Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 8, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1952
Page 7
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Chicks Down Tonlifown In loop Till, 11-3 Bogan Allows Two Hits In Winning Seven-Frame Game The Fayetteville Chicks defeated the Trmtitov.-n Gmpprs, ll-'l. last m'.l in an (V.ark League gam: played at the 1 \Va.viinston County Fair Grvuntls. It marnC'i tlie second leasuo viclorv in tiirce Nation ! 1 Lea9ue Hold$ Ed «" ln Power For Al| star Tilt ! Political Riots In Mexico lea»e Three Persons Dead) PhilaHHphin - (} - EvrrylhinR ; loams of all tinir. Th points Imvani a thirrNs'raight Nn- : have power lo burn in big Hank lional League victory in the 19th Saurr who tops all plnvpr? with 2l\ annual All-S'nr game torlny. The homers; the out 1 ;mti onlv St.-in .*";]', ; n?'ci!s have !'·? pilYtip", pow- -, Musial; Jackie Hnhmson. Hnhhy er ami a crippled opponent. ! Thomson, R'-y Camp.'im Ma ana The only thing .ManiiK r -i' C'asry Eims RIauph *;·!·. .Str-ncel of the American LPHRUO is : Thc Rcnini . ,., V( . ui{ ,,.,. K , inr , promising at the moment is to show up. He'll be minus two of his bunt pitc-'iLMT. bis tbird baFr- m,-m and will start with an in- jurc'l center fielder. Rut Old Case Ms proved himself ,i piaster ni licking adversity in the past. His undermanned lads ju.rt m'ght upset the 7 to- fi orlds against thrm. A rapacity [ rnwd of 32.7RS paying tense anil yueh pitcher.- a« Ilnhin Roberts ( I l - C i . r.erry Kin ley ( 1 1 II). whn probably v.'ill hurl the middle three inmiiqs. Rob Rush ((0-61. tin; anehnr hurlrr. Sal Millie ( d l - 4 ) and Warren Spalin (7-fl). fiamw for t.V Chirks ar.:l ir-vr-l ' pen " ion fund wUI ho nn hanri tn them into a lie with the Grapors wntrh 1 p m?n mnrc tha " lhre? for fifth plare. mi.lion f a n v o t r d Bar-hnlls n::t- Tho Chick backed up a h i t pitching ptrfonriiiirp stunrling players. ArVlit'onally, SIZS.nno will he stdfhrrl awjiy in ... , the till fi'onj television rrrrintr. Charles P^nn with a roiism? H- , f lho Kt .^ er m . m - s ,,,. erlic t:,,., h.t atlark 0:1 iwo Tnntiliwn pitch- ! of a 1 . ](1|lf | v _ wam]| humi(| ri ., v ;, ; crs. The fame was ha:teti at the : rnrm .,, Manager Len Durocher nf rnd of tne seventh a-c-orrhng ;o. ji, p Nn'icinnl" will Ktart the fire- a league rule which provides for j hallint; 'yni'm? rhihd»lphin Phll- a termination at that point in the : n ,, f - ] P rth anr |or. Curt Sitnmops. event one team is leading b y : !Ie -|| be ,.,,,., hy f, c VPt( , rnn vie cignt or more runs. | nasch |. ^lencol's rithlhanrlrn . Bob Pmllips, of the j monnv p i!c . hrr frnm thp Veterans Administrntion llos- piptal and a star .in the K-O-M Leasue, lerl the Chirks' batting attack v.yth three hits in Jour trips to the platr-. I'hillips formed tne receiving end of Ihe Chick battery. Penno started for Tontito'.vn and was greeted by an outburst of base hits. He retired in favor u.' Ardeniangni be.'ore thrre outs I c-m~i-n5i|».