Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 10, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1952
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14 PAGES TODAY Read by over 25,000 Daily lOCAt FOUECAST-- VOLUME 90, NUMBER 298 Auoclnted Priu ledttd Wir» Tfce Public Interest It The First Concern Of This Newspaper FAVITTIVIUE. ARKANSAS, THURSDAY EVENING, JULY 10, 1952 AP, Kirg and NEA Fealurei MICE «VI CINTI providing -IS'-j billion dollars for ' TM°" ri *'° r b " !in - A minimum o f ; · the nation's military ],uild-up i n - i- c -.uirc"d fo - - 1^°TM 'ih''" 0 '^'-^ the year that ends next June 30. ' bili'ty. ° Tho measure supplies the money ;. Authorization for the Navy to raise this country's Air Force : to build a second 05 (100-ton super to 143 winss by rnid-1'Jb:). aircraft carrier. The bill did not The total sum given thc Do- however, supply any new funds fensc Department was about five for building the carrier. In the · billions under what the president: pro-adjournment rush Congress had asked. He told Congress the agreed on a total of $46 CIO 9 3 3 - Dcfenro Department would need : 91:!. Truman asked 551,390 709 770 nearly 51'i billions as a bare for lhe year bcsinninTM July l' · minimum for its "stretch-out". The breakdowns by services preparedness program. | shows: A r m y - $12,:.1f),50f],MIO; The bill also provides: for: | \avy-$i;.842,-:.'9,642- Air Force !. Payment of $15 a month in --S2l H8.'i(il770 " Power - Mod " Pardon Situation ° r ° Tup . Hi ' Is Discussed By Tockett _. ,, By Ike Hurry Arkansas Group Still Mostly For Ohioan Townsend Declines To Be Discouraged By Early Setback Won By Eisenhower Governor Fine Of Pennsylvania Comes Out For Eisenhower - Little Rock-I.IVRep. Boyd Tackett swung away from condemning lhe present Arkansas adminislra- . lion yesterday to center his al- lenlicn on "a power group in Washington." In carrying his campaign for the Democratic- gubernatorial r.omina- tion to seven towns Candidate Speaks On Square; Cites His Program The parole and furlough situa- ., , , - Tackett said tion in Arkansas received a coins ; so a S° '"nin^rSgt^ "" "»» '" "^ -- a viX,TM'f" Chicago-Wj-Chairman Wallace ' Townsend of the Arkansas Repub- j lican convention delegation said today he doesn't regard the setback suffered by Taft forces in thc Georgia seating contest a= meaning Taft has lost the presidential nomination. j "I don'l regard it as decisive," · he decaJred. I i The convention last nighl voted j 607 to 531 to seat the Eisenhower- ' i barked delegation from Georgia. I On the motion Arkansas divided .« _ three for the Eisenhower group ! n u ., ,, -eight for the Taft group. ll ° 1 '- Jonn b - '""-' of Pennsylvann \ as aboul the most iniportani i "After all," Townsend said, "the man on thc floor of tnc Republican NMional Convention in Chicago Eisenhower vote on this was con- j last night, with both Eisenhower and Tafl sides wooing his ·iupporl ; siderably below what it was on the ; Above.- al left, the governor hears the Taft side from G M-ison test on jhe rules change a day or, Owlctt. Pennsylvania national commitlccmaii who called for t s ° a c o - ' 1"!1 of Ihe state's vote during ballotin.. on sealing thc Ceoi-i'i --,, .- v.-rest control of me rural electrification ^ and rural telephone programs from the Arkansas: armor." He promised he would "tell all" about the REA and the Southwestern Power Administration at Ozaik this afternoon. Governor McMath said at A.