Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 8, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1952
Page 9
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NOfTHWBT ARKANSAS TIMB, feyrimffl*, ArtmMi Tuwdoy, July I, 1»3» Roads Suits In Crawford To Circuit Court Appeals Made From Decisions Of . County Judge Fort Smith, Ark.-(J)-Eisht suits tceking a total of more t h a n $115.000 for damages and land in ' connection with construction of the new Alma-Van Buren road have been appealed to Crawford County Circuit Court. Claimants appealed from the decision of Crawford Cnunty Judge Gc-rvas T,ec. who allowed four .claims in lesser · amounts t h a n were asked and threw out altogether the other '· four. 1 The claims were brought about i , b v the state's purchase of t h e ! right-of-way for the improver! road. Highways 64 and 71, which was started in 1950. One of the suits was filed by . J. Neal, who was one of the appraisers employed by the state to appraise the land value for the rjjiht-of-way purchase, lie is asking $4,075 for five arres af land · j,nr! damage to a d j o i n i n g property. Tne county judge disallowed h'is claim. Judge Lee, in 'support of his decisions in the cases, said he "thought the amounts for land and damages should be settled by · jury, which could be provided in a Circuit Court." Other plaintiffs are: Hoy Johnson, who asked 52,000 . for .149 acres of la"' T . H" '···'- awarded $200 by the County Court. Chicago, J u l y 8: (By Special* Correspondent) j NO «THWEST ARKANSAS TIMES i n i s mouse, named Hugo, who is an assistant house detective at i p I 1 f f I r I T ft A l\ f lhe Furbelow Arms, says t h a t j t L A j J l M t U A U J com-entions are good for business. ^ 3 ^ W 0 f i ^ \ \ e have all k i n d s of conventions !rertion. Three consecutive insertions here and v.*e have all kinds of - * cenu i*r word. Minimum order 42c. b i K i n p t j c " eairi u.,,, ! Claiiified idi cash in advance--not Dusiness, said Hugo. [ t^,,, ov . r tht telephone There is one trouble t h a t eats at (he vitals of the merchants in t o w n ; ;he air is free. Hugo said t h a t a number of people have pointed out to the businessmen t h a t the elements are usually free and they have been told, ''Well, we're one element that don't feel t h a t way." With all the people charging a r o u n d , through and into hotels *«·· * TM- "P · lot those crowded rooms a b u t All those critters and machines and other conventional gear going f u l l blast in a little room i-an cause a lot of smoke and all this combustion uses up the oxygen pretty good. Couple of fello\vs got worrying a b o u t the air and decided they would make l i t t l e machines that would spruce up the used air so it could be used over again. This way they maybe couldn't sell a man any air but they could sure he brought with h i m / ^ Hugo says these little contraptions are busy a l l the time. But if you look sharp you ran see t h a t here is a d r a w b a c k . It must be «iat a man has to slop breathing Deadline for claislfied a. m daily; 0:30 n. m. Saturday Correction! and rerun cheerful] j made a f t e r first insertion No corrections or rerun madt a f t e r ad hai ex- pirtd. NOTE: Advertising copy for other p««i* it due at U noun the day proceeding publication; 12 noon SatuiUiy for publication on Mondav SALESMEN WANTED ! FOR RKNT j*i no or more per I unit- O p p o r t u n i t y i !n s;tlf.i i n i i M R r r «d a u t o m a i i i x of r r f r u - 12 SALESMEN, nink hour, f u l l or pa for a4v;mi:i-iii»iit Sell iia'mna'.ly a i l r f m . s l f r to t h crator users t'o E Wilkm-i. M o u n t a i n In Wednesday Jiny tr.h ironi P _m _____ OI'I'OKriJNifv ("r nun w i t h car "to step i n t o a p r o f i t a b l e buss nets of his own in K.ivLt'.cvilU- i«r N o r t h vest W.uhnifi'iMi C'mmly. .No rjpi- lal IlPi'dcrl liny fill i-rr;llt Pa.