Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 8, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1952
Page 10
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MtMflUHil MKANUI TMNS. fav.lli.Mt, ArkeMa. Two Generals Win Top Billing At Chicago; Applause Meter Checks Cheers For MacArthur ', July I, 1*51 "; Bj RELMAN MORIN " Chicago-Wl-The two f i v e - s t a r ifenerals «re the story in Chicago ·today. j One c? them, Dwiglil D. Eisen- · liower, came home a winner in the ;.flr»t vote on the f u l l convention "Jlopr. It may have been more im- · portant psychologically than materially. Nevertheless, the eon- :tfnsuB here today Is t h a t il has 1m- ' proved his chances of w i n n i n g the .Republican nomination for the ..presidency. Ac » man put il--a man who .had been to n black-tie dinner on ! the city's elegant North Shore--! "A lot more people over there arc [ -"Wearing 'Ike' buttons on the out- tide ol their Iflpels now." _ The other general. Douglas ?MacArthur, delivered Ihe keynote at the convention last HUDSON REPAIRS A SPECIALTY SM 101 HALL for o Frt« Estimate on this Popular Car. W H I T E I E Y ' J G A R A G E f School It Mo« i At the mere mention of Mac: Arthur's name, the crowd nearly [ b l e w the rnof off this bi« u u d t ] torium. And then, as he walked dnwn the renter aisle, an r-rerl soldier in a plain blue busings suit, the excitement mounted to near-pandemonium. Inference* Doubtful Whelher any political inference can be d r a w n from the ovatlo , and the cheers is next to impos ; slble to determine. I A spot-check of the Pennsyl ! vania and Michigan ridegations- [ where lie is reported to have fer vent admirers--indicated no un form reaction. Beyond genera agreement, with a few gcatterer dissents, t h a t It was a good speech ami good for the Republican par ty. thore seemed no other strong a t t i t u d e . f Meter lived MacArthur may still he the X- factor in this GOP equation. There were sonic interesting things about that speech. The American Broadcasting Company reported II put an applause gauge on MacArthur to measure the length and intensity of the cheers. 11 reported theVc three peaks: 1. A sound-score of 120--which is very high-lasting for 32 seconds when he said: "It is f a t a l to enter anv war without the w i l l to win It." 2. A score of US, lasting 27 seconds, in reaction to his Matement: "Foreign policy has been as tragically in error an has domestic policy." 3. And 9.V for 2-1 % seconds, when he snid: " W h i l e 1 have not been consulted w i t h reference to Korea since my retirement . . . I , can unhesitatingly say Unit a Icad- i ership which hy weaknr-K;; and in| decision has brought about such ' a m i l i t a r y dilemma lacks the soundness of vision, the moral | courage, and the resolute w i l l to resolve it." Those, according to what ABC said were electric sound-measurements, were the i.tatci.icnls t h a t drew the heaviest fipplause. All three reflect some aspect of the foreign situation. MacArthur divided his speech equally between domestic and foreign policy. As he has done before, he accused the Democrats o f ] responsibility for the public debt. I mounting taxation, i n f l a t i o n , cor- j ruptlon in government, the en-1 croachmcnt of federal a u t h o r i t y I on the states, and "the prcrcqui- j sites to a socialistic, or e if cn a communistic slate." I At no time, in the large foreign I Arkansas Republic*; Meet To Determine Their Procedure I Chicagn-/!VArkansas delegates j lo the Republican convention called their I n i t i a l caucus today i t n consider rroves and strategy. i T h e caucus came after another ! n a t i v e of the slate--Gen. Douglas : A . MacArthur--last night set the i convention kcyrote with an hour- I long address critical of domestic i a n d foreign policies of the Demoi c r a t i c administration. In recogni- j t l o n of the fact that MacArthur i is an Arkansan--a native of Little j K»k--Mrs. A. C. fiemmcl of Lit- j :le Hock was chosen as one of i Ihose lo escort the general lo the .speaker's rostrum. To Administer County Affairs ELECT RICHARD GREER YOUR S COUNTY JUDGE . Tht off let of Count/ Judg* It tht hightit offlc* tht ptoplt , -of Washington County hov* to fill. "s-V . H II on adminiitrotive offlc* charged with th* efficient · _»perofion of oil phaiti of County Government. Th« build- ing and maintenance of the County Road Syltem ii th* [jfjillrect re»ponilbility of this office, A very Importont duty uh th* car* of Juvenll* problems and th* wilfart of lh«n In unfortunate circumstances. H II an office that requires courteous service; efficient administration; prudent and sympathetic counsel and guid- ance; careful attention to every need and problem. Ineffi- ci«ncy and lack of understanding is costly and faithfu! attention to duty is most vital. I have proved my ability to serve Washington County. _; I now present myself with a constructive program for an ·ffectlve administration of your County affairs, asking r YOU to us* YOUR influence and VOTE lo elect me YOUR COUNTY JUDGE. Delegation Chairman Wallace Townsend, Little flock, reported the Arkansas caucus today would tw closed and would be devoted to a number of matters. One if the issues lo come up may be Arkansas' procedure when Ihe roll of slates is called for nomination