-kT- " de!phi,i tiiatSparl.n, Aircraft com- cl "ded musical numbers noth b» proved 658 to 548. Townsend said the three Ar- Rcncral of Arkansas and the second Demo-ratic candidate for «-ov- crnor to appear in Kayetteville ; this week, in a sprech en the west Caraway, Elmer C. Webb. Moun ' sidc of the Square yesterdav a f t - : l j m , } w " · and F - A - Teague. He. ernnn,, ··,, i i, · , ' ryvillc. T h e three were avowed einoon. Sever:! hunorcd persons Eisenhower supporters, attended the program, which in- Pollock For General .-.., . t v u n i - cl " de(i musical numbers noth ba- fiscnhower picked up another W r ' ic s a o'* s 'T Ai rr loil * e: foro ?ntl aflcr lhc spccch ' by mcm - ^^»' "^'oi^r '... , ... . . - milh TM dullar l' lan t. - Iwi's of the Grand Ole Opry troupe, : committed delegate got off the including the Duke from Paducah. _ and that -right now we are :n thc be.-'t position since the s t a r t of negotiations-' and - j believe we have the support of most government agencies." Chancellor Francis Them fence. Harry Pollock of Fort Smith :said he would cast his vote for ^ If elected governor, Miirry said, i Eisenhower as thc- party's presi- 'there will be no more Tuck ; dcntial nominee. This left the Ar- Bishop cases." Bishop, he recalled,; kansa delegation divided six for : was imprisoned for life after f o m · · Scn - Robert A. Taft of Ohio, four | during bal. .Sen. James II. Duff of I'cnnsyhania. Finally the gm-crnor%om'c" · o u t for Eisenhuwer, and Scn. Henry Cabot l.od-;e of Massachusetts fiscMhower-Kor-l'i-csid-cnt leader, shakes Governor Fine's hand, center. Lower ri-.;ht arc shown thc leaders of t w o Texas Republican laclii,i:s. Ike Supporter .lack Porter of Houston, standing, and Tafl : Hack, r Henry Sweifc' of Fort Worth. Porter won out. Furnishes Laugh For GOPers And Is Hero Of Convention for Eisenhower and one for Gen Jack Holt · Inci e .. j,, ut; uu jnorc '· oscd doors when I'm governor " He said that there havc been "too many undcr-lhe-t.iblc and behmd- · Ihc-door deals in our highway dealings during the past three and a half vears." Would Recover Money Paid To Slale Workers T i^u ,ui:ii m u t jn. i-ie.wun uov. i-.arl warren of Canl-l Uorano listen- ; new faces a death sentence for the i fornia yesterday at the governor's '·'·'ill be no more . 'wo murders there. request. Warren promised that if The furlough and pardon situa- ne Sains: the nomination, he will lion "is one of the biggest scandals Ihis stale has ever known " Murry charged. He said that under his program, the '-folks back home" v.-ill know before clemency ;s granted to individuals, so that , campaign in the South. He im- £ lic ;' that )lc would visit Liulc ' ed. protests may be filed if rics :.c pledged thai publicity will oc given to Ihc clemency ai -lica- · tions. Crilical Of Administration Hike Voted For Chicago - r/Ti - The Republican party has a new hem. He's Ihc man who gave lhe tension-ridden GOP convention its first hig relaxing belly laugh. He put some honest fun into the deadly .serious politics here. His name is Senor Maicelino Romany of Sanluree, Puerto Hico. He changed the atmosphere of a nalional convention from one roaring with rancor to one roaring with laughter. The srnor is a short, slout. Sfl- ycar-old lawyer and onetime judge. Mow he came to he a'hero ts-»· ended ycilciday,' remarkable story of a remarkable were stricken ill, and today there night in thc history of the Grand was some debate ovcr thc cans:: 1 ^'d Party, did not Illness Hits 2011 Persons Cause Debated; All Recovering Some 200 out of more than ! 