-, HI you sell V. J Jtutiprisc. A r k t T i s n s . Avcruemc xilcs ovt;r S17U w e e k l y this WriV H a w l t l R h ' s Ucn: Tenn. ! USED Automatic 1'hnr and uird Ben- I dx Johnion J'limibHnf and Heut- ; ins Cn Corner Sprint' a n d School. ! USF.n K i ) l l ; i w ; i v " h r d ".nnd inaliVfii." $ 7 I _.W_ Lrvns__nro* Co Inc T ! PIANO" ~ ~ ~ : U P R I G H T L u r t w l g HecondHloned. j I'hmiP 2238W. i FULL uzo hrdiprinjii. and I n n r r : ; KALN'HfJW ~TKOU*f'sold dally"Phoni: j i Springdalc 3:ot. Ozark T r o u t Farm. J 'EH, yard w o r k , dlshvvniher. H Washburn. Plio JMfiJ. LEGAL NOTICES Notice Of Cnntini Of Liquor Per.itit Notice is hereby given t h a t the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has issued a permit Nu. 554 to Guy W. Pinkerton to sell and dis- ptnsft vinous nr spirituous hQiinrs Jor beverage at retail on the premises described as: 401 West Dickson St.. Fiyettevlllc. This permit issued on the 1st day cf J u l y 105^. and expires on ih» JOth day of June. 1953. Guy W. Puikerton Prrmittee 1-8-x Notice Of Granting Of Liquor Permit Notice is hereby given t h a t the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Con- HKLPEH, C FOR SALB--AUTOMOTIVE | 13.TM LJKSbfc"). o v e r d r i v e " a n d n ' i v - v ' _tires. S1V5 Oft. P h n n e 737W PRICED ior q u i r k MI!L-. 19IJ Ford" l j ten V-H. $:J!15 00. liMd Chevrolet. 21 (inor. S--5.00. Sec at O F. Bavley Srrv:cc St:i1inn. 71_ South. | SUCK " "lfl:.l " Furd"'|i. t -kuii" f u l i y i-qulpped. Take older i-ar in t r a d e . J. B. Shnr-cr. South Wood Street . PACKARD-WILLYS""" Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phone 666. 208 N o r t h Block NOTICE PUMPS j l ' I S T f i X puinpi. j e t J u m p i . I r r i r . a i l n n | Irr pmnp. the n u t t l - B t r r y Jc!. * _ . silver? 1 ' 1 C;ill H M Z A U K T l l J A N E S ^OJ KVENI.NGS Wayne Taylor and Mildred Tay- h o l d i n g th-ir or. asking $2.000 for land and SDC 1! Mavbe j ,, *,, ,,,];_:,,:,,,, 1 1 TM ajjt.ii. j \ i a j DC aybe like air doesn't come bac. Som« of the men claim t h a t the air in the big Convention Hall is changed 72 times a day but it's 1-. damages to adjoining land. They were awarded $714 by the County ' Court. H. G. Aldingcr. asking S3.750 for .1189 and .633 acres of l a n d , and damages, awarded $783. i hard to notice, so nobodv ever . G. F. Scroggin, asking $4.000 for j bothers to count it. Easy crfme, easy .233 acres of land and damages'go. to property, awarded S783. j -T Tony ChristPlln, a s k i n g $59,887 for more t h a n 10 acre? of land and damages, claim disallowed. | W. B. Byars. a s k i n g S34.405 for.' , more t h a n n i n e acres of land and ! damages to adjoining l a n d , claim ! u . , disallowed. , H a r r / Jockfon McRoy Harry W. Bryan, a s k i n g $5.000 j Harry Jackson McRnv for a lot located in Alma, claim ' " ' ' disallowed. while his air is being dusted off j Department or Alcoholic Beverage . . . . . " .. i r-rtr.»..«i »,,,_ i 5SlJe[ i a permit iNo. 555 p i r h u o t u liquors for hcv- i --,,·. ,,, ..jtail 011 the premises dc- 11 · scribed as: 7 East M o u n t a i n , - ! ville. I'OK best rcstitta, sell or consign your f u r n i t u r e , dishes, liousenolri nppli- imCL-K. lools nnd articles of all k i n d s lo the Auction .'louse. 1'j miles north of Springdalu on Highway 71. ·1 has Uued a permit ' Xo~~bM "to Hhone 9U4. KprinBdnlc. Auction sales William M. Hudson to fiiill and d\s- \ Mondny.i nni Thur.-iilavs. 7::;n p. m pcnse vinous or spirituous liquors tor ' KXCU's'lVK newspaper franchise "with bcvernKP at rdml on the p r e m i ^ E ^ I the A i k j i n t - n s Gazette. Full time job described as 119 W. M o u n t a i n , Fay- Cash deposit required. ExpL-rlcncc etievillc. Ark. unnrressnry. Phone- 5(17113 This permit issued on ihe 1st day ~ * -- -of July. 1952. and expires on the 30th day of June. 1953. William M Hudson SUl'KHIOH BKOILKH CHICKS Chnr- Pcrtn-tice 1-S-c l Ic.v IX-alcy. The Warn. H i g h w a y 71 N.ttee"6f~Q~r*iili^s j ^^^hor^tf 11 .^^^ Of Li^ucr Permit Notice is hereby given t h a t PHILCO REFRIGERATORS A T B A R G A I N PRICES One !t ft. Sorvcl G;is I ^ c f r i K P i i i t n r Speed Quern W a s h i n y Machines EASY TERMS CLIFTON LUMBER CO. 1'hoiic 27 Wral Fork. A r k . SPECIAL " ALL l.iwn chairs. J4 IS. while they last. Open evenings u n t i l 9 flu H i l t o n iirn* Drive-!r. f u r n i t u r e S:on- I'EklNCJESE "piTp^Tep" AKC regist'c^tT Writ,. !- r inquire F ami K Uitrbtr shop, H t i n L s v i i i c . Arkansas. THEN A I FOR flAI.B-- KRAI, ESTATB WTTATW 70 ACRE «tfrk r u l ' l v o tion, txla ' ' · JH yvt do see ·· r H J. H.RAY ' W I L L t r a d e .1 tir'ilmnm Wiic : · v r l ; in m . u t h slrlr for x i n . i t l acn-n;. 