Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 9, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 9, 1952
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16 PAGE$ TODAY Itod by ever 25,000 Doily Jlortfjtoetf IOCAI FOtfCAST-- FaycHrvl\tt tM vlcini'v cenertHr f a i r «nr1 warmer t n n f c ' i t and tomorrow H i g h iFmp*r;it'«'- ye«ierUv J3 tow so. noon twJa/ »J. Sunrili luntet ;.;«. VOLUME 90, NUMIW 297 TW Public In* trttf It The First Conor* Of Tfcii N«wspap«r fATtTTlVltU. Big Crowd On Square Hears Jack Holt Criticizes Record Of Present Gover Program Presented Strong Support Phone Users To Receive Money j From Company 111 JfflfC Russell Seen AP, Ktafl and NEA ntici wvi c»m Little Rock-i#)-Arkansas tele- ' ahone bills will go down Friday j when the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company begins billing its i :ustomers in accordance with the I $3,177,000 annual rate increase ; Of Present Governor; iS"" 1 '^ by the Arkansas Supreme ! n n i Court - Thc company had origi-| nally posted bond for, and sought ' f a 4.6 million dollar increase. The ' fivc|company has been charging rates Jack Holt, the first of candidates nation for governor in the summer primaries to bring his campaign to Fayetteville, appeared on View Things Alike, Delegates Learn At Luncheon tie Rock-m There Marriage Rate Dec line Shown in 5i Report Says Hoover Of Divisions Abroad Washington -iJFl- The Public Health Service said yesterday Ihe 11951 marriage rate apparently | dipped to the lowest point since ,1038--1.594.800 marriages, 10.4. jper 1,000 population, and a rcduc- ·lion of 72,300 from 1950. The ' t o t a l is 37 per cent below the i record set in 1946.' i | There was an estimated 371.0001 an ; divorces in 1951--2.4 per every! Former President Gives Democrats A Hard Time Chicago -(/Pi- Aging i -. -. .. · . * M i 6 i i i K i uiea s .uimv. j i u i n - i / f - | i m J C W H S rtil · QlVOrCC*; in 1 IS 1 9 d n ' I"*K' « m * for Democratic nomi-|b£sed on this proposed increase, i indication today that Sen. Richard '1000 DC -son? J ,1' u Ctmdg ° - |XP) - A «' n « H "h"t Southwestern Bell will refund , R u TMll had strong support in the ! ^, , 00 ^ £1 °" S ~" m| ' 1a . r . ed . w l t h . Hoovcr bld f « r «.-ell to Republi- ·;""._ | wu i" 195n - The divorce ean convention delegates l a s t the Square last night with more than 2,000 persons on hand hear a musical program and lisl to its customers the difference tween the approved increase that charged since Septe un , ,, he- i A r k a n s a s delegates to the Domo- |n(j · cratic National Convention. - ,, -- _-,, ,jer , ThJe Georgia senator yesterday 1950. I asked the Arkansans for their sup^M mm ha d ' ppiied i"° rt ^: n 5 nd w,^uib%hi - i crease Ho J J°" ^? '"' I n - A r k i . The delegation is pledged to the former resident of Har-Lnv tri^i . ,,If" . , . com " '" 5Un P° rt Fulbright until it is rison He revive = f, m -r , · 3 - ° P ° St bond for 'he apparent that the Arkansan can- nson. He reined a familiar claim hew increase, the Public Service , not win the nomination. --that he was in reality elected in (Commission refused to accept it 1948, when he ran against t h e j · ' j present governor, Sidney Mc. Math, but "that I have never been sworn in." There was qonsidenable controversy over the results of the . run-off primary in August, 1948, with Holt claiming he received more votes over the state than his opponent. He mentioned several times in his talk here last night that he "was elected" in 1948. He emphasized that he has never been defeated by anybody in a political contest in Washington County. (He carried the county by 253 votes in the first primary in 1948 and by 168 votes in I the second that same year, records sh;w). Speaking from a platform on! the west side of the Square, he j Two Girls Hurt In Accident On Razorback Road Extent Of Injuries Not Certain; Boys Escape Uninjured Two teen age girls wereynjured bout 4 o'clock this morning when release of Tuck . * T* ,K T * S ' t o t a l was 44 per cent below , 1946 record. fighting In Korea Hits Higher Pitch t h e j night with a plea to rip away the .