~ could be made. The Chichs scorerl | t'^*!? t "' t Jc?r - , in ' ci: runs i,. the initial frame. i-'-mT-"'PK'H?^ Stauder and Dsriola shared the Simmons, Phiilln caching duties for Tontitown. The Chicks pby Siloam Spring? there Thursday n;?ht -nd move In P-airie Grove for a night game l iit'ie I*?.'- !he ndx-HMla^r in p-i\v- nr wit'i IRC hnme runs ;·" fnr this sca^nn to H3 for the Amen'.-irs ,o:ne SISO.Om inn the player's . |n ,| 740, runs driven in ti MS fnr t h e underdoes. The Americans will hnve six .300 !-,ittr-s in I'lrir starl'iiR lineup to live for the Nationals, i Kid Gavilan Stops Turner's Unbeaten Sireak With Kayo ISPORTS NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, Foyefleville, Arkoiwoi, . Tuesday, July 8, 1952 "WILD, CRAZY SPENDING" Bisebdfs Bonus Problem To Be Studied By Special Committee Tells Of Buying From Wife Of U. S. Colonel Trial In Weisbaden Continues; Block Marketeer Is Heard » Mexico C:iy.ifi',.Sn\r\i»rv and i Mocked -'I! r ...d hft'i.''i" to M f v i Im'p ranji-il c M v to'lv r: lii" wakp ' n f pnh'i-.-.l rm ·-· m- ; i !-r: »· I-^.-i , thnr hiP"H. 'J01 innrr-'t .-rvl an- n'lu'i Son under nrrf"*. j Si'nilnr f-uthiT-itt. ··· - n- rf"'ir*-| in nther MrxirM'i t·"· ·-. All a-)inr- ever. ;iri'l lh ( 11- A rr* 1 nn i'''r"i-I'l'i* of any df'Jiiiiv cr injuri"* niii'.idp FllltllT rilltl-irtik* \'.«T" fp M - " ! . . tfvl.iv. Onvrnrr't-n! *n:irr i i -i -: dr! nf Strnsvl'.i f' tv:o r^nicn^. I'-r amazin? mite of Philarirtphia. rhiiacielvhia -l/?j- :;id Cavilan Bobby Shant?., and Allie neynolo'?. s (jn j s v.-r'llr:- 1 . 1 . eiglit chaiiip:rin nf bis Yankee righthander, arc on the world and Gil Turner ftill th? injured list. in:kie of the yo-r. ' in^." h;ivu corr.nijtlr n l trnvc . ial b a Aroint a thp. run- The " NATIONAL LIAC-..F · Mu-frl, C-rdi i Psutr, Cubs ef 7 J» ,31S M AS .333 n Thn'.':- ihp riHuiliori as the Cuban Kccrl !nn};.s for nev: y/nHds lo conquer a.'ter his 11th round technics! knockTM i win over 2U ypnr-n'cl l"mrr b*t ni^hi. ',;.;; Al Weiil. Intprnnlinnnl Hnx.r.s '·.·si i Club rr:nt"hma!:cr, mmcdi.Vip'y .?«i : \vent in vnrk*n:i n fulure s-Mir-ihiin 7-2 , , i'i t Qualifying Rounds Open At Broa4moor Tor Women's Golf i man bt;i ] tndiy h icy niul nffrp, nr- for AMERICAN Sit. Bta ! ef . MR Rll Av ! fnr tre M7-i:onnfl t'h;'inp. "Johnnv S-Txlrn, Dili Colorado Springs. (lo.