Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 9, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 9, 1952
Page 13
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National League Wins ThirdStraightAll-Star Game, 3-2 Homers Provide" Winning Margin For Senior Loop Champ Wins First Match In Publinx Play Miami, Fla.-W-A 21-year-old , UCLA sophomore was the most ' closely-watched contestant as the : big National Public Links Tournament entered the third round at , the Miami Country Club today. i Dave Stanley, who won the : championship last year in Mil- | waukee, is back trying to defend | He won his first match in yes' , first - r o u n d b y e , eliminating George Eluck of Windsor, Ontario, the only Canadian in the field. His opponent today will be Bob Scherer of Decatur, 111., who won yesterday over Leon Butler of Atlanta, 4 and 2. Stanley suffers from osteome- lytis, a bone disease, and when he can spare the time from competitive golf he must have a small silver plate placed in his left hip, His doctors once advised him never to play golf. · Contest Marred By Rain; Called At . End Of Fifth Inning ant National League All-Stars should hive been happy today with thiir third straight victory ovir the American League yester- diy. Instead, they were bitter-and all their bitterness was directed it their beaten rivals. "So Cisey Stengel blames their defeat on the weather?" a Na- tionil League player said. "That's i lot of «our gripes. What's the matter, don't they like it when th* ihoe is on the other foot?" "I suppose the raindrops carried those two home run blasts by Jackie Robinson and Hank Sauer over the wall. If anybody has a beef about the rain, it should be jis. They wouldn't have scored either of their two runs if the ground hidn't been wet and slippery." Earlier, Stengel wis asked to what he attributed the American 3-2 defeat in the wet, muddied «nd dampened gime that wis cut down to five innings because of inceiiim. rim. ·HIM* till * ' ( I ain't bliming inybody," the gnarled old skipper of the New York Yankees said at first. Then| he ventured. "Maybe, the rain. | "Can't tell what would havd Helsinki-Wi-The strongest track happened if we'd played out t h e ' a n d field team the United States game. I had some good men on .'ever assembled arrived today the bench ready to send in, guys | hopeful of m a i n t a i n i n g American 'ike Mickey Mantle, Vic Wertz, I Oh-mnlc supremacy Ferris Flin and Kdrtie Yost." , Eighty husky athletes steoped Neither rain, nor snow, n o r , off the plane in daw.ling sunshine sleet, nor even a 50-mile gale after flying through a night of al- could have prevented H a n k most d a y t i m e brightness into this Sauer's terrific blast from clear- land of the midnight sun. ing the will with Stan Musial on Coaches pronounced them as fit base in the fourth inning. ! as they looked. Every ailing mem- · That mighty home run. a 430: her of the team appears to have fooler that landed atop the roof recovered with the exception of ind bounded out of the premises, I Jim Fuch. equalized the two-run splurge of.' Fuchs, world champion shot- ·the American in the top of the, nutter, is s t i l l l i m p i n g with a torn fourth and gave the N a t i o n a l s : ligament in his right ankle. "It's their seventh win in 19 clashes better, but not good yet," Fuchs »nd Manager Leo Durocher's firsl j said. in three attempts. Slengel, who. Mai Whitfield. 