·Democrats' "plush curtain" at .home and salvage "lost statcsman- iship" abroad. Hoover, the only living c..-presi- dent and Ihe last Republican to hold that office, attacked the Democratic administration with a vigor that belied his "7 years. | His c a l m statements at the outset and at the end of his speech-- Louisiana Votes Are Yielded To General AsShowdown Nears State Delegation At Chicago Move Supported Says Heat Is On, Telegrams D faffa* Qf From Home Equally Divided P Senator Taft ChicaKU-l/IV Arkansas delegates to the Republican convention reported today receipt of a heavy l barrage of telegrams u r g i n g t h e m to support this in- t h a t presidential Seoul. Korca-OT-United Na- , "" lc inexorable - --.,, ,...,, ,.,, ,,ij, ajjL-i-L , , - _ j he did not expect to address! aspirant. .another GOP convention because' "The pressure is on." comment- tions Iroops today drove on North Korean Communists entrenched . on a ridge at the eastern end of I the Korean battle line, but lost a j key hill to counter-attacking Chinese in the center. The U. S. Eighth Armv repor'-- 1 Allied infantrymen in" th killed 42 Reds and wount ture"--was met of roared ' Reds Have Their Ideas Concerning U.S. Conventions cd one of t h e Arkansans. I Wallace Townsend, L i t t l e Rock. Washington -(/I 1 )- Moscow says ,, . · : delegation chairman, snid tele- ^ American presidential candidates «e mentioned neither of the top ; grams from Arkansas arc about ; w l 1 1 be selected at the Chicago conicnders for Republican presi- . equally divided but thai those 'conventions by a "small circle of ,,, TC [ [bosses" who hire roolers at $20 o i n a n a , ( Cide wa, at mi'dni^T Stecn siopi, 'S , acivanTe/trttr movin' , · . = n t l a ' " n m i n i l t i o n - Bul "* firm- ! 'mm oul of state generallv DoViev he v !TMl°inl on foreign ! support for Eisenhower. He said l h TM« 'o cheer for their candidates Ohl · S '° SC '° """ « ' ; h c l l i l s '"civeri 12 identically !« t"e public v/lll believe it has a 3 V n n n L "· ROhCr ' A ' T a f t » n d woltlD(l ""warn., from Memphis I voice in the selections. On the 65 TM»"l«d. roughly at ., oi , USi w j t h , urgin K support for Eisenhower. basis of Radio Moscow broadLa.l. . . . , o , S i w j t , ! er a i Of Gen ' D «'iRht D. Eisenhow- ! ' ' ' after he was allowed freedom last! Christmas. He later was convicted of killing two men in Utah . in that Western state. In regard to the pardon and parole system practiced by the present administration, Holt referred- to MeMath . as the "Prince of the Pardon Parade." He mentioned also the fact that · a survey is under way for a four- lane highway which has been programmed between Fayetteville and Little Rock. He said this is not the first time such survey h -, M h he Uvo were passen in a , 93] Ford £ r - m h v Dean F ' R'j^el! spckp at a luncheon for members of the 22-vole delegation, tneir alternates and guests. After a question and answer pe- | riod following his address had i." J! Harvey G. Combs, Little Rock of Fields told police he turned south on Ratorback Road from TVwt..M«ple Street, struck a hole in the pavement and lost control of the car, which went into a ditch and struck a culvert. Thc