-(/P»-Mr«. of Knid. Ok'a.. and lice MrWnnp of BirminRham. Ala., lhe lwn f ^' n '-i'"- P'». v thrir f l'"ili- fyjiv; rounds t^uny in the 11th Friday. The next home Rarr.e is carded for Thursday, July 17, s?ainst Pralr.'e Grove. Wtch-h. tndivn* If . Porcn, | i4i :i ni Jh Rrrr?. Ycnft-'tn c Rob'nsnn, Whi'- 4r« 111 *fT1-. (n-tinn-. 2h R : KU»O, V.»nkw» tt 30 .103 a 21 Boys Club WeeklyCard July Stcneel ha? also In*-t Genrce Kell. brilliant third sacker of the Boston Ted So.x. v.-ho is ; 'iclinrd bv a pro'ii in.'Ury. bom ^iMa"^'", ;i' of the H?d Pox, will start i'l '·enter dcmil;: a les injury. T-le'lI 1 nrnbnbly be replied aflrr f'roe r.s by the Yankees' Mickry o 1- .poncn'~ for Gavi'an." said \\'ci!l. "V.'e rlon'l knnv,- yrt ·.-.·ha: he ·.y.iiv · t o dn. But t - e y ' d nil rirnw ir"d i money for Illb hnu'.s in Ihe Gar- · den :n the fall." i Tiiere also' is talk of » rrm.-itch ; witli Turnrr---in a ,,-ra or so. I "Turner is a better flRhfr !h::ii ·Graham or .l.ihnny BraV,:i:\" Gavilan in his pi-zcon hole nr".s- ' :n.7 room a'lcr the fiihl. "And as fion-l as Rrb:-y Hylic:-." i Fi 'i' : Turner was ninniir; about e-.-rn ' I ' n11|r ' ;wilh Gavlt.-.n la.-l niuht '..-hen l:e " , , ran into (hit furious ll;li n.invl ·',"',', ! barrage. Both ,ii|.!;;es C'Mr'cy O.-IK- mr .,,| ·!crt and Lou Trr:-r. hnrl it , r i-. : . , ··[( nfter in i-ourr's a:id i-efei-ee }» ! ball t Toirrnsco had the Cuban out I'-nnl srp n 1 T tii.'it snme rule lunit- !i"h piyipents f'i uri- '."- " r:: 1nii; ; l "·rnluJiMy j , a ' t .j"ni"nnton into tli rt hnnkp. ' ·;V bv ihe twn le:isue Will lian-i-ltip nf Ihe. ii'l \V;inT!i Gilr" nf ih° i ^'inusl IJrn;idrnnnr Women's Invi- r.'I Ot-ni-K" Tr;:ulnnn, J tnlionnl C)nlf Meet. T h n j Of ihr hnndhil -.-hn firrd their ' fni,'i':rinir f.h»\$ vesteuliiv in bleak chilly \vi\iihci nver the tricky Ifl- ; hrtjp hiM.'-ide I;iynu!, nnly one 'hi.-.l-." HHI. S!in W;IF Mrs. H. R. St;iats nf Davenpnrt. who ' r t ' i i s p f i fl-i \2 nvrr men 1 ? pr,r. Mrs. Itlrinton \vnn the nieel in 194D. rnmrr.ittfp will mrike it" rrpn th; 1 inn ini -:ri'i"r \vlri t r r 1" T-- i f'!iiic i ; in Phnenix, Ariz., ?;ix mnnihi from 9 I' S. Air I : Vin-r- rnlnnpl'«: M'ifp. }lnr*\ llfssl-liul f.«;d Mrs. K-Tthpri'ip (',. Hr-cd, i-hjir^'ril \\-itli 17 vinlittjnm- rif urrunut if.-;; In'.v, sold him annul 2(10 nnumls of rnffpp, us many as 2.00H ii'ai'ks and rotipnns for ,'iftn or 600 K,il!(tjis nf military p.a.snlinp. Hfssland hppaine HIP prospcu- Hon'j slar witnpss RRHii]^! tho . c n- rinllv pmininpnl nuilinn, fl native of Ml. OmenK Mirh. A former ronvlct. llesslund Kiild '"· ke^t n dinrv nf purchaprs from Mrs. Reed and a record of Frrinl numliTs on hfr Rrrrnhnck dollars ".