1,000 persons attending thc Ai! kansas Baptist Assembly at Siloam i Springs, which any London-MVThe House o.' Commons last night okeycri a pay raise spent m,-ch o! his time' for Que TM Elizabeth n , gi-mg hci n[ Hc'-ill'lTriecH "n,',T, '!] i ti,,, ,, . .... . . M 'iinnnn ,, ,-,,·,.. ,,, ,.,,,, ,t_ , ' ncj "" ocuaimg lood ! of the sickness which pear to have alfeclcc 1 victims scrioll.-ly. Hcnton County .Sanitari; 5 n Rob, ert Bogle said this morning he it a report to lhe state Boaid nlicizmg thc present administra- 51 . ;i ;tale lion. He said MrMalh had'pron^- :.ate ed Io bi;i!d SBO.UOO.OOO wonh "f the roads in three years, and 'had - omit but M5,tlOO,UOO worth and cuit Court snid he solicited:'poi'i- -ay Audi. Commission Itat'Zv ions to refer the ,c', to a vote in - 790 miles of hard surtaccd reach Uie .\ovember general election/have been built in the st ,tc sir-- ...c ,,,L.v,atn administration soon- ] January, 19,19. O f the-=e mil'cs sorrn lho atl whirh conccrns Murry said, only a few more than JO miles is of high type pavement ------ - -- -·· · 01 nc-i year to run the royal · c ., usc ', ' ' household. Thc decision hiking Ih? royal budget S182.00D o v e r ' t h a t of the : , late George VI came despite de- ; t rnand-.- hy a score of Laborites that j i ihc i;inesses.s, :cd the tcmneratui s t a t e purchasing. The complaint hy Van Horn fames a large group or persons! - v/ho allegedly took salaries from i al 'c paid out, the various pay rolls of Ihc s t a t e i has an agency while coHccting^ atfiriavits seek ing to invalidate signatuics 01 · the petitions. ha ' f :, lc »' u ^»»- . inadequate. A f t e r the Conservative govern- A Kllo .. m mcnt's majority defeated Laborile l, aic ( u ns ',' amendments to trim the budget, -' i j ca ' hp thc House approved it without a Sprin- vote. The government now will ' ° of vas overcrowded and Springs p h y s i c i a n treated at a Siloam hospital were lhe result The argument had rolled on and on over which delegation from Georgia should be seated- One favoring Sen. Robert A. Taft or one favoring Gen. D. Ki- , sonhowor. And then the reading "leik bawled: "Puerto Rico, three voles." ^ The reply cnme hack: "Puerto Rico cast:: three votes no." : The senor moved on:,lage and stole Ihe show. He began by de- I t h i c c members--be polled inch'- C a l i l . vidllally--just like New York's fill .' a ciirlncatecl shoulder, head in- and Pennsylvania's 70 had been, i juries and shn:k. The clrivei Rig discussion on the platform. ' Alvin Wine he 'u of S n I K into Was Puerto Rico's delegation in dispute'.' Could the challenge be Two Injured In Accident On Highway Two California men wore In- jurod about 7 a. in., today when they droio Iheir light Irurk into a ditc:i at the- intersei lion ,,f Hi'.'hways 71 and 1711 at \Vc:! l-'oi k to avoid two pas:-cn;;or cais. Most : c-i iously injured v as passenger, lie sull'Jred ·".- ...«us win be worn out Ion- ' dliltl n bi " covering the new bud- number of n, n 'i "· , 'ore the bonds to finance them'-TM- "' acceptance by the House "eTM chanDn o '" d " ! " ! /'" ar ' '·"'·' ""' "- declared. "Xever: of Commons is only a formality. JV.f Chansc of Wi " cr a ' ;d ''«*· concentrating a f.-iiiiy large mn *''. A t last . Ihc answer: Yes. been mishandled Is Told Ho '!