car was damaged badly. j lawyer and longtime secretary of I the state Democratic Committee, i said: "Senator, pressed the things that questions to ask." Florida Woman Hurl In Collision Of (an Mrs. Ethel .DuBois of Boynion. fla.. was taken to City Hospital this morning in a Watson ambulance after she was injured in a collision of the car she was driving and another machine on High- , i way 71 south of Greenland. Both I Ireat into our shell Deadly r c | tlesnake." He ace Townsend polled the delegates:'° Russian listeners, officials rc- 1 again at a morning caucus and I Ported today that this was the nlom army" was Ihe lag · rc Portnd "no change" in scnti- 'Communist party line on the w a y ; ipplied to the divisions ' m1nl - TMs means they stand seven (candidates arc chosen in t h e . in the Allied d e f e n s e ' ^ 0 1 T^t, three- for Eisenhower !"f a ' KC American democracy." : launched under Eisen- and onp l l n c °mmittcd. f To make sure the Russians get cadership. Hoover called Townsend told reporters h e d l s - . ' h e Communist version of what is j ·erful Air Force to "rc- ' cus f ;f ' fl 'he thiee seating contests K°ing on at Chicago, the Moscow! advantage of military w l l l c h '"iel.v arc to reach the con- Radio is r u n n i n g a series of talks ; to us"--a frequent Tafl : vcnl ' on "°°r i" the next 24 hours ' D y Vladimir Morev, a S o v i e t 1 1 --those Involving Georgia, Louisi- !journalist who said he attended ana nnd Texns. 'the Philadelphia conventions f o u r : 'I do not propose lhat we 1 a t u r t l e , " . "Since Arkansas Is one of the i years ago. re-cleclion dis- i S:'EJS;=S±-=s'= .Sin.- i ui , r LluBois' woman com- j panion nor occupants of the other! questions to ask." f-«»m nur occupanis of the otherl " lr " sinister spooks or This was in marked contra* to! ~L T"° ' nJUred ' ^ KospitaH.*TM-TM""!* poison lor the l the reception granted three other i ? ' .' uwas not «riously injured can P«°Ple. aspirants for the Democratic nod. I ,, migln Icavc 'he hospital this "They are the shad-' of Sen. Estes KAfanvAr m-T D ,,,,t ailernoon. «nli,,; ...HI. L .- , -- Fields, charged with operating 'thout a li morning in Municipal Sen. Estes Kefauver (D-Tenn Sen. Robert Kerr ( D - O k l a l and Averell Harriman also have en- Girl h work has been carried on, and _ ____ ^ ^^ ^ _ _ _ promised that if elected "I won't I a car'withouVrricen'M. was'fined i '^'^"the^eiegatioVan'd "U 'n^UtTpS^^eTSlS,;^ m0r " in « '" MUni -" l h ^,^.?-'ioned extensively term." He said "wcod cutters arc. I so thick on Arkansas highways'' during this campaign that you I have to slow up to get by them." j He paid tribute to Herbert T.*.|*J r A _ ft-l* Thomas of Fayetteville, one of the ' llWlCU TOl KOMO signers of the Highway Audit Commission report which was highly critical of Ihe manner in which Highway Department of- . ...,,.,.,,,., ,, Jt:) lairs of the state have been func- near Elkins. was taken to St. Edwards Hospital in Fort Smith yes- r i f f s office reported I ^X^^'^ was on her way to Florida al the : ~" ' KI a i a i - |, ow lhr , y s|anr| w h c n j nsk )hem the Dem ' ^ u s l ' J e ^ O I e ' n p ro " t '-' i " s start," he °1I)32 S oT'coi'rodi'nc ' T h' C Al ' k " nsans . w h o v i = i ( ^ Ki- "·the grandeur of the people "'"howcr yesterday, accepted an v... .1-- -. · · · Lne P c °Pi e . . . ' invitation to meet Governor Warren of California later today. Although Arkansas tins n strategic position it probably will pass when the state roll is railed lor presidential nominating and seconding speeches. Town»nd.