«i thnt later the huven rntilr. not pay Ihev were roimlerfeli." A peered in* wltne«!S. Walter Werner. tps1ifii»d veslrrdav Mr--Reed onrp lol'i him ."V u-intpd "lots^nf murks" to hnv a thrrp- rtrat diamond rim? tn farilitr.te her nrr«ntan'"» In U. S. sneipfv. l»y ?ij!)pnr!cf" fMmlirl.itr-. run Dip conn! \itt tif vt'"··: ; rl.iv'r- i 1 ! c '1'lcntja! r iv Sunr.idi" fi.'ihiiriK hiTf until r.'ii I 1 . \ t , i,i\- ; Si'l'hr; . ntl'l m r | i ' " ! ' i iiii-,' njipnritinti c;iH'ii'iii Th' di-,nrde!··- ^n'ifl Three Violent in State Recorded Highway Accidents Kill Two; Shooting Fata! To Woman ) · · · ' ! htuh'viv · \ i k i i s - ! * ' ·. T. !hrei; for thf i f/Pi-A shooting a fafalitips ha? «« lonf dAath toll pek bcgmntnx Si i'l"t-h.i:i without \.. Toll May Rrnch IS AUhnuah tiv'!- "/ knn» n 'i.. ll( | (.'fici'i !-'! n i v fh t"» ··I \.*r e T h i i t y - t v listed J-s i-i "i i ou-; c-in-'iti'iM. Si-fires nf t f S. In'im'j; U-PLP j r pnried n.'fectc*) hv ifir j-t-. fi-r" by pflr,. .!« I!M- 'fi;:h»ir-: :- · irl»- near ih*» Irl Pradn l l - u - ' ' i t , dutv f . f f r r r nt (he I 1 S ' » ··-!.·:· parly in-l:tv f.^ii'1 he li^d t IVP nn rpnnris of Amrrirnn- i i i'irp'1 MiliU'iiy roa-lb'nck;; nrninri til city pi-pvcntH th" nirv nf p-r SUMS \vrn might jnln 1-1 n"-. · dl« order 1 .. Snl'iJer.-* n-id poll"-' pu^rd rtt nil hiiildi-i-y. A Vnn [Vi*T[; f ' o t m f v Deputy Shi if R'M [.nnkforrt said'.Mr*. D; i err RiliinKs. 2fi, of Bntkinbu . A rk .'.Vri 1 ! ki'lr.-l yestprdiy wh Ihr '"'ir in which she v/as rid : struck a tro^ f'llto^vinf a t (hln-vou! I^nkfnrd said thft ac ' dent - \vhirh injured twn otl pi r'nn* nrv'jrrpd on Hiijh^'a'-' ah'M.t 'Hrr'** niles nnr'h of Cl ^ ton. A r k . j H" n»i! Mrs. Riltirtgs vas hft; ' ru?hff! tn a Clinton hmpitil : treatment nf wminds mffsred .-i" arri r ienfal shootinf at i · home Sa'iiir rountv Sheriff Pat Bff -.-.nd ViHinm F,3rl £hl*ri, ti( '. ··"? i-iMed yrr f r»rrfiy when jut-ippd into the path of in » pnminK fir on a Highway bndtjr n'Hut 11 miles v/est ',*,f Hentf-n. Ark, He said the yo Col. Allen W. Heed, of Fairfleld, | nrmnrcd i-ars wnilPd in thf rrnfr v ·' l - t ' varatlnning \vith hij pirffi Iowa, former mmmandpr nf the | nf tll( * rit - v tn (ias h to any new Mr. nnd Mrs. Herman Ehlftrs, Wiesbaden military nont. threatened to break an Am^rir-^n-eiri- era iupt bpforft eourt npenfd this morning. trnuhlp spnt. 