Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 9, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1952
Page 11
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fine Calls For Party Unity At Convention Pennsylvania Chief Executive Strikes At Opposite Party Chic»fa-(/P)-Pennsylvania's GOV. John S. Tine today urged Republicans to unite and defeat the Democrats who he said are more Resting Period Just Lull Before The Storm; Delegates Wound Up And Ready To Go All Out For Their Favorite Candidates By CECIL BROWN (Mutual Network c.'ommenui.r) list of'convention Cn '«so - ( S p e c i a l ) - The Mar- slalkins dclesa Blio included Sen ,1 UOFS " f Queenshury has nothing either in pcrsi "~ the Republican ' women are on the man-hunt in C'hicmjo this week. . . . They're Committee On Resolutions Takes A Look At Platform; Harmony Still A Question Reflml " Aj Midi* fonenl i Ralph Eubonks Wins Florida Scholarship - Wmhln|lnn-f/fVPhliip B. Per!- record, deplored wh«t he eilled the OOP's 20 y«r» of "political doldrums" and declared: "The Democratic administrations have been more concerned with expanding a captive electorate than in strengthening the sinews of democracy." Me called for a united Republican front to "turn the Democrats out and save America Fine led off a list speakers which also included Sen.,^ IOFS . "' £''" h "j' 1 '' ry nn ? , no ",'i":;if! lllt ' r '" l'"f u " ri( "'cm -or keen j door.; to look over a proposed sary verhlaft on th.~p«}l."buUnn"k official in Ihe Justice Department '*'*· «»! rhilorie. Eulwnlu Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin; "", th f "T "" P» r '- vs "·'- "I 1 -"" persuaded. . . . Tun detec-! harmony platform. Whether har- ahead In the rirht ' ' Patrick J. Hurley, GOP Senate: ,! ogat "' Tl '" fi »- v s session pro-[liver nre in constnni aUt-mlnimc mony would pre\ail remain-rt a said nominee from New Mexico; Her-! vlrto «_ | "'^..["'l" 8 period between.-- ~-n| llr Taft anil Ccneral Ki.i-.HiE question. Deep-seated rt!.pules : ten. Chlnign-i/l'i-The (1OP Conven- | tion jlesolutinn* Committee met . They want .today behind lo ked and itiuiided fellowship lor Ik* m:c year hai b*m mm, who irfued Presldtnt T r u - ^ t o fUlph Eubjnki, Unlvwtlty fac- mim'i c«se In the itetl acisure .I'^'y member, by thf Uiivtrsity iiiut, r««;|ntd lorliiy a» solicitor of Florida. Hi will take vorfc to"They contain a lot of unneret-' I'nenl. I' Is the fourth hl»h | 'ard a Pi.D. deirte in public ad- hai port Ihe proposed fnrelfn and o- ense compromise. h?rt Wtrburton cf Delaware,! rounds - Th ? Thursday ballotins enhnwrr. chairman of the Youn" Republican' scsslnn should prove thai poli-. . .. i.:.-n have been awl National Federation and Mrs ' " dans """ l' unrh " s well. if " nl TMch, woriin- e. E ht-hou Gilford Mayes of Idaho a s s i s t a n t ' _ e r ' 1nan professional fishier.-, around Ihe clock. F.i:;»nhower lold chairman of the Republican National Committee. Candidates May Come Thursday Chicago - iJP) - The Repuhlican convention's main event--nomination of a presidential candidate --may be delayed until tomorrow. It was scheduled originally for to- i day. But preliminaries are taking at fever peak, despite pleading indicated the fever interesled in votes than in democracy. ! Fine, a key figure in the T a f t - i Nomination Of Eisenhower battle for the GOP presidential nomination, m e n- tioned neither of those arch- rivals by name in his prepared ·ddress to the party's convention. Both Gen. Dwight Eisenhower »nd Sen. Robert Tsft of Ohio have been wooing Fine and the 70-vote delegation he largely controls. It is now lifted 24 for Taft, 37 for Eisenhower and nine uncommitted. One member predicted it would go 55 for Eisenhower and Fine didn't challenge I his. Fine, believed leaning to Eisenhower, said he would announce how he Elands at a Pennsylvania! form c.