-Mid he , wou«»'l yield for an^Eiscnhowcr nomlnat- m high places." Poison For People "Behind this plush curtain of spend," Hoover said, spooks or (hosts Atncri- Salesman Found Dead In Car Body Discovered Near Gravette Both Sides Make' It Clear No Deal ! Has Been Reached · Convention Hall. Chicaco-fjT)- Backers of Sen. Robert A Tart in a M i i n n s o strategy move today i vieldod 13 contested Louisiana ' votes in the Republican n.itiomt convention to Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. In a maneuver Interpreted as an effort to gain support for the Taft side in a showdown floor battle on disputed delegates, Taft backers on the Credentials Committee initiated and supported the Louisiana move. Barkers of Eisenhower made it dear thev had made no deal with the Taft people. Wesley Roberts, one of the chief Elsenhower strategics, declared the anticipated floor fight later to- dav over other contested delegates will go on as scheduled. "Our guns are loaded and we »re ready to go." Roberts said. I.ixlff h Pleated Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge. Jr., Klsenhower campaign manager, whipped out a statement cxnre«.5- In* pleisurc over the committee action. Bul Lodge added: "Just so there can be no misunderstanding, however. T want to make It perfectly that the Elsenhower forces will not accept any 'deals' or compromises on the contested delegations." Thomas E. Colemon, floor manager for Tuft, also said there was deal with the Elsenhower' following their speeches. Aniweri Ouiilioni In answering the four questions i put to him, Russell said: I. He doesn't t h i n k President I Truman's support is necessan- to gain the nomination, but "I'd be' glad to have his support -- or Peggy Ann McCormack. 16. ' nat of any other Democrat." He daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C w' ' addc d that he did not expect Tru- McCormack, Roule 7. Fayetteville ' ma - n '" endorse his candidacy. time of Ihe accident. j Interior Department Honey Bill h Signed WashinRlon-OT-President Truman today signed the Interior DC- | i start on building 10 new reels- |dom in 2. tary 3. tioning. He said "I believe Mr. Thomas is s completely honest man," although he noted t h a t "he . -- .._ ,,,,_ doesn't always vote right." | mitted at City Hospital here yes- i conclusion' terday morning and immediately placed in an iron lung. Later in the day she was transferred to the lung owned hy the Fayetteville Fire Department and taken In a Moore's ambulance to the Fort He favors universal t r a i n i n g in some form. . mill- .nation projects. Total ds car; r j e d in the bill to onnraii ,L H! | p a r l men, for he Tu rent fiscal ear which ends next June 30 are added to "the lost statesmanship" of dealing w i l h Communism- make freedom the dominant ol the election. Hoover said. ; ( , pcir , ed ,,,, T .,r~-,-^ ( i n i s election may well be the was denied by Pollack irvival of he decla RoKcrs-(Spec|»U-Th« body of «- bi,:' 5 ^^:^:^: rS'lHS^ yesterday afternoon on the High- 1 H P " L 5 Ma '.'" y w ? lilt lhc Cre way between M.ysvllle and Grav- ««" al* Co mm mee thousht about ette. Coroner W. F. Burn, said 1 lhff Lm ' lslan; ««·· hc ««")· "We resulted from ·' expcct tn ' upport ihr Credentials natural Vames " ', Commit*,.', report al! of the way Colcman. a salesman for a ; Cf " r ° l h c convt ' nl i on - "'TM '" Kansas City, Mo., drug company, jority of the delegation makes i me." [ One Arkansas delegate said last ! cialism; and of Lord'Keyne his perpetual government ing, deficits and inflation ; ----- ,, ... --,,,.,,- «£: sr^^r ^." m ? ^T-" ; " TM"~ . 