1 : WHEELER REALTY CO. ___^_ _ . '· tm f,r'n"r^. "a ast IN , » MILKS f t t . n i K : i \ r ' ! ^ i I'll pnvriiirii.. -l-i IIT "H« *to1* h»r · wmj from mti, I'll n«v*r for(iv« him." dr t,t r. ! POULTRY the ' CHINCILLAS and sifted because there are'a lot | to 01 *!TM 1 of gentlemen here (and some | vinom i ladies) who look like they've · ----- u .L , breath Jor q u i t e n ior q u i t e a vine i ,, -- -·-- l a u n d r y , vour ' This I»rmlt issued ^r. thr l ^ t day o f ! USEI3 living room suite. u u u . j , j u u i , j j ig ., d c x p i r M on thc ^ 0;h and m a t r h l n - T r h a i r , :k right a'.vay. d «y of June 1353 I Lewis Bros. Co. Inc. NOW available, limited suppl q u a l i t y Chinchillas. Registered N. C. B. A. Visitors welcome. Free literature. S c e f i l ^]yrt£' r *{ftj?''pOfc-J^.**JJ. u -"j5f; I FOR SALE--HOME NEEDS horl d l v a n $44.9? iut. Sam Evana Permittee WARNING ORDER 1-8-c _ _ _ _ _ _ MONTCOMER" washer, good Phon«_'i:i«W). ______ ' IDEAL MATTRESS CO, Quality new mattress and matfress renovating. Phone 3036 401 WEST DICKSON Jbituary In Th« ChMtctry C»urt Of i bic loot. Excellent condition, usrrt W*thinet«n C*unty, Arkansas j one nnd h a l f \car.s stove, t n h i c Florcticc Jones, by Martha McNeesc. model r n r t i o and phonograph and her mother and next friend P l a i n t i f f s ' _ i n i n i t i R h n n r d j-iione 84. ! iR. vs. ) USED ""living room suite. " diviin and . Lee L. Jones Delcndant I cliair. slij) covered. §3300 tc\ The Defendant Lee L. Jones I s ' *\ros Co. Inr wnrned lo appear in t h i s Court w i t h i n Closc-oul of Porch FunI t h i r t y days and answer thc r o m - 1 WAS plaint of the P l a i n t i f f in jhe above j i C r p v upholstrrrd glider which mnltes hod 74.50 The Circuit Court's next regular session brains J u l y 14. Marriages tilled Witness my h a n d and seal of this Court Ihii 21st day ol June, J952. Richard B. Greer Chancery Clerk 24 July l-S-15-c WARNING ORDER In The Chancery Court Of Washington County, Arkansas Ecsi L. Coffey Dixon Plaintiff ... i . ~ . .. , · -- v -" "J u n t ui u I I I V I , i V l d L K f Walter Campbell and Mrs. N o r a l M c B o y of Kayetloville While, both of DCS Moir.cs, I o w a , ' Funeral and b u r i a l services James Hobinson and Mrs. B i l l i c i ' _ Bobbins Strcastrop, both of Tulsa ] Cltvn Elizabeth Barron v.-ere married J u l y 7 by J. C. P e t - j tigrew, justice of the peace. ! Springdale -(Special)- C 1 c va Walton L. Herring, Danville,! h l l l z a b e t n Barren, five, daughter and Miss Flonnye H. West. Sa-! o f A!b ert and Opal Hancock Bar- , E8, died yesterday at the Union Printers Home, Colorado Springs, Colo., where he had resided for the past "0 years. Mr. Mclioy was Iron in Fayetteville, September 7. 1864. Ncd W l l l i a m 5 Dc ,y ndant ana was editor of the first news- The D e f e n d a n t Kcrt Williams l! paper in Eureka Springs He is w» r "ed to appear in t h i s court wiih- survived by one brother, Mack W. j '".ft'?! lEV^u"TM .£'.*£ entitled cause. Witnemi my hand and spj.l of this Court lliis 21 it day of J u n e . 1D52. Richnrd B Grcer Chancery Clerk ·24 July 1-8-15-c C1 7)0 2750 NOW j MM i 39 SO i BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY pulpa, Okla., were married J u l y 3 l, v *»". p a ^ - . f " - r r ! e s E. B r u b a k e i . Tommy H. Bridge?, Vinila, Okla., anu n;iss o u a n i t a Harvey, Bluejacket, Okla., were married July 3 by Witt Carter, county judge. ron of near Elm Springs, died last night in the Washington County ,,.-,,. Hospital at Fayetteville follo-.vinxa ! j££~. long illness. l " " She was born July 25, 1946. She ' is survived by her parents; t w o ' DISTRIBUTORSHIP for Washington. Bcnton. Srhashan Counties Small household appliances. Very p r o f i t - ahlc. Full lime or spare time. Write Box L-30 c-o TIMES j PERSONAL Bet-r ( r o o t ) In town! O u t of lhe barrel. Served in f r n / e n mugs for only 5c. Yc okic North Suit Drug on North jJollege. 1 Rrd upholstered 1 \\)i!)e spring slcl ulidt-r I S p r i n g fitctl chair-loose rod j i l n s t i c cushions 23.75 1 U m b r r l l n tnhle-31" 17 r.O 11 5 f l ' .T Umbrellas - red. green. ' yellow 30.50 2a SO · t C o f f e e f n X e -· C'Cjn 395 l!.y [ 6 M r t a l chairs, red. green. j o l l o w 6.50 4.9S 2 Spring stpsl rliairs. f i n e r · ' scat nnd back, red p l u j l l c coated 14 95 9.S5 2 Snring IIHSP Dcauville chairs 24 93 13 95 . The S t u m p Furniuri* Co 60S_\V._pl(-hHoii Phone 3112 USED living room suite, bc'cl d i v a n and ma'.chinq chair. $11 9 U set. Lewis Hrov Co. Inc. FOR RENT-- MISCELI.ANKOI7S A l R - r o n d l t i o n r d ^ room furnished iipurinicm. Phone 2'1S4. 21 West _ N o r t h . FUlirs'lSHEW .1 room apartment HCTOSB from Campus. 