-'jcus called after his talk. j Floor fights on both, alr-ady;,. , , J , In general, Fine's prepared held up in committee, are lore-!"" 5 remarks - servtd ""' tpeec.i attacked the Democrals'l cast. Blood hasn't showed in ihls.wonvn v.-ho e»n i baltle. But blood pressures nre]jo!) of dressing up i | over forcian policy, milional rif-.j-ales much Ihc same thin*, lie d to fcnre and civil ri;lit.i continued said the foreljn plank seems to ' · · f t ; to smoulder. i|, r "taking up ihe past, which I the Sen. Kusene D. Millikin of !wouldn't want." Rut pledres for direction." he in quit office sine* Jimej P. Mc-' J " n ins '- rl ' rl °r In ip«»ch jild di- v U .,n. deie-^T'^ ^·"·i^Vpi^rSS " credit o a firr-t-rnl" "o'nr.Tlo. committee pliice. . . And Imped the 02-man chairman, ' the future, speeches for party harmonics. Every speaker themod his remarks, at least in parl, to i;lli-jis in charge of decora! mate harmony and pre-election muric for the GOP. - . ? solidarity in the GOP. Cheers fclfinaer curt her cnmn-ii'- and interuptiom, as (he-Taft and Eisenhower camps voiced approvals and disapprovals of re-: week's for dolling up Convention would nuickly approve the bulkv Ha I K o-s to Mrs. F. Pc:,v r y |icf-. S |«iement of pohrv ,-nd speed it ""'·"V" of Wayiata. Minn, w h o ' m t ^ e convention, pos'ihl '·us ,-u-d nisht. :·-. 11-.'- ' hr ''""'""" *». shape, mgrks, thare. Undoubtedly, it will t a k e more ! Frain, j ushers in preparing proceedings. . for the speeches great deal of political penicillin lo cfiect the and probably a behind-th"-;.ccnes pencl'Cnce" addrcrs, plus permanent Chairman .Joseph YV, Maras ap- ] notir.ers for the anticipated votin-; fireworks. Thursday, Friday and Saturday Are Bargain Days at FAIRWAY HARDWARE 50 ft, Plastic Hose 50 ft, Rubber Hose Guarantii S YMF OuiranUe $6,95 $5.95 4-point Extra Heavy Barb Wire $8.95 Excello Power Lawn Mower. $94.50 Outside All Purpose Paint, gal. $2.98 Wall Paper, roll 1]c up We Give SH Green Stamps 230 Mill St. JULY fellow who £··! guards for i fighls, \Vorld Ssries same?, is in charge of th; special fn| . ad wrin . '·'.'"· of ''"'·· rin hell: boy" units at the Hillon. T-ir'- : . are courteous--but, oh, ilikin tried a favorite trick mprumiscrs. Ho put Ihc war- factions into a locked room r two houiT. under orders to mie to agreement. boys firm. * · · ''· ^' Parsons ol Virginia, who News and Notes: Anoi::cr piaro heads n group that wants to nlayer for the \Vhite Ilcuse is in handle racial problems at a local ·h? nf,'i'i-r j r c'l'icr Trft or KK-n-' 1 "' - S1 a'e level v-iih nn federal in- howcr finally wins the nod of the Inference, said no ncmpromise IK-'J (;rb::n;-s and then IJie puhl'c ' ;lq Beached. . . . P.oth mm ha-..- h-rn Known lo' ''he opposing (rroiio. led hv Mrf. iii'iy fhe piano ni pri\alo cn:her- i Miloceo 1 Vounyer of Calilornia. sr.ld, contain necessary to us from the standpoint of ei rnrd self-interest of the United to- States." | Of the defense nn air pou-er. hr said: "I'm not so certain I nljrfc on that." T a f t and his rxperls reportedly okayed both pl«nk.