Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 6, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Sunday, October 6, 1974
Page 12
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Live It Up By H. D. MCCARTY Chaplain of the Raxorbacks One of the most frequent charges leveled al Christians is that the church is full of hypocrites. As a paslor of a church, I would agree. I would qualify as a candidate for chief hypocrite. My dictionary defines hypocrisy as pretending to be what one is not. I'm sure all of us would agree that no one is perfect ( yet all of us have our times of thinking we are!!). Therefore, it no one is perfect, all of us have our m o m e n t s (minutes, hours, kind of hypocrite are you going to be. If pretense, Imperfection and hypocrisy are inevitable i life, then we should at leas strive to live our lives at th highest level of hypocrisy. Thi is exactly where Jesus Chris comes in with His liberatin tr " th a baut ' n forgiveness In short, the teaching of ou Lord says that man is a mess But if he'll admit his condition respond to God's love and ai days?!!)! of pretense and imper-, f o r greatness, he will find in lection. No one is totally what c , rca smg peace, purpose, par .he claims to be or wants to ^n. and power Even thoug be. Our reluctance to be honest ma " s Problem of hypocrisy wi about our failures and o u r ; c o n | nu ?. l ° be with him o attempts to cover up would c " Ul .' ]t wl11 h , e lessened if h classify all of us as'hypocrites I'A'' 11 , become any hypocrite to or pretenders. ""[God rather t h a n ·--·- - «···- Everyone pretends (or plays the hypocrite) in [he concerns of life he values most. The woman whose passicn is clothes, or the mail who is .possessed with financial success .will pretend that these values ;»re more important than 'mlc for lesser and lower va ucs, THE GUY who hits town an says his big value in life to be the town drunk doesn leave much room for evaluatin his hypocrisy other than the d gee to which he has succecdc ,,..,,,,:.._ ,,_,, I man who says his big vali question con-1 is being , ike Jesus christ ; THE REAL ..... eerning hypocrisy 'is not if yo Will be a hypocrite but what Archbishop Cooke ; Contracts Malaria · NEW YORK (AP) -- Terence Cardinal Cciokc, archbishop of New York, contracted malaria after a six-day trip to the drought-stricken sub-Sahara of 'West Africa. , An archdiocese spokesman laid the cardinal complained of ^illness Friday when he retuurnerl .'to New York and doctors diag 'nosed the problem as malaria ".There were no plans to hospi :ta1ize the cardinal, the spokes- i 01C || ave llnan said. People Regard Him As Their Friend Northwest Arkaniai TIMES, Sunday, Oct. 6, 1974 PAYKTTEVI1.LF, ARKANSAS 7B Rodino Now In. Great Demand As A Speaker By RICHARD J. MAI.OY TIMES Washington Bureau GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. !e Is In great demand as a peaker these days, and wherever he goes Congressman Pe- .er W. Rodino hears the same message from grateful citizens. "I'm Joe Kowalski from the : olish Club," said one solidly- built man as he shook hands vith Rodino. "Thanks a lot for doing a great job for our na- .ion." "You did a marvelous job," said a smiling grandmother as she asked Roditio for an autograph. A diffident older working man said simply, "You did a good ,ob for us." A young man, dressed in a sports shirt and pumped his hand blue jeans, and said · Two Arrested · LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Larry Wayne Brown, 24, and Ro- erl Harold Harlgraves, 24, both of Joncsboro, were arrested by -FBI agents Friday on charges of conspiracy to rob the Indian Mall branch of Citizens Bank of Jones r Doro. The ' charges . allege that . Brown and Hartgraves c spired from about the middle of -July 1974 and Sept. 12, 1974. to . rob the bank's branch. The robbery was not consumated. Both men were put in the Craighead County Jail at Jones- -·boro. himself up as a tr mcndous target for hypocris The higher one sets his goal .he more apparent is his failu 'f he doesn't reach them. This is why the church crowd's failures loom so much larger than most other folks. Their publicly confessed target life is to live like Jesus Christ and when they miss it, everyone knows it. It seems to me that anyone with any sense would rather aim for the moon and hit an eagle rather than aim for an eagle and hit a rock. I'd rather aim at being like Jesus and come short than try to be the town drunk and succeed. AH of us need to remember this when we meet our next or out of church. And" . by the way...there are a lot of chur- town that would love you join them next Sunday. There's always room "or one more