7DO 1 3 West Maple. Phone H4G. NICKLY"fiirnirheT*S~b^ni"TpVrtmcnl. Lnrgi- f r o n t and back nnrch. l u i d- wonrt floors V e n e t i a n blmdE. P l e n t y churls nnd b m l t - l n s Alio 2 room ft part men t on Watson Street. Phone 3 HOCM~~unfurnished apartment! 98 Sown Duncan. p.-t.Mure Plenty of w a f t r f o r dock, n-alrr ;i! dnnr S. W. Marshall. K o u l r '_'. Wrsf Fork H K A l j nice upstairs f u r n i s h e d u m a l ! ' npiirtment w i t h bath, to work IMC j K i l l s nr couple. Also have enrage. Phono. l.ii_ij._Mrs. Cirney. COOL d o w n s t n i r s u l r o p i n g rooms. Prl- I _\'a!e_ln(h. 1449J. j 4 H'OOM modern hoi"is'«!." 4'imrijrofTcr' capicily. H c f r r r n t - f rcquiirri. S7.') - · On per m o n t h . V a i M t i t J u l y ITith. Pho. DUPLEX^ furnished. "V~r6oms and l o r.-d f : . i inn . .V,!.;!';^ i^'.' M, r ;,,;;'- ' : 7,!' h ,v ham K»r.\rs !·,.,; h..-n«- \: -.,· · :,.,: "AT, i.-n.ii,: hnus.-4 I'M- r n i i ! i .'.·· · t f . r k r f t wi'.l, f . A h I-A., s'.,, k \-n--\\ i;h F O R F A M I L Y An ideal family horn*. Clen to City, Parlc, County Hoipital, Washington School. Hoi 4 nit* bedrooms, 11 clout! ami \ larg« »torag« room. £«tro l«rg« kilchon with built-in on 2 walh. 2 full baths. Attached goroge. C e n t r a l heat. Large level lot. Paid pavement and sewar. Thii horns ij only 4 yearj old, and is wonderfully arranged for family living. Don't blame u» if you miss this one. Only Jl 5,500.00, KINCAID COMPANY Pr.( T i p * 506 Phon» 14X1 OFFERED 6. R. Crandsll Real Estate MB N n r l h Emt \'i:,nt- '.'.ijr, ,. T ^.: O W N M t ~ t r a i i - . J r r r V f l . i : i - , . - ' .',.;f~' t ,ur :. room hftmi- i i n ' ; i « n s - . i r ; . . .,:-; I l.orilo.l i n Ofitfl-i:, U.' i-j'.rir-i.-r] · d'llllnn .Nurn*r.j-n tm: Mn- jit-Vf Oak Ih.orv \'-:., ';i, T i i . ' . ! , - ] . u i': ; -i mnm .SlKntld 1, · ·.; t .n I t - i ' h !n". tic »mi OU'JHlt* I n \,-~ ; i p p ' , . r - - , ' P , t O n l y Jo''srr"n U " r '"'I"" "''" "" '' lll : 1 ' lti W I L L -r.-iil,' n i v u-.. ·· \r.\\f h u ' m « ' f . i ' r . r a y e t i f y i M p J ' | l ' ' Sh.-.!!-!''''.^uPli ' | HY 'OWNKH. i I-'.' r n ni-i,|*-r'ii"f-.rii-7- ' on H l « l . w a v 11 ,,, r m l o t r u . ' . o n ,. -,Mr M;,l..;:,- j, t s K I V S ' a - tlf[, H i e l i M . - i y 7 1 Nt.nd i'urr S 1 - , 2.SO.OO FIVE FINE ACRES I I V I M P I I O V K D on iioti rojil 3- rnfl* K.i: '.I Ni.nh 71 Illihwuy riectrp 1 1 ' . ^ . n a t u r a l ga». anT city water at p r o p c r ' y pri«p MODERN SMALL HOUSE TWO |-..-d rnnm? !ivlnr room, k i l c n r n . bain Nice lot. Sfl'KMO' MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G Cotton Matlrtsipd B u i l t Into Guaranteed Innenprinci Hollywood Beda Made To Or^er ONE DAY SERVICE-PHONE 2774 Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. 120 South Eait St FOB SAI.K--RF.AI, ESTATE SMALL downstairs a p n n m e n t for qiil£!_coup|p 503 _Wnshinfrion. M O U E H N . nirriy" f u r n i s h e d n p n f l m L . . . Locntc\-l 41'1 Hill. Jin 00 month. Phonr 2827M TlillEE room f u r n i s h e d n p a r t m c n t . private h a t h , p r i v a t e cntrnnces Nenr new \i.n\\ school, and bus line. Phone John Willinm Harrison and I br olhers, Johny and Charles of I FKANSroRTATCON OFFERRD M . i-: 0 i,-., pr ,. shulcr. both of j t h e homo; her paternal g r a n d p a r - Faycttcvlllc, were married July 3 e n t s ' ^ r - a n d 1 ^ Ir - t: - Earnest Barron by the Rev. Noel Dodd. of E l m Springs; her m a t e r n a l Charley Baker and Miss I.eola Pool, both of r'ayetteville, were married J u n e 26 hy J. G. Mayfield, justice of the peace. PARTS CARS ond TRUCKS grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Don Hanrock of Springdale. Scrviros v.-ill bo conducted at t h e Assembly of God Church in film Springs, w i t h burial in the in the TIMFS--It put, | E I m Springs cemetery. Time and f u r t h e r arrangements under the direction of the Callison-Sisco Fui neral Home are incomplete. ; Barbara Inch Still | Bentonville -(Special)- Funeral j services for Barbara Inch Still, ' 12. d a u g h t e r of Mrs. Florence Still, ; wore conducted at 2:30 this after- i noon at Vaughn by the Rev. Stani ley Bright. Burial was in Barron i cemetery by Callison-M -Kinney | Funeral Home. She died S a t u r d a y night at . j Bates Memorial Hospital following I j a long illness. She had lived at Vaughn most of her life, and was = j a member of the Presbyterian ' I Church. Surviving are her mother; one half brother, Ted Shope of San Die^o, Calif., and two sisters, Mrs. Janet Wriser and Miss Georgina · S t i l l , both of R e n t o n v i l l ? . LEAVING for California J u l y 17. Can i take 4 share Expense 1352 Pontiac. ' _ f !? OI !L Sprmgclalc!