800-meter cham- hai whipped, the N a t i o n a l s in t h e ; p i o n of the 1948 Olympics, re- last three World Series, has now! ported the muscle he strained in dropped the last three All-Star! the national tryouts was "getting I fames. ' better fast and should be all right ! P»wer Hu Shifted . by games time " Coming on top of the robust, Bob McMlllen 1.500-meter run- four-bagger belted by Jackie Rob- j ncr. said his groin inion in the first inning, Sauer's! healing rnnirily. blow proved for the third con- Andy S t a n f i e 1 d, 200-mete secutiv* year that the balance of power has definitely swung over (Zfo»* SPORTS ROUNDUP *»**··**» ^^^ ^ p | ^ SPORTS NOtTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMIS,, ArkoiMt. Wodimdny, July f, 1952 terday's second round, after a ALLIE UP THIS YEAR · · By Aldfl f "s3VW first - rOlinri h V t* O l i m i n a ' I n r * * ·* AIXAM A. flllMM. It. Dodgers, Yankees Use Different Methods In Holding League Leads i^swrrs«'^s^FS*- ,lh«: year in th* National Le*gu e . i,,,,,,,.,,,, l f j l n s t ^ * r "g mentioned some tlm« ago. i l h » Washington County UtMft i following i t r i p to Si. Louis, that 'ind the Junior Lfgion iggrtgitiat I ~ * (By The Auorliled rrnw) · today for a crack at (he t i t l e in- Tilfl Brooklyn Dodgers and the ; eluded W i l l i e H u n f r of Los · Krw Y " rk *»'»nkeci are using d i f ' Anfcles who had » 14fi, W i l l i n ! '""rent "formulas' 1 In (heir 105 G MI of Mmili'l.'iir. :;. J . w i t h ' PTM n i nt d r i v e - . ... ig*lnst lome outiM* At (hat time the Cirdinalt wore competition. Thesi kidi hivi ill s i x t h place, (our games b a c k ' t h e competitive d r i v e of thi *n,.of the .300 m a r k nnd '0 games frn:s t h a t abound in oohlnd Ihf Ntw York Ginnt.1, who , league;, 148; Jimmy Hlnes o, C h L a g n ! Brooklvn Is emplane , h e S 'Vhi'V^VT'l ',' "£' ' """^ w i t h a 14(1 and Fr.-nk Str.inahan ; method suu-rsifullv dueled b y ' P °" n " w ' n t to Sl of Toledo, w i t h a I.i2. , John M c G r a u . l a t e m a n a s e r t,l the l a n e a d Dcfcndine c h n m p , n ,, M. i x j New York G i a n t s . Th» Y a n k s arc r h a The Giants went Memorial D.-u a of the Brooklyn Lodgers. and tht blg|*r goodly amouiit of comic genl'ji that witho-.u equal. S t n n d i n s high on the Hit U. S. Olympians Reach Helsinki Injured Members Nearly Recovered P/TCHER* WflO'S Beerl INTHE 20-W//I The fiery G i a n t immortal brnucht i n p e n n a n t s t" t h p Polo Grounds, many «s a rrsull of p i l i n g it on the ...econd division teams while . holding the contenders even. The Yanks' theory is Just the opposite. Tlte Romhers say. "knock o f f y n u r neare.M r i v a l " The Yanks always seem to reach (he heights in a crucial serin. Brooklyn's 4 ' 4 game lead o v e r , (he New York G i a n t s today was j built chiefly cm the Dodgers' sue- . cess again;.! the sixth, seventh and eighth-place teams. Tile Dodgers have won place 23 gai , has and "'f- « 1 1 rt n i |i i i n .u.i.\ i i i ^ i i » i r\ i - J i r t l l i . 1 - . I l i r l i l l l K S ' T I T T h a t u » « f h A I V , f ^ · -""»» " 1 4 1 1 un I U O t i l t Faulkner of Encl.-md had a 1.17 ! following then own tried and t r u e -'. ' hi h H V /" ?· ' d!ami '' n ' 1 a '' r ' r ''ons for thi« ll while Bobby Locke, t h e .South A f - I pennant b l u e p r i n t ? I B u G i a n t i , n th,, n -x (»w weeks a r e tb« friciin who holds (he f a v o i i l e ' , M.-r.raWs w n n a n f pl,lln,ophv Br0 "" yn " ( t r a h ''"' L TM" C a r d i n a l try out c i m p ' t spot. had_a 142.^ was s u n p l c ' "Beat the busher,." ;%,_ ,,,,,, D ,,... ...... _. \?TM* 1 . I"?": f. nd th( Junl Southern Loop Spotlight On All-Star Game Since. mamed in fii Card* h a v e w lo*ing-*only 1^. Sister ha.s not provided too m u c h a d d i t i o n a l power at the plate, hut he has p r o v i d e d a l o n j i - h a l i t.uv.-it at the County Fair Ground! ibout t h a t opposing p n c h e r j rmift lie! two weeks from todiy, and my i-iiutious w n l i . And his f i e l d i n g ikldi Interested in Ifttlnf t bur hiis been adequate. His real v a l u e , (league scout look 'em over ihouW however, Is in solidifying t h e j m a k e plins lo attend. Well bare definite dates befort long, but it looks like July 23 and 24 wffl re- ;l,cgion district eliminition touni- I h e j a m e n t w h i c h will dove-llil iU i i l c i i r i i o n on the backend of thi trj 1 - jous*. Fayefteville'i Freddie Hiwn will conduct the Cardinal tryout cimp No longer must the Cardinal (By The AssiiHalrd Tress) The Southern As.Miriation--usu- ally a dignified baseball confederation--has narrowly a v o i d e d ., . H'.e embarrassment of having jti, | last ihree teams In the standings, cream-of-thc-crop t e a m . N'cv.