hypocrite. earnest tones, "You did one of the few good things to help the country in a long time." The litany, eloquent in its simplicity, continued as a smil ing and friendly Rodino mover easily through the crowdec neighborhood club on a Satur day afternoon here in Presiden Ford's hometown. The people clustered around him, to touch him, to shake his hand, to get his autograph and mostly to express thei gratitude to the man who help ed the country end its long na tional nightmare by his conduc of the impeachment inquiry be fore the Blouse Judiciary Com mittee which he heads. FAMILIAR TO ALL National television coveragi f the proceedings, which re- ullcd In Richard Nixon's re- rgnatton from the presidency n disgrace, had made this Democratic congressman from Newark, N.J. familiar to every American. In Washington, he is treated vilh deference, as a powerful committee chairman. But here t was evident that people re- Jard him as their friend--and something more. To those he met during a series of public appearances here he was an authentic folk hero. "It is the same all over the country," said a Rodino a i d e who accompanied him h e r e . 'The people are friendly and heir comments are unvarying. They want to thank him." T h i s - o u t p o u r i n g of gratitude, sometimes almost approaching adulation, hasn't changed Rodino. He is self-effacing, but a confident and competent public man who has labored 25 years in Congress. He is equally corn' fart able presiding over the Judiciary Committee or mixing with ethnic voters in a working class neighborhood. "I feel just at home here,' Rodino told the crowd of 250 people gathered in the Lexicon Ciub after mingling with the crowd for half an hour. He reel ed off the names of a dozen people he had just met, said he enjoyed the beer and Kielbasa and then launched into the stan dard message he deliver! wherever he goes. PRAISE FOR PEOPLE First came praise for Ameri ans for the way they had con- ucled themselves during the ong impeachment process. "The country, and the people* arc strong. They withstood the stress and they came through beautifully," he said. Rodino had special mention for his Grand Rapids audience, w h o ast February just as the impeachment process was geltirrg underway, had rendered their own verdict on Nixon by clect- ng a Democrat to the congress- onal seat held by Gerald Ford or 25 years and by the Repub- ican Party for 60 years. "I applaud you for giving us a jeginning," he said. Then Hodino spoke of the mpeachment inquiry, referring to it repeatedly as an ordeal. 'I knew we had to be careful, thorough, fair and decent; to jiocecd with honor; and to eep faith with the Constitution This was my guide." Rodino said there were no precedents to follow, save for ;he impeachment of Andrew Johnson a century earlier which he called a sad chaptei because of its partisan nature. WORKED SLOWLY 'This proceeding had to hi understood as fair by the people, and it was for that rea son we worked slowly and ii secret..there could be no othe way." In the end, the member of his committee "grapplec with the facts and the trut! and then proceeded to d justice." The outcome, Rodino told hi audience, demonstrated that n Exiled Novelist To Settle In France PARIS (AP) -- Exiled Soviet novelist Victor Nekrassov says he hopes to settle permanently in France. The 63-year-old author of "In the Trenches of Stalingrad" arrived here Friday from Switzerland, after leaving the Soviet Union last month. He had been excluded from the Communist party in 1972 after supporting dissidents, including n o v e l i s t Alexander Sol- zhenitzyn. ELECT An Honest-to-Goodness Sheriff HERB MARSHALL an in this country Is above e law, that everyone in public ;ice is accountable, that the merican system is strong and at it works. This is the message he is de- vering across the nation, in esponse to the many speaking vilations he gets, he told the udiencc. The people he meets, turn, are giving him a mess..e, according to Rodino. It is lat they have had their faih nd confidence in government Justice Burger Returns To Office WASHINGTON (AP) -- Chief ustice Warren E. Burger has eturncrj to his office two weeks fter being struck by a hit-and un auto and knocked from his icycte near his Alexandria 'a., home. Burger, back at work Friday years a sling intermittently on is left arm and may be wear ng it under his robes when hi iresides Monday at the openin. if the new Supreme Cour erm. The chief justice also ha a cast on the foroken. ring finge jf his right hand. His left shoulder was dis ocated in the accident, fiv ibs w e r e fractured and tw broken. The second fractur vvas less serious, and the cas has