_2_814. , niilVlNG~t~C;iIi7o~rma siiTkiTMt-av- ; ing for Long I3enrh. C a h l o r n i n J u l y 11. Have room for tmc Afrvic:* n n n Exchancc ppr.-.onal rcfrrencis. Contact P. L. -N'eal. Phone liOUM. B-,-n- ^jiv'llfi. LOST AND A n b o d y PRESSURE SAUCE PANS MIRROMATIC, PRESTO, WEAR-EVER JEllO MOLDS, FOOD PRESSES, CANNING SUPPLIES Gal? I LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. BILLFOLD 1. . . . . taining money, t-rcdit cards, i d e n n - I flcations, drivers license t n r Texas j FULLLR.~~Brushes. " Dn'sEclt ""H:mT3- and O.klanpma. Kicp rnoncy ;md , d oll (Ucbutantej Cosmetics. ^6 Louise. For quicker service, phone 23//it. 12:00-1:00 or 5:00-7.00. . oney notify W. W. Fryc. publisher, WaRon- er Newspapers. _ \Vagont-r, Ok In. floiflO REWARD Tor" i n f o r m a t i o n ~i"f whereabouts of a stag hound pup w i t h collar name p l a t e W. Faucis Edwards. 121 West M o u n t a i n Street. _ph(me_ I192K. ____ LOST. Black wallet, "three sided zipper. containing papers and S2. 1 ) 00 FOR SALE--LIVESTOCK SADDLE horso, safe girl to ride. No f m i B U Y lor ii lts. $5u v hoy "or (JO. J'none . cash. Social security card, Ark-no W. Stoddard, Dolore.s A. Wil (drivers license;. Reward. Ret to Times Office. REGISTEKEU Cocker - _ccllent_ pediBTcc. Phone illSW. AKC rcRi-stered Cocker Spaniel pup- pita^^Mjrs. Rob Slout. Phone IGri'.i FREE half JIG HELP WANTED pups Phone 28.14. - titty tn... MADE RIGHT FIT RIGHT LAST LONGIR ABSHIER-BRYAN Yttur Porrf D*altr Salary with degrrf S220 00 :i m m i l h for 9 inonlh". Krhoo! M n r t i J u l y H. we opcratr on a split t e r m 1'f intcTcstcd call I.anvir Hiirhcr. S.i- _pcnnteiultnt. _ Vnnnd.ilr. Arltnn.'-fis. W A N T E D 7 ~ " " ncr experienced co(k. also t-nok'n rs. A p p l v Mecca hway 71 N o r t h . your breeding t-wt-t u-hile von can save money W e s t e r n »'wi f,. YcarlinKS, two* a in I thrct-.s M. G I'olk. Cassville._MiN^min 12 GOb'b^spoMcd I'nland rhinV f.-e'd- er sho_at8.__oacar_JohiLson. Wmstow. stork bull f months old Ang- ford._ Phone .1142W2. wt-aning pigs. Irish cnhhlrr potatoes, six cents. Highway ifi v/est miles. Phone 315HJ1 OIC hrr-d' gilts" cheap" Fred'""Cul'leT j _ phone_1444M4. A B A R G A I N . Good gcnlle w n r k m.irr fi yc.irs old. Collar anrf Jindlc. bonie rtirn nnd hoy. Piio. SCOH.'i. FO ?^J' f -_9 n _ T^^P 8 riihir.f:. (Vnsh nr lidflc; DESIRABLE cool furnished apartment Jn new hnme. Entirely iep- nratc. 1500 Clevflpud. Alio 3 room furnished a p a r l m r n t at 301 We*l Mounlain. Phone GIG or 741. NICE two-room nnd hath" fuTniihed cottage. Utilities paid. S40 OU KINCAID COMPANY SI)B p . nnr ) r __ 'Ml COOL, clean nnd com7ortable downstairs n l c f p i n g room I'Hvate bath nnd entrance. 2fi:i Wt-st Spring. N"icELY""iurnlshed 4 "ronm a*narT- ment on Washington Avenue. 1'hone 2 ROOM i fficlency apartment. $30.00. 4 ROOM f u r n i s h e d a p a r t m e n t , close In. 3 room u n f u r n i i h r r i a p a r t m e n t near U n i v e r s i t y . Phone 2322J or APARTMENT] fufnishtdr"inTi!i nairi near s f j u a r c . 79SJ. * ROOM iipurtnipiit.~p3r"tTy f u r n i s h e d . _ S 4 p r m iminth. 1UU paid. Phont 51U. NICE b r d r u o m in pn\ Htc ~hoine "»d- _ j o l n | n f i lialh. I ' I I O M C I'lMW 2 ROOM u n f u r n i s h e d apartmen"i~S2T^ "0 Phone 1997W. 4 ROOM inudcrn house 702 S Col- lenc $30 no per_jnonth. Phone 83 UNFUR.N1SHED 4 room modrrT~opirT- menia. Phone 143«. __ P SMALL modern VoiVjic t o u l h ~ HT^^n^on _ ? ] . _ Mrs J W B^rhrr fiKDROOM, privmc c n l r H n - neTr NICK 3 roo m~ i o d P r i a FTnT cnT~Nc a r _y!i 1 ver9(ty._!ju]l!ln.i JPhpiic 17W3J. P A R K V I E W and" Univrfsity RpTrT- inrnt. furnished or u n f u r n i s h e d APARTMENTS TWO three-room n p a r t m f f n U »nrf ft four-room · p a r t m r n t , a l l wllh pri- vii lr hnthn. irniall n part men It f u r n - iBhrd. in a desirable location con- v e n i e n t to buslneju diitricUi. ichoolt and campus. MODERN CHICKEN RANCH EIGHT thousand broiler cipaully u-ith good houiei. n u t o n m t i e foun- la.nji. n b u n d n n c e of w a t e r , h u t f Has; six-room completely morli home wllh I f ed-in porch, barn, t r a r i o r 5heda mid other h u l l d i n n in good repair, being o f f e r e d for leu than improvements would coil, COMBINATION ONE hundred acre* of pniture and timber w i t h c v e r l a i l l n g ·pringi. 