'Jfttudenti" Blnmtd fr l---Swimming for Mid-pet teams nt Ciiy Pnrk. j Mantle. July 9--Midget I.ea R un All-Stars' Stonqcl has announced first vs. Vnn Gurcn, 1:30 p.m.., baseman Kddie Hnbinson nf the nf the- C o u n t y Fair! Chirann While Sox. third ?nt'ker Gl ' n ; jlir ^- ! Al Ko::cn of Cleveland and catcher Senior team vs. Bcnton- j Yogi Bevra nf Ihe Yankees, will (j-4. The AP rnrd -;!in'-ed G-P vile, 3p.m., at Bcnton-; nlay the entire pamc because of, loading 5-4-1 going to the their power. ! round. The American T.eaeue manaeor. j Cnming info his hig tcit a-- \vbo hfs failed to direct a winning j unbeaten fifrhler 'with "" ! -·· all-star tenm in 1wo tries, inrii- ' cafe? be planned 1o follow TiHsehi with P.nh T,emon (7-7). And nlil prrl'.y n;i; kly, ton, nljnpt 111' 1 V.'Md nnd r:";i?v ^pcndim: f°r- un!ri n tl nl.iy-rs VL hn ir,;iy nvvrr i:. i ( intn ;i bi^ k'.'ifiiir came," Fi'i;-): rn-i. "1 run i:i full syinji.'ith'- v/i'l 1 . th" n\vii'.'[^ v.'iin w;i!il In ' ! · hi)iiic!hili« abn:i1 ihr li'inir nil? " h- S'..itc Fodov'* Souer, Rosen I pnH I pn I--CUvJ LC-U In Slugging Dir Polytnchnfr I n r t i t M t o fnr th" hlond-shrrt. HP pnl-J thov rrfifT'' In fii.'iiifr'if 1 nrid thrr- 1 ; f:|nnrs :! thp polirp. Tho riotiri" hccan l;r,t nJHht ivhp'i nr. lie- ptt-Mnnted U- hrtvik un ;i "victnrv cf lfhr;i!lon" r;illpd hy Mmpnri fi t" of CPU. Mi^'url Hrnrinii n 7 fiu.'ni.'in. Mr i.; i-iinnin« far h?himt ih- n^v^vn- nirnt rnndidrl". A'lt^t't Hui/ C"!-- irns nn JuJy 10--Cubs vs. Indians. Gipnts \ t . Cardinals. Senior practice. July 11--(Practice) 1-2 Yankees. 2-3 Cardinals. 3-4 Jntrrrncdinie. 5-6:30 Senior. July 12--Cardinals vs. In1i?."s. Giants vs. Yankees. July 13--Seniors- 'vs. Wesley, 1 Fri-'; 'di;!!!*. symp; 'Sn tho DO.-ICP whn h.ivo fu!l s thy of s and In- ilipmt ,"ii'l thr- S t t f t " Drpfirt- . hrivo ;mthori7.rd lo in- 1 1od:i cTnl rlui'ip which snw his hpltinfi ;iver;i2C dwindle Ip .Ilfln. is still the W.-'tinnfl l,r;ifzue's IcarlinR slu^Rcr o"fs in 31 straight paid the penalty r Tunu- p.m., at Grounds. Countv Fair su"h a four if men!.; c'in br wirkrd mil factorily. It musl h? cmrluctcd - -r.- · vi'.h diynjty, hnwcvcr, and will , , ,, . ,,, ., . . .vouth. Tn time he mav bp able tn at all ii*nrs b? nnd'-r Hie · Satchel Paiee (6-4 . the srrminj- rnpr ,, i;h Ihc wi|(;s anrl iron ... vi , j(i .. ly ageless Negro mlch^r nf the St ( of Cavilan but nut vet ' i Cite." Lnuis Browns, misht be the third s - . , " . . ' ' ' junior circuit pitcher. Durocher, whn aisn has failed to aveniK*" 5 cnmpilrd hv · ! T b o "Aspocial-H Press lhrou R i. i lfl ."-30.7.1: 1M1-HO Hv -ames nf Kur.dav. July (1. revelled 75: 12n ' Hn lh5 ^^~ ] '.b:it Pauer has 177 fntal; tnt« I 4nn lhjt Hown 17 SfU Nalinnal SlnckvH-ds, lll.-!'T'i- nic.qtly tn shfnpers and liutehers; · tine,*., in un(iffi"iiil 180 Ibs un and nws 2") to SO high- , Iwo-thlrds "f Sunday :; vote «o far or than Mnnd«v's averace: 170 Ibs i reported. down ,10 tn 7S hiiV'er: hulk ehnirP I M^", 0 '.''