1 w K J d i n s IQ j n( , report." sociid i n ' 8llt llp wouldn't be surprised l.i' . ,. ., - spe ' m - j see the delegation swing to Eiscn- i «PPaTMit!y u Hoovpr s »PI«arance at An earlier report that Arkansas' f d c " c '' al * Moysvllle dcue . lone uncommitted delegate Harry ' shortly after noon and left issue i Pollack of Fort Smith might have ! !n r " Ulc ln Grav( '" c - Thc »ody was ' discovered shortly a f t e r 2 p. m., by a passing motorist. Townsend said" he"expects the Bu J" ns Eaili Colcm;ln ' s "o^ *»·' delegation to give one vote to ; "" r in lnc f r o n t w "' nf ,, Cites The Record Quoting what he said "is the record, not Jack Holt speaking," he told of past service as district attorney, circuit judge and Ar- - reached a "firm i . . ' . ' , - ,. --.,^u« icoroeo t on the desirability of | bclow budget requests for the pe-! Douglas CONTINUED ON PACE ' .. the hall set off a It far eclipsed night before to Gen. General MacArthur, three to Eisenhower and seven to Taft. Then, said Townsend, he expects the M a c A r t h u r vote to go to Taft. Tne MacArlhur man is Osro Cobb, before the convention, even cases where it Is against us." N« Texai C'ompromlie Lodge, notiiij the committee next would take up the Texas case involving 38 scat:, declared: "We will insist the committee recognize the legally-elected El- senhower slate." The GOP National Committee last week accepted a Taft corn- Texas. It lacArthur. the conven- previously listed ai a Taft sup- CONTINUED ON PACK TUN' porter. This Is The Way It Looks In Chicago At GOP Convention campaigns which have been kept, and in the course of his speech struck out sharply his previous Mrs. Julia Jams' ind B- Holt denied Rob( ,,, s accompanied The pa'ueni to the hospital. A resuscitalor was taken also for use if needed. President Truman K ave his en- dorscment at a dedication pro- and the child apparently was holding her own last night. Russians Ask Ransom i For Convoy Of Trucks gram at Hull Shoals and Norfork dams July 2. "The president came down here ostensibly to dedicate the dams,"! Holt said, "hut the meeting was turned into a political gathering and the dams aren't dedicated i yet." Hc spoke of the president as j Bcrlin-l.'rVThe Russian zone Master Harry Truman, and said | demanded a DO.OOO mark'ransom "this trip to endorse a political ($21.420) today for a convoy of candidate was the smallest thing ' trucks carrying the possessions of a president has ever done." He · an American roller skating show declared he resents "outside in- j wn ich played to f u l l houses for fluence" tryinp; to tell the people!'" 0 weeks in West Berlin. The of Arkansas how to vote. , ^ as ' Germans confiscated seven Recalls "Promises" j of the eight trucks and permitted in the course of the address. ! G"^. '° «° lhrou « h '» *« Holt rcpcatedlv used the theme,. AH /MOM K^J K v. i* j "This is what' he promised, but j I^Z fS Mond,'* T h ! *5S what did he do?" in his discus- ' Americans"n the 'how n' ew ?,, the sion of the present governor, candidate in 1948 promised to haye four annual bond issues of $7,000,000 each to finance the Highway Department program, but instead called one bond issue _ for the entire amount. M e M a t h ! « . .. had. proposed to let the people! "OUltry MOrKCt -vote on ench of the four issues. Holt rhurgcd, but had not kept thli promise. He said MeMath promised no! " ansas taxes, but new taxes were Technology latw supported hy him, and had proposed to raise welfare department payments to old people to average. This U e c s e d I n h e S v i e tor of Berlin "- The poultry murlcet today i r*- I ported by Ihe University of Ar- i ! kansas Institute of Science «nd and Ihe Dairy ind! Poultry Market News Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture, i Arkansas m a r k e t the national average. This