-e the Highway Department",".' he asserted. Ke paid tribute to Herbert Thomas of Kayellevillc. a member of the h'iyhway Audit Con - »''«on. and said the people .should be grateful to him He pointed to the need of having Division Of Reserves Into Classes Ordered or signed legislation which specifics : a "ready" reserve shall be limited (o one and one-half million . members. They can be called up by the president during an cmer- ! scncy. but Congress must decide ' A i k a n s a s without rnoie taxes . additional bonds. - lie pledged that if elected he Idivorte-d ^ot^flir^lh-l' ^ m ?T ^.. b « "»«· in .his way f ina;1 eia, help for "h ' c 'i d ^"^ "*"" rchoo.s will be available. ,-le said : he is the only candidate ir thc race who favors an amendment to in- ·etorans with Ions; service and more active partieipalion in the reserves. They can be c,!led Mabili.ation act" whlrt ' will' '" """' °"' y '" W a r " m c " ''"""« "-nt." lhat monov .ollecle' for he rmc ^ m ^ declared bv Con- · """" M for the grcss, and only when the "readv" reserve is depicted. Calling three names turned up such complications as this: "Mrs. Providencia Homas do Villamil." cried the reading clerk. "What was thc name, please?" group, said the'cam'o ''""? ""* hr - i ' vil v accented voice. - - · · - ' as if the place were filled with women with similar names. ·Mrs. Providencia Romas dc Villamil." cried the clerk again. "It's all right." came the voice from the floor. "She's not here." i Another name was called. Again ! Ihe voice. "He is a delegate He is not here." But the senor won his point. When Ins name was called lie vot- ',·' yes. So that which was, three ! "",';" " (/P ' ' William Mar hall, noes ai.d no yo.vcs became t w o ' I'OCs and one yes The nn vole.': weio cast hy Ihe absent delegates' allei nates. and the intense heat rf las: week i .lames Griggs of Kavetlcvilic' · who returned last night with thc rayettcville was "a bit crowdc'd!"nin not t harmful extent." and expressed i an emphatic opinion lhat there was, ·mod nn fo °d poisoning involve-' m the illnesser Briton Found Guilty Of Helping Russians . dio operator for the Rnt|.,h Foreign Office, was ronvi.'ed ,,,. day of spying for Hussia anrl v-,' sentenced to five yea is jmuri'-o.n-' mem. Marshall. v /ho said h,. M'"., '·· mi.vfit ' in the Hiiush En,| V i.. ·· in Mnicim- when he was stationed there, deelaied "I am s,t,ll j,,,,,,. Calif . escaped with minor cut: and bruise \i\in u i t ikon ti : City Teispilal jn ; i ,\c|ronV ,,,, bulimcc. Winchester wj id | milled later for X - r a y s and c - aniin.iin,n. | filienlf nruee Crider said Ihc pickup drr.rn bv WinohoMu \ travclin:; noitli on Highway ,1 and had just lopped a lull smith of Ihe intersection with 170 when Iwo p.vsenior cars diovc out of 17(1 onto the main highwav. Winchester left fie hi::hwav and ti-ir.r!rd ir, fc.-c.-t before the trut-i came 1 to a stc,p. Father Of Quads Hospital Patient Poitland. M:iino-i/I',-The father of I'.ur-fl.jy-fild fpiaririiple', '.a.- Russeii Sees The President Backers Seek To Get Bandwagon Move Started Senator Taft Says He Is Confident Of Nomination Ciinvenli'in Hail. Chirago-i.P,- ' f l ' l l I'lwicht t). El.-enhower's Ju-! |iarti:.ii-.-. - ' r o v e - today t.i '.irn :ma:h'ni: f e - r - v c i V triumul s ivi i Sen iroliert A T a f t into a vi' b.-,nd-.'.-.-.(!..i, f-,r the maud ,n.-c i.f !hi-; lieptiblican ronvon- lon -tiie pro-iidrnt,,.! nomination. Thrv rlaimed it was all over b.'' the b.