8.00ft chicken capacity w i t h equip- m e n t , five-room modern home, good barn, on school hui and mnll routei WADE FINCHER, Realtor Arcade Bid*, on East Center St. Phonr tott IInR w i t h h i M l n c \ i f m n ' . i c r J -2 ·ere r u r n i - r lot. f v o u t l i 71 nnd Coun- BY owner: Cool. rnrnforfnb7c~hmne in u.i h r t t i o n n i i 313x130 ft In', 12 large oaks (or nhndert l u w n . w o n d e r f u l h l ! l - t n p V'.PW. n r a r Lrvcre'.t School nnd L t i t v t r . n t y . Phone 27G3- rm!-. I2.7SOOO SMART C O U N T R Y HOME in; r us . i g h t in town s«vtn city !o'.» «,Midrt."l w t f h A down lUteiy u:i:.i Six cracioui room* and hath in r n a l n floor with connecting **jin tn two rozy three room npiri. m--n-.i each w i t h p r i v a t e bjth. The two »par:menU aljr h«vt ground Irvcl p r s v a ' e rnlrincci There li d .ir.i-,11 r o w harn *nd iom« f r u i t (r horn* me. In »;ldltton, this prop- e r ' v rnnimnn-ta n h r a r t w a r m i n g off yondemli -/.iiw It it * privilege to o f f e r ( h t i f i n e pron*rty at only $13-' ,vn 'i i which !· fir lejt thun 111 5 _ _ _ 46^ ACRF r.-m-.-h w l i h l n few m i n u t e s ! drive. 1.10 nrri-s sr?rt("l to i.mi* , Krn«ra. w n r l r i Rood p ; i .v.urt. s p r l t i a s · anr] rrrck wilrr. 2 *t-(s improvu- i in?nl«. 3 Itirgc barna. I'd hc-nt i-ntttc : trac-tnr mi'i u l h r r I;i-nni!K r f i u i n - j r n c n l Pric.- 5'.'l.i;,in T r r m i I 20 APHKS. 4 ' , m i i r t n ,,r!h n,-.,r h l « h way. 4 moin n i ' i d i - r n hivn-,- 4 n(10 h r n i l r r API up. ivrtm-i -1 nr-.w un- nicdialr pin 816 NORTH OLIVE STREET J TWO t,rd mrm bungalow on!y f«w j f i r t olrt l t « being n«wly decor«t*| nn-t v.-r cin give poueulon hy July 1 --h Out of town ownera ««y i«Q · a* ;:o r iOOO Htrci your opportuniw, 1 t.n U.* Show You Phone 783*" : HAMMOND RFAITY CO. j Eve Phone H D Hammond 1172 ' . J A Jarvli 1£MW MOORE REALTY Over CHOICE LOT 7S 1 by 150' In Northeast section. Rcdii-.-ed for quick sale Was $2400, now $1750 Cash or Terma Phone 159-W after 8 p.m. _____ 105 Cron | FIVK room home., two blorki "irom 1 U n i v e r s i t y n f upvcn w a r« | old. hajrmcnl. K«r:i^c PotAuslori ! WiSELER'ttALtTcO. REALTOH Ozark Thi-.-m-r Hidg. Phone 198 THREE BEDROOM HOME, bttn built unrt 4 yein. on North Vlnde v e n t t r sum, line lot. lirte kitchen nnd dininf room, two floi naeea. v r n e f l i n ihaclei, Ittic foor fur -- , _ t t i c f a n . r. i LOAN IN FORcr. THHEK BEDROOM HOME In Jnekion HeiKhtji A d d i t i o n , h r e a k f u i t r o o m , u t l l i t v room, attached Karaite wllh Iire07.e\vay. hnrdwood floora t h r o u i h out. 3 radiant heatcra with wood- burnlnn flrtplact. larfe lot. ALL THIS FOR $12.00000. LOCATED ON NORTH 71. 7J font f r o n t n u e . FIVE ROOM HOME, h n r d wood fioora. floor furnace wood- tiurnin« flrepluee. lofe of «h«cle. OWNER L E A V I N G THE STATE AND SAYS SELL AT J9.7M 00. A. L. SHAMBLIN REALTOR Telephone 241 or 26S4 No. 10 N. Cnllc-Kf NEAR WASHINGTON SCHOOL .1 BEDROOM, ccnier hill conitructlon l i v i n g room, dining room, kitchen bath. Central heat. Hlfh. in valur. low in price. L*t ui show you. Park "HOLD'ER'REALTY co. O H. Gamble UlijiUcil paid. Phone 21Q7J or J!5BOR IT'S cooler . apartments aTe n"lce scenery is wonderful. You'll like _.!*l! 'Ji^'ggjL- A jjgj;. trnp . r J ts - Phone zosj. K U R N I S I I K D npHrUm-nt ?05 N~o7Th Church. 1'honu .11H2W after 6 A GOOD ONE WANT TO RENT UNIVKlisiTY s t a f f 'nicm'hrr Mpn« 2 1 hctlroom house. Permanent. Phone 2491 R. SBRVtCKS OFFERED BAG u-ormi sprayed. Call" Denny. FOR hntuc moving and atee! erec'tTon, linller or a n y t h i n g in hcavv line. Frre fatimate.v K M M u r p h y phone _JR01W. WILL DO~ Y O U R TYI'LNO "~AT MY HOME. CALL J577W-70S 1-2 Si one my hfime. 'le;ich pre-school and _ _ r h y t h m h a n d Call JlSsJ FOR P a i n t i n g or paper h'aNg'm'g7~pho~ne i 40^J It L.I Top' AT NYC'S THROntE-Wii. linm While, 55, above, president of the Delaware, Lackawnnna 8c Western Railroad, will succeed Gustav Metzmin BS president of the New Ynrk Centrnl Railroad Company. Ann. 1. While is n veteran of 30 years of railroading. HELP WANTED--MALE O P E R A T O H for crc«m~ jt'tT'^n on commission basis 11 m'.crrs:?d _phone 20!. P r a i r i e Grove. rWANT~a Rood m a n " for f;rrn work" M i l k i n g Cdxvs ,-ind optr,-i!inn f a r m rnachmrry. Gnm\ pay. modern l i n u s r f i i r n i ^ h f d Mr \Vnri\ W.i M;iple I J n v t . Sprinfirl.Tlo or c a l l 4241 IMMKTJIATfc placcmont in Ki-uph.v.