.' 1 J ' rni i( l !liv - ''1-ilmr-l down to ?2.nn: over .ion head f pn)it'i[-;i] meelinRs nhnut l.don itf · mostly choice Nos. 1 and 2 100-220 J hH supporter.^ «athrred near hi.i Ibs tn .«Mfn«"rs P"d hiHchers 22 - ! bcadtjuai-ten in th" belief they fiO; 240-270 Ibs full width of choice i were h.iflinK ihe next jirej-i-lcnt. RradP 21.25-27 Of): 'r«*- 28'i-^(H) lh« ' MO. nerry s»id R i nn -ml MniU of Ardmorc, Ok p \\-::r. i!-r- rlri'.T nf the C»T t :.:iurk thn ·- Di.ith . .Inhn \VHt«on. LiUlf? Rock Nft( . .-ho! hitn'oH tn firnth after woui inf; FrrrMif McN'r rlon, Ne v: n m ii n rlrvfitor op*ritor, ·'s Shop Store in Li [["fk yostprrfay. Det^rtive.i 0. Allpn nnH C'.iri .lacksnn «»ld v ii^f". to!*! ihcm hp shot \vo;n-'n find thrn turned thf i tut nn hiir.-i'.'If whllf th« two v, in the ilnro's rlcvator. rnaina in nrwsp:,,,rr- , uahl . iv n-spll* 1 1 was dl;;roverp1 in T 1PM find 20 years ll tin strike was madr ,, N while, not wne«t. BM I 0"' « flavor blend ol ill Ihl* ui)(tf'l Itomin M«l ItrMft. ll-l! SO: sows of thl! win with two National all-?ta- teamp. freely admits hp has one of l^« host National T.ea^ue dream WEDNESDAY at FAYETTEVILLE 2 P:M, BIG RALLY Come Hear The Candidate With A Positive, Workable Plan, A Plan of Honor, Integrity Based On 15 Years Experience PKEMURRY for GOVERNOR and the GRAND OLE OPRY lii PERSON ! ! ! Direr) from W5M and The NBC Network In Nashville, Tennessee, the Original and Bcsl Show «n the road, ready for rwo hours of fun and entertainment. DON'T MISS ITI W H I T E Y F O R D Th» Puk« Ol Paducah . . . "T«ko Ms B«ck To Thl W«jon-- Thani Shoct Art Killin' Mi" M A R T H A C A R S O N Lltlcn To Thit Gil Sing, Ain't Sha Purl? K E N M A R V I N Star ol Slag*, SciMn, Radio and TV. AND THE "KERNELS Of HORN" BAND Mllicul Adr. Paid Tor By Jim BUnd, Campilfn DI'Mlot Defending Champ Goes Into Action In Pubiinx Mee! Miami. Fla. -'jTi-D e f e n d c!-ami)inn n» n Stanley nf Angeles will % ^r-| t jnm tlv fnr the first hme tod-ay a; i ! io National Public Links Golf Tour- HlfthS ·inmo" 1 !, goes inio the so -ri'd' FiflSits Last Cliy The Assor-atpd Press) Phih-lclphi-i-- V / p ] t e r wnqht champion Kid Gavilnn. I1fi. H;iv!::i. Cuba, itn-ip^l TuriH-r. Hi. Phjl;:dpjphi i M ! ~ - l i ! l f h'.-.n ·. Mnn:rr.-i!---A'-:M-nfl Snvnjp. 13'., C.ui.'i'l'', 'iitpn,nt r j'i J(»liii!;y Clj'.'-cn. IV'. (···p.-lii. i:V Bs-'-.cklyn · GPIU- T"'i:n-ii. HT. Tro.-itnrt K. .!.. ;'.Jtp"iMl«.-(l S..1 Di Guardia, Kit!, Ue-.v York, a. ; tops | in I'm majnrK iti 2H3 limes at bal Fnr a .^urjRliiR mark nf .fi04. The , hard-hittinfi Cbira;jn outfielder j has noundrd mil 17 doubles, three ! (rip 1 rs nnd a Iraqup-leadinR 23 )lti Anirric;in I.P;ICUP. Clrve- '«; Al Hn.snn contirmpc MS tlie -'.pnpr w i t h a .577 avprntje. Indians' third s.