-iMolmr: ;\-. a result of Ki:-'-nhowoi. derisive edge in Ihe lurbul'-Ml lloor battle with Taft 1 at l.vt night's so^inn--stretching into the early morning--ovcr c-on- 10'ted delegates from Georgia and l.ifl w;, 1 ; not conceding n thing, lie -jiirl- 1 expert to be nominated on an eai ly ballot " Supporters of Karl Warren and Harold SI.H-FII said they still saw a rhanre for an Hi icnhowcr-Taft deadlock could denv the nom- in-ilinn to either of the two fronl- Mllinoir:. Decision Not Far Off The br^ d'-clsion mav come tonight. Convention m a n a g e r s i mapped out ,1 schedule which left that nos.sihility. And the delegate* trickling Into this big arena down by the Block- yards for the fourth day seemed in a moo.l to get on will] the main busine-.-.s In the wake of last night's rough find tumble, there was more talk about Gon. Douglas MacArthlir. Some of lhe Taft supporters were saying privately MacArthlir might ' he a good man if it developed Taft could not make the grade. | Paul Walker, chief of delegate . relation-: for Taft's ramp, said it was: a "coalition" that beat Tilt on thc Georgia and Texas ron- Ic.-its. Thc Warren and Stasson j delegates stood with Ihe Eisenhower camp on that. MrKfldln Sen Early Win Governor McKeldin uf Maryland, tapped to put Kis-cnhowcr in nomination, gave the bandwagon effort a push with a prediction the general will win on the first ballot. He declared he is- confident Maryland's 2-1 \-ntes will be cast for Eisenhower. - Maryland's Senator John Marshal! rtulli-r. a Taft supporter, de- c-laird he feels Taft is stili in the running. Two l.'e-leKations C'hansrcl Tall fought n valiant rear guard action agaiu.'.t seating of pro-Eisenhower delegation-: from thc two rt.iter Hut he Met Georgia by a 007 to 531 vote, it was thc first lime a GOP convention had ovoiru!.-d its Credential Commit- In. That Taft-donimatcd group had recommended, 29 to 22, the si iting of a delegation heavily weighted for the rihinan. The Eisenhower allie; developed such power that Tail's supporters elected not to oppose the seating of 3 leva-, delegation favoring the general. Previously the committee had approved a pro-Taft ",1 oup. In the Georgia contf"--t. the convention's action scaled a delegation listed as M f,, r ICi-or.t-ower CONTINUED ON i'.\cr. TWO Hee How wifisciffi schools can be spent only on the schools:. Discusses Welfare Funds I Helicopter Jaunt Planned He spo.;c in favor of publicizing ' Washingtoii-i,?,'.'The f i r - ' , t,-,.,, '·--""·- rolls in the stale and i allnntic h "P h . v helicopters will Judge Sir Patrick P..,,,-.- llounccd the s:ent'-nce afln day -.rial. ' - - · · · · - · · ... jjuuiicizmg · -..-"iiimi.ii-,/|-/. 1 lie in.; u a - i s : the welfaie rolls in the stale and i allnntic h "P h . v helicopters will promised that if elected he will ' ° lncrl bv lwn A i l force "flvinr I "'vile public inspection "The win(lmill! -" next week. Two holi' , Welfare Department is Vine ,,J.,i , t ' 0p1 " 1 "/ "' ""' ^""11 v Air Tr.-,n-;. i^swSffi'S.^S""? , M ! M "I. "People are gollins"'we!firi money because they can help thc Weis-baden! 'Geimanv' ".Hh adminisjiraiion." Me .v-iid : .- . - · plans to piir..;c the rolls of . I -hose not eniitled to sasistance | "We can then raise thc j,,v of the deserving," he said. In a rtis-ciisMon of the audit of "'·"' It's The Law s unlawful to bu.ld un any fence rmn|,r,s ; Motor Company Again Entered By Thieves The Hiitfiold Pi.nlia,- fv,n,|,ai,v was entered | )V thjevc:. l.-.^i ,,i c i,t : loi the SOC-CIKC-I tin-.e t h ^ s wc .,.| (i T |, r lii't burglaiy orcuncd M,,,,d v . , night, when a few riollai I c-hange w,.|e taken. · my police said, a I · m a l l (lU.uitilv ,,( .-;; lets \ v c i c slolon. 