%i- cal work, hrilh K ,«earch a n it I n - I d P e r m a n e n t portions open lor (;rad- uate Elccnicnl Knglnecrs. CJcolos- l«ts and Petroleum EnRinecrn. AUo pnsitinns nprn to men who had ·penalized radio or elect rmiu-s t r n i n t n s w h i J r in Srrvlre Sal.irv e o n i p e t M K c H e a l t h and l i f e m.^iir- anre carnrd Furnish col It KO t r ; m - nrripl w l l h f i r s t letl*T to Sel.nio- R r a p l i Srrvire C o r p , JJox l.'iD'i Tul- sn. p k l a h n i n n __ 148C. " ' ° / e r ° P ^ r '' ° F ' *-'QR SALE--MISCEM.AXF.OI:B CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS HELP WANTED--FEMALE BOOKKEEPF.rY'nnd i r c r c t n r y . " W r i t e _Pox_ i l..-3l.^'oTim;a.__ LEARN how to carn.~rr[*"lfrtintng"b~y n a t l o n H l l y lurceiiful ronnifitic r'un- pany l r n d » to u l r n d y inromo. r:t«y »nd n i n i p l c mclhod *t»r1x y i . u r-«rri- l n « q u - r k l y \Vri!r ( o r i n ' i - r v i - u Avon OiMn-tlrv Box 4 7 1 . Ft S i r r l i W A N T K I ) S t r n o H o p h f r 40 h r . u r t p- r w r r k . A p p l y In pcr.\rn U m v p r . i i i y Library. WAITRESS. Fl'fffin'ir~"Ciirc. ~~ South School. FOR SALE A l i t n m a l i c Ropor R HIA'C 9 - f o o t Srrvcl R c / n i ' p r . i t ' i r j M;ip!o H i n e t t o Sri I A l l t \ v n .vf.-irs old- - p r i i r-ri in sol! I h o f o t o A u g u s t 1;.'.. j Pho:if I59-W ; i f : r r r, p M. ! I9tfi L 1 Tf)X Chi-vrr; "dump truck". Kof.d h;ipc. i ii;h! _ rr-r,.- and K""(l G l - ' I T A I t . bf.-nid i:i-v. A iliM-'.niit Ptionc I'MIl SMALL a n i t ' i u i - r o l l ' K, 11 nw 1-JI7 M l H n ; f j V ' M a l n . i i " w a g i i n . dm- ri,nd::.i i.. i ad m. t n - n t i - r . -,un vi'-or. iliirirl :,!,·-, 'j'i j.f.und » f o ' i t l.t.rr«l;ii,.s IK..-.I On- t r . i . l . - r r , x M ' - hy 16" hi«h. SMALL i i p i m n t s'riim htnlcr." .itortc t a n k . s;rr| w,nd n u l l P h n n c ::.io7W. HAY. i i l ( a l j . i . RIT.P.H-. EXCAVATING - B U L L D O Z I N G Land ']e.'iring -- s.ivinfi your t r i p soil. Hc;ivy duty discing. Flrush r a k e - - pnnds. H. H. JONES, Controclor 537 i:^cllc. Box 143 tlnivcrilly Si»litn i'hont ITO FOR S3.2. r iO w i t h half down. 77 acr«l with 60 »rre« hog renced, 40 acres can be mowed. 3 roorm with gas anrl lights. A good dral for the money. GROCERY ACREAGE SEMI-MODERN 5 room*, tmall gro- rery and garage located on IS highway Electricity and n a t u r a l |u 7 acrei hog fence. Can hi- nouehl for leu than construction com J5.000 plus inventory. $750 DOWN 3.500 CAPACITY broiler houie. 4 room home, imoke houic and rave 6 acrei adjoining White River. Total price $1.500. FOR F u r t h e r information concerning theie call Weit Fork I 6 F I I or bttter yet take a drive over to Delaney ·njj t;e Fred Sllruon, eut on high- NEWLIN REALTY WEST FORK. A R K ABSOLUTELY SEE THIS 3 HEDROOM r a n c h , u t o n e construction with finest hard wood floor* 3 flreplacei. Large ceramic h i i h Every room extra §ue. 740' highway frontage. GI loan. Park in or . "HOLDER REALTY co. 701 N. Cnllfl. Jim HnldtT o H Oimbl* SPECIALS ~ modern i-xropl I m h snort broiler capacity wr.h n u t o n i i t l i r watpr:n · nd fer*-t carrlcn s^.'o'lOd TO ACHKS :,ll ucriM r l r n r c r t Good · nncly l o n m «oil Wat,-r-.| l,v snort , well. pnnd. nnil t p r m i r. rrrnin I hnmc. m o d e r n p x r p p l l » l h l . a r R u i h n r n rcu-k pumn hiiuar anrl elor- i ngc. ;.(ll» hrolliT o n p n c l l y SC30.100 HAMMOND REAITY CO. Phnne 7R1 j p n i c k ^ l r n t n Kve. Phone 27S-1.-I Whc/Twho" For Service Consult You' Classified ^ er Xi££^2il5. c ^ or y BKAIJTV SHOPS R A N C H E S ~ SALE OR TRADE = 2 0 0 - 1 4 , 0 0 0 ACRES Kama*, A r k a n s a s . Minourl, Oklahoma, Ttxai THE BROAOHURST CO. 1031 North Collage. Phon* Mjirthu'n h a n u l y Shop _., . Cojnpli'tn lirauty Service Ti, E M o u n l n l n l' 2.UI COI.VAHD'S IIEAUTV 811.11- 2IM W. Mc:iilr.w -I'tmiw 3002 f\orentt _ SHOt- SPECIAL " 2 nEDFOOM home, hirdwood floora, · u f o m a t l c heat, decorxtcd. Vcnc- lluni A l H r h e d g«r»ft. cloie to cam- PUK onct ntw ichool. Owntr pl*n- utn« to knve. For quick i*k Include iirden t r i c t o r. May wri ranee. Phllro RefrlMcritor. Ttw waahtnf mtchlne. ALL NEW, PliJSt Jin.l other furnlihln(«. All for |7,OM^ on pnvM i t r e e t . ·-.. N E I L SAWREY, BROKM ~. STANDARD REALTY COr n fc. Mountain Phon* M 17iif =3==^: jjl AUTOMATIC APPLtAHCE COE A ttltn Pl.c. ta Biy = ·ftutpoint 11 n. Block DEALER Pk lU HRiCKETTy BEAlrrY SHUH _.. MI.IA»H WOKK ~ COKSET1ERB SI'KNCER f n u n t l n i m n i . .urglcarTup- I porti. Vlvl.n (ircen. 