- Or- j The G i a n t s have captured 22 and leans, in third plnce on A l l - s t a r worry about ih.l po- silion. .Stan Musial he called in trom thp outlield longer must to P£R OMB, WITHOUT RELIEF TfiAfJ AfJ/ REGULAR ·STARTeR-- MAP A 3OOP TART TOMARP LEAGUE , OUTS Af!P FARflED Rum, FOR rtif YfAK. injury was Askew To Coach Al Conner A. And M. sprinter who passed up the 100- meter trials because of a sore leg. said his leg is so strong now t h a t ! Tulsa Okla i4, Pr«iev a : hn ,..iot, n . ,. K.J ..i-j «.- u-.i. :. l u l s a . UKII. - (/n- Presley As- towirds the older circuit. Jickie Robinson's inability t o j h e wishes he had tried for both kew come up with a double-play, sprints. grounder in the fourth m a d e pos-j "We have a Rood strong team" ·«ibl* both American League t a l - ; H e a d Coach Brutus Hamilton told 'I* airport. "On haris : c^e'crettMhis'vrar.' Is this is the best team , T . T footing on a treacherous t e r r a i n ' w e have ever sent to the Olympic i , u , , S B ind Eddie Robinson's h a r d - h i t ; Games." " "--'" grounder went for a single a n d ' icpred Minnie Minoso from second. The Chicago White Sox out- i fielder had led' off with a solid j . doublt just before Al Rosen had drawn · base on balls. Bobby Avila followed with hopper behind second that Robinson knocked down but couldn't! hold, and Rosen crossed the plate. Chicago-l/Pi-Professional golfs ! race for 1952 money-winning obtained o n l y ' h o n n r s js beginning to gel hot. three hits to the A m e r i c a n s five Jack Burke, once well-entrench-. but all were for extra.bases. | cd ns t h e cash-collecting lender i Pertaps the outstanding fea-| nnw heads 1951 money king Llnvd turc of the game for the capacity Mangrum. by less than $700 and '· Sarazen Leads U.S. Qualifiers In British Open St. Anne's-on-Sea, F,ngland-WP)- :lay and h.-K'ing two lesser lights le.-iding the leaquc i n s l e a d . By the ihiii w i d t h of one run lew Oilcans is s t i l l in firs' place today--(he day the Pelicans p'av he All-Stars. If New Orleans h;(d lost instead if w i n n i n g S-4 from A l l a i i l a . (hen Atlanta and not \cu- Orleans would he lending the leaKiio. And. i Soy hold an edge if Iho Chnttnnonga Lookouts had ~ been other t h a n r u n l r i s wonders against Memphis, t h e n C ' h a t f i - nooga would he on top C h a l t a - iinoga was a punchlcss pack .-.nil lost 4-0. Before last night's games liinla and C h a t t a n r . o g i , (railed New Orleans hy a bx'.t game c.-ii-h. The new second place te.nn ,s ar "Id h u n d ;it the post--Moiiile. The Bears, dcpusr-l only la : -t week, v.on last n i g h t 1-n from be the time. Following thi tryouti Mfk't in i, , , . , , . Junior Lesion tiami m o . « ' l n t » pames and lo,t ^nlv on, i« ih. I h latv * lhe ( ' rM ba « P r o b l e m , the Fair Grounds for · daubl*. games and lost : nl one loathe nd c r ? a l e n o u U i c ] d p r o W em. |elimlna.ion toum,m m t thlt wS Probibly no one bul Harry |«'«rt early in th« ifttraoon l|d lost six Yrom'thesa'm'e' three Team's" ': ''" r f, y * xp * cU a '* Cardinal, to I *«" I n t o t h e night on icur Mtxrlt* The Brooks have -o- - ...icontlnue at the head-long pace "»*»· The finili in Mpfct«l to" games and dropped 20 against the , y "* curr « nl| y '"· cling. Eno s |he held Sunday irttrnoon, July other four teams ^laughter stems due for a slump J7 The Yanks. «eeking their foiirih i"." M " »« h « ins to ""gniie the straighl f l a g ' a n d 19th since 1920 I*, 1 '*" 3 ' l"'.W iuri ' » nd '*·· °' mid- have won 19 and lost I I to