-H-krr has p r;i \:-'i\h ]fi d'juhles, four es ;iod !H homnrs nmnnc his il^ fnr a jnlal of Ifi] hacos. p Arlnipk nf the Cincinnati is SaiJi!r's cl';-p;;t pnmpptitor sows iri.5n-n.2r,: stn^ I3.nn-is.on; hours 1(1.50-13.50. Cattle H.flOn. ralves l.SOfk nnen- inR active and unevenly hifiher In nil P'OSSPP; steers and hpifprn op^n- inR 50 cents ht«^r vjth «'ows 50 to 1.00 hJirhprrbtiP* r-0 hf«H er nnrf vp?Iors steady; a fe^v lirids po-id anfl chniro stoer.i and hpiferK 2ft.-; hi«h 'hn r -n l-eifers 33.50 ami nrimp 7/0-]b r^iixed .steers and heifers 35.nn; nHI'lv and rom- merpial' ro\vs rnnstly IR.nn-2!.50; canncrs anfl cutlers 13.nO-17.00; utility and cnmniprr^l hulls ?!.- fnr ?:. 1.. honors. A'h-nck, with 01 Sf-2'..tO: canner- and cuiter tnt;d bar.r s in IfiO limes al bat, has 17-00-20.00; rood and rhnjce · STOP and SWAP T I R E S A L E I Stanley clifln't h.ivo to riutiiifv for tliis meeting of L'f)!i s!;ir:; nf the American inur.irinnl cnur'or , ami a nyc jspai-cH );im from yes- ·tcrday's wild first round y.cramhlp. He'll face his first mnn-to-m;'n 1 argument today from Cenrpe I Eluck cf Winrlpor. Ont.. the lor^ i CVinadi.'in in the fielrf. KH:fk | warmed up yesterday \vilh a 4 ·and ;i victory over .Inmes L. r,i,t-- ko of Phoenix, Ariz. Seventy - twn Iinpefuls «'.·;·]··· nirieMnerl yesterday in .-] d-iy hiah- lighted hy the Fmayhm- R lo 7 virlnry by Dub Pr.[£;i:i. sfn.n-- nrmcd Palm Beach, Fl.'i.. firem'in, over Gen^ Gregory of Memphi:-., rh-Tin'ilon of th" ?'londr nmntenrs anrT ;i pro-toiirn;imrn! favorite, lived in; to c-xperi hy shnntina nnc- under- ; :'oif fnr Die rupscfl Mia.mi Country Club course. Southern Loop F l a g Chase In Rat-Race Stage By Thf Associated Press The Si:u'hrm A'-f nnnt r-h-ir" !.·; in HJP i- -only fiiu COITP ·;; f;i : i fir .sin-i t«;itn.s phfp P.iriT'inRlvi'n i fi.-r-pfs (.ff tlif 1 pnrp. Thp nnly thin;: t r Oi ]{-.;n?- fn.Mi ii lr;mui' I'.vi I.T-J ii sudrlni of tlu M-. anrl Mrs. Hrrman R l h y "Mr. and 7 1 IT. liprnnn II.'ey ,i d.ri'.-iitpr, JuJy R, at the C'i Mr. .-.nil Mrs. C n r r n i l Pl V~. nr.rl Mi... C' I Sl.-ui Mujiial. thp Knlionnl'K I leading hntfer with .333, is third · amfiiiK tho MIIJ/CITS at .533, thp 'rriiilt nf If? doubles, three Irinles and II rnund Irinpprs. New York ers 2fl.00-32.00; prime venlers (o ' 34.00; utility nnd commercial veahvs 21.00-27.00. " } Sheep 1,100; spring lamb tradp j active lo shipners and butchers; I enrlv snles choice and nrimr innst- catrher We«s Westrum is '' 2P.OO-50, mainly 20.50; few well j ' n e x t with 520 fnllnwcd by Bos- . sorted _ lots ^20.75-3" miMnp .IMOO : | ; ton's Sid Gtirdon, .510. New York's i Mnbby Thornton. .505, and Gil hif h sinc " raH - v nr " hmmH frfrlv bill nnlliinR nf thr- Brooklyn Dodgers · snlfl °" rlv tn pnckTs: srallrrini! NO IXCIS TAX TOM ,,n, .Iiilv 3. a; t;rj .':!