been removed. estored. "They are proud to o Americans again,"he said. Rodino, at the age of 65, has 0 further political ambitions, ut wants only to remain as hairman of his committee, lowevcr, he is now one of the Democratic Party's brightest tars, and many of the speaking ingagements he accepts are in ichali of Democratic candidates. South Dakota, New Mexico Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oregon, lo- va, Illinois and Wisconsin are among his stops. He came here iver the weekend to bolster the candidacy o[ Richard Vander- /een, 51, the lawyer and civic cader who hopes to follow his upset Feburary victory with another win for a full two - year erm against a determined Republican who seeks to get the ""ifth District congressional seat back for the GOP. In a crowded day, Rodino spoke for him al a Polish Club 1 Catholic Church with an Ita ,ian congregation, a fund-rais ng cocktail party and an even ing $100 per plate dinner. At each appearence he .sound ed his constant themes: th fairness of the impeachmen proceeding, the strength o American institutions, and hi belief that the system works He deftly wove into each tal! a Vanderveen endorsement. The response to Rodino' Each time he finished th audience rose in unison applaud him wildly. At the Catholic Church Fathe Rodino for his conduct of t h says. arlshoners when he thanked lodin (or his conduct of the mpeachment inquiry. "We are simple working eoplc. and we think you per- ormed a painful duty cooly and airly," said the paster. Central States Enjoy Clear, Warm Weather By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Temperatures In the 30s chilled the Carolinas and Vlr- ;inia today, and the mercury dipped into the 20s in the ex- reme Northeast, the Northern Plains and Rockies. Rain and Snow tell in parts of Nevada, Montana and Wyoming. A few showers dampened Wisconsin south through Illinois and Missouri. Most of the other states had clear, warm weather. Pre - d a w n temperature* ranged from 77 at E hoenix and Yuma, Ariz., to 24 at Concord, N.H. Brezhnev To Fly MOSCOW CAP) -- Soviet Communist party leader Leonid I. Brezhnev, will fly to France on Dec. 5 tor a two-day "working visit" with French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing' the Soviet news agency Tass SAVE 20% Cut-to-Length Draperies Herb Marshall, a native of Washington County, and with 11 years law enforcement experience. Your Vote for HERB MARSHALL will mean: ONE--County-wide law enforcement. Herb Marshall will be the sheriff for all WASHINGTON COUNTY, not just for a small special interest group . . . but throughout the county. His pledge to voters is that he will maintain a staff (well trained in law enforcement) to answer calls from anywhere in the county immediately. They will be there--within minutes--after you call for assistance. TWO--Cracking down on drug pushers. Herb Marshall pledges relentless pursuit of drug pushers and dealers. He wants your children and his children protected from these peoplel THREE--A secure and efficient jail and staff. Herb Marshall is experienced in law enforcement. He know; what should be done, and he has the capability of training deputies and supervising the work assigned them. Elect a Sheriff OF the People . . . FOR the People Vote for HERB MARSHALL CANDIDATE Sheriff of Washington County November 5 Pol. ad paid for by Dr. Friedman Slsco, Springdale and Dr. Don Baker, Fayelteville, co-chairmen, Herb Marshall for Sheriff Committee. \7AixiT\r FAIR, Robe Sale Long or Short . . Quilted Or Nylon Tricot All Priced For Big Savings Orig. $20 long Nylon Tricot Robe Orlg. $15 Short Nylon Tricot Robe $10.97 Beautiful Vanity Fair Robes very specially priced to save you many dollars. Quantities are limited and these prices are for a limited time only. Nylon tricqt robes are in tri-color Antron® III Tricopaqiie® with zip front and side pocket. Red plush or chantilly rose in sizes 10 to 18. Quilted robes are nylon tricot with satin trim, button front. In pink champagne or wedgewood blue. Sizes 10 to 18. Robes--DiLLARD'S-First Floor SHIELD OF SAVINGS Custom Tailored To Your Exact Length" Standard Pleated Widths Orig. $13 o poir, Now For 10 40 pair Orig. $326 pr 260-89 Example: Group I, 48x84" Orig. $32 pr Now 25.60 Cut to length draperies custom tailored to your specifications. Standard pleated widths. . Outfit any size window for any room and save money at the same time! Have a fabric in mind? Come find it in this magnificent collection of sheers, open casements, luxurious textures, newest prints, elegant traditional patterns in a full spectrum of current decorating colors. 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