1,,,-t llbi-i bul- e au o . .. any ence rmn|,r,se -ne HiRhway Comiiii.vj.ion. he dis- i wholly or in part of barbed wiie Okh ' " "' '^"'ings, I rvatlonal Convention in Chicago' offered majority reports of the c-'Oinmillee cm Ihe ::eaiint; of s t a t e - ·Iclogalos, find twice heard his. motions defeated. The Georgia 1 untl Tevas delegation'-, proposed! h.v substitute mntjons to those |ho goveinni, ,-md said, "l-'.venti · y we arc going Io smoke him , vie want him to tell what , ........... " '" ' """" ""'·'· he I to the s i d O ' - a l k s along tnc and on cnnviihon fined .tot less than M or moie than SIO. Kach day the fence i ; : maintained after ",n I'.irolr^ c.rantrd CuMih.ln:; I'n.c.n r '.,,-. n . ,\,;... M'l-l-lfty parcle., i cie gi.uiterl l,v the slate IX-nd of I'M clem.; ;,,,',( Paroles: yei.ti-rd.iy. ,\,, (.,, I,,,,,;!,, Prirdc,n.; or coi,iinut.1'ions ,,f s i n I C I C C WOIC; r,-c-(,.-:-|l;|.|,de-l Tip Belongs To Her, Law Says _ Mcii.inge. V.i.-l,T,-M,.., Vila Dc\ i - 1 . -.'1, a waitress, has finally pocketed-and banked--a «:,:il tip left her three weeks: ;,;;o l,y a my.'.'.friciusi stranger I'nhcc look over Ihe money a f t e r Mrs. Dc- Vivi found I! under ., ci, ; .t,,'mer's I'lati- the night r.l .!,,,,e IS Km Ihev woio unable to ;,,r,,te her l.onef.-,,.;,,,. j lld r e|,,, r!r ,| , nc ,. 0 wore no c.v-es on file of lo-l ,,, stolen money. S,, the wad w.v. lOllnncd In the ".-.-iitie.-.- Poultry Market -- a::d i.abier t'id.:y, the \ lct:lil o .'ia//lcd nerve . S:!a:; I'irikhan;, .;.",, i,f :-.t;ififi; : h w,,s a r l i m t t c - d :·:-, a |,,-,:;CT.'. v.-|,,: he -. is.itc.-ci Mr. ;-;;i/.,d,c-ih pi,,;, ham, ?,:,, ,-,nd lhe quad-.- ' Rcbccc.i. Meb.-sa. ann J.n c -- a l tin Oi.tec.pathic !.-,-· ,....;· inllicr and ·i.M-lv !,; Miffei.n:; f : tn O f l i c i a l ; c-ont:micd I'inkham neivous !xb F.-in:iiy r,-,-,. penter to fi.i 'I' 1 1S.1.U Two Alarms Answered By C ty Firemen l-'n cir. t h i s moi Mde thi- hmk , . ""1 I ! " nlirc '-' ^rved shall be considered .. .. ,,.. - . ___ ... knows nil abnui them." \ as " .^parato offense. ^ The pouitri rr..-,rv.rt today » rf. poricd bv lhe L'PucrMly of A r . kansas Institute of .Science Technology and the Dairy «nd :i1 »:l-''. Poultry Market Now., Service- of T - "c,n I the i;. s. Dc:paitmenl of Acrlrul- ·· lure. ' XorthweM A i K a i . s a s m a r k e t dortainod Margaret '^;;^!; t°Z *K"n *$,£"?; "^ ..null other K ,,eMs al lhe paid f o i l " f.,rn 'up'' V ' r.iirclon |.-nlv of her men hioi'ci, or f r y e r s MI v-ei «n the lluckingh.nn P,,:,,-o l:';,n to ,'i I,,/, '.Vl-'ll , e,.( "''· pound, mn.-.tlv .11. i - i l v 1 - i C ' I lv.-,, 1C- ..f the,,, .. -1- · I ' i t ' . Ti!f I:, 1 :ii;: t i u i l : ..n II... :i:l. \ .r; i r c - c - i i d k. c.wno.l b. C · .v l.-idlv d.,,,.. )llrrn Kiitrrt.ilns I.ondon - I/TI - (jiieon and first toda p.m I'lllii:, M.iliuii H, Tin- In, bl f C . I C 111'- tilll.'llrhcd A t II :,. ,,,. I panics wi-ic- i.iiic.i i,, Sohoc.l Micrt when a li., loofmir c.imiht lire Mle of .1 new i hickon pi i, plant luini: eiecled bv I'.in Im. Theie v ,,^ net damai'i ·ti- M( SlilU U'.. .i,., Sei/pcl M \ p. ' i e : . , ! r c . e - . »"l .-.lil'i valuoj «t 1 i) nii.i-i.its were pretty happy r thc wrangle the Republicans vc-i-f h.i\in- at their NmloiMl iiuenlion. A mule, symbol o( i- Democratic: party, Ictj cut « ;' "bee-haw' outsido Convcn* M Hall in Chicago. Mjs« ,te«n C.iii-hn.n of Hollywood, hilled at lhe mule's press agent, ;, ·'-. in t laugh, lock

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