}· llos- Mr. and Mrs. Parl K l r k p a l r i r k S'r. nnd Mrs. Paul Kir'-|i:il:-i- of K.-i.-Tilr-'illr rnnnu T-O t'nc h ·· nf n rl;i!?Vpr, July 7, n'. !hn C'"'i»n Vir \Vfrl7. nf Ihr Tlc-lrnit TiRrrs, | n ,21ft h;itlrr. is fiiving Hnson a -Insr halflc for the American l.onRiir sltiKcinK Ipnd. Vir has C()l- Irrlrd nnly .14 safctirs hill included amnng ihnn nrr 12 doubles, ;\vo triples and If! horn" run?,. His erage is .541. cull and utility jrndp* 17.00-22.DO;! light nills down tn 1200 in extreme; aged *ht*ep s t c w d v ; cu)| to ; Knori slauihte.r ewes 4.50-H.50. i . i I The Library nf Congress has ;ir- '· quired a printer's rnpy nf t'-f Lincoln-Douglas; Dnhates nnri ,-i!tf a letter from Abraham Lincoln tn Ihp ChirflRo Press and Tribune JP- (wn sets of that newspaper's reports on the debates. The distribution nf milk in Ihp ; United States involves nhnut 100.- I 000 motor trucks alone, not in- j eluding the extensive lire nf rail- ' road transportation. ·read nin 1 ; i'i;ir.ithor.. II.-K! won. jhpy nhp;iH r.f \i-\v c-nl. '.:· pnint. Atl:.ll1;i'l M-"i on a H-hit w i t h Chnit i'j"nc; ( pi ifp. hnlf ;i (Mnic hfVm'j ! ^tnl]le ended Us -j.x yru.i ··'trrak hv s« firU inninp find holdin 5-2 Herlsinn n-.-er I.iltlft Rr.ek i'li»f llmler MrNeibinro, \vho piv-hp-1 '·· mnn Sunday anrl t;r! r-: r-h the vir'.orv, di'l the ?.ime ;ipin brl nipli*. Miln pi'.rh'.'rl six-hit hnll until when MrNeiUinro foh over lwn rnf-n out find or. Alex £o! tho npxl b;it!M KIVP DIP Trave'rrr. a ·t-'i v over N'i'hville, tli'-ir Inir'l · I Ralph N'ovMnr-v hit ;i h-sii- n triple for the Voh I'mrh Alex flc I,i Oai7i nnrl'-d I-llllo Hock's winning HIM. CLICKING FOR CUBS RIGHTHANDER, OF CAREER / Ur^-^ P00 HA 1 -, HFMCt rue ,5oo S.'AP.K /// eur YCAR - /!£ COMPILED A mil April Philippine irmy operation in northern Luzon. Wllltnm romeroy, American HnK. and nil nilplno wtf Celia Mariano «rt eicorted in lite Manila Court of flrtt In- ·tanca for trial on rnarK*i of trei* ann aitalntt tnt Phllipptni »ov inuncnt /// Wft/c/l He fj 7RIMT,-- /,'j IT l\'/.$ A /,'/ r/'f FOR ZIKIXtOtlTt:3 ','.;,? HMIH6 KECH £7, GUARANTEED NEW-TREADS AHC7HM SVPtR SKCUU $aoit|i Rubber W«mt Dirt, tugt . . . SqwMf** Wipci Windcw WMtti whttav WM» Ing Imy. Sparkling CtaM K*«p On* In Your Glav* Compartingnt . , . Ideal F*r Car Wimltwt Stocks IMM - «tl Ytm Ttfcf Fire$ton« Si ore: 101 N. C*ll.t«

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