F.. F. Unchurch and Miss Maslilnclon I.mlitf One Janet Barr, both of Fort Smith I vVashiiiKtf.n Lodge One will I ' i meet tnrnorn.-.v evening at 7:30 ! Sut. and. Mrs. Marion K. Warren ! i o'clr.i-k in tiie ll:, f omr H a l l , for j visited here w i t h their parents.! I wi.,-1; in the Fi'HowcraM Degree. i M r - and Mrs. Marion Wasson a n d , Kefreviin.ents will be served. M r- and Mrs. Fred Delzcll. while I route from Chicago. 111., to! For July City-Wide BARGAIN DAYS Philodendrom or Ivy Regular 25c Value ]Q C Regular 50c Value 25c Adams Flower Shop TT M Dl r^r-v _ . . _ . ~ b . n m h , C °"""i»ionc, ; ho should be a man who can work with the people to get the best con, rochon and main.enance possible fo, the monrv ho nas to spend. L e d e .'" !d / OUr . COUr) ' ' JUCi3C i( W '" bc m V ambili °" '° Orad. and mo.nioin a, many ,,,;,,,, ,,, (tlrm ,,, rood, a, our equipment and fmanres will permit. The County Judge mus , pon on ,,,, cos( , s ||)al ' ' tOU "' H ° sl ' ould bo ° TM«" who Wrslry Couple's Class, Central Methodist Church The Wo.-y Couple's Class of "i-ntral M e t h o d i s t f ' l i u r c h will hnve a f a m i l y picnic at the Cas- thcir home in Cheyenne, Wyo.. i where Scrijcant Wasson is s'ta tioned at the Frances Warren Air Base. HU nn;ifier and sister, Rebecca, accompanied ihem home - . . . . . _ . f .ll I1IL (11 in,; v . a s _ - . ^ . ^ . . , m.*_'ylll),clllu:u UlCm nOmC iiy h'ur.e at tomorrow arul will visit there for several i .i.t,i. .T. r: so (,vioi-i(. i Orrlr-r Of Faster i S' Social Club _ Tne Or.lrr of K.islorn St.-u SIM i.-,l C l u b w i l l no; ,,:ect t o n i g h t .is f i - l i e d i i l e i l . days. ti-, m |j, l i ; f l - i v n r -- j i m ^ e ' s ! before c.-i 1 Hrend. ! ' ' Mrs. John F. Ballard and children. Pat and Bill, have given up their residence in Fayetteville, and h.-n-e gone to Mounlainburg to v i s i t w i t h Mr. and Mrs. O. S. , parents of Mrs. Ballard. · i . - · - . · · · · sailing for Germany to U - l f l - l f 'ir.m Major Billiard, who is with I SUMMER SHOE SALE Famous Brands at Amazingly Low Prices! would would give e v e r y con.idet «TM nt "j 10 ."TM firm in hi, decmon,. o.ion to the unfortunate boy, Ih. ,om, ,ime be o n r , u n n ' ;; " 0 1 " ° f Washmn. on County throuqh the ,,aininn and experience I hove hod in county government Sincerely, ROY A. SCOTT Candidate for County Judge Your vote ami support a Political Adrtrlli.mtnl P«|d for by Ror A. fcoll, r«rill(vlll. Ark. Washington County YOUTH for CHRIST 1 1 1 Eve rye Saturday Night j July 12, 8 P.M. Second Baptist Church Fayctttvill* Evangtlitt Ralph H. Davidson Sptaktr I 1 · A Dynamic Ivangcliil · A former tucctuful buiinttt man with · rich (Mncnnl t*tiim*ny. ' "· Inrifcd-- COBW, Irinf Your Fr' tndt! · Mademoiselle · Lifestride · Airstep $11.85 Values · Rhythm Step · John Flautt · Deb · Penalio · Bourbeuse · Curt Wolfelt $8.95 Values Dress and Casual Styles Black patent; nylon mesh; straw wedge sandals; white linen; black, beige, blue and red calf; and many others. GSpbell -" · ·.in -*-nta'in*t* JMr*

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