first I *' Bul the Cird5 » r * no worn off th»n the Giants were at this stage last year, and they just division opponents am! stand 2«- 1B over (he lower echelon teams. Only Boston's flfth-nlace Bed ·er thp Yanks. Thr Red Sox, only a game out of f o u r t h place, have won six oul of 10 meetings w i l h the Yankf. Aciion in holh pennant races resumes tomorrow following a j throe-day suspension of hostlll- A l - 1 tir-.s hcrauKO of thp All-Star game, won (or the t h i r d .straight year by the N a t i o n a l Lejn.ue. 3-2. The Yanks oprn a long home stand against tho West. The St. Louis Browns are (he firsl Invad- Four garnet are Kh«dul*d diily in the diitrlct tourniy with th* .eventual winner qualifying for [the state toumimint, it Nrwport to Bii-mingham to become up again. Nashville won t h e f i n a l came, 5-2, from L i t t l e Rock. A t h r e e - r u n I ' ' n i n t h won lor the Vols and ended I ,,, ers and will be followed hy Detroit, Cleveland and Chicago. Brooklyn opens Its t h i r d Wesl- °'" t r '" "' l h c srflsnn in Chicago might hang on long enough catch th» Dodgers. There seems little doubt t h a t j ting stronger with time, rather than weaker. And t h a t more often t h a n not is the key to a stretch drive for the pennant. Ihe second week In Augutt. · Holder-Gamble Open Baseball comeback a six-game losing slruak. Three '· t : lm ^'^. ^""^ t , h "*, "J 1 ' " n f the losses were to Little Rock ' l h e rei1 h , nl R[ ' ''"" ". c « ri *, » j winners of nine straight, Clncln- i nati and Pittsburr^ The Giants clash with Cincinnati, St. Louis and Chicago after leaving Pittsburgh. making i belated Fayettfville. The combined efforts of a jmill core f hird-to-klll fans hvie helped lo cicMe in excellent entry in the Ourk Siwball League. This wew.-c«lled the Chlck«--hive Hide one appearancn on th, Coun. ,, ly Fair Groundi diamond ind are the G i a n t s take on P i t t s - 1 rheduled for several more during Charges Against Three Filed By Prosecutor ArKanSs-" b°/sk t e h ,ba" ni ;e7m y iaM f : Brilaln ' S ° P TM G °" ^ampionship year, reportedly w i l l coach I M. Col W i l l i a m Glenn of Fayelteville. operator of Glenn's Dairy, ^wai i charged ycslerday afternoon* In ' Circuit Court with a misdemeanor I --two counts--in the allc^d sale of non-Grad.- A m i l k as Grade A. The charge was filed hy Prosecu- Gene Sarazen, winner '" r . Tfrl Coxsey "f Berryville. w.-is filrrl Not white, not Wheat, not ryo, out · flavor blend of all thr»-- jung.'i Roman Men Mi-Ma n-if-tf he season. About no persons attended the gam* and were rewarded a ilam-bang batting attack Irit A-lth nd somi good pitching and field- In addition to the Chicki Fiy- tteville fani who are Interfiled n witch thf Fiyetteville Boys 'lub'« midget league gamea, the nidgit league All-St T team, the ioys Club's ifnlori (, memb«r ol Jim Holder ind O. H. Gimblt have opened a new ml ffttt*- office on North College Avtnuk The two offlcu iri houwd ' M by 21 cement block rinek I office building. Holder, i vttirin of World II where he i«rvtd n i Ilfutfm in thi Nivil Air rorce, ' ' secretary to the T.- ..,_ Chamber of Commerce for i y«r and one-half. Slncl thtn hi hn operated the Holder Appfline* Company on North Block StnM. He is an executive officer lo tri local Navil Reiervl unit. Gamble started In tbt nt) *·- tale buslmsi In 1MI 'with th* Chindter Ktilty. Hi went to Me- Ctrtney-LcwU Realty Compiny In 1147 where he rimiltud until he entered into th* prtMnt P*M- ntrship. . The firm will hindle ill trMi at firmi, cHy, and ·--'" - *^ ' the ' be * :an ln "rnest on the 6.657-yird ege ' ^ 0 " a ' Lytham Course today with TM Pressing Burke For ; Money-Winning Honors .Mtlonite Outhlt ' 0 n ' S recommended to the Oklahoma ' There are 92 entrants still in th A. and M. Board of Regents, the ! r u n n i n g and aflor two more group which controls Connors. Askew, an advocate of ball control basketball, resigned his Arkansas job last season under fire from the fans because, of a losing season. He was replaced by Glen Rose, (he most .successful basketball coach in Razorback history. Wesley, and a charge of overdraft against Claude. Walton of Lincoln. rounds the field will be cut to SnV Fined oT^^lne,, Throe former champions failed , F . u ,. ka , Calif. - f/Pi - Leslie E to survive the ( | ual,fy,n 8 rounds | Sparks. 