«. esoecially the air-powrr strers in the dtftnic proposal. Taft repeatedly has called for more air strcnith as a ricfonse must. Today's session of ihe full platform committee was the first pmcf it split into II subjroupt to drafl separate planks. era! May 27. Hii resignation wai announced i Stephen Foster, wh* wrot. such by President Truman, who laid ] sonis as "My Old Kt"'-v he accepted tht r.iijnallon with I Home" and "Old Fslkt At Home." "sincere re«ret" and wished Perl-idled homeless ?nrt ,nnr'-*~- man iu;c«« in prluat* life. ; New Yort- hojplt.l charity ward. Close Wotch On His Delegates Chicaitn-c/l'l-Gov. Earl Wirren I for the Brown amendment to the Dooley, of Fond riu Win"'the^crimination and other iwie«. The' 0 ' ("s' : torni« hii dashftl uny hooes ! l.angley amendment to change the; 77-ypnr-nld presi The first round indicated ihe j in;::'. . . . And Maimi- Kj: cnho-.ver ' wants a federal commission with i bitterness of the battles to come, nlays. n bit, loo. . . . .Seen button- powers to hold public hearings I That was. of course, the ballolinr. : holin- CD'' t'elc-aies wr.s I F : " n 'l compel tcstimonv on joli riis- rhe, president of i^-e I' P |proposed commission could nol "' ^*ft and Eisenhower supporters rules. This trend--defealing a ! Voters I.o.i-.uc. . . . He's hoos'ing, 'mmisli--other than through pub-i' or ' nuick relnase of his 71 . T a f t parliamentary procedure--I his monetary plan lo eliminate '-'icily. IrVI-ed d-lecalcs lo help thf m gft I indicates the potential powers in Ihc national debt and (axes'. J Parsons said thai was noing tooi'he Republican pr?«ldtntial nom- hoth camps, powers that will h" Could (hi;; be a prediction ,,f far. So Millikin put his nv n sliiff j inalion. demonstrated at full sircntth I thinss to come? . . . A bain elr- '" liu 'ask of wri:in- « com-' Hr made this comment i when the balloting for (he presi-1 ··!!,-".! V P S parading down Mich- -'"'orii"- h" hop?rt the f v l ] cooi-^ay on renorls lhat some of C|li, dcntial nomin-e -els under way. ;isan Boulevarrl. in froni of (lop init'.cc and Ihc cnnvrntinn wntil-1: forn'a's 7n delejales and f l x Wii- * ' * I convniillon headqii.-irirr.- in the ' without a public crmlro- consin deleiates pled»ed lo him Convention glcuninRs: The only: Conrad- Hiilnn lintel whc!i a Tap. vers;- clergymen allendiiii; the conven- hjaml suddenly pulled out all ihe! ·'"' lion as a votinq delcpate is Rev. I nlons . . . rnd ihe c'eiiii.-inl br,;i-d'"'""""'·· r i nod nn--jiiv» cnnsullani Charles Franklin Parker, a Con-! away from ils Iraincr. Ihrouih ln 'he D~mocrat:c ndmlnisiratic'U aresational minister frmp Pres-j ;'-e liic cr"-.vd n- ' r'own Ihe avc- ll! ' for.-i-jn affair:., liar- been work- colt, Ann. . . . He hasn't made up| nuc! Most pel I :.'. c-'iipai|rn .'"K wiiii Ihe pt(m\. He hss hern! his mind yet as lo his choice. . . . i plu.^er on (he . -.venllnn scene i shutt':n:' between Clen. Owiaht j Aj far as his political views c o n - ! -- n guy who makes the cijar store' Eisenhower and Ohio Sen. Robert Hiding wiih his work, Mr. Frai'k- Indian MKO a hack seal--!ir. c.! Tafl, to,. cnn|cr'l~rs tor the presi- lin says, "I have political opir- ^ ^csi'e Hrr!r"n nf P- 1 - : ''err. " .'. dcnti?! nomination. ions, but I don't express them in , who dally stands for hours In Ihe Hulles lold Reoiihiican aennlor.t Ihe pulpit unless 1 believe a moral' lobby of ihe Hilton, s-rene'y pul.-i Inst niEht he (nought all GOP principle is involved." . . . GOP '"r a MacArthur rnrn-cnb pipe. . . I presidential aspirants could sun- would like to swilch to other can- FOMT Dulles. (iOI 1 elder.rtida'es on an "early hallo!." I "Wait and nee hnv. th«y vole." H GALLON Vmilli Ice Criiw 63c (Mtonrfj ttm. Udrar 41 I. CINTII SALE... 3 DAYS ONLY Entire Stock Cotton Dresses 2 Al a low FOR :gin« -- V/«r|i tnNr* rtfular 279, 3.91 itetl -- ·It-pritt^. tint tO t«uar* p.rcal«i in a blf choice, it itylei, telen. Shirtwoiil), cool-typei, lip-fronn. 'Aany with twirling ikirti. Somt art copiii «( hifh»r- prktd iryl«. Gmtrout Wmt. Plaid, chtck, loril H«tm». Y«v'»t three, dart lo iav«-d««'l mitt rnfm JUNIOH'. MISilS, WOMIN'S ilZ» Mrs. TaH, Confined To Wheelchair, Waits For Big Moment-Nomination Of Husband Chici^o-t^i-Mrs. Robert Tafl confined to a '.vheelchair since ;t paralytic stroke two years ago. is rftn^rrvinn her ttienglh for v.'hal she hopes will "he "the hie moment" in her husband's political j career. BARGAIN July 1C, It, 12 WOMEN'S SHOES 500 Pairs of Summer Shoes Values From $2.95 to $10.95 1 /30ff These Shoes are Trim Tread, Polly Debs and Style Stride Brands. Whites, Patents, Nylon Mesh, Purples, Wedges and Low Heels. CHILDREN? SHOES Poll Parrott and Star Brand Grade, Dress and Play S a n d a l s in White, Red, Blue Tangerine and Pink. Vioff MEN'S SHOES One group consisting of Rand and Star Brand Nylon Mesh, Two-Tone and Woven Shoes 25% off One group of Odd Lot Shoes 4 J95 Values to $12.95 4 These shoes ore mostly large sixes. Laner Bros. Shoe Store South Side Square Pho*. 319 She uianls (o go out lo Repuhli- can Convention Hall to hear the -icnt'.nr's name placed in nominal i c n for ihe prc.;idc:icy loni^hi. t. ; ntil her illness Martha Tafl' look an active part in her hus- 'i'.- political campnigns. There are prac;ic,i| po!i:ic : ans --hT y-.y ?c:ches h:id a great deal to I do with firsl electing Taft to the j Senate in 193S. | She slumped the nation in his I first unsuccc:s:ul try for liie Republican nomination in 1!HP. She i'.vas a^'riin a fa-niliar figure j throughout Ohio wh: i he cam- ! paigned for his second Senate jlcrm. He hsd to make his third i race alone, for her illncs; had i struck by lhat lime. I I Sunday she returned lo the ! political arena. With the senator oe:ide her. she helped receive several thousand at a reception. 'But except for a brief appearance at a | , reception for her anrl the senator ' last night she found it overtired i her and she Ins b~en rcstli:? since in her holrl suite. West Fork JULY BARGAIN DAYS Reduced Thursday · Friday · Saturday ENTIRE STOCK 25 to 7 Off Mr. and Mrs. W. M. H-'-ton have had as guests for the past u-eek. Mr. and Mrs. Miles Morton «nd daughter, Dona Beverly, and Terry Morton, all of St. Paul, Minn. Mr. Hoi-ton's mother, Mrs. M. B. Hortcn of Durant, Okla.. is also a gu?n. They svill leave Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Atlolf Webber had as guests for the I'ourlh and the weekend. Mr. and Mr.. Carol Jordon of Tulia, Okla.; V. an-l Mis. Evert Miller of Fayetlo\-ille; Mr. and Mrs. France Webber, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wehher and Mr. and Mrs. J. c. 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