22 year, icrv- Iro Phone 79B-.I. 318 N Enil I ___ ___ __ QI'iCK SKKV1CE ~ ON w/ilrh.-.. ,-|ork«. «pi-ciacle « .1 n J c w t l r y r r p n i r i n g K A K I . S WATri! SHOP W l l h B r c w o r f.'le.-nif-r-.. IT. F. Crnter DITCH DIGGING TOOTINOS-w ii l c r. Bui and lewtr dltrhri. iHptic tnnk hole. Dlcimit · nrt luick (illln, OU 2816 OryM _IJivl8 __ SUN-TII.1 vrncllnn l.llno» a m ' ~ « l u m l - num window srri-cns am' ,-iwningi Frrc f.'lmntcs Cju)i« Cot per 441 LociMt. Phont 10)1 Mrs J W. McCIchee S[»?nccr Corr.ctic-re Sf ^ !JjJ^ n J.X^5 !t ' l y s i HOMK L A C N D R V STOUT'S" 110MK LAIT.NORY j PERSONAL Betvlce on wet wa»h and ! d r y i n g N n r l h 71. nrar Mecca Kts- : ^JuurnnJ^J^tmc 1.108. : WALLPAPER AND PAINT | Wallpuiiur anrt l'itInT~StorV" ; Interior Dccoratina «MV, W Dt-kn^n Phnnr 1471 ' 200 Yean of Service '· 20 / 000 / 000: : Policyhold«r» '-· 20% I Savings MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Savingi for preftrrtd riiki' Get th* Facti The Ritter Agency Loam Rtal EttajM 14 Eo»! Clnlw r,f \i'\ ·ONRT TO LOAN f H A HOME LOANS low Intercut, lone Urmi UTLtY AND C O M P A N Y , INC. Phont BOI J i K t i l . H l n d s v i l i c l.ii TWIN baliy ban: .: rtifllrs J'honT .v..J^'l. K f l l n k r c o u : h JUKI Mi . _pniTcl l'l;,,,,r I.V.I 1'nmif Crnvr IM.A'I'I-Cm't in l.irl! '.f, t.m! h'Mijtr ir.iil'r I M Ciinii.nKliaiii. Unu'i. S I r . n k O.ik i W K K K "III lrr[ i i n - h c r "piipinn S:, 01) .V,( Smiih 11,11 U R A V K I . 4-yaril r l r l i v T r r l j:, _ n i n l _ up Ph'in^ .117f..l! URKt) w n r r t r n h p ( r u r . k . $17 .Vi I, 'win Rfft. Cri. In* 1 S l N f i K H ' S f ' w l m M.-il-.mi-. plump l!1', I-I.I'-MS H l u r k rnlil .I'll- K i l l TM , l l r i n u n n t n l n i - M l l ' i p p r ] F a r m 'ni-H'l C I I C I I M I I F I I S . ::· p'.iinrt .1 mil,'. N n r l h . ·Ml on Wire Nona. K. A. Itr-M. J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Fork B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil 0. M. r A T T O N Phorw 24» Southwtst of FayeM«vill« S K V E N T Y - f o u r acre da.ry ittup that \\ mak.nj food Hvlnf for prci^nt owner- Goort barn, 10 stanchion*, nftw Conric m l l k l n f mschln*. 2 utricle ponds. P l e n t y of crauland Prcrsrnt dairy hrrd ran he bought with p!ac* If wanted Home h»* 5 rooini. 2 cncioicd porches, and U f i n n h r d w i t h »* twit 01 *ldfnc. On ioort all | weather na!c road. Owner h»« olhcr j 1ntvr«jttn and hai really redticrd ihf pric* It'i well worth t h e money I 17.000 Terrru If wanted W o l k i n g - D i s t o n c t U n i v e r s i t y THIS well f u r n l i h e d modern 4 room home hai plenty of ipace for r u i n for table l i v l n f I.arf* llvinf rr*on, nice k l t r h t n w i t h h u i l t l n * and rfiomy d In Inr area N a t \ t r a l KM* Lot T.'.vlO) w i t h l a r f e ihaclc tren. Good f u n i l ! tun- include* ilmoit everv IUTH : n f f d f r t B««t of all lhe price $l.:oo ' f urn: i ure included. An u n u . t u n l v n l u r Chicken Ranch-- Special ».fi«l C A P A C I T Y new bronrier lioiui n i t nf-w fr|Ujprn*nt. New S mo m o d e r n home IB I m m a c u l t t r -- tif.niiy! All on 5 arre;. fertile »n I n c a t e M 2', mile* from Sprlnfii. on H l R h w a v WI writ A q t i a . i t · place at a rewontble price. Iil. terrni, Open Cvenlnfi NEWLIN-POWELL REALTY * tp . r J.Q*1*!f^A rl1 -- _____ T. hfnt * ]i1 fctrifiTltRN" s'Toom hoiwe, n"aMwoo(1 floor* J ' / hlnrlti f r o m peit o f f i c e I n r j i n r r at Tv»in-KI»» Confccllonary, Writ Rmma. flprinfd*]*. ArkaruM ANNOUNCING g HOLDER REALTY CO: Licensed Bonded for Your Protection New office location or 701 No. College -- across from Dairy Queen. Drive in and park -- let us help you with your real estate problems. Phone 1039 JIM HOLDER 0. H. GAMBLE ~" "MERCHANDISE WAREHOUSE BONDED ? STORE YOUR SURPLUS OR VALUABLE MEKCHANDttt T LOW INSURANCE RATE, QUICK HANDLING. WE CAN BILL AND SHIP YOU* OHDIRS. LOANS AVAILABLE ON WAREHOUSE HICIIPTS, ·~ AGENTS FOR LIPSCOMBS COMPLETE LINE Of INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE SCOTT ST. PHONE 474

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