30, was fined $10 in Police' XSL^S-'S- 2*KTSMr«S 700. Sparks said he handed out the b u r n i n g matches a f t e r one Reg Whitcombe, all Britons. But stocky from Park crowd was the bril- Cary Midrilecoff is pushing in the liant pitching of Bobby Shantz. The 140-pound lefthander of the Philadelphi. Athletics, in the o n e j $12,296, and Middlecoff , inning he pitched, the fifth, struck j the PGA reported today. third spot. i n t l r k e has $12.970, Mangrum $11 lofi . out three of the National League's what's more, Ihree players are best hitters --Whitey Lockman,. bunched in the $9,000 bracket in- Stan Musial and Jackie Robinson, eluding Dave Although Bob Rush, Sauer's|Boros""and"Ted K^ii*'"' * J u l i u s ! lm '. r . n *" nent wi " Pl»y in the finals teammate on the Chicago Cubs. -- » -was credited with the decision,: Radin Softball Team Wins Curt Simmons wan the pitching!' K G R H drubbed Campbell-Bell star ef the Nationals. The sling-1 14-4, yesterday in a Cily Softball shot southpaw of the Phillies, League same at the Veterans Ad- ttarte* and handcuffed the Amer-1 ministration Hospital diamond. leans with one hit in his three in- The radio group picked up 12 hits n'mgs. off losing pitcher Wilkinson's de- Bob Lemon, who succeeded; livery. Spence. the winner, al- starter Vic Raschi in the third j lowed only six safeties. inning, was the victim of Sauer's. · dame-clinching homer and was! Newark. N. J.--Frankie Sedano- tagged with the defeat. Fayettevilie To Host Junior Legion Tourney Fayetteville tins been awarded , the American Legion Junior base- ' ball tournament, July 24-27. ! Games will be played on the | Fair Grounds diamond both after- '·· noon and night. The w i n n e r of ! the double-elimination eight-team at Newport. First round pairings are: Fayetteville vs. Ozark; Fort Smith vs. Paris; I Berryville vs. Prairie Grove; I Eureka Springs vs. Green Forest. I Fights Last Niqht (By The Associated Presj) Los Angeles-- Gerald Labroi, I3R. Gary. Ind., outpointed Car- mantown, N. Y., showed he still I monkey grabbed for his elsaret is capable of brilliant golf. The (lighter. 50-year-old firmer shot fiS's both j -- · yesterday and Monday to finish Norwalk. Conn. sixth in the list of qualifiers. Llanes-Arthur K i n g Other Americans who «et o u t ' --»d to Thuridty. Armando bout post- Charlie Slaughter bout postponed.' Ins Chave?, 136, Los Angeles, 10. Boys Club WeeklyCard uly »--Midget League All-Stars vs. Van Buren, 1:30 p.m., at the C o u n t y Fair i Grounds. , Senior te»m vs. Benton- j ville, 8 p.m., at Benton- ' vilie. July 10--Cubs vs. Indians. Giants vs. Cardinals, Senior practice. Jul» 11--(Practice) 1-2 Yankees. 2-3 Cardinals. ,1-4 intermediate. 5-fi:30 Senior. luly It--Cirdinlli vs. Indiana. Gitntt vs. Ytnktes. JulylJ--S«nlor« vs. Wesley, 1:30 p.m., «t County Fair Grounds. J Mliml Bench, Flu. -- Dave ; Oawy, 105, Ticornn. outpointed Hiik Thurman, 201, Modesto, 'ullf., 10. R«*» ·* wltt Ik* Um»--tttt t« TtMII Mir. iiitiu-wIUIR iiiTiuur, IIT. leiitviiu, iiincu \t» I T M . O M t l O U U C N w.llMT . » MOOT THE BALL MAKES US foR6ET 5AFETV, LET us GET -HURT: Children trut't tlwayt ctriful... fcrt go« can b«? Drive Cmrtfullyl sso] EtSO STANDARD OIL COMPANY Serve Coke with good things to eat ii Coca-Colt »dds its own delicious flavor to the Utty thing* that tempt your guest*. J .fft · OITOI IIHMI ·UTHOIITY 0» THI C O O - C O L * COMPANY COCA-COLA iomiNo COMTANT,

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