has Northwest ...,,,,....,,., ,, . ,, . ,, , : . not been forthcoming, either, t h e : st c«dy, demand good, supplies of ·.pcikcr taid. ' broilers or fryers over 2.6S Ihs. Holt denied- he has nny political .imbllion tn run for n seat in Ihe United States Sennie, and said .. elected governor he hopes to hold · CONTINUID ON PAG* TEN'11" very shnrl: lighter barely i adcqualc. Prices al the farm r c - i . ported up to 5 p. m. today; broi his car, which had run into a ! roadside ditch. Apparently, t h e ! · coroner said, the salesman was at- j l )r °mlse proposal ,,,, ,v*«*. n tempting to reach a bottle of mcdl- i 8avc T "" 22 a n d Eisenhower 16 cine when he was stricken. Deputy I M "' 5 from lnc '-° nc Star state. Sheriff Earl Rife aided in the i n - 1 Eis TMhower forces have been bat- vestlnation. : '""If to pia across a prcdominent- Colcman Is survived by his wife, i 'v Pro-Eisenhower delegation, his mother, one daughter and one : Tno mov 'e by Taft forces in the Kin. ! Louisiana case was regarded as ! indicating the Ohio senator's lead! ers have come to the conclusion I their drive for the nomination t would be damaged more by a convention defeat on the contest issue than by the loss of n few Southern de'«gates. They apparently believe i the committee's action In award- 'July Bargiin Days" Begin Tomorrow A city-wide sale by retail mer- Chamber nounccri of Commerce has an- , h;it special value nricei ' are t a k i n g part. Advertisements. 1 announcing the bargains, appear in today's TIMES. Heal Lessens As Rain Falls In Stale Areas L i t t l e nock-l/lVRain brought relief to many Arkansas towns - yesterday--from both the drouth and the Temperatures , dropped considerably, the U S. Weather Bureau in Little Rock reporter!, w i t h the reported high for the state a Dfi-riegree reading at M n n i l t n n . F.I Dorado got the most r a i n f a l l in the stale wilh .90 ' inches. Wreckagelf'iavy Plane Found In West Alhtic|iierque-(/ri-Searrhrr to- . day found the burned w cckage. the AP t a b u l a t i o n and iiiok the same number a w a v from Taf',. T n a t made the s ore: T.lft 5: 7. Eisenhower -152; o'.hcrs 108; unco.-nmuterl 119. .May Seek Aurrement j Theie h a v e been reports th(J 1 credentials uroup might try to ' work out .1 new compromise of the Texas f i i j h t wilh an even split ; of !0 vote- i-.ich for Eisenhower 1 :m.-i T.ift. Lodge's attitude- seemed to indicate he -.votiki not accept .i-iy such move. However, IU.TIC T a f t lenders !clt that if tiie Eisenh n u e i groiiji look this attitude, r might f i n d many delegates unsympathetic to a continuation of the fisht. Thr Ta.'l jcoplc v-uuld contenil, in cfk-i.'., :hc un.iiumous Louisi- ano i otc d i p r u \ e d charges by the l-jiicnhuwci c.unp lhat the Credentials Committee was completely Talt-domin.ited and that It only lubber stamped decisions of the t - ··-· ~ -·· ·· *'-*«*v . Taft-controlled National Commiu of a N a v y amphibian plane in l lee. Many dclcgatjs have been which six men died. Thi two- j urging some compromise which' ensmed JnK-S. bated al S n n f o r d . ' would s t i l l the hitter words that Kla.. crashed Monday nixht east of Albuquerque. It was en route 'r.vcr« all weight's (2',i · Aisles of the R e p u b l i c a n convention hall In,) 10-H cen^, mostly 10.i sessions hein, hcid^ln Chicago. Much'if to Klrlland Air Korce here from WjchiU Falls. Texas. Th. Wcathtr Arkansas -Partly rlnudy thin have been tossed b,ick and forth by the Eisenhower and Taft force.*. Taft said Ihe loss of the U Louisiana votes still leaves him with ennu(h to win UM presidential nomination.

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