o." candidates. Arkansas being third on the list has a choice position and could nominate or second a candidate or yield to some other stale. Arkansas' three avowed Eisenhower delegates teamed with one urcommitted and the seven Taft r.embers yesterday to vote against Eisenhower's "fair-play" amendment at the Republican-convention. Townsend, a Taft supporter, said the Arkansas vote "should not be inlerpreled as a vote in Tafl's favor." He said "we felt t h a t this is not the time lo change Ihe rules and Craig and Ihe olhers went along with us." Townsend was referring to Harry Craig of Caraway, one o) the three Arkansans listed as favoring Eisenhower. The olher two ·ire Elmer C. Webb, Mountain View, and F. A. Teague, Forl Smith. --James A. Garfield. who was elected that year--Bridges (aid, "Let us learn from history." He called on Taft. Eisenhower, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Harold Slassen. California Gov. Earl Warren and "all the other leaders of our party to stand with me before the bar of American public j opinion. Do not tamper with the fate of the party and the fate of our nation," he said. Used by thousands in reducing liets--Junge'i Roman Meal Bread.. 11-19-tf Two Full Days Arranged At Convention i With Speeches Both Afternoon And Evening - O j -(IV)- Today's program for t h e R e p u b l i c a n National Convention second d a y : Convention called to order at 10:30 a. m. CST. Invocalion by t h e Rev. Dr. J. F Clayborn of Little Rock. Ark. Speeches by Sen. Styles Bridges of New Hampshire, Rep. Marguerite Church of Illinois, Sen. James P. Kem of Missouri and Archibald .1. Carey. Chicago councilman. Reports from committees on cre- nollcy Mgmont of issp'oocl l i r t i "'" organizalion and rules and order ol business. A p p o i n t m e n t of committee he mention Eisenhower. But he i lhc cn j made some points that conceivably , ».,.,,'., ' ould pertain In Eisenhower's role' to the permanent chairman to n the postwar years: 'We must f u l l y understand t h a t r CST. invocation, scssion o'clock form Committee. Recess. 7:30 p. m. Convention called to order. The National Antli:m. Invocation by Dr. Harrison R. Anderson of Chicago. Music. Addresses by Rep. Katharine St. George of New York. Rep. Walter H. Judd of Minnesota and Sen. Harry F. Cain, Washington. Roll call of states for nominations for president. Nominations for president. Balloting on the nominations. Adjournment until 10:30 a. m Thursday. Rabbi Abba Hillel ncc we commit ourselves to t h e ! CM,, cfense of others, (he issue of war I 7, ?, , peace is no longer in our ex- i ] ' a " 0 " ; " Anthem. lusivc hands Speeches by Convention Chair"We must remain f a i t h f u l to M r ""., )J T l '« \ V ' M " tin ' form " h e commitments we have made l o r - f , Herberl Hoovcr and I "ov, Howard Pyie of Arizona. thers, so long they remain ' a i t h f u l to theirs made to us, but A c l JOLr dllurc of the prineiole of col- ' lorm " TOlv lectivc security in Korea . . plainly warns t h a t too much must not he expected from collective security elsewhere. - u n t i l 11:30 a. m. Wednesday's Program Call to order at 10:30 a. m. The N a t i o n a l Anthem Invocation by the Rev. Bishop Fred i'icicc Corson of Fhjladcl- "In Europe, and Indeed through- I 0 ' 1 '"' out the world, our foreign policy ' .' approach has been equally as K'"si-' vacillating and negative, and for Addresses by Gov. John S. Fine the most part, sari to relate, under '.' f Pennsylvania, Mrs. Gilford Bridges Says Republicans Must Unite Chicago-W-Senate Republican .eadcr Styles Bridges told the JOP convention today it must atch up party quarrels or "al- nosl certainly go down to defeat n November." The veteran New Hampshire cgislator appeared on the conven- lon's second-day morning program the domination of others." This is very close to. if not almost Identical with what Tnrt says on foreign policy. It is practically the opposite to much of the Eisenhower point of view. Mnyes of Idaho, Herbert B. Warburton of Delaware, Patrick J. Hurley of New Mexico, and Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin. fifnort of the Resolutions Plat- MR. MOTORIST-/Ts your money, that pays for roads EVERYTHING M nUMMNO .nd SUPPUCS FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVtRNMINT AVI along with other party leaders-Sen. James Kern of Missouri, Rep. Marguerite Church of Illinois and Chicago Councilman Archibald Carey, Jr. In a prepared address, Bridges delivered a scathing attack on Ihe Democralic parly. He called for a united front of Republicans, now unsettled by the close race between Gen. Dv.xht Eisenhower and Ohio Sen. Robert A. Taft for presidenliai nomination. "The Republican party is beset." Bridges said, "by slormy, bitter wrangling forces . . . This party cannot succeed if this bitterness remains after (he convention. "Let us heed this warning-unless the Republican party stands in a solid phalanx behind the choice of this convention for the presidency of the United States, ve will almost certainly go down to defeat in November." Not Expeclini Defeat j A Republican defeat in the presidential election then. Bridges said, would spell "the end of the two-party system as we know it." But he said he does not expect the GOP to lose in the fall. 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