Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 6, 1974 · Page 21
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 21

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 6, 1974
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

2D Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Sunday, Oct. 6, 1974 . FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS -Known For Anguished Poetry Sexton Death Said Possibly Intentional WESTON. Mass. (AP) --| Anne Sexton won a Pulitzer prize for her anguished poetry about deiitli. Now police are investigating the possibility she committed suicide. The 45-year-old writer, who had never written poetry until she had a nervous breakdown 17 years ago, was found dead Friday afternoon in a car with the motor running in her garage, police reported. There was no immediate ruling on the cause of death by medical examiner i-'eler Angelo. Police said there was no evidence of foul play. "It was eilher suicide or natural causes." said Detective Lawrence Cagini. While funeral arrangements were incomplete, a family friend said they probably would be, private, next Monday or Tuesday, possibly with a memorial service later. A poet friend, Mrs. Maxine Kamin of nearby Newton, said she had a warm and genial lunclr with Mrs. Sexton only a few hours before her death was discovered. Mrs. Sexton won the 1967 Pulitzer Prize for poetry for "Live or Die," a work which centered chiefly on death. Mrs. Kamin, also a Pulitzer prize-winning pnet, said. "Anne was one of the most vivid metaphorisls ever. She wrote very personal and anguished poetry." Mrs. Sexton was recently divorced from her husband Alfred M. Sexton, but Mrs. Kamin said that had not made her despondent. t( "It was not him," she said. "Life had a depressing effect on her." . Mrs. Sexton's first book, "To Bedlam and Part Way Back" was published iti 1960, and others that followed included '"All My Pretty Ones," "Selected Poems," "Transformations" and "Love Poems." Her most recent book, "The Death Notebooks," says, "My undertaker waits for me." And of Jonah, pondering his fate as the whale swallowed him, the poet adds "This is my death . . . and it will profit me to understand it." Mrs, Sexton was a native of Newton and was educated in Wcltcslcy schools. She wrote many reviews, lectured and had held several fellowships and grants. ' She is survived by two daugh- Uers. Lindu and Joyce. Safety Testing BOSTON (AP) -- Partly spurred by the Highway Safety Act of 1973, more than 30 slates :odny have lesling programs lo evaluate the skid resistance of .heir highways, A r t h u r D. Little Inc. reports. Such tests have proved useful in identifying pavements that need corrective treatment, planning maintenance schedules and determining materials, construction and surface dressings for the best and most lasting skid resistance. Grooving the pavement, ci ther longitudinally or at. right angles to the flow of traffic, is one method taken to prevent skidding on wet pavements, the research firm found. Getting To Work The Hard Way ST. PETERSBURG. Kla. (AP) -- John Booker commutes 94 miles roimdlrip to work and biick each day by bicycle, airplane :uul cur. . "It's more comfortable from a nerve standpoint than driving all that distance," says Booker, 36, an engineering aide. Th bik rid laks 8 min- eg Booker leaves his home in Bradenlcn before 7 a.m. and pedals his wife's rusty old bike 1V4 miles to a private airstrip where he keeps his single-en- gine Cherokee. The bike ride takes 8 minutes, 35 seconds--barring delays by a wild turkey or a red [ox in his path. Flight time to the St. Petcrs- burg-Clcarwnlcr airport is, 17 minutes in his 140-milc-an-hour aircraft. Booker keeps his car at the airport for the last leg of his journey---a five minute drive to Honeywell, Inc., where he works on a guidance system for the Air Force's Minuteman 111 Missile Program. "I like to Ily," says the fn- hcr of five. "I can't stand traf- 'ic, especially in ' the winter when the people from the north get on the road down here." The same 47-mile trip takes 90 minutes each way by car. Weather does become a factor, and sometimes Booker is forced to drive. That's why lie keeps his car at the far end. "Could you imagine getting closed in after work and riding my bike all the way to Bradenton?" he says. Cost-wise, Booker sayi It works out about the same. Gasoline for his car for the week would run about 124; lor the airplane, $14, plus small monthly lie-down fee at the airport. Booker has been using three vehicles to commute for about two years. He considered moving closer to his job, but ruled it out. "I like small.towns," says the Lakeland native, "and St. Petersburg is just too big for me." FIRST FEDERAU-FIRST AGAIN FF NEW HIGHER YIELDS Effective October 1 we will pay daily earnings compounded daily. It's the highest return FF Sesame Street Gang Now Lives In Paris NEW YORK (AP) -- Many of the characters who live on Sesame Street are also alive and well, and now living in Paris. The popular children's TV show is being shown in a new French-language veijsion on French national television as "Bonjour Sesame." The new version is devoid of "street" scenes -- no Gordon, Susan or Big Bird, for example -- and there are no sequences that depend on the English language or American cultural nuances. Nineteen Muppet regulars are used in a version that is made up entirely of an "international library" drawn from the original English-language series and adapted to another culture. Bert, Ernie and the Cookie Monster, for instance, appear on the French video screen as Bart, Ernest and Macaron. £o.mplete with French accent gestures and action. The French-language version is made up of about 65 per cent puppet sketches, 25 per cent animated cartoons and 10 per cent live action sequences. Other international versions of Sesame Street are produced in Spanish for Latin American viewing, in Portuguese for Brazilian audiences and in German for youngsters in that country. The shows in English and other versions are being viewed in 58 countries and territories around the world. on insured savings in Northwest Arkan sas. Higher than any bank. Higher than any Arkansas savings and loan not compounding daily. And you can't beat that. NOW Annual Rate Annual Yield Unusual Bequest POZAREVAC, Yugoslavia (AP) -- Mile Milovanovic, a retired railroadman, has never had lime to go on a spree and has decided he will give his grandsons'a chance. He worked hard all 40 years of his employed life, married olf three daughters and now enjoys three grandsons. Recently he made a will he- quealhing his entire property to his grandsons, but stipulated that they squander the entire sum eating, drinking and merry making. "I have had a hard li[e. Youth passed quickly and I have never got around to go on a drinking spree, once. What I failed lo do I wish ray grandsons to make up," Mile explains. 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F FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION ROGERS, ARKANSAS 72756 *Note: Federal regulation* require a